Saturday, October 01, 2005

GOP fascism "holed below the waterline"

Even Brits celebrate the beginning of the end of corruption and hypocrisy.

Neverending luck: King Goerge barely escapes earthquake God sent after him in Colorado bunker

God still can't shoot.

Neverending incompetence: FEMA spent $100 million on ice and never delivered it

Ice that was meant for NOLA went everywhere but.

Neverending fascism: Bioweapon used last weekend on D. C. peace protestors

Sensors detected bacteria over crowd of patriots assembled to exercise civil rights to peaceable assembly, free speech and redress of government.

Military ran drills against citizens while King Goerge was safe in underground bunker half a continent away.

Neverending propaganda: King Goerge thinks Iraq is going better

Declares himself "encouraged" at learning only one Iraqi battalion of soldiers is worth anything at all, despite his many claims of the existence of many more such units.

Neverending corruption: Ohio is an untreated septic tank

But now they have to account for illegal campaign money.

Neverending compassionate conservatism: "Poor people can just go hungry and cold; we gotta pay Halliburton."

And then there's that war for fiberty, and stuff. That costs a lot, too.

Neverending incompetence: Apparently all Gulf Coast mayors are equally to blame for Katrina and Rita, not just Nagin

Or, as the mayors put it, "FEMA dropped the ball. Asking for help is like faxing into a black hole."

Neverending mindlessness of conservative women: "He's not the only one"

A wonderful lady I know--I'll call her Betty--said to me today about Tom DeLay, "He's not the only one up there like that." She is a truly dear person, smart, loving, a gentle soul. Her biggest problem is that she's a Baptist.

Even the best Baptists--yes, I admit there are a few--live in a parallel universe where contradictions, paradoxes and hypocrisy don't exist.

Betty's comment means, "There is a finite amount of badness, so if you divide it among several people, no one person is very bad, regardless of what he did...especially a republican. They're the ones who oppose queers and abortions. And those things are much worse than stealing billions of dollars, invading other countries and rigging elections." Or put more simply, "At least he's not a baby-eating queer librul."

The vast, right-wing conspiracy--yes, it does exist--have done a superb job of poisoning the minds of people brought up never to question authority, authority being the government, a preacher, a father or especially a husband. Conservative women, regardless of intellect, education, gifts and success, inexplicably turn their brains over to the men in their lives and adopt their men's positions on everything.

My sister--not an actual Baptist, but she might as well be--spent several minutes the other day talking about the mayor of New Orleans. No matter what was said about FEMA or no-bid contracts, she kept saying, "Well, the mayor..." or "You know, that mayor..." and "But, the mayor..." She's another example of how people turn their brains over to preachers and others who all repeat the same anti-librul talking points until they become true, whether they are, or not.

Then she explained to me why all those evacuated from NOLA were "blessed" by losing everything they owned (including relatives) and being relocated to sports stadiums, trailer parks and jail cells far away from all friendly faces. She admitted she hadn't asked any of them if they felt "blessed," but went on to explain that now they were safe they would start "griping about everything."

Both my sister and "Betty" will tell you they are devout christians, which they are, and that they pray about everything, which they do. But whenever I talk to either of them or anyone like them, I have to wonder why all that prayer and devotion don't innoculate them from mindless subsurvience to the worst evil in our history--the republican party and the religious right.

Neverending theofascism: Bennett admitted right-wing holy war on public education

I've been trying to get people to listen to me about this for 20 years. They intend to destroy public education. It's obvious to anyone who's been awake.

Former Secretary of Education told former FCC chair he wanted theofascist schools to replace public education.

Remember when Lamar! was EdSec? He wanted to abolish the Dept of Education. And the theofascists started huffing and puffing over a decade ago about replace the National Education Association with the American Education Association, implying the NEA wasn't American. In point of fact, it is the theofascists who hate America and are determined to turn our country into a feudal theocracy.

Every vote for any resluglicon--Congress, city council, dog catcher--is a vote for Jerry Falwell and the theofascists. Do you really want those people to run this country?

Neverending criminality: 78% of resluglicons want DeLay to keep breaking laws

Laws don't apply to them. Never have, never will.

40% approval rating proves King Goerge and his boys really did get a mandate last year...from Diebold.

New Newsweek poll reflects just how much resluglicons love their criminals.

Neverending hypocrisy: King Goerge sanctions everybody but his buddies in Saudi Arabia

Who cares if he enforces a Clinton law?

Most religious leader in history of the universe chooses not to fuss at his friends over lack of religious freedom. Doesn't object to sex slavery, either.

