Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cheney: Saddam was innocent of involvement in 9-11 before he was guilty of it

Fa-LIP Fa-LOP!!!

Who's rewriting history?

Cheney's also the one who said, "Saddam has nukes."


"I never said Saddam had nukes."

Do they really believe we don't have records of their lies?

Who's rewriting history?

Goerge and everybody who works for him and voted for him.

Goerge the Kompassionate is definitely for discrimination

Justice Department prosecution of civil rights violations down 40% since the Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtains took power.

You think you're safe?


Goerge orders Southern Illinois U to drop minority fellowships.

Aren't we glad the resluglicons want a smaller gubmnt?

Why can't Catholic theofascists handle the truth about Christmas decorations?

You just have to read about what they call a "victory."

Jimmy Carter is disturbed by what Goerge is doing to our country

The alleged "religious right" should have embraced President Carter. Why didn't they?

Quakers still oppose war. I appreciate consistency, don't you?

I guess that means they've always looked French and hated America.

He's not afraid of the jackbooted IRS thugs

Cleric whose sermon drew political intimidation stands up to the fascists.

Is green kryptonite making people in Kansas crazy?

Huge meteorite found. Maybe that's why they hate science.

Citing history is not rewriting it

Goerge didn't tell the whole truth. (Why should he start now?)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Who's rewriting history?


Goerge does not share all his intel with Dems.

What to say to resluglicons who say Dems voted for the war*

(*Which isn't what they voted for, but that's another issue.)

"The Democrats did not have the same 'information' Goerge had." Period. You may throw in, "We never expected a president to tell so many lies in order to get a war."

Goerge's war on veterans: An opinion from Disabled American Veterans

Read this and other similar posts below, and then remember why to slap the next resluglicon who talks about "supporting the troops."

Ladies and gentlemen, President Jimmy Carter

His new book is "Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis."

Santorum blames "media" for Goerge's war lies, unnecessary war

No news outlet made Goerge tell lies or invade a country that didn't and couldn't attack or even threaten us.

Saying he wasn't distancing himself from Goerge, he proceeded to distance himself from Goerge. If these people weren't such assholes, this might be pitiful.

Trickle down corruption as far as the eye can see

This is a great summary of Goerge's junta.

Goerge fires back at peaceniks with another forged document

Fires and misses every target. We called that a "Bolo." Before that it was "Maggie's Drawers."

Good news for those who can handle only good news: Army meets recruiting goal

By lowering that goal by one-third.

Veterans for Peace call for Goerge's impeachment

Happy AWOL Veteran's Day, Goerge.

Fisher House does more for military families than Goerge ever has

Or ever will.

Vietnam Veterans Against War know something about bogus wars

Group was formed in 1967.

You say you support the troops? Then do something about homelessness

These folks are.

Honor veterans by ending this stupidass war

2060 are dead already. For what? How many more must die for Goerge's lies and Halliburton's warbucks?

Iraq, Afghanistan veterans showing up in homeless shelters

Yep, Goerge and the resluglicon chickenhawks sure do support the living shit out of the troops, don't they? Hey, I bet another tax cut would take care of them.

Methodist bishops repent for Goerge and his war lies

Goerge, by the way, claims to be a Methodist.

Resluglicons pray for another terist attack to rescue Goerge's reign of, well, terr

They'll probably fake some more attacks.

And even if it happened, we'd have only Goerge to blame, not to follow.

If Ken Mehlman taught history

Just read 'em. They're high-larious. And apt.

Shrill O'Really? wants al-qaeda to attack San Francisco

He never wore a uniform for a single day, but he's all bent out of shape over the city's limits on military recruiting. Could he be any more hypocritical?

Bombs, not planes, brought down the WTC

Now 2060 GIs are dead to punish Saddam for what Osama did...or maybe didn't do, after all.

Oh, and the airliner that the "heroic" passengers brought down in PA? It was shot down. There was debris from the plane found seven miles away, which means a fighter shot it down.

Former WWII crewmen seek to honor their skipper

He was the only destroyer captain to sink an enemy battleship.

