Saturday, August 05, 2006

Where did Hezbollah get all those anti-tank missiles?


"October Surprise," Fall, 1980


"Bonzo Goes To College"

Poppy Bu$h and Friends about to lose another big contract

Whiny theofascist liars caught whining, lying

It's always funny when "christians" resort to lies.

Iraq: Bu^h must leave or take sides

Bu?h's Weapons of Mass Distraction aside, GIs are still dying in Iraq

And for what?

Collector coin reminds world Osama* is still a free man

*You remember him, right? The guy who attacked the World Trade Center FIVE FRACKIN' YEARS AGO? At least Bu#h got Saddam, the guy who didn't attack us or anyone else. Oh, and Bu*h has Saddam's Browning Hi-Power illegally stored in the White House, breaking more than one D. C. law.

Whatever happened with that, anyway? Did Bu$h get him, or what?

Foolish governors think they still command their National Guard units

Carter: Bu*h's policies caused Mideast violence

What Bu%h read on his summer vacation

Maybe he'll finally get to finish "The Pet Goat" (it was never "My Pet Goat").

And if he does...

40,000 GIs emulate Bu&h's shining example

Scientist tests Bu$homycin in laboratory

This pill might save America.

First Read: The Day In Politics. From MSNBC

As if a law will protect children from child molesters. What putzes.

"Infidel" books still banned in Kentucky

Ban doesn't apply to books by Coultergeist or Spawn Insannity.

Crook vs crook: Republican catfight not up to christian expectations

Or is it?

Pentagon poisons our air and water

And we pay them to do it.

Stars And Stripes sides with the terists

Read letters from patriots who are as sick of Bu$h and his minions as the rest of us are.

Internets help patriots expose republican lies

These are important, too.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Christian pedophile talkinghead busted again

Second Coming Alert! Jesus is back, and He's a shrimp!

These really are the End Times.

Who glued a picture of Jesus to this little shrimp? And how do we know it's not a picture of Tom Hanks from "Cast Away?"

Two republicans arrested for murder

Republicans want to waste our money on airliner "defense" that doesn't work

At least their friends will have our money to donate to republicans.

Another republican pretends he hasn't been a republican until now

Bu#h protects us from educated people

When theofascists attack!

Other theofascists.

"Constitution In Crisis" now available

Republican donors with German last names prove GOP run by nazis

Freedom is on the march in Iraq

Theofascists caught lying about "Jesus" film

What happened to those who signed the Declaration of Independence

More than will ever happen to any republican.

Bu*h's true talent revealed

Patriotic Texans caught robbing soldiers

Christians in home state of christians Bu$h and DeLay don't know they're supposed to be christians. Wait, this was about money, so...

Theofascists don't understand Robertson's flip-flop on global warming

They'll come around when he launches his money-making scam to capitalize on the "theory." Tablets that make gas when mixed with water? Giant fans to blow pollution out to sea? Coupons for anti-global warming prayer retreats?

Theofascists support those who bomb Lebanese christians

Anything to bring about Armageddon.

Why Kompassionate Kancervative Kristians hate hate crimes legislation

Thursday, August 03, 2006

"America's Adulterer" slithers out of his hole to spew hatespeech

Theofascists love Rudi.

Context: God chose Bu$h to screw up the entire world

Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtain memorabilia available at county fair

Good thing they didn't get one of those activist judges.

Pat Robertson endorses pornography, plans to make money selling it

It's the media's fault.

Expect him to come out with a line of such things as those tablets you mix with water in your car's tank to create gasoline .

Lifelong republican opposes Diebold election theft

Now, about all the other crimes republicans commit...

Whew! GOP racism is only "symbolic"


FAUXNEWZ broadcasts from parallel universe, Cancervtron

Creating "newz" their fans are capable of understanding.

Laws don't apply to republicans anymore

Elections are to be won, regardless of how.

In Bu?h's Amerika, only theofascist "history" should exist

Next: Masonic symbols to be removed from paper money.

In Bu@h's Amerika, a letter to the editor is now sedition

Next: Democrat campaign ads to be considered sedition.

