Monday, June 05, 2006

Mark of the Beast Day: 666 has nothing to do with Satan

It was code for Roman Emperor Nero. And some historians now say the real "mark of the beast" number was actually 637.

The only "beast" you need worry about is George W. Beast. And his "mark" is, and will remain for all eternity, 12-12-2000, the day he stole his first election and plunged our country into a bubbling cauldron of lies, corruption, fascism and abomination. Scroll down page to learn about Bu$h's 1984 gay romp in Tennessee.


At 3:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

O.K. You're gay and hate everyone that doesn't believe like you believe. We get it. Yet you'll crucify them for having different ideas and probably get your panties in a wad if people have the nerve to tell you you're wrong.

If Bush is having homosexual affairs, why aren't you cheering him on? Isn't promiscuity the trend with your alternative lifestyle? Aren't you salivating at the thought of having a gay man in charge of the universe? Embrace him! Don't make fun of him. He's your man!

You're inspiring me to start my own hate blog. Where should I start? Yankees? Blacks? People who drive SUV's? One thing is for sure. I'm always going to consult your blog for Biblical references. I have no doubt that you're a scholar who is being true to the Word. I'm sure that accuracy in all that you write is your top priority, Adolf. You're no better than he was. You've got his mentality. Could your mama be more proud?


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