Saturday, July 01, 2006

What theofascists really want

Kingdom Now Theology is really just good, ol' fascism in a new wrapper.

"The election of George W. Bush as U.S. President and his appointment of the now-departed John Ashcroft as Attorney General of the United States, both Born-again Christians (sic), is seen by many proponents of Kingdom Now as the advancement of their beliefs into the public sphere. [citation needed] However, no publicly-elected figures have ever openly endorsed the theology."

They want to kill you and me to "clean up" the world for Jesus' return.

Memphis "church" wastes $260,000 on "christian" Statue of Liberty

They mean to turn our country into a fascist theocracy.


But republicans only want to ban flag-burning, not cellphone-talking while driving. Which kills more people?

The same "christians" who helped Hitler are helping Bu#h

Find out if Bu$h is reading your email

See what this guy found out.

Bu^h wanted him to run DeptHomeSec

Kerik would have taken bribes from the terists...if they existed. All republicans are criminals. That's why they're republicans.

WSJ "leaked" same info to terists NYT "leaked"

But only NYT staffers should be killed.

Why do theofascists need proof for their faith?

If this really is Noah's Ark, how does it prove God exists?

If republicans couldn't lie about their opponents...

...they'd be out of business. Why do their supporters want to be lied to?

Neither does any other republican

According to someone who knows Powell, his comment about the article was terse. “It’s Addington,” he said. “He doesn’t care about the Constitution.”

Bu*h eavesdropped illegally BEFORE 9-11

Is there anything Bu@h hasn't lied about?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

DeLay: "We have always been at war with Oceania"

"The Earth was never 4004 years old, always 6000 years old." And other revisions of history to distract from republican crimes and fascism.

NY TIMES article could help counter-terist efforts

They only reported what Bu%h revealed nearly five years ago.

All republicans are criminals

Another Bu$h minion charged with fraud. DeptHomeSec really is a cesspool.

America: Freedom to Fascism opens in one month

He's right...wake up!

Maybe some evangelicals aren't theofascists

But some Dems are panderers.

DMI Injustice Index

Tells how many ways Bu%h has screwed you.

White Christian (sic) Revival is coming...

...for you.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Rainbow Children scare Bu#h to death

"God is the provider, not the state"

In the theofascist parallel universe of Cancervatron, where 2+=5, only free enterprise is good. Everything else is unconstitutional and of Satan.

Republicans vote down family values

Side with atheists on Pledge of Allegiance. Really.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bu^h's signing statements "unconstitutional, impeachable"

But who will prosecute?

Theofascists intend to dismantle public education

So Satan can't use it anymore.

Sharpton, Jackson stand up to theofascists

Maybe they're back in the game for real in time for fall elections.

Al Franken's new movie to counter troop withdrawal from Iraq

Both meant to influence fall elections.

Falwell sells more christian hate

Give him your brain and enough money, and he'll put Hollywood out of binniss.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Land Letter: Theofascists told Bu*h to invade Iraq

It would be a "just war" for killing ragheaded infidels.

Theofascist fantasies bad for girls' health

How can anyone call it "education?"

Theofascists eat their young

What a circus.

Der Ruschkopf busted with drugs...again

Chelsea Clinton probably planted them on him, huh?.

The truth about theofascist "boy crisis" lies

They just want girls to grow up to be June Cleaver (mother to Wally and "The Beaver.")

Rest in peace, US Constitution

Bu&h's war good for Bu@h's friends in defense industry

Defense corporate welfare bad for you and me. But the more of our money they get, the more they can donate to warmongering, fascist republicans who will, in turn, keep funnelling our money to their friends in the defense industry.

Bu*h is not incompetent

Every mess is part of their deliberate plan to cause world chaos.

Bu@h tells terists to use libraries with impunity

Fascist Bureau of Intimidation gives up trying to get private records.

God punishes Bu$hCo; D. C. shut down

inJustice Dept closed for at least a day.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Today is George Orwell's birthday

“All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.”

Republicans nail Voting Rights Act to burning cross

Their goal is for only whites to vote.

100 republicans wipe butts with First Amendment

Why do "christians" love these three adulterers?

McCain, Giuliani, and Gingrich, all admitted adulterers.

Global warming can't possibly have anything to do with this

Librul environazi treehuggers did it.

Cavemen wore jewelry 19,000 years before Earth was created

Why do these atheist junkscientists hate the Bible?

Debunking republican lies

There are so many.

Family values on the march

Kompassionate kancervative krixtain busted in whorehouse.

Roundup of political enemies begins

Today, Mexicans; tomorrow, libruls, queers... Halliburton will use our own money to build concentration camps.

Satan wants this republican to lose

It's the only possible explanation.

Bu#h hasn't caught or stopped a single terist

There are no terists. There haven't been any since 9-11.

Theofascists "News" service promotes fear to help republicans

It is, after all, an election year, and fearmongering is what they do.