Sunday, January 22, 2006

Theofascist bullies kill reality show

The unscripted series, "Welcome to the Neighborhood," was heavily promoted and scheduled to appear in a summer time slot usually occupied by "Desperate Housewives." Stephen Wright, 51, who was already living in a nice house a few miles away with his partner and adopted son, said he participated primarily for one reason: to show tens of millions of prime-time viewers that a real gay family might, over the course of six episodes, charm a neighborhood whose residents overwhelmingly identified themselves as white, Christian and Republican.

As it turned out, the Wrights did win - beating families cast, at least partly, for being African-American, Hispanic, Korean, tattooed or even Wiccan - but outside of a few hundred neighbors (who attended private screenings last summer) and a handful of journalists, almost no one has been able to see them do so.

Why christians should care:

White, christian republicans learned to love their neighbors, and the theofascist bullies can't have that in their feudal theocracy.

(I remember watching Jerry Falwell say about 12 years ago, "Gays are vile, evil people...just as soon kill you as look at you." What a wonderful minister of the Gospel of Jesus he is.)

"Love they neighbor" no longer applies to theofascist bullies

This issue isn't television. The issue is that the theofascists want to put most of us in concentration camps that Halliburton will build with our own tax money Bush gives them in no-bid contracts.


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