Neverending disaster: Gulf War II worst in our history

Now, go tell this general he looks French.

Neverending theofascism: It's amazing what the KKK do and don't care about, isn't it?

Theft=good, sex=bad, very bad.

Kompassionate Kancervative Kristians care very much when a Democrat gets a blowjob, but they're strangely silent when every resluglicon in the country is a criminal.

Neverending price gouging: If you want to be warm this winter, be prepared to pay through the nose

Of course, it's all Katrina and Rita's fault they had to shut down 98% of Gulf Coast oil production and refining this week, and sell us reserves at new prices.

Neverending scaremongering: "We're all going to die from bird flu!"

Except, probably not, says WHO.

Remember when we were all going to die from anthrax, and King Goerge gave his friends a bazillion dollars of our money for big piles of Cipro we'll never use? Here we go again.

And then there's all that homeland "security" money spent to stop non-existent terists.

Neverending lies, neverending fearmongering, neverending corruption, neverending fascism. If God really sent plagues of locusts and stuff to rid us of sinners, D. C. would be a big pile of rubble by now.

Neverending police state: Peaceniks, beware of exercising constitutional rights to peaceable assembly and free speech

You will get maced, beaten and arrested.

Neverending ignorance: King Goerge "used" KIAs, not Cindy

Veterans and families still refuse to believe King Goerge lied to them about 9-11, WMDs and carpets of flowers. They force themselves to believe each version of bullshit about spreading fiberty, greedom and lemocracy.

Neverending world conquest: King Goerge planning for at least two more wars

Who's first, Iran or Syria? And don't forget North Korea. And Venezuela. And there are bound to be some African countries with oil in need of some fiberty, greedom and lemocracy.

How will he conquer more countries if all his fire-breathing chicknehawk supporters won't fight for him? Only one possibility: a draft.

Neverending tyranny: King Goerge threatens to veto bill unless it funds his personal power

Even if the bill is sponsored by two resluglicons.

The White House on Friday threatened to veto a $440.2 billion defense spending bill in the Senate because it wasn't enough money for the Pentagon and also warned lawmakers not to add any amendments to regulate the treatment of detainees or set up a commission to probe abuse.

Neverending corruption: King Goerge's friends get twice what portable classrooms are worth

And it's our money he's giving to his friends.

Why pay a stranger $42,000 when you can pay a friend $88,000?

Neverending lies: Condo says Iraq is stable and secure

I'd hate to see her definition of total chaos and hell on Earth.

Neverending fearmongering: "Homegrown terists" hate us for our freedoms, or something

Why haven't they bombed something already? The only homegrown terists worth worrying about are ultra-right wing militias.

Neverending Big Brother: FBI wiretaps wrong people

You wouldn't mind if they listened in on you if it was in the name of homeland security, right? Who knows, your brother-in-law might be a terist.

Neverending racism: "God only punishes black people for sinning"

Doesn't mind if Las Vegas or Atlantic City have gambling and prostitution.

Neverending corruption: FEMA turned down free Greek ships in favor of cruise ships for $236 million contract

To sum up: They turned down free ships and contracted for cruise ships for $236 million.

Neverending fascism: King Goerge couldn't care less about Posse Comitatus

Already has his police state, now wants military to run as much as possible, just like a banana republic dictator.

Neverending corruption: King Goerge gets away with breaking more laws

GAO finds purchase of propaganda on education illegal. Who will prosecute?

Friday, September 30, 2005

Resluglicon candidate thinks Dutch is still president

They really do live in a parallel universe, don't they?

Hell celebrates having Roberts on high court

Their front page, not mine.

Who else would celebrate having some guy who's only been any kind of judge for two years?

I've heard it all my life, and now this administration has finally made it become true: "It's not what you know, but who you know."

Remember their names: Collaborators who voted for an unqualified fascist for Cheap inJustice

Shave their heads in next year's mid-term massacre.

One-fourth of all elected resluglicons could be behind bars soon

Not enough. Not soon enough.

Federal pen remodels in anticipation of receiving many resluglicons:)

DeLay lied about being denied chance to lie

Was invited to appear before grand jury, but didn't go.

God punishes CA for electing the Schwarzenator

Fires teach state a lesson.

Hell smell of resluglicon corruption spreading

Ranges from coast to coast, and states in between.

Is Satan reaching up for the resluglicons and letting out his smell, or is their smell attracting him?

Most chickenhawks avoid Army since 1979

Fire-breathing superpatriots avoid military service like the plague.

Why FDNY's new muslim chaplain was forced to resign...

