Saturday, July 22, 2006

Bathtubs kill as many people as terists

Will Bu#h launch a Global War on Allergies? If he does, pollen has nothing to worry about.

The end is nigh! Give this theofascist your money!

If he isn't going to be left behind, why does he need our money?

Apparently, you can serve God and Mammon at the same time.

Leo Strauss: The man republicans really worship

Many neoconservatives like Paul Wolfowitz are disciples of a philosopher who believed that the elite should use deception, religious fervor and perpetual war to control the ignorant masses.

Bu$h encourages privately-funded murder

Some GIs relieve stress with yoga instead of rape and murder

But for some, it's not "masculine enough."

Bu%h trains, equips actual nazis

Big Dick: "Terists will be in their last throes for a long time yet"

GIs in Iraq still don't have proper gear, so naturally Bu#h earmarks billions for a new bomber

It'll bomb terists over there so it doesn't have to bomb 'em here.

Bu*h has created a Culture of Death to go along with his Culture of Corruption

Middle schools encourage kids to side with the terists

If you vote for a Democrat, you're rebelling against God

Ex-Pentagon pussbuckets accused of fraud instead of treason

GIs are dying for lack of proper equipment, and these guys are all rared back in the lap of luxury, spending money they stole.

Friday, July 21, 2006

FCC: "War=good, cussing=all that matters"

"Kiww duh messengew, kiww duh messengew..."

If nobody says war is bad, nobody will know war is bad until the telegram comes, and they'll vote for republicans, the only people who can keep us safe from the Boogeyman..

Pentagon caught aiding terists

People used to be flayed for treason.

Bu&h breaks another law

Remember when criminals got punished for breaking laws?

After wasting zillions for 3 1/2 years, Army pretends it's frugal

The Marines have loved their LAVs for nearly 25 years. But the Army can't be seen using something jarheads use, so they spent grillions developing the Stryker (below) that's about 15% bigger than the LAV and does very little the LAV doesn't do. But at least it's nowhere near as reliable as that silly gyrene LAV.

They wasted millions developing the XM-8 as THE replacement for the M-16. Number in combat: 0.

Is it the "Johnny-Seven OMA" or a SuperSoaker? It sure ain't no combat weapon. But at least somebody got a big bag of our money for making it, so he can donate it back to republicans, and hire some Pentagon generals when they retire.

If republicans never stole trillions of dollars with military boondoggles since WWII, schools could have had well-paid teachers in well-equipped classrooms with no more than ten students fifty years ago. Cars would be getting 75 miles per gallon, and we might have cured cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes by now. Instead, we have the biggest batch of criminals in history running our government, giving our money to an equally miserable batch of criminals for wars and the toys to fight them with...the ones that work and the ones that never did.

What kind of person can vote for a republican for dogcatcher, much less Congress?

James Madison anticipated Bu@h's tyranny

Clearly, Madison was a moonbat.

"When the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person or body, there can be no liberty, because apprehensions may arise lest THE SAME monarch or senate should ENACT tyrannical laws to EXECUTE them in a tyrannical manner."

McDonnell XP-67 fighter plane, the "Moonbat."

"Battle Cry" young brownshirted chickenhawks coming to get you

Squinty only wants $100 million in tax dollars to expand his empire

"SquintyTown USA" will make him a ton of money at our expense.

But WHO ordered these GIs to "kill all military age males in Iraq?"

Bu$h, Big Dick, Dumsfeld?

After 5 1/2 years, being preznit is still hard work for Bu#h

Unable to find Osama or prosecute the war he started, Big Dick goes after...NY TIMES

Given that he can't exploit Gulf War II anymore, he needs a weaker enemy.

"Iraq no longer political fodder for Bu#h"

Does Bu#h's personal demon have a name?

Kompassionate Kancervative Kristians invade Wisconsin

Most republican doctors favor murder

But Bu%h wants people with diabetes to suffer and die.

Don't they know their fuehrer vetoed that stuff already?

Bu^h endorses slavery

ABA sides with terists over Bu*h's Signing Statements

More republicans pretend they haven't licked Bu$h's boots for 5.5 years

Evolution proved again: Republicans spontaneously turn into tree-huggers

Who's the personification of tyranny?

Republicans come out in favor of divorce

And in an election year, too.

They were the only ones under stress in combat

No other soldiers were, or they'd have gone on a rape-n-murder binge, too.

Why fascists hate judges

They sometimes uphold that pesky librul Constitution.

Another reason we should own guns

Armed citizen saves lives after wacko wounds six with knife.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Repeat after me: "Global warming doesn't exist..."

"...but Saddam's WMDs do." The GOP is the party of antonyms: Whatever republicans say, the opposite is true. Whatever is true, republicans believe the opposite.

Republicans only want to hear lies

That's why they love Der Ruschkopf.

Bu*h to arm home of 9-11 hijackers

Out of 19 hijackers, number of Saudis=15; number of Iraqis=0. No wonder Chimpy invaded Iraq.

For a few minutes, Bu#h lives in the real world

Scientist/inventor's murder iminent

Cheney and his Big Oil friends will never tolerate this.

Are you now, or have you ever been, a tree-hugger?

GIs use YouTube to get "good news" out of Iraq

Military families ready to cut 'n run from Iraq

Why do they hate America?

FEMA bullies Katrina survivors

FBI promotes fearmongering to help republicans in election year

DeptHomeSec's color code created specifically for '04 election

Bu#h's color is baby diaper green.

Cancervatives pretend they haven't worshipped Bu$h for 5.5 years

"Cancervative intellectuals?" Isn't that an oxymoran?

Bu&h wants Mad Cow to spread

"Testing for a disease that kills people is too expensive. Sacrifices must be made if I'm to help them increase their profits."

Bush's and Pentagon's Culture of Rape spreads to suburbs

Is this why God put Bu$h in charge as moral leader?

Republicans fear Americans have had enough lies, incompetence, corruption and wars for a while

Two-thirds of the country hate the Chimp-in-Chief.

Bu$h supports murder

If somebody else pays for it.

House protects God from Constitution

You wouldn't think He'd need their help.

It's an election year. Stay afraid.

Only republicans can protect us from the Boogeyman.

Martians witnessed North Korean missile test

Bu*h plans pre-emptive War of the Worlds to stop intergalactic terism.

Theofascist pogrom begins

Kristallnacht II just around the corner.

Can theofascists change?

Or are they born nasty, hissing and ready to bite somebody just for walking by?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Christian" book teaches parents to beat their kids for 15 minutes