Saturday, October 29, 2005

But where do they go to church?

Do they want to turn America into a feudal theocracy, or do they want to eat babies? Nothing else matters.

Meet the two fascists Goerge is most likely to nominate to the Supreme Court.

Theofascists bully actual church over AIDS outreach

How could anyone confuse the two groups? One is a church and the other group is a bunch of theofascist thugs out to turn America into a feudal theocracy.

If you don't like the truth, lie

If you don't like what Fitzgerald actually said, twist it into something you do like.

If you don't like the facts, make up your own

It's what Der Ruschkopf does.

How hard was that? In Australia, intelligent design is a faith, not a science

What more is there to say?

The war that didn't have to be: Saddam agreed to quit before Goerge invaded

Other Arab leaders queered the deal.

2000 empty t-shirts flapped in the breeze

Only 200 patriots showed up. Where have all the flowerparents gone?

2014 KIA. Goergie, you're still doing a heckuva job

2014 that we know about. 15,353 wounded. That we know about.

For what?

For those lazy dummies who refuse to accept the civic responsibility of voting

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

– Plato

Cheney still in Fitzgerald's sights

Veep ain't off the hook yet.

Election thief calls Iran, Syria "outlaws"

Most corrupt president (sic) in history, showing also the most chutzpa ever, thinks rattling his light sabre again will take our minds off the fact that he's a ruptured duck for the next three years. If he lasts that long.

Indictments a moment of truth for Goerge

Also a wake-up call.

Clinton during impeachment: approval in the 60s
Goerge for weeks now: approval hovering around 40%

"When Clinton said, 'I'm going back to do my work,' people cheered," Podesta said. "When Bush says, 'I'm going to do the job I've been doing,' people say, 'Oh, no.' "

Friday, October 28, 2005

Yankee, Go Home Redux

Iraqi Shiites on the verge of demanding Goerge get out of their country he invaded without cause.

It's V-J Day all over again

Victory Over Jerks Day.


Victory Over Junta Day.


GIs sick of Goerge and his war

Poll shows unrest in the ranks. 'Bout time they wised up. Better late than never.

Rove may have to testify against Scooter

This just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Why Goerge caved on Katrina cleanup wage cuts

Now we need to require Halliburton et al to hire locals and legal immigrants instead of illegals.

"Christians" just as crooked as all other resluglicons

They don't have to follow campaign contribution laws, either.

Goerge's false moral superiority

Whatever happened to all that "honor and integrity" Goerge was going to bring "back" to the White House?

Always remember and never forget: Whatever a resluglicon says, the opposite is the truth.

Market surges after indictments; investors celebrate return to rule of law

People know this is the beginning of the end of this corrupt, fascist junta, and they're thrilled.

2006 KIA because of what Rove, Scooter and others helped Goerge do

Remember that Treasongate is about punishing a man and his wife for contradicting Goerge's lies for war on behalf of PNAC.

Fitzgerald: Rove "broke other laws"

Wants Turdblossom for more than perjury.

FAUXNEWS still defending treason

The screeching banshee Coultergeist and the yellowstain chickenhawk Spawn Insannity still live in their parallel universe where war is peace, freedom is slavery and 2=2=5.

The issue isn't that these and so many other fascists happily excuse treason by one of their own. It's that people actually go out of their way night after night to watch them do it.

Fitzgerald looking hard at Scooter's replacement, too

Treason's Greetings!

Addington may be gone soon, too. Is there anyone in this corrupt junta not tainted by treason?

One criminal down, many more to go

Scooter indicted on five counts, resigns. Fitzgerald looking hard at Rove, Bolton.

Prosecutor's family in Witness Protection Program.

I2K vigils mark "artificial milestone"

Those aren't artificial body bags the dead GIs come home in.

Freedom under Goerge: Kent State threatens Iraq vet student with expulsion over protest

A guy who supposedly risked his life for freedom doesn't have it here. Goergie, you're doing a heckuva job.

