Saturday, March 18, 2006

It's hard out here for a chimp: Bush doesn't look forward to Libby's trial

More of his truthiness* probably will be revealed.

(*Something that sounds true, but isn't.)

It's hard out here for a blimp: Der Ruschkopf thinks insurgents are in their last throes. Again.

"Or close to it."

It's hard out here for a wimp: Lieberman forgets that he ran for VP as a Democrat

Maybe he thought Al was a republican.

It's hard out here for a simp: Dummy still believes Saddam helped Osama with 9-11

Now he wants Bush to invade the Philippines, or something.

It's hard out here for a chimp: The whole world hates Bush's war

Imagine how we feel. We're paying for the damn war.

It's hard out here for a chimp: Court says Bush violated Clean Air Act

But he has a Clear Skies Act! Damn those activist judges.

People everywhere plan birthday parties for the Tar Baby

Everybody loves the Tar Baby.

People who use Jewish words control Bush's Mideast policy

Do the theofascists know about this?

I bet these guys don't.

1,000 sailors celebrate Tar Baby's birthday by becoming grunts

Well, when all the fire-breathing chickenhawks who demanded this war won't enlist to help fight it...

Tar Baby's third birthday party could cost $1 trillion

But at least Bush brought fiberty, greedom and lemocracy to...somewhere.

Earth celebrates the Tar Baby's third birthday

God put Bush in office so our GIs could use POWs as paintball targets

It was all good, clean fratboy fun, right, Rush?

USAF only defends theofascists now

The rest of us are on our own when the wrongdoers attack.

Billy Graham's crusade has been against sin; Franklin Graham's crusade is against Muslims

And libruls. Wouldn't you like to be at their Thanksgiving table?

Place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible

Intellectuals of the Enlightenment didn't create America. Dogmatists from the Dark Ages did. (That's what they'd have you believe, anyway.)

Pat Robertson supports Bush's support for Karzai's gubmnt who would allow execution of Afghan man who converted to christianity

I saw yesterday that Focus on the Family was okay with this guy's execution, too.

I saw yesterday that Jerry Falwell laughed hard at this

I was walking across a bridge one day, and I saw a man standing on the edge, about to jump off. So I ran over and said "Stop! don't do it!"

"Why shouldn't I?" he said.

I said, "Well, there's so much to live for!"

He said, "Like what?"

I said, "Well...are you religious or atheist?"

He said, "Religious."

I said, "Me too! Are you christian or buddhist?"

He said, "Christian."

I said, "Me too! Are you catholic or protestant?"

He said, "Protestant."

I said, "Me too! Are you episcopalian or baptist?"

He said, "Baptist!"

I said,"Wow! Me too! Are you baptist church of god or baptist church of the lord?"

He said, "Baptist church of god!"

I said, "Me too! Are you original baptist church of god, or are you reformed baptist church of god?"

He said,"Reformed Baptist church of god!"

I said, "Me too! Are you reformed baptist church of god, reformation of 1879, or reformed baptist church of god, reformation of 1915?"

He said, "Reformed baptist church of god, reformation of 1915!"

I said, "Die, heretic scum", and pushed him off.

Church of Christ, Baptist "preachers" don't want you to read TOM SAWYER, HUCK FINN

And TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. Has Mark Twain sided with the terists, just the libruls?

James Dobson is pro-queer and, therefore, anti-family

Even his supporters say so.

Londoners don't enjoy Bush's war as much as he thought they did

American theofascists lock lips with Islamofascists

All queers must die. Horribly. Ask any Baptist "preacher." Or any Baptist.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Falwell, Robertson, Dobson and Perkins want old people to just hurry up and die

Click picture to enlarge.

Theofascists began their war on the Constitution over 25 years ago

I remember being called a "secular humanist" in the early '80s because I taught in public schools. Now, being a known librul, I should have been at the top of their recruitment list. But I never heard from--or of--any secular humanists who were trying to pollute children's minds, yadda yadda. Why didn't they recruit me? I wouldn't have joined, but I have to think they'd have tried. Why didn't they recruit me? Because there was no secular humanist movement. There were no secular humanists. Falwell and other liars made it all up, just like the mythical War on Christmas.

American Family Association says it's okay to believe untruths if it leads you to hate queers and libruls

More people (39%) still believe Saddam was in on 9-11 than believe Bush is fit to be president (33%).

Southern Baptists approve of annual gas price-gouging orgy

What would they say if a queer owned a gas station? How many queers own gas stations? Are the Baptists finding out so they can stop them? Are they letting queers get away with overcharging krixtains for gas?

Four Big Bangs for the price of one: Science=1, pro-ignorance theofascism=0

Falwell's, Robertson's, Dobson's and Perkins' heads explode as "Big Bang Theory" is proven once and for all. But they'll ignore this as they ignore all other actual information, continue "preaching" that the Earth is only 6000 years old, and that Adam and Eve rode vegetarian T-rexes to church. In other words, they want you to be ignorant and believe only theoscience, theohistory and theomath, all of which they made up out of thin air.

James Dobson approves of more lies, smears from Coultergeist

Has he ever told her to stop?

Summary: Ann Coulter described The New York Times' coverage of the arrest of President Bush's former domestic policy adviser, Claude A. Allen, as the "revenge of the queers," a reference to a comment Allen made in 1984 describing a political opponent of his then-employer, Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC), as linked to "queers." Coulter also falsely claimed that "the most highly placed black in the Clinton administration was his secretary, Betty Currie"; in fact, six former Clinton cabinet officials are African-American.

Theofascists oppose abortion because it reduces cheap labor

Better for Americans to live below the poverty level than aliens.

Democrats have been buzzing about comments made by state Sen. Nancy Schaefer (R-Turnerville) at a recent eggs-and-issues breakfast in Hart County. We quote from the Hartwell Sun newspaper: "Commenting on illegal immigration, Schaefer said 50 million abortions have been performed in this country, causing a shortage of cheap American labor. 'We could have used those people,' she said." (Scroll down when you get there.)

Falwell approves: Republicans love pornstar Mary Carey

Robertson, Dobson also say it's okay that more drunk republicans "hit on" her than do her porn fans in Vegas.

Truthiness goes to war: In "largest air assault since 2003," not one shot was fired

It's bad enough that Bush lies to us this way. It's much worse that the worthlesscorporatemedia help him.

But contrary to what many many television networks erroneously reported, the operation was by no means the largest use of airpower since the start of the war. ("Air Assault" is a military term that refers specifically to transporting troops into an area.) In fact, there were no airstrikes and no leading insurgents were nabbed in an operation that some skeptical military analysts described as little more than a photo op. What’s more, there were no shots fired at all and the units had met no resistance, said the U.S. and Iraqi commanders.

