Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day in Iraq

A Letter from an Iraqi Mother to the Mothers of the Americans Killed in Fallujah

Dear Sisters,

I call upon you because we are sisters in motherhood.

The American media described us with as "barbarians", "savages", and "criminals" in the aftermath of the mob lynching scenes of the bodies of charred Americans in Fallujah, as Iraqis beat on dead bodies then hung them off a bridge. But the American media does not want you to know the true picture against which those scenes took place, nor does it want to let you know why Iraqis did this thing. The media does not want you to know the extent to which Iraqis have come to hate the soldiers of the occupation for them to act like this.

I address you as American women, as mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters.

Sisters, I know how painful it is for a woman to lose someone dear. I can feel your pain. For we, Iraqi women, have lost too much, and have suffered what no mother on the face of the earth has. For example, when your government imposed the unjust embargo on our country, we had to watch our children everyday dying from lack of medicine. Because of the weapons of mass destruction your soldiers used, especially depleted uranium, we had to carry babies in our wombs for nine months only to see them born severely deformed. As if all this was not enough for your government, it topped all it off with a war that it launched under false pretexts just to control our wealth, our oil and resources. And it was a brutal war in which many of our children were killed and many others were arrested, both sons and daughters. As of today, your government continues to kill and arrest our sons and daughters. So, after all this, do you still wonder why Iraqis carry such hatred in their hearts towards your kids?!

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