Saturday, September 24, 2005

At least 150,000 parents, GIs, veterans, nuns and grannies surround White House

Best sign of the day reflects what I've said for 4 1/2 years: "I never thought I'd miss Nixon."

San Francisco saw many thousands marching for peace today

From one coast to the other, Americans hate King Goerge and demand peace.

Watch the speeches from peace rally

Who invited Nader? This is all his fault. If he hadn't run in 2000, most of his voters would have gone with Gore, and the Supremes wouldn't have been in the position to appoint King Goerge.

Update: 600,000 march for peace in D. C.!

CNN says that many.

Teevee news ignores peace march.

Follow William Rivers Pitt's rolling blog from during the day.

D. C. mass transit "down for maintenance." Fine, everyone expected to walk.

250,000+ party for peace in D. C.

"Huge" crowd here voluntarily is true cross-section of America, unlike required Freedom Walk a couple of weeks ago.

Updates, video from C-Span, etc. What a day for peace and freedom.

CNN acknowledges that AP wrote a story about the peace party

Who watches CNN anymore, anyway? Does anyone really care what Wolf and Der Ruschkopf's girlfriend say?

D. C. police chief confirms 100,000 party for peace

And my birthday.

Only a few hundred chickenhawks there who want GIs to keep dying for their king's lies.

More pix, blogging from peace party in D. C.

Not that the worthlesscorporatemedia are there.

Peace party video the worthlesscorporatemedia won't let you see

They barely admit the party is even happening. Click headline to see the fun.

Parents sue over Intelligent Design

ID isn't a scientific theory. It's part of the theofascist move to destroy public education, and doesn't belong in a science curriculum. Period. Let them teach it in Sunday School.

Do you really want theo-geologists teaching your kids that the Earth is 6000 years old? If they're right, and the Great Flood happened 4,500 years later, why do our calendars say Jesus was born 2005 years ago?

Next theo-chemists will tell us holy water is made up of two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen and a smidgeon of God's DNA (epithelials).

Peace party pix from D. C. traffic cameras

The fascist liars (FAUXNEWS, Der Ruschkopf, et al) will try to tell you the attendance was smaller. Ha! Many times more patriots are here voluntarily than wackos went to the required Freedom Walk a couple of weeks ago.

If you can't come to the big party in D. C., go to one in your neighborhood

All patriots welcome: Libruls, independents, even recovering republicans.

Cindy's birthday toast for peace

She loves the smell of patriotic dissent in the afternoon. You go, girl.

King Goerge hides quivvering underground as nuns, grieving families, green-haired kids, 100,000 others celebrate my birthday in D. C.

Fearless Leader sulks in bunker 1,000 miles away, drinking Jack Daniels and eating tapioca instead of facing his accusers. Cowardly sissy. Lying warmonger. Unelected fascist. Deserter-in-Thief. Illiterate redneck.

The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!
Chicago-August, 1968; D. C.-September, 2005

"Bush lied, thousands died."

Farm out! Right arm! Powder to the people!

If Wes Clark can get us out of Iraq, why can't King Goerge?

Because Clark's plan makes too much sense.

King Goerge proves we need to be able to recall a president, especially one who was never elected in the first place.

Dr. First knew about investments; lied to us this week

He should be tarred and feathered twice...once for being a crook, again for insulting our intelligence.

Puss-dripping slimebuckets like Dr. First, DeLay, Abramoff, Safavian should be put on public display so people can pour shit on them. We could mount pillories on flatbed trucks and take them on tour, spending one week in each of the lower 48 state capitols before going to Gitmo for 30 years. Then maybe a few of their resluglicon criminal (redundant) friends might get the message.

King Goerge escapes God's wrath; God saves His energy for next time

Expecting King Goerge to be in Texas, you know, leading, God sent Rita to get him. But since he's underground so far away, no point in wasting all that wind and rain.

King Goerge ready to launch nucular missuls on Rita

Except it's a bit late for a pre-emptive attack.

Fearless Leader hunkers in a bunker far, far away from danger zone.

As his defense of the Phillipines collapsed in spring, 1942, Gen. MacArthur was called "Dugout Doug" by troops who never saw him outside his underground bunker. Is King Goerge now "BunkerBoy Bush?"

Thousands show up for my birthday party in D. C.

A good time will be had by all.

And it's only Day One. I can hardly wait for the fireworks Monday when they help me celebrate turning 55.

Texans loot before storm messes everything up

"I don't see how any man can sink so low. Must be Texans...the lowest form of white man there is."

