Friday, January 20, 2006

Bush thinks he's already the king because he says so

"It's good to be the king. Right, Dick?"

Who needs that pesky Constitution? After all, "it's just a @&%$#@&$ piece of paper!"

Why christians should care:

The Constitution says we haved a president, not a king. And, sorry, Goerge, but it still applies to you.


No president in over 200 years of our history has ever before claimed the "unitary powers" that Bush claims are his. Not President Lincoln during the Civil War, not President Wilson during World War I, not President Roosevelt during World War II, not President Truman during Korea, and not Presidents Johnson and Nixon during Vietnam.

Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison all saw the danger -- they never arrogated that power to the presidency.


Sesame Street's ELMO tells children to laugh when their parents die in King Goerge's war for oil and world conquest. They may as well laugh since King Goerge keeps cutting survivor benefits.


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