Friday, July 21, 2006

After wasting zillions for 3 1/2 years, Army pretends it's frugal

The Marines have loved their LAVs for nearly 25 years. But the Army can't be seen using something jarheads use, so they spent grillions developing the Stryker (below) that's about 15% bigger than the LAV and does very little the LAV doesn't do. But at least it's nowhere near as reliable as that silly gyrene LAV.

They wasted millions developing the XM-8 as THE replacement for the M-16. Number in combat: 0.

Is it the "Johnny-Seven OMA" or a SuperSoaker? It sure ain't no combat weapon. But at least somebody got a big bag of our money for making it, so he can donate it back to republicans, and hire some Pentagon generals when they retire.

If republicans never stole trillions of dollars with military boondoggles since WWII, schools could have had well-paid teachers in well-equipped classrooms with no more than ten students fifty years ago. Cars would be getting 75 miles per gallon, and we might have cured cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes by now. Instead, we have the biggest batch of criminals in history running our government, giving our money to an equally miserable batch of criminals for wars and the toys to fight them with...the ones that work and the ones that never did.

What kind of person can vote for a republican for dogcatcher, much less Congress?


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