The eagle soars again: Former theofascist AG Ashcroft becomes latest corporate whore to help his pimps steal even more of our money

It's hard out there for a corporate pimp. They need all the krixtains they can get in order to steal every last penny in the Treasury.

Yes, he prides himself on his integrity...if by, "integrity," he means, "All tax money belongs to corporations."

Jesus wept: Theofascists invite people who use Jewish words to help them stop "War on Christians"

But can they win this war without using Jewish words? Are Jewish names like Ruth or Samuel or Paul okay so long as they don't say Jewish words like "schlepp" or "schtick?"

"The War on Christians" conference is coming to D.C., featuring a modified-A-list of conservative heavyweights organized by Vision America, including Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, Sen. John Cornyn, Phyllis Schlafly, Sen. Sam Brownback and Rep. Tom DeLay, as well as some Jews -- the latter apparently such a newsworthy addition that it warranted its own press release: "Jews Confront the War on Christians." Other target-specific panels will include "The News Media: Megaphone For Anti-Faith Values," "The Judiciary: Overruling God," and "The Gay Agenda: America Won't Be Happy."

And so it starts: Irish queers not good enough for St. Patrick's Day celebration of alcoholism, poverty and wife abuse

Faith, and did they use Jewish words? Saints be praised, ye did a good job o' keepin' 'em out, laddybuck.

NEW YORK - The chairman of the nation's biggest St. Patrick's Day Parade marched Friday while sidestepping questions about remarks comparing gay Irish-American activists to neo-Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and prostitutes.

"Today is St. Patrick's Day. We celebrate our faith and heritage. Everything else is secondary," said the chairman, John Dunleavy, who wore a sash of the Irish colors.

Dunleavy was blasted by the City Council's first openly gay leader for the remarks, which appeared in The Irish Times on Thursday.

He told the newspaper, "If an Israeli group wants to march in New York, do you allow Neo-Nazis into their parade? If African Americans are marching in Harlem, do they have to let the Ku Klux Klan into their parade?"

About the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization, Dunleavy said, "People have rights. If we let the ILGO in, is it the Irish Prostitute Association next?"

Sure, and I saw yesterday that such attitudes come from Catholic upbringing. And are ye rememberin' when good Protestant folk were afraid that JFK, God rest 'im, would ignore the Constitution and follow the pope's orders instead?

Theofascists to GOP: "See to it that Amerika is feudal theocracy by mid-terms"

The transformation from constitutional democracy to theocratic police state must be completed by the time patriots have the chance to vote all the lying, corrupt, chickehawk fascists out of Congress.

Oh, and don't use Jewish words.

Military rape up 40% under Bush's kompassionate kancervative krixtain leadership

FUEHRER: "Though 'nucular' I may occasionally say, I never use a Jew-ish word."

CHORUS: "What, never?"

FUEHRER: "No, never."


FUEHRER: "Well--hardly EVER."

He's such a strong, krixtain witness for our troops whom he supports with all his heart and soul, if not funding. He's such a strong moral leader. He will be remembered for creating a kompassionate kancervative krixtain atmosphere not only here in Amerika, but in every country he conquers for Jesus.

REVEALED: Jesus said it's okay to lie about people you don't like as long as you don't use Jewish words

I saw yesterday where the average theofascist televangelist is a liar. But then, I've known that for over 30 years.

What if we organized a bus tour of theofascist private schools, and made them come out and listen to lectures about the Constitution and science? I'd promise we wouldn't use any Jewish words. Or Jewish names. Especially not these Jewish names from the King James Bible.

Book of Matthew

The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

Abraham begat Isaac; and Isaac begat Jacob; and Jacob begat Judas and his brethren;

And Judas begat Phares and Zara of Thamar; and Phares begat Esrom; and Esrom begat Aram;

And Aram begat Aminadab; and Aminadab begat Naasson; and Naasson begat Salmon;

And Salmon begat Booz of Rachab; and Booz begat Obed of Ruth; and Obed begat Jesse;

And Jesse begat David the king; and David the king begat Solomon of her that had been the wife of Urias;

And Solomon begat Roboam; and Roboam begat Abia; and Abia begat Asa;

And Asa begat Josaphat; and Josaphat begat Joram; and Joram begat Ozias;

And Ozias begat Joatham; and Joatham begat Achaz; and Achaz begat Ezekias;

And Ezekias begat Manasses; and Manasses begat Amon; and Amon begat Josias;

And Josias begat Jechonias and his brethren, about the time they were carried away to Babylon:

And after they were brought to Babylon, Jechonias begat Salathiel; and Salathiel begat Zorobabel;

And Zorobabel begat Abiud; and Abiud begat Eliakim; and Eliakim begat Azor;

And Azor begat Sadoc; and Sadoc begat Achim; and Achim begat Eliud;

And Eliud begat Eleazar; and Eleazar begat Matthan; and Matthan begat Jacob;

And Jacob begat Joseph the husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ.

NYPD will continue "pro-active arrests"

Don't be caught looking like an "obviously potential rioter." Or using Jewish words.

Theofascist shrine in sad disrepair

I saw yesterday where theofascist televangelists will raise money to preserve this icon of their kompassionate kancervatism.

Israeli family use firecrackers and Jewish words in terist attack on christian shrine

This means theofascist televangelists can tell lies about the family's income.

It will be treason to vote against Bush when he bombs Iran and North Korea

And the Busheviks who own the Diebold and ES&S e-voting machines will tell Bush you committed treason by voting against him. That means theofascist televangelists will tell lies about you in Jesus' name. But at least they won't use Jewish words.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tree-hatin' corporate whore to replace Norton

Might as well put somebody who's tone deaf in charge of music.

About that tuna fish and powdered milk...

Only Busheviks want us to believe we're all gonna die (and forget about all his failures and crimes). Actual scientists at the World Health Organization say, "Give it a rest."

GOP: "War=good, port security=bad, very bad"

We can't spend money to make us safe. We're spending too much money making us safe. (Translation: We have to give that money to our defense industry pimps. Those other pimps are on their own.)

One more defense corporate whore Pentagon general goes to work full-time for his pimp

He only worked part-time while in uniform, taking our tax money.

Less than 6 months ago Gen. Richard B. Myers retired as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest ranking military officer in the country. He’s quickly found alternative employment. From the Chicago Tribune’s The Swamp:

Northrop Grumman, one of the nation’s largest and best-known defense firms, announced Wednesday that Myers, an Air Force veteran and former fighter pilot, has joined its board of directors.

As one of 11 “non-employee” directors, Myers will earn $200,000 a year, according to a company spokesman. Half of that sum is paid to the company’s 12 directors in stock.

