Saturday, September 17, 2005

King Goerge wants soldiers to replace cops

The current police state isn't oppressive enough for him?

Says Posse Comitatus is archaic. Kinda like the First, Second and Fifth Amendments that he suspended in Louisiana a couple of weeks ago. Three down, seven to go.

I hope all you small-gubmnt voters are happy as pigs in shit with your boy. Remember when all you thought you had to fear was gun-grabbing libruls and invisible black UN helicopters?

Big Brother goes to law school

So much for the Constitution, Chapter 3,298,726

Law schools who refuse military recruiters lose federal funding. What could be more fascist than that?

If recruiters had just signed up all those brave chickenhawks at Freedom Walk for Jesus and Country Music Day, this wouldn't be necessary.

What about Falwell's brownshirt training camp, Liberty U? Do recruiters even go there? And all the other private KKK high schools and colleges? They all love their king and his war. Let them go fight and leave the rest of us alone.

FEMA FUBAR Chapter 698: Money earmarked for evacuation plan spent on bridge "study"

Blame that on NOLA's mayor.

Constitution Day? Tell it to Green Bay

They don't have that librul Constitution up there anymore.

Will we ever get the entire 9-11 report?

It's a tad closer than ever. But remember, those are politicians doing this, and next year they're all up for re-election.

Brave, Kompassionate Konservative Kristian patriot steals everything left at Camp Casey Memorial

He was seen stealing private property from private land. What a great example of reslugliconism.

King Goerge quit his job, and didn't even call in sick

How a business owner would treat such behavior as King Goerge's.

Iraq vet wants to be King Goerge's congressman

I can't wait for him to start telling people how wonderful the war is, and how they all should go fight in it.

Now, about all those chickenhawk Bush kids...

Jewish GI finally gets Medal of Honor he's waited on for 55 years.

He survived a nazi concentration camp in his native Hungary. He came to America and joined the Army that had liberated him. He fought in the Korean War until captured by the Chinese. He used what he learned in the concentration camp as "basic training" for 2 1/2 years as a POW. While a POW, he saved many of his buddies' lives.

To King Goerge who's still AWOL from the cushest gig the military ever had: Fuck you. You're not worthy to present the Medal of Honor to this guy. You insult the service of real veterans who actually served their country.

To all those brave chickenhawks who got their bright, shiny new white t-shirts at least weekend's Freedom Walk: Fuck you. This old guy's a patriot and a hero. You Freedom Walkers are sissies, cowards and dripping hypocrites.

Friday, September 16, 2005

See? King Goerge really is a problem-solving problem solver

Undamaged parts of NOLA to re-open tomorrow (Saturday) morning. White people can drink at sidewalk tables again. Clubs send out nationwide call for strippers. (True story)

Doesn't CNN in the past week sound a lot more like a resluglicon cheerleader than it used to? Here's why.

TIMEWARNER, CNN's parent company, hires DeLay's chief-of-staff!

The Bush crime family are terrible parents

Bush 41 and Mrs. Beautiful Mind didn't know how to raise their kids. Now their kids don't know how to raise their kids, either.

Jebya's boy busted. Drunk, resisting arrest.

Okay, we'll start with your salary, then Cheney's, then Chertoff's. Now, about that $168 million your war costs us every day...

Or is it $186 million? Whichever, the sooner we stop wasting there, the sooner we can start giving to your friends here as they overcharge us for rebuilding.

King Goerge says he will cut "unnecessary spending" to rebuild NOLA.

Katrina post-mortem: FEMA FUBAR SNAFU SOP

Newspaper series shows FEMA is a "national disaster response system that for years has been fraught with waste and fraud."

Paris Hilton hacker in prison, Democrat office hackers...not so much

Senator asks AG Gonzales why those guys haven't been prosecuted yet.

FEMA official made doctor stop treating Katrina victims; two died

He was the only doctor there.

Tomorrow is Constitution Day. Better celebrate it while we still can

If the theofascists get their way, the document won't matter much longer.

How to spot a flood-damaged vehicle

You know you're going to see them for sale soon. Be sure you know how to recognize one.

Bechtel to build "Bushville" trailer parks all over the country...

...and far away from Louisiana so it'll never be a blue state again, and NOLA will be safe for white people.

"Hoovervilles" sprang up everywhere during The Great Depression.

It's not what Japan did ten years ago.

In Kobe, Japan, where 150,000 people were placed in temporary housing after the 1995 earthquake, officials found that the most crucial factor for evacuees' mental health and economic success was being close to their old homes and jobs, said Bob Olshansky, a professor of urban and regional planning at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne.

Other important factors were keeping old neighbors together and routinely surveying the displaced residents so that adjustments could be made in funding to meet their evolving needs, Olshansky said. Planners also learned from their mistakes: They initially worried too much about how much housing they needed without paying enough attention to the housing type or location.

The transition proved hard in Kobe. The 48,000 units were built to last two years, but 5,000 homes were still occupied four years later, Olshansky said. Some people never moved back to their old homes and remain in the units, which have now been converted to public housing.

Katrina left a lot of urban legends in her wake

Here's a good roundup.

Our last elected president says repeal tax cuts for richest Americans, including himself

Remember when presidents spoke English?

Record high economy, record low unemployment, record budget surplus, no wars...damn, it's a good thing they got rid of that sumbitch before he cured cancer.

When you vote for people who believe in inactivist government, guess what you get?

Remember how in the last few elections, resluglicons demonized mayors and governors for being "activists?"

Katrina proves a neocon/theofascist gubmnt is calamitous for America.

Molly Ivins is always right about King Goerge. She's known him his whole adult life and has been up his butt most of that time.

King Goerge spews more lies, blasphemies at National Black People, Please Don't Hate Me Prayer Day

Nobody fell for this outrageous, abominable stunt since his "Gulf War II is about 9-11" country music concert took priority.

