Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Scalito claims he doesn't recall belonging to "Concerned Alumni of Princeton"

But this writer remembers Scalito very well.


I had been scheduled to testify as an expert on an organization called Concerned Alumni of Princeton. In 1985, on an application for a promotion in the Reagan Justice Department, Alito had touted his membership in CAP, which had opposed coeducation at Princeton and asked for strict quotas limiting the numbers of women and minorities at the university. Alito's membership in the group thus could shed light on his respect for civil rights.

Bill Bradley (Princeton, class of 1965), future Democratic senator, quit CAP in disgust within a year after it was founded in 1972. Bill Frist (class of '74), future Republican Senate majority leader, publicly censured the organization. But CAP survived to become more anti-woman and anti-minority. In 1984, a year before Alito proudly proclaimed his membership, CAP's magazine had published details of an underage female student's sex life and named her, allegedly by mistake. A few issues before that, in a piece about blacks and Latinos, the magazine editorialized: "People nowadays just don't seem to know their place."


Scalito is a pre-American Revolution reactionary intellectual judicial Machiavelli.

More about Concerned Alumni of Princeton

Real name: Future Baby-raping Fascists of America


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