In exchange for his 200K, Myers will have to attend “eight scheduled board meetings this year, two of which are conducted by phone.

Science=1, pro-ignorance theofascist bullies=0: The Big Bang really happened

I don't care if they raise their kids to be ignorant of the real world. But they should leave the rest of us alone, or move to Argentina with all the other confederate and nazi holdouts.

Theofascist thugs bully FCC, networks

If they don't want to watch it, they should change the channel, leave the rest of us alone, or honk Bobo's nose. Okay, you talked me into it. They can do all three.

Only in Bush's Amerika: Stasi, New Joisey-style

How many things are wrong with this program?

Republican pussbucket kept charity donations meant for military families

He's a republican. What did they expect?

As America gets ready to impeach Bush...

...Bush thinks more war will keep him in office. We're at war? Where? We're not at war. Iraq is at war. And even if we were at war, where does it say I can't oppose a president (sic) in time of war? There's no more important time for patriots to stop a president (sic) who's our biggest enemy.

Launches biggest air assault since Shock n' Awe.

Is this supposed to make us afraid of him? Them days is over.

How to tell if you're still a librul

You may still be a librul if:

Afghanistan: Now it all makes sense

Thar's oil in them thar hills.

You're more likely to win the lottery than catch bird flu

Even without a ticket.

Daisy Duke spurns Boss Hogg

Jessica's boots walk all over Bush.

New dominion over eminent domain imminent

They've already stolen all our money. And they're working to steal our land and property. But some patriots are fighting back.

Dickie, you and your boys did a heckuva job for our troops

Except for failing to protect clean water. But for a whit, many could have died.

Republican-owned war profiteers aren't in the binniss of providing services. They're in the binniss of making money.

Why we still bitch about 2004

Republicans stole that election, and everybody knows it. More info from Ohio.

Call me a traitor to my face, you sissies. I triple-dog-dare you

To all snivvling, snot-nosed, chickenhawk, fascist republicans: You want a fight, you brownshirted bullies, I'll give you one. Come here and tell me I side with the terists, or shut the hell up, go home to yo' mama, and let her change your diapers and make you some tapioca.

Republicans are so scared of having a legitimate debate about Iraq or national security that they have only one reaction to news of their failures or calls for accountability.

On Monday, Democratic Senator Russ Feingold introduced legislation to censure the President for breaking the law by creating a secret domestic spying program. Agree or disagree with his proposal, as a Senator -- and as an American -- he has the right to speak his mind and express his views without Republican Senators questioning his patriotism.

But that's exactly what happened. This week Republican Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado, in an interview with Fox News radio, said in response to Feingold's action that he has "time and time again [sided] with the terrorists".

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Theofascists threatened Ginsburg, O'Connor with death

In Bush's Amerika: "The problem isn't the problem. The one who TELLS you about the problem is the problem."

In other words, kill the messenger, and there will be no news to upset good kompassionate kancervative krixtains's delicate sensibilities.

If we ignore what teenagers do, they're not doing it.

WASHINGTON - The government proposed a record fine of $3.6 million against dozens of CBS stations and affiliates Wednesday in a crackdown on what regulators called indecent television programming.

The Federal Communications Commission said a network program, "Without a Trace," that aired in December 2004 was indecent. It cited the graphic depiction of "teenage boys and girls participating in a sexual orgy."

How--if you must--to talk to theofascists: Lesson 489

"Senator, when you took your oath of office, you placed your hand on the Bible and swore to uphold the Constitution. You didn't place your hand on the Constitution and swear to uphold the Bible."

-Jamie Raskin, testifying Wednesday, March 1, 2006 before the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee in response to a question from Republican Senator Nancy Jacobs about whether marriage discrimination against gay people is required by "God's Law."

Wolf in sheep's clothing: "Kill all queers!"

I'm always glad these people are kompassionate kancervative krixtains. Imagine what @$$holes they'd be otherwise.

"It's just a @$%&% piece of paper!" Bush signs bill--that wasn't passed--into "law"

Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) has alleged in a letter to White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card that President Bush signed a version of the Budget Reconciliation Act that, in effect, did not pass the House of Representatives.

Further, Waxman says there is reason to believe that the Speaker of the House called President Bush before he signed the law, and alerted him that the version he was about to sign differed from the one that actually passed the House. If true, this would put the President in willful violation of the U.S. Constitution.

DeptHomeSec becomes de facto Dept. of Education

Colleges must fight terists to receive federal funding.

Last year's federal budget includes more than $4 billion for homeland security research and development. The Department of Homeland Security is offering $64 million directly to colleges and universities that will develop anti-terrorism programs. Community colleges depend primarily on states for their funding, but states get part of their funds from the federal government. For community colleges, the "Strengthening Institutions Program" --Title III-A of the Higher Education Act -- provides funds to institutions that have few resources and serve high proportions of low-income students and "historically underrepresented" populations.

But institutions must compete for money from the program, which currently totals $81.3 million. Proposed legislation in Congress would allow for-profit schools to compete with nonprofit community colleges for these and other dollars, including those coming through the federal Pell Grant and student loan programs. As a result, community colleges are scrambling for a way to stay afloat.

Only in Bush's Amerika: "Slavery was God's work, ticket to America"

I keep telling you these people have never had slavery far from their minds.

"Melissa Hughes is an American!"

And so are the writers, cast and crew of BOSTON LEGAL. is working again

I never know what the problem is, but at least they fixed it.

Pennsylvania signs on for Bush's war on journalism

Couple may sue theofascist "minister" for banning their gay friend from their wedding ceremony

Something about "traditional krixtain doctrine saying to mistreat people you don't like," or something.

I wish a "librul" pastor somewhere would ban republicans from his church. That'd be okay, wouldn't it?

Theofascist hatefest in NC: "We won't hire or do binniss with liberals and queers"

A group of fundies took out an ad in the Asheville Citizen-Times to promote a rally "in SUPPORT of CHRISTIAN and CONSERVATIVE BUSINESSES and their RIGHT TO OPERATE according to FAMILY VALUES SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE (between one man and one woman) WHOLESOME WORK ENVIRONMENT (without oppression from the Sodomites & The Liberal Media)."

BREAKING! Bush to invade Mexico!

"We must stop the terists from crossing the border. We must bring fiberty, greedom and lemocracy to Mexico as we have do so successfully in the Middle East. And besides, I speak Mexican better'n English."

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

BREAKING! Bush to invade Mexico!

"Terists are coming over the border in swarms alongside illegal immigrants. This will not stand. We must introduce fiberty, greedom and lemocracy to Mexico as we did so successfully in the Middle East. And besides, I can pronounce Mexican names. Hell, I speak Mexican better'n English, so why not?"

