Friday, April 21, 2006

Who keeps putting these "fossils" where Bible-hating scientists can find them?

How did this wierd snake get from Noah's ark to Argentina in just 1500 years? (Earth=6000 years old, Great Flood=1500 years ago. SOURCE: Theogeologists from Liberty University.)

Theofascists tell big, ol' greasy whoppers about Howard Dean

Neither the Constitution, laws nor that silliness about "false witness" apply to them.

DEAN: "Choose whether you want to remain tax exempt."

THEOFASCISTS: "Dean wants to feed your children to terists."

Jerry Falwell still encourages Fred Phelps

He hasn't said anything negative about those diseased demons. He's too busy fighting judges, the real threat to his fantasy of a theofascist feudal state. Falwell likes that the Westboro Wackos carry signs saying things like, "God hates fags" to military funerals. They do his dirtiest work for him. They're his best friends. He wishes there were thousands like them. (Watch video, if you have the stomach for it.)

WPE* was for cheaper gas before he was against it

At least that's what he said in 2000.

(*Don't say his diseased name aloud anymore. Just call him Worst President Ever until it becomes a mantra.)

As a presidential candidate in 2000, then-Gov. George W. Bush promised that, if elected, he would use the full weight of the White House to pressure oil-producing countries to increase production if there was a gas-price crisis. He charged, "The president of the United States must jawbone OPEC members to lower the price" and promised that as president he would "convince them to open up the spigot to increase the supply." Yet, when Saudi Arabia led the fight within OPEC last month to cut production and raise prices, the president "refused to lean on the oil cartel" and refused to even "personally lobby OPEC leaders to change their minds." Now, with esteemed journalist Bob Woodward reporting that the Bush administration and top Saudi officials agreed to manipulate oil prices in conjunction with the 2004 election, President Bush's passivity towards Saudi Arabia is raising disturbing questions. Why won't the administration exert serious pressure on the regime both on oil and terrorism policy? Why does the president continue to refer to Saudi Arabia as "our friend" when the country has potential ties to the 9/11 terrorists? Why, as author Daniel Benjamin reported, did the administration weaken efforts to scrutinize potential Saudi money-laundering schemes before 9/11? A look at the president's "deep personal ties with Saudi officials" – and his financial connections to the Saudi royal family and powerful Saudi businessmen – may provide clues.


WPE* hides from protestors, lies to everyone else

Local media video of his trip to Stanford.

(*Don't even speak his misbegotten name anymore. Just call him WPE or Worst President Ever. This should be what we call him for the rest of our days.)

Is Condo a traitor, or just another Bush junta leaker?

Either way, she's supposed to protect our secrets, not hand them out like coupons.

Take the theofascist "Tolerance Test"

If you like to bully people, you might be a christian.

All republicans are criminals

North Carolina fascist busted for tax fraud. One down, thousands to go.

Theofascists say theofascist James Dobson not theofascist enough

He's "soft on gays."

Jerry Falwell laughs as Bush's friends continue to screw us at the gas pump

"Shortage?" We're only short of decent human beings. Big binniss and the gubmnt have a huge surplus of criminals.

Where was this "hero" three years ago?

Okay, we're glad for him to "come forward" now. But he might have made a difference before the frackin' war.

(CBS) A CIA official who had a top role during the run-up to the Iraqi war charges the White House with ignoring intelligence that said there were no weapons of mass destruction or an active nuclear program in Iraq.

The former highest ranking CIA officer in Europe, Tyler Drumheller, also says that while the intelligence community did give the White House some bad intelligence, it also gave the White House good intelligence — which the administration chose to ignore.

Drumheller talks to 60 Minutes correspondent Ed Bradley in his first television interview this Sunday, April 23 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Clowns keep us safe from terists

Not those clowns, new clowns. The ones fire departments hire to fight terists.

Hahahahahahahaha! That's a good one!

Like high gas prices? Vote republican.

Hastert and Frist to ask Bush to probe possible oil-industry gouging

Still worried about rising gas prices and their impact on the November elections, House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist plan to ask President Bush on Monday to investigate the possibility of price gouging by the oil and gas industry.

Like we're too stupid to realize this is about polling numbers in an election year? Like we believe anything Hastert and First say?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Music industry finally stands up to George Worstpresidentever Bush and his fascist fantasies

Where are the fire-breathing, amtalkthetalkbutcan'twalkthewalkradio hatriots now? We were right, they were wrong. Screw 'em.