Four years, $158 gazillion later, and we're LESS safe

If Katrina's onslaught and aftermath have taught us anything, it's that we are less safe than we were four years ago. Simply put, it's because a whole bunch of unqualified, incompetent Bush Bozos are in charge of agencies that ought to be making us safer.

NOLA lights turned on for King Goerge's dog-'n-pony show, then turned off again

From NBC's Brian Williams

And yet last night, no more than an hour after the President departed, the lights went out. The entire area was plunged into total darkness again, to audible groans. It's enough to make some of the folks here who witnessed it... jump to certain conclusions.

It is impossible to over-emphasize the extent to which this area is under government occupation, and portions of it under government-enforced lockdown. Police cars rule the streets. They (along with Humvees, ambulances, fire apparatus, FEMA trucks and all official-looking SUVs) are generally not stopped at checkpoints and roadblocks. All other vehicles are subject to long lines and snap judgments and must PROVE they have vital business inside the vast roped-off regions here. If we did not have the services of an off-duty law enforcement officer, we could not do our jobs in the course of a work day and get back in time to put together the broadcast and get on the air. As we are about to do.

• Sept. 15, 2005 | 10:40 p.m. EDT

James Dobson's eyes shoot fire, 38 Jehovah's Witnesses scorched

He wishes.

Kompassionate Konservative Kristians use Pledge (and school prayer, and everything else they can think of) to identify, bully people unlike themselves.

Jehovah's Witnesses are Americans, too, and as such are entitled to equal protection under law and the Constitution. And everybody who doesn't like our Constitutional democracy can move to Argentina with all the other confederate and fascist holdouts.

Makeshift medical center in Algiers, LA needs help now

King Goerge never slept here.

While King Goerge visited and slept in undamaged French Quarter, Cindy and Mike helped, you know, people.

Read the list. Send what you can.

Environazis made King Goerge cut levee funding, stay on vacation during Katrina?

Federal officials appear to be seeking proof to blame the flood of New Orleans on environmental groups, documents show.

The Clarion-Ledger has obtained a copy of an internal e-mail the U.S. Department of Justice sent out this week to various U.S. attorneys' offices: "Has your district defended any cases on behalf of the (U.S.) Army Corps of Engineers against claims brought by environmental groups seeking to block or otherwise impede the Corps work on the levees protecting New Orleans? If so, please describe the case and the outcome of the litigation."

Facts are stupid things. History is even worse.

King Goerge took money from levees and spent it on noble cause.

Environazis must have brainwashed him into it like that woman says her boyfriend did on that armored car robbery 12 years ago.

King Goerge gives $100 million to his friends for epidemic we'll never have

Bird flu? Please.

Remember all that taxpayer money that went for Cipro during the fake anthrax hysteria? Same thing.

Pledge of Allegiance: A history lesson

Give a copy of this to a theofascist, stand back and watch his head explode.

There's history, then there's what King Goerge says on teevee

He really believes we don't take notes.

Fact-based analysis of his latest liefest about Katrina compared with his previous lies. (Scroll down a bit)

Dumbass-in-chimp can't even dress himself anymore.

Yep, he fastened his shirt one button off.

9-11 party having been held first, churches say King Goerge's "Prayer Day" is too late

Theofascists held KKK prayer services to worship King Goerge celebrate Gulf War II last week. Caring more about people than politics, most real churches already held "prayer days" for Katrina's victims.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fantastic, fact-based analysis of King Goerge's bullshit speech about Katrina

Does that pathetic waste of DNA think we don't have transcripts of his last round of lies and bullshit?

Kuwait gives Clinton $25 million for Katrina aid

Bush41 was there for the photo-op. Like worthless father, like criminal son.

Attorney-General Gonzales supports unconstitutional laws

Pretends it's about the Pledge of Allegiance, but we all know better. He's either a theofascist himself, or just another whore of the theofascists who want to burn the Constitution and turn our country into a feudal theocracy.

"Uhn, uhn, uhn, another one bites the dust"

Another Kompassionate Konservative Kristian kriminal, that is.

One more down, tens of thousands to go.

The Massachusetts Republican Party has accepted the resignation of its vice chairman, Lawrence P. Novak, after his arrest Tuesday in a money-laundering case, in which he is accused of trying to obtain his fee from a jailed client through illicit drug profits.

The only good resluglicon is an incarcerated resluglicon. They all belong in jail.

Whenever you're unfortunate enough to encounter a resluglicon--any resluglicon--remember that he's a liar, a criminal, a chickenhawk, and a fascist. And if he starts talking religion, he's a theofascist. Never trust a resluglicon. Ever.

A reminder of King Goerge's successes

He was too modest to list them himself tonight, so we're happy to lend a helping hand for jobs well done.

Dumbass-in-chimp can't even dress himself anymore

Look closely. They're right, he buttoned his shirt one-button-off. What a pathetic clown. I'd almost feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a lying, warmongering, criminal, fascist asshole.

Why I wish Paula Zahn was single and less than six feet tall.

Right before King Goerge's speech: "Come on, Suzanne, does the White House really think one speech is going to change everybody's mind about the president?"

Note to the rest of the world: My country is deeply ashamed of this man. And remember, fewer than half of us voted for him either time. So don't blame us all for this miserable excuse of a hominid. The majority of us tried to stop him, but got robbed by Diebold.

Resluglicon congressman will expose Pentagon employee to assassination next week

Employee set to testify that he was ordered by Pentagon to destroy mountain of data showing King Goerge knew Mohammed Atta was planning 9-11, and did nothing to stop him.

The Pledge of Allegiance: A history lesson

Every American should know this history. Read, share, remember. Give copies to theofascists you're unfortunate enough to have to deal with.

