Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina was "our Pearl Harbor," and we finally are at war...Gulf War III

Bad as it was, 9-11 wasn't Pearl Harbor II. This is.

There were plenty of warnings. They all went unheeded by several governmental agencies. The hurricane wasn't preventable, but most of the aftermath was.

Unfortunately, resluglicons were in charge. They now have what they've wanted for decades: an inactivist government. Someone wrote this week that we used to be a "can-do" country, but now we're a "can't-do" place. He's wrong.

Our current government is a "won't-do" junta.

King Goerge's regime doesn't serve or even report to taxpayers. Corporations pull all their srings. The result is we have a government staffed by people who are, at best, incompetent and criminally negligent, and at worst, corrupt with criminal intent.

Now people are dying or homeless on and near the Gulf of Mexico coast. Gangs are in charge of New Orleans. We have Gulf War III, and war finally has come to our shores.

Neocon/theofascist "compassionate cancervatism" is a plague on our country, and King Goerge is the biggest rat spreading the most infected fleas...everyone in his administration. Beginning with next year's mid-term elections, Americans must firmly and permanently reject everything this incompetent and corrupt adminstration stands for.

America was not prepared for the attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941. But afterwards, Americans joined hands as never before. We were not prepared for Hurricane Katrina, although the government should have been. As a result, we finally are at war, Gulf War III.

We are united in true compassion for Katrina's victims. We are united in true rejection of governmental incompetence and corruption. And we must say to those responsible, "Never again!"

Why Brown and Chertoff should be fired and sent to Gitmo

Liars. Incompetent. Corrupt. CNN lists the details.

Is Baghdad Bob in charge of the White House's post-Katrina p/r?

If not, he might as well be.

"The Iraqi insurgency is in its last throes. The economy is booming. Anybody who leaks a CIA agent's identity will be fired. Add another piece of White House rhetoric that doesn't match the public's view of reality: Help is on the way, Gulf Coast.

"As New Orleans descended into anarchy, top Bush administration officials congratulated each other for jobs well done and spoke of water, food and troops pouring into the ravaged city. Television pictures told a different story."

Historical perspective

Today is the 60th anniversary of the official end of WWII. Things started going badly for Japan within the first six months of the war--the Doolittle raid, the Battle of the Coral Sea, and especially the Battle of Midway which truly turned the tide of the Pacific war. Soon US forces began the long march back with the invasion of Guadalcanal.

From there, island-hopping eliminated huge numbers of Japanese soldiers and marines, aircraft carrier task forces and the Army Air Corps gradually devasted the Imperial Navy and air force, and our allies pitched in dramatically and successfully in Asia. Boxes of dead Japanese soldiers' ashes were being sent home by the trainload, and fire-bombing leveled every major city. When the two A-bombs were dropped, Japan was pretty much already finished, and was seeking a cease-fire through Swiss diplomats.

But, thanks to successful propaganda, the Japanese people thought they were winning, and couldn't believe their ears when, after the second A-bomb was dropped, the emperor announced on the radio that he'd agreed to unconditional surrender to end the horror.

Today, we remember the official end to that horrible war. We also are reminded that corrupt, fascist governments always lie to their people.

Meanwhile, over at FAUXNEWS...

Spawn Insannity is still a miserable excuse for a human being

People are dying and he wants "perspective."

Louisiana started asking for help last Sunday

King Goerge and Condo remained on vacation, and Cheney...where is Cheney, by the way? Helping Halliburton get the no-bid contract to clean up after Katrina? Helping the oil profiteers count their money? In an ICU somewhere on life support?

Christians, stand and deliver

America, and particularly the southern states, boasts many very large and very rich churches, most of which are Baptist or other conservative denominations. Many are non-denominational "evangelicals." Memberships range from 5,000 to 25,000.

Now is a good time for them to show some of that compassionate conservatism we've heard so much about in recent years.

Let them forgo building a new gym. Let them forgo remodelling the sanctuary. Let them forgo getting new big-screen video setups and sound equipment for their television broadcasts and other performances. Let the rich churches spend that money on saving lives and rebuilding the Gulf Coast. Let their rich members "give till it hurts" for something besides electing republicans who will stop judicial activism.

The Gulf states need a whole lot of activism right now, and for a long time to come. We're at war, Gulf War III, and it's time for rich christians to sacrifice. What better way for compassionate conservative christians to prove the hymn is right when it says, "They will know we are christians by our love?"

NOLA becomes "Little Somalia" as gangs take over

Now these are insurgents.

The White House and worthlesscorporatemedia have been calling people "insurgents" who've been killing American GIs in Iraq. They're not insurgents. They're several other things--guerrillas, war lords, partisans--but they're not insurgents. By definition, insurgents rebel against established authority. In Iraq, we are not established authority.