Treasongate is Watergate II

Just as Gulf War II is Vietnam II. Goergie, you're doing a heckuva job.

High Noon for Goerge

Indictments go to magistrate at noon EDT, press conference at 2:00 PM.

White House has replacements standing in the wings ready to go on for Rove, Libby.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Who killed Harriet? Fascists and theofascists.

Don't let the amhateradio talkingheads get away with blaming "the left," "senators," or anybody else. It was the extreme far right-wingnuts who realized Harriet, unqualified though she was, was not one of them.

We shudder to think whom Baghdad Goerge can nominate to pass their non-litmus test litmus test. The ghost of Joe McCarthy comes to mind, and in this Halloween "season," it may be possible.

Big Brother gets access to student email

Today, Oregon University. Tomorrow...

One step closer to the good, ole days of one big phone company

Who needs competition? Hurray for monopolies!

Two national science groups stand up to theofascists

Theofascists are in charge of education in Kansas. Avoid the place.

Why2K? Hear from a Gold Star mom

The body count stands at 2004 as of this morning. For what?

Theofascist Women of America make "feminist" Harriet withdraw

She's not nearly theofascist enough for them.

Baghdad Goerge blames "senators," implying Democrats, ignoring the fact it was almost exclusively resluglicons who opposed her.

Rove plays "Let's Make A Deal"

Reportedly wants to cop pleas to a few charges instead of many.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Breaking: Theofascists make Harriet Miers withdraw her name

She's a "feminist" and not nearly theofascist enough.

Also read what the theofascist group, Concerned Women of America, said about Harriet.

Big Brother now in charge of passports

Baghdad Goerge orders that all new passports include a radio chip that broadcasts your identity--and therefore your location.

Baghdad Goerge promotes demonic Satanism

Posts anti-Jesus ghost stories on website.

Possible (gasp!) corruption (gulp!) seen in Iraq contracts

Naah, Kompassionate Kancervative Kristian resluglicons would never do anything like that.

Moral theofascists want people to die from lung cancer

They oppose immoral pot, but say nothing about tobacco since cigarette companies give zillions to re-elect KKK resluglicons.

Soldiers learn criminality from resluglicons

Drugs, stolen body armor...well, with a president like Baghdad Goerge, a Veep like Cheney, and people like Delay and Dr. First in Congress...

The real costs of Baghdad Goerge's war of lies

Sen. Leahy spells them out.

Meet an anti-war Marine

And a pro-war yellow elephant college resluglicon. Who's the patriot, and who's the sissypants chickenhawk?

All their lies about Treasongate

In one easy-to-access place.

Yep, they're lining up to excuse treason and defend traitors

We knew they'd do it, but so many?

2001: A Base Odyssey

2001 American soldiers now have died for the wrongest reasons in our history.

Sign the petition: Tell Baghdad Goerge to send his kids to Iraq, or bring everyone else's home now

There are scores of kids in his family, and thousands in the families of warmongering chickenhawks, who could be "serving their country," but aren't. It's their turn.

Jesus Land, A Memoir

One woman's story about growing up in a Kompassionate Kancervative Kristian family.

Yep, it's Turdblossom and Scooter

Now watch the fascists line up to tell us what they did was no big deal, and Fitzgerald is a gay librul.

Breaking: Fitzgerald asks Grand Jury to indict Rove, Libby

Stay tuned. Official announcement may not come today.

It's going to be entertaining watching the fascists take turns telling us traitors aren't traitors because treason isn't treason when they do it.

Why outting a CIA spook is treason

It can result in murder. It has resulted in murder. And Cheney knew it 30 years ago.

"Oh, the billiard parlor's walls come 'a-tumbling down"

There's trouble in River City for everybody who works for Baghdad Goerge.

Fitzgerald meets with Grand Jury. Indictments likely sealed, made public tomorrow at earliest.