...before he took office.

Habib told Newsday in an interview published Friday that he was skeptical of the official version of the attack on the World Trade Center, which killed 343 firefighters.

"I've heard professionals say that nowhere ever in history did a steel building come down with fire alone," he told the newspaper.

"It takes two or three weeks to demolish a building like that. But it was pulled down in a couple of hours," he said. "Was it 19 hijackers who brought it down, or was it a conspiracy?"

Dumsfeld: "Every major police force infiltrated by criminals"

Big cities here are just like Iraq.

Who actually indicted DeLay? Not Ronnie Earle.

The grand jury had to find that there was enough evidence to hand down the indictment. All indictments work the same way, for DeLay or you or me.

Another Texan got indicted by exactly the same process.

Read it all. Make sure you read the last two sentences.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

University considers breaking ties with theofascist bullies

Belmont has become known more for music than theofascism in recent years. Now they want non-theofascists on the Board of Trustees.

Apparently a buncha libruls who believe others besides Baptists are eligible for heaven have infiltrated ultra-kancervative school.

Republican corruption spreads actual stench from one coast to the other

Began in D. C., now in California.

Jebya helps Ohio coin thief keep ill-gotten booty

Why is it always something with Florida?

Noe planned to live in Florida whose laws would let him keep what he stole from Ohio.

Why doesn't that corrupt state just break off and drift on down to the Bermuda Triangle where it belongs?

Fascist jackboot makes Vietnam combat vet leave Vietnam Memorial Wall

Don't tell me we don't live in a fascist police state.

If next year's mid-terms go well for him, King Goerge will implement his plans to invade Iran

Plans already in place.

When he reinstitutes the draft, you know he's going to war again.

What kind of plea bargain has DeLay made?

Resluglicons just love their criminals.

His case is exactly like Spiro Agnew's. (Look him up. He was Nixon's VP and went to prison.)

When Kompassionate Kancervative Kristians run the gubmnt and the Pentagon, no one is safe, not even those who keep the rest of us safe

Six in ten women in National Guard and Army Reserves report sexual harrassment.

How King Goerge became America's first dictator

Unitarian? I thought he was some sort of Methodist, or something.

Used obscure doctrine to extend his power 95 times.

Has set himself above Supreme Court as final word on what is and is not law.

The Bush administration has been using an extreme version of an obscure doctrine called the Unitary Executive Theory to justify executive actions that far exceed past presidents' power, RAW STORY has learned.

The doctrine assumes, in its extreme form, nearly absolute deference to the Executive branch from Congress and the Judiciary.

Much more.

Dr. First and family paid $630 MILLION fine last year

Another reason he should be in Gitmo.

For MASSIVE Medicare fraud...right before he took over from Trent Lott. Timing really is everything.

Stench of resluglicon corruption permeates nation's capitol

An actual stench. The proverbial one has been there a 4 1/2 years. Maybe one is connected to the other.

Scores of people in the District called authorities yesterday to complain that a similar odor was invading homes, businesses, a dozen schools and two police stations. Many mistakenly thought the trouble was a natural gas leak, and at least two schools were evacuated for a time.

Firefighters and work crews shuttled from place to place during the day and tested air to find the cause of the odor. The number of complaints tailed off as the afternoon wore on, but the cause of the smell remained a mystery last night.

Everyone knows King Goerge's junta is one, big happy crime family...

...but so what? The fascists still control Congress and none of the corporate whore Dems up there now will ever stand up to them. That means, despite what the worthlesscorporatemedia call King Goerge's "woes," he still gets his way for at least another year. He can do a lot of damage in that year while we wait for the Mid-term Massacre to change Congress.

But his fascists will still control the Supreme Court for decades more.

God help America.

Fascists and theofascists alike celebrate having a Chief Justice with only two years' experience as any kind of judge

The Era of the Unconstitutional Law is upon us. Every time someone challenges an unconstitutional law, the fascist Supremes will uphold it. And King Goerge gets to appoint another fascist Supreme very soon.

God help America.

This opera is over when the Fat Man* sings

Or rather, explodes.

Normally an opera is about everybody dying in another language. This one is about everyone dying from radiation poisoning.

(*"Fat Man" and "Little Boy" were the two A-bombs dropped on Japan.)


Remember that McGeorge Bundy pulled that stuff about how the A-bombs saved one million lives out of his butt. He made up that number in an article he wrote for VANITY FAIR in 1946 justifying using the A-bombs (when Japan was clearly finished and even known to have been seeking peace negotiations via Swiss envoys). He admitted years later that his number was based on nothing whatsoever.