Notice that nobody who served with Goerge in the Alabama Air National Guard is ever at a public event. That's because he went AWOL instead of reporting for duty.

Draft-dodging chickenhawk Cheney defiles Tomb of the Unknowns

Who'll pay to fumigate Arlington National Cemetary after this disgrace?

VFW thugs try to remove legal peace display

And I'd bet they're all "law and order" resluglicons who believe the Bill of Rights consists of only the Second Amendment.

Goerge says recounting his myriad war lies is "rewriting history"

1. WMDs. (None found, none existed.)
2. 9-11. (Saddam and Osama hated each other.)
3. Carpets of flowers. (They're all lined with roadside bombs.)

He lied then, he lied ever since, he lied today. He's a pathological liar.

Only a handful of WWI veterans left

As many as 50, perhaps as few as 30.

GOP chickenhawks to defile parades, cemetaries today

One deserter, hundreds of chickenhawks, all on parade today.

Bullshit Protector Alert: Goerge will "refute" charges he lied for his war

But he still cannot produce a single WMD, a shred of proof Saddam was in cahoots with Osama, or a picture of one carpet of flowers not lined with IEDs.

Therefore, get your Bullshit Protectors here.

Goerge is still AWOL

Beyond the shadow of a doubt. And yet that worthless sack of chimp shit will defile the service of all actual veterans at parades and cemetaries today. For that, all flags should be flown at half-staff in mourning of his very existence.

If by "support the troops" you mean treating them like $#!+

Scroll down to "Bush Screws Veterans."

Then do your own Google for the same subject. You'll get about 849,624 hits. So the next time someone uses "resluglicon" and "support the troops" in the same sentence, slap him. Or her, for that matter.

If you hear a resluglicon say he supports the troops, slap him

Or her, for that matter.

How many ways has Goerge screwed veterans in the last four years? Read 'em and weep. Then, again, if you ever hear a dumbass say resluglicons support the troops, bitch-slap him until he apologizes for ever voting for a resluglicon.

A history of Veterans Day

At first, it was Armistice Day, celebrating the END of the worst war in history. Then it was to remember VETERANS of our wars, all of which up to that time were unavoidable. Now, inexplicably, it's about mindlessly supporting an AWOL, unelected, totally corrupt president (sic), his unnecessary war, wiping one's ass with the Constitution, and singing bad country music.

Point of order: Active duty soldiers aren't veterans.

Resluglicon view of Extreme Court shows hypocrisy

Student newspaper does what worthlesscorporatemedia won't...point out the obvious.

FAUXNEWS forced to admit even their mindless minions are sick of Goerge

36% approval. Next year's mid-terms will be a massacre.

We're violent gun crime

And still near the bottom in education.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Goerge knew about 9-11 from the beginning of his first court-appointed term

Pentagon also knew, ignored reports. And they called us unpatriotic for opposing the war on the wrong guy.

Pat Robertson threatens fire and brimstone on pro-science town

Repeat after me: "That senile, theofascist lunatic, Pat Robertson, doesn't speak for me."

Cheney (and every other resluglicon) thinks we're all just stupid

They really believe their denials and lies will erase transcripts and recordings of what they actually said.

Theofascists want to ban divorce

They intend to control every single aspect of your life. Whether they succeed, or not, is entirely up to you and your willingness to (a) vote Democrat in every possible election, and (b) stand up to them and tell them to move to Argentina with all the other confederate and nazi holdouts. They won't be bothered by us libruls or our pesky Constitution down there.

Another civil war is coming. Are you getting ready?

Moral leadership: Reslugs lose election, brawl amongst themselves

Resluglicons are the worst people on the planet.

Help Dr. Dean rebuild the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party

For all their flaws, failures and weaknesses in recent years, they're still the only option. You don't really want the criminal, warmongering resluglicons to keep robbing the country and invading the world, and helping their theofascist friends destroy education and learning, do you?

Theoscientists prove heaven is hotter than hell

It's in the Old Testament, so it has to be right. Like that part about selling your daughter into slavery if she misbehaves.

God-hating junkscientists want us to believe prehistoric crocodile is more than 6000 years old

Why do they hate Jesus?

