Saturday, April 01, 2006

GOP is "first religious party in US history"

If by "religious" you mean infested with liars, bullies, criminals, warmongers and abominations.

The 14 characteristics of cancervatism

We need reminding who republicans really are, and have been since at least 1933 when they tried to overthrow FDR.

1920s republican immigration policy

Might as well be.

If Bush attacks Iran, he'll finally get the global war on yadda yadda he's been lying about for 4 1/2 years

As tensions increase between the United States and Iran, U.S. intelligence and terrorism experts say they believe Iran would respond to U.S. military strikes on its nuclear sites by deploying its intelligence operatives and Hezbollah teams to carry out terrorist attacks worldwide.

Iran would mount attacks against U.S. targets inside Iraq, where Iranian intelligence agents are already plentiful, predicted these experts. There is also a growing consensus that Iran's agents would target civilians in the United States, Europe and elsewhere, they said.


Updates to New Republican Dictionary

A few goodies:

Alternative energy sources n. New locations to drill for gas and oil.

Bankruptcy n. A punishable crime when committed by poor people, but not corporations

Cheney, Dick n. The greater of two evils.

Class warfare n. Any attempt to raise the minimum wage.

Climate change n. The day when the blue states are swallowed by the oceans.

Compassionate conservatism n. Poignant concern for the very wealthy.

Creationism n. Pseudoscience that claims George W. Bush's resemblance to a chimpanzee is totally coincidental.


Traditional Family Values On Parade: Youth minister charged with assault over dodgeball game

Good thing he wasn't one of those violent librul peaceniks.

Bush to stay for third term

I'm not sure this is an April Fool's joke.

It won't go away: Venezuela launches 9-11 investigation

They don't buy Bush's lies, either. Good for them.


From Sploid

A pair of well-known Sept. 11 skeptics have traveled to Venezuela to help probe what they say is a massive cover-up in Washington and New York.

Billionaire Jimmy Walter and World Trade Center hero William Rodriguez arrived in Caracas this week and are expected to meet with Chavez both in private and on his popular weekly radio show, "Alo Presidente."

"Rodriguez was the last survivor pulled from the rubble of the north tower of the WTC, and was responsible for all stairwells within the tower," alternative-news site Prison Planet reported today.

"Rodriguez represented family members of 9/11 victims and testified to the 9/11 Commission that bombs were in the north tower but his statements were completely omitted from the official record."

Walters and Rodriguez say U.S. intelligence agents are tracking them on the ground in Venezuela, and that they were both put on a U.S. "no fly" list to try to keep them from meeting with Chavez.

If we're in a "global war against evildoing evildoers," yadda yadda, why haven't they attacked us since 9-11?

9-11 was four and a half years ago. We were in WWII less than four years. You do the math.

No republican's family immigrated from another country

They were all here before the Indians.

Bush II: "Meaner, more violent nation; a thousand points of dark"

Remember when his old man wanted a "kinder, gentler nation," and congratulated his "thousand points of light?" That was then, this is now.
Neocons wanted Clinton to invade Iraq in 1998.

Allowed 9-11.

Invaded a country that didn't--and couldn't--attack us.

Turned Constitution into toilet paper.

Created fascist police state.

Turned Treasury into ATM for Bush's friends.

Completely bungled everything but rigging 2004 elections.

Georgie, you're doing a heckuva job.

Brits brought Iranian militiamen to Iraqi army

And we wonder why it's now a civil war.

All republicans are criminals: Missile shield multi-billion dollar fraud

We'll never need this missile shield. And even if we do, it won't work. It's just another corrupt republican scam to give our money to their crooked friends.

A senior Congressional investigator has accused his agency of covering up a scientific fraud among builders of a $26 billion system meant to shield the nation from nuclear attack. The disputed weapon is the centerpiece of the Bush administration's antimissile plan, which is expected to cost more than $250 billion over the next two decades.


Friday, March 31, 2006

Tell republicans to stop being lying, criminal fascists

We aren't at war. And even if we were, requiring a president to follow both the Constitution and laws is strengthening our nation in every possible way.

FAUXNEWZ out to sabotage NHL playoffs

Well, as long as we're just making stuff up...

Speaking of an immigration policy...

More Americans hate America, side with the terists

Commieredneck states turn purple, purple states turn patriotic blue.

Now that's a long-distance carrier

$4,000,000+ for progressive causes last year.

Is Bush still a drug dealer?

Or did he stop when he sold the Texas Rangers?

How about one for when Jerry Falwell is lying?

New device tells you when you're boring. If a similar device told Pat Robertson when he was lying, it'd be wasted since he would already know it. Same for James Dobson, Tony Perkins, all Baptists.

Theofascist values on parade: "Minister" kicks teen in groin

Well, they were playing kickball.

Theofascists begin to realize they're losing their stranglehold on America

The fate of the GOP this fall is the fate of all theofascists. And they're not happy. Action? Keep making stuff up to foster hate. They cannot exist without selling hate for enemies. All their funding comes from selling hate.

"God's people are called to welcome the stranger"

Theofascists, on the other hand, demonize strangers and everybody else they don't like. Poor people don't need money; televangeliars do.

The "grassy knoll" of 9-11 ground zero

Now we need to find all the lone gunmen.

DeptHomeSec is ATM for Fortune 500

Which helps explain why corporate profits are at a 40-year high.

Better to give our tax dollars to rich white men than poor...

Today's republicans are fascists

It began when they tried to overthrow FDR in 1933 and replace him with a handpicked, Mussolini-style fascist dictator. If you don't believe me, Google for "Plot to Overthrow FDR."

Voting Rights Act set to expire next year

And along with it, any protection of free and fair elections.

