Monday, January 16, 2006

Fascist "non-profits" appear to flout IRS laws


Once caught, RNC changes website

Why christians should care.

This is easy. According to the Constitution, we're all entitled to equal protection under the law. This means all laws apply equally to all citizens.

Fascists don't care about laws because laws don't apply to them. They're above the law because they follow a "higher law." In some cases, that higher law is "God's law." In other cases, it's simply no law because they're working to get rid of the Constitution and turn our country into a feudal theocracy.

The point is, they want some laws, just enough laws, to keep us under control until such time as they can get rid of us, one way or another. As long as there are two separate applications of laws in this country, few people are safe from fascist totalitarianism.

See related post below about mega-churches. They're above the law, too.


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