Saturday, November 19, 2005

Why liberalism is better than cancervatism

These aren't all the reasons, but they are good ones.

Who planted bombs in the World Trade Center?

Fuel from two airliners brought down three buildings? Hogwash. Here's a professor's evidence.

2 1/2 years late, Pentagon geniuses finally talk about Iraq's "stability"

They always fight the last war. Always. That said, no soldiers should be in Iraq. Everything Goerge and his junta said was a lie.

Nearly 2100 soldiers have died for his lies. Let the GOP and Halliburton hire mercenaries, and pay to rebuild the damn place, and bring our kids home now.

Happy Thanksgiving, just don't depend on Food Stamps

Aren't we glad the Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtains are running things?

Goerge can't spell "mainstream," much less find us

We are the majority. We are the mainstream.

If only he were for it here

Goerge to "pray" in Chinese church for "religious freedom." I guess he wants them to lie, steal and bully people like his minions do here.

Goerge's influence on Iraq: Towns segregated by religious hatred

Kinda like what he and his minions do here.

Somebody put me on Shrill O'Really's blacklist

It would be tacky for me to put myself on it.

Vanderbilt wins Tennessee Bowl, whips UT 28-24 in Knoxville

First win over the hated rivals since 1982, first win in Knoxville since 1975. Not post-season, not even on teevee, but it's our bowl game for this year.

I went to sixth-grade with Phillip Fulmer. Tough putty.

I went to UT for three years before I went to college. (That's my UT joke.) Tough putty. (No offense, Jed.)

I graduated from George Peabody College for Teachers in 1974, taking several classes at Vandy along the way. Peabody is now part of Vandy. I expect to hear from the development office soon. I may actually send them some money this time.

Before theofascists started rewriting both the Bible and US history, science and intelligent design were allies

Read what Thomas Paine wrote 210 years ago, and then tell me "America was founded on krixtain* principles."

(*Paine and the other founders wouldn't not recognize today's krixtain theofacists as patriots or christians.)

Goerge: "Iraq is Stalingrad, not Vietnam"

Says "we" will fight to the last man, to the last bullet. (If by "we" he means "your children, not mine or any of my friends' children.")

Don't tell me there's no such thing as evolution

"Krixtain evolves into communist." Or, "Resluglicon switches to Democratic Party."

Send a note of support to Col. Murtha

Gov. Dean will deliver it personally.

Don't you love how draft-dodgers and chickenhawks will attack a veteran, but won't wear a uniform for a single day...much less 37 years as Murtha did.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Me and Michael Moore are the damn mainstream

Numbers don't lie, resluglicons do. All the time. Every time. Full-time.

Theofascists nowhere near the mainstream

Most Americans want science (evolution) taught in science class, and mythology (creationism) taught, if at all, somewhere else.

So sane people want science taught as science, and theofascist wackos want mythology taught as science. Which group is the mainstream?

Resluglicon House nowhere near mainstream

Reslugs want kids to keep dying, most Americans wanted war to end months ago. Which of these two groups is the mainstream?

Crazy resluglicon scarecrow FORCED to have her unAmerican comments stricken from House record

She proves Diebold steals elections. Can you imagine this harridan beat a guy like Paul Hackett?

Can you be a lesbian and a christian?

Sheryl Swoopes can.

What can't Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson do? (Besides be straight and christian.) Attack her* to her face. They can only do it from the long-distance safety of their teevee studios, the sissypants cowards.

(*Or anyone else.)

More on Ohio/Diebold election theft

We actually may get our country back, after all.

Vatican tells Falwell, Robertson, all theofascists to shut up, already, about Intelligent Design

"It isn't science, and doesn't belong in science classrooms." Here, here.

Diebold election theft may be nearing an end

At least in California.

Bit by bit, Americans are rejecting every single aspect of Goerge's fascist, criminal reign of terr. This time next year, we actually may have a Constitutional democracy again. Then we'll have to figure out how to get back the billions Goerge and his friends stole.

Poll: 85% tell Goerge to just shut up and bring the troops home now

But he'll say the overwhelming majority of Americans want to surrender to the terists, or something equally stupid.

True American hero predicts future

He's double super-right, and we're evil because of stuff that hasn't happened. What a country.