Robert Duval, Geronimo: An American Legend (1993)

Fox oversees gas price gouging by hen house

FTC head used to be a Chevron lawyer. Surprise!

"I didn't know" is the new "I can't recall" for liars and crooks like Dr. First

And every other resluglicon.

In the Reagan era, no one could remember breaking the law. Now they (Ken Lay, et al) didn't know they were breaking the law. They should be tarred and feathered twice, once for being crooks, again for insulting our intelligence.

Marine general admits he hates America

Might as well...he blisters King Goerge over Gulf War II. Go ahead and call this guy his face. I want to be there for that.

King Goerge: "Two-thirds of you want more 9-11s."

No one really cares what he and his mindless minions say about us. He's a liar, a crook, and the worst president in our history.

They lost children in this war. Go ahead, call them names.

AFTER you enlist or sign up your own kids for your king's war. Otherwise, shut up.

"I don't know how many innocents I killed with my mortar rounds."

Iraq vet's chilling stories contribute to anti-war sentiment as majority of Americans turn against Gulf War II.

Sure I can, watch this: He lied to invade Iraq and steal their oil

WMDs. 9-11. Carpets of flowers.

War mom says we can't question King Goerge's integrity without doing it to "the troops." Bullshit. He gives the orders, they carry them out. That's what they're supposed to do. I'd question their integrity if they didn't carry out his orders.

But the assumption is that he only issues lawful orders. Sadly, his orders to invade Iraq to establish a base of control in the Middle East for PNAC were not lawful since they were based on three lies.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Are you a patriot, or do you want to turn America into a fascist, feudal theocracy?

Take this test and find out. (Yes, I know that question lacks proper symmetry. I did it on purpose.)

King Goerge forces schools to close over gas price gouging

One more victory in his war on public education.

You won't see private schools closing over gas prices. Only public schools.

Democracy is on the march: Pentagon drops "Able Danger" cover-up

Maybe some truth about this administration's myriad intel failures before 9-11 finally can come to light...just in time for next year's Mid-term Massacre.

Round up the usual suspects: Every resluglicon in D. C. either in shackles already or soon will be

The only good resluglicon is an incarcerated resluglicon.

Next year's mid-term election will be a massacre.

Another incompetent resluglicon crook (...redundant...) avoids tar and feathers

FDA chief quits after just two months because of Vioxx scandal.

Is anyone in this adminstration not going to jail soon?

King Goerge wants two GIs to die every day

He stands watch? Since when?

More Americans support Cindy than King Goerge

53% oppose war now.

Watch the Gold Star Families for Peace new teevee ad.

King Goerge finally stays the hell out of the way

Passes up photo-op stunt so as not to interfere with people doing, you know, their jobs. Will monitor Rita from US Northern Command HQ in Colorado underground bunker in case he has to nuke the hurricane.

"Librul extremists" propose federal Peace Department

Peace sure is an extreme notion these days. Sign me up.

I want to hear resluglicons explain why peace is un-kristian and un-American.

Why don't they have files on CEOs and resluglicons? You know, actual criminals?

No, the FBI thinks only "celebrities" are threats to America.

Anti-war commies offer gas conservation tips

Why listen to anyone with ties to Michael Moore?

Even the Prince of Darkness recognizes King Goerge's myriad failures

He's not alone. And they're putting it in writing now.

Satan? Or just ghosts? GIs in NOLA want to know who's haunting them

Tell that chaplain he can't exorcise ghosts of little girls. And show me pictures of those Bibles.

Isn't he supposed to be in charge of rebuilding NOLA?

As another hurricane pounds the Gulf Coast, Rove goes politicking in North Dakota.

King Goerge's buddy lobbied for terists, but got confirmed, anyway

If enough money changes hands, anything is possible when resluglicons run things.

Give credit where credit is due: Only King Goerge can play both ends against the middle like that.

Let the price gouging begin!

Uh, King Goerge, about that zero-tolerance policy you talked about the other day...

Exxon closes biggest refinery in US.

Small local gas distributors keep at least three weeks' reserves in town, larger concerns keep more. But what are we gonna do about the gouging, trust a resluglicon president (sic) to (1) keep his word and (2) prevent his masters from robbing us? Don't be holding your breath.

House theofascists legalize religious discrimination

Is this the America our founders imagined?

Let the punishment fit the crime: Resluglicon thief must account for money he stole

The only good resluglicon is an incarcerated resluglicon.