SIDEBAR: Mexico discovers 'huge' oil field

Mr Fox's government wants Mexico to maintain its current output
Mexican President Vicente Fox has announced the discovery of a new deep-water oil field, which is believed to contain 10bn barrels of crude.

The field is in the Gulf of Mexico, and Mexico says it could be bigger than its largest oil field, Cantarell.

Hymn #269 from the republican songbook: "Gimme that old-time corruption; it's good enough for me"

Sermon: "Culture of corruption? What culture of corruption? We're all kompassionate kancervative krixtains. Right, Ralph?"

Recessional hymn #398: "They Will Know We Are Krixtains By Our Love." (Congregation remain seated.)

Bush knew Allen was a shoplifter, did nothing

Knew it five weeks before the pussbucket resigned.

Blogger propaganda: It's illegal for State, but not for the Pentagon

They invited John Aravosis to help them spread their war lies. Clearly, they've never read Americablog before.

"Expert" says hoard food for three months

How do we store electricity?

I find it interesting that this Memphis doctor says all this just two days after Dr. First held his big rally there. Conspiracy or coincidence? You be the judge.

Scroll down towards the bottom of today's posts for additional information.

How much food do we hoard for when the oceans rise?
Global warming's effect on arctic ice probably irreversible.

State spent $5 million on post-Saddam Iraq project. Then Bush--wait for it--ignored every recommendation


The project's observations and recommendations were almost wholly ignored by the administration during its pre-war planning for the occupation. Soon after the invasion, though, CD-ROMs of the reports were sent to the staff of the Coalition Provisional Authority.

Among other things, the working groups foresaw the widespread looting in the aftermath of invasion and warned against quickly disbanding the Iraqi Army.


Compare the Tar Baby's first birthday card to his third

Does anybody else remember Bush's original lies about Iraq? Compare them to lies #677, 678 and 679.

Bush: "I never said a word about 9-11, WMDs or carpets of flowers. The lies I'm tellin' today have always been my reasons for invading an oil-rich country that didn't--and couldn't--attack us."

Dumsfeld strikes again: "Iraqis won't wear blue and gray in their civil war"

He doesn't even speak English. Why do they bother trying to interview him anymore? All they have to do is write questions they would ask him, make up an answer that's a lie, and then make it sound like a stanza from Jabberwocky.

Q: Mr. Secretary, how will spending all that new money protect our troops from IEDs?

A: "Twas brillig, and the terist breeze
Bought wire and thimbles in the wabe:
All mimsy were the IEDs,
And the mome raths Abu Ghraib."

TREASON! Say anything but, "Sieg, heil," and they'll brand you a traitor

If I were Feingold, I'd tell that snivvling little sissypants fascist to come say it to my face.

"Lies, damn lies, and Bush's Medicare statistics"

There's the truth, then there's what Bush says.

This is all very simple: If Bush says it's good for seniors, it's very, very bad for seniors, and very, very good for his friends in the Big Pharmas and insurance companies. He wants his friends to have all our money.

Give 'em hell, Al

Gore and Clark in '08?

"I truly believe that American democracy faces a time of challenge and trials that are more serious than we have ever faced," Gore said. He pointed to the current White House, backed by a Republican Congress, which allows the government to eavesdrop on anyone's home, "sneak and peek," without a warrant. "It sounds so strange, doesn't it, so contrary to the Constitution?"

It doesn't sound contrary to the Constitution, it frackin' is contrary to the Constitution.

Whores ask their pimps to explain oil price-gouging

It's not gonna be hard in there for a pimp. They didn't even go last time, why should they go this time?

Who are the Council for National Policy, and why don't they want you to know they exist?

Theofascists formed this club 25 years ago. Their goal is simple: Turn America into a feudal theocracy.

When a top U.S. senator receives a major award from a national advocacy organization, it’s standard procedure for both the politician and the group to eagerly tell as many people about it as possible.

Press releases spew from fax machines and e-mails clog reporters’ in-boxes. The news media are summoned in the hope that favorable stories will appear in the newspapers, on radio and on television.

It was odd, therefore, that when U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) accepted a “Thomas Jefferson Award” from a national group at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in August, the media weren’t notified. In fact, they weren’t welcome to attend.

“The media should not know when or where we meet or who takes part in our programs, before or after a meeting,” reads one of the cardinal rules of the organization that honored Frist.

The membership list of this group is “strictly confidential.” Guests can attend only with the unanimous approval of the organization’s executive committee. The group’s leadership is so secretive that members are told not to refer to it by name in e-mail messages. Anyone who breaks the rules can be tossed out.

What is this group, and why is it so determined to avoid the public spotlight?


Marine general says Bush lied...again

Says there is no evidence Iran is providing weapons to evildoers in Iraq.

You gotta give those jarheads credit for one thing: They are true patriots. Remember, it was another Marine general, Smedley Butler, who stopped republicans from overthrowing FDR in 1933 and replacing him with a Mussolini-style fascist dictator. Semper Fi, Mac.

Brokeback To The Future Mountain: The Theofascist Years

It's a prequel.

Krixtain cowboys mourn only men who died on 9-11. Krixtain bull gores dummy with Clinton mask. Better ignorant and violent than gay.


Finally, the show gets underway. Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra," also known as the theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey, plays and pyrotechnics spray from the fences. People carrying flags ride their horses in a circle while the speakers play "How Great Thou Art" and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." The announcer talks about the American flag and Sept. 11. He says, thank God we have a president who will make sure that terrorism "will never happen again."

Without seeming to take a breath, the announcer begins to pray. This conflation of God and Country seemed to be the driving force of the whole program. Standing under a Budweiser banner, the announcer prays for the cowboys and the rodeo clown who were maimed during the past two days' events. He also asks for God to put his hand on the assembled audience, to make us all "healthier" and better Christians by the time we leave. The spiel continues and I catch "... before we meet you in that big arena in the sky, oh Lord. ..."

After a couple more events and another clown shtick, the lights go off and a woman comes out dressed head to toe in white cowgear. Four crosses are placed in the dirt, and the announcer begins "a tribute to all of the victims of Sept. 11." The woman places a fireman's hat on one cross, then a stethoscope, a policeman's hat and a flag on the others. The announcer dedicates the flag to "all the husbands, dads, grandparents, and children" who died, with no mention that women were killed.

A prerecorded monologue begins with "Silent Night" in the background. It is a first-person Sept. 11 story, but right away I can tell where it's going. "I was there on the 101st Floor with a man who was calling his wife to say goodbye. I held his fingers steady as he dialed." The story builds with the Jesus voice describing how he was there for everyone. "Some chose for the final time to ignore me," it says, "but I was there. ... " And finally, "I will be in the stairwell of your final moments." Wherever Jesus is, I think to myself, I hope this is pissing him off.