But what's going on in New Orleans in true insurgency. The majority of "armed civilians" who roam the streets are gang members. In a city that size, there are scores if not hundreds of gangs, large and small. In densely populated urban areas, each street has a gang. Some are affiliated with larger gangs, some are three young punks wanting to get a bigger "street cred" (credibility as gangstas).

Much of what's happening is gang warfare--one gang literally trying to wipe out its enemies. In the gang universe, each gang is each other gang's enemy, unless alliances have been formed, which is undoubtedly happening now as stolen guns hit the streets in unprecedented numbers.

The other thing that's happening is more long-term. Gang leaders are widening their territorial boundries. All gangs want to maintain what they controlled before Katrina hit. Most, probably all, gangs also want to control even more now and in the future.

Gangs are no different from governments or corporations. The more territory they control, the more money they make (drugs, numbers, prostitution, stolen property). But expansion is also about power. The more a gang can make locals afraid of them, the more control of a neighborhood they have. This is how small people feel big. With hundreds, perhaps thousands, of new guns on the streets, most gangs will be stronger and meaner than ever.

Police and military authorities must realize what they're facing and treat it as such. Every metropolitan police force has a gang task force. If they're smart, those trying to "retake" New Orleans will call upon the experience of these gang experts. If they do, they'll save lives on both sides of the law. But if they're too macho, New Orleans truly will become like Mogadishu or Baghdad for years to come.

"Put 'America's Adulterer' in charge of Katrina cleanup"

Yankee carpetbagger from New York can do the job better than locals.

There's what the chimpanistas say...

...and then there's the truth.

This sociopathic junta simply cannot utter a single sentence on any subject without telling a lie.

Katrina II will hit land October 17

This coming disaster is man-made. Or rather, chimp-made. The two do share most DNA, but the chimp lacks a soul.

Chicago offered to sent specialists, equipment south BEFORE KATRINA HIT LAND

But our estate planner at FEMA turned it down.

Terists have smuggled 40 nukes across Mexican border!

It's his exclusive story. So exclusive that even the Pentagon doesn't know about this. If they did, we'd be on high terist alert to distract from the wholesale failure of leadership from King Goerge's crime family.

Are we safer now than we were on 9-11?

No, but a lot of King Goerge's friends sure are a helluva lot richer.

King Goerge tells survivors, "You need food and water."

Surely this is why God put him in the White House twice.

You handle disaster with the government you have...

...not the one you wish you had.

Resluglicons have exactly what they've wanted for inactivist government.

King Goerge learned nothing from Baghdad looting

Or anything else.

If Katrina had been a nuke...

King Goerge and his crime family would have been equally unable to do real work for America.

Time to reconsider Wesley Clark?

Were it up to me, he could take over tonight.

You wonder how a retired general would have responded to Katrina.

The WMDs that never were

People who watch FAUXNEWS and listen to Der Ruschkopf believe we found them.

God rid NOLA of witches

This is a fundraising letter, but for whom? Themselves or Katrina survivors?

Well, shut my mouth. Halliburton to clean up after Katrina

Now who would have predicted that?

Oscar-winner Nick Cage donates $1 million for neighbors in NOLA

How much has Der Ruschkopf given?

How much food and water did King Goerge's convoy deliver?

How else might all that fuel have been allocated?

Shouldn't these choppers have been hauling stuff to NOLA?

Instead of sitting there as set decorations for King Goerge's photo op?

World War II officially ended 60 years ago today

Japanese delegates signed surrender documents onboard the USS Missouri.

A year later, George H. W. Bush spawned his evil son who eventually was appointed to the White House once, installed by rigged elections another time, and became the worst president and biggest criminal in American history.

The Republican Party is a plague on America

And King Goerge is the biggest rat spreading the most infected fleas...everyone in his corrupt administration.

The lessons of 9-11? How about the lessons of Hurricane Katrina?

Whatever, I'm piling on. They got it coming. The best thing you can say about resluglicons is that they're incompetent. The worst thing: corrupt, criminal, heartless. When you vote in the mid-terms next year, remember everything that led up to this disaster, then remember the response. This is a learning experience for everyone in America. Learn the lessons of Hurricane Katrina, and remember them for all time.

Cheerleadership instead of leadership.

Congressional Black Caucus still waiting for some of King Goerge's compassionate cancervatism to kick in

Congressman says God is unhappy with King Goerge's pitiful response to disaster.

Another mission accomplished: Ohio teen pregnancy rate soaring

"Abstinence-Only" program, like everything else King Goerge has done, is a total failure.

Salvation Army needs help now

Running out of food to take south.