Everybody wants to "retake" America

Theofascists, Native Americans, Mexican reconquistadores...everybody.

Dragon Skin body armor is good enough for the Secret Service

Why not for GIs in Iraq, especially if they pay for it themselves? One reason: Chimpy's Pentagonians cannot admit a mistake any more than their boss can.

All he could say was, "I was wrr...I was wrrrr...wrwwrrwr..wrrrwrr..."

Join the VR, tell Congress no war with Iran

Unless, of course, Bush will send his daughters this time. And nieces and nephews. The Roosevelts and Kennedys served. Why no Bushes since Poppy? (Chimpy went AWOL from the TX ANG "Champaigne Regiment." None of that can be considered serving.

AfterBush: Who will be America's Simon Wiesenthal?

He hunted down nazi war criminals for decades. Who will make BushCo pay for their myriad crimes and misdemeanors?

Thursday, March 30, 2006

War on Actual Christianity: Theofascists demonize christian peace seekers in Iraq

Jesus repeatedly taught peace. Never did He teach war (and especially lying to get a war). Nor did He teach that one nation should rule the world.

Theofascists demanded this war, but won't enlist for it. They demonize peace seekers. What Bible do they read?


Why Peace Teams Risk Their Lives

We are working to get the word out about how Iraqis are suffering and to exert pressure for due process and respect for international human rights.

by Lyn Adamson

The recent rescue of James Loney, Harmeet Singh Sooden, and Norman Kember in Iraq, and the death of Tom Fox, have focused attention on the Christian Peacemakers. Not all the attention has been flattering; there have been sharp questions raised about the role of non-violent peacemakers in a conflict zone.


War on Actual Christianity: Free will no longer your choice

Theofascists are the ones waging war on christianity. They're turning Jesus' teachings about peace and God's love into abominable messages promoting lying, cheating, stealing, bullying and warmongering.

Free will? Free marketplace, for that matter? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Boycott Regal Cinemas. It's easy to do with so many others around.


Instead of buying United Artists, Edwards, and Regal Cinema outright, Anschutz avoided antitrust concerns by acquiring their debt, Handler explains. Regal already has a distribution monopoly in many areas of the country, and Anschutz's power extends beyond Regal to joint ventures he has formed with his competitors. His partner, Oaktree Capital Management, is financing Sundance's new art-house chain. Instead of selling off pieces of Regal Cinemas' overbuilt empire, Anschutz launched The 2wenty, twenty minutes of pre-show advertising that launched with a free ad for the military, Enduring Freedom: The Opening Chapter. In 2004, Anschutz merged his pre-show advertising business with AMC's and Cinemark's. The result was National Cinemedia, a company that now runs its ads on more than half of the nation's screens, and whose president is a former co-chairman of Regal Entertainment Group.

War on Actual Christianity: Theofascist prayers hurt heart patients

But all the theofascist televangliars will tell you just the opposite to get your money.


A group of 1,800 patients were divided into three camps: those who knew they were being prayed for, those who knew they might be prayed for and were, and those who knew they might be prayed for and didn't get any prayers.

Researchers asked three different Christian organizations to pray for the first two groups. Prayers were to begin the night before patients went under the knife and continue for two weeks. (The patients' friends and families were free to pray or not as they normally would.)

Among those who knew they might be prayed for, 52% suffered complications within 30 days of surgery. Those who knew for certain they were being prayed for were afflicted 59% of the time.

Dr. Harold G. Koenig, director of the Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health at the Duke University Medical Center -- who was in no way affiliated with the study -- was not surprised.

"There are no scientific grounds to expect a result and there are no real theological grounds to expect a result either," he said. "There is no god in either the Christian, Jewish or Moslem scriptures that can be constrained to the point that they can be predicted."

War on Actual Christianity: Bush's new superbomb named "Divine Strake"

(A strake is a metal band around an old wooden warship.)

Who would name a 700-ton bomb a "divine" anything?

Remember that during WWII, kamikaze meant "divine wind."

HISTORY LESSON: When the British first invaded India and Afghanistan, they had round bullets for christians and square bullets for "wogs."

War on Actual Christianity: Pat Robertson's best friend is a war criminal

No actual minister of the Gospel would do business with a man like Charles Taylor.

Robertson and Taylor are old friends


But in May 1999, Robertson, through Freedom Gold Limited, an offshore company registered in the Cayman Islands but based at CBN headquarters in Virginia Beach, signed an agreement with Taylor and key cabinet members allowing the for-profit Freedom Gold to explore and receive mining rights in southeastern Liberia, where gold is believed to be in the ground.

It's a great deal for Liberia, which is now an economic basket case thanks to the long civil war and Taylor's corruption. It's also good for Freedom Gold, which was formed by Robertson in 1998. Liberia -- and for all practical purposes we're talking Taylor -- gains 10 percent ownership of Freedom Gold.


War on Actual Christianity: If no one talks about sex, teenagers won't get horny

Theofascists are pro-ignorance. Why do they want their own kids to be stupid?


Though parents and health professionals generally embrace the idea of encouraging teens to abstain from sex, some are starting to question whether kids are getting the adequate and accurate information that they will need to make responsible decisions as they grow older. Educators, parents and politicians are starting to lobby for sex education that goes beyond abstinence teachings. Bills that support this approach, known as comprehensive sex education, are under review in the legislatures of several states, including Illinois and Massachusetts. One bill in New York state, dubbed the Healthy Teens Act, calls for funding for programs that emphasize contraception as well as abstinence.