One in ten Americans believe no traitors in White House

It appears that Baghdad Goerge's policy of always saying the opposite of the truth is finally paying off...for the country, that is, not for this fascist junta. People are wising up, the fascists are going down.

How do we recall these slimebuckets before the mid-term massacre next year?

Baghdad Goerge says terists are after mermaids, dinosaurs

And will spend our money to protect them.

Baghdad Goerge admits nucular bunker buster won't stop roadside booby traps

Nixes nuke bomb for conventional (chemical) alternative. How will this stop IEDs which have accounted for half of US casualties in Gulf War II? It won't, but it will funnel even more of our money to Baghdad Goerge's friends in the neverending defense welfare scam.

They died for Baghdad Goerge's lies

And, of course, for PNAC's plan to conquer the world.

Baghdad Goerge says war with Syria "last resort." That means he starts bombing five minutes after Fitzgerald indicts his entire cabinet

By the way, American soldiers have been in Syria for at least two weeks. But in Baghdad Goerge's parallel universe, that doesn't count as military action until he says it does.

Losing his last scintilla of credibility, King Goerge says his war of lies hasn't helped terist recruitment

We should just start calling him Baghdad Goerge.

Remember Baghdad Bob, Saddam's sidekick who kept saying there were no Americans in soldiers virtually knocked on his door? King Goerge has fallen to that level of lunacy now. There have been weekly reports for 2 1/2 years that his war has dramatically boosted terist recruitment worldwide. The State Department and even the Pentagon have said as much. Now he says, as all resluglicons do, the opposite of what everyone knows to be true, and expects us to believe him.

How much longer will America tolerate this fascist junta that insults our intelligence literally every day? We must recall this entire administration, and send Baghdad Goerge off to the celebrity golf circuit where he belongs.

I2K vigils scheduled for today nationwide

Iraq 2000 Killed.

Find a vigil near you.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"The best way to honor the 2000 KIAs is to finish the mission I said was accomplished 2 1/2 years ago."

King Goerge is just full of shit. We don't owe the dead anything. It's too late for them. We owe the soldiers who are still alive a chance to stay that way instead of dying in a bullshit war for an unelected president's lies and his friends' warbucks.

Cheney caught in yet another lie

Denied knowing Joe Wilson--husband of outted CIA agent Valerie Plame--three months after receiving report about...wait for it...Joe Wilson.

Texas bans marriage!

For gays, straights, everybody. Read it for yourself.

If the theofascists get their way...

...Halliburton will build enterprises like this to hold libruls, queers and everybody else the Kompassionate Kancervative Kristians hate.

King Goerge knew the yellowcake documents were forgeries

But kept lying about them. And everything else to get his war for his friends at PNAC.

King Goerge lied, these 2000 GIs died

See the faces of those who died for King Goerge's lies.

I2K only counts those who died in Iraq

They won't tell us how many died in hospitals in Germany or elsewhere.

Heads will roll tomorrow

Fitzgerald delivered target letters today.

King Goerge's reign of terr may be over soon. Lookout for pardons galore, distractions such as terist threats and invasions of places like Iran and Syria, and possible military involvement to make King Goerge fuehrer-for-life.

CNN says we're back at 2000 KIA

Maybe now it's time for I2K vigils. Did King Goerge think announcing a new crony would stop the dying or kill the story?

Find an I2K vigil near you.

Beyond "mere" corruption, high crimes probable

Fitzgerald must widen investigation and stop those who are destroying our country.

Developing fast: Indictments coming, maybe today

Stay tuned.

CNN retracts 2000th KIA story

Who got to them?

Top ten resluglicon lies about Treasongate

They were all debunked long ago, but the fascist talkingheads still repeat them to their mindless minions.

Mr. 2000: King Goerge loses 2000th soldier in Iraq. For what?

Mission Accomplished: I2K is here.