Scumbag criminal moves from prison to jail to work off theft.

Conference calls detail who failed at what prior to and during Katrina debacle

Click on headline, goto NPR website, and listen for yourself.

Here's the schedule for my three-day birthday party in D. C. All patriots welcome.

War-lovers should enlist, send their kids, or shut the hell up.

Even if he could read it, he won't

Peace families deliver letter to King Goerge, ask three valid questions he can't answer.

King Goerge's war lies that won't go away:

1. WMDs.

2. 9-11

3. Carpets of flowers.

We won't forget, and we won't forgive.

Constitution faces test this weekend

How will jackboots in nation's capitol restrict constitutional rights to peaceable assembly and free speech as patriots seek redress?

We already know they have trainloads of soldiers, even Special Forces, on standby for illegal law enforcement (see Posse Comitatus) efforts. Will they use CS gas and dogs? Will they shoot people like at Kent State 35 years ago? It'll be amusing to see police state thugs gassing and whacking the mothers of soldiers who died in a bullshit war sold with lies.

If they understood their oaths to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic (the domestic part being everyone in King Goerge's corrupt, fascist junta), all the cops and soldiers would join the protestors and demand an end to this ridiculous war.

As for all the "pro-war" people who say they'll "counter-protest," they should bring Army recruiters with them. Then they can enlist themselves or sign up their kids right there on teevee. Otherwise, they can just shut the hell up. And everyone who doesn't like that can move to Argentina with all the other confederate and fascist holdouts. We'll be glad to get rid of you, and they'll be glad to have you.

Most military families ever to protest King Goerge's war lies

Many veterans will join them for my weekend-long birthday party in D. C..

Everybody who supports the liar's war should go, take/send their children, or shut the hell up.

And those who don't like that can move to Argentina with all the other confederate and fascist holdouts.

Ruh-oh, Roerge: Feds want to talk to Dr. First

"I'll take INSIDER TRADING for $600, Alex."

But he's nowhere to be found. Why is this Kompassionate Konservative Kristian hiding?

Looks like his blind trust got corneal implants.

Lives there a resluglicon who's not a criminal?

Who's stealing all that money from the Defense budget?

If the Pentagon knows, no one is saying. They don't even know how much has been spent or stolen. Good thing they're all Kompassionate Konservative Kristians with all that morality, decency and fiscal responsibility, and stuff.

Aw, hell, they're all criminals

Abramoff, Rove, DeLay, the Bush Crime Family, all of them.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

And it's the TERISTS who want to impose their ideology on the world?

That's what King Goerge says. What ideology? No funding for condoms or mentioning abortions? Wars for oil? Theo-science? Oh, sorry, those are from the ideology HE wants to impose on the world.

Tax cuts for rich survive TWO hurricanes!

Gorged On Pork whores take care of their own.

Thanks, Jimmy, but where were you five years ago when your country needed you?

Honorable man, great president confirms Gore was elected in 2000. But we already knew what. Too bad he didn't add his voice to the chorus five years ago when we might have been able to save the Constitution from King Goerge and his neocon fascist sidekicks.

Dems are as spineless as reslugs are corrupt

Won't attend my birthday party in D. C. this weekend. Snivvling sissies.

Poor blacks can't get out of Houston, either

But, but...King Goerge is focused...

I guess they brought it on themselves, are scumbags, deserve to die, and it's all the mayor of NOLA's fault.

Woman pregnant with Baby Virgin Mary

Well, aren't all babies virgins?

Second Coming: Not Jesus, but his mom is due any day now. Here's proof in a sonogram.

Monkey Trial II: Science on the brink

Could evolve into theo-science in our lifetimes, proving evolutionists right about great changes in brief periods brought on by calamitous events.

Just a theory?

Do you really want them teaching your kids the Earth is only 6000 years old? If so, consider this: If the Earth is only 6000 years old, and the Great Flood was only 1,500 years ago, why do our calendars say Jesus was born 2005 years ago?

DeLay reportedly seen looking for non-existent pork

Now that Houston will require tens of billions of dollars to rebuild after Rita leaves town.

No experience required

Constitution in extreme danger.

Fascist who's only been a judge for two years will be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Texans flee God's wrath

Don't want to go down with sinners connected to the Bush Crime Family, DeLay, Rove, Perry, et al.

Rita decreases to a mere Category 4. Is God having second thoughts about sinners in Texas?

King Goerge gives Gulf Coast casinos big tax breaks

To make up for the times they were overlooked, poor babies.

