Saturday, May 20, 2006

Will your church survive "The Da Vinci Code?"

Let me know one way or the other.

Every Florida republican grovvels before James Dobson

Bu$h wants to know everything about you

No one is safe.

Chicken Hawk Down!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Taking Back The Faith

It's time we did it.

Why we're in Iraq: 27 reasons, and counting

It used to be over WMDs, 9-11 and carpets of flowers. Now...

Theofascists, FAUXNEWZ exempt from Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act

Rush also can continue lying and selling hatespeech and fascism with impunity. The law only applies to those Hollywood libruls.

The National Guard should arrest republicans who hire illegal workers

Get 'em, Molly.

Gibson still wants more white babies

They've got to be carefully taught.
Some of you may recognize that the title of this post is taken from "You've Got To Be Carefully Taught," a song from the Rogers and Hammerstein musical South Pacific:

You've got to be taught To hate and fear, You've got to be taught From year to year, It's got to be drummed In your dear little ear You've got to be carefully taught.
You've got to be taught to be afraid
Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
And people whose skin is a diff'rent shade,
You've got to be carefully taught.

You've got to be taught before it's too late,
Before you are six or seven or eight,
To hate all the people your relatives hate,
You've got to be carefully taught!

Bu$h's gubmnt deserves to be "drowned in a bathtub"

If only it were small enough to do that.

Our Commander-In-Chief. Makes you proud, don't it? (And they made fun of Dukakis when he rode in that tank.)

Christian (sic) Nationalism on the rise

Be afraid; be very afraid. No one is safe.

But where is GI Jesus?

Young theofascists are fighting US over here so they don't have to fight THEM over there.

Civil liberties no longer operative under Bu$h

Dead people don't need them, why should live people?

Bu$h doesn't want to have to learn English

Oppose having it as national language.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Was a "religious left" finally born?

Maybe. I think it's existed for a long time, but has been too lazy to get dressed up and go out in public. Hopefully that'll change.

All republicans are criminals

And so, apparently, are their Pentagon generals.

Fascist war on public education is working

Some schools close on Fridays due to bus fuel costs.

In TheofascistWorld, the "sanctity of marriage" includes incest

Ralph Reed and Rudy Giuliani were made for each other.

How Bu$h became a TX ANG pilot

The same way he became president: Dishonestly.

I warned you: Bu$h's Extreme Court doesn't protect your constitutionally-ensured privacy

Why the Fourth Amendment was written in the first place.

Red states...rednecks...redcoats=red menace of the new millennium.

Bu$heviks don't like the Bill of Rights. No one is safe.

Let's see what the Fourth Amendment actually says.

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

FAUXNEWZ launches "War on Darkies"

Specter doesn't know if he's for or against legalized discrimination

He's playing political games with people's lives.

Bu$h's moral leadership: College cheating worse than ever

He has set such a good example for honesty and decency, kids can't help but emulate him.

MasterCard for America

This "DemCard" lets you support a return to a constitutional government with every purchase.

Pat Robertson: Mini-biography

He was crazy long before he was senile.

Even George Will is sick of theofascists

Some of us have been for 25 years.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Texas theofascist caught selling bogus gas mileage pills

Ah, Texas. And "ministers." What a combination.

"Ministry" lies, sells crap that actually reduces gas mileage.

Pat Robertson says he'll have God send a tsunami at the west coast this year

Must be a lot of judges out there.

Cheney's next shooting victim: Water engine inventor

Watch this amazing video, then wonder if Big Oil will kill him or just buy his patents and bury them.

Bu$h's friends to build anti-Mexican fence

Defense contractors will make zillions, part of which they'll donate back to the republican corporate whores who approved the damn thing in the first place. Why doesn't Bu$h just give them the keys to the Treasury? It'd be easier on us all.

Theofascist Family Association: Laura Bush not theofascist enough

She's not with 'em on rounding up all the queers as Jesus taught.

Scientific proof: Bu$h IS a chimp

No wonder he's so riled up over human-animal hybrids.

