Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bu*h, now clearly a coward when facing an enemy that can fight back, caves to North Korea

Iraq, no WMDs=immediate war; North Korea, obvious WMDs=appeasement. Snivvling, sissypants faux cowboy agrees to "talks."

Falwell, Dobson and Robertson support gambling

Judges and queers hurt many more families than gambling does.

With Bu$h's approval, hospitals become vampires

See if it's happening in your state.

July 7, 2006 — Northfield Lab's experimental blood substitute Polyheme is currently in randomized phase III clinical trials recruiting patients without informed consent all over the country. At one point, it was being tested in as many as 27 cities; it is still being tested in 23 hospitals in 20 cities.

With the FDA's approval, Northfield Lab has recruited hospitals to participate in the trial study with exemption from informed consent requirements on study participants. Although Northfield Lab claims that extensive information on the study has been made public, a vast majority of the general public has never heard of the trial.

After 5 1/2 years, Bu#h still can't stop Clinton

FAUXNEWZ blames (who else?) Clinton for Bu%h's role in helping North Korea develop missiles.

Theofascist baptism works!

Turns soldier into prototypical theofascist he-man. No one is safe.

ATLANTA -- The ex-soldier charged with raping an Iraqi girl and murdering her family was baptized at a military base in Georgia just months before he was deployed to Iraq, almost one year to the day before the alleged crimes.

Steven Green was one of hundreds of soldiers stationed at Fort Benning who faithfully attended the weekly Church of Christ service at the base's chapel, said Ben Overby, the preacher who led the services.


Marriage now a country club

Theofascists celebrate "protecting marriage" by arbitrarily limiting who can get married.

Theophysicists at Falwell's Liberty (sic) University (sic) have proved that there is a finite number of marriages possible in the known universe. If a gay couple get married, they'll push a straight couple out the other end of the pipeline, into divorce court.

Another reason to support the ACLU: Sue jackbooted fascist Secret Service thugs for bullying patriots

Poor little Bu@h must never see or hear patriots exercising their constitutional rights of free speech and peaceable assembly.

The war is over. We lost.

It's V-I Day. Oil companies ready to cut 'n run from Iraq's oil fields.

Oil companies are tired of waiting for Bu$h to clean up Iraq so they can get the oil they're entitled to after 2540+ GIs died for it.

More than three years after the U.S.-led invasion, no big oil company has stepped forward to spend the huge sums necessary to tap Iraq's giant oil reserves and get crude flowing and revenues pouring into Iraq's government to help pay for food, jobs and even medical care.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Holland Tunnel plot total hogwash

But we're to be afraid and vote for republicans who will keep us safe from imaginary terists.

Hudson River would have to flow uphill
Not that they could have blown a hole in the tunnel wall...

American Fascist Association is at it again

Great White Shark says seals attack baby sharks.

Vicious, anti-America seals plot next assault on christian sharklings.

Next up: Librul hens eat baby christian foxes.

Librul chickens photoshop pix to demean christian foxes. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Bu$h deploys Weapons of Mass Distraction whenever he gets caught

Every terist alert is hogwash. There are no terists. If there were, they'd have hit us again since 9-11.

Was Thomas Jefferson a theofascist?

Theofascists say he was. History, on the other hand, tells the truth.

More evidence Bu$h's Army is the worst in our history

Sergeants rape males and females under their command. Good thing God put Bu*h in charge to be a moral leader, and stuff. Good thing they kick queers out, or there'd be low morale, and stuff.

Yes, he does; no, he doesn't; yes, he does again...or does he?

Still wanted dead or alive?

Bu*h says Osama task force he closed down a year ago isn't actually closed. Will this administration ever learn to get their lies straight?

Did Bu@h order New Hampshire phone jamming, or just approve it?

We might know soon.

Teacher goes to war, loses job

Ain't it great to live in Bu#h's America?

Bu*h: "I'd rather be far right-wing than popular"

Believes history books will be written by Coultergeist, Hume, et al.

Top Ten theofascist power brokers

Happy Anniversary, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter

Married 60 years today.

America has never been a christian nation

So-called "originalists" overlook actual history and write their own. But the fact remains, our founding fathers specifically forbade the country (several times) from being "a christian nation."