FEMA sockpuppet Brown outted as corrupt last January

Wexler urged King Goerge to fire Brown over $30 million Florida scam.

His qualifications for the job?

Estate planner.

King Goerge to the rescue...of Trent Lott's vacation house

Looks forward to sitting on the new porch. It'll probably be up next week.

The five stupidest people in America

Made the five stupidest comments about Katrina.

You can take people in

Let them know you have a spare bed for a refugee.

Gouging, shortages go far beyond oil

For many capitalists, this disaster will be a golden goose. For survivors, it's already a tyrannosaur.

LA NG wants its stuff back from noble cause

They need it for homeland--their homeland--security mission, says commander. Well he's seen his last promotion.

King Goerge praises worthless sockpuppets

Worthless sockpuppets thank King Goerge. What a circle jerk. Meanwhile, National Guard general says assistance isn't too late. "There's plenty of people still out there who need help."

"Mr. Bush, rebuild that wall!"

Stop lying about the levees and send people to plug up the holes.

DHS sockpuppet Chertoff admits his bunch is, well, worthless in a real emergency

Homeland Security is all smoke and mirrors. At least a lot of King Goerge's got rich in the scam.

What if terists had hit a big city?

Deutschland to the rescue

Will open strategic oil reserves, send emergency aid in reverse of 1948 Berlin airlift.

FEMA sockpuppet says everything is okey-dokey

It's all really the victims' fault.

The whole world sees King Goerge's worthlessness

Except his faithful wingnuts.

Some countries act BEFORE a huge storm comes ashore

China, for instance.

What if terists had attacked NOLA to knock out oil production?

Would King Goerge have stayed on vacation? Would Condo have gone to Spamalot? And where the hell is Dick Cheney?

Libruls caused every problem Katrina survivors now face

Including being black and poor.

Does this help the refugees? Does this push anyone to help the refugees? Did they donate? Did they urge readers to donate?

Please give. People are dying.

Don't give a penny to that scalawag, Pat Robertson, regardless of what the corrupt scoundrels at FEMA said.

They knew the levees would break

Just not in so many places and cause so much damage.

"We going to help," says King Goerge

Admits his performance so far is "unacceptable."

Nice to know he's going to do his job. One of these days.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ed Schultz urges listeners to adopt a family who survived Katrina

Meanwhile, Der Ruschkopf blamed the storm on Chelsea Clinton.

Oscar winner Nick Cage donates $1 million for neighbors in NOLA

How much have Miz Malkin, Coultergeist, Der Ruschkopf or G. Hardon Liddy given?

20% of Americans like how King Goerge zero-tolerated gas price gouging

Seven in ten say they're suffering already from price gouging. Yup, StrongLeader strikes again.

Ellen DeGeneres headlines cross-network fundraiser next week

Family-destroying dyke pitches in. Still no word from the rich theofascists...other than Robertson's FEMA scam, that is.

At least there's one bush that's worth a damn

And it sure ain't the one that plays air guitar.

14 cops hang onto spindly bush outside precinct as storm washes others away.

FEMA scoundrels scrub Robertson post from website

Too late, polecats, we already know it and have screenshots to prove your collusion with that theofascist pussbucket. The blood of many is on your heads.

Liars, cowards in charge of FEMA

FAA official says no shots fired at military chopper.

2000 greet Cindy in Austin

Veterans stay behind to garrison Camp Casey until troops come home.

King Goerge says America is not a free nation

Some of us have known that since the 2000 selection.

"Free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction." (George W. Bush, 3 October 2003)

NOLA disaster is King Goerge's legacy for all time

Congress approved funding for massive improvements in and around NOLA, King Goerge took that money and spent it on fighting terists. He wouldn't treated a red state that way.

StrongLeader rejects help from Jamaica

We can't have poor black people helping poor black people. It wouldn't look good on suppertime network news.

If Harry Connick can get inside the Superdome, why can't relief workers get there with food and water?

Reporter gets in, too. Nearly breaks down on the air.

Church of Christ minister says Coultergeist is un-christian

Helps get her booted from speakers' roundtable at nearby Church of Christ college. Good work, fella. But wait till she unloads on you like she did NY first responders.

Help Katrina's victims by cutting taxes on rich white people

Ken Mehlman, like all other resluglicons, is on the ball today.

StrongLeader ignores oil profiteering

His pappy did better'n that...for two weeks, anyhow.

StrongLeader says, "Don't buy gas if you don't need it."

The wisdom of Solomon, I tell ya. Next he'll say not to piss on an electric fence.

Warns looters.

He'll get you, dead or alive, just like he got, Saddam.

Craig's List provides giving opportunities

Send money, stay home. Too many people there already.