Sneak preview of King Goerge's barrage of bullshit and lies set for tonight, speech will have no live audience, and reporters must remain in vans.

To no one's surprise, it's all party-line talking points.

Get your Bullshit Protector (see below post) in time.

More details of what is actually going to happen, tonight's speech be damned. He only tells lies.

Reuters says no "malicious intent" behind "potty break" photo

That's fine. We've got enough malicious intent (and contempt for that miserable excuse of a humanoid) to make up for their lack of it.

God spares Falwell's redoubt in Virginia

I guess that proves him right and me wrong about everything, huh?

Catherine Cryer gets what the theofascists are up to, and got to say it on FAUXNEWS

Proves me right for saying this for the past 35 years. She did research going back that far, and documents the beginning of the movement in her book.

Watch the video. Watch Hannity try feebly to distort both what she says and history itself.

Insiders: White House p/r deliberately dishonest "from day one"

Lying to press, public has always been official policy, insiders reveal.

Rove in charge of post-Katrina patronage

Will make sure all of King Goerge's friends share in the thievery.

DeptHomeSec knew Diebold was going to rig last year's election for King Goerge

Exit polls are always accurate. Kerry won.

Diebold insider speaks out.

Diebold management threatened employees with dismissal if they ratted out the conspiracy. This is a horrible chapter in the history of a corrupt administration's efforts to destroy our Constitutional democracy in favor of a fascist theocracy.

God destroyed NOLA to kill libruljunkscience

No, wait, bioweapons research is what resluglicons, and therefore God, like. But they weren't theo-biologists. Or were they?

The real story of Jesus' birth

There is literature, history and science in the Bible. But it's nowhere near what the theo-whatevers want us to believe.

National Geographic special explores the real Nativity Scene.

What exactly are "the lessons of September 11" that King Goerge keeps talking about?

9-11 Commission says "little has changed" since then.

Meanwhile, King Goerge's approval is in "freefall." Actually, "death spiral" is more accurate. But we're still stuck with the dangerous clown and his crime family for 3 1/2 more long years. They'll steal billions in that time, especially after Katrina.

Boycott KKK Family Dollar

NOT Dollar General.

Their family values are so strong, they fired a woman for rescuing her siblings.

Family Values in KKK corporate America. Ain't it great

They're so kompassionate that they fired this grandmother for taking care of a grandchild.

God takes His time cleansing North Carolina

Supreme Steamcleaner only moving at 6 mph as it purges sinful state of Kompassionate Konservative Kristianity.

Jerry Falwell's head explodes, killing eight theo-biologists

Activist judge overturns unconstitutional law. The bastard. Send in the Blackwater mercs.

Peaceniks face eight years in federal slammer for praying in recruiting office

Big Brother wants to quash this "peace" nonsense once and for all. As he should. Everybody knows God loves war and hates peace. That's why Old Testament prophecy called Jesus (the Messiah) the "Prince of Peace." Wait...

And neither will we, you lying, sociopathic warmonger

King Goerge says, "We will not waiver on Iraq." What you mean, "We," white man? You broke it, you pay for it. Send your daughters and all those Freedom Walk chickenhawks, or just shut the hell up. About everything. For the rest of your corrupt term.

Don't believe a word King Goerge says for the rest of his life...especially about Iran's WMDs

He desperately wants us to be afraid of Iran so we'll want him to protect us from their boogeymen terists. Fuck him. He's a pathological liar, and we all know it. Some of us knew it a long time ago, but the rest are getting up to speed.

America finally realizes King Goerge is soft on terism

Soft on natural disasters, too. And soft on corporate crime. In general, soft of protecting anybody not in the oil binniss.

As the increasingly funny Wanda Sykes said on Leno last night, "I don't blame Bush. I blame the American people. Ya'll knew the man was slow when you voted for him. Don't blame the blind man for wrecking the car when you're the one gave him the keys."

Bullshit Protector Alert: King Goerge on teevee tonight

Why do the networks still broadcast his bullshit when they know it's going to be all lies? (Well, we know why FAUXNEWS carries their boy. But the rest? Haven't they learned anything in the past 4 1/2 years?)

Will tell more lies about...well, everything since that's all he knows how to do, in hopes of distracting us from his abject failures at...well, everything since he's a total nincompoop. Maybe he'll need to go pee in the middle of his liefest, and never come back.

Download Bullshit Protector here

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Screw the National Guard and everybody else involved in unconstitutional censoring of the real Katrina story

And don't give me that tired, vr-wc line about "common decency."

Pictures of dead bodies in NOLA are horrible, so if you don't want to see them, don't look at them. But America must know the truth, not just what King Goerge wants us to know, about the price the city paid for his and his cronies' incompetence. May the smell of what CSIs call "decomp" follow King Goerge around for the rest of his days.

God's ShopVac goes to work on North Carolina

This time, He allows at least two days for heavenly steamcleaner to purge a sinful state of its Kompassionate Konservative Kristianity.

They'd better hope DHS and FEMA don't get called in.

Theofascist nutcake Gary Bauer confirms everything I've said about "Judge" Roberts

He's a throwback to the pre-Warren court days when fascist judges allowed unconstitutional laws to go though and marginalize large segments of the American populus. This is the theofascist fantasy--to get away with writing unconstitutional laws which re-introduce legal discrimination to our culture.

Theofascists hate the Constitution because it provides equality and protection for everyone, and Kompassionate Konservative Kristians like Bauer think the rest of us shouldn't be allowed to live here. Well, to him and his ilk I say, if you don't like a Constitutional America, you can move to Argentina with all the other confederate and fascist holdouts.

Pentagon still considers reporters their biggest enemies

Rarely investigate deaths of journalists in war zones, particularly Iraq.

The Pentagon did a heckuva job, too

Made 400 New Mexico National Guardsmen wait four days for paperwork to allow them into NOLA.