War on Actual Christianity: Some "freepers" aren't signing up

One especially good post

So, undoubtedly they're being forced to meet and worship in secret; being thrown in jail for being Christian; being forced to perform in arenas in duels to the death for the amusement of their pagan overlords; and generally tortured and abused. How could you doubt their word on the matter?

Yup. And if one admits to being a Christian, they don't have a chance of being elected to Congress. Admitting that you are an atheist is the key to political success in this country.

Furthermore, Christian Evangelicals are a total fringe group in American politics. Their support is not neccesary for the election of an American President. That is why Bob Dole and the Senior George Bush were two-term Presidents, while Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush couldn't get elected.

War on Actual Christianity: Military chaplains stand up to theofascists

An association that represents more than 70 percent of the chaplains in the U.S. military, including many evangelical Christians, is opposing a demand by conservatives in Congress for a presidential order guaranteeing the right of chaplains to pray in the name of Jesus.

The rising calls for an executive order are based on "confusion and misinformation," because Christian chaplains routinely pray in the name of Jesus, in public, thousands of times a week in military chapels around the world, said the Rev. Herman Keizer Jr., chairman of the National Conference on Ministry to the Armed Forces.

"This has been portrayed as though chaplains are not allowed to pray in Jesus's name, without any distinction between what they do all the time in worship services and what they do occasionally, in ceremonial settings where attendance is mandatory," Keizer said.

Known by the initials NCMAF, Keizer's group is a private, 40-year-old association of more than 60 Christian, Jewish and Muslim denominations. It says it represents 5,430 of the 7,620 chaplains in the armed forces.


War on Actual Christianity: Theofascists successfully muzzle UCC tv ad

Watch the add deemed "too controversial." Wasn't Jesus killed because He was "too controversial?"

Are Christians being silenced?

The question sounds like the perennial complaint from members of the Christian Right. But in fact, as specious as the Christian Right's complaints along these lines usually are, this one is different. Not only does the complaint originate elsewhere -- but the Christian (sic) Right is the beneficiary of the apparent silencing of fellow Christians.

War on Actual Christianity: Theofascists cannot exist without a neverending list of enemies they'll "stop" if we'll give them our brains and money

Theofascist Brownshirts for War and Jesus attend rally to learn how to invent Enemy Of The Week. And make money for the convention organizers.


Last weekend 25,000 youth descended on San Francisco to attend a BattleCry event. The purpose of BattleCry is to save today's youth from a "sinister enemy" that is "ravishing their hearts." From

"A sinister enemy marches across our land leaving in its path the ravished hearts and minds of America's youth. Giant corporations, media conglomerates, and purveyors of popular culture have invested billions of dollars and endless hours of effort to seduce and enslave the souls of our youth. And so far, they have succeeded."

Last weekend's event had strong military overtones as in this slogan on a T-shirt: Christi's Righteously Equipped Warriors. "I attended the Battlecry event," wrote Debra Hubert of the War Resister's League in an email to me, "and witnessed its military metaphors, completely ignoring Jesus' prohibition of violence. I saw Navy Seals pumping up nationalism and the wars in the middle east."


War on Actual Christianity: Tom DeLay wasn't indicted for being a "christian." He was indicted for being a crook.

Theofascists are the ones waging war on christianity. They're turning Jesus' teachings about peace and God's love into abominable messages promoting lying, cheating, stealing, bullying and warmongering.


This would seem to be an odd time to declare Christianity under siege. A Christian conservative president has just nominated two Supreme Court justices who take an expansive view of religious rights, and religious conservatives are ascendant in a Republican Party that controls both chambers of Congress.

But, as Scarborough knows, believers will be more motivated to go to the polls in November (and to contribute money to his group) if they feel threatened. And so his forum offered all sorts of books and pamphlets proclaiming dire warnings: "The Criminalization of Christianity," "Liberalism Kills Kids" and "Same-Sex Marriage: Putting Every Household at Risk."


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tony Perkins and the KKK are the same kind of "christians"

Q: Why do Baptists hate sex?
A: It looks too much like dancing.

Was Tom DeLay indicted for being a "christian" or for being a crook?

Theofascists like Perkins and his best friends, Falwell, Robertson and Dobson, are waging war on christianity itself. They are transforming Jesus' teachings about God's love and peace into abominable screeds promoting lying, cheating, stealing, bullying and warmongering.

Klansmen are christians. Just ask them.

So were the original nazis.

The drone (UAV) aircraft that watch you are unarmed...for now

To which police state were you referring?

In a scene that could have been inspired by the movie "Minority Report," one North Carolina county is using a UAV equipped with low-light and infrared cameras to keep watch on its citizens. The aircraft has been dispatched to monitor gatherings of motorcycle riders at the Gaston County fairgrounds from just a few hundred feet in the air--close enough to identify faces--and many more uses, such as the aerial detection of marijuana fields, are planned.

That raises not just privacy concerns, but also safety concerns because of the possibility of collisions with commercial and general aviation aircraft.

These have been flying the friendly skies of Afghanistan and Iraq for years. Watch the skies. We are not alone anymore. No one is safe. Remember when all we had to be afraid of was aliens and commies?

Could Iran-Contra have been avoided if Ollie North had been tortured?

He gives Marines and christians a very bad name.

Theofascists are terrible stewards of God's gifts. Why do they hate nature?

To them, everything is a "crop" to be harvested for profit. Tree-huggers are "unholy."

Will Bush invade Saudi Arabia before or after Iran?

They've got WMDs. Well? Well?

Flower grandchildren awake: The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!

If disabled people voted by themselves, how could republicans steal their votes?

Things are getting interesting in Florida. Again. Free and fair elections could return in our lifetimes.

