Monday, January 23, 2006

Imagine the good such people could do if they refocused their energies and resources

Why christians should care:

1. If criminals have guns, we must have guns.

2. If republicans have guns, we really must have guns. (Unless you want to be an easy mark in Holocaust II.)

3. Gun laws only keep guns away from you and me. Criminals always have all the guns they want.

4. Gun laws don't revent gun crimes any more than speed limits prevent driving too fast.

We have far fewer resources of all kinds than the fascists have. It's essential we cooperate on real issues--like Scalito and illegal spying on law-abiding citizens--and accomplish something instead of just acting superior while wasting effort.

Moreover, countless people vote for republicans merely over gun issues, and are "librul" on everything else. (Same about abortion, but that's for another time.) And I can personally atest to the fact that more and more gunowners are becoming infuriated with Bush's trampling of our civil rights. We can turn these people away from the dark side, but only if we reach out to them. If we keep hammering at them about their legally-owned guns that they use legally, we'll keep running them off. And America needs us to put our collective shoulders to the same wheel more than at any time since World War II.

Then, we had two common enemies, Germany and Japan, both fascist in nature. America's biggest enemy today is the republican party, also fascist in nature. This year's mid-terms will decide if our country remains a Constitutional democracy, or slides the rest of the way into feudal theocracy. If we are to save our country, we will need gun owners who have finally realized who republicans really are. We can turn them, but only by reaching out to them over common ground.

Next, we must reach out to those who vote for republicans strictly over abortion.


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