Homework assignment: Compare and contrast Then and Now

Tell me all fourteen of these don't exactly describe King Goerge's reign of error so far, and it's revealed intentions.

AWOL King Goerge to defile Medal of Honor legacy tomorrow

Tibor Rubin deserves to get it, but from a president who was elected, and who isn't a wartime deserter still AWOL.

Veterans, military families head to "Camp Casey D. C." this weekend

Here's the schedule. Expect more jackboots than protesting patriots.

The truth about the buses

It isn't what Der Ruschkopf said. Surprise!

Fascists launch blitzkrieg on middle class

Middle class must die to pay for Katrina, Rita, Gulf War II.

They've been working to destroy the middle class for decades. This is their latest offensive.

God reaches out to touch Texas for its myriad sins

Rita is bigger than Katrina. She needs to be.

Where to start with those deserving punishment? The Bush Crime Family, DeLay, Rove, Perry, Perot, price-gouging oil much sin from so many sinners requires a bodacious, Texas-size monster storm.

You're invited to my birthday party in D. C. this weekend

I turn 55 Monday. In celebration, a hundred thousand patriots will descend on our nation's capital for a weekend of demanding the end of this ridiculous war King Goerge started with lies.

Workers Unite...against on-going war for first time in history

Union movement may be rebuilding itself.

Incompetence run amuck: Halliburton gave Iraq troops contaminated water

Treated Euphrates River water improperly for at least a year. Sludge was served with spoiled food in mess halls. You're doing a heckuva job, Halliburon.

Peace breaks out in D. C.

Returning Gulf War II veterans support Cindy Sheehan, peace movement. Watch vidcaps of their comments.

Police state run amuck: D. C. cops stop Cindy's three-car caravan

Pre-emption now means disallowing American citizens from exercising constitutional rights of peaceable assembly, free speech.

Fascism run amuck: Due process dying in America

If suspected terists don't get due process, we're all in trouble.

Stonewalling run amuck: What is the Pentagon hiding about "Danger Able?"

Both patriots and resluglicon fascists want to know more.

Criminality run amuck: Dr. First's blind trust had a seeing eye dog

Even resluglicon "ethics" experts raise eyebrows at this one.

Incompetence run amuck: King Goerge no more ready for Rita than Katrina

But at least he's focused. On sounding ready.

God's man in the White House OK's Saudi sex perversions

Waives financial sanctions on his best friends and their "peculiar institution" of sex slavery.

Corruption run amuck: King Goerge ready for Rita; will counterattack by allowing gas price gouging

Expect $5 gas soon, probably today, despite the fact that the local companies have at least three weeks' reserves on hand for which they paid less.

Fascism run amuck: DeptHomeSec arrests vegans for protesting ham

Thank God for the ACLU. Again. Some of us remember the Bill of Rights.

Fascism run amuck: Troops in D. C. to counter this weekend's protests

More and more, this administration recognizes the Constitution less and less.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Memo to all Democrats: Do this all the time

Dems send man in King Goerge mask to Bloomberg rally to remind people of mayor's true love for his king.

Do not let them "run away" from King Goerge just because his numbers are in the toilet. Ask, "Was he lying then, or is he lying now?" Or, "Was he pretending to support King Goerge when his numbers were high, or is he pretending not to support King Goerge now that his numbers are low? Which is it? You can't have it both ways."

If Iraq is nothing like Vietnam...

...why does King Goerge sound exactly like LBJ in 1967?

Dumsfeld says the differences are too many to list, but won't list 4-5 examples to prove himself right.

Theofascists don't care about the law

They know what's best for everyone else.

Ex-lesbian, current KKK/theofascist/paranoid/nutroll ignores law, Constitution, hassles library over two "death lifestyle" magazines.

As long as it's an elective like Chorus or Shop

New textbook for teaching the Bible in public schools. You know the theofascists will whine it's not based on the King James version.

NOLA's levees were high enough to stop storm surge!

Levees didn't let water over until they failed due to improper design, poor construction, or both. All other stores about the levees are false.

Looks like God is punishing Texas harder than Louisiana

God hates fascists and criminals more than witches and midgets.

Well, I guess so: King Goerge, Cheney, Rove, DeLay,'ll take a bigger hurricane that Katrina to get 'em all, and it looks like Rita is up to the job.

King Goerge back on the sauce?

Sources say, yes, for weeks now, if not months.

New immigration czarina: ZERO experience, but at least well-connected

"Who the hell is going to enforce the immigration laws?"