From Wikipedia

Sedition in its modern meaning first appeared in the Elizabethan Era (c. 1590) as the "notion of inciting by words or writings disaffection towards the state or constitued authority" [1,89]. Ibid, p90: "Sedition complements treason and martial law: while treason controls primarily the privileged, ecclesiastical opponents, priests, and Jesuits, as well as certain commoners; and martial law frightens commoners, sedition frightens intellectuals."

An infamous Federal statute in U.S. history is the Alien and Sedition Acts.

Australia's sedition laws were amended in anti-terrorism legislation passed on 06 December 2005, updating definitions and increasing penalties.

Laura Berg, a nurse at a U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs hospital in New Mexico was investigated in September 2005 for sedition after writing a letter [1][2]to the editor of a local newspaper, criticizing the government. Ms. Berg is now being represented by the ACLU.

Theofascists drive Bu*h's Middle East policies

And all other policies.

Bu#h moves US closer to a banana republic

Next: Military tribunals to handle divorces and speeding tickets.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Surprise! Cheney lied about ordering Flight 93 shot down

And republicans will defend this with logic from the parallel universe of Cancervatron.

In his bunker under the White House, Vice President Cheney was not notified about United 93 until 10:02--only one minute before the airliner impacted the ground. Yet it was with dark bravado that the vice president and others in the Bush administration would later recount sober deliberations about the prospect of shooting down United 93. "Very, very tough decision, and the president understood the magnitude of that decision," Bush's then chief of staff, Andrew Card, told ABC News.

Cheney echoed, "The significance of saying to a pilot that you are authorized to shoot down a plane full of Americans is, a, you know, it's an order that had never been given before." And it wasn't on 9/11, either.

President Bush would finally grant commanders the authority to give that order at 10:18, which--though no one knew it at the time--was 15 minutes after the attack was over.

But comments such as those above were repeated by other administration and military figures in the weeks and months following 9/11, forging the notion that only the passengers' counterattack against their hijackers prevented an inevitable shootdown of United 93 (and convincing conspiracy theorists that the government did, indeed, secretly shoot it down*). The recordings tell a different story, and not only because United 93 had crashed before anyone in the military chain of command even knew it had been hijacked.

At what feels on the tapes like the moment of truth, what comes back down the chain of command, instead of clearance to fire, is a resounding sense of caution. Despite the fact that NEADS believes there may be as many as five suspected hijacked aircraft still in the air at this point--one from Canada, the new one bearing down fast on Washington, the phantom American 11, Delta 1989, and United 93--the answer to Nasypany's question about rules of engagement comes back in no uncertain terms, as you hear him relay to the ops floor.


NASYPANY (to floor): Negative. Negative clearance to shoot.... Goddammit!...

FOX: I'm not really worried about code words at this point.

NASYPANY: Fuck the code words. That's perishable information. Negative clearance to fire.

(*Pieces of Flight 93 were found eight miles away from the impact site. This has been confirmed to me by two unimpeachable and independent sources, one law enforcement, one military. Somebody shot Flight 93 down.)

Public school 1, family values 0

The school reported abuse 10 months before arrest.

No one in Bu*h's crime family or administration has a child who's worn a uniform for a single day

Actual history: The Origins of Christianity

Information theofascists don't want you to know. From a fellow patriot.

Theofascist Focus on the Family disinvited from "Faith Day," sponsored by...

...Focus on the Family.

Get your Constitution poster while you still can

If republicans retain control of Congress in November, these babies will be collectors' items among the resistance movement. Only patriots will have--or even want--one.

FEMA only helps republicans

With our tax dollars.

All republicans are liars

He lied about war service and education, and republicans will vote for him in droves. Pathetic.

What theofascists really want

To do away with democracy, for one thing.

Read this, and if you want to help Jay Fawcett out, here's his website: /

Candidates talk religion at Focus of the Family forum


Politics and religion mixed at a Focus on the Family congressional forum Monday, as answers that may have raised eyebrows elsewhere played perfectly before this crowd. Five Republicans and one Democrat seeking the open 5th Congressional District seat fielded questions on abortion, campaign integrity and the war in Iraq.

