Monday, January 16, 2006

Bush is a deserter

Why christians should care:

Because it's the truth.

Bush claims to be a christian. Yet even a perfunctory examination of Bush's political career shows conclusively that he is a full-time liar. What kind of people worship such a man?

Bush did not complete his military service. Period.

A memo released by the White House from Albert C. Lloyd, Jr., LTC (Ret.) asserts that, based upon an examination of Bush’s records, "George W. Bush has satisfactory years for both 72–73 and 73–74 which proves that he completed his military obligation in a satisfactory manner." The documents released on Friday demonstrate that, even by Lloyd’s own standards, Bush did not have a "satisfactory year" in 1973–74.

According to the Lloyd memo, "Members of the Air National Guard/Reserve are required to have 50 points per retirement year in order to have a satisfactory year for retirement/retention." Although Lloyd asserted that Bush had 56 points in his final year, the documentary evidence shows that Bush had only 40.

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