Cue chorus: "I don't believe it."

How to talk to a resluglicon fascist nutroll

Just answer everything with, "I don't believe it." It's good enough for Coultergeist and Spawn Insannity.

Will King Goerge pardon DeLay before he goes to trial, or after he's convicted?

C'mon, you don't think for a moment King Goerge is gonna let his good friend and ally swing, do you?

God's Army of KKK soldiers doesn't object to war porn trade

Pentagon drops investigation.

They've never objected to brothels and titty bars near bases, so what's the big deal over trading those pix online? Hell, the PX ran most of the boom-boom joints in 'Nam. True story.

But all that's okay because we got chaplains. And today, most of 'em are KKK evangelicals who'll take good care of our kids' souls after they screw, rape and torture.

Pentagon obeys laws just like all other resluglicons, which is to say, not at all anymore

Oversight? We don't need no steenking oversight!

King Goerge channels The Amazing Carnack

Predicts more violence in Iraq. No wonder God put him in the White House.

"May an unclean yak defile your new SUV."

KKK: "Abort all black babies"

And reduce crime rate. He really said it.

Mr. Moral Values, Bill Bennett, really said this on the radio. KKK radio.

Bennett's show is run through Salem Radio Network (SRN): "SRN is a full-service satellite radio network based in Irving, Texas. We serve Christian-formatted and general market news/talk stations through affiliate partnerships." SRN's phone number is 972-831-1920. Ask for Charles Mefferd, Operations Manager. The new/existing sales numbers are 972-402-8800 and Fax:972-402-8200. And, use the network's online contact form to send them a message.

The guy who wrote The Book of Values likes to gamble, and is known to have lost at least $8 million in Vegas.

Lives there a theofascist who isn't a hypocrite?

Big Brother is reading this

Remember how they told us it was libruls who wanted Big Brother?

Brownie knew he was an incompetent putz in July

Actually, long before then. But as regards FEMA's preparedness to do, well, anything, he was told in July.

Condo admits using drugs

Actually, she ignored the question, which means, "Yes."

This is a resluglicon ploy for all questions about smoking ganja, snorting tootskie, packing fudge or munching carpets. They do this so that when they're outted, no one can call them liars.

Jerry Falwell wouldn't ignore the question. He's stand up, put his hands on his hips, and say in a strong, clear voice, "No!" whether it was true, or not.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

DeLay may avoid perp walk

His lawyer is pulling strings to keep him from getting handcuffed, fingerprinted and mug-shot. He deserves all this and the body cavity search.

King Goerge pardons terist/bomber!

Well, yeah, but he terized and bombed a commie labor union, so it's okay.

Theofascist abomination defends theofascist criminal

Ignoring King Goerge's doubletalk about the "legal system," Dobson apparently is the first to try and acquit his pal, DeLay. No word as yet from Falwell, Robertson, Perkins, Sutton. But you know they're all praying DeLay doesn't get one of those (shudder) activist judges who're bigger threats to America than asteroids and Martians.

King Goerge warms up wrist for DeLay's pardon

He signed 14 of 'em today.

Meet the partisan fanatic who filed "the most baseless indictment in American history"

Is he a partisan fanatic or a fanatic partisan? Sounds mostly like he's just an honest professional. (Just?)

Everybody in Texas except DeLay calls Ronnie Earle a "Boy Scout" for his morals and insistence on following rules. In DeLay's sociopathic parallel universe, such a man naturally is called bad names.

Resluglicon asshole wants Katrina evacuees to stay where they are so he can get elected

Meet another Kompassionate Kancervative Kristian asshole.

Either he knows they wouldn't vote for him, or he only wants to "represent" white people.

SEC's probe of Dr. First's ill-gotten booty now "formal" inquiry

Subpoenas to fly soon, very soon.

Put Dr. First and DeLay in the same cell and weld the door shut.

Global warming can't possibly be behind melting of Arctic ice cap...

...for fourth year in a row.

Dr. First illegally made between $2 and $6 million

Mantra: "He wouldn't break the law because he didn't need the money." When did a resluglicon pass up a nickel, much less that much, legal or illegal?

Not even "fanatics" can file indictments based solely on "partisan politics"

Ask any lawyer, any judge.

If a fanatic's partisan politics constituted grounds for indictment, Falwell and Der Ruschkopf would have indicted Clinton every time he took a breath.

Whip Blunt replaces queer Dreier

They either didn't think we'd know Dreier was queer, or they got a call from Falwell.

Falwell's head explodes as queer resluglicon replaces THAT CRIMINAL ASSHOLE DELAY!