Pat Robertson's head explodes, killing 59 day workers

700 Club diverts Blackwater mercs from NOLA to Frisco where dangerous federal judge is still on the loose.

Konservatism's favorite fallacy

They truly believe The Good Old days actually existed. I'll be 55 next week, and I don't remember any Good Old Days.

Read a good essay.

I wish I'd written this

What resluglicons fear the most in Katrina's aftermath.

Knowing next year's mid-term will be a massacre, resluglicons begin to make nice with Democrats

Thirty turn their backs on Kompassionate Konservative Kristians and support Hate Crime Bill.

King Goerges has to ask Condo if he needs to go potty

How long before the vr-wc start crying, "That picture's a fake!"

Reuters shutterbug catches King Goerge writing to Condo during UN meeting, "I think I may need a bathroom break?" Is he asking her if she knows whether he needs to go potty? Or is he asking her to stage a diversion? The next part seems to start with, "Is this possible..."

Theofascists think they're penguins

Or penguins are theofascists. Or something else equally irrational. Just read it. And notice how they don't miss a chance to distort, well, everything.

Conservatives finally realize King Goerge isn't one

Or, having already pillaged this country as much as they believe they can, they now publicly say this so their non-PNAC boys can run away from King Goerge in next year's mid-terms.

Do not trust these people. They're still resluglicons.

Army still waiting for all those "thousands and thousands" of Freedom Walk chickenhawks to enlist for their king's war

Army expects to miss annual recruiting goal for the first time since 1999. They didn't have these problems when Clinton was president. Maybe that's because he didn't start wars to make rich people richer.

"And to those other countries whose kind offers I turned down in the name of fiberty..."

King Goerge only thanks countries whose assistance he accepted. Lots of others offered. But, Noooooo......

Michael Moore has accomplished more than Red Cross and FEMA combined

Read good and bad stories. Read what to donate and how to donate it so you know it goes where it's needed.

Brownie did a heckuva job in Ohio, too

FEMA database set up to help evacuees find each other turns out to be a total waste of money. How many of Brownie's and King Goerge's friends got rich off this scam?

For King Goerge, red MS=good, blue LA=bad, very bad

He called MS governor several times about Katrina, but wouldn't return LA governor's calls.

God punishes North Carolina for decades of Kompassionate Konservative Kristianity

Power out all along coast, barrier islands. Maybe now they'll realize the Civil War is over and that they lost.

Dumsfeld remains in charge of Afghanistan's poppy fields, heroin traffic

Crop yield is 400% of what it was four years ago. Dummy, you're doing a heckuva job.

King Goerge made Mississippi hospitals wait for power

King Goerge ordered pipeline repaired first because of fuel shortage in Northeastern US. How many patients died because of this?

Still waiting for Chertoff's letter of resignation

He was Brownie's boss.

Chertoff delayed federal response to Katrina.

Iraq's new Weapon of Mass Distraction: Head sockpuppet Talabani

Says Turkey will invade Iraq if we pull out. Tough putty.

"We'll have time for the blame game later. But THEY blew it, and I'll make it all better."

Video of King Goerge's mea culpa, setting himself up to be the hero for fixing what the people he appointed broke in the first place.

New and improved 9-11 commission report reveals even more of King Goerge's failures to protect us

FAA warned in 1998 that al qaeda would use airliners. On whose watch did 9-11 happen?

Did King Goerge want 9-11 to happen so he could do exactly what he's done for his PNAC friends?

God punishes America for tolerating King Goerge

9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Katrina, Ophelia...we're all paying for King Goerge's sins against democracy and the sins of those who voted for him, donated to him and work for him.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More heads to roll as God punishes King Goerge's administration

DHS and FEMA may experience a bloodbath.

God sent Katrina to rid America of incompetent, corrupt resluglicons

If they can do it, I can do it.

VR-WC "myths" (lies, spin, hogwash) about Katrina debunked

It's so easy to do with...what are those things called? Oh, yeah, the facts.

Queers, dykes can die in King Goerge's wars

1999 Pentagon document says so.

They now get to stay in uniform, freeing up more chickenhawks for cheerleading.

During WWII, women were encouraged to go to work in defense plants to free a man for service in that war. Now gays are in uniform so chickenhawks don't have to be. Rosie the Riveter is rolling in her grave. (My mother was a "Rosie." She built P-47s.)

KKK dream of destroying public education coming true

US education falling behind the rest of the developed world.

Thanks, Kompassionate Konservative Kristians, for the past 30 years of telling people the Earth is 6000 years old. And all the rest.

60% of Katrina aid websites are frauds

And with the corruption of the Red Cross revealed (see below posts), we have to be extra careful with our giving.

Heckuva job: Brownie killed a lot of people

FEMA Requested Only 455 Buses To Rescue 20,000... Then Canceled Order And Took Until Sat. After Storm To Send Enough Buses...

As the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency stepped down yesterday, government documents surfaced showing that vital resources, such as buses and environmental health specialists, weren't deployed to the Gulf region for several days, even after federal officials seized control of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

In addition, FEMA's official requests, known as tasking assignments and used by the agency to demand help from other government agencies, show that it first asked the Department of Transportation to look for buses to help evacuate the more than 20,000 people who had taken refuge at the Superdome in New Orleans at 1:45 a.m. on Aug. 31. At the time, it only asked for 455 buses and 300 ambulances for the enormous task. Almost 18 hours later, it canceled the request for the ambulances because it turned out, as one FEMA employee put it, "the DOT doesn't do ambulances."

FEMA ended up modifying the number of buses it thought it needed to get the job done, until it settled on a final request of 1,355 buses at 8:05 p.m. on Sept. 3. The buses, though, trickled into New Orleans, with only a dozen or so arriving on the first day.