"Then Jesus chopped and hacked the homosexuals into piles of fleshy red goo which were eaten by birds."

And Heather was happy again.

Ed Schultz used his own money to save NOLA families...

...while Der Ruschkopf et al called them names.

Poet rejects Queen Laura's invite

Doesn't want to break bread with wife of warmonger.

King Goerge will allow gas price gouging this time

They let him get away with big talk last time, but now they're reminding him who he works for.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. They're not worried about this.

FTC acts like they're going to do something about price gouging.

Katrina costs election thieves a lot of money

Diebold slashes earnings forecast for third quarter. Bastards can go broke for all I care.

King Goerge hits another trifecta

Fails to do anything about refining, gas mileage, energy planning.

God still hunting along Gulf Coast

Lots of queers/witches/midgets escaped the last hurricane, so He sent another to mop up.

Theofascists quiet about Rita. Is that because she hit their states this time?

Darwin was right: Dumbass kills self in traffic accident

Rifle in your truck's gun rack? Okay, but DON'T LEAVE A ROUND IN THE CHAMBER!

Mission Accomplished: Gulf War II radicalized Saudis

You're doing a heckuva job, Goergie.

Cindy inspires both sides of war debate

Those who want more to die and those who want NO more to die.

Two PNAC letters that changed world history...for the worse

Interesting how closely their letters correspond with King Goerge's foreign policy and warmongering.

Desperate Army will take high school dropouts

Rich, brave, chickenhawk college kids love the war, but won't serve their country.

Dr. First sold stock in his own company RIGHT BEFORE it went down

"I'll take 'INSIDER TRADING' for $400, Alex."

Lives there a resluglicon who's not a criminal?

How to ask Dr. First for stock tips.

Washington, D.C.:
Office of Senator Bill Frist
509 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
202-228-1264 (fax)

Office of Senator Bill Frist
28 White Bridge Road
Suite 211
Nashville, TN 37205
615-352-9985 (fax)

Crooked doctor reassigned, not fired?

Another of King Goerge's crooked cronies--I really do know that's redundant--gets busted, but not punished. This entire administration is corrupt and unqualified.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Resluglicons use Katrina to turn back Civil Rights clock

New bill allows religious discrimination in hiring practices.

Why is the Vatican hiding a war criminal?

Croatian monster supposedly in monastery.

"Christian" ants leave "christian" artwork on Brazilian trees

But they can't spell. They must have studied theo-Portuguese at Liberty University.

That $100 million King Goerge spent on bird flu vaccine won't help a bit

It won't help you and me, that is. The money will help his friends a lot...if they survive the pandemic.

NOLA asked for M*A*S*H units

Instead they got another visit from King Goerge today.

200 trucks loaded with ice went to the Gulf Coast. Guess where FEMA sent them?

Maine. To store the ice.

Museum stands up to brain-dead, pro-ignorance, theofascist creationist nutrolls

Good for them.

Anti-knowledge wackos arrange their own "Biblically-correct" guided tours to explain why all science is wrong.

Katrina tax cuts benefit those who don't need more tax "relief"

Unlikely it will help survivors at all. At least it'll help King Goerge's friends, just as everything else he does...does.

If you live in or near Nashville, don't go see this ridiculous production of "1776"

It's a classic of the American musical theatre, and deserves to be. But these people apparently don't know that or, if they do, they don't understand why.

"1778" is a period piece. In fact, it's two period pieces, one of 1967 when it debuted on Broadway, and one of 1776, when it takes place. This production, however, is an exercise in how not to mount a great piece of theatre.

First, ignore all the reasons it's still popular after nearly 40 years.

Second, foist as many subjective and irrelevant ideas as possible onto the production in the name of "creativity" and other excuses for stupidity.

Third, be sure to treat your audience like idiots who will buy anything different, regardless of its quality.

Nashville-area theatre-goers should avoid this abomination like the plague. Rent the fabulous 1972 movie version and watch it at home with friends. Then write The Rep, tell them what you did, and why.

Resluglicons aren't heartless criminals

They're just criminals.

King Goerge bites head off live bunny, declares allegiance to Satan

"At least he's not a librul!"

And his core supporters still love him.

King Goerge says porn is worse than corporate piracy, gangs or drugs...

...or kiddie porn. He means legal porn.

King Goerge's Katrina "investigation" will be just like WMD hunt: All lies and hogwash

Look who he put in charge. Name sound familiar?