The only good resluglicon is an incarcerated resluglicon.

Will this new guy get invited to "Just Us Sunday III" to replace THAT CRIMINAL ASSHOLE DELAY?

Read the entire indictment that will send THAT CRIMINAL ASSHOLE DELAY to jail, hopefully for the rest of his CRIMINAL ASSHOLE life.

Dutch didn't care about terism: Both WTC attacks his fault

Port Authority official got no love from Reagan on terism, had to go to Europe for advice.

Evangelicals bad for America; fundamentalism causes sin

We already knew the theofascists were wrong about everything, and bad for our country. Now there's a study that shows just how wrong and how bad.

RELIGIOUS belief can cause damage to a society, contributing towards high murder rates, abortion, sexual promiscuity and suicide, according to research published today.

According to the study, belief in and worship of God are not only unnecessary for a healthy society but may actually contribute to social problems.

The study counters the view of believers that religion is necessary to provide the moral and ethical foundations of a healthy society.

It compares the social peformance of relatively secular countries, such as Britain, with the US, where the majority believes in a creator rather than the theory of evolution. Many conservative evangelicals in the US consider Darwinism to be a social evil, believing that it inspires atheism and amorality.

Many liberal Christians and believers of other faiths hold that religious belief is socially beneficial, believing that it helps to lower rates of violent crime, murder, suicide, sexual promiscuity and abortion. The benefits of religious belief to a society have been described as its “spiritual capital”. But the study claims that the devotion of many in the US may actually contribute to its ills.


It's bad enough Gen. Myers is an idiot toady; it's worse when he insults my intelligence with his hogwash

Stop telling me Gulf War II is just like World War II. Back then, FDR led the fight to liberate conquered countries from their invaders. In this war, King Goerge is the invader.

I do not support the troops who want a war just so's they can play with their toys. I do not support the troops who are too stupid to accept the truth about their unelected, criminal king when they hear it. I do not support the troops who think Der Ruschkopf is a source of news.

Top general lies for King Goerge; thinks we don't remember stories from two days ago

He says "foreign fighters" are main threat in Iraq. But a recent study showed no more than 10% of "insurgents" are foreign, at least 90% are Iraqis who don't want us there.

I do not "support the troops" who lie to me and insult my intelligence. I do not support the troops who support King Goerge and his bullshit war. I do not support the troops who waste my money on stupid crap so they can get nice jobs with defense contractors when they retire. And I do not support the troops who torture people.

Theofascist heroine used meth, not prayer, to talk down kidnapper

The theofascists will never admit how they were duped, but they were.

Remember some months ago that woman who became the darling of the religious wrong after sharing her faith with the guy from the courthouse? Turns out, she shared more methamphetamine than faith.

What does this story say about sharing prayer and faith? Nothing. What does it say about the mindlessness of theofascists? Everything. And it doesn't reflect very well on the worthlesscorporatemedia, either.

Fascists moving in on NPR, PBS

Kermit, Miss Piggy one step closer to joining Ministry of Trooth.

Another brownshirt gets on CPB board.

Theofascist bullies want Pennsylvania students to grow up ignorant

If they want their kids to grow up thinking 2+2=5, fine. But they should leave real people alone, and just move to Argentina with all the other confederate and fascist holdouts. There's already a parallel universe down there.

FEMA dumped buckets of money on Carnival Cruise Lines

Makes you wonder how much they contributed to resluglicon candidates recently, don't it? And now we know they'll donate much more next time they get a chance.

Half-full cruise ships get $1300/wk for housing Katrina victims; normal price is $600/wk for actual cruise.

And (nonfunctional) Brownie called NOLA dysfunctional.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Pennsylvania school district admits it's afraid of theofascist bullies

It also says parents may bring their kids up ignorant if they want to.

Real scientists say evolution is real science

But theo-scientists* say intelligent design is the truth according to the Old Testament. Aren't the KKK supposed to follow the New Testament? What science lessons did Jesus teach?

(*The fake scientists who want to turn America into a feudal theocracy where most people are ignorant.)

"Many" of 383 arrested with Cindy kept handcuffed on buses for up to 12 hours

Then released at 4:30 AM and put out on the street to walk home. In D. C., the city with the highest crime rate in the country.

(Shh! Don't tell Falwell) World societies WORSE OFF when ruled by religious zealots

It's true. It's also one more reason to vote the theofascists out of business in every possible election, including the one for local dogcatcher.

Condo demands "free and fair elections"

In Haiti, but not here.