"I noticed that every email to a FEMA person bounced back this week. They need a better internet provider during disasters!!" one frustrated Department of Health official wrote to colleagues last Thursday.

Is King Goerge's reign of terr over?

We can pray that it is. But we'll have to suffer through having that toxic chimp in the White House for three-and-a-half more years. How much more damage can he do in that time? A lot. It took him less time than that do what he's done so far. He's desperate and, like his predecessor Hitler in the spring of 1945, is likey to take us all down with him just out of continued adolescent spite.

Ten more things King Goerge is responsible for, whether he takes it, or not

And I would add:

11. The rise of theofascism. (And, consequently, the rise of theo-science.)

"Mr. President, are we ready for a terist attack?"

King Goerge: "Good question."

Says he takes responsibility for his own and his entire adminstration's miserable performance before, during and after Katrina. Okay, where's your letter of resignation?

Red Cross STILL not delivering supplies to NOLA!

Top Red Cross official Bush appointee, donor

Typical behavior from King Goerge's cronies: Screw up badly, then make excuses and blame others.

Everything to do with DeptHomeSec, "national security" is a scam

New information surrounding relief efforts by the American Red Cross in New Orleans raises questions about whether the organization provided adequate relief and whether funds are actually being directed to Katrina victims, RAW STORY has found.

Previous investigations have shown that the Red Cross mishandled its 9/11 fund, attempting to divert more than half into a "war fund" before Congress intervened, and moved $10 million from a fund in 1989 for earthquake victims towards other uses. Allegations of similar holdbacks following the Oklahoma City bombing and several later disasters, coupled with the discovery that the Red Cross, mandated by its Code of Conduct to remain independent of government, is officially part of the Bush Administration's national security apparatus, led RAW STORY to dig deeply into the Red Cross and its recent disaster relief efforts.

Why did the Red Cross not enter New Orleans?

While many were outraged that the Red Cross failed to enter New Orleans, unsafe conditions and reports of shootings and lootings may have informed the decision. The Red Cross is not chartered to conduct search and rescue operations.

We "will not put [our] own workers in harm's way," Red Cross spokesperson Renita Hosler told RAW STORY.

Hosler explained that the Red Cross was "at the table" with "Emergency Management" numerous times while conditions deteriorated in New Orleans and that a decision was reached that if the group set up shop within the city, it might encourage others to come back, creating a secondary crisis.

Hosler confirmed that authorities turned down repeated offers by the Red Cross to enter New Orleans with supplies. New Orleans, she asserted, was considered too unsafe for the Red Cross to enter.

The Emergency Management Team, Hosler says, was comprised of city, state, and federal officials.

The Associated Press reported Sept. 8 that Col. Jay Mayeaux, deputy director of the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security asked the Red Cross not to enter the city at least for the first 24 hours after the storm in order to have to time to "set up a feeding station to feed a large number of people." By Saturday, there was a large-scale evacuation under way.

New Orleans artist Daniel Finnigan told RAW STORY there were helicopters everywhere, mostly military.

"That's what confused us," Finnigan said, "there was such a huge presence of military in the air but nothing on the ground."

Amid reports that thousands were trapped in the Superdome and the Convention Center, the Red Cross did not distribute or drop supplies to either location. The group's explanation that its presence would keep people from evacuating and encourage others to come into the city mirrors a National Guard decision not to drop food supplies, saying they did not want to spark riots.

The Red Cross is still not distributing supplies in the city.

Reslugs are liars, as usual: Report shows LA governor took all proper steps before Katrina hit

So whenever someone blames anyone but King Goerge, give 'em a good, hard bitch-slap.

If "Judge" Roberts won't answer questions, he can just go back home

Refused to answer questions on Roe v Wade four times in first ten minutes of hearing.

That's enough. He's only been a judge for two years, so he's clearly unqualified for any seat on the Supreme Court, much less Chief Justice. And if he refuses to answer questions and release documents showing his track record, he's hiding something we're entitled to know about.

Send this bozo home today. He's just another incompetent chimpanista fascist. Haven't we learned enough about the kinds of people King Goerge wants around him? They're all liars, criminals and incompetent fascists. No more.

Paper trail shows how badly DHS and FEMA mishandled Katrina, and lied about it

Everyone in this corrupt administration is a liar and a complete dolt. They all should be tarred and feathered, and put on display in every state as examples of what this country will never again tolerate from public servants.

Internal DHS and FEMA documents reveal yet another chapter in the darkest period of our history.

Bullshit Protector Alert: King Goerge on teevee Thursday night

No point in doing it tonight. CBS is already showing "Big Brother."

Will tell us how good a job he's doing. We'd rather see it than hear it.

Download your Bullshit Protector before 8 pm CDT Thursday.

Jebya's Floridians are gutless chickenhawks

They won't enlist "while there's a war on." Such brave patriots those people are.

When will this worthless state just break off and drift on down to the Bermuda Triangle where it so richly belongs?

Marines finally get radios

Wow, and they can talk to each other while going a whopping 30 mph!

What if, instead of constantly spending money on Iraq-specific technology, we just, you know, stopped fighting in Iraq? After all, they didn't attack us, we attacked them. And by "we" I mean King Goerge and his chickenhawk warmongers, the ones who used my money to do conquer another country for its oil, and are now charging me $3/gal of gas for the priviledge of paying for their war. That's pretty terrible management of my (unwilling) investment.

King Goerge thinks bombing Syria will make us like him again

Or at least be even more afraid of him.

"All options on table" as King Goerge rattles sabres at Syria.

They're not his private sabres. They're ours. We paid for them. We weild them in time of war, something he couldn't do. And neither can any of his friends or their children.

If King Goerge wants to start another war to show us he still has big cojones, he can send his worthless daughters in first.