While You Were Sleeping: Reslugs strong-arm budget through House

Includes latest offensive in their war on the environment. So much for krixtain stewardship of God's gifts, huh?

There is no rational reason for faith and evolution* to be in conflict

(*Or any other aspect of science.)

There are, however, political and financial reasons for theofascists to keep stirring the pot. They are separatists who want eventually to get rid of everyone who isn't one of them.

Oh, and Charles Krauthammer is even right this time. First time in my memory he was right about anything.

The new GOP morality: If Goerge did lie us into war, it's okay

It was for a "just cause." Which was______?

And this chickenhawk wants the troops to "finish the mission." Which is________?

And I still don't know what a "moonbat" is. Is it something like a "cheese-eating surrender monkey," whatever that is? Any help?

Remember the 2000 election when they said it was okay to have a dumbass president? Their argument was "Dumb/good better than smart/evil." (Actual headline from an editorial.) Turned out, we got dumb/evil when we should have gotten smart/good.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

He loved Big Brother

He is Big Brother. (Which finally explains Goerge's torturing of the English language into Newspeak.)

But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.

How to rewrite the history of how history was rewritten

Ignore the facts and hope no one took notes.

It's bad enough when the vast, right-wing conspiracy liars' progagenda network just repeat what Goerge says. But it's truly pitiful when Goerge starts soundling like all the talkingheads from the vast, right-wing conspiracy liars' propagenda network.

Dino doo-doo shows they ate grass 6000 years ago

Why do these atheist junkscientists want us to believe the Earth is older than 6000 years? Do they hate God, or just America?

Goerge's strong America: 41% of military jobs understaffed

Thank God for giving us a strong leader like Goerge who's the only man able to keep us safe from the boogeymen. He brought so much honor and integrity back to the White House and inspired thousands of young people to enlist to fight...what? People aren't enlisting? What about all those fire-breathing young resluglicons who demanded this war? You mean they aren't enlisting in droves? Do they hate America? Do they want the terists to win? Do they all look French?

McClellan compliments both Murtha and Moore

By comparing the two patriots. I'd be honored if a bozo like Scottie compared me to either one, wouldn't you?

Open letter from Cindy Sheehan to Barbara Bush

Published on Thursday, November 17, 2005 by
Open Letter to George's Mama
by Cindy Sheehan

Dear Barbara,

On April 04, 2004, your oldest child killed my oldest child, Casey Austin Sheehan.

Unlike your oldest child, my son was a marvelous person who joined the military to serve his country and to try and make the world a better place. Casey didn't want to go to Iraq, but he knew his duty. Your son went AWOL from a glamour unit. George couldn't even handle the Alabama Air National Guard. Casey joined the Army before your son became commander in chief. We all know that your son was thinking of invading Iraq as early as 1999. Casey was a dead man before George even became president and before he even joined the Army in May of 2000.

I raised Casey and my other children to use their words to solve problems and conflicts. I told my four children from the time that they were small that it is ALWAYS wrong to kick, bite, hit, scratch, pull hair, etc. If the smaller children couldn't find the words to solve their conflicts without violence, I always encouraged them to find a mediator like a parent, older sibling, or teacher to help them find the words.

Did you teach George to use his words and not his violence to solve problems? It doesn't appear so. Did you teach him that killing other people for profits and oil is ALWAYS wrong? Obviously you did not. I also used to wash my children's mouth out with soap on the rare occasion that they lied…did you do that to George? Can you do it now? He has lied and he is still lying. Saddam did not have WMDs or ties with al-Qaeda and the Downing Street Memos prove that your son knew this before he invaded Iraq.

On August 3rd, 2005, your son said that he killed my son and the other brave and honorable Americans for a "noble cause." Well, Barbara, mother to mother, that angered me. I don't consider invading and occupying another country that was proven not to be a threat to the USA is a noble cause. I don't think invading a country, killing its innocent citizens, and ruining the infrastructure to make your family and your family-friendly war profiteers rich is a noble cause.

So I went down to Crawford in August to ask your son what noble cause did he kill my son for. He wouldn't speak with me. I think that showed incredibly bad manners. Do you think a president, even if it is your son, should be so inaccessible to his employers? Especially one of his bosses whose life George has devastated so completely?

