Saturday, July 29, 2006

Religious Right: America's biggest enemy

Election-rigging comes to Tennessee

More here.

Law, private property apply don't matter in "a republican town"

Republicans are simply @$$holes.

"America: Freedom to Fascism" now open

Check your local listings.

Mobile home makers get paid, Katrina survivors don't get mobile homes

Sounds about right for republicans.

Republicans lie about everything

Beware an email that rewrites history.

Pastor punished for saying America not "christian nation"

Opposes military-worship, too. He'll be unemployed soon.

Theofascists invade Delaware

GOP: "Paying people more is bad for them"

"And if we have to do it, we'll close our businesses. That'll show you."

Theofascists and other republicans should be required to take a "stem cell pledge"

In short, they promise never to benefit from it.

History lesson: Iran-Contra

Oliver North, a convicted felon, is also a traitor. No wonder republicans and theofascists love him.

Activist judge says Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtain hatespeech, harrassment must stop

Theofascists hate judges for upholding that librul Constitution.

"Rev" Moon joins war on science

It's a fascist war on knowledge itself.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bush declares himself Lord High Executioner

Demands right to detain you at a whim for as long as he wants, and lawyers and courts be damned.

America is sick of Bu$h

"Cocaine One" owned by Bu$h's biggest supporter

It's a great example of family values.

Bu*h, Cheney can cuss, actual veterans can't

Stop this $#!+, you bigtime @SS#oles!

Bu?h stops fighting terists

And all this time I thought only he could protect us from them over there so he wouldn't have to protect us from them over here.

Cheney's mercenaries still on the job

Camp Democracy opens September 5

It's a start on the road back to a Constitutional government.

Bu%h doesn't care if troops get home

If they stay in Iraq, young republican chickenhawks don't have to go.

Republicans want people to die from poisoned food

It's part of their family values: Corporations=good, people=bad, very bad.

CSI: Family Values

Only republicans have family values.

Bu*h winning war on privacy

And on search warrants.

"God's employee" doesn't have to pay taxes like the rest of us

Reaganite pretends republicans haven't always been criminals and fascists

As if they didn't try to overthrow FDR in 1933.

New republican voucher scam to further destroy public education

It's been one of their goals for decades.

Only republicans have family values

Even those who steal $11 billion.

Bu&h finally winning a war

On crabs.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Donald endures eight years of Bu$h...

...and awakes in January, 2009, a free man at last.

Gays who want to get married make the gubmnt force straight couples to become bad parents...or something

"The primary purposes of marriage are procreation and child-rearing." And damn people who are silly enough to get married because they actually love each other and want to build a life together. So I suppose childless couples are traitors now who want the terists to win.

Since 9-11, Bu#h has improved intel...not at all

But he at least does know what you and I are saying on the phone and in emails.

Every GI hospitalized with wounds received in Goof War II should get one of these bedpans.

Young republicans stay away in droves from military service

Click image to enlarge, then click lower right-hand corner to enlarge again.

Up to 2/3 of combat troops not ready for Bu$h's wars with Iran, Syria, Sri Lanka

Pat Robertson giddy as a schoolgirl: Threats against judges at all-time high

Judges are much worse than price-gouging oil execs.

Bu*h set to invade Poland

They don't want his non-functional and unnecessary missile shield.

Actual christian speaks out against government-supported discrimination

Ignores the "fact" that God put Bu#h in the White House.

Click image to enlarge, then click lower right-hand corner to enlarge again.

Air marshals keep us safe from...ourselves, apparently

Quota more important than freedom.

Draft-dodger sends one-legged soldier back to war

Hey, it keeps a young republican chickenhawk from having to serve his country.

"Christian" murders Democrat presidential candidate

He was a Baptist, then an Adventist. Which was he when he pulled the trigger six times?

Police state update: Photographing cops is obstruction of justice

Sign up for Brownshirt Camp

Where kompassionate krixtain kancervative patriotism means letting poor people die in Bu$h's wars.

What Americans must learn from 1920s Germany

You Might Be A Republican If... believe anything another republican says on any topic.

All republicans are criminals

Most are totally incompetent at anything but stealing our money.