Rich theofascists still AWOL. You'd think they'd at least want to round up all the judges who survived Katrina.

King Goerge asks Congress for $10 billion

You would have needed half that if you'd been at work a week ago, jackass.

Resluglicon America fails its citizens

Congress funded $231 million bridge to nowhere in Alaska, but cut FEMA funding just recently. And we pay these fools' salaries!

Corporate America finally gets on the stick

Red Cross reports receiving $72 million.

Papa John's feeds Houston refugees. More. Good work, guys. Keep it coming.

82nd Airborne "on alert," looters still run NOLA

Yes, help is on the way. About all they'll accomplish now is helping collect bodies and put them into big ziploc bags.

Katrina was really a giant, 6-week-old fetus

God sent it to destroy abortion clinics. Sorry 'bout all those other people. They shoulda moved.

FEMA tells Katrina donors to give money to...are you ready?...PAT ROBERTSON!!!

What, so he can hire mercenaries and send them to Venezuela?

Red Cross first on their list, theofascist asshole second. Only in King Goerge's Amerika could something so egregious as this happen.

MoveOn looking for new homes for Katrina homeless

Jerry? Pat? James? Tony? Hello...?

Resluglicon...ahem..."leaders" finally call Congress into emergency session

Welcome to the party, boys. Fashionably late, as per usual for resluglicons.

King Goerge thinks FEMA is better prepared for disasters since 9-11

If this is his idea of "better," I'd hate to see what he'd call "worse." Especially since he cut their funding just recently and gave it to DHS.

ISRA director thinks NOLA citizens are defending their homes with guns

No political opportunism here, boy.

Just another cancervative who lives in a parallel universe. Clearly he hasn't seen, heard or read any actual news from NOLA. Probably only listens to Der Ruschkopf.

"Horrible events like Katrina's aftermath can bring out the worst in even the best of people," continued Pearson. "What we are seeing now in New Orleans is the worst being brought out in people who were pretty bad to start with. The only things preserving the shred of civility remaining in New Orleans are firearms owned by law-abiding citizens. The only obstacle to a total breakdown in social order is the armed citizen, standing on his veranda with firearm in hand, serving as a reminder to the lawless of just who is in charge."

King Goerge's "Gulf War II is about 9-11" party still on

Remember four years ago when the Emmys and lots of other events were postponed because of 9-11?

Government agency employees required to register by name and attend

One shameful example

From: Announcements to all U.S. DHHS Employees
[mailto:HHS-STAFF@LIST.NIH.GOV] On Behalf Of News, HHS (HHS/OS)
Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 4:57 PM
Subject: Commemoration of Patriot Day

In twelve days, we will commemorate Patriot Day, a day to remember the tragic events of September 11, 2001, a day to honor members of the Armed Forces currently serving at home and abroad, and a day to reiterate our commitment to the freedoms we enjoy. I will honor Patriot Day by participating in the Freedom Walk, a memorial event sponsored by the Department of Defense. I invite you as employees of the Department of Health and Human Services to join me.

The Freedom Walk begins at 10 a.m. in the Pentagon's south parking lot, winds two miles through Arlington National Cemetery and over the Potomac River, and ends at the Reflecting Pool on the National Mall where country music star Clint Black will perform. The walk is free, but people must register by visiting

September 11 marked a change in the way we view our world, our nation and ourselves. The betterment of ourselves and our country is our response. In whatever way you choose to commemorate the horrendous acts of early September four years ago, let us once again renew our gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy and reaffirm our commitment to tolerance, peace and liberty throughout the world.

King Goerge rejects Canadian Search-and-Rescue team

Specialists who could make a big difference in NOLA aren't allowed into the US.

Why Scott McClellan should resign and move to Sri Lanka in shame:

The White House is refusing to respond to concerns about King Goerge's extended non-vacation vacation. "This is not the time for criticism," he said, criticizing "people seeking partisan gain in Washington."

Bloggers force Condo to cut vacation short

Condo was still on vacation in The Big Apple until the people who pay her salary crawled up her butt

Saw Spamalot, played a little tennis, bought some really expensive shoes. Glad to see she's taking it easy in such a stressful time.

Sneak peak at 2006 fascist cheesecake pinup calendar

Coultergeist is Miss December!

Proceeds from this frivolity could go to Katrina relief, but will they?

Jerry's Kids pitch in for Katrina victims

Lewis, that is. Still no word on Falwell.

Celebrities ruck up again to raise millions. Where are the rich theofascists?

Gas nears $6 a gallon!

Thank God King Goerge has a "zero tolerance" policy for price gouging. Imagine how bad things might get if he didn't.

Germany's Economy Minister blames US and Hedge Funds for price gouging

Says they could have increased production, but didn't.