I have been to the White House several times since August to try and meet with George and I am going back to Crawford next week. Do you think you can call him and ask him to do the right thing and bring the troops home from this illegal and immoral war in Iraq that he carelessly started? I hear you are one of the few people he still talks to. He won't speak to his father, who knew the difficulties and impossibilities of going into Iraq and that's why he didn't go there in the first Gulf War. If you won't tell him to bring the troops home, can you at least urge him to meet with me?

You said this in 2003, a little over a year before my dear, sweet Casey was killed by your son's policies:

"Why should we hear about body bags and deaths? Oh, I mean, it's not relevant. So why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?" (Good Morning America, March 18, 2003)

Now I have something to tell you, Barbara. I didn't want to hear about deaths or body bags either. On April 04, 2004, three Army officers came to my house to tell me that Casey was killed in Iraq. I fell on the floor screaming and begging the cruel Angel of Death to take me too. But the Angel of Death that took my son is your son.

Casey came home in a flag draped coffin on April 10th. I used to have a beautiful mind too. Now my mind is filled with images of seeing his beautiful body in his casket and memories of burying my brave and honest boy before his life really began. Casey's beautiful mind was ended by an insurgent's bullet to his brain, but your son might as well have pulled the trigger.

Besides encouraging your son to have some honesty and courage and to finally do the right thing, don't you think you owe me and every other Gold Star parent an apology for that cruel and careless remark you made?

Your son's amazingly ignorant, arrogant, and reckless policies in Iraq are responsible for so much sorrow and trouble in this world.

Can you make him stop? Do it before more mothers' lives are needlessly and cruelly harmed. There have been too many worldwide already.


Cindy Sheehan
Mother of Casey Sheehan
Founder and President of Gold Star Families for Peace
Founder of Camp Casey Peace Foundation

More PROOF Goerge lied us into war

Now, technically, he didn't "manipulate the intelligence." He hired John Rendon to do it for him. So, once again, Mr. President-of-Vice, you can go /*~& yourself.

Texas resluglicons promise to stop breaking the law

They tamper with the election process, and then get away with it. Boy, must be nice.

All resluglicons are liars. They all lie to us all the time about everything.

Now it's revealed the Pentagon has been lying to Congress for years about recruitment and re-enlistment numbers.

So to sum up: All resluglicons are liars. They're pathological liars. They can't help themselves, but that's no excuse. All resluglicons should be exiled to Argentina along with all the other confederate and nazi holdouts, and forever leave America the hell alone.

Goerge launches new war...on GOP and 2/3 of America

Every name he calls us now also applies to resluglicons and the overwhelming majority of the people who are sick of his $#!+.

Poll: Goerge should stay in Japan and study English

Approval rating now at 34%. So, again, about that mandate...

Unrewritten history shows that with few exceptions, Goerge's numbers have dropped each month since he stole his first election five years ago. The more Americans know about him, the more they hate him.

These guys were hanged for starting a war

I can think of some names to submit to the next War Crimes Tribunal: Goerge, Cheney, Condo, Dumsfeld, Feith, Der Ruschkopf, O'Really, Hannity, Coultergeist. Who am I forgetting?

One thing I still wonder about: If 9-11 was the fault of libruls and queers, why did the theofascists support invading Iraq? Shouldn't they have demanded Goerge bomb the Left Coast?

Spinal fluid geysers in Gongress: Murtha (D-PA) calls for Iraq pullout

Murtha linked a rise in terror to the torture at Abu Ghraib and spoke of rampant unemployment in Iraq. Iraq, he said "cannot be won militarily."

"The war in Iraq is not going as advertised," Murtha said. "It is a flawed policy wrapped in illusion."

If only he'd say the rest of the story: Goerge lied us into this war.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Poll: Goerge can just stay in Japan; maybe they can teach him English, not that we care

We don't want him back. Or he can move to Dubai with Michael Jackson. Today. And take Cheney, Condo and Dumsfeld with him.

34% job approval. The longer he's in office, the more the country hates him. His numbers overall have dropped most months since he stole his first election five years ago. So about that mandate to lie non-stop, screw up everything they touch, and rob the Treasury blind...

Goerge starts new war...with GOP

Whatever names he calls us also apply to fellow resluglicons and 2/3 of the American people now. Like I said, he can just stay in Japan.

