Friday, June 23, 2006

Bu$h's Extreme Court set to return schools to "separate but equal" days

Plus the recent vote on Voting Rights. We're on our way back to the '50s. When things were perfect...for white males. Everybody else...not so much.

Northrop Grumman gets $10 million for a blueprint

Just what we need, more bombers. To bomb who, exactly?

Look who opposes the flag-burning amendment

Seriously, take a look.

"Actually, even during the Vietnam War, flag burning was rare. By one count, there have been only 45 such incidents in 200 years, and fewer than half a dozen since it was outlawed in 1989. Should the Constitution be amended, however, the incidence of flag burning is expected to surge as a form of civil disobedience. What began as a phony issue designed to prove patriotism (usually on the part of those who never served, the primary sponsors) could become a real concern."

Remember those color-coded terist alerts?

There hasn't been one since the day before election day, 2004. Hmmm... Bu$h musta scared off all the terists.

Sears Tower "bombers" had no bombs

Or anything else to qualify them as terists. But we're to be afraid in this, an election year. Only republicans keep us safe from imaginary terists.

In Bu*h's Amerika, a peace symbol is "likely to provide a disturbance" in mall

Rent-a-cop hassles 10-year-old girl over bandana. But it's okay for Bu#h to illegally deface Old Glory with his "autograph."

Theofascists want everybody else to die now

So they won't have to deal with us anymore.

Theofascist book-burners are at it again

They want a tiny gubmnt so they can tell you how to live.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Bu#h illegally spies on your bank records to stop...ahem...terism

Rich tax-dodgers...not so much. Many wealthy people renounce their citizenship to avoid taxes while enjoying all the benefits of our great country. These people get a free ride from republicans while our bank records go to Big Brother's office.

FBI stages fake terist bust to help republicans promote fear in election year

"Terists" weren't al qaeda, had no bombs to use in bomb plot. At least the story reminds us only republicans keep us safe from imaginary terists.

Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtain wants to kill Iraqi babies

I bet he's one of them right-to-life people. Like all fascists, everybody he hates is subhuman.

WMB believers are the stupidest people in the universe

And they're all...wait for it...republicans.

Theofascist "minister" convicted of soliciting sex from young boy; blames lawyer

The lawyer made him hit on a young boy?

Faith and reason belong together

But for theofascists who live in the parallel universe of Cancervatron, reason is anti-matter. Emotion=good, logic=non-existent.

More military families hate America

Want terists to win.

Cancervatron Newz Network: Earth cooler than ever

In the parallel universe of Cancervatron, where 2=2=5, living is easy, fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high. But in the real world...

ACLU protects actual christians from theofascists

Their only mission is to defend the Bill of Rights, all ten amendments. The NRA only cares about one.

"Left Behind" videogame trains young "christian" brownshirts to rid America of you and me

I'm just glad they're christians. Imagine what bloodthirsty little fascists they'd be otherwise. They won't fight in Bu%h's wars, but they'll sure be ready to round us up. Are you getting armed yet?

Where is the criticism of "Left Behind" hatemongering?

Too many people are afraid of theofascists. Stop it and fight back. Yes, I said fight.

"Christian" Ralph Reed got $5 million from crook Abramoff

Scroll down a bit.

Top general says Bu@h ready to cut 'n run from Iraq

"A few thousand" GIs may cut 'n run home, meaning 2500+ have died for nothing.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The truth about new WMD lies

They're too old to be considered dangerous.

Actual scientists stand up to theofascists over evolution

About time somebody did.

Republican war on middle class is working

They haven't cut or run from destroying middle America.

Republican congressmen call Bu#h a liar

Claim to have found Saddam's WMDs that Bu&h already said didn't exist. They can't keep their lies straight even in an election year.

Quotes: Hitler or Coultergeist?

Which one said the following? (Click headline)

Republicans are false prophets

Sorry, corrupt false prophets. But profits are good.

Some people in public life actually are christians

They have a new website.