The two riders come back with flags as "Glory, Glory, Hallelujah" plays again and the announcer tells everyone to stand up and sing along. A smell of fries mingles with the horse poop smell and I want to be sick.

Suddenly the techno music and pyrotechnics return, and a bull is let loose. He cuts a fine figure against the spraying lights. Bucking bulls are the ultimate rodeo event, but like a roller coaster ride, it's short and a little anticlimactic. After throwing its rider, one bull gores a dummy that's wearing a Bill Clinton facemask. In spite of all the ceremony, the rodeo ends abruptly and we rush to the car.

Former Taliban deputy foreign minister enrolls at Yale--Bush's alma mater

Gets 40% tuiton waiver. Will he get into Skull and Bones, too?

How Bush became the Grand Inquisitor

And muslims became "the new Jews."

Everything is the fault of terists--all 20 of them--who've been plotting for decades to take over the world. (It's all eerily familiar to those of us who know a little history, something the fascists don't want to happen. Which is why they declared war on public education 25 years ago.)

Happy birthday, Tar Baby

Here's a provocative look at how we got into this fine mess.

How do we repair America when Bush leaves...if he ever leaves?

Assuming he doesn't declare himself fuehrer-for-life, which I believe he wants to do*, there are many viable, if complex, legal options for returning America to a constitutional democracy. (*Less likely now than a year ago, due to spreading understanding of just how evil he really is.)

Claude Allen's evil twin, Floyd, did it

So why did Claude cut and run in the middle of the night?

Bush widens war on journalism...again

The LA TIMES didn't even do it, but they're evildoers, anyway. According to pussbucket-in-chief, that is.

Bush sends nation into panic over bird flu

Since Chimpy has managed to make people afraid of everybody and everything, and both the worthlesscorporatemedia and uselesslocalmedia have jumped onto the panic bandwagon, I'm forced to weigh in on the issue of stockpiling food.

1. Will a bird flu epidemic cause food shortages? Maybe, but only because food manufacturers will do what oil companies did after Katrina: Screw us. The most likely scenario is that they'll claim supply and/or personnel shortages on their end, create temporary--and contrived--delivery shortages on our end, thereby giving them reason to justify price-gouging.

2. Are "experts" already telling us to hoard food, "just in case?" Yes, because when the end comes, we're to "stay home" and minimize the risk of infection. Problem is, they don't tell us how people who work and/or have kids in school can "stay home" for more than a long weekend, or two. So before you build a bomb shelter or cocoon your house in Saran Wrap, THINK IT THROUGH.


1. Most prepackaged food has an expiration date. So if you fill your linen closet with canned goods, do it weekly, not in one fell swoop. Put each new addition in the back--like they do with milk at the store--pushing older cans up front. Use up older items in front with normal meal preparation, leaving newer ones in back. This way, when you realize the panic was more of Bush's
fearmongering, you won't be stuck with things that'll spoil before you can use them.

2. Untreated tap water doesn't keep. Bacteria start growing almost
immediately. Even bottled water has an expiration date. So if you must fill those empty milk jugs and coke bottles with water, keep only a few, and use that water only for washing or watering plants. Instead of bottled water, get a portable water filter. Google for them, and you'll find many, including "camper filters" and "camper straws." Another option is to get something like
a Brita pitcher or a filter that screws onto the kitchen faucet. These are great, end of the world, or no, since (A) you should only drink filtered water, and (B) your coffee, tea, soups and gravies will taste dramatically better. Plus, filtered water costs a few pennies a gallon, bottled water is a dollar a quart.

3. Dried food makes the best survival rations. Beans and rice can be stored for years. Get two or three SMALL BAGS of your favorite beans and two or three SMALL BAGS of your favorite rice. NOT WHITE RICE. Most white rice has no nutritional value, so read the labels. I like red beans and rice, and pinto beans and rice. I heartily recommend a Spanish rice, Canilla, since it's healthy and flavorful. Even better is Golden Canilla (Canilla Dorado), if you
can find it. Look in Mexican restaurants and grocerias. However politically incorrect this may seem, look at rices found at "Middle Eastern" markets. I can't remember the name, but there's a long-grained rice, meant to be served dry and at room temperature, that's the most delicious rice I've ever eaten. I
need to find out the name and get some for myself. If you're not an experienced outdoor cook, look at all the "minute rice" meals. They come in small boxes or pouches, are pre-seasoned, and cook up simply and quickly, even over a campfire.

4. Don't forget bread. Corn meal doesn't expire.. In a pinch,
you can make hot water "hoe cakes" anywhere. Besides, corn bread and beans should be supper in any home once a week. Remember to add a little sugar if you cook pinto beans separately from the rice.

5. Get salt. Makes bland food better. Plus, you need salt.

6. Hot sauce. Also makes bland food better. Even the makers of those wretched MREs our poor kids eat in Iraq know this. Most pouches come with a little bottle of generic "Louisiana red sauce." GIs will fight over a bottle of the stuff to make their miserable field rations tolerable. Get your favorite hot sauce in big bottles. Being salt and vinegar, it'll last forever.

7. Potatoes. They don't last forever, but they do last for a while. Sliced thin, they boil or fry quickly, and are filling. Maybe a box of instant potatoes. Might as well get some onions. They seem to last forever if you just want to cook with them.

8. Canned juice. Be aware of expiration dates.

9. Jerky. Lots of options, if you like the stuff. Read expiration dates. Be careful about buying ham hock for beans. Yes, it's salted, but even that doesn't last forever, especially unrefrigerated.

10. Dried fruit. Read expiration dates. Also for canned fruit.

11. Canned vegetables. Lots of salt and preservatives, less nutrition than fresh, but okay for a while. Put new stock in back.

12. Canned meat. Tuna, chicken, pork, hashes, stews and soups. Again, extra salt and preservatives. Think it through.

13. Powdered milk. Who would drink the vile stuff who didn't absolutely have to? Remember, it's mostly sugar.

14. First Aid kit. You should have more in the house (and car, for that matter) than just Band Aids and rubbing alcohol, anyway, so this is a wise investment. Neosporin, Aspirin, Bufferin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen (generic equivalents are always cheaper). Each works differently on people. Get small bottles. They expire, so be aware. So does Liquid Bandage. Alcohol wipes, baby wipes, tape, gauze (roll and pads). Feminine napkins make the best bandages. Medics have used them since Vietnam. Peroxide. Mouthwash. Corn
starch for a "dry shampoo," and for baby powder and foot powder. They're corn starch already, plus deodorants, so save money. Also good for gravy.

THE WORLD IS NOT COMING TO AN END. Even if it were, a basement full of food won't do you any good if you can't protect it.