Song "Bush Was Right", um...proves (?) Saddam had WMDs and al-qaeda links

By...ahem...The Right Brothers. (A song "proves" Goerge was right simply by repeating it over and over?)

Should it be shown on MTV? Cast your vote in COMMENTS.

Cheney told at least 51 documented lies in runup to war

And now he's going to throw these words "back" in our faces? Bring it on, mother******.

Cheney is simply full of $#!+

"In such an environment people sometimes lose their cool, and yet in Washington you can ordinarily rely on some basic measure of truthfulness and good faith in the conduct of political debate. But in the last several weeks we have seen a wild departure from that tradition."

Clearly Cheney was under anesthesia for heart surgery during all the "Whitewater..." and "Clinton murdered Vince Foster..." and "Clinton helped Chinese spies..." and "Clinton murdered Ron Brown..." and "Clinton never wore a uniform for a single day..." and "gay-lovin', draft-dodgin', pot-smokin', womanizing..." and "He's not my Commander-in-Chief" and "If Clinton comes to my state, he might not get out alive..." and "Hillary is a dyke..." good, ol' days of the early-to-middle '90s where there was no limit to the...what was it he called it? "some basic measure of truthfulness and good faith in the conduct of political debate. Yeah, that's what we had in the '90s.

So, to sum up: Cheney is simply full of $#!+. Oh, and screw him and the rigged Diebold machines he rode in on.

The Five Unanswered Questions About 9-11

I actually have a few more, such as, "Why won't Goerge admit he ordered the airliner shot down over Pennsylvania?" Even I would support that decision since it was exactly the right thing to do.

Dr. First protects asbestos makers/users

And those the stuff made sick can go to hell in his Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtain Amerika.

Dr. First wants pharmas who kill or destroy children with vaccines to get off Scott-free

Something about "willful misconduct." Okay, I guess involuntary manslaughter laws no longer apply to resluglicons and their friends.

Goerge: "9-11 first-responders no longer heroes"

"They're no longer of any political use to me."

Takes back $125 million from workers' comp.

Democrats organize to rescue our country from criminals, fascists and theofascists

Find out here how and where to join the rescue team.

God punishes several states for sinful ways

How did Goerge know to be gone this week? Is this his "Wag the Dog?"

Bad weather heading for D. C. Oh, boy, if that Category 7 movie was right, and hot air does make things worse, the Capitol is toast. Bad news is, Goerge's friends still run FEMA instead of (hubba hubba) Gina Gershon.

Just a refresher: Who's a chickenhawk, who's a veteran

Hint: The chickenhawks love war so long as they don't have to be in one.

Halliburton brings slavery back to Gulf Coast

Aren't we all just so glad the Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtains are running things?

Halliburton hired undocumented Latinos to clean up after Katrina, then treated them like crap and sent them away without paying them.

Mary Mapes told the truth about Goerge's desertion in time of war, and got fired from CBS

What librulmedia? Where? Show me one.

That she didn't get two bullets in the head must prove CBS is librul.

How will Goerge wag his dog?

Unrewritten history:

August 2002. Saddam was just another money-raising talking point for the vast, right-wing conspiracy. They'd been mad at him since Bush41 decided to stop Gulf War I after only 100 hours instead of having the Tar Baby war then that we have now.

September 2002. Saddam was going to kill us all, requiring the invasion that gave us the Tar Baby war.

Andrew Card, Goerge's COS: "From a marketing point of view, you don't introduce new products in August."

Resluglicons give aid and comfort to the enemy; some start looking a little French, too

They were for the war before they were against it.

GOP loses nerve, want terists to keep killing innocent lives.

"It is important that we succeed in Iraq... The only reason we won't succeed is if we lose our nerve and the terrorists are able to drive us out of Iraq by killing innocent lives, but I view this as positive developments on (Capitol) Hill," Goerge said safely in Japan.

Cheney helped his oil pirate friends arrange to steal us blind

Oil pirates lied to Congress last week. Why weren't they under oath? Must be nice to steal a few billion dollars, and then have the Veep protect you.

Is it time to set up a Paypal account to pay for the truckload of tar and feathers we'll need to take care of all the resluglicon criminals in this junta?

Scalito was for overturning Roe before he was wishy-washy about it

Was he saying what they wanted to hear just to get a job then, or is he saying what they want to hear now to get a job? Either way, he's a fascist first, a judge if it's not too politically inconvenient.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Kansas was for actual science before it was against it

State redefines science itself. Next: Theomathematics, wherein 2+2=5.

