Friday, June 02, 2006

Monday's Rose Garden Protocol will be Bu$h's "Nuremberg Laws"

Shortly after assuming power in 1933, the Nazis passed the first anti-Jewish legislation, removing Jews from professions and businesses.

In September 1935, the two Nuremberg Laws were passed. The first of these laws, known as the Reich Citizenship Law, reclassified Jews as second-class citizens and removed their basic civil rights.

The second of the Nuremberg Laws, known as Law for the Protection of German Blood and Honour, established membership in the Jewish "race" as being anyone who either considered themselves Jewish or had three or four Jewish grandparents. People with one or two Jewish grandparents were considered to be Mischlinges of mixed race. Although at first there was some uncertainty as to how to treat Mischlinges, ultimately anyone with even a single Jewish grandparent was at risk in Nazi Germany. The Nuremberg Laws were unique in classifying Jews, not as a religion or culture, but as a race. This meant that even nonpracticing Jews or Jews who had converted to Christianity could be defined as Jews.

The Nuremberg Laws governed the private lives of Jews in their interactions with non-Jews. For example, the laws prohibited intermarriage or sexual intercourse between Jews and nonJews. Jews were prohibited from employing nonJewish women under age 45 as domestic helpers.

The Nuremberg Laws were part of the Nazi's belief in an Aryan "master race." "Inferior races" such as the Slavs were useful only as slaves. Jews, Roma (Gypsies) and the handicapped were considered to be serious biological threats to the purity of the German race, and therefore " unworthy of life." These ideas were based on eugenics, a racial theory popular in most western nations at the time, including Canada, Britain and the United States.



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