Sunday, May 21, 2006

The only war republicans do well: Destroying the middle class

They've hated the middle class ever since the GI Bill helped create it.


Despite all of the denials to the contrary, there has been an insidious method to the madness of offshoring jobs and allowing immigrants to cross our borders to take American jobs at Third World wages. The whole idea was to take away any and all career options for American males - all but the military, that is.

The sad part is, it's working:

Nothing offered him the financial security of his military job — especially the generous health coverage for his wife and three small children. And so, 29 years old and with no other place to turn, [Staff Sgt. Matthew] Kruger spent his first full day of freedom at a military processing center, signing up for four more years.
"The Army has a saying: We enlist soldiers, we reenlist families,"
said Master Sgt. David Best, a career counselor in charge of retention at Ft. Lewis.
"We had nothing. We were scared," [wife] Maggie said recently, struggling to keep their rambunctious children entertained in a pizza parlor outside the Ft. Lewis military base. "We suddenly realized there was no way to take the kids to the doctor or dentist for any little reason, as we had been used to."



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