When will Jebya's Florida just break off and drift down to the Bermuda Triangle where it belongs?

Hotels kick out Katrina refugees to make way for...wait for football fans!

Donate cash for Katrina survivors

"There's nothing wrong with America that can't be fixed by what's right with America." Bill Clinton.

I still can't determine whether the rich theofascists are doing anything at all. You'd think they'd use their teevee pulpits for something besides organizing lynch mobs to go after queers and judges, but...

Tenet won't be fall guy for King Goerge's war lies

May lose $4.5 million book deal because of defending himself. Wow, he must be innocent.

Rove photographed near Camp Casey

Half-dozen remaining pro-war bullies "giddy" at seeing chickenhawk Rove drive by in his clean, new pickup truck.

Last elected president to raise money for Katrina cleanup

King Goerge sends in the Big Dog!

Watch what happens when Bill Clinton rolls up his shirt sleeves. He knows how to get things done.

Where to give, get help after Katrina

Many agencies in several states spooled up instead of waiting for King Goerge to get back to work.

Somebody tell King Goerge to get off the teevee and get on the phone

King Goerge understands things are bad. Help is on the way. It shoulda been on the way when he was playing air guitar in San Diego.

Cheney's not doing anything, either. He could tell his friends in the oil binniss to stop screwing an entire country.

Oil futures surge over concern for refineries.

Soybean, grain futures up, too.

Rich people make a killing while poor people are dying.

First responders still can't communicate with each other

What DHS spend all that money on besides new machine guns for police boats?

Get a fresh pair of Bullshit Protectors.

You're gonna need 'em in coming weeks.

King Goerge, humans share virtually identical genes

But King Goerge sure looks better in his while clearing brush at NeverNeverLand Ranch on a five-week non-vacation vacation.

Mississippi still waiting for King Goerge to earn his salary

People are dying. Local military and others still not fully mobilized.

Gay group partners with Second Harvest to send food to Katrina survivors

Where are the rich theofascists?

Oil puppet King Goerge is against "price gouging at the gas pump"

Leave the price gouging to the oil company executives!

Tells the Attorney-General that "the people ought to be working together." I'm sure Speedy Gonzales will get right on that.

Isn't is hysterical when the biggest crime boss in US history suddenly comes out for law and order?

King Goerge's friends gouge all of America.

Lack of action from White House, oil companies grounds airlines, police, ambulances nationwide. At least he's keeping us safe from the terists.

Get a fresh pair of Bullshit Protectors.

You're gonna need 'em in coming weeks.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What King Goerge saw from 1,700 feet at 350 mph

Three states in 35 minutes. It's hard work being president, isn't it, Goergie?

SLIDESHOW (click headline) of Katrina's aftermath from the amazing folks at WWL-TV.

Any corporation would fire a manager so criminally negligent and grossly incompetent. But we're stuck with this worthless piece of tripe for 3 1/2 more years. Can America stand much more of King Goerge?

But, the terists...don't forget the terists!

You know, the people who hate us for our freedoms. That's still why they hate us, right? I mean, King Goerge's reasons for invading Iraq have changed so many times*, I wonder if their reasons for hating us have, too.

(*Finally admitted it was about the oil. Whew, he must feel better getting that off his chest.)

King Goerge releases emergency funds...for Hurricane Cindy


Hey, Michele: NBC, BET, MTV, VH1, PBS and even CMT schedule Katrina relief benefits. How much have YOU donated, Miz Malkin, and to whom?

Doesn't take us bleeding-heart libruls weeks to recognize when people need help. Has the 700 Club stepped up yet? If they don't, who will protect all those refugees from judges?


As for the president's rapid response...

No, not that Cindy. The other storm that caused widespread damage and suffering...two months ago!

From Americablog

" week ago the White House declared that a major disaster existed in Louisiana, specifically most of the areas (such as Jefferson Parish) that are now under water. Was the White House psychic about the disaster ahead? Not exactly. In fact the major disaster referred to Tropical Storm Cindy, which struck the state a full seven weeks earlier. That announcement triggered federal aid for the stricken areas, where the clean-up had been on hold for almost two months while the White House chewed things over."

North, South Carolina gas stations run dry

I bet they're all glad they voted for Mr. Vacation.

What if King Goerge had gone back to work when the weather people started warning about Katrina? He could have had the oil reserves on standby, even started releasing some days ago when it became clear Katrina was going to pound Louisiana flat.

At least 30 US companies still waiting for King Goerge to help them deliver medicine, water to Katrina survivors

Big shots kick in millions in cash, insulin, water, but can't get it where it's needed.

Still no word from Falwell, Robertson, Dobson or Perkins.