"White chri$tian$, unite! Now!"

O'Really? says libruls and brown people are coming for you.

NRA to GOP gungrabbers: Stop it!

Now, if only they liked the entire Bill of Rights as much as they like #2.

Bu$hCo fascist election-rigger gets what he deserves

Prison. One down, thousands to go.

Ralph Reed: Chri$tian witne$$

If by "chri$tian witne$$," you mean "corrupt, hypocritical theofascist." (Click headline for video of his greatest hits.)

Bu$h wants Telcos to lie as much as he does

And gives them written permission to do it.

Republican governors wish they could re-segregate schools

The downside is that compa$$ionate cancervative chri$tian kids wouldn't have anyone to bully at school.

James Dobson doesn't care if men beat their families

Neither does Bu$h.

Pat Robertson wants children to breathe poison

And the rest of us, too, for helping Osama with 9-11, or something.

Bu$h's new tax cut will screw most Americans

Compa$$ionately, at least.

What's in your FBI file?

This investigator will help you find out.

Jerry Falwell loves republican adulterers, sex fiends

Sherwood is one of his favorite sickos.

Theofascists: Bu$hCo not nearly theofascist enough

Bu$h is a ruptured duck.

Want their feudal theocracy NOW, and the rest of us can live in Halliburton's concentration camps while awaiting "relocation"...

Bu$hCo doesn't care if you lose your eyesight

Bausch, Bu$h...six of one... People don't matter, only profits do. Aren't we glad Bu$h is the country's compa$$ionate cancervative chri$tian moral leader?

Treat all republicans as pre-criminals

Turn about is fair play.

Hill fascists: Dr. First not fascist enough

Want more inactivist fascist judges. Now.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Under Bu$h, our criminal justice system no longer exists

Just ask this young girl.

$100 million for secessionist traitor scrap iron

He spent public money on confederate submarine.

Today's confederate holdouts love today's nazis. They both hate you and me.

Theofascistas declare war on gays, public schools

It's what Jesus taught, isn't it?

Why don't they want to Save The Children?
They believe Jesus actually said, "Let the little children who come unto me suffer...if they're not little pre-theofascists." (King George Bible, pub. 2001)

About that "new" 9-11 Pentagon video

Where are the charred bodies of passengers and crew? Why didn't the wings and tail damage the wall?

The one we've already seen showing a tiny fireball from thousands of gallons of jet fuel. Hogwash.

Remember, similar amounts of jet fuel were supposed to have brought down the Twin Towers.

This is what a load of jet fuel looks like upon impact.

Look through the pictures taken right after the crash and show me the wreckage of a damn Boeing 757. Show me a wing, an engine or the tail section. I dare you.
Cut 'n paste into address line.

More pix here. Nothing resembling wreckage from a big plane.

REFRESHER COURSE: How Bu$hCo lied us into war

Absent WMDs, 9-11 connections and carpets of flowers, tell me again why we're in Iraq?

Now, if only Bu$h and Dick had actually been Scouts

They'd still be lying, criminal fascists.

Why do these West Point grads hate America?

Maybe they only hate what Bu$h is doing to their country.

FLASHBACK: Bu$h cut funding for nearly 10,000 border patrol agents a year ago

At least his friends got another tax cut.

Bu$h finally protects shopping malls from terists

About time, considering how many malls have been attacked in the last 4 1/2 years.

How many libruls will Bu$h have shot for his birthday?

The list could include you. No one is safe.

Monday, May 15, 2006

FLASHBACK: Bu$h cut funding for nearly 10,000 border patrol agents a year ago

At least his best friends got another tax cut.

Constitution 1, theofascist separatists 0

Activist judge denies theofascist infiltration of NY public schools.

All republicans are criminals

And they all hate free and fair elections.

FBI: "Under Bu$h, reporters don't have rights"

No one is safe.

Rove: "29% of Americans like Bu$h"

The rest of us sane patriots hate his lying, criminal fascist innards.