FLASHBACK: It was Poland's fault Hitler invaded her

The Poles were about to invade Germany with no air force, and fight tanks with horse cavalry.

Sign up for the War on Easter

Was there a chocolate egg-laying bunny rabbit in the manger with the Baby Jesus? Or did the Three Wise Men bring Him one?

It's a pagan fertility festival, not holiday. The very word, "Easter" (or "Oester") is Anglo-Saxon pagan.

American Citizenship Exam should be for private "christian" academies, homeschools, too

If they wanted an accredited diploma, that is.

More Americans hate America, side with the terists

It's the librulmedia's fault.

Remember the Maine! Our first war based on lies for the benefit of big business

Soldiers are supposed to die so republicans can get richers. Back then it was the sugar and tobacco "intersts." Today it's Cheney's buds in the oil binniss.

Leninist Bush loves the color red, anything red, everything red

It's his communist upbringing showing through. Maybe that's why this patriotic 13-year-old is put out with Chimpy.

Empire State Building is on the "front lines" now

Hateradio talkinghead thinks he's a soldier. (Scroll down a bit)

God doesn't reject people, only theofascists do that

See the commercial.

Charles Taylor nabbed on the way to Pat Robertson's house

Now he won't get to ride Pat's thoroughbred race horses. Maybe he knows where the gold is buried.

FAUXNEWZ declares war on Spring Break

Or maybe they just wish they could have participated? Oh, yeah, something about a murderer...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Theofascists hate the Constitution

Republicans, who have profited politically from emphasizing faith and family values, are now finding those same issues dividing the party.

Economic conservatives and secular Republicans complain their message is being drowned out by Christian conservatives preoccupied with banning abortion and gay marriage and limiting stem-cell research.

On the other side, "values" advocates say they have provided the party with crucial support, particularly in 2004, when they mobilized religious conservatives to go to the polls to help re-elect President George W. Bush.

Such concerns are turning long-simmering Republican tensions over the role of religious conservatives into an election-year split in a party already strained by differences on the Iraq war, immigration and government spending.

``There is a great deal of concern about this seeming attempt to couch everything in religious terms,'' said Christine Todd Whitman, the former governor of New Jersey. ``We're not a narrow-minded nation, and at least some of the people trying to define the Republican Party are coming off that way.''

If anything, religious conservatives deserve a greater Republican commitment to their agenda, said Tony Perkins, president of the Washington-based Family Research Council.

``We had reason for people all across the country to be engaged at unprecedented levels,'' said Perkins, whose group is organizing a ``values voter'' summit in September. ``It made a difference in states that were very closely divided.''

Falwell condones gang rape

He hasn't said otherwise, so it must be okay with him.

Baptists have children so they can rape them

We've seen evidence that members of cancervative churches are much more likely to enjoy incest, kiddie porn and spouse abuse. True story.

No wisdom resides in DeLay

Or any of his supporters. Neither does morality.

All republicans are criminals

Crooked healthcare company gave illegal contributions to republicans; patients died because of poor care.

Baptists have children to eat in case of natural disaster

We've seen evidence that this has happened, and that they share recipes based on kids' ages.

DeLay says libruls just don't "get" that Jesus said he could lie, cheat and steal

DeLay is the perfect christian witness.

They know they're not safe: Jews On First launch new website

Jews stand up to theofascist war on First Amendment.

New law requires science textbooks in Baptist Sunday School classes

What would be their response?

Feminazis are back and out for blood!

According to Der Ruschkopf, that is. Is there any wonder why he can't keep a wife or girlfriend?

McNabb Redux: Limbaugh Trashes Golf Prodigy Michelle Wie

The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country From The Religious (sic) Right

Shouldn't loving, caring, compassion and justice be the real wedge issues?

Bush is finally a uniter-not-a-divider...for our enemies

Rival Iraqi Shia groups join hands against us. Georgie, you're doing a heckuva job.

We've also seen evidence that theofascist twinkies are delusional liars

Hendersonville non-entity inexplicably claws her way back into the news. How did she get into the TN General Assembly? Are there any theofascist women who aren't brain-dead?

"We also have seen evidence that homosexual couples prey on young males and have, in some instances, adopted them in order to have unfretted access to subject them to a life of molestation and sexual abuse," she said.

Like Michael Corleone, they're eliminating their enemies

From Nofziger's personal website:

"If the time ever comes when I am in constant pain and nothing else works, believe you me I’m gonna find me some pot, the administration and the supreme court to the contrary not withstanding."


"9-11 Truth" scholar murdered


Next on their list: Former Texas judge who opposes e-voting


Former Judge Finds March 7th Texas Primary Results Fraught With 'Absolutely Egregious' Electronic Voting Machine Errors!

May Lead to First Independent Examination of Electronic Machines Made by Hart InterCivic and ES&S!

Theofascists take out new Contract On America

Give list of "demands" to present and future congressional bitches.

Obviously, there is no "war on christians." There's not even a war on theofascists, although there ought to be one. But there surely is a war on the Constitution, and they're waging it with all they've got.

"When laws are outlawed, only outlaws will have laws."


A summit of evangelical Christians and conservative Catholic and Jewish activists yesterday produced a "Values Voters' Contract with Congress," an outline of what the religiously minded expect their elected representatives to bring about in the near future.

Modeled after the Republican Party's 1994 "Contract with America," the "Values Voters' Contract" stipulated 10 aims, ranging from legislation to keep the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance to laws guaranteeing greater religious freedoms in the workplace, prohibiting human cloning and embryo research, and guaranteeing a "right to life" to all children before birth.