The answers were much the same as they have been throughout the campaign, but in front of a crowd of 220 made up mostly of employees of the Christian ministry, the candidates often referred to God and their faith. Bentley Rayburn spoke of opening Iraq to the word of Jesus. He and Duncan Bremer said they had been called by God to campaign for Congress.

An exchange on abortion between Democrat Jay Fawcett and Jeff Crank was illustrative of the event. Fawcett explained his pro-choice stance by saying: "I have no desire to dictate your faith to you, and I hope you have no desire to dictate mine for me." Crank, who supports outlawing abortion, shot back that votes on abortion always are based on the faith of the member deciding them. "We need to stop this phony baloney about not bringing faith into the public square," the former Chamber of Commerce vice president said. "We absolutely need to bring faith into the public square."

The debate at the headquarters of the influential, conservative Christian ministry was the next-to-last one scheduled before the Aug. 8 Republican primary. Five of the six Republicans in the primary to replace retiring GOP Rep. Joel Hefley have cast themselves as the true conservative in the race. Former El Paso County Sheriff John Anderson, considered the most liberal Republican candidate on social issues, did not attend.

Rayburn, a retired Air Force major general, framed several answers in terms of what "we as Christians" would do. As he has throughout the campaign, he described the war in Iraq as a battle against radical Islam and said establishing a democracy in Iraq would send a message. "That will open up hope within these countries for the gospel of Jesus Christ to change hearts," he said. Rayburn and Bremer, a former El Paso county commissioner, said they believe God had called them to run for office. "I want to be God's man in Washington," Bremer told the crowd. "I want to represent the heart of this district . . . whether people who are saved and working side by side with you or whether people who are unsaved." Colorado Springs Mayor Lionel Rivera noted his lifelong Catholicism as the basis for his anti-abortion stances; Doug Lamborn said he became a Christian when he was 19.

The Republican candidates vowed to support a constitutional amendment banning abortion.

All six, including Fawcett, said they hope to serve on the House Armed Services Committee and, responding to a question, all said they'd oppose a nationwide smoking ban similar to Colorado's.

The candidates also were questioned about the source of campaign
contributions and if any had taken money from the gambling or pornography industries. Lamborn, a state senator, was the only candidate who said he received a contribution from a casino owner. Lamborn said Bronco Billy's Casino general manager Marc Murphy gave him $500 because he agrees with his opposition to expanding gambling in Colorado.

Candidates also were asked what bill they would introduce first if
elected. Rivera said it would be a law allowing for greater supplies of alternative energy, and Crank said he would push for elimination of the federal Department of Education. Lamborn said he would like to make President Bush's tax cuts permanent, and Rayburn said he is interested in passing a balanced budget amendment. Bremer did not have a specific answer. Fawcett said he would seek funding for special-needs children that was not included in an earlier bill approved by Congress to help them.

Check out The Fudge Report

I just found it.

Bu@h insults Purple Heart recipients

Wears coward's color as he panders to Hispanic voters by giving Purple Heart to wounded Hispanic soldier.

The Battle of Athens, 1946

Is it time for most Americans to do this?

Amerikan Legion goes after ACLU

Fact: The ACLU's only mission is to protect the Bill of Rights from republicans.

Kansas chooses science over theofascism

Rest assured, the nutjobs are going to retaliate.

Bu$h's unconstitutional signing statements spur uprising

Did theofascists pray for Clinton?

They're praying for Mel.

Where's the theofascist condemnation of Gibson's drinking and driving, anti-semitism?

Drunk drivers are terrorists. Why do they defend a terrorist?

Should christians be treehuggers?

Only if they believe they're supposed to be good stewards of God's gifts of natural resources.

This is education?

Only in the parallel universe of Cancervatron.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Truth About George W. Bu$h

What theofascists really want

If FAUXNEWS had been around throughout history

H. R. 2679 promotes theofascism

Bu*h wants to fight terism by avoiding FOIA

And we get to pay for it.

Jackson, MS mayor threatens ACLU

Until today's republicans are out of power, no one is safe.