More than were killed in Vietnam in first four years (1961-65)

Never fear, King Goerge is going to give another speech Friday. That'll bring all those kids back to life. What new lies will he tell this time? Will he mention WMDs, 9-11 and carpets of flowers?

CNN says it happened "quietly." We'll damn well see about that tomorrow.

Find an I2K vigil near you.

Monday, October 24, 2005


He'll be the first Vice-President hanged for treason.

FEMA grudgingly accepts that the Constitution is still in effect

We either have a Bill of Rights, or we don't.

Katrina survivors may retain legally-owned firearms.

The true Kompassion of Kancervative Kristians rears its ugly head again

Target pharmacies have the same philosophy.

Pharmacist denies legal meds to rape victim on religious grounds.

Well, let's see where this will lead if the theofascists get their way.

1. "I can't fix your flat tire because that Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker tells me you're for murdering babies."

2. "I can't perform CPR on a Christ-killing Jew."

3. "I can't put out a fire in the home of any scientist who wants me to believe the Earth is older than 6000 years."

4. "I can't risk the lives of my SWAT team to rescue some pro-evolution schoolteacher from terists."

5. "Thank you for calling 9-11. Please obtain, fill out and fax in the "morality" questionaire. If I determine doing so won't compromise any of my religious beliefs, I'll dispatch an police car to your residence. Meanwhile, pray for the burglar."

At the very least, boycott Target. This story isn't about them, but recently they've made their similar position crystal clear.

At the most, get ready to reciprocate. Refuse service to theofascists because of your religious beliefs.

We have to show the theofascists what it's like to be on the receiving end. They want a civil war, we have to give them one.

Unholy alliance: Klan officially partners up with theofascists

There's always been a lot of overlap, so why not?

The old KKK joins the new KKK (Kompassionate Kancervative Kristians) to widen civil war.

King Goerge readies regime-change war with Syria

He's gonna need all those fire-breathing chickenhawks this time.

God punishes Florida for Gov. Jeb's myriad sins

Eighth hurricane in 15 months.

God isn't happy Jebya allows young people to carouse at Ft. Lauderdale.

Litmus-test resluglicons launch anti-Harriet website

She's not nearly fascist enough for them. We shudder to think about who will be. Will King Goerge bring Ashcroft back after Harriet bites the dust?

1997 KIA. Get ready for I2K

Iraq 2000 Killed

Patriots will hold vigils all over the country on the day after KIA #2000 is announced. Find a vigil near you.

"Penguins" director says theofascists hijacked his film

Why do alleged christians lie so much?

Contrary to what they say, the documentary does not make a case for monogamy, child-rearing and intelligent design.

Poppy Bush with Scowcroft as he reams King Goerge a new one

Brent, we're glad you finally oppose this ridiculous war in public. But where were you 2 1/2 years ago when your country needed you?

King Goerge demands loyalty from lackies, doesn't return it

Given his myriad lies, crimes and general incompetence, what's he got to be mad about at his staffers?

FBI watches us. All of us.

They'll probably see this before you do.

Dr. First still lying about being a crook

New papers show he knew exactly what was going on with his "blind trust."

Resluglicons defend traitor(s)

Nobody did anything wrong, it's all that overzealous prosecutor's fault.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Real biologists tell theo-biologists to shut up

Far from being restricted to the fossil record, as creationists often imply, research in the last 25 years from molecular biology, genetics, cell biology, and embryology has added greatly to
the existing evidence for evolution. ''There are all sorts of demonstrations of evolution going on all the time," notes John Gerhart, a biologist at the University of California, Berkeley.

Here's the bottom line:

Bacteria mutate from prolonged exposure to anti-biotics, rendering the medicine ineffective. That's evolution.

Flu viruses mutate regularly, which is why the flu vaccine is different each year. That's evolution.

I read a study some years ago that said the average Japanese was 5" taller than 60 years ago due to the influx of western food, most notably beef. That's evolution.