The old definition reads in part, "Science is the human activity of seeking natural explanations for what we observe in the world around us." The new one calls science "a systematic method of continuing investigation that uses observation, hypothesis testing, measurement, experimentation, logical argument and theory building to lead to more adequate explanations of natural phenomena."

Why Goerge lets only women into his fuehrer bunker these days

"But beware if he has only female friends. 'Chances are, he feels threatened by other men and needs women to boost his flagging self-esteem,' she adds."
-- Cosmopolitan, March 1997 (via Nexis).

The sources said Goerge maintains daily contact with only four people: first lady Laura Bush, his mother, Barbara Bush, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes. The sources also say that Goerge has stopped talking with his father, except on family occasions.

Goerge wants to hunt Yogi and Boo Boo

And search their pick-a-nick basket for WMDs.

Dumsfeld rewrites history

Denies wanting to invade Iraq since at least 1998. Blames Goerge for everything. These people truly believe we're too stupid to read what they really said in the past.

Goerge becomes Hitler: 1945

More and more reclusive. Won't talk to his old man anymore. He's behaving exactly like the defeated Adolph did at the end of his war.

Goerge becomes Hitler: 1945

More and more reclusive. Won't talk to his old man anymore. He's behaving exactly like the defeated Adolph did at the end of his war.

Help Der Ruschkopf make even more warbucks

This is over the top even for him.

GOP meltdown: Hagel says Goerge "debases our country"

Blasts his boss for attacking us war critics. Hagel is wrong about one thing, though. This war is absolutely a resluglicon issue. They demanded it, we opposed it from the very beginning. Sadly, many spineless Democrats were too afraid of the vast, right-wing conspiracy hatespeech network to stand with us.

Cheney honors Howard Baker for helping hound Nixon out of office

Half a dozen my day, there would have been hundreds. Where have all the flower grandchildren gone?

See if you're one of Shrill O'Really's "anti-military smear sites"

Quoting--and objecting to--his invitation for terists to attack San Francisco is now "anti-military." Hmmm...He really does live in and appeal to a parallel universe, doesn't he?

Ex-CPB fascist propagandist broke rules, pushed pro-Goerge agenda

Unfair, unbalanced and fascist...that's the resluglicon way. No rules or laws apply to them in their quest to turn our country into a fascist feudal theocracy.

Goerge created the Iraqi insurgency

Overlooking that he invaded a country that hadn't done anything to anybody in 13 years...

And after he rounded up all the unusual suspects, only 2% of them have been convicted of terism.

More election fraud in Ohio

But it didn't just happen there, just this year. The Diebold machines literally stole last year's election for Goerge. The evidence is overwhelming. Why isn't someone prosecuting this election theft?

2068 have died for Goerge's lies

How many of them were young resluglicon chickenhawks who demanded this war? Why aren't they in uniform for the war they love so much?

Why we're in Iraq

If by "we" he means Goerge and the neocons.

Scott Ritter was there. He knows what happened.

We don't have to rewrite history to prove Goerge is a lying warmonger

We just have to quote history. And here it all is.

Finally back in the journalism business, NYTimes calls Goerge the liar he is


It's obvious that the Bush administration misled Americans about Mr. Hussein's weapons and his terrorist connections. We need to know how that happened and why.

Mr. Bush said last Friday that he welcomed debate, even in a time of war, but that "it is deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how that war began." We agree, but it is Mr. Bush and his team who are rewriting history.

Monday, November 14, 2005

You think this only happens in Ohio?

The evidence is overwhelming that it happened everywhere a year ago. In short, Diebold e-voting machines, are rigged in favor of resluglicons. Period.

Cheney, Dumsfeld didn't meet with Chalupa

With no pictures of meeting allowed, Ministry of Trooth can prove the meeting never happened.

Senate resluglicons surrender to the terists!

Are ready for Goerge to end his war. Looks like Goerge will get to stay the course all by his lonesome.

National "Stand Down Day" is Friday

Oh, the body count is now 2068.

Where are all the fire-breathing young resluglicons who demanded this war? A small percentage of them would take care of the Army's recruiting goals for the next year. Why aren't they in uniform? Are they men or mice?