Laws no longer apply to Bush

Anti-flag burning president (sic) ignores laws against such America-hating treason, autographs Old Glory because he's above all laws.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Jesus isn't a republican

And lying, bullying, criminal, fascist republicans aren't christians. Neither are theofascist abominations.

Euopeans uneasy about Amerikan theofascism

EXCERPT (scroll down)

Although some 26m Germans are Protestant church members, only a small minority of about 1.3m might be considered evangelicals. In short, the theology prevailing in Europe is one that sees itself as the sister of philosophy. My impression is very different when I go to church in the US, especially in the Deep South or the Midwest, where I find much more emphasis on emotions and personal faith. For many Europeans, such views are fundamentalist and thus an expression of a pre-Enlightenment religiosity. … There is also a widespread link in the US between religion and patriotism which meets not just with incomprehension in Europe, but with dismay.)

When do parents stone their children?

Read what the Bible says about that. Spare neither the rod nor the stone.

inJustice Dept helps corporations with sweatshop conditions

How far away is serfdom, and then slavery? This fall's election.

Theofascists, like, totally destroyed "The Da Vinci Code"

Not. It's a huge success, but at least they got to create all those cottage industries that...ahem...debunked it.

"Give me your money and we'll stop this!" They never stop a damn thing, which doesn't matter. But they make money lying and demonizing, which does matter.

"God told me to get rich by lying, bullying and demonizing people"

Squinty, the Clown Who Squints Too Much, strikes again. How can people turn their money, much less their brains, over to this insane theofascist?

Defense corporate welfare run amok: $37 million later, "it really didn't solve the problems"

But at least this company got our tax money they can donate to republicans, which is all that matters.

If Bu&h is a christian, why does he lie so much?

The Bible is against lying. Jerry Falwell...not so much.

Anti-war clergy still exist

But the worthlesscorporatemedia don't care.

It can happen here. It is happening here..

Sinclair Lewis' 1935 novel, IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE anticipated the parallel universe of Cancervatron to a "t." Read it here. It's out of print most places.

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag, carrying a cross."

Theofascist radio: "Illegal aliens are more important than Bu#h's illegal war"

What if they come from outer space instead of Mexico, and have green skin instead of brown?

"Dear Pat"

Robertson gives theofascist advice to the lovelorn. Boy, are these women in trouble. He'll probably tell them to drink his Miracle Shake and leg-press 2000 pounds.

Cops side with KKK

It's what happens in a cancervative culture.

BREAKING: Congress votes to invade Iraq...nearly four years ago

A little actual history is good for the soul...and bad for republicans.

From (scroll down)

Got that? "If Saddam Hussein refuses to give up weapons of mass destruction as required by U.N. resolutions." Not to capture Saddam. Not to free the Iraqis. Not to spread democracy. Not to rebuild Iraq. Not to take over Iraq. Not to fight al Qaeda. But to exploit a U.N. force Saddam to give up his weapons of mass destruction.

Any other reason they give you is bullshit. That's what was voted on.

Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction to give up. The inspectors did their job. Bush wanted nothing of it. He launched a war.

More in that story:

The president praised the congressional action, declaring "America speaks with one voice."

That's right. The day of the vote, Bush lied. "One voice?" Not nearly. Besides the 77-23 Senate vote, the House vote was 296-133.


Congress marginalizes non-christians in uniform

Support the troops...if they're theofascists.

Priests only care about abortions, not child-molesting priests

It is, after all, an election year.

Jerry Falwell wants people to go blind

A major drug company is blocking access to a medicine that is cheaply and effectively saving thousands of people from going blind because it wants to launch a more expensive product on the market.

A history of cancervative hatespeech

Coultergeist, Der Ruschkopf, Falwell and FAUXNEWZ have one message: Libruls aren't just evil, they're stupid. And you really are better than they are. They're conditioning their minions to be as brutal Japanese soldiers were in WWII--prisoners are subhuman, so treat them as you will. Same for you and me today.