Republicans afraid voters will find out they're...republicans

The few who admit party affiliation in teevee ads blame "Washington" for our problems, as if republicans haven't been in total control of "Washington" for 5 1/2 years.

Bu$h on stem cells: Science fiction=good, actual science=enemy of pro-ignorance theofascists

All scientists are atheists. Just ask a theofascist.

Gerald Ford escapes having to answer for pardoning Nixon (ptooey!)

Remember, at least he admitted years ago that it was a mistake.

Only republicans have family values

Even those who like the occasional blow job.

Bu*h pockets Saddam verdict for October Surprise

You remember Saddam, right? The guy who had nothing to do with 9-11?

What won't be a surprise? Osama will still be a free man.

Republicans still support adultery, divorce

Theofascists care more about their pets than unsaved people

We'll be mutually glad to be rid of each other. When they're gone, America will be a much nicer place. I wonder what they're waiting for. They can go ahead and leave now.

Bu&h set to invade Iran before mid-terms

If republicans maintain their stranglehold on Congress, there will be a draft the day after election day. And firebreathing young republican keyboard kommandos with "other priorities" and butt pimples will avoid it in droves.

BREAKING: Bu*h to launch Intergalactic War on Sun Terism

The sun kills far more people each year than terists do.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

AMA tells Bu^h to stop blowing James Dobson and start caring about young girls' health

If only a little rain was all it took to permanently stop the theofascists. Doctors pissed they won't get the money they could make from stem cell research. But in an election year, theofascist fundraising over fake issues is all that matters.

A short list of republican traitors

Influential right-wing industrialists and financers such as Irenee
du Pont, Prescott Bushand the virulently anti-semitic Henry Ford not only fought publicly to keep America from joining the war against Germany, they actually helped finance Hitler's war machine..

The conservative press--led by Henry Luce (who applauded
Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia)--worked to influence public opinion in favor of isolationism.

American hero and right-winger Charles Lindbergh admired the
"virility" and "dictatorial direction" of Nazi Germany so much so that he used his substantial influence as a vocal Nazi propagandist.

The Senate--led by Republican Gerald P. Nye--was determined to
remain isolated from the European conflict. Nye and his colleagues
spearheaded the Neutrality Act of 1935.

William Dudley Pelley mobilized like-minded right-wing
conservatives into a pro-Nazi legion he called the Silver Shirts and which others referred to as the "Christian American Patriots". By July 1938, he had mailed out 3.5 tons of pro-Nazi, anti-semitic propaganda. After the U.S. joined the war, Pelley was jailed for sedition.

The godfather of right-wing hate radio and media wackos, Father Charles Coughlin used his radio show and magazine to stir-up anti-semitic, pro-Nazi sentiment in the U.S.

Kompassionate Kancervative Kristians put horse's head in Democrat's pool

That's almost as bad as reporting it.

McDonnell XP-67 fighter, the "Moonbat"

Theofascists represent 4% of the country

Click headline, scroll down.

"One of the most profligate actions in the history of US foreign policy"

New book, "Fiasco," is of course about Bu#h's lovely little war.

Theofascists want rape victims to stay pregnant

Bu$h gives his friends $11 billion of our money for useless fighter

"Raptor" is a cool name, but this little one will kill as many terists as Bu?h's big ones will. At least defense corporate welfare lets his friends use our money to help elect republicans. Why don't Democrats stop this sh_t? They're all corporate whores now, too.

Movie critic thinks she's fighting Iraqi terists who attacked us on 9-11

Bu&h's moral leadership proves to be good influence on MS sheriffs

Bu*h supports Iraqi war plan shown to be as useless as his own

Evolution proved again. Several theofascists owe me rewards.

Bu#h, Falwell want rape victims to get pregnant

Beware those non-existent fetal farms!

Republicans declare open season on priests

Self-appointed theofascist inquisitors widen Bu*h's war on privacy. It's one of the few wars he's winning, along with his wars on education, science, elections, the middle class, law and the Constitution. Actual threats to America...not so much.

Bu@h's moral leadership sets good example for federal employees

Bu%h wants Yogi to die

Bu$h's friends poisoned Tweety

Incredibly tacky theofascist statue apparently proves heaven is underground

The end is near! Send us money for a new server!