Donate cash for Katrina survivors

Baptists finally hear about worst disaster in US history, join list (near bottom). What will be their commission for handling money? What will be their screening process? Will they only help married, white chrixtains? Will Falwell or big shot wannabe Sutton go to Louisiana to make sure judges aren't rescued?

Or not, since the poor, black people down there are to blame for governmental unpreparedness.

She's right, it's already happening.

If northern cities are constantly prepared for blizzards...

20 things we know four years after 9-11

Some of us knew them all along and tried to warn people, but got called cheese-eating surrender monkeys, whatever they are.

God may destroy more cities to get at a few queers

What if, as libruljunkscientists believe, Katrina isn't a once-every-500-year anomaly?

Katrina's real name

Global warming.

"Scientific and clinical evidence...overruled" for Macchiavellian politics

FDA endangers women's lives to please the theofascists.

Fascist propaganda outlet savages King Goerge for "aloofness"

I didn't know a newspaper could print with a French accent while giving Kool Aid and comforters to anemones.

King Goerge is really, really worried about Katrina's impact on...gasoline distribution

Well, his first loyalty is to the oil companies...

King Goerge, forced to look at real world, makes headlines for saying what everybody else in the country already knew.

"Recoverery will take years." Well, then, he really didn't need to hurry back from his non-vacation vacation after all, did he? Such wisdom. And the ability to tell the future. No wonder God put him in office--twice.

"If and when King Goerge decides to step it up..."


...our military will go to help Katrina's victims, says commander of US Northern Command.

"Repent America" thinks God smashed Nawlins just to get at a few queers

Any hatespeech will do when they want money to stop somebody.

Would God really kill people for living across town from queers? Would He punish people in Alabama and Mississippi because their states touched a state where queers were going to hold a party? If God is scientist enough to create DNA, couldn't He find a way to take out just the queers, and leave everybody else alone?

Spawn Insannity thinks Fred Phelps is an "ultra-left-wing librul"

Reckon does Brother Fred know he's one of us now?

Don't tell me there's no such thing as evolution. Insannity's hatespeech has evolved into a whole, 'nuther species.

You're paying $186 million PER DAY for King Goerge's noble cause

What else might we be doing with all that money?

(We won't mention 1900 dead GIs who'd probably like to know why they died.)

...but FAUXNEWS, 700 Club et al are juuust fine...

FCC pretends it cares about "decency."

Aren't lying, hatespeech and abomination indecent enough for them?

I'm coming, 'Lizabeth! It's the big one, honey!


FINALLY admits he invaded Iraq for their oil.

It WAS the oil, stupid!

Cindy writes while on the road for peace.

Two Ohio fascists indicted for helping rig last year's election

Kerry should have followed through with his lawsuit. Then maybe the Louisiana and Mississippi National Guard units would have been on station when their states needed them.

Teacher/war mom fired for mentioning "peace" in class

Superpatriot parent didn't want his fourth-grader hearing about librul things like peace.

She must be a communist, like Cindy Sheehan.

It's the only possible explanation.

Fascist chickenhawk wants soldier found and arrested...

...for daring to disagree with someoen on FAUXNEWS.

King Goerge thinks he's searching and rescuing in Louisiana

WE? What you mean, "We," white man? The closest you got was 1,700 feet at 350 mph.

"Right now our priority is on saving lives, and we are still in the midst of search and rescue operations." (Scroll to bottom)

King Goerge to the rescue...of oil companies

And they'll get $4 per gallon!

Releases reserves to help refineries. Homeless taxpayers dying from starvation or dehydration still looking for a president.

Confederates, klan lawyer not crazy about Judge Roberts

You have to read it. It's a bizarre story involving confederate holdouts, the KKK, Contra holdouts, a credit union, and others.

Vietnam Veterans of America organize help for Katrina's survivors

If he hadn't gone AWOL, King Goerge could be a member. (Al Gore and John Kerry are eligible for membership.) But they'd expect him to do something, so...

CAIR urges muslims and other "people of conscience" to help Katrina's victims

Still no word from all the compassionate, rich theofascists.

Soup nazi wannabe has no friends

Superpatriot sent out call to shut me down in the spirit of American freedom. I'm still here. (See yesterday's posts on the subject.)

Repost: God still punishing confederacy

Katrina destroys Trent Lott's home. Sadly, homes of the innocent also pounded by cleansing storm.

Much of Alabama without electricity.

Mississippi expects many deaths.

Tell King Goerge to send his daughters, nieces and nephews to Iraq...

Or leave our kids alone!

Sign the petition, send it to everyone you know.

Meanwhile, you can "Opt Out"

Tell recuiters to go away and stay there until members of the Bush crime family ruck up.

"Why does my son have to register for the selective service when the Bush twins don't?"

