Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why does Bush want to test pesticides on humans?

Is it cheap and called Cyclone C?

Why christians should care:

Hitler used a pesticide, Zyklon B (Cyclone B), as the cheapest and fastest way to exterminate Jews. If you think you're safe from Bush's brownshirted, jackbooted SS police state thugs created by the unPatriot Act, tell it to the German Jew World War I veterans who disappeared in Hitler's concentration camps.

Hitler considered Jews vermin. Bush and his junta consider us pests, as well. Are you willing to be treated as vermin deserving of extermination? Or are you willing to fight back?


German and Polish Jews wait for their unelected fascist dictator to "test" pesticide Zyklon B on them at Auschwitz.



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