Don't forget some of these.
For protection and, as a buddy says, "hard times in a land of plenty."

Monday, March 13, 2006

JUST FOR FUN Remember that "magic bullet" from 1963?

It was the only bullet ever made that could do what it did.

The Warren Commission's "single bullet," according to all documentation:

--had no thread striations (fine lines etched onto a copper encased bullet tip and/or bullet side casing by clothing threads when the bullet first penetrates clothing threads),
--was marked with no blood,
--was marked with no human tissue,
--had no pieces of clothing attached,
--had lost only 1.5% of its original average weight.

Must have been the earliest bullet made of ultra-hard Depleted Uranium in order for it to do so much damage without sustaining any itself. Any other bullet would have broken into several pieces, especially a long, round-nosed one travelling at no more than 1850 feet per second. (For comparison, my beloved M-1 carbine fires a far shorter bullet at 1950 fps. I've recovered some from a few inches of dirt that were nowhere near pristine.)

Don't get raped in Connecticut

If you do, you're screwed.

Mercs replace cops in Louisiana

Not Mercury cars, dummy, mercenaries.

Normally, we'd look for cheaper alternatives. But under Bush, corporations are entitled to all our tax dollars.

You remember NOLA, right? The place where "no one could have predicted the levees would fail?"
No one but the Corps of Engineers...21 frackin' years ago.

Bush means to kill independent pharmacies

Only corporations have the right to own businesses. Remember the good, ol' days when republicans pretended to promote entrepreneurialism, and competition was good for everybody?

Kentucky nullifies US Constitution, secedes from Union

Ten Commandments will be posted in schools, other places. The governor is a Baptist "minister." They're demanding another civil war. The purpose of this--and all similar bills--is to identify and demonize its opponents.

The Ten Commandments could be posted in schools and government buildings and a large monument with the biblical directives would be placed outside the Capitol under legislation awaiting the signature of Gov. Ernie Fletcher, an ordained Baptist minister. "The governor looks forward to signing this bill," said Brett Hall, spokesman for the Republican governor who is currently in the hospital where he is being treated for a blood clot. . . The measure passed without debate in the House on Friday in a 90-5 vote, and drew immediate criticism from the American Civil Liberty Union of Kentucky. House Speaker Jody Richards, D-Bowling Green, said he believes the measure is constitutional because the commandments would be part of displays with other historical documents


The Michigan House of Representatives has passed a resolution seeking to have the Ten Commandments displayed in or around the State Capitol. State Representative Casperson sees this as an important way to restore "a moral compass to our society." Rep. Gosselin calls the Commandments the "bedrock of Michigan law," while Rep. Hoogendyk calls them "the foundation for the freedoms we hold dear." None of these assertions is valid.

The First Commandment begins, "I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt." Many of our citizens are Moslems, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Taoists, Shintoists, Jains, Confucians, and adherents of Native American religions. . .

The Second Commandment forbids making any "graven," or carved, image - or bowing down to one. Does the legislature wish to display this warning in front of the noble statue of Michigan's Civil War governor, Austin Blair? . . . The Second Commandment also threatens to visit "the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation." Should a child visiting the capital start to become fearful because long ago a great grandfather may have struck his thumb with a hammer and impulsively used the name of the Lord in vain? Does any American law seek to punish children, let along grandchildren and great grandchildren, for the sins of the fathers? . . .

The Fourth Commandment forbids any work on the Sabbath. Does the Legislature wish to reinstate "blue laws" that forbid working on Sunday (and presumably on Friday for Muslims and Saturday for Jews)? Does it wish to ban all shopping malls, golf courses, television stations, restaurants, football teams, backyard gardeners and flood harvesters from operating on the Sabbath?. . .

The Third forbids taking "the name of the Lord thy God in vain." Courts have held that the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech protects even blasphemy.

The Fifth enjoins us to "honor thy father and thy mother." Most parents deserve to be honored, though no law requires it. In 2003 the state found 26,700 Michigan children to have been victims of abuse or neglect. Are all of them required to honor their parents?

The Seventh says, "Thou shalt not commit adultery." This was the foundation for some laws in the past, but there have been no prosecutions for adultery for several decades. Has the practice disappeared in Michigan? If so, it has happened without the Commandments being posted in the state capitol.
The Tenth forbids coveting not only "thy neighbor's house" but also his wife, servants, ass and "anything that is thy neighbor's." Frank Loesser once enunciated a clear principle of American law - "Brother, you can't go to jail for what you're thinking." More important, isn't it a trifle quaint today to be listing a man's wife among his possessions? Consider too, that the "maid servant" in the Commandment was commonly a concubine - often purchased from her own father. . .

"Thou shalt not kill" is a powerful statement, but violation of eight of the Ten Commandments is subject to the death penalty. One is murder, still subject to the death penalty in many other states. But others are cursing one's parent, sacrificing for the wrong god, idolatry, adultery, blasphemy, working on the Sabbath, and bearing false witness. Would the Legislature ask us to emulate these archaic and brutal standards?

Gore cites Bush's "false impressions"

"How many times have we listened to the current administration and in (state and national Republican offices), and after a few years, we wake up and say that what they have been telling us is completely wrong," Gore said. "I'm not calling it a lie," but a "false impression."

Chimpy McFlightSuit has a plan to win the war on bird flu

But if you don't have a two-week supply of tuna fish and powdered milk, you'll miss him saying, "No one could have predicted needing food for more than two weeks."

Pest control is a better solution.

We're all glad Ralph Reed is a good christian boy

Imagine what a crooked, theofascist pussbucket he'd be otherwise.

Crazed fanatic motivated by demonic power transfers his inner demons onto Muslims

Is all that squinting what keeps his head from exploding?

Senile theofascist confuses aggressive neocon agenda with that of people who haven't invaded anybody.

Several stories you need to read

From Good work, guys, as always. Click headline and have at it.

GOP's proposed new logo

Brought to you by...

Eight big stories the worthlesscorporatemedia simply don't care about

Librulmedia? Where? Show me one.

VIDEO: O'Connor's warning of Bush dictatorship

Sort of. Also: Republican judicial "reform."

Lying pussbucket McClellan still making up crap about Dems

"I think it does raise the question, how do you fight and win the war on terrorism?" McClellan said. "And if Democrats want to argue that we shouldn't be listening to al Qaeda communications, it's their right and we welcome the debate. We are a nation at war."

Too bad he doesn't "raise" the answers.

1. How do you win?

2. Who are the Democrats you accuse?

We're waiting, Snotty.

Feds finally arrest actual terists

375 gang members in two weeks. Good work, guys. But it's sadly like arresting sand*: Take a bucketfull, and the rest of the desert is waiting to fill the hole.

(*Or corrupt republicans.)