New moon mission isn't about science

Unless it has to be. (Read whole article)

If King Goerge won't, why should they? He's America's moral leader, and all

Fewer alcoholics seek treatment.

King Goerge will burn 400,000 Brit MREs rather than give them to Katrina survivors

That's 400,000 meals. 400,000 meals. 400,000.

Lying, corrupt resluglicon congressman (I really do know all that's redundant) busted

Now, who will impeach him?

This Razorback is the "chief porker"

Among other honors on his resume is the infamous $200 million "bridge to nowhere."

Ain't it a good thing that resluglicons are Kompassionate Konservative Kristians? Imagine what criminals they'd be otherwise.

Short summary of recent resluglicon pork, graft and outright thievery

This is small-town corrupt politics on a national level.

Hinkley wants overnight passes

Used a pretend cowboy pistol on a pretend cowboy.

He missed his chance to do the world a favor when he bought a .22 Ruger Single Six single-action revolver instead of a .45 Colt M1911A1 autoloader. For that mistake, he can just stay in prison.

America tells King Goerge to stay on vacation

Can keep Big Dick, Condo and Dumsfeld with him, and leave us alone.

Two theofascist brainwashing camps shut down

Sometimes even our state gubmnt gets it right.

Resluglicon hunter dead at 96

Credited with rounding up 1,100 reslugicons and their business partners since WWII.

America hates King Goerge. It's about damn time.

I've argued since the early '90s that the best thing for America would be if the fascist resluglicon thieves got their way unchecked for eight years so America and the world could finally see once and for all just who the fascist resluglicon thieves were, and exactly what they wanted to do.

In the short run, it would be tough on America. But in the long run, people would get their fill of fascist resluglicon thieves and reject their ways forever.

I was wrong. It only took half as long as I thought. But then, King Goerge's administration is twice as corrupt and twice as incompetent as even I expected. Good news is, America is rejecting the fascist resluglicon thieves in half the time, too.

Next year's mid-term election is gonna be a massacre.

King Goerge goes back to elementary school

I add, "And only a third of the country would even care."

Read the best joke of the month.

Monday, September 19, 2005

150 dogs left NOLA on BUSES

Who left, if at all, in freight trucks? Click headline to see.

Resluglicons' biggest lies

There are so many, where to start?

Remember one basic thing about resluglicons: They always say the opposite of what's true.

Here're some long-haired, FM-type peaceniks for the jackboots to arrest

It's still King Goerge's Kompassionate Konservative Kristian Amerika for three more years.

Go ahead, use your Tasers, CS grenades and dogs, why don't you? If the Army can torture POWs, why should cops treat US citizens any differently?

D. C. jackboots arrest wheelchair-bound protestors

We have so much damn freedom under King Goerge...

NYPD jackboots pull the plug on Cindy. Literally

Yank away microphone during speech. Shame on those thugs.

Theofascists line up for the gubmnt teat

And take a swing at dismantling civil rights in the process.

What you mean "we," white man?

Over half of "we" did our dead-level best to prevent Gulf War II. So don't go including us when you say, "We failed the Iraqis, our troops," or anybody else. Talk about the fascists who invaded a country who didn't and couldn't attack this country, and leave us (how did Der Ruschkopt put it?) long-haired, flea-bitten, FM-type peaceniks out of it.

With his magic sword and hemmet...

Jebya will kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit...

Just see the picture

It needs no additional comment.

Crooked resluglicon (I really do know it's redundant) takes his wife down with him

Both plead guilty of stealing campaign money.

Visitors, please submit names of resluglicons who aren't criminals. It'd save us all a lot of time.

Ex-battalion commander: Katrina probably prevented war with Iran

Says he was naive to have believed Gulf War II was about liberation, not conquest.

King Goerge is the opposite of King Midas

Everything he touches turns to dross.

Plan to stop Colombian cocaine a total flop. Too many fond memories of Texas Tootskie, there, King Goerge?

BREAKING: King Goerge's federal purchasing chief ARRESTED!

Warm up the tar and feathers.

While indictments are not uncommon, physical arrests are extremely rare.

Another corrupt resluglicon (yeah, I know it's redundant) faces hard time

The only good resluglicon is an incarcerated resluglicon.

Buddies defend KKK perverts

Wonder what these Kompassionate Konservative Kristians said about Clinton's trysts with a consenting adult?

Oops! Rove fax "mistakenly" goes to Dem congressman

Is this an insider-outing of a plan, or is it a smoke-and-mirrors play to put Dems on the spot? Most likely it's meant to take talkinghead time away from their Katrina debacle. To wit:

"...this administration is done for."

