Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yo' Child Left Behind

The program only needs the appearance of success, like everything else in Bush's fascist agenda.

Thousands of children in Indiana and millions across the country are not being counted in the federal government’s effort to leave no child behind academically, an Associated Press report has found.

The No Child Left Behind Act enacted in 2002 was supposed to make sure all students – particularly those most at risk, including minorities – are meeting minimal standards by 2014. But it is precisely the groups the law was meant to target that are most likely to be unaccounted for in the accountability requirements.

The law allows states to set their own parameters for how students will be counted after taking state standardized tests. Students must be counted as an entire group in a school or school district as well as in subgroups, such as black students, Hispanic students or Asian students. But how large the group has to be before it is counted varies from state to state.



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