Homeland Security Depot Redux: Stock up on tuna and powdered milk

We know Ridge was already working for Home Depot (while in office) when he told us to get plastic and duck tape. Who's Leavitt working for (while in office)?

It's still hard out there for a corporate pimp.

If he was offering actual advice instead of advertising for his pimps, he'd tell you to stock up on corn meal, rice, beans, salt and a portable water filter. Don't forget a first aid kit. (Hint: If you're not an experienced outdoor cook, get so-called "minute rice" meals. They're already rice/bean combos, pre-seasoned, simple and quick.)

And some of these.

FLASHBACK: Bird flu "accidentally" shipped all over the place
They really do believe we don't take notes.

Anything you say can--and will--be used against you

All in the name of that elusive "National Security." No one is safe.

Billy Graham sees Bush's impact, but not improvement

"I don’t see much improve­ment in man’s heart. The whole thing is in man’s heart: his desire, his greed, his lust, his pride, his ego. All of these things meshed together bring about sometimes a world war and sometimes a small war, but wars are going on every­where, even in families. It’s a personal thing with each of us.


Clooney gets it right about spineless Dems

"You weren't 'misled,' you were afraid of being called unpatriotic." He's right. You have to stand up and fight when fascists try to take over your country, and they didn't.

Jesus is for polygamy

These folks are "christian evangelicals," not Mormons who, by the way, aren't christians.

Falwell, Robertson still encourage Phelps' disgracing of GI funerals

They've never told him to stop. Ergo, they support his "work."

Food Not Bombs now on FBI "Terist Watch" list

Other "librul" groups, too. No one is safe.

A war worth fighting

Standing up to theofascists who'd have you believe the Bible only applies to them.

"Why I am getting out of the Marines"

Who can blame him?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Another voting machine whistleblower comes in from the cold

We welcome these prodigals with open arms. It's never too late to come clean and help stop election theft.

GOP: The party of six-year-old ideas

No new ideas in six years. And all those have proven to be terrible ideas.

"Rev." Moon buys black preachers

They trade their crosses for Moon's crowns and get paid well for doing so.

GOP to bring Reagan back from dead for 2008

If Bush raises Dutch from the dead, it'll prove once and for all that God really put him in office. Twice.

No Honor Among (Election) Thieves: Republicans hang Cruella Deville out to dry

She hands Bush Florida on a platter in 2000, and what thanks does she get? Cheney didn't even mention her name during recent trip to Florida.

How the CIA rewrote literature

It started with scamming millions from the Marshall Plan. Nixon's old friend, E. Howard Hunt, was in on it from the beginning.

Bush thinks colleges are high schools

Overlooking the fact that college attendance is voluntary, the only possible purpose of such testing would be to invent reasons to withhold federal funding unless fascist doctrine replaced current curricula.

Bush wants theofascist thought police to help run DHS

One view is that it's constitutionally questionable and unlikely to occur. Let's hope he's right.

TRANSCRIPT Feingold to introduce bill to censure Bush for illegally spying on law-abiding citizens

"This is right in the strike zone for high crimes and misdemeanors."


Dr. First hopes "Iran isn't listening" as patriots defend our Constitution against its biggest domestic enemy in history--Bush.

Dr. First rigs straw poll at Memphis rally


The real chaos kicked in when Trent Lott, himself a McCain ally, attacked the credibility of the straw poll's results, saying that it was being fixed in favor of Bill Frist. Here's what he told CNN.

"Frist is bussing people in," Lott said, referring to Senate Majority Bill Frist (R-Tennessee), whose political organization is working to ensure he wins this unscientific early test of election viability. "These are not real delegates. These are people being bussed in to produce the results. It is a rigged deal. It doesn't matter."

Isn't it fun when they turn on each other like goldfish in an overcrowded bowl?

AT&T rips off GIs in Iraq

Miserable, criminal pussbuckets should be tarred and feathered for doing this anytime, but especially during their king's war. Or is this war simply about the freedom to rob every cent from every citizen? It sure has been about that so far.

Another reason to join the if you needed any more reasons

They're trying to keep voting rights from becoming extinct. Do you care?

Bush declares unrestricted warfare on journalism

What there is left of it.


Reporters who write about government surveillance could be prosecuted under proposed legislation that would solidify the administration’s eavesdropping authority, according to some legal analysts.

An aide to the bill’s chief author, Sen. Mike DeWine, an Ohio Republican, said that is not the intention of the legislation.
“It in no way applies to reporters — in any way, shape or form,” said Mike Dawson, a senior policy adviser to DeWine, responding to an inquiry Friday afternoon. “If a technical fix is necessary, it will be made.”

On the other hand...

The bill would make it a crime to tell the American people that the president is breaking the law, and the bill could make it a crime for the newspapers to publish that fact,” said Martin, a civil liberties advocate.

In Bush's Amerika, "freedom and security are polar opposites"

If we lose freedom, what's the point? Is it really better to have an American jackboot on our necks instead of a foreign jackboot?

Florida corporate whores never had it so good

At least most of the Dems aren't fascists.

Fascist pigs beat Cindy badly when they arrested her

GI gives Kool Aid and comforters to anemones

"If you want to impress me, go to Baghdad." I'd add, "Or shut up."

From his letter

I am a soldier serving in Iraq and till this day we still don’t know why we are here.

I sit and watch television and the bull shit that our leaders are feeding to the people on a daily basis. How can you be a President and spend over 800 billions of dollars destroying and rebuilding another country when we need help in our own country? How do you live with yourself knowing that innocent soldiers are dying every day just for you?


Hitler warns FDR, Canada not to meddle in war on UK

It's the same thing.

Scouts may have to follow Constitution to keep federal funding

Activist judge rams civil rights down necks of Brownshirted Hitler Youth of Amerika.


SAN FRANCISCO - In a unanimous decision against a division of the Boy Scouts, the California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that groups receiving government subsidies may be required to pledge compliance with anti-bias policies - including those that protect atheists and homosexuals.
The decision, handed down against the Berkeley Sea Scouts, was a blow to the national Scouting organization, which in past landmark rulings had been assured the legal right to exclude boys who are gay or don't believe in God.

Thursday's ruling did not take away that right. But it allowed local governments to make bias costly - in this case, by withdrawing free berthing privileges at the Berkeley municipal marina, worth thousands of dollars a year to the Scouting group.

Some governments across the country have begun withholding a variety of subsidies from Scouting organizations for failure to adhere to local anti-bias policies.


As the Tar Baby's third birthday approaches, Bush prepares new campaign of lies and bull$#!+

Why you'll need a goodly supply of the above in the coming months.



"We reaffirm our commitment to protect Iraq's natural resources, as the patrimony of the people of Iraq, which should be used only for their benefit."