Cancervatives bicker over evolution

Will the strong survive this internal civil war? Or will science--and knowledge itself--prevail?

Oppose Bu$h, jackbooted thugs will put you in psych ward

According to her statements, this inflamed the officers. One told her, “I am sick of this anti-Bush shit,” and they threatened to kill her. “You are definitely going to the psych ward,” said another. And that’s where she ended up, incommunicado, even to her Power of Attorney for health care. University Hospitals personnel were forbidden by the police to allow visitors or for Fisher to make a phone call.

Jerry Falwell doesn't care if republicans like hookers

Judges are more important to him.

Theofascists say republicans not theofascist enough anymore

They want to get rid of us. No one is safe.

Spawn Insannity wants you to believe "Rev." Phelps is a looney librul

When in fact, he's one of Spawn's favorite people.

Chimpy McFlightSuit will lie about immigration tonight

Among other things. Well, he'll lie about everything.

WorldNaziDaily wants Bu$h to do to Mexicans what Hitler did to Jews and other undesirables.

Squinty McPussbucket says republicans no longer cancervative enough for him

Says republicans are oppressing theofascists by not helping them oppress everybody else enough.

He wants more tax dollars for faith-based theofascism.

Bu$h ramps up war on journalism

Spied on everyone but...wait for it...FAUXNEWZ.

Internet, cellphones next. No one is safe.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Corporate America has none of those family values Falwell screeches about all the damn time

Like everything they say, it's just hogwash.

Bu$h's Mother's Day card

Why 58,000 Americans really died in Vietnam

They stopped the communists from...what, exactly?

Americans stay away in droves from pro-Bu$h hogwash movie, UNITED 93

Get the 1942 flag-waver, WAKE ISLAND, instead. It's just as much hogwash, but infinitely more fun.

Mother's Day in Iraq

A Letter from an Iraqi Mother to the Mothers of the Americans Killed in Fallujah

Dear Sisters,

I call upon you because we are sisters in motherhood.

The American media described us with as "barbarians", "savages", and "criminals" in the aftermath of the mob lynching scenes of the bodies of charred Americans in Fallujah, as Iraqis beat on dead bodies then hung them off a bridge. But the American media does not want you to know the true picture against which those scenes took place, nor does it want to let you know why Iraqis did this thing. The media does not want you to know the extent to which Iraqis have come to hate the soldiers of the occupation for them to act like this.

I address you as American women, as mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters.

Sisters, I know how painful it is for a woman to lose someone dear. I can feel your pain. For we, Iraqi women, have lost too much, and have suffered what no mother on the face of the earth has. For example, when your government imposed the unjust embargo on our country, we had to watch our children everyday dying from lack of medicine. Because of the weapons of mass destruction your soldiers used, especially depleted uranium, we had to carry babies in our wombs for nine months only to see them born severely deformed. As if all this was not enough for your government, it topped all it off with a war that it launched under false pretexts just to control our wealth, our oil and resources. And it was a brutal war in which many of our children were killed and many others were arrested, both sons and daughters. As of today, your government continues to kill and arrest our sons and daughters. So, after all this, do you still wonder why Iraqis carry such hatred in their hearts towards your kids?!

Much more

I don't believe terists are planning to attack America

Laura Bu$h doesn't believe America hates her hubby, either. Well, it is Mother's Day. I also don't believe Bu$h was ever elected, or that Iraqis ever greeted our troops with carpets of flowers. IEDs, maybe, but no flowers.

Compendium of all Bu$h's crimes and misdemeanors

One site has them all.

Bu$h about to screw veterans...again

Maybe Wes Clark can stop this madness.

Bu$h's hysterical climate of fear and bullying send innocent man into exile

He did nothing to anyone, but compassionate cancervative crazy people ruined his life.

Republican "christian" boy-raper isn't gay, so rape isn't rape

It's really good to be a republican in Arizona.

Bu$h's jackbooted fascist thugs will point guns at you if you protest nowadays

Click headline to see pictures.