Why wait? You theofascists can leave now.

Me? I'll be glad when they're gone so we can have a little peace and quiet for a change.

Monday, July 24, 2006

For theofascists, cervical cancer=good, breast cancer=bad

Pat Robertson would sell cancer if he could make a profit from it.

Bu$h's Kompassionate Kancervative Kristian minions send white powder, death threats to NAACP

And you still wonder why I keep telling you to arm yourselves. No one is safe in Bu%h's Amerika.

Southern Baptist pussbuckets convicted of stealing $585 million

Two down, thousands to go.

11,000 knotheads get what they deserve for trusting Baptists. Sadly, the two Baptist thieves won't get what they deserve.

Half the people in this country are too stupid to live

More proof that republicans shouldn't be allowed to own guns

It's obviously Clinton's fault this guy didn't keep his pistol locked up as the NRA's Eddie Eagle told him to do.

And another reason good people should get some.

Bu&h finally successful in one war, the one on public education

Protects America from the ravages of education.

No Child Left Behind, designed to destroy public education, succeeds in doing so.

Most states failed to meet federal requirements that all teachers be “highly qualified” in core teaching fields and that state programs for testing students be up to standards by the end of the past school year, according to the federal government.

The deadline was set by the No Child Left Behind Act, President Bush’s effort to make all American students proficient in reading and math by 2014. But the Education Department found that no state had met the deadline for qualified teachers, and it gave only 10 states full approval of their testing systems.

Faced with such findings, Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, who took office promising flexible enforcement of the law, has toughened her stance, leaving several states in danger of losing parts of their federal aid.

In the past few weeks, Ms. Spellings has flatly rejected as inadequate the testing systems in Maine and Nebraska. She has also said that nine states are so far behind in providing highly qualified teachers that they may face sanctions, and she has accused California of failing to provide federally required alternatives to troubled schools. California could be fined as much as $4.25 million.

The potential fines are far higher than any the Education Department has levied over the law, and officials in several states, already upset with many of the law’s provisions, have privately expressed further anger over the threat of fines. But Ms. Spellings faces pressure for firm enforcement of the law from a broad array of groups, including corporations and civil rights organizations.

“In the early part of her tenure, Secretary Spellings seemed more interested in finding reasons to waive the law’s requirements than to enforce them,” said Clint Bolick, president of the Alliance for School Choice, a group based in Phoenix that supports vigorous enforcement of provisions that give students the right to transfer from failing schools. “More recently, she seems intent on holding states’ feet to the fire.”

In an interview, Ms. Spellings acknowledged her shift in emphasis.

“I want states to know that Congress and the president mean business on the law,” she said. She has stressed that message in part, she said, because the deadlines, which expired this month, were not met, and because lawmakers have been asking her whether states are meeting the law’s requirements.

“I’m enforcing the law — does that make me tough?” she said. “Last year it was, ‘We’re marching together toward the deadline,’ but now it’s time for, ‘Your homework is due.’ ”

Douglas D. Christensen, the Nebraska education commissioner, has accused Ms. Spellings and her subordinates of treating Nebraska in a “mean-spirited, arbitrary and heavy-handed way” after their announcement on June 30 that the state’s testing system was “nonapproved” and that they intended to withhold $127,000 in federal money.


Theofascist Agape Press attacks Jesus for being "born into a Jewish family"

And we know that all Jews killed Jesus, so we can't let Chuck Schumer off the hook, can we?

Which WMDs are you talking about, Spawn?

Poll: What do you think about the WMDs Spawn Insannity wishes existed?

1. The ones Bu#h lied about?

2. The ones Saddam never had?

3. The ones invented by the vast, right-wing conspiracy?

4. The ones destroyed after Gulf War I?

5. The ones Dutch Reagan told Dumsfeld to give Saddam in the 1980s?

Buckley is wrong. Bu$h's legacy already carved in granite

Worst president in history.

Biggest criminal in American history.

Theofascist abomination.

Also ignorant redneck, drunk, deserter, failed at every business he started, propped up by his daddy's rich friends, pretended to get born again for politics, unelected, court-appointed election thief, liar, hypocrite, fascist, warmonger, Constitution-burner.

Bush no longer opposes murdering stem cells