New discovery can't possibly be 135 million years old. The Bible clearly says the Earth is 6000* years old. And Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church where, as the only people on the planet, Cain and Abel met in Sunday School their future wives who came from...where was that again?

*(150 years ago it clearly said the Earth was 4000 years old. But that was before Jerry Falwell's "Liberty" University hired theobiologists and theogeologists.)

Veterans Day insult! Fascist chickenhawks no longer allow veterans to testify before House Veterans Affairs Committee

Next person you hear say resluglicons "support the troops," give 'em a slappin'.

Goerge and his chickenhawks have screwed us veterans, active duty and dependents once a week for five years. And that's not even counting sending them to die in that bullshit war in Iraq.

Mutiny on Capitol Hill: Reslugs can't pass Goerge's budget

Resluglicons are slithering away from Goerge in droves out of fear of next year's mid-term massacre.

Don't let them get away with it. They were all on their knees before him for the war, tax cuts, Terri Schiavo, and the rest. Now that the whole world knows how incompetent and corrupt Goerge's junta really is, these fascists don't want us to think they were in on it. Screw 'em. We know all their names. They'll all pay in a year.

Goerge has dossiers on at least 10,000 enemies...all Americans

Rove is much worse than J. Edgar Hoover ever was.

Look who's becoming peaceniks

Spooks. Military and civilian spooks. They usually thump their chests and rattle their sabres for war. No more.

Goerge's war with Syria will be even worse than Iraq

Successor to regime change will be less US-friendly than those now in power in Iraq. So basically, we toppled Saddam, a liberal, secular muslim who didn't and couldn't threaten anyone, and in his place we now have extreme fundamentalists who hate everybody. After regime-changing Assad, the same thing will happen in Syria. Goergie, you're doing a heckuva job. If by "job" we mean making the world a much more dangerous place than it was four years ago.

Goerge's new pack o' lies to "hit back" at people who tell the truth about his war lies

Will jusify invading this time?

Remember the first 27 lies he told to justify invading Iraq?

Here are a few, just to refresh your memory.

1. War On Terror

2. WMDs

3. Denied Access to Inspectors

4. Regime Change

5. Saddam Hussein is Evil

6. Curry Favor with the Middle East

7. Set an Example for Nations that Sponsor Terrorism

8. Liberate Iraqis

Remember Osama bin Hidin, the guy who attacked us four years ago? Anybody? Anybody? (Sound of crickets)

No one wants to be seen with Contagious Goerge

Santorum will avoid AWOL Goerge at Veterans Day parade.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another theofascist hypocrite extraordinaire

You've probably never heard of Jay Sekulow. Now you have.

The book that almost wasn't; Rathergate revisited

And you wonder why I call them the worthlesscorporatemedia? They're all part of the vast, right-wing conspiracy the fascists started building the day after Nixon (ptooey!) resigned, to make sure the "eastern librul press" never "hounded a good man out of office" again.

Leahy stands up to theofascist bullies, names names

He's right, a jihad is a jihad, and a fatwah is a fatwah, except the theofascists call them "sermons."

America to Goerge: "You suck!"

38% think he deserves to keep breathing. They also believe Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church, and 2+2=5.

Powell knew Goerge's war lies were lies

And we used to think we could trust this man. How did he become as corrupt as the rest of the junta he so misguidedly worked for? Or were we always wrong about him?

Ministry of Trooth strikes again: White House alters transcript of press briefing

We have always been at war with Oceania.

Do they believe theirs is the only record of what was said?

Battle Hymn of the Republicans

(Sung to the tune of 'Battle Hymn of the Republic.')

"Glory, glory how he'll screw ya!
The doofus marches on."

(Several verses)

Theofascists PRAY for the "right" to bully and discriminate

If this isn't an abomination, I don't know what is.

Ohio theofascists admit they want to replace our democracy with their theocracy. In so many words.

We've always known their agenda, but it's nice to have them saying so on the record.

