Saturday, April 29, 2006

All republicans are criminals

Bad food, bad drugs, lots of payoffs, finally justice coming to get one more of Bush's buds.

Dr. Lester M. Crawford, the former commissioner of food and drugs, is under criminal investigation by a federal grand jury over accusations of financial improprieties and false statements to Congress, his lawyer said Friday.

Tell me again how Ohio went for Bu$h in '04

Mandate or stolen election? Ohioans really hate Bu$h, especially black voters (98%!).

Der Ruschkopf got a plea bargain, will pay a fine and be under supervision

OxyContinBoy will tell a lot of lies about his situation, but we know the truth.

"Peace Grannies" still in Bush's face

And up his butt.

Meanwhile, theofascists and chickenhawks want other people's children (and grandchildren) to keep dying for Bush's lies.

Brownshirted geeks may destroy online forums

They say it's about "the jihadists," but we know they really mean us.

Bill may require Bush to obey that "%@%&$ piece of paper"

Instead of...

Injustice Dept to hand over prison counseling to theofascists

Friday, April 28, 2006

"National Day of Cancervative Prayer" is next Thursday

Federal law mandates this theofascist observance.

Republican criminals think they used to have "moral authority" to lead

If by "moral authority" he means "political ability to repeatedly get away with lying, and rape and pillage the nation from coast to coast, border to border." (Scroll 'way down.)

Limbaugh finally arrested; unfortunately for fraud, not fascism or treason

Gets special treatment reserved for rich, white republicans. You wouldn't get the deal he got.

The fascist bastard's mug shot. Ain't it great?

Mug shot t-shirts and coffee cups for sale!

These will be worth a fortune on ebay in the future.

Republicans arrested during Bush crime spree

Rush Limpballs (Conservative commentator)
Tom DeLay (R-TX)
Duke Cunningham (R-CA)
Scooter Libby (VP's Chief of Staff)
Claude Alexander Allen (Domestic policy adviser)
Jack Abramoff (Lobbyist)
David H. Safavian (White House procurement officer)
Tom Noe (Ohio lobbyist)
Frank Figueroa (DHS/Operation Predator)
Brian Doyle (DHS Assistant Press Secretary)
Jenna & Barbara Bush (First Daughters)
Noelle Bush (First Niece)
Jebby Bush (First Nephew)
George P. Bush (another First Nephew, but arrested back in 1994)

Honorable mention for under-investigation Bill Frist (R-TN/Senate Majority Leader) and those MFers at Enron.

Who else is there? I'm in one of those pissing e-mail exchanges with a fundie neighbor and need clear examples of GOP/rightwing corruption. She comes back every time with Bill Clinton's penis (what else?), but it is rather enjoyable knowing I'm getting under her skin.

Remember when Bush said invading Iraq would lower gas prices?

Why would anyone believe a word that AWOL, unelected, pathological liar says about anything?

"United 93" proves only republicans are patriots

I wish people would boycott this bull$#!+ movie.

No one said, "Let's roll!"
No one entered the cockpit to crash the plane.
Flight 93 was shot down. Wreckage was found eight miles away, proving a shoot-down.

Republicans only get fired up over fiction

The film asserts that the hijackers' intended target was the Capitol. In one scene, Ziad Jarrah, the Lebanese terrorist who piloted the plane, props a picture of the building on the cockpit's console, imposing a cinematic answer to a question that the 9/11 Commission could not resolve: whether the terrorists were trying to hit the Capitol or the White House. Investigators said that point was a source of contention among the 9/11 plotters, with Osama bin Laden favoring a strike on the White House and others, including Mohamed Atta, favoring the Capitol.

"United 93" also suggests that the terrorists killed the pilot and co-pilot, for example, but what occurred is unclear. A United 93 flight recorder picked up the terrorists ordering someone repeatedly to "sit down" and discussing whether to "bring the pilot back" late in the hijacking.