"It's time for the values voters to tell the government what we expect of them," said the Rev. Rick Scarborough, founder of the Lufkin, Texas-based Vision America, which organized the summit. "This contract tells Congress they can count on our vote if these things become front-burner issues."

It also addresses President Bush, Mr. Scarborough added.

"With all this discussion of marriage before the election," he said, "we just heard a State of the Union message where there was no mention of a marriage amendment."

The "contract" was released at a "War on Christians and the Values Voters in 2006" conference at the Omni Shoreham Hotel, where speakers painted a gloomy picture of a war by "neo-pagans" against "values voters" for about 300 listeners.


John McCain is Jerry Falwell's bitch

"Who's yo' daddy? Tell daddy how you like it."

John McCain once called Jerry Falwell an "agent of intolerance." Now he's going to be the graduation speaker at Jerry's Liberty University.

Questions somebody should ask McCain

Senator McCain, do you agree with Jerry Falwell that Muhammed, the prophet is Islam, is a "terrorist"?

Senator McCain, do you agree with Jerry Falwell's statement that "If you're not a born-again Christian, you're a failure as a human being"?

Senator McCain, do you agree with Jerry Falwell's statement tht "Blacks, Hispanics, women, etc. are God-ordained minorities who do indeed deserve minority status"?

Senator McCain, do you agree with Jerry Falwell's statement that "Most of the feminists need a man to tell them what time of day it is and to lead them home"?

Senator McCain, do you agree with Jerry Falwell's statement that if the Antichrist did exist and were alive today, "of course he'll be Jewish"?

No one is safe: Theofascists plan "morally-justified revolution"

They always blame us for what they're doing.

Libruls and librul collaborators to be rounded up shortly. Don't say you weren't warned.


All of the participants in the First Things symposium--it was called "The End of Democracy? The Judicial Usurpation of Politics"--permitted themselves radical rhetoric. Robert H. Bork denounced the nation's "judicial oligarchy" for spreading "moral chaos" throughout the land. The Catholic theologian Russell Hittinger asserted that the country now lived "under an altered constitutional regime" whose laws were "unworthy of loyalty." Charles W. Colson maintained that America may have reached the point where "the only political action believers can take is some kind of direct, extra-political confrontation" with the "judicially controlled regime." And in a contribution titled "The Tyrant State," Robert P. George asserted that "the courts ... have imposed upon the nation immoral policies that pro-life Americans cannot, in conscience, accept."

But it was Neuhaus himself who did more than anyone else to push the tone of the symposium beyond the limits of responsible discourse. In the unsigned editorial with which he introduced the special issue of the magazine, Neuhaus adopted the revolutionary language of the Declaration of Independence to lament the judiciary's "long train of abuses and usurpations" and to warn darkly about "the prospect--some might say the present reality--of despotism" in America. In Neuhaus's view, what was happening in the United States could only be described as "the displacement of a constitutional order by a regime that does not have, will not obtain, and cannot command the consent of the people." Hence the stark and radical options confronting the country, ranging "from noncompliance to resistance to civil disobedience to morally justified revolution."

Pat Robertson's favorite war criminal*, Liberian Charles Taylor, disappears

Probably hiding at Robertson's house. They're old friends and business scam partners.

(*After Bush, of couse.)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Theofascists are nothing but hatemongers

BREAKING: War criminal Charles Taylor vanishes, hides at Pat Robertson's house.

Taylor is former Liberian president, business partner of Robertson.


Back to the headline

That's not entirely fair. They're also liars, bullies, hypocrites, abominations, and frequently criminals.

They have a whole "conference" centered around a Baptist "minister's" new book, LIBRULISM KILLS KIDS. This is how Jesus said to save souls, isn't it? Point out all your enemies, and then celebrate being superior to them. For profit. Makes me want to join a Baptist church, doesn't it you? I bet sinners jam their pews because of this "conference." What ministry, what compassion, what outreach. You just know Jesus is proud.

I really wish I could get my hands on one of their new King George Bibles. Then I could prove Jesus really said things like, "Let the little children who come unto me suffer." And, "Cursed are the peacemakers, for they have sided with the terists against America."


Why doesn't Jerry Falwell demand that rapists and priests be required to marry their victims?
We have always reinterpreted biblical laws. After all, Leviticus 22:28-29 states, "If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered, he shall pay the girl's father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the girl, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives." Does Falwell not care about boys who get raped?


Does Pat Robertson still support slavery, or has he decided to disobey God's will?
Christians have also looked beyond the command in 1 Peter 2:18 to "teach slaves to be subject to their masters in everything, to try to please them, not to talk back to them" and made slavery illegal. This was done because it was felt that these practices were not in accord with the spirit of love and equality.


Will James Dobson ever challenge Bush live his alleged faith, or will he continue to let him slide?
The most detailed effort to design a quiz for Bush on Jesus’ public philosophy came in a January 21 Hartford Courant op-ed by Trinity College religion professor Frank Kirkpatrick:

Jesus counseled nonviolence … and refused to counter-attack with violence when nailed to the cross. In light of the words and example of Jesus, what role do you see for the military in … the United States?

Jesus said that a person should abandon his mother and his father, son and daughter in order to follow him: How would you apply this teaching to family values?

Jesus said "Give all that you own to the poor" …. How does this inform your understanding of tax policy and the redistribution of wealth?

Jesus included foreigners, strangers, and aliens in his compassion. How would this practice inform your understanding of America’s immigration policy and its responsibilities to people in other nations?

Jesus said to his disciples that the best way for them to serve him was by feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and housing the homeless. How would this teaching inform your understanding of domestic policy and the revenues necessary to put it into effect?


Will Bush ever become pro-tax as Jesus was ("Render unto Caesar..."), or will he continue to ignore yet another of His teachings?

