Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bu$h wants wounded GIs to bleed to death

Sacrifices must be made if we're to let Halliburton keep the keys to the Treasury.

Some combat units in Iraq have had to “scrounge” for lifesaving blood-clotting supplies despite the Army’s assurances that adequate amounts are available.

An infantry officer in Anbar province asked friends back home last month to send him a supply of blood coagulants because his unit had none and could not get any because of budget reasons.

Medics, meanwhile, said they have purchased their own blood-clotting bandages and granule packets before leaving for Iraq, and have resorted to “cloak and dagger” to get more once they are deployed.

And some soldiers reportedly pooled their money to order the critical supplies directly from the manufacturer when they could not get them through normal channels.



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