"United 93" also shows the passengers breaching the cockpit with a beverage cart and wrestling the terrorists for control as the plane plummets. Although the 9/11 report states that the passengers fought back in the flight's final moments, the commission had no indication that the passengers entered the cockpit. The report suggests the opposite: "The hijackers remained at the controls but must have judged that the passengers were only seconds from overcoming them."

Bush: "My friends aren't price gouging you"

Environazis are to blame for high prices; Big Oil helpless, can do nothing except deposit windfall profits they're forced to make.

Where were Falwell, Robertson, Dobson and Perkins...targeting judges?

Democrats arrested protesting genocide in Darfur. All republicans MIA.

Here's the video. Where were the "christians" who love Bush's fiberty, greedom and lemocracy so much?

Amnesty International lists war crimes Bush committed at God's command

Jerry Falwell is so proud.

The Amnesty report reviews several cases where U.S. detainees held in Afghanistan and Iraq have died as a result of torture. The group also lambasts U.S. use of electro-shock weapons, inhuman and degrading conditions of isolation in "super-max" security prisons and abuses against women in the prison system -- including sexual abuse by male guards, shackling while pregnant and even in labor.


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Granny Peace Brigade 18, Bush 0

Activist judge acquits aging peaceniks.

Falwell, Robertson, Dobson and Perkins are responsible for this hate crime

They could reel in their minions, but they'd rather keep them angry.

Pat Robertson approves of hookers as bribes

Only gay couples who want to get married are bad. God approves of everything republicans do. Sex, crime, war. Everything. No republican is even capable of sinning.

Republicans protect America's ten worst corporations

They cheat us, they steal from us, they poison us, and republicans kneel before them.

Bush keeps gas prices low for states where he's popular. All three of them.

Maps don't lie, only republicans do.

Jerry Falwell doesn't care about genocide in Africa

But, that's a different story.

Condo, Dummy visit Baghdad, troops couldn't care less

Why have these GIs sided with the terists?

Bush is insane. Invoke the 25th amendment.

He's at least a sociopath and a pathological liar. This much is well documented. And there are serious questions about his sanity that must be addressed.

"Pro-life" theofascists still love the death penalty because it lets them get rid of minorities

I'd love to see a Baptist church lawn strewn with little white crosses commemorating those executed per year.

Military families side with terists, want troops home now

Big march Saturday.

Republicans offer us $100 for our votes in November

For most of us, that's less than two fill-ups at the gas pump.

Falwell's effect on America: Try to kill your family, invoke God

Everything is okay if God told you to do it. Lying, bullying, murdering your family, invading a country that didn't--and couldn't--bother us, stealing elections. Whatever. God no longer tells republicans to be good, just to lie about being bad, apparently.

Republicans can't exist without enemies, so they lie to create them.

Not one of such tales has ever been confirmed. It's always "Susie" in "Springfield." No way to confirm. They make everything up. They're all liars.

UPDATE: List of known republican criminals

Emphasis on "known." There are thousands more.

Republicans hate libruls far more than terists

They've been "at war" with us on a much grander scale than with Osama.

Click to enlarge.

A few rotten apples: How about 600?

Our "christian" president created an atmosphere of torture and abuse in time of war. He is a total sociopath with no conscience whatsoever.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stop giving your money to companies that support fascism

Here's a great website. (Hat tip to chico-towner.)

Exxon Mobil NETS $93,000,000 per day
That's all profit.

Cheney killed alternative fuels 30 years ago
Gerald Ford has to answer for pardoning Nixon and letting Big Oil rape us.

Worstpresidentever supports the troops...until they get wounded in his little war

He sends them to his bull$#!+ war, then screws them when they get wounded.

4000 schools stand up to theofacist bullying

Except "silence" is barely standing up. Buying tire thumpers would enhance the statement dramatically.

It's a little baseball bat. For self defense against "christians."

Feudal theocracy takes giant step closer

No one is safe. If you think you're safe, you're wrong.

Republicans were for price gouging before they were against it

If by "against it" they mean "not really, it's just election year talk."