Republicans: low taxes, accumulation of wealth, vilification of the poor. Jesus: Money ignorant, loved the poor. Vis a vis taxes, Jesus said, ‘render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s’ and wealth? ‘it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.’ (matthew 19:24)


"If the Jesus Revolution were to happen tomorrow, isn’t it clear that the greedy, mostly Republican businessmen and politicians would be the first up against the wall?"

Laws don't apply to republicans anymore. They also don't give a damn about "the troops"

Reservists have to fight to keep jobs that are supposedly protected by federal law.


With reservists away from their jobs more, some employers are balking at holding those jobs for them when they return, as federal law requires. Others are laying off or firing reservists and guardsmen, or making things so uncomfortable they quit, a Chicago Sun-Times investigation found.

The number of complaints filed with the U.S. Labor Department accusing employers of job discrimination against reservists and guardsmen went up 38 percent from the military buildup that began after the Sept. 11 attacks until 2005 -- from 908 complaints in 2001 to 1,465. It dipped last year to 1,320 -- a decline the Labor Department attributes to its aggressive efforts to get the word out to employers about the law. Illinois has seen a similar pattern of complaints.


Only in AFA's parallel universe: NASCAR driver curses, theofascists attack FOX Sports

Shouldn't they be feeding some homeless people, or something?

Notice they say nothing about the crew chief who said the offending word, just the sports channel who failed to have a delay in the broadcast. AFA's bully squad are so full of anti-"media" puss, they don't realize they're going after one of their own.

Actual christians finally fight theofascists for the airwaves

Get to know the Street Prophets. They're good people.

If there were really any terists, they could attack our railway system at will

Where are all those terists who hate us for our freedoms and want to kill us all? Why haven't they done anything since 9-11?

Republicans must stop breaking Pentagon rules: No more GIs in uniform at right-wing rallies

And who wrote the rules? Dumsfeld.

UPDATE: Marines say if Bush doesn't have to follow the Constitution, they don't have to follow Dummy's rules about appearing in uniform at right-wing parties.
I guess we all can choose which rules and laws we'll follow now, huh?

Bush, Pentagon poison US with radioactive Abrams tanks

National security? Who will keep us safe from Bush?

MTV sponsors terism!

"Young Theofascist Brownshirt Bullies for Jesus" on parade.

Everything you don't like is terism. Everybody you don't like is a terist. George Mason U is a terist cell for upsetting the status quo in the NCAA. My Predators must stop the Detroit terists from making the playoffs.

Fire up your fax!


Now you can attend a protest without having to go.

Theofascist Bible experts need refresher courses

Or they could just stop lying.

New cellphone tells Falwell, Robertson, Dobson to honk Bobo's nose

It's kosher. Really.

Going to Mass doesn't do Scalia much good

Kinda like "preaching" doesn't do Falwell much good, either.

If they'd asked the troops what kind of body armor they wanted, David Brooks wouldn't have been able to spend $10 million on daughter's birthday party

13th birthday party.

Lacking any actual terists, FBI hassles peaceniks

They could be going after militias and clinic bombers...

Senate republicans become soft on crime

House wanted to punish those who helped illegal aliens, Senate says no. And all these years republicans said they were the ones who were for law and order.

If we deport all 11 million illegal aliens, America will be perfect again

At least Diebold's job will be easier in November.

Now is the time for heresy. Lots of heresy.


Baptists helped to turn that conviction into America’s great contribution to political science and practical politics – the independence of church and state. Baptists in colonial America flocked to Washington’s army to fight in the Revolutionary War because they wanted to be free from sanctioned religion. When the war was won they refused to support a new Constitution unless it contained a Bill of Rights that guaranteed freedom of religion and freedom from religion. No religion was to become the official religion; you couldn’t be taxed to pay for my exercise of faith. This was heresy because, while many of the first settlers in America had fled Europe to escape religious persecution at the hands of the majority, once here they made their faith the established religion that denied freedom to others. Early Baptists considered this to be tyranny. Said John Leland: “All people ought to be at liberty to serve God in a way that each can best reconcile to their own consciences.”

It was all about a free conscience in a free state, and James Dunn has spent his life as a champion of both. No one in my time has been a greater defender of “soul freedom” – the competence of each man and woman to interpret their own experience of God in the light of faith and reason. When James stood up against fundamentalists who would have the state recognize their literal reading of the Bible as the foundation for public policy, they smeared him. They demonized him. They tried to fire him from his denominational position. But they couldn’t silence him. He stood against them when they set out to turn the Southern Baptist Convention into a monolith of dogma run from the top down by a cabal of credalists demanding doctrinal conformity. He riled them when they sought to turn the pews of their churches into precincts of partisan politics. He infuriated them when he opposed their plotting with the White House to draft a Constitutional amendment that would trivialize prayer by reducing it to a perfunctory ritual approved by the state. Said James Dunn: “The Supreme Court can’t ban prayer in school. Real prayer is always free.” When the fundamentalists and their obliging politicians claimed that God had been expelled from the classroom, Dunn answered: “The god whom I worship and serve has a perfect attendance record and has never been tardy.”


War on Education: Teachers no longer have free speech

Public school teachers, that is. Teachers at private schools and "christian" academies can spew their personal opinions unfettered by activist judges like this one.

Good news vs FAUXNEWZ

The vast, right-wing conspiracy don't want "good news" from Iraq. If they did, they'd have trumpeted the rescue of the Quakers last week. But they didn't.


And Tom Fox wasn't tortured. He was executed, but he wasn't tortured.

Why did the FBI harrass Common Cause and League of Women Voters?