Treaty with Tripoli, 1796

Art. 11. As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion; as it has in itself no character of enmity against the laws, religion, or tranquillity, of Mussulmen; and, as the said States never entered into any war, or act of hostility against any Mahometan nation, it is declared by the parties, that no *pretext arising from religious opinions, shall ever produce an interruption of the harmony existing between the two countries.

(*Unless the president's friends want the country's oil.)

"You go to war with the Army you have...then you recruit thugs from hate groups"

Bu#h's Pentagon recruits GIs from jails; warmongering chickenhawks still MIA from military service

Republicans love criminals. All republicans are criminals.

Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtain terrorists are biggest threats to freedom in America

Bu$h: "Master thief Kenny Boy was a good guy"

Who killed Kenny before Bu@h could pardon him?

GOP poster child accused of throwing pig's head into mosque

Everything about the Bu#h administration emboldens and encourages people like this slug.

Bu%h: "Iraq had no WMDs, which is why we had to invade right away"

"North Korea has WMDs*, so we'll take our time and use diplomacy." (*But no oil.)

What kind of sex weekend did Der Ruschkopf have with a bunch of rich, white guys?

The Dominican Republican is well known for hosting cheap sex-for-money trips. Viagra is used for prolonged sex. Ergo, did Rush have sex with the guys he went there with, or with people already there?

Shell Oil says biofuels "morally inappropriate"

Don't you love it when criminals talk about morals? If they care so much for starving poor people, what are they doing to help? Nothing.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Send Chimpy McFlightSuit your birthday wishes

Courtesy What were they thinking, that we wouldn't find out?

Right back atcha, cowboy.

Summary of Chimpy's gifts to America
"North Korea is firing missiles. Iran is going nuclear. Somalia is controlled by radical Islamists. Iraq isn't getting better, and Afghanistan is getting worse,"said William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard and a leading conservative commentator.

Theofascist Lady Fiberty finally unveiled

Or unburquaed. "Megachurch" wastes $260,000 on tacky statue instead of feeding the poor as Jesus taught. But as one woman said, "This is the Bible Belt."

Marine wishes Bu+h Happy Birthday by returning Goof War II medal

I hope the Secret Service doesn't let A$$hole-in-Chief drive after his day of partying.

Why is Bu^h such a disaster? He's not praying hard enough.

Remember, God put him in office. Why isn't he using that connection for better results?

How theofascists ran Jewish families out of their school district

From Jesus' General

"Please allow me to be the first to thank you and the staff of Stop The ACLU for all you did to make the Indian River Pogrom such a resounding success. It isn't easy to run a Jewish family out of town in these politically correct times. Usually, they just hunker down, hiding behind antiquated interpretations of the Constitution and the good will of those who wrongly believe that non-Christians are entitled to all of the benefits of citizenship.

"But this time, the family fled, and I think you deserve partial credit for making that happen. After all, you did publish their name, address, and phone number on your web site (see screen cap below) as part of your "Expose ACLU Plaintiffs" project. It certainly wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that such information gave people the tools they needed to drive the Dobrich family from their home.

"Of course, you didn't do it all by yourself. The good god-fearing Christians of the Indian River School District deserve most of the credit. They took to the task of ethnic cleansing with a vengeance , not sparing anyone discomfort, not even the Dobrich children:"


Chavez readies for Bu@h's invasion

Looks like he won't hide in a hole in the ground when Chimpy sends soldiers to get him.

Pediatricians hate Jesus, want terists to win; some even look French

Say theofascist gay-bashing is bad for children. Serves 'em right. Those kids shoulda had the good sense to be adopted by straight people.

Bu$h is destroying our economy

At least a few dozen of his friends are cleaning up, now that he's handed over the keys to the Treasury.

Bu*h threatens Iran, hides from North Korea. Result: more gas price gouging

Sacrifices must be made if rich republicans are to get even richer at our expense.

Accused GI rapist/murderer is poster child for cancervatism

Sociopath hails from hometown of another sociopath...Bu*h. Is there something in the water, or were they criminals despite living there?