Resluglicons already working to steal next year's mid-term election

At least in Virginia. Plan on plenty more such dirty tricks. It's what they do best. They have to be good at dirty tricks because they know they can't win fair elections anymore.

Says one Virginian:

"They did this in 2004 too. The game is that when people don’t respond to their mailing, they (resluglicons) challenge their legal voting status at the BOE (as close to the election as possible). If the person then doesn’t come to a legal hearing contesting the Republican challenge, they are thrown off the voter rolls. It’s a great way to strip people’s right to vote away from them if they don’t jump through Republican hoops. Obiovusly, they only go after people they know are Democrats. Last year they challenged a Marine who was currently fighting in Iraq. He was utterly outraged, but there’s not much you can do.

"These guys are just thugs."

"With God On Our Side" details 50-year history of rise of theofascism in America

Did God know ahead of time King Goerge was a liar and a criminal, or did He find out too late?

In 2000, King Goerge lost the popular vote by over half a million. But the theofascists still say God put him in the White House. Okay, if that's true, He did it by ignoring our laws and Constitution. And I don't care if those criminal fascists say this abomination. I only care that so many stupid people believe that abomination. They are Old Testament christians who hang onto the angry, vengeful God of the Hebrews and ignore literally everything Jesus taught.

If God wants King Goerge in the White House, why did they need for Diebold to steal last year's election?

Stop giving to the Red Cross. They're just a theofascist PAC now

FEMA will reimburse churches for charitable donations, work.

Okay, I want back the money I donated for Katrina victims, too.

Send in Falwell's videographers: Abramoff linked to "gangland-style" murder

Remember when Falwell sold those videotapes "proving" Clinton murdered Vince Foster? Well, there you go. No, wait, he only cares when Democrats are accused (read: automatically guilty) of breaking the law.

NOLA is a thriving community, ten feet above sea level, with free ponies for everyone

At least in the parallel universe of Kancervatron it is.

As he burns jet fuel touring Rita's damage to oil production, King Goerge tells the rest of us to drive less

Well, he's flying, not driving.

Meanwhile, North Carolina schools close for two days to save bus fuel.

Worthlesscorporatemedia ignore Dr. First's insider trading

Well, Kate Moss did snork coke, and Ashton and Demi did get married. If King Goerge invades Iran when Britney has her baby, will anybody notice?

Cindy won't pay $75 fine; will challenge unconstitutional law

Cindy calls King Goerge out.


We all know by now why George won't meet with parents of the soldiers he has killed who disagree with him. First of all, he hates it when people disagree with him. I am not so sure he hates it as much as he is in denial that it even happens. Secondly, he is a coward who arrogantly refuses to meet with the people who pay his salary. Maybe the next time one of us is asked by our bosses to have a performance review, or we are going to be written up for a workplace infraction, we should refuse to go and talk to our bosses citing the fact that the President doesn't have to. The third reason why he won't talk to us is that he knows there is no Noble Cause for the invasion and continued occupation of Iraq. It is a question that has no true answer.

After we were refused a meeting with the Disconnected One, we went over to right in front of our house...the White House (in front of the gate of course) and we sat down and refused to move until George came out and talked to us. We actually had a good time singing old church songs and old protest songs while we waited. I tied a picture of Casey on the White House fence and apparently, that is against the law, too.

After three warnings to get up and move off of the sidewalk in front of our house, we were arrested. It is so ironic to me that the person who resides in our White House swears to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. The person who is the (p)resident of the White House now has no concept of the Constitution. He was appointed by the Supreme Court for his first term, invaded and continues to occupy a sovereign country without a declaration of war from the Congress, and violated several treaties to actually invade, Iraq too. Not to mention the condoned torture that pervades the military prisons these days. These are all violations of the Constitution. The Patriot Act and denying us our rights to peaceably assemble are serious breaches of the Bill of Rights. George is so hypocritically concerned about Iraq developing a Constitution when he ignores and shreds our own Constitution.

Only a fascist dictator puts the military in charge over civilian agencies

But that's what King Goerge wants because only the military can enforce his will over the law.

War porn website: Mutilated Iraqis=okay, nude female GIs=bad, very bad

It's amazing what this Kompassionate Kancervative Kristian government thinks is good and bad.

Evolution of a criminal government begins with A for Abramoff

Looks like former Attorney General Ashcroft is up to his ass in it, too.

Abramoff connected everywhere in Bush Crime Family

Monday, September 26, 2005

Two guys go into the Oval Office...

Read the joke.

DHS IG feigns "apprehension" over no-bid contracts

Gimme a break, dude, you're one of them.