WWII vet says his war was nothing like King Goerge's noble cause

Big whoopsie for FAUXNEWS who thought they had a stooge. Turns out they had a man...the only one in the studio.

Donate to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and several others

They're already on the job.

Where are Falwell, Robertson, Dobson, Perkins and all the other compassionate, rich theofascists?

WWL-TV still on the air in Nawlins

Fantastic journalism being churned out by these people. There may be Pulitzers in their future.

King Goerge ate cake and played air guitar instead of mobilizing aid for Katrina's victims

New Orleans is completely out of food and water. People will die before help arrives.

20,000 survivors will be moved from the Superdome to Houston's Astrodome. The move will take at least two days.

The state has a Democrat governor, the population is mostly Democrat. That's one way to make a blue state red...with fire and blood of victims who needed a president, but didn't have one. They still don't.

King Goerge is like those holy men in "The Man Who Would Be King." They traveled everywhere with their eyes closed, led by a young boy, because they couldn't look upon the evils of the world. King Goerge is the man who would be king, he is unable to look at the real world that needs him, AND he is a spoiled little boy who's followed around by "holy" men.

King Goerge flies over worst disaster in US history

MAY visit this weekend. Strong @&$%#&$% leader.

They're still giving him credit for cutting short his five-week non-vacation vacation by two whole days, but it's really only one. He left NeverNeverLand Ranch this morning.

He reportedly was "shocked" by what he saw. What a compassionate leader of the free world. You can just tell he's got Jesus with him. No wonder God put him in office--twice. (He must have; the voters didn't.)

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

FEMA calls King Goerge's dereliction of duty "worst disaster in US history"

Louisiana's governor is a Democrat. The population is mostly Democrat. Would King Goerge have stayed on vacation if Louisiana was a red state?

When he should have been on duty this weekend, running the country, ordering National Guard and Coast Guard units to "stand to" and get ready to head south, King Goerge was running for president, eating cake, lying to sailors, making up history, blaming every president since Lincoln for 9-11 (except Daddy), and generally being AWOL again.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. King Goerge played
"air guitar" while New Orleans drowned.

Now, according to FEMA, we have the worst natural disaster in our history on our hands, and resources that could have been standing by won't arrive in Louisiana and Mississippi for days yet because their Commandeerer 'n Thief didn't order them to get ready.

King Goerge opens oil reserves "to help refineries," not consumers

My Pet Goat II: Where was King Goerge during last December's tsunami?

Why, on vacation for several days. Where else would he be?

It was actually "The Pet Goat" that he held in his lap on 9-11 (not that he'd know the difference) while Saudis crashed airliners into the WTC, the Pentagon and almost onto another target before jets (most likely Air Force F-15s) shot it down in Pennsylvania. (Yes, that fourth plane was shot down. No, the passengers didn't crash it heroically to stop the terists. Two unimpeachable sources confirmed to me just days after 9-11 that pieces of that plane were found seven miles from the impact crater created when the plane hit the ground. But that's neither here nor there anymore...except for the hogwash propaganda stories King Goerge put out.)

Money that would have prevented much of Katrina's damage went to King Goerge's "noble causes:" war, tax cuts

"No one can say they didn't see it coming."

Locals have been warning of lack of preparedness, questioning money movement for years. Now Louisiana is paying a terrible price for King Goerge's, ahem, strong leadership.


While King Goerge made political speeches and ate cake...

No one was in charge, no one ordered National Guard and Coast Guard to spool up and get ready for Katrina. As a result, those units won't reach New Orleans until THURSDAY at the earliest.

Even the Army Times knows where the Mississippi and Louisiana National Guard should have been last weekend.

How not to prepare for a hurricane.

Despite dire warnings of likelihood of future disaster, King Goerge slashed preparedness funding by $71 million two months ago.

How you can help. Go here.

See other post below.

Soup nazi simulant/poseur threatens to sic his brownshirted friends on this blog

"I'm going to put out a call for as many people to flag this hellish piece- of -trash blog as I can."

(See COMMENTS in "Cindy and friends leave Camp Casey" below. Also several others by "Anonymous." You'll know the ones I mean. That's okay, I already know who he is.)

Good to know such superpatriots believe in the First Amendment, equality and freedom for everyone.

See? I told you God was punishing the confederacy

Katrina destroys Trent Lott's home.

Much of Alabama without electricity.

Mississippi expects many deaths.

Cindy and friends leave Camp Casey tomorrow for national tour; will end up in D. C. for giant peace rally

Peace march in D. C. for my birthday.

Did you know that Sheehan is Gaelic for "peace."

