Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"Right to refuse" is theofascist plot to let their enemies die

Whatever happened to, "First, do no harm?"

Women sue Wal-Mart for refusing to stock legal emergency contraception

Why christians should care:

No one is safe from theofascists. They mean to turn America into a feudal theocracy.


Pelosi charms 13 republicans, falls two votes short of stopping budget cuts on health care

From The Left Coaster
Despite the best efforts of Nancy Pelosi and the Emergency Campaign for America’s Priorities to fight the GOP budget cuts to Medicaid and other domestic programs in the reconciliation bill, the House barely passed $39 billion in cuts this afternoon by the slim vote of 216-214. Pelosi kept the entire Democratic caucus united in opposing the White House budget attack upon Medicaid recipients, students, and mothers seeking collection of child support, while she pulled 13 Republicans across the aisle to vote with Democrats and Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Those GOP incumbents have spared themselves more scorn this fall, while the DCCC and the AARP will be browbeating the vulnerable GOP incumbents among the 216 who decided to do the bidding of lobbyists and protect HMOs and pharmaceutical firms at the expense of millions on Medicaid. Yes, the Democrats will be beating the House GOP over their heads on this vote, and New Jersey’s Frank LoBiondo may be on that list. I wonder how many students and Medicaid recipients LoBiondo has in his district, and whether the blood money he gets from lobbyists is worth it to throw those constituents overboard?

Congratulations to the Emergency Campaign for America’s Priorities in making this vote as close as it was, and in turning those 13 GOP votes our way.

If only theofascists are entitled to health care, it's not in my Bible.


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