How the kompassionate kancervative krixtain brain works

If by "works" you mean "malfunctions most of the time."
Social out-groups are perceived as unable to experience complex human emotions, share in-group beliefs, or act according to societal norms, moral rules, and values. The authors describe this as "extreme discrimination revealing the worst kind of prejudice: excluding out-groups from full humanity." Their study provides evidence that while individuals may consciously see members of social out-groups as people, the brain processes social out-groups as something less than human, whether we are aware of it or not. According to the authors, brain imaging provides a more accurate depiction of this prejudice than the verbal reporting usually used in research studies.


Bu#h tolerates NK missiles

So much for all that macho "axis of evil" hogwash. Now when North Korea gives WMDs to the terists, you'll know who could have prevented it. And his name ain't Clinton.

Patriotic republican christians throw pig's head into mosque...during prayers

Ah, family values, and stuff. Ain't they great?

Osama up...

He helped Bu%h get elected, Bu&h stopped wanting him dead or alive.

...Bu@h worship down

America comes to its senses. Slowly.

North Korea thanks Bu$h for its missiles

Chimpy could have averted the current situation a while back. But being the dolt he is...

Theofascist victory in Delaware

"Christians" run Jewish families out of school district. No one is safe.

Why Is Corporate America Bashing Public Schools?

It's part of the fascist/theofascist agenda.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

BREAKING: Ken Lay escapes justice with heart attack

If by "man of faith" you mean "liar, criminal and fascist." Just like every other republican.

"Duke" Cunningham sought bribes days before pleading guilty
All republicans are christians. And liars and criminals.

The American Revolution was fought to rid the country of exactly the same tyranny we have today

Today's republicans are descendants of Tories--many of them slavers--who never wanted America to exist in the first place. But now, they want a feudal theocracy.

Grievances against new King George same as those against the old one

Is it time for another revolution to rid ourselves of tyranny?

Wrong. The real victims of FAUXNEWZ' warmongering are those who have died in Bu#h's war

And those who get the honor of paying for it.

In parallel universe of Cancervatron, rapist GI=good, reporters=bad, very bad

Cancervative chickenhawks are hopeless.

Let freedom ring..somewhere else

Jackbooted fascist thugs arrest patriots in Chicago for "leafleting." Handing out leaflets is a crime now? (Click headline)


No freedom in nation's capitol on nation's birthday

In this photograph provided by Codepink/Iraq Veterans Against the War, a man identified as Iraq war veteran Geoffrey Millard, is lead away by U.S. Park Police police officers after being arrested for attempting to join the Independence Day parade Tuesday, July 4, 2006 in Washington. Millard had walked into the parade with a sign that read: Support the Troops, Bring Them Home Now. (AP photo/Codepink/Iraq Veterans Against the War, Julie Cunigilo)

In this photograph provided by Codepink/Iraq Veterans Against the War, Chloe Jon-Pau, a 71-year-old member of the group Codepink, is confronted by a U.S. Park Police police officer as she attempts to join the Independence Day parade Tuesday, July 4, 2006 in Washington. Jon-Pau and an Iraqi War veteran were arrested by police for attempting to disrupt the parade. (AP Photo/Codepink, Iraq Veterans Against the War)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Do you accept or condemn Bu@h's assault on the Constitution?

Only in Bu@h's Amerika: KKK gets permit to protest at Gettysburg

These fine, christian people are coming out of the woodwork with Bu&h's encouragement.

Osama released tape to help Bu&h get second term. Seriously.

So says the CIA. Maybe that's why Bu#h stopped hunting Osama about a year ago. (See related story further down this page.)

Ah, the good, ole days when Bu@h at least pretended to be going after the guy who attacked us. Saddam, on the other hand, didn't attack us or anybody else in the last 15 years.

Speaks for itself, as usual

Click image to enlarge. Then click button in lower right corner to enlarge again.

When kompassionate kancervative krixtains attack!

What better way to celebrate freedom and America's birthday than to burn a cross on a gay man's lawn?

Bu#h no longer wants Osama dead or alive

CIA quit looking for him late last year. Flag-burners, well, that's another story.

Extreme Court: Only christian veterans may be--and are--buried in national cemetaries

Constitution, schmonstitution. Republicans are in charge.