Christians and even Kompassionate Konservative Kristians finally getting sick of King Goerge's war of lies for oil and hegemony in the Middle East

I'm not the only christian who's sick and tired of being lumped into the same category as the KKK by the uninformed media. We and they are not cut from the same cloth. We are christians and patriots who love our constitutional democracy. They are theofascists who want to turn our country into a feudal theocracy. We couldn't be more different. All we share is oxygen and DNA. And sometimes I'm not sure about the DNA part.

Richard Cizik, vice president of governmental affairs for the National Association of Evangelicals, which did not publicly endorse the war but has been a Bush backer, seemed surprised Friday when he was told 68 percent of evangelicals still thought invading Iraq was the right thing to do.

"It's probably attributable to general support of the president," Cizik said.

If they don't know anything, why are King Goerge and his fascist chimpanistas still in charge?

King Goerge didn't know Brownie had resigned. Brownie and Chertoff didn't know Katrina had mashed the Gulf Coast flat. Ken Lay didn't know all that money in his checking account had been stolen by his buddies whom he told to steal it.


The people at the top are supposed to know. That's their job. If they "don't know" something, they should. Not only does this "didn't know" defense NOT excuse incompetence, it points it out. It aggravates it with the lies.

If a person in a position of responsibility "doesn't know" something, that person should be fired for not knowing, then tarred and feathered for lying to us and insulting our intelligence.

More and more people are realizing I've been right for 35 years

Resluglicons are fascists. Let me say that again, all resluglicons are fascists. And anyone who doesn't like being called a fascist should stop acting like one. Otherwise, they can move to Argentina with all the other fascist and confederate holdouts.

King Goerge's Amerika worse than Red China

The Chinese tell their people who many died in the typhoon. Meanwhile, King Goerge's SS* clamp a lid on Katrina's death toll, believing we won't find out, anyway.

King Goerge is desperate. His mythical mandate is gone forever, even among those who knew it never existed. His power base is rotting from the inside as America discovers how corrupt and incompetent this administration truly is. Actually, these are revelations for just under half of America; most of us already knew these things were true.

He already suspended the First, Second and Fifth Amendments last week. CNN got a court order preventing the censorship of news out of NOLA, but King Goerge is still doing it. The worst part is, he's using the Army to enforce his unconstitutional orders to censor news.

Soldiers must be reclaimed. They must be made to understand their first allegiance is to the Constitution, not this or any president, especially when he issues unlawful or, as now, unconstitutional orders. When he does these things, it is their lawful duty to ignore such orders.

(*Die Schutzstaffel)

Army still thinks reporters are America's biggest enemies

Soldiers thought they were fighing reporters in Iraq so they wouldn't have to fight them over here.

They still can't remember that their oath reads, " protect and defend the fucking Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic." It says NOTHING about defending the president's image.

King Goerge IS the domestic enemy they're supposed to protect the Constitution from!

Soldiers threaten to take cameras from reporters and "kick (them) out of the state."

Outside one house on Kentucky Street, a member of the Army 82nd Airborne Division summoned a reporter and photographer standing nearby and told them that if they took pictures or wrote a story about the body recovery process, he would take away their press credentials and kick them out of the state.

"No photos. No stories," said the man, wearing camouflage fatigues and a red beret.

It's time we said it out loud: Such behavior is treasonous. Encouraging such behavior is treasonous. This is one of the most egregious results of the vast, right-wing conspiracy's hatespeech propaganda campaigns on the past 35 years. How did we get to the point that soldiers hate reporters above all others, and trample on the Bill of Rights that they swore to defend in order to protect a bunch of corrupt warmongers who send them to die for the oil companies?

Monday, September 12, 2005

The next person who says "gun-grabbin' libruls" in my presence is gonna get bitch-slapped

I bet those Feds and Guardsmen don't appreciate being called libruls.

NRA pissed at confiscation of legal firearms after Katrina. Naturally, they blame "local authorities." Too bad they don't know who really did it.

Mercenaries work for DeptHomeSec

They are King Goerge's SS stormtroopers.

No, not these...


Die schutzstaffel.

They were paramilitary, too.

God still can't shoot straight

Blew up South Carolina chemical plant to kill gays/abortionists/libruls/feminazis/ACLU/Dixie Chicks, but killed innocent people instead...again.

God sends Hurricane Ophelia to North Carolina

How many will die in collateral damage this time as God hunts queers/libruls/ACLU/midgets/Janeane Garofalo/treehuggers..?

Duct Tape Boy takes over, FEMA

New chief has decades of experience. But can he organize a horse show?

Because of his anti-anthrax "duct tape and plastic sheeting" alert two years ago, several people asphyxiated themselves. He's still there, and Tom Ridge is working for Homeland Security Depot now...the joint that made zillions selling...wait for it...the very duct tape and plastic sheeting that asphyxiated several people.

He's a resluglicon, and therefore is not to be trusted with anything.

King Goerge wants us to keep breathing lots of mercury

He already let it be known last spring he wants us to drink shit. Now this.

From last May

King Goerge wants us to drink shit

Bush Plan Would Allow More Sewage in Nation's Fresh Water

A Bush Administration proposal to routinely allow partially
treated sewage into America's waterways
could face a roadblock in Congress next week, when the House of Representatives is expected to vote next week on the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) budget. Included is the opportunity to support the
Save Our Water From Sewage Act.

The bipartisan amendment to stop increased sewage dumping would
block EPA from finalizing a proposal that allows an increase in
the use of "blending", a process where partially treated waste
is dumped into lakes, rivers and streams.

Currently under the Clean Water Act, partially treated sewage
may be released only in a dire emergency, such as a hurricane.
Otherwise the process known as blending is illegal, and waste
treatment must be carried out in three phases -- first screening
for solids in the waste, second phase removing most of the
viruses, parasites and other pollutants, and the third phase
treating sewage for bacteria.