Even Chief Justice Roberts is sick of Jerry Falwell

Hires lawyer to keep theofascists from actually killing "activist judges."

The next republican pussbucket who says they "support the troops" and we're traitors is in for a beating

If the Osprey was going to work, it would have worked by now. Pounding any more sand down that rathole is just paying incompetent criminals for their failure so they can donate our &%#@$% money to republicans.

WASHINGTON - A Senate measure to fund the war in Iraq would chop money for troops' night vision equipment and new battle vehicles but add $230 million for a tilt-rotor aircraft that has already cost $18 billion and is still facing safety questions.

RIP Scott Crossfield: American Hero

He had the right stuff to help propel us into the space age. He and his contemporaries were our childhood heroes, to be sure. I built a model of his X-15. How ironic that he died in the crash of his little puddle-jumper.

"Christian" Bush only popular among Mormons--who aren't christians

What did happen to that mandate, anyway?

Misquoting Jesus: Who Changed the Bible, and Why

You do know that "the Bible" isn't "the Bible," right? It was originally a bunch books and letters, written over a very long time, until someone decided to put all that stuff together into one volume a few hundred years ago. What if men edited things for their own purposes?

..."Before you write (the author) off as some cold academic scholar, you should know that he started his New Testament studies as an on-fire, born-again Christian who studied at Moody Bible College before moving on to Princeton to learn how to read the earliest available scriptural manuscripts in their original ancient languages. He also wrote an excellent book called Lost Christianities and has excellent videos on the New Testament through the Teaching Company if you like his work as much as I do."

Calling all republican chickenhawk sissies: Uncle George Wants You

Bush's war is going so well, the Army is having to teach sailors how to be grunts. Where are all the firebreathing warriors who demanded this war, and now want another one with Iran? For that matter, where are the Bush twins?

Baptists are miserable people, bullies and abominations; don't deserve tax dollars

With all the corruption in the Bush administration, not to mention that ugly, little war we didn't have to have, all Baptists care about are queers. Can't they find something worthwhile to do?

Feds finally deal with real immigration culprits

Company execs--who entice illegals with jobs--busted at plant raid.

No republicans will attack the people who cause the immigration problem because they're all republicans. When execs and contractors stop hiring cheap labor, cheap labor will stay home. And if they can stay in business only with cheap illegals, too bad. Let them start up honest businesses and pay people a fair wage, maybe even benefits. Unless, of course, Pat Robertson still supports the sweat shop mentality designed to keep people poor.

CEOs join peaceniks, give Kool Aid and comforters to anemones in time of war

Strange bedfellows, indeed.

Bush's masters don't want him eavesdropping on them. He should stick to hunting terists at Kentucky bingo halls, and stuff.

Beulah, the nazi cow,* moves to Georgia, goes after Harry Potter

(*Field of Dreams. Remember?)

Are we really back to this? The gubmnt shouldn't tell people how to live. Only theofascists are entitled to do that.

Bush: "I invented the iPod"

Repeat this as many times as possible for the next few years.

Falwell still approves of post-Katrina corruption and waste

Have you heard him say otherwise? No, but at least he's protecting us from judges and gays who want to marry and make straight couples get divorced. There is, after all, a finite number of possible marriages. Theophysicists at Liberty University (sic) used the Bible to prove it.

Even FAUXNEWZ has to admit the truth: Bush at 33%

That's one-third of the country. Now do you believe that mandate came from the Diebold machines, and not the voters?

The same people say the Bible is 100% true, which proves their faith. Huh???

Which means they approve of selling their daughters into slavery, as taught in Exodus 21:3.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

James Dobson says, "Big oil can lie to gouge you at the gas pump."

What does he care? He doesn't buy his own gas.

New Gasoline Study Shows Profits, Not Crude Oil Prices Or Ethanol, Are Driving Pump Price Spike

Santa Monica, CA -- The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights released a new study today of rising gasoline prices in California that found corporate markups and profiteering are responsible for spring price spikes, not rising crude costs or the national switchover to higher-cost ethanol, as the oil industry claims.

Pat Robertson says, "Satanic ragheads don't deserve clinics, but corrupt republicans deserve every cent in the Treasury."

