Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Goerge's updated resume

From Daughter of Vietnam Vet, courtesy Hoffmanblog.

"Common sense and reality," as in...

*an illegal, immoral, and criminal war that has cost hundreds of thousands of innocents their lives.

*2200 dead American troops and counting.

*A chump military deserter who sent them to their deaths but was not man enough to fight in a war during his enlistment.

*Racism alive and well in this country, as evidenced by the lack of response in Katrina and all of the posturing and hate speech surrounding a Berlin-type wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

*Homophobia alive and well in this country, as we still do not permit nor sanction loving gay couples to make their union legal and permanent.

*Prejudice against women alive and well in this country, as witnessed by the almost-impending loss of reproductive freedoms in the form of Roberts and Alito.

*Millions and millions of working Americans (you know, the earnest ones) just barely getting by on their salaries, and foregoing health insurance because of the costs.

*Healthcare costs that have skyrocketed FORTY PERCENT since the little dictator stole the 2000 election.

*A complete and utter disregard for science and scientific theories, as evidenced by this "intelligent design" nonsense, and as evidenced by schools actually teaching this voodoo to students.

*Corruption as far as the eye can see with these "earnest" folks.

*Stealing from Native American tribes.

*Raping the environment, both in our own country and around the world.

*Destroying all that our founding fathers worked so hard for, and gave their lives for, in the form of the so-called Patriot Act and in the practice of knowingly and willingly violating the 4th Amendment by wiretapping and spying on American citizens.

*Painting anti-war citizens as being "treasonous" and "against the troops," despite the fact that many of the protesters at any event are either veterans, military family members, or those who have lost their sons and daughters to war.

*Vilifying a grieving mother whose son was murdered in a criminal war based on lies.

*Permitting the man behind 9/11 to remind free.

*Cutting educational spending.

*Disrespecting our veterans by cutting their services and pay in a time of war.

*Braying about how "the economy is growing!" Yeah, if you want to work in the service sector.

*Encouraging a lifestyle of Haves and Have Nots in the United States, a gap that widens even as I type this.

*Hiding behind, lying about, and distorting the words of Jesus Christ to justify their own crimes and hatefulness, and blaspheming His Holy Name in the process."


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