Americans must be 'Christocrats" -- citizens of both their country and the Kingdom of God -- the Rev. Rod Parsley told his congregation at the World Harvest Church, located just outside Columbus, Ohio. "And that is not a democracy; that is a theocracy," he said. "That means God is in control, and you are not."

Et resurrexit: Liberalism rises from the dead

And the fascists are on the run from coast to coast.

Now THAT's a mandate: A summary of the march back to freedom

I like this analogy that, despite a couple of losses, Dems won The Series.

Now THAT's a mandate: Earth stands up to toothless Goerge

Lies, incompetence and corruption are taking their toll on Goerge's dreams of world conquest. He's not paranoid, but that doesn't mean everybody's not against him now.

Now THAT's a mandate: Most Americans call Goerge the lying warmonger that he is

People are finally waking up to the facts. Spin away, Coultergeist.

Now THAT's a mandate: Both coasts begin to squeeze fascists out of power

Schwarzenator's agenda, like, totally wasted, dude.

A summary of what happens when enough people vote to overwhelm Diebold election thieves.

Now THAT's a mandate: Pro-honesty Dem smashes pro-Goerge Dem 69% to 31%

This is what happens when we have Diebold-free elections. Soon, though, the mandate will be so huge not even professional election thieves will be able to stop the march back to a constitutional government.

Now THAT's a mandate: School board cleansed of pro-ignorance theofascists

Most people don't vote in school board elections. This time a whole pile of people voted. And the theofascists got their sanctimonious butts wiped. This is what happens when we have free, aka Diebold-free, elections.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Theofascists pray for right to bully and discriminate

If that's not an abomination, I don't know what is.

The whole truth about Goerge's war lies

Only the verb tenses have been changed to protect the innocent native English speaker from whatever butchered language Goerge speaks.

Dems whip fascists in two gubernatorial races. Take that, Diebold!

Not even the professional vote-stealers can stop the revolt against fascist criminals.

Guess what? VA voters report e-voting machine "problems:" Votes for Dem candidate recorded as votes for fascist candidate.

Goerge declares VA race referendum on his worthiness to be president. Goerge loses referendum on his worthiness to be president.

SIDEBAR: Diebold nearly steals Schwarzenator's vote from himself. Really.

One step closer to theocracy: Kansas schools to teach Intelligent Design

Next their geology classes will teach the Earth is 6000 years old, and Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs to church.

The mid-terms are only one year away. Sign up here to help stop those who would turn our country into a feudal theocracy

Host an event.

If Goerge really wanted to find out who outted Valerie Plame, he'd torture Scooter and Cheney

Works for stopping terist attacks, don't it? I mean, we haven't had any more since 9-11...

If FAUXNEWS had been around throughout history

"Negroes attack police, demand special rights. Wallace says he won't negotiate with terists."

Video hilites of Goerge's war lies

And Cheney's. And Condo's.

Many of us never fell for any of these lies, but lots of others did. What's wrong with those people? Would they believe Goerge if he said today was Thursday? I'd bet on it.

Resluglicon "leadership:" Our leaks=good, your leaks=bad, very bad

Dr. First and Hastert don't object to leaks that distract us from their president's war lies, but now throw hissyfits and conniptions that someone leaked info about their president's love of torture.

UPDATE: Lott says fellow resluglicon ratted out his president's secret torture prisons.

Dems ask Goerge to pledge not to pardon Scooter

Everybody holding your breath that he'll take the pledge, raise your hand.

Ohio theofascists admit they want to replace our democracy with their theocracy. In so many words.

Free will now means mindless obedience to a theofascist preacher.

Americans must be 'Christocrats" -- citizens of both their country and the Kingdom of God -- the Rev. Rod Parsley told his congregation at the World Harvest Church, located just outside Columbus, Ohio. "And that is not a democracy; that is a theocracy," he said. "That means God is in control, and you are not."

Dictionary of Republicanisms: "Clarify: To repeat the same lie over and over"

Just another reminder that whatever a resluglicon says, the opposite is the truth.

Theofascists worried jackbooted IRS thugs may come after them, too

They know they're safe for another year. But come the mid-terms next November, the upper hand will be on the other foot, and they know it.