Bush gave $190 million of our money to his friends who built six whole clinics.

The buildings — part of a $190 million project to build health care centers in Iraq — sit empty, with no windows or doors.

In March 2004, the Pentagon awarded the California-based company Parsons Global a contract to build 150 health care centers throughout Iraq.

Two years later, almost all of them sit idle, including one ABC News visited in the Sadr City section of Baghdad.

Falwell says, "If they're not gay, it's okay."

Republican criminals=good, married gays=bad, very bad. Theft doesn't hurt families. Only queers and judges even can do that.

A CONTRACTOR in Iraq has pleaded guilty to providing money, sex and designer watches to US officials in exchange for more than $US8 million ($10.8 million) in reconstruction contracts.

Constitution 1, Bush 0

After being charged with sedition over letter to the editor, and getting nationally reviled by the VR-WC, VA nurse gets private apology. But the inquisition marches on. No one is safe.

Remember when it was libruls who'd take away your guns?

NOLA to return illegally confiscated guns. Now, if only Bush hadn't scattered the owners all across the land.

When guns are outlawed, only republicans will have guns. Remember that. How many librul militias have you ever heard of?

KBR gets contract for concentration US

Theofascists have wanted to round us up for 25 years. AMradio hatriots have ramped up such talk in the past five years. They mean to get rid of us. No one is safe. Believe it, and get ready.

Remember when Bush's war was going to bring us cheaper gas?

They really believe we don't take notes.

Bush, theofascist inquisition in full swing now

Anybody who's been paying attention noticed that it began the afternoon of 9-11. Fascists were "furious" and wanted to round up all the "middle eastern people" in the land. Oh, and also libruls. Somehow, 9-11 was our fault.

If only Bush's version was as funny as Mel's.

Good ruling, horrible precedent

On its own, this decision is okay. But it cracks open a can of worms that theofascists will exploit to marginalize as many people as possible. Be prepared.

Who republicans really are: "Kill 100 million muslims"

How many people listen to how many fascist amhateradio talkingheads? No one is safe.

Call Michelle Malkin. Here's her phone number.

If she can do it, so can we.

Why it matters.

Some in Florida demand return to actual elections

"Your vote should be at least as secure as a $.25 bet in Las Vegas."

Rolling Stone: Is Bush Worst Ever?

Here's the whole article.

The CIA is reading this

Everybody say hello.

The CIA is reading this

Everybody say hello.

Soon we'll be forced to watch commercials

Big Brother was never the gubmnt. He was always the gubmnt's owner. They don't just want our brains, they want all our money.

Don't like high gas prices? Stop griping about Dumsfeld

If you bitch about Dumsfeld, you cause prices to rise.

Jerry Falwell still supports "Rev." Phelps

He hasn't said otherwise.

Bush has turned America into a "fag nation."

Theofascists declare war on humor

Thought Police on the rampage enforce Newspeak. No longer "politically correct," now "politically right." Pretty soon we'll have scripts for acceptable conversations.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

America hates Bush

About that mandate he got for stealing 2004... He thanks Diebold every night.

Somebody said we should have another Boston Tea Party with those Diebold e-voting machines. Sounds good to me. If they were all rusty this November, wouldn't we have to have paper ballots as a backup?

Father Knows Best

Bush's generation have been trying to take us back to the '50s for the past 25 years. Ah, the good, ol' days when blacks, women and kids knew their places, and all we had to worry about were aliens and nucular war. They've succeeded. Now, will we have another "sixties" to follow up? If so, we'd better get on the stick, and stay there this time.

That's right, Tennessee does have another senator. Too bad he's such a sockpuppet.

Lamar! reminds us why he languishes in the anonymity he so richly deserves.

Yo' Child Left Behind

The program only needs the appearance of success, like everything else in Bush's fascist agenda.

Thousands of children in Indiana and millions across the country are not being counted in the federal government’s effort to leave no child behind academically, an Associated Press report has found.

The No Child Left Behind Act enacted in 2002 was supposed to make sure all students – particularly those most at risk, including minorities – are meeting minimal standards by 2014. But it is precisely the groups the law was meant to target that are most likely to be unaccounted for in the accountability requirements.

The law allows states to set their own parameters for how students will be counted after taking state standardized tests. Students must be counted as an entire group in a school or school district as well as in subgroups, such as black students, Hispanic students or Asian students. But how large the group has to be before it is counted varies from state to state.