National "Not Your Soldier Day" is Thursday

Tell recruiters to go get all the young resluglicon chickenhawks who love this war, and leave everyone else alone.

Who lied for their war?


Not lame, but ruptured duck: Fewer than 10% would vote for a Goerge minion

Majority call him biggest liar in US history. Which he is.

His pirate ship-o'-state is on the rocks and sinking fast. Notice how all the fascist rats are jumping overboard. Don't let them get away with it. Punish them next year.

"But, but...I disarmded Saddam!"

9-11 Commission says Goerge isn't doing "enough" about terist nukes.

God aims at Goerge, overshoots

Hits Tokyo instead of Kyoto where Goerge is headed.

Can God still aim no better than He did with our hurricanes, or can He just not read phonetic translations of Japanese?

350 Constitutional scholars stand up to Goerge

Who needs well educated experts? We only need people with the right kind of heart that Goerge can know.

Dobbs: Holidays should only "celebrate" America

Jesus and the Easter Bunny are American citizens!

I guess he doesn't know about Memorial Day, Flag Day, July 4, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Arbor Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day...

Yep, Scalito's another fascist

I'll give him an up-or-down vote.

TARGET appoints itself Morality Police

Or maybe they're just afraid of a "christian" boycott by theofascists. Either way, given what we know about Wal-Mart, too, now, K-Mart is looking better than ever.

Ruh-oh, Roerge: More evidence he lied about lying to get his war

You don't need to rewrite history, you just need to tell the whole truth.

"Forgotten" testimony by George Tenet shows pre-war intel was manipulated.

How many resluglicons does it take to change a light bulb?


And then Der Ruschkopf, Pat Robertson and FAUXNEWS get involved.

Nazi Pope turns clock back to Dark Ages

Reminds scientists of what happenend to Galileo.

And for the record, what he says we say about ID and evolution is not what we say.

Goerge is now a librul!

And the fascists and theofascists aren't happy.

Theofascists infiltrate Air Force Academy

Will the rapes decrease or increase now?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

CA developers want to get rid of Little Bart and Honey Bump*

*Watch listings for "Growing Up Grizzly" I and II on ANIMAL PLANET. Then tell me mini-malls are more important than bears.

In Alaska, governor's jet=good, schools=bad, very bad

Well, sacrifices do have to be made for resluglicons to live like 17-century royalty.

Scalito is a threat to much more than the right to choose

He's an old school fascist of the first order. And these folks are finally finding the spinal fluid to say so.

If he'd been on the Court back then, Brown v Board of Education would have gone the other way, and we'd still have segregated schools. Oh, and you wouldn't have the right to privacy that the Constitution clearly describes.

France was right

They--and most other people--knew Saddam couldn't attack anyone. And even if he could, why would he?

I'll have a large order of French Fries, French Cut green beans, French Toast made from French Bread, and French Vanilla ice cream, thank you very much. And I hope Tobey Keith and Charlie Daniels get heartburn watching me eat it.

Six weeks before 9-11, Condo said Saddam didn't have any WMDs

She was for thorough inspections before she was against them.

But that was before he hijacked all those airliners.

Santorum to die mysteriously this week

Was for teaching ID before he was against it.

Says Intelligent Design shouldn't be taught in science class. Pat Robertson's button men will take care of him in the next couple of days.

"Progress" for America knew about Harriet, Scalito before Goerge told us about them

Big bags o' cash funnelled into right-wing p/r firm.

Mehlman finally right about something: Americans want change

From resluglicon corruption, cronyism and incompetence.

FAUXNEWS was for global warming before it was against it

Produces junkscience documentary with RFK, Jr. Are they becoming tree-hugging environazis? Or are they just the same, old nazis they've always been?

Iraqis are joining al-qaeda...

...but young resluglicon chickenhawks aren't joing the Army. Goergie, you're doing a heckuva job.

Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Howard Dean

Finally, a spokesman and a leader for rational, law-abiding patriots.

Goerge never said Saddam was in imminent threat


He said "urgent" threat. It was Dumsfeld, Fleischer, Bartlett and McClellan who said "imminent."

Goerge rewrites history

It is disgraceful, isn't it?

American Legion now a resluglicons-only group

Legion cancels Veterans Day parade to keep Veterans for Peace from participating.