March 23, 2006: In a joint statement released on March 22, Common Cause President Chellie Pingee and League of Women Voters President Kay Maxwell said that the action of an FBI agent in Michigan concerning a recent speech by Pingree at a League event "smacks of intimidation."

"Our country faces many serious threats to our security, but surely none of those threats come from Common Cause or the League of Women Voters," Pingree said. "It is troubling to think that the FBI would scrutinize my remarks about the Patriot Act at a public meeting organized by the League of Women Voters. Surely the FBI's resources could be put to better use."

On March 14, Pingree participated on a panel on open government sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Berrien and Cass Counties, Michigan that received news coverage in the local newspaper on March 17. A week after the panel, an FBI agent contacted the local League president, Susan Gilbert, to raise questions about Pingree's published remarks at the panel. In her brief comments addressing the law, Pingree raised some privacy and secrecy concerns about the USA PATRIOT Act, and praised Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) for their leadership on Freedom of Information issue.

According to Gilbert, FBI agent Al Dibrito said that Pingree's comments on the USA PATRIOT Act were "way off base," and that the League should have invited someone from the federal government to be on the panel and to respond. DiBrito then told Gilbert that she would be contacted by someone from the assistant U.S. attorney's office in Grand Rapids to give her the real story on the Patriot Act.

We need to know history now more than ever


In the first place, one needs to separate Hitler, Nazism and fascism. Conflating these leads the unwary to assume easily that all three are inevitably characterized by anti-Semitism, when in fact only the first two are. By avoiding this distinction we don't have to face the fact that America is closer to fascism than it has ever been in its history.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cheney was wrong about everything

And lied about the rest.

Pat Boone should keep his uninformed mouth shut--just like all other washed up, talentless has-been celebrities

"Ain't That A Shame" anyone provides a soapbox for this non-entity?

Does any thinking person care what that broken-down no-talent says?

It is crucial that patriots hold Bush's feet to the fire on every topic, especially during wartime*. When is it more important for citizens to demand a president get it right?

Hey, WhiteBuckShoeBoy: You wanna question my patriotism, come do it to my face. Bring your friends, if you have any. I mean it, you or any other theofascist bully can say it to my face, or you can honk Bobo's nose. Then you can move to Argentina with all the other confederate and nazi holdouts.

(*We aren't at war. Iraqis are at war. They didn't attack us. Bush invaded them.)

How much "good news" does FAUXNEWZ broadcast?

None. They're too busy whining about actual journalism to go do any themselves. Even if they knew how. Which they don't. Because they're not reporters; they're vast, right-wing conspiracy* spokesmodels for the White House spokeschannel.

(*The vast, right-wing conspiracy does indeed exist. It dates back to at least 1933, that we know of. That's when republicans tried to overthrow FDR and replace him with a handpicked, Mussolini-style fascist dictator. Marine general Smedley Butler stopped them, forcing them to wait until 2000 for their fascist dictator.)

Would Jesus love a librul? You bet!

Jesus was a librul. If He was a cancervative, that would mean He lied to us in His "Sermon on the Mount," and the meek are to be slaves of those who really inherit/steal the Earth.

It's time to resurrect the good values of the late '60s

Where have all the flower children gone? And aren't there any flower grandchildren?

Nobody is saying things were perfect back then. But we did a lot of good things for our country while republicans were doing their usual bad things.


Late into Dana Spiotta's brilliant new novel, "Eat the Document," the protagonist, a woman who has lived "underground" for years, hiding from the consequences of a 1960s political protest gone badly awry, flashes back to the moment of choice:

"The question is, do we want to leave action to the brutes of the world? … There are some inherent problems built into acting. It lacks perfection. But I believe we must fight back, or we will feel shame all our lives. We, the privileged, are more obligated. It is a moral duty to do something, however imperfect. … If we don't do something, all our lives we will feel regret."

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the '60s (actually the period from '67 to '73) -- that political era so filled with possibility, so much a part of the blood and souls of millions of aging baby boomers like myself. The period was profoundly effective in the changes it provoked, yet is so persistently pilloried for its exaggerated excesses. One reason I find myself looking back is the pervasive feeling of political impotence so many of us feel at this moment in history, and our seeming inability to act -- to be noticed, to make a difference.


Why are we libruls?

Because everybody matters. Equally.

And we respect the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. All ten amendments, not just #2 (like the NRA-types).

Did the NSA help Bush steal elections?

Both Popular Science and Popular Mechanics magazines ran November 2004 cover stories on how easy it is to hack the e-voting machines and their communication networks. In one famous cartoon, a teenage hacker was announced as the president.

(Remember, when asked to explain how he watched the first airliner hit the WTC while he was reading "The Pet Goat" with those kids in Florida, he said he gets cable channels no one else knows about--beamed, apparently, directly into his diseased, little brain.)

Veterans for Peace go after Boston Globe; want Iraq KIAs honored* in paper

(*Or at least acknowledged.)

Smedley D. Butler Brigade honors patriot who stopped republican fascist overthrow of FDR in 1933. Seventy-three years later, America's domestic enemies are the same people--republicans who hate the Constitution.

BREAKING: Bush was going to have war with Iraq, even if he had to provoke it

How many lies does it take to warrant impeachment?

Things theofascist Bush-worshippers ignore in their sociopathic hatred for libruls

A few of my favorites.

Do you ever wonder why, when there is some question of wrong-doing on the part of the president, he always tries to thwart any investigation into his actions? If he were innocent of anything untoward, wouldn’t a transparent investigation serve to vindicate him and prove his detractors wrong?

Do you ever wonder why your president constantly talks about being pro-life, when he gleefully executed people as the Governor of Texas, and laughed about the fact on national television during the 2000 primaries?