If the EPA proposal is finalized, anytime it rains or during
snow melts, sewage treatment facilities would be allowed to
forgo the second phase of water treatment, which neutralizes
viruses and pathogens in the wastewater and aids in the
effectiveness of the third phase of treatment.

Coultergeist loses her baby

It sounded like they were talking about her for a minute, didn't it?

Six redneck bubbas got exactly what they deserved

Kompassionate Konservative Kristians thought they were going to have some fun messing with a little gook, and got the surprise of their quickly fading lives.

If you were on this jury, which would you believe was more likely:

1. One man started a fight with six?

2. Six men started a fight with one?

Georgia's new poll tax isn't racist, it's just unconstitutional


State ID required to vote. Except you can't get one anywhere.

King Goerge can do more than one thing at a time!

"And, ooooh, I love to dance a little sidestep."*

He can lie and obfuscate at the same time. He can appear both ignorant and sinister with a single smirk. And he can wipe his ass on the Constitution with one hand tied behind his back.

"The reason for all this unemployment is...people are out of work!"*


"Judge" Roberts is a "victim" of taxpayers who want to know something about the government they pay for

Poor baby. Send him home so his mama can wipe his nose, change his diapers and make him some tapioca. That'll show them mean, ol' taxpayers.

Chickenhawks didn't care that their president is a lying warmonger

Freedom Walkers rewarded King Goerge for telling all those lies to invade a country that didn't and couldn't attack us.

Read his Top 25 lies on the road to war.

New Yorkers forgot to celebrate Gulf War II yesterday

They were too busy remembering what really happened on 9-11 and who paid the price for King Goerge's first five-week vacation four years ago. But they didn't "support the troops." Why do New Yorkes hate America?

"America's Adulterer" was there, in front of God and everybody

Ru-DEE! Ru-DEE! Ru-DEE! How's your ex-wife?

By the time they reached the Pentagon...

...the "thousands and thousands" of Freedom Walkers (estimates range from 3000 to 15,000) were down to 1,500.

They were required to register and show up. Why doesn't King Goerge release the figures and prove how many actually showed up for his "Gulf War II is about 9-11" party?)

See video from inside "Freedom Walk"

"Ay-und thuh hoh-ooome uvh thuh braeeeve."

I am so sick and tired of country music--and country "singers"--being portrayed as inherently patriotic. Clint Black and Tobey Keith should be in uniform if they're so damned patriotic.

Chickenhawks. Lots of chickenhawks.

No fire-breathing patriots in the walk said they intended to put on a uniform...other than that while t-shirt.

Louisiana's blue state status destroyed by relocation of voters

King Goerge makes sure LA will never be a blue state again.

Look at where King Goerge sent Katrina survivors. (See archives; pay attention) Blue state voters from LA now live in red states all over the country. But not in large enough numbers to affect things in their new...I won't say homes. What's the word...concentration camps, that's it.

King Goerge releases his newest lie about his incompetence to lead...well, anything at all

Tells the same lie Brownie and Chertoff and all the other liars told last week.

You remember the one about "dodging a bullet," right? Exactly one media outlet--I won't call them a newspaper--used "dodged a bullet" on their front page...the WorldNetDaily. Every other newspaper in the country led with "Disaster" and similar things. Click headline to compare what King Goerge claims he saw (I thought he didn't read newspapers) and what the rest of the nation saw. And even if he did see only their front page, surely by now he realizes he should never rely on them for anything else ever again.

"Bitter, divisive, partisan finger-pointer" attacks his own entire life

Resluglicons make me sick to my stomach with their lying and hypocrisy.

King Goerge still stonewalling on "Judge" Roberts

Doesn't want us to know Roberts is an unqualified fascist until it's too late.

"Judge" Roberts is already lying his ass off

After all that's come out, he still thinks we'll believe a word he says. He's just another lying fascist.

He's only been a judge for two years.

He is exactly the kind of inactivist judge resluglicon criminals, racists and fascists dream about. He will smile at unconstitutional laws and say, "Not my job to write laws. Legislators do that." What an asshole he is.

Why should King Goerge go to all that trouble of finding someone actually qualified for the job when it's so much easier just to nominate a friendly fascist, regardless of his experience...which doesn't exist? They don't care about qualifications. They go out of their way to find people who are in no way qualified for their jobs...from King Goerge on down. If very many people in his administration were actually qualified for their jobs, King Goerge would look even worse, if that's possible.

Incompetents, liars, criminals, fascists. That's today's GOP.

Coultergeist is a lonely, miserable, screeching banshee

Once again she qualifies for Worst Person In The World. Who watches her? Who buys her books? Very sick people, that's who.

America likes journalism again!

Of course, it took coverage of the worst natural disaster in our history. But overall, reporters did their jobs 'way better than anyone in our federal gubmnt, and the people like it again.

Now, about covering that war in Iraq that was supposed to punish Saddam for his role in 9-11 and for having all those WMDs...

Brownie finally quits

He'll still get a Medal of Freedom.

Shouldn't the "Freedom Walk" have been about first-responders instead of soldiers?

Who got attacked on 9-11? Who died doing their jobs on 9-11? Who's still suffering respiratory afflictions from breathing all that "clean air" in NYC for weeks after 9-11?

Pretty, little white girls support King Goerge's, remember the lessons of 9-11...uh...

What was the weather like in their hometown two weeks ago today? If it'd been bad, FEMA would have gotten right there.

How many Katrina evacuees could have used a clean shirt yesterday?

Sponsors provide shirts for clean, white chickenhawks only.

Media kept away from "Freedom Walk" chickenhawks

What does Stars and Stripes have to do with 9-11?

Freedom-marching robots were told to spread out to look like a larger crowd

Reliable estimates say about 3,000 attended "Gulf War II is about 9-11" country music concert, mostly on orders.