Here's the problem with "intelligent design," or rather the problem with the people who want it to replaced actual science. They don't care about knowledge or, for that matter, people. They only care about money and power over their minions. If people mindlessly obey their preachers, guess what? Each church becomes a Political Action Committe, as regards evolution/intelligent design, for the extreme right-wing of the resluglicon party.

Notice that all they know how to do is demonize enemies with lies. Did Jesus do that? Of course not. He never made a list of enemies of his country. (He also never built a big church or owned a huge mansion, either, but that's a different Rant&Rave.)

Now, back to science. Is God a wizard who waved his hand and made the Earth materialize poof! out of thin air? Of course not. In all recorded history there's not a shred of evidence that magic ever existed.

No, God is a scientist. There are mountain ranges of evidence that science--math, physics and chemistry--have existed for over four billion years.

Understanding that God used His science to get the evolutionary ball rolling not only isn't blasphemy, it strengthens anyone's faith. Anyone, that is, who understands that God actually does love us. And that's more than we can say about theofascists who think of us merely as sources of money and playtoys to boss around to satisfy their diseased egos.

Yes, evolution is an intelligent design. No, those scientists who study and teach the science of evolution are not out to destroy churches. And those who promote intelligent design as a science know it isn't one. But that's not what's important to them. They see all educators as competition for the hearts and minds of possible church members who could be giving more money and feeding preachers' egos.

They want us to be ignorant and, therefore, more easily manipulated. They use the Bible as a weapon against knowledge because free-thinkers don't become mindless minions who blindly follow anyone with a King James Bible in his hand.

And that's the real issue. They don't want us to follow Jesus' teachings. They want us to follow their teachings for the purposes of money and political power.

And nothing could be further from how Jesus lived his short life.

BREAKING: Resluglicons exempt from perjury laws

And, well, all others, too.

It's only a crime if a Democrat lies under oath.

Those theofascists who want to occupy South Carolina and secede again had better hurry

The devil is taking over S. C. resluglicons.

More and more resluglicon "leaders" are for killing babies, against King Goerge. (Read: "Slithering away from King Goerge's crimes and incompetence in the run-up to next year's mid-terms." Don't let them or anyone else get away with it. They slobbered at King Goerge's feet when they thought he was going to rule the world. Now it's time to hold them accountable for aiding and abetting King Goerge's corrupt, fascist junta.)

Theofascists are the biggest threat America has ever faced

They would burn the Constitution and turn our country into a feudal theocracy. Know that whatever they say, the opposite is true.

King Goerge's Whore House helps friends steal millions with no-bid contracts

Well, they are resluglicons and therefore criminals. Did anyone expect anything different?

Theofascist hypocrite Reed helped crooked lobbyist Abramoff "open doors" to King Goerge's Whore House

Now, Ralphie Boy, about those casinos you're partnered up with...

Cornell U president: Intelligent Design isn't science

And he's right. It's mythology. Now, there's nothing wrong with mythology or the teaching of it. One can learn countless important lessons from studying mythology. For instance, a youngster can learn not to put his hands and feet into a Tar Baby the way Bre'r Rabbit did.

But he doesn't have to believe Bre'r Rabbit can talk.

If King Goerge had read Uncle Remus as a kid, we wouldn't be in Iraq.

Patrick Fitzgerald will turn out to be King Goerge's Bre'r Fox, 'ceptm he won't thow Bre'r Goerge in de briar patch.

Texas "officials" paid Harriet's mom 10X value for piece of land

Land vital for interstate. If a Democrat had owned it, they would have invoked Eminent Domain and paid 1/10 what they paid Harriet's mother.

Fascist globbers call I2K vigils "parties"

And Quakers "ghouls" for mourning Iraq KIAs.

I2K: Iraq 2000 Killed vigils to be held the day after KIA #2000 is announced. Find a vigil near you.

The count stands at 1996 as of this morning. (As Duvall asked the dying villain in OPEN RANGE, "And for what, more cows?")