Do you ever wonder why your president and his administration hold themselves out to be ‘good Christians’, while they embrace torture, rendition, and secret prisons?

Do you ever wonder why your self-proclaimed born-again Christian president took an oath, on the holy Bible, to uphold the Constitution, but then says he is not bound by the laws set out in that same document?

Do you ever wonder why your elected officials do their utmost to protect the unborn, but do nothing to improve the lives of the already-born?

Do you ever wonder why there are millions upon millions of easily accessible records of those who have served in the military, and the only records that have ever gone missing are the ones that would prove your president’s assertion that he actually fulfilled his military service requirements?

Do you ever wonder why you, a United States resident, have to pay every penny of your taxes or face dire consequences, while thousands of profitable corporations legally duck paying theirs simply by having a Bahamian post office box listed as their ‘headquarters’?

Do you ever wonder why Bush and Cheney admitted, albeit reluctantly, that Saddam Hussein and Iraq had nothing to do with the September 11th attacks, but keep right on linking the two every chance they get?


How many times did Bush pass up chances to kill Osama before 9-11?

You count 'em.

If, as Condo said in 2001, Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11, why did Bush invade Iraq?

For the record, Bush admitted the same thing, but is now saying a convoluted, "Yes, he sorta did, sorta, see?"

Bush signs budget "law" that never passed the House; group sues to stop it

He wants us to think he's John Wayne, but we all know he's really Forrest Tucker. ("Chisum," 1970)

He breaks laws he doesn't like, and then signs laws that aren't even laws. He's the Old West cattle baron who hires his own sheriff and regulators to run off small ranchers and freegrazers, and then charges the town for water flowing down from the mountains. Who will stand up to him?

Duvall and Costner stood up to a Bush character in "Open Range."

Ohio theofascists say it's okay for men to beat their women

Sacrifices must be made in order to round up the queers.

Vote for me: I'm a theofascist, and that's all that matters

Never mind that I'm also a liar and a criminal. James Dobson will tell you those things are okay so long as I help exterminate libruls.

Iraq's "model city," Bushgrad, is in jeopardy

Except Bush has a letter "proving" everything is copacetic there.

Theofascists own all future republican presidential candidates

It has something to do with 'Leave It To Beaver" and Barney Fife. You figure it out and explain it to me. Then we'll tell them it's not 1961 anymore, and never will be again.

Country music radio stations hate America: Dixie Chicks return to airwaves

Does this mean the Chicks aren't traitors anymore?

Theofascist U. S. Family Network loves criminals, gives them money

U.S. Family Network Benefits DeLay and Buckham Families

The Washington Post tells us that U.S. Family Network, a nonprofit "created to promote a pro-family political agenda in Congress," has instead promoted the financial interests of Edwin and Wendy Buckham, who pocketed more than a third of the organization's receipts. Edwin Buckham helped found the organization while he was working as Tom DeLay's chief of staff. Is anyone surprised that Jack Abramoff plays a key role in the story?

The group's revenue was drawn mostly from clients of Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, according to its records. From an FBI subpoena for the records, it can be inferred that the bureau is exploring whether there were links between the payments and favorable legislative treatment of Abramoff's clients by DeLay's office. ... The group appears to have served mostly as a vehicle for funneling corporate funds to DeLay's advisers and financing ads that attacked Democrats.

Edwin and Wendy paid more than $3,000 a month to DeLay's wife over a three year period. Abramoff's clients understood that pleasing the Buckhams would please DeLay.

GOP thinks us southerners are stupid: If Bush stops talking about Iraq, it no longer exists

Therefore, when those awful librulmedia "only report bad news from Iraq," KIAs will be their fault, and not Bush's.

Too bad BushCo don't promote both sides of whether he lied us into Gulf War II

As always, click image to enlarge.

I proudly admit to being a radical who supports the Constitution with every waking breath

Those who attack us for standing by the Constitution are the ones who wipe their butts with it.

Bush wants your children to grow up ignorant

No educator ever supported No Child Left Behind because, as with everything else spawned by Bush's junta, the title reflects the opposite of the program's effect. Only fascists could dream up, and support, such a ridiculous national "educational" plan which so grievously damages the very children it supposedly doesn't leave behind. (Note that the "left behind" language corresponds with those theofascists "Left Behind" novels, implying that disagreeing with Bush on education is tantamount to choosing to burn in hell for all eternity.)

"Teaching to the test" isn't education. It's nothing more than a ploy to create statistics that make Bush look good. A test should reflect teaching, not the other way 'round. I taught high school for 26 years. I know a little about this.

"Missing link" skull 500,000 years older than Falwell's Earth

Theoscientists at Liberty University (sic) should stay in their parallel universe of Cancervatron where war is peace, freedom is slavery, lying is christian, and 2+2=5, and leave the rest of us alone. And if they can't share America with us, they can move to Argentina with all the other confederate and nazi holdouts.

Afghani christian may survive Bush's liberation

An Afghan man charged with converting to Christianity is set to be released from jail while his case is reviewed.
Abdul Rahman's case has been handed back to the attorney-general because of gaps in the evidence, an official said.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the official said that while the attorney-general looked at the papers, Mr Rahman did not need to be detained.

Bush only reimbursed affluent Katrina victims

It worked out so well for all the poor people, as his mother pointed out, they didn't need more than they got.

America is ready to fire Bush and his entire criminal, fascist junta

If the mid-terms were held today, Democrats would pick up at least 15 House seats.

Isn't it interesting how highly moral cancervative "christians" worship so many republican criminals?

And they're not supposed to worship anyone, especially criminals.