Saturday, January 07, 2006

I disagree: Goerge's illegal spying on law-abiding citizens hasn't affected the mythical "war on terr" because it doesn't exist

There is no war on terr because there are no terists out to kill us because they hate our freedoms. If there were, they'd have attacked us again. Bridges, schools and football games would have gone up in smoke all over the country. But they haven't.

If there were terists, and if goerge was at war with them, he'd have gone after Osama, who was and is a terist leader, and terist cells everywhere, beginning in Afghanistan. But he didn't. He went after Saddam, who wasn't a terist leader, and who was Osama's rival, if not enemy in the truest sense of the word. The war in Afghanistan was never more than a sideshow to take media time away from goerge's real plan: The theft of an entire country--Iraq.

Besides, 9-11 wasn't an attack on America. It included America, but it was an attack on the west for defiling Osama's native Saudi Arabia. Goerge and his propagandists conflated this with their long-held desire to steal Iraq's oil into a holy war so that goerge could re-invent himself as an omnipotent wartime leader. As such, he could use his strong minions in the vast, right-wing conspiracy propaganda machine as well as the weenies and whores in the worthlesscorporatemedia to get out his message, and demonize all those who opposed him.

Once he became a wartime leader, the machine that's been in the works for years, if not decades, roared into action. Industrialists have been gradually taking over America since the turn of the 20th century. In 1933, they tried to replace FDR with a Mussolini-style fascist dictator. During WWII, Henry Ford and both of goerge's grandfathers helped Hitler in his war against the evils of communism and "the Jewish question," which to them were pretty much the same threat to their dream of a fascist world. God only knows how many hundreds of billions of "warbuck" dollars--nazi, American and British--lie in Swiss banks, churning out interest used to further the industrialists' goals.

The attacks of 9-11 at the very least allowed PNAC and its footsoldiers in the GOP to take bold, giant steps they've waited to take for decades. Goerge launched the utterly unnecessary Goof War II so as to create a war atmosphere which "changed everything"--because they said so. And so did their media minions, over and over, until few question the legitimacy of such statements anymore.

So, no, goerge's illegal spying on law-abiding citizens has not weakened the war on terr because there barely is a war on terr to begin with. The war is on the Constitution and democracy itself. The GOP's goal is to turn America into a feucal theocracy, pure and simple.

And if you don't believe that yet, you haven't been paying attention. So, start.


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