Oh, NOW they evacuate before the hurricane hits...

...little brother Jebya's state.

If only the election COULD BE held today

Before people forget their anger over King Goerge's incompetence and corruption. Will they remember in a year? Or will they care more about Britney's baby?

Only in the parallel universe of Cancervatron can a traitor run the Katrina cleanup

If by "cleanup" you mean "cleaning out what's left in the national coffers and giving it to your friends."

Why is Osama still running loose?

Because the man who swore to bring him in dead or alive can't do either.

We don't even need a Pledge of Allegiance to the flag

We need a Pledge of Allegiance to the Constitution.

Upon entering military service or elected office, Americans swear to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. If pledging allegiance to the flag was so all-fired important, why don't they do that instead of swearing to defend that librul Constitution? The flag is merely a symbol. The Constitution is our country's operating manual.

Peace goes on trial today. War prosecutes.

If you love your king and his war, go, take/send your children, or shut the fuck up.

Lone Ranger tells UN a posse is better than the Long Ranger

Having peed on his shoes, King Goerge wants the world to forget he's been trying to conquer it for his neocon friends. What a putz.

King Goerge wants soldiers to replace cops

Says Posse Comitatus is "archaic." He thinks the same about the Constitution.

Know this: When Army troops's authority supercedes that of local and state cops, and National Guard troops (who report to governors, not the White House), Big Brother rules everything.

And all these years you thought you were supposed to be afraid of libruls and the UN. Who was it confiscated legally owned firearms in and around NOLA recently, Clinton? Kerry? Teddy Kennedy? Nope. It was King Goerge's boys.

I've been trying to explain to people for decades that the opposite of what resluglicons say is true. They accuse us of what they're doing or about to do so they can never be accused of it.

States' rights? Profligate spending? Gun-grabbin'? Big Brother? Who's doing everything they said libruls would do?

Pay attention, people! And I don't mean to liars on amtalkingheadradio or FAUXNEWS.

FEMA spent zillions on disasters that never happened

Chicago mayor got millions for rainstorm he couldn't even remember.

It'd be a lot cheaper just to get rid of those rigged Diebold machines

Jimmy Carter endorses National Voter ID card. This is a real mess.

Hastert knew FEMA was FUBAR last January, and did nothing

Evildoers aren't our problem. Nothingdoers in this adminstration are America's greatest threat, only slightly ahead of resluglicon criminals in, and appointed by those in, D. C..

"Funds were raided...all the progress made over the past 15 years may go for naught."

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hastert knew FEMA was FUBAR last January, and did nothing

Evildoers aren't our problem. Nothingdoers are our biggest threat.

"Funds have been raided...all of the progress made over the last 15 years could be for naught."

A clear case of negligent homicide

This is why "Good Samaritan" laws exist, to require those able to help to do so.

King Goerge accepted responsibility for blah blah blah the other day, but lots of others are equally guilty of negligent homicide during the Katrina debacle. People died because officials who could have and should have acted simply didn't do so. Any first-year, small town prosecutor who went to night school could get convictions that would stand up under appeal.

But King Goerge and his useless friends have one impenetrable obstacle: Attorney General Gonzales is in the perfect position to kill any and all cases brought against those who deserve to be in Gitmo a lot more than those who are there. And when King Goerge appoints two more fascists to the Supreme Court, master criminals will be in complete control of the government's bank accounts, and will pillage them with total impunity.

And there'll be nothing we can do about it.

Gubmnt crooks help their crooked friends get Katrina recovery contracts

Lots of companies either already fined for corruption or under investigation got contracts. And FEMA says they don't anything about those investigations.

Is it finally time to set up a Paypal account for tar and feathers?

Every theofascist wishes he had Phelps' guts

That's right, I'm talking about good, old "Rev." Fred Phelps from Westboro Baptist Church. Here are some pictures from his party at Rehnquist's funeral.

If asked, other theofascists will pretend to condemn Phelps, but only if asked. They NEVER condemn him without being asked. Why? Because they all wish they had the chutzpah to do what he does.

Make no mistake. Phelps is not on the fringe of the theofascist movement. He's just a noisy Weapon of Mass Distraction from their political agenda. The leaders of the KKK are biding their time until they have overwhelming control of government and courts--local, state, federal. Then we'll see Halliburton getting contracts to build a new kind of resettlement camp. And they won't even have to start from scratch.

All they'll have to do is use blueprints from Auschwitz, Dachau and Birkenau.