Blair and Bush, 8 April 2003

"Iraq, unlike Afghanistan, is a rather wealthy country. Iraq has tremendous resources that belong to the Iraqi people. And so there are a variety of means that Iraq has to be able to shoulder much of the burden for their own reconstruction."

White House press secretary Ari Fleischer, 18 February 2003


"The US never intended to completely rebuild Iraq. This was just supposed to be a jump-start."

Brigadier General William McCoy, Army Corps of Engineers commander, January 2006


$9bn of US taxpayers' money unaccounted for in Iraq.


Fears of civil war are increasing as Iraqi politicians wrangle over the formation of a government nearly three months after the election. Prime Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, detested by Sunni politicians because of his links to Shia militias, refuses to stand aside so that a unity government can be formed.


"Having liberated Iraq as promised, we will help that country to found a just and representative government, as promised. Our goal is a swift transition to Iraqi control of their own affairs. People of Iraq will be secure, and the people of Iraq will run their own country."

George Bush, 1 July 2003

"The Prime Minister and I have made our choice: Iraq will be free; Iraq will be independent; Iraq will be a peaceful nation; and we will not waver in the face of fear and intimidation."

Joint Bush and Blair statement, 16 April 2004


"Almost three years after the invasion, it is still not certain whether, or in what sense, Iraq is a nation. And after two elections and a referendum on the constitution, Iraq barely has a government."

Conservative US columnist George Will, March 2006


86 days since the Iraqi people voted on 15 December 2005, without a government being formed.

Much more

Teacher who told the truth about Bush and Hitler is reinstated with full pay

Returns to the classroom tomorrow. Where is that snivvling little sissy with the tape recorder? Is he still hiding under his bed?

Theofascists widen war on education

This is a lot bigger than evolution and whether the Earth is 6000 years old. They mean to eliminate public schools.

Fine. If they want to leave, good riddance. But they don't get vouchers. And they don't get to secede again. If they can't share America with the rest of us, they can move to Argentina with all the other confederate and nazi holdouts.
COLUMBIA, SC, Mar. 10 /Christian Wire Service/-- The most recent voice to call for the exodus of children from the public schools is the Christian radio talk show "Point of View, Dallas," Texas founded by the late Marlin Maddoux. During the entire week of March 6-10 the show has featured Marlin Maddoux's new book entitled PUBLIC EDUCATION AGAINST AMERICA with Kerby Anderson and Penna Dexter as co-hosts. This program has a loyal audience and the potential to reach several million Christians.

Bruce Shortt, Exodus Mandate Board member and author of THE HARSH TRUTH ABOUT PUBLIC SCHOOLS, commented on this important development: "Marlin Maddoux virtually pioneered Christian talk radio, founded the USA Radio network, cultivated a new generation of gifted radio personalities as Kerby Anderson and Penna Dexter, wrote several books and gave a radio voice to a Christian worldview for over 30 years. Yet, even in poor health at the end of his life, his commitment to Christianity and the family did not let him slacken his kingdom work. The result is the final piece of the Marlin Maddoux legacy: PUBLIC EDUCATION AGAINST AMERICA."

According to E. Ray Moore, Jr, Director of and also a guest on "Point of View" on March 9, "The publication of Marlin's new book and the clarion call by "Point of View" for Christian families and churches to take up one of the K-12 Christian education options, either Christian day schools or home schooling, is a another watershed event. We believe this moment will be pivotal in the on-going effort by ministries, organizations, churches and pastors to provide children with a thoroughly Christian, Bible-based K-12 Christian education experience."

Warren Kelly, "Point of View" President and Marlin Maddoux's son-in-law, on March 6, the first day of the special one week feature on Marlin's book said: "Many other Christian organizations and ministries across the nation are now coming to the same conclusion as "Point of View", that it is time to get the children out of public schools and into Christian education."

"Point of View" by issuing such a clear call to the American Christian community has joined with the voice of Cal Thomas, one of USA's top newspaper columnists, who urged the religious community to exit the state run public schools in his 12/16/05 and 12/27/05 nationally syndicated columns. Also, John Stossel on Jan. 13, on ABC's 20/20 issued a similar warning of the danger that the monopolistic public school system represented to the future and well being of the American nation.

Further Moore said, "It may take 5 to 7 more years to wash and scrub dependency on the public schools out of the Christian community, but real progress is being made. We are turning a corner."

SUNDAY GUN BLOGGING My next self-defense tool: Colt XM-177 Commando

The NRA calls this a "homeland security weapon." I think of it as a "homestead security weapon."

(Click headline for previous post.)

I've decided to promote myself. I've been the proud owner of several excellent M-1 carbines over the past 20 years, and have always considered myself well-armed. (Not specifically because of the carbine, I am known in some circles as, "The Heavily-armed Librul.) But after much soul-searching, it's time to bite the bullet, if you will, and get an AR-15 variant.

My choice is a semi-auto Colt XM-177 Commando. I will build it with a little help from a gunsmith friend.

I settled on the Commando because, of the myriad M16/AR15 variants I've shot (including the one Uncle Sugar lent me 35 years ago), it's the only one I ever lusted after. Mine will be semi-auto carbine because it will cost around $1400, including registering as a "Short-barrelled Rifle" (SBR in BATFE lingo). I've shot a buddy's real Commando (select-fire, technically a submachine gun), and it's the cat's meow. He offered to sell it to me, but lacking the necessary $25,000 for a real one, I'll just build a semi-auto carbine.

Quickly, for the record, the picture is of an Airsoft variant. I use it because it's the best picture I found of an actual XM177. I found many good pictures of the later model, the XM177-E2, but that's not the one I'm building.

Why move up the the Commando? It's the same size and weight as my beloved .30 carbine, but the Commando's 5.56mm round is more potent. Also, when we head to the woods and have to forage, spare parts, ammo and magazines for M16/AR15 variants will be plentiful.

The best news is, improved bolts and buffers, and a couple of other tidbits, are finally available. This means a "shorty" can be truly reliable, at long last. The shortened barrel and gas system have been problematic for decades. No more.

The only downside is, the Commando will can I put this? Horrendously loud. The military variants' "stovepipe" on the end of the muzzle is a sound suppressor. And since people don't wear hearing protection in combat, the suppressor is necessary. I could get one of those, but it'd be expensive, and I don't really need it. I'll just get higher quality shooter's "earmuffs," and warn my shooting buddies that there's going to be, "Fire in the hole!" After that, they're on their own.

Speaking of being on one's own, if you haven't started getting ready for when they come for you, click the headline for some suggestions. Leave questions in the Comment area, and I'll try to answer them.

"Farm out!" "Right arm!" "Powder to the people!"