Sunday, January 29, 2006

Proven: Universe only has room for a finite number of marriages

Theophysicists at Liberty University (sic) find proof.

If a gay couple marry, they force a straight couple out the other end of the pipeline and into divorce court.

Why christians should care:

If Jesus taught people to live their lives identifying and "stopping" their country's enemies, it's not in my Bible. For that matter, nothing republicans or theofascists say is in my Bible. They must be using the King Goerge Edition, translated by Jerry Falwell.

If republicans and theofascists don't like being called nazis, they should stop acting like nazis.

Demonizing and marginalizing people you don't like doesn't make you a christian. It only proves you aren't one.

"I wish I could quit you so I don't make an innocent couple get divorced and eat their children."

"What happens in Crawford stays in Crawford."

"Don't worry about that ethanol thing. Dick will take care of it."

"Lance, don't you just love riding through these pretty wildflowers?"

Publicity stills from "Brokeback Mountainbiker"

When Bush rides his mountain bike, others suffer.


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