Schools don't need teachers anymore!

And overcrowded schools don't need more teachers. Sounds like another Mission Accomplished in King Goerge's war on public education.

Florida's "FEMA City" was first "Bushville"

Many relocation ghettos like this are springing up around the country now to prevent Louisiana from ever being a blue state again.

And it's even worse now than it was a year ago.

Clinton, like, totally nukes King Goerge

Last elected president reams first unelected president (sic) a new one. And you know it's sore after this.

Well, what do you know? Turns out, King Goerge DOES know something about history

Intel expert says King Goerge has repeated every mistake made in Vietnam. That's the first A he ever got on anything.

"How does King Goerge feel about Roe v Wade?"

"He doesn't care HOW people get out of New Orleans!" Ba-dump-Ching!

God gets ready to punish Florida for...well, a lot

Where to start...the 2000 election, Jeb Bush, the 2004 election, FEMA corruption, the handgun carry's a long list.

Who will write the post-Katrina "How Not To Handle a Disaster" handbook?

Teachers use examples (what to do) and non-examples (what to avoid) in classroom lessons. Everything about King Goerge's administration is a big, old, greasy non-example.

D. C. cops will infiltrate next Saturday's peace march

They're welcome. They might learn something.

FEMA: Legacy of waste and fraud, Part One

Katrina's aftermath is only the latest event in a long history of incompetence and corruption.

Terrific two-parter from Florida paper. Part two tomorrow.

Remember next year's battle cry: "Superdome! Superdome! Superdome!"

"People whose prayers God doesn't answer" and their growing competition with the KKK

Chabadniks give KKK a run for their money at who is more fundamentalist, further to the right. But the KKK--who'll tell you that God doesn't answer prayers of Jews--still have 'em outgunned, just like 70 years ago.

Kompassionate Konservative Kristianity spreads to Greece

They fight amongst themselves there just like they do here.

Last "Buffalo Soldier" dead at age 111

Cavalryman joined the Army at age 16, fought in "Punitive Campaign" against Poncho Villa, later in South Pacific during WWII. Will be buried at Arlington National Cemetary.

For the record, the most famous commander of the "Buffalo Soldiers," Gen. John J. Pershing, despised being called "Black Jack." Other officers insulted him with the monniker for being forced to lead an all-black unit against his wishes. Pershing was the butt of "Buffalo Soldier" jokes among high-ranking officers for the rest of his career.

In case there are still people who DON'T believe resluglicons are fascists...

Defense lawyer convicted for violating a prosecutor's letter.

If you haven't watched Judgement at Nuremberg in a while, do so immediately. All the concentration camp kommandants already tried, this movie covers the prosecution of nazi judges. It'll all sound very familiar.

King Goerge isn't fit to be covered up in my cat's litter box

In 1976, we cleaned house in D. C. with the battle cry, "Watergate! Watergate! Watergate!" Then people learned to disco and forgot about Watergate.

Next year, as we clean house again, our battle cry will be "Superdome! Superdome! Superdome!" It's important we remember it longer this time.

Why are we still paying Chertoff's salary?

When King Goerge called him the day Katrina hit the coast, they talked about avian flu and immigration.

Chertoff worked from home the day Bosner first warned of the hurricane's catastrophic potential for New Orleans, CNN's Tom Foreman reported. Chertoff also has been criticized for writing a memo the day after Katrina struck, delegating authority to Brown and deferring to the White House rather than taking charge.

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor?

Rove was down with kidney stones, which is why King Goerge sucked his thumb for the first few days of Katrina's visit, waiting for Rove to get back and tell him what to do.

Condo learns to speak Dumsfeldese

"Well, look, I would like nothing better to get the phone call that says we captured Osama bin Laden. I mean, in a sense, I think it’s, you know, it's a kind of issue of closure about-I was at the September 11 commemoration on Sunday and the one thing that did occur to me as I was talking to families as they came through is that, you know, I wish that there were more closure for what happened to us because what happened was that that launched a long war against terrorism, it launched a war to root out something that had been growing for a long time, and we're more at the beginning of that than at the end of it. And so I think in that sense it’s very important. And perhaps in terms of a kind of spiritual presence, philosophical presence in their movement, maybe it has—it probably has—but in terms of the operation itself, I've always argued, and I argued from the very beginning, and in fact, the fact that the President argues, reflected in his September 20 speech, we decided in that speech he'd only mention bin Laden once because nobody wanted to give the impression that this was about a single person."