"School days, tool daze, dear old ethics rules days..."

Goerge's button men...snicker...begin ethics school classes...snort...this is funnier than SNL was last weekend.

Two KKK women who aren't censors or book banners want to censor and ban a book

Want to protect their kids from reading about brain matter, but don't mind if Goerge invades a country just for the hell of it.

Chickenhawks! Goerge needs you for his new war with Syria!

The new army should be made up exclusively of those who voted for Goerge and demanded wars of world conquest. They can foot the bill, too. Count me and my taxes out on this one.

God's Own Party uses Nixonian dirty tricks in Virginia

Resluglicons create, use fake telemarketing message that's all lies. What do we expect from them?

Aren't we all glad they're Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtains? Imagine what toxic slimebuckets they'd be otherwise.

Cops keep us safe from topless peaceniks

Hippie chicks may go on sex offender list; Goerge avoids war criminal list.

How many actual crimes went ignored while cops were wasting their time arresting these women?

Monday, November 07, 2005

$44 BILLION a year on intelligence, and Goerge still can't find Saddam's WMDs, Osama bin Hidin...

...any actual terists, or a topic he won't lie about.

What do we get for all that money? I mean besides "cooked" intel that let Goerge lie his way into a war we didn't have to fight? I want a refund.

Goerge gets ready to invade Syria. So not kidding.

Cuts diplomatic ties.

What possible reason can he come up with this time? They're using alien technology to clone dinosaurs and sic them on our troops in Iraq?

Goerge's latest lie: "We do not torture. And 2+2=5."

The illiterate, drunk, AWOL, unelected, corrupt, fascist warmongering, biggest criminal in American history forgot to add, "Anymore."

Frat boy fun at Abu Ghraib

If by "we" he doesn't include those to whom he outsourced his torture.,,2089-1357699,00.html,,2091-1357726,00.html

Theofascist Intelligent Design advocates aren't just liars

They're pretty bad liars.

Why do alleged krixtains lie so much? We all know exactly what their motivation and intentions are. It insults our intelligence when they think we'll fall for their lies.

"Mr. President, have you, as you promised, led an ethical administration?"

(Sound of crickets.)

14 million-year-old skull sends Falwell into apoplexy

New find may be "missing link" to "cradle of humanity" in Mediterranean.

If Noah saved the dinosaurs on his ark 1,500 years ago, why do all our calendars say Jesus was born 2000 years ago?

Big Brother's jackbooted fascist IRS thugs threaten Episocpal church over anti-war sermon

Every Baptist and other Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtain church in the land can tell their flocks to vote for Goerge, hate libruls, ignore science, and round up queers, but one Episcopal rector speaks out against an illegal war, and BAM! A real church faces losing its tax-exempt status.

It may be time for another revolution.

Why didn't Big Brother's jackbooted fascist IRS thugs treat these people the same?

Meet the First Conservative Baptist Church.

Pastor, other chickenhawks wear camo fatigues to church, but not to the war they love.

Just Us Republicans Sunday I & II

Women "become" lesbians when they make more money than men.

And then there's Jerry Falwell

Sunday, November 06, 2005

KKK become tree-huggers, environazis

Next they'll be wanting peace on Earth.

Kompassionate Kancervative Krixtains realize they'll never beat us, so they finally join us. At least on the whole "stewarship of natural resources" thing.

This must be how decent Germans felt in the 1930s as they watched a cancer devour their country

The parallels between the Nazis and today's resluglicon fascists and theofascists are undeniable. Hang onto your anger for a year, and throw the bastards out in the mid-terms.

Now God's mad at Indiana and Kentucky

Rare off-season tornado punishes two states for their wicked ways.

White separatist church fires "pastor" for being a little too wacky even for them

You just don't know which white separatist church to join anymore. Time was, all you needed to know was Baptist, Nazarene, Church of Christ, something like that. Now...

Martin Lindstedt has described himself in writings and verbally that he is a pastor with the Church of the Sons of YHVH.

But that church has barred Lindstedt from its membership.