When republicans lie about you and call you names, you want to become one, don't you?

Kinda like when theofascists accuse you of stuff, you want to join their church.

Bush will watch carefully as his friends gouge us at the gas pump

He's "concerned."

Judge says theofascists may bully people at legal clinics

What is it about Florida?

We're all traitors now

If you dare disagree with a cancervative "in time of war," you should be hanged. NO ONE IS SAFE.

I'm being manipulated by the terists

So are you, according to Dumsfeld, and we're too stupid to know it.

Coultergeist's new book: Godless-The Church of Librulism

Whenever she claims to be a christian, remember that she lied about her church membership. No one at the church she claimed to attend had ever heard of her.

I hear her next books proves libruls are really Martian sleeper cells.

Jerry Falwell enjoys watching republicans give our money to their friends for work that doesn't need to be done

He hasn't said otherwise. Grand theft doesn't hurt families. Only judges and married gays can even do that.

Mississippi's two U.S. senators included $700 million in an emergency war spending bill to relocate a Gulf Coast rail line that has already been rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina at a cost of at least $250 million.

Republican Sens. Trent Lott and Thad Cochran, who have the backing of their state's economic development agencies and tourism industry, say the CSX freight line must be moved to save it from the next hurricane and to protect Mississippi's growing coastal population from rail accidents. But critics of the measure call it a gift to coastal developers and the casino industry that would be paid for with money carved out of tight Katrina relief funds and piggybacked onto funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"It is ludicrous for the Senate to spend $700 million to destroy and relocate a rail line that is in perfect working order, particularly when it recently underwent a $250 million repair," said Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), who is planning to challenge the funding when the $106.5 billion war spending bill reaches the Senate floor. "American taxpayers are generous and are happy to restore damaged property, but it is wrong for senators to turn this tragedy into a giveaway for economic developers."

GOP congress wipes collective butts with Constitution. Again.

"Christians" (sic) schools demand "right" to bully gays, as Jesus taught. Republicans say, "Go for it!"

(Washington) Private Christian (sic) colleges would be excepted from local and state non-discrimination laws under a proposed amendment to the Higher Education Act - a move that would allow the schools to legally reject LGBT students.

The amendment, proposed by Rep. Chris Cannon (R-Utah), would prevent accrediting boards from making adherence to non-discrimination laws a requirement.

The measure passed the House last week and is currently before the Senate.

Theofascists are Bush's SS stormtroopers.

Democrats are still corporate whores, too

Won't stand up to Bush on Iran hogwash; want us to accept price gouging at the gas pump, which is what this Iran nonsense is about.

Monday, April 17, 2006

"Nixon killed christianity"

So says the Archbishop of Canterbury. Is Nixon still alive and an active part of "the left" and their war on faith? Did Nixon hound Tom DeLay out of office?

Maybe if megalomaniacs would stop conspiring to screw us, we'd be more willing to trust rich and powerful people.

Pat Robertson likes that Bush lied to get his war with Iraq

(If a republican does it, it's God's will.)

Pat hasn't said otherwise because the war meant the entire right wing of America could ramp up marginalizing people they didn't like.

If you don't think they want to round us up, you'd better turn off "Deal or No Deal" and start paying attention .

Germany, 1937

Jerry Falwell wants nucular war with Iran

If he didn't, he'd sign this petition, and then do even more to stop Bush.


Ladies and gentlemen, put yer steel tip boots on.

We’re asking our readers to sign up for our Roots Project, to get together to lobby and meet with their senators in their home states. Since we’ve had time across the blogosphere to refine our message, here’s our current FDL recommneded talking points:

Starting a nuclear war against Iran is seriously nuts. It won’t just destroy part of Iran: its consequences will destroy America.

Through Iraq, Bush and Rumsfeld have proven they are weak failures who can’t be trusted to do the right thing with Iran. Even our military establishment is against Bush and Rumsfeld and is demanding a change in leadership. Rumsfeld must be replaced. Bush’s reckless rush to war must be stopped.

Strength begins with leadership, and yet leadership has not yet been tried on Iran. America must cooperate with our allies to contain Iran and promote its democratically inclined people through engagement and tough negotiations. Congress must act to be sure this occurs. Only people who lied about Iraq deny Iran is many years away from developing a nuclear weapon.