Fight back! Boycott the fascists and their masters!

Start with AOL (almost everything else is better and cheaper) and Lou Dobbs (quit bitching about him and just watch something else). Add your own targets to the list.

Republicans don't care if terists sneak into US inside cargo containers

This is either more proof of their corporate whoredom, or that they know, as you and I do, that there aren't any terists who hate us for our freedoms and want to kill us. Could be both.

Sprint sucks!

Their treatment of this GI is a great reason for Sprint customers to find new providers.

Evolution proved! Republican women become feminazis

Don't want men telling them what to do. Next they'll get divorced, murder their children, destroy capitalism, practice witchcraft and become lesbians, right, Rev. Robertson?

Pat Robertson says dvd piracy worse than kiddie porn

But judges are still the worst.

Falwell approves of Bush's plan to murder Houston woman

Terri=good, Andrea=bad, very bad.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Everything I Know I Learned From The Worstpresidentever

No one could have predicted I'd learn so much.

James Dobson's war on public education, tolerance

He and his ilk have been fomenting Civil War II for over two decades.

Falwell encourages hate, hatespeech

AMtalkinghead hatriots fit right into theofascist agenda. They mean to turn America into a feudal theocracy.

Republicans simply cannot exist without enemies

Recovering neocon Fukuyama admits the truth. Again.

What if our foreign policy was based on building alliances instead of fomenting conflict?

Al Capone looks into whether bootlegging makes him rich

Falwell, Robertson, Dobson, Perkings et al stalk judges since overpaying for gas doesn't hurt families. Only gays even can do that.

Republicans are deeply disturbed and dangerous

Pat Robertson approves of death threats to libruls.

Read what they said to a 15-year-old peacenik filmmaker.

Strategic reserves were off limits last week

Now Worsty gives them to his friends to they can sell our oil to us an gouged prices.

Air Force blocks "librul" websites

Fascist and theofascist websites A-OK with them. I wonder if porn-rape-fantasy websites are still ok at the theofascist AF Academy?

More stupid crap to waste our tax dollars

Anti-terist lasers for airliners. Why not asteroid deflectors? At least the money will go to Worty's friends.

Price gougers get to sell us our own strategic oil reserves

Worsty gives our oil to his friends to sell us at gouged prices, then wants somebody to look into whether his friends are gouging us on prices. Hmm...

Libby Dole: "Price gouging proves the economy is good"

Caring about most Americans is playing partisan politics. And only libruls play partisan politics. (Scroll down a bit.)


Falwell says price gouging is the christian thing to do.

Laws don't apply to Ohio theofascist "churches"

They know Worstpresidentever's IRS will never require their "churches" to obey those or any other laws.

Slap the next republican who says, "Competition is good for everybody." They've never meant it.

They hate competition. They do everything in their power to kill competition. They scheme to destroy small businesses.

Big Pharmas pay to kill generic drugs.

BREAKING: Libruls forced Big Oil to raise prices at gunpoint

None of Worstpresidentever's friends would dream of gouging us at the gas pump just because they can. They're all christians. Like Ken Lay.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Jimmy Carter had an energy policy 29 years ago

It was about to take effect. Then Reagan killed it. (With a little help from the "October Surprise," which led to our first stolen election.)

This fall, republicans will pretend they never heard of Worstpresidentever

Much less supported his war, governmental crime wave and overall failure at every single aspect of his job. Well, except for handing Big Binniss the keys to the US Treasury.

Theofascists have declared war on judges. Really.

The message from fundamentalists to state jurists is clear: Judge conservatively, lest ye not be a judge.

Gas price-gougers promote socialist public transportation

People should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and pay those criminally inflated prices instead of depending on the (gasp!) gubmnt.

James Dobson is glad Dumsfeld ordered the torture of all those people

He wishes libruls and SpongeBob could be tortured, too.

Theofascists are big, old poopyheads

If we don't talk about gay people, they'll all fall of the end of the earth. Which is only 6000 years old, you know.

