Saturday, January 07, 2006

"Just Us Sunday III" is another in a series of theofascist pep rallies designed to undermine the Constitution

Judges. Not the Book of Judges in the Bible, but "activist judges" who uphold the law and the Constitution. Those are their real targets.

Judges ram the Constitution down their necks over everything from forced school prayer to evolution to school vouchers. The theofascists despise the rule of law and the Constitution, and mean to replace it with the rule of theofascist mob mentality.

The theofascists want "the gubmnt" our of our lives so they can move in. The gubmnt shouldn't and mustn't tell us how to live. Only theofascist "ministers" should do that. But before they can run our lives properly, they must get rid of those "activist judges" who enforce that librul Constitution.

Robertson: "Judges worse than nazis."

Robertson: "Judges hate God."

These people are traitors and abominations of the highest order.

The first "Just Us Sunday" rallies took place in the late 1930s. Today's theofascists are just reviving the tradition.


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