Blair competes with King Goerge for Saudi arms money

King Goerge's best friends may buy British fighter/bombers instead of American planes.

Dr. First, DeLay to get their own "Apprentice" shows when they get out of prison

If Martha can, why not our boys?

Bill Moyers tells how to stand up to the using history

America's last, and now retired, journalist reminds theofascists of our--and their--actual history, not their perverted theo-history (aka "lies.")


By Bill Moyers

At the Central Baptist Church in Marshall, Texas, where I was baptized in the faith, we believed in a free church in a free state. I still do.

My spiritual forbears did not take kindly to living under theocrats who embraced religious liberty for themselves but denied it to others. “Forced worship stinks in God’s nostrils,” thundered the dissenter Roger Williams as he was banished from Massachusetts for denying Puritan authority over his conscience. Baptists there were a “pitiful negligible minority” but they were agitators for freedom and therefore denounced as “incendiaries of the commonwealth” for holding to their belief in that great democracy of faith-the priesthood of all believers.

Such revolutionary ideas made the new nation with its Constitution and Bill of Rights “a haven for the cause of conscience.” No longer would “the loathsome combination of church and state”-as Thomas Jefferson described it-be the settled order. The First Amendment neither inculcates religion nor inoculates against it. Americans could be loyal to the Constitution without being hostile to God, or they could pay no heed to God without fear of being mugged by an official God Squad. It has been a remarkable arrangement that guaranteed “soul freedom.”

It is at risk now, and the fourth observance of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 is an appropriate time to think about it.

More. Read it all. Use it for ammo against theofascists bent on destroying America.

Baker's Dirty Dozen: 13 biggest criminals in Washington

CREW also files ethics complaint today on Dr. Bill "I'm not a crook, either" First.

Iraq civil war will be King Goerge's fault

First, he invaded them and destroyed their infrastructure purely to establish a base of operations there for PNAC. Second, he sent far too few troops. Third, he insisted on rushing a Constitution through well before it had time to be done right.

Don't tell me there's no such thing as karma: King Goerge got the same crappy body armor Iraq troops got!

BIG conspiracy to cover this up. Heads will roll only because it affected King Goerge, Queen Laura and some generals' bodyguards.

Brownie trades silence for new/old FEMA!

Brilliant move by King Goerge (read: Rove) keeps Brownie from detailing incompetence. And we get to pay him with our tax dollars again.

As "consultant." Can you believe the nerve of these people? But then, what're are we gonna do about it? Until next year's mid-terms, that is.

Patriotic Dem FINALLY speaks the truth about Gulf War II

Finally, finally someone in congress says what the rest of us have known all along...that King Goerge lied us into invading Iraq for his PNAC friends.

Cindy smiles as jackboots drag her off and clap her in irons

Well, maybe plastics (wrist ties).

CNN finally notices she gets dragged away.

Protestors finally remember our battle cry from Chicago, 1968 Democratic National Convention: "The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!"

Hundreds join Cindy in slammer

Turns out it was plastic wrist ties. But, still...

King Goerge renounces fascism, celebrates "diversity"

King Goerge is now a librul!

Of course, he could be talking about Coultergeist and Armstrong Williams.

Capitol Hill swarming with thousands of people Rove says don't exist

But somehow, they're there again today, anyway. Now, he might have meant to say the pro-war crowd is non-existent. Only a couple hundred of them showed up this weekend. And the 4,000, or so, who Freedom Walked were required to do so. Some freedom, huh, when they make you go to a rally.

"Active Liberty" by Supreme Court Justice shows how wrong "originalists" really are

Liberty by definition is active. It fights tyranny. Therefore, it requires activist judges who will overturn unconstitutional laws written by criminals and fascists who mean to turn our country into a feudal theocracy.

Theofascists determined to destroy science in particular, public education in general

Let them teach their kids stupid stuff, and then watch what happens when they apply to colleges and for jobs.

King Goerge's response to Rita shows his failures with Katrina

If they could do it the second time, they could have done it the first time.

Timeline on Dr. First's insider trading

He should be tarred and feathered twice: Once for breaking the law, and again for insulting our intelligence with his lies. Then he should be put on public display in every state capitol, starting in Nashville, where people can pour shit on him every day for a week. Then he should spend 30 years in Gitmo.

Nobody in Iraq is fighting for my freedom

And it's time people stopped telling me otherwise. No one in Iraq is threatening my freedom. The only people threatening my freedom are King Goerge, his criminal, fascist friends, and his braindead supporters.

"Victory means exit strategy."

