Friday, January 20, 2006

Does Bush use a Bat Signal to contact Osama?

Scott McClellan reminds us to be afraid of Osama, but continues to remind us his boss will get Osama. Definitely. Any minute now.

Whenever Bush gets into trouble, his old buddy, Osama, always pops up with another tape to distract attention away from the latest crimes and revelations of incompetence.

Why christians should care:

Because we're all to old to worry about the boogeyman.

Isn’t it interesting how he pops up at such politically opportune times for GWB? Last time on election eve 2004. With his approval ratings down at 38%, the GOP corruption and WH spying on Americans scandals gaining steam and the Medicare drug benefit turning into a disaster, isn’t it just too convenient that OBL surfaces. Deflects attention away from all those thorny problems for GWB and give Bush renewed talking points to reinforce his handling of his wars -- sometimes it’s two, Iraq and Terrorism and sometimes it’s all one humungous struggle without end.

If OBL wasn’t so good at propping up GWB, Bu$hCo would have had to invent him.

Or did they think of that already?


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