To get involved in the Roots Project, contact me according to the instructions in this post.


Why Jerry Falwell hates judges: Even Bush's Extreme Court finds against him

He wanted a war, now he's got one. And he's lost this battle because of activist judges. Screw him.

Who republicans really are: Disagree and they'll threaten you with death

Why aren't these blood-thirsty patriots in uniform, threatening real enemies with all that death, and stuff?

Republican ex-gov goes where all republicans belong


$70/ barrel: James Dobson approves of price gouging

Bush, worthlesscorporatemedia sell "Iran fear" to up oil price. There won't be war with Iran, but Bush wants us to be afraid enough to bend over obediently for the oil giants.

"Why didn't the German people stop Hitler?"

For the same reasons the American people haven't stopped Bush: They're ignorant, self-absorbed, lazy and happy to see people they don't like get the short end of the stick. And they think they're safe. No one is safe.


My family was one of Hitler's victims. We lost a lot under the Nazi occupation, including an uncle who died in the camps and a cousin killed by a booby trap. I was terrified when my father went ballistic after finding my brother and me playing with a hand grenade. (I was only 12 at the time, and my brother insisted the grenade was safe.) I remember the rubble and the hardships of 'austerity' - and the bomb craters from Allied bombs. As late as the 1980s, I had to take detours while bombs were being removed - they litter the countryside, buried under parking lots,buildings, and in the canals and rivers to this day. Believe me, I learned a lot about Hitler while I was growing up, both in Europe and here in the US - both my parents were in the war and talked about it constantly, unlike most American families. I spent my earliest years with the second-hand fear that trickled down from their PTSD - undiagnosed and untreated in those days.

I'm no expert on WWII - but I learned a lot about what happened in Germany - and Europe - back in those days. I always wondered how the wonderful German people - so honest, decent, hard-working, friendly, and generous - could ever allow such a thing to happen. (There were camps near my family's home - they still talk about them only in hushed conspiratorial whispers.) I asked a lot of questions - we were only a few kilometers from the German border - and no one ever denied me. My relatives had obviously spent a lot of time thinking about the war - they still haven't forgotten - I don't think anyone can forget such a horrible nightmare. Among the questions I asked:

Much more. Read it.

"Bomb Iran, get cheaper gas."

Even if it's true, we'd save $.25/gal in exchange for spending billions more on another war. People like Forbes won't suffer personally, and they'll gain financially. Meanwhile, they love to send other people's children off to die.

The real New Hitler says everybody else is a Hitler

Bush is the new Hitler. Period.

Pat Robertson approves of Bush's criminal friends

He hasn't said otherwise. Queers and judges are more important than republican criminals who actually hurt so many families.

American contractors swindled hundreds of millions of dollars in Iraqi funds, but so far there is no way for Iraq's government to recoup the money, according to US investigators and civil attorneys tracking fraud claims against contractors.


Iraqi christians were safer before Bush gave them fiberty, greedom and lemocracy

"Iraq is free now but far away from peace," the teacher said.

"At that time (under Saddam), we used to face restrictions on our freedom of expression. Today we are free, but unfortunately there is no security."

I thought we already liberated Baghdad three years ago

Sean Hannity said Bush won this war nearly three years ago.

THE American military is planning a “second liberation of Baghdad” to be carried out with the Iraqi army when a new government is installed.

Pacifying the lawless capital is regarded as essential to establishing the authority of the incoming government and preparing for a significant withdrawal of American troops.

Strategic and tactical plans are being laid by US commanders in Iraq and at the US army base in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, under Lieutenant- General David Petraeus. He is regarded as an innovative officer and was formerly responsible for training Iraqi troops.


Jerry Falwell loves America's Adulterer

But strangely won't support Rudy for president because he's too librul, not because of the adultery thing, to which Falwell doesn't object.

"Everybody admires him. And I'll never forget the great things he did on 9/11 and following," Falwell said.

"But, of course, we have, as conservative Christians who take the Bible seriously, we have probably irreconcilable differences on life and family and that kind of thing," Falwell said Sunday on "Late Edition" on CNN.

"I'll never speak an ill word about him because he means so much to America. But, yes, you're right. I couldn't support him for president," he said.

Giuliani supports abortion rights, gay rights and gun control.