In a letter dated Aug. 9, 2005, and posted on their website,, the white supremacist organization booted Lindstedt from its membership because he was “writing and distributing some very disturbing ideas*,” according to Pastor Morris L. Gulett. These ideas included “prion poisoning” of game animals, the “skinning alive of prisoners and execution by slow torture,” and the “gang rape of female whigger herd animals to use them as a brooding stock.”

(*White separatism isn't a "disturbing idea?")

If the mid-terms were held this week...

Democrats 55%

Resluglicon chickenhawk criminal fascists 37%

When Clinton attended the Summitt of the Americas, adoring crowds cheered him

Now the whole world hates Goerge, and we all understand why.

Goerge used eminent domain to put $14 million in his pocket

Didn't know a damn thing about baseball, but he sure knew how to steal land for his baseball stadium.

This man's legacy will be one of lying, incompetence, theft, warmongering and fascism. We should take up a collection and build our own presidential library to commemorate his unelected junta so generations of Americans can know never to vote for or trust a resluglicon ever again.

Would you buy a used Russian helicopter from this man?

There is no limit to resluglicon corruption and incompetence.

Goerge put Iraqi used car salesman with no weapons experience in charge of buying...wait for it...weapons for new Iraqi army. And guess what? No-bid contracts--surprise surprise--resulted in waste and theft.

Resluglicons are criminals. Remember their crimes in a year and put them out of business in the midp-terms.

2045 have died for Goerge's lies and his friends' warbucks

15,353 wounded. FOR WHAT?

Fire up the tar and feathers, and keep the pot boiling for the next year while we ramp up for the midterms. This time when we kick the fascist criminals out, we'll keep them out. Never again will we listen to claims of how they're moral and patriotic, and we're not.

Screw 'em. Resluglicons are liars, criminals, chickenhawks, draft dodgers, warmongers, fascists and abominations. Screw 'em all.

Let 'em move to Argentina with all the other confederate and nazi holdouts. They won't be bothered by that pesky Constitution down there.

Resluglicons do not support the troops, but they do support raking in the warbucks.

Meanwhile, National Guard has "nothing to train with."

"Old men still talk and argue while young men still fight and die"

Remember when anti-war songs were all over the Top 40? This one is still valid 34 years later. So are a lot of others. We should sing them loudly and proudly again, and dare the chickenhawks to say we hate America and look French. They can say it to our faces, and then go join the Army, or shut the hell up.

The Pentagon is as corrupt as the White House

Join National Guard, get a big bonus...NOT!! Well, with a pathological liar like Goerge as our moral leader...

Goerge and his entire crime family should be impeached...tomorrow. Everyone in the Pentagon should be court-martialed...tomorrow. Let them all spend the next 20 years in Gitmo.

Guardsman re-enlists, Pentagon kills bonus

A Department of Defense decision to renege on war-time promises to pay bonuses to more than a dozen re-enlisting Washington National Guardsmen has sparked outrage from prominent elected officials and state National Guard officers working to rectify the situation.

According to a state Guard spokesman, Maj. Phil Osterli, at least 15 Washington National Guardsmen and women signed re-enlistment forms promising them a tax-free $15,000 bonus in return. Many of them were stationed in Iraq at the time, he said.

But Pentagon officials have said in published reports that the bonuses were canceled because they duplicated other programs and were prohibited.

Much more.

Big Brother 100 times more intrusive than ever before

Remember the good old days when resluglicons at least pretended they wanted a smaller gubmnt? We knew they were lying (they always lie), but it was at least entertaining to listen to their hogwash.

Hey, separatist militias and other idiots...this is your fault. You were stupid enough to listen to the fascists who convinced you it was libruls who wanted Big Brother. We tried to tell you, but you wouldn't listen. Happy yet?

Resluglicon corporate whore pretends to fuss at oil pirates over gouged profits

Nice try, Denny, but we all know who you really are.

White House liar knew Iraqi liar was a liar, demanded war anyway

Biggest criminal in American history.

Goerge The Liar knew over a year before he invaded a country that didn't and couldn't attack or threaten us that there was no reason to invade a country that didn't and couldn't attack or threaten us...except for all the reasons he made up, that is.