And where were Army recruiters? None reported seen bothering all these chickenhawks. They were all at the Astrodome. True story.

Never eat at McDonald's again

They sponsored King Goerge's "Gulf War II Is About 9-11" country music party yesterday.

Mainstream America stayed away from this farce.

Participants, many of them government employees and their families, were each given a white T-shirt emblazoned with the words Freedom Walk on the front and the name of sponsors on the back. Those included the defence contractor Lockheed Martin, the right-wing daily Washington Times, McDonald's and the US Army magazine Stars and Stripes.

(Clint Black? Where were Charlie Daniels, Tobey Keith and the other fire-breathing chickenhawks of the country music industry?)

"To remember the lessons of 9-11, support the troops who are fighting the people who didn't attack us"

16 Saudis attacked us, no Iraqis did.

The walkers also said their support for the troops was inextricably linked to support for the war.

"What I've never really understood is how someone could say they support the troops but they don't support the war. . . . Because the troops want to win the war," said Debra Burlingame, who walked in memory of her brother Charles F. Burlingame III -- pilot of the hijacked plane that struck the Pentagon -- and to say thank you to the troops wherever they serve.

Such logic baffles freedom walker Mimi Evans from Hyannis, Mass., mother of a Marine serving in Iraq. She said she supported him by walking for freedom while wearing a white T-shirt that said in red and blue letters: "No more lies, no more lives."

A good Marine must follow orders and assume the war policy is correct, she said, while a responsible civilian can question the policy. She wanted to interrupt the checker pieces, break some of the links that were being made on the Freedom Walk. "I'm sorry, there's absolutely no connection between my freedom to be an American and what our troops are doing in Iraq," she said. "There's no connection between what our military is doing and 9/11."

God is a librul

It's always been true.

Nixon (khop-ptooey!) welcomes Rehnquist to hell.

Don't give a penny to "Operation Blessing"

That is, unless you want Pat Robertson to get the money.

Operation Blessing Is (Still) Second on FEMA's List for Donations for Hurricane Victims

Reasons given for staying in Iraq "bear no resemblance" to reasons for going there in the first place

And this guy's a republican!

King Goerge meets a black man

Not an evacuee, not a survivor still there. A rich preacher in a 30,000 member megachurch in TEXAS.

"I said, 'Grab some black people who look like they might be preachers,' " said the supporter, who asked not to be named because he did not want to be identified as criticizing the White House. Three days later, on Mr. Bush's next trip to the region, the president appeared in Baton Rouge at the side of T. D. Jakes, the conservative African-American television evangelist and the founder of a 30,000-member megachurch in southwest Dallas.

Even CNN is piling on now

Headline on their homepage is:

"After 2 weeks, Bush hits ground"

Weapon of Mass Distraction used in CA

"The terists are coming! The terists are coming! Run for your lives! Help us, King Goerge! Save us!"

Boycott King Goerge's terist friends in Saudi Arabia

These companies import ZERO oil from the Middle East.
Citgo......................0 barrels
Sunoco...................0 barrels
Conoco..................0 barrels
Sinclair.................0 barrels
BP/Phillips............0 barrels
Hess.......................0 barrels
ARC0....................0 barrels

This information is available from the Department of Energy.

Freedom March was "...about supporting the troops."

They still want us to believe Gulf War II has something to do with 9-11. It insults my intelligence.

D. C. cops prepared to arrest only protestors at "Gulf War II is about 9-11" party

Chickenhawk punches protestor, doesn't get arrested.

Best cartoon of the last two weeks

King Goerge is an asshole.

Der Rusckopf thinks Katrina was a terror attack

He must be doing OxyContin again. Says we had our machine ready to pile on King Goerge when he failed to do his job after a disaster.

How about this: If King Goerge hadn't failed to do his job, we'd have nothing to pile on about, you fatassed, drug addict chickenhawk.

I hope theofascist warmongers Falwell, Robertson and local wannabe Sutton are happy

New Iraq may not tolerate christians.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Resluglicons already dreading the mid-terms

Well, I guess so.

For longer than I care to remember, I've been saying that the best thing that could happen to America would be for the resluglicons to have their way, unchecked, for eight years. In the short run, it'd damage the country badly. But in the long run, it would be good. America and the rest of the world would see once and for all who the resluglicons really are and what they really mean to do. Then we could permanently reject reslugliconism as a way of life.

I was wrong. It only took four years. But now we truly do know everything we need to know about resluglicons: They're liars, incompetents, chickenhawks, warmongers, criminals and fascists.

Next year's mid-term election is going to be a massacre. Resluglicons will be replaced in droves, hopefully by people like Howard Dean, Wes Clark and Paul Hackett. Not them, but people like them.

The scary question is, will the American people remember in two years after the mid-terms what they understand so clearly today? I think so. King Goerge still has three more years to keep screwing up this country. It's the one thing we can count on him to do.

King Goerge has presided over three colossal tragedies

9-11, Gulf War II, Katrina. In his beloved game of baseball, that's a strikeout.

The mid-terms just over a year away, resluglicons begin distancing themselves from their Failure-in-Chief

They're abandoning sinking the warship HMS ClusterFuck like rats. Soon they'll start talking about Katrina, too. Don't believe them. They're all liars, chickenhawks, warmongers, criminals and fascists.

Pictures from King Goerge's "Gulf War II is About 9-11" party

No people there, no sign of people having been there. Hmmm...

God sure is answering a lot of bloodthirsty people's prayers these days

Katrina was sent to: Kill queers; kill abortionists; kill poor black people; kill Americans for messing with the Middle East.

King Goerge can't handle the truth

No one wanted to tell King Goerge--who doesn't keep himself informed about much--that Katrina was bad, very bad. He doesn't want to hear what he doesn't want to hear, and therefore doesn't hear what he doesn't want to hear.