Worstpresidentever supports the hell out of the troops...until they're veterans.

More benefit cuts on the way. Well, those rich guys on Wall Street and all those defense contractors do need some more tax cuts. Sacrifices must be made if we're to win the global war on wearing a shemagh while carrying an AKM.

Republicans are just snotty, spiteful little girls nowadays

Their teams "seceded" from...wait for it..."socialist" softball league.

Jerry Falwell enjoys watching Worstpresidentever waste billions of dollars in Iraq

But, hey, the went to Halliburton. Judges are America's real problem.

Worstpresidentever plummets to 32%, naturally invokes God

"God+liberty=invade Iraq." Is he going to bomb Iran into freedom, too?

Caught lying? Invoke God. (Not Jesus?)
Caught stealing? Invoke God.
Caught giving Treasury to your friends? Invoke God.
Caught being criminally incompetent at every single aspect of your job? Invoke God.

You try that at work and see how far it gets you.

Ken Lay is Pat Robertson's kind of christian

I'd hate to see a demonic crook, wouldn't you?

Anything a republican does is God's will. Even stealing billions of dollars from employees and investors.

Jerry Falwell supports slavery in Iraq

It's not nearly as bad as what judges want to do here.

Who republicans really are: Disagree and they'll threaten you with death

Exept they're really cowards who only have cojones enough to send anonymous emails. Sissies.

Wanted: Dead or Alive. Or not.

Remember when Worstpresidentever was going to round up a posse and go get Osama, the only guy to send people to attack us? Whatever happened with that?

There's what republicans say about Iran, and then there's the truth

Listening to anything from the White House or FAUXNEWZ anymore is like hearing a recording of Orson Wells' 1938 broadcast of "War of the Worlds." Except for the commercial break reminders that it's fiction--which we have to figure out for ourselves.

Theofascist bullies target gays purely for political reasons

They cannot exist without conflict. They cannot exist without a neverending list of enemies they'll "stop" if we just give them our brains and money. They do the polar opposite of what Jesus taught.

Who Baptists really are: "Churches" torn between obeying the law and being theofascist bullies

Impaled on the horns of a racist dilemma, these christians (sic) can't decide whether to demonize immigrants for political purposes or minister to them. What disgusting hypocrites Baptists are.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

James Dobson was for opposing gulags before he was against it

Whatever a republican says or does is God's work. Right, Jimbo?

Pat Robertson doesn't care what happens in Darfur

But he sure did want that theme park in Israel, didn't he?

Jerry Falwell approves of smuggling prostitutes into US

He never criticizes republicans for anything. He's busy with real problems. Judges, and stuff. And gay couples who want to get married and make you get divorced.

The answer is, "Yes," and some of us have been trying to wake you up to the fact for years. Decades, even.

They mean to turn America into a feudal theocracy. No one is safe.

Is U.S. being transformed into a radical republic?

We Americans came not from a revolution but from an evolution.
That is in large part why our so-called revolution produced success while most throughout history did not. We came as much from the Magna Carta as from our own doings, as much from British common law and parliamentary development as from the Declaration of Independence and Continental Congress.

Unlike the true revolution on the other side of the Atlantic that led to Napoleon's dictatorship and strife and conflict all across Europe, our evolution founded the greatest country the world has ever seen. That was true in every element of power and in the uniqueness that makes us great, our constant striving for "a more perfect union" and, as we do so, our open arms for the other peoples of the world "yearning to be free."

As Alexis de Tocqueville once said: "America is great because she is good. If America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great."

In January 2001, with the inauguration of George W. Bush as president, America set on a path to cease being good; America became a revolutionary nation, a radical republic. If our country continues on this path, it will cease to be great - as happened to all great powers before it, without exception.

More. Read it.

Worstpresidentever wants you to eat cow shit

Now think about this: Meat processors could be required to, well, process meat cleanly. But in the parallel universe of Cancervatron, they instead add chemicals which take care of MOST of the e coli bacteria. So they continue to cut corners and most of their meat is okay to eat.