Or does that only apply to Democrat presidents?

Having the worst president in history results in worst military in history

You won't hear about this from the worthlesscorporatemedia or the vast, right-wing conspiracy.

Soldiers trade pix of dead Iraqis for amateur porn.

Maybe it's time we rethought that "support the troops" mantra. I can't support these guys a bit, or those involved in torture at Abu Ghraib.

They tortured Iraqi prisoners for sport.

These soldiers are the one motivating our enemies, not the peaceniks.

CENTCOM doesn't object to picture swapping.

Trafficking in war porn for sex porn is what one soldier calls, "hacking it here." If that's "hacking it," I'd hate to see diving into depravity.

The saga of hero Pat Tillman: A pack of big, greasy lies

He quit the NFL, joined the Army, volunteered for Afghanistan, then went to Iraq, was killed by friendly fire. King Goerge told us he died a hero. But the truth is, he opposed Gulf War II and hated King Goerge.

Is there anything King Goerge doesn't lie about?

King Goerge's DNA proves evolution

Darwin was right 150 years ago.

Chimps and humans share 96% DNA, proving that King Goerge is almost human, at least on a cellular level.

"What is $1.2 billion, Alex?"

Final Jeopardy: The value of all the no-bid contracts King Goerge awarded to his friends after Hurricane Katrina.

King Goerge gets his groove on

It's hard work.

His handlers say he's been using Rita to get back the ol' swagger. You be the judge. I'd say he's gotten back his old hangover instead.

Working for a living isn't as much fun as cutting taxes and playing golf, is it, you piece of shit?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

As war deaths double, so does Halliburton stock

Up from $33 to $66 in last year. You're doing a heckuva job, Dick.

What you need to know about A.N.S.W.E.R.

It may exist to dilute dissent.

Saturday's political cartoons

I like "Hurricane Goerge."

Patriots to swarm White House tomorrow

Beware freepers and other assholes who might show up to start fights.

Every American who supports King Goerge and his lies shows up for "rally"

All 400 of them.

You're not a patriot if you love an unelected, lying, corrupt president and hate the Bill of Rights.

Fascists warmongers who want GIs to keep dying in Iraq call exercising constitutional rights of peaceable assembly, free speech and redress treason.

And as for the "Hang the traitors" sign, come call me a traitor to my face, or shut the hell up.

American Legion says bringing troops home will "imperil" them

"Support the troops! Support the troops! Keep them in harm's way so more can die! Support the troops!"

You're not a patriot if you love an unelected, lying, corrupt president and hate the Bill of Rights.

WingNutDaily supports campaign against Bill of Rights.

Known for its legacy of union-busting, Legion now tries its hand at quashing Constitutional rights, i.e., peaceable assembly, free speech, redress of elected officials. What patriots these old farts are.

100 chickenhawk freepers throng to support their king and his war

Boy, they showed Cindy, didn't they?

That's 100. 100. One hundred.

You can't be a patriot if you love an unelected, lying, corrupt president and hate the Bill of Rights.

NOW they think they should have a plan for handling emergencies?

What have they been doing for four years and all that money "spent" on homeland security?

Peaceniks set interfaith prayer service for peace in D. C. today

Meanwhile, theofascists at Kompassionate Kancervative Kristian (mostly Baptist) churches support the war by wanting other people's children to keep dying in it.

"Blessed are the what, now?"

Where do you think Jesus went to church today? With the peaceniks or with the warmongers?

C-SPAN streaming video of today's rally in D. C.

Don't know schedule yet, but they showed it yesterday. I suspect they will today, too.

America infected with Mad Cowboy Disease

See Yahoo pix from peace rally.

That one is almost as good as the one reading, "I never thought I'd miss Nixon (khop-ptooey!)."

200 people who want GIs to keep dying in Iraq had nothing better to do than to protest a protest

They should enlist, send their kids, or shut up.

WaPo forgets to mention that the three arrested weren't protestors

They were a bunch of teenaged thugs moving parallel to the protests, raising hell for the sake of it.

Everyone worried about the "atrocities that'll happen in Iraq" after the troops leave should go to work for Halliburton's mercenaries (KBR, Blackwater) and go stop them. Otherwise, shut up.

King Goerge raises a whopping $600 to rebuild Iraq

Mandate, my ass.

That's right, $600. Six hundred dollars.

Let Halliburton, Bechtel and Carlyle pay to rebuild the place. He invaded it for them.

Why is it always Florida? Cop kills undercover cop at football game

Well, the new concealed carry law does say you can shoot first if you feel threatened. So what's the problem?