Terism on the high seas is "absolute concern" for Navy

And absolute nonsense for those of us who don't sell terism to help republicans.

How Bu#h's Amerika treats veterans

Yesterday afternoon, drinking a cup of coffee while sitting in the Jesse Brown V.A. Medical Center on Chicago's south side, a Veterans Administration cop walked up to me and said, "OK, you've had your 15 minutes, it's time to go."

"Huh?", I asked intelligently, not quite sure what he was talking about.

"You can't be in here protesting," Officer Adkins said, pointing to my Veterans For Peace shirt.

"Well, I'm not protesting, I'm having a cup of coffee," I returned, thinking that logic would convince Adkins to go back to his earlier duties of guarding against serious terrorists.

Flipping his badge open, he said, "No, not with that shirt. You're protesting and you have to go."

Beginning to get his drift, I said firmly, "Not before I finish my coffee."

He insisted that I leave, but still not quite believing my ears, I tried one more approach to reason.

"Hey, listen. I'm a veteran. This is a V.A. facility. I'm sitting here not talking to anybody, having a cup of coffee. I'm not protesting and you can't kick me out."

"You'll either go or we'll arrest you," Adkins threatened.

"Well, you'll just have to arrest me," I said, wondering what strange land I was now living in.

You know the rest. Handcuffed, led away to the facility's security office past people with surprised looks on their faces, read my rights, searched, and written up.

The officer who did the formalities, Eric Ousley, was professional in his duties. When I asked him if he was a vet, it turned out he had been a hospital corpsman in the Navy. We exchanged a couple sea stories. He uncuffed me early. And he allowed as to how he would only charge me with disorderly conduct, letting me go on charges of criminal trespass and weapons possession -- a pocket knife -- which he said would have to be destroyed (something I rather doubt since it was a nifty Swiss Army knife with not only a bottle opener, but a tweezers and a toothpick).

After informing me I could either pay the $275 fine on the citation or appear in court, Ousley escorted me off the premises, warning me if I returned with "that shirt" on, I'd be arrested and booked into jail.

I'm sure I could go back to officers Adkins' and Ousleys' fiefdom with a shirt that said, "Nuke all the hajis," or "Show us your tits," or any number of truly obscene things and no one would care. Just so it's not "that shirt" again.

And just for the record? I'm not paying the fine. I'll see Adkins and Ousley and Dubya's Director of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, if he wants to show up, in United States District Court on the appointed date. And if there's a Chicago area attorney who'd like to take the case, I'd really like to sue them -- from Dubya on down. I have to believe that this whole country has not yet gone insane, just the government. This kind of behavior can't be tolerated. It must be challenged.

(Mike Ferner served as a Navy corpsman during Vietnam and is obviously a member of Veterans For Peace. He can be reached at:

NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of the current President.

A history of publishing--and not publishing--secrets

It's not new, but that doesn't keep republicans from acting like...republicans over the NY TIMES story. You know, the one the Wall Street Journal also published?

1776: The Musical

Great history, great play, great movie.

Bu*h no more popular than King George III was 130 years ago

John Adams said back then the colonies were divided into thirds: 1/3 for England, 1/3 for independency, and 1/3 neutral. Few are neutral today.

Romney is a Mormon

Mormons are usually very nice people. But it's worth remembering they're not christians.

Thomas Paine's Common Sense

KG III to KG IV: It's good to re-visit our nation's first objection to a George's tyranny.

Sons of Liberty helped get things started.

Separation of church and state

Myths, misunderstandings and misconceptions.

God and the Founding Fathers

From Air America Radio.

GOP's "christian" culture of corruption

The list grows by the day. Don't you love it when republicans talk about values and morality?

Bu%h ignores Ten Commandments as he ignores Constitution

What did you expect him to do? He's always been a liar, a hypocrite and a fascist criminal.

TN General Assembly kneels before theofascist bullies, ignores Constitution

"Choose Life" license plates are unconstitutional for promoting a specific religious agenda via government.

Record opium crop in Afghanistan

This is one of two wars Spawn Insannity said Bu&h already won three years ago. I'd hate to see what he considers a lost war.

Chickenhawks still want other people's children to die for their entertainment

What brave patriots they are.

Theofascist porn!

And, yes, they want your money.