Bush (originally "Busch") is German for "illiterate, drunk, AWOL, propped up in binniss by his daddy's rich friends and still failed at everything he ever tried, pretended to be born again to go into politics, unelected, court-appointed, lying, corrupt, warmongering, sociopath, fascist White House squatter."

GI in Iraq learns he's on KY resluglicon "hit list"

Yep, they sure support the hell out of the troops, don't they?

On the other hand...

Chicago man stripped of citizenship for helping King Goerge's grandpappy's friends during WWII

Helped the nazis round up Ukranian Jews.

Theofascist civil war brewing

Van Impe and Robertson feud while thousands fight for their very lives in Louisiana. This is what Jesus taught?

Libruljunkscientists warn of more killer hurricanes


Resluglicons start rounding up libruljunkscientists.

Decorated colonel, lifelong republican demands release of Abu Ghraib pix

Remember the torture?

They said only a few "bad apples" did it all? This guy wants the whole truth to come out. Does he also hate America and want the terists to win?

Constant video coverage of Katrina, rescue efforts

Thanks to AmericaBlog.

Donate to Katrina relief at one of these agencies

This is our "tsunami"

Let's see if Falwell, Robertson, Dobson or any of the other rich theofascists chip in to help largely-Democrat Louisiana recover from the worst natural disaster in our history.

There are terists in America, but they're not brown-skinned muslims

They're white-skinned chrixtains of the ultra-cancervative variety.

Victims of Katrina shouldn't bother resluglicons

"They should have moved somewhere safer long ago," says this bloated asshole.

Tell King Goerge to send his daughters, nieces and nephews to Iraq...

...or leave our kids alone!

Sign the petition, send it to everyone you know.

Meanwhile, you can "Opt Out"

Tell recuiters to go away and stay there until members of the Bush crime family ruck up.

"Why does my son have to register for the selective service when the Bush twins don't?"

King Goerge blames Dutch for 9-11

Also Carter, Clinton and all other presidents who weren't on watch when it happened. Well, except for Poppy Bush, naturally. He's clean.

Chimpy McFlightSuit had been in office eight months and had gotten several firm warnings. So of course it's someone else's fault.

If only they were home, where they belong

National Guard troops from storm-devastated states worry about loved ones. They should be here, helping with rescue and cleanup, not baking in the Iraqi sun, dodging bullets and booby traps.

"Let them (watch us) eat cake!"

White House website barely mentions Katrina.

When starving French peasants complained to their king that they didn't have any bread, Marie Antoinette supposedly said to her lover, "Let them eat cake!"

As Katrina survivors look for clean drinking water, and GIs dodge bullets and booby traps in Iraq, our king shared an expensive cake with wacko McCain.

He can't have it both ways.

1. King Goerge didn't need to cut short his non-vacation vacation since he could run the world from his NeverNeverLand ranch.

2. King Goerge cuts short his non-vacation vacation, heads back to White House so he can run the world properly.

Which is it?

We're saved! King Goerge to the rescue!

UPDATE: He's spending one last night of his non-vacation vacation at NeverNeverLand Ranch.

Take that, Katrina! He'll show you death and destruction.

King Goerge cuts non-vacation vacation* short by TWO WHOLE DAYS!

(The White House said last week he wasn't on vacation. These sociopaths can't utter a single sentence on any topic without lying.)

Dumsfeld: Military considerations more important than anything!

In fact, they're the only things that matter. Hey, we're at war!

Screw the environment, screw endangered species, and screw cities.

Der Ruschkopf is still the Worst Person in the World

Shares title at least for today.

Heartless assholes politicize hurricane into anti-columnist rant, anti-"left" hatespeech.

Scalia confuses theofascists

(Well, that is pretty easy to do, isn't it?)

Does this mean he's for theocracy, or against?

God punishes confederacy with monster hurricane

Not just Louisiana. Think about it.

I'm right, they're wrong.

52% say King Goerge should meet Cindy

More importantly, we still want to know what the "noble cause" is, now that we all know Saddam had no WMDs or connections to 9-11.

Theofascist Hypocrites of America oppose abortion, love war

You don't spell christianity "c-a-n-c-e-r-v-a-t-i-s-m," and you never will.

Monday, August 29, 2005

KY's resluglicon governor pardons his criminal friends

Do resluglicons have any other kinds of friends?

Caught red-handed a couple of months ago, TN resluglicon pleads guilty to taking bribes

Calls on co-conspirators to fess up, too. I'm holding my breath...

I will gladly provide the tar and feathers for this criminal. Somebody tell me where to bring the stuff.

Only in King Goerge's Amerika: Catch-23

In trial of man accused of plotting to assassinate King Goerge, activist judge claims he has evidence beneficial to the defendant, but can't give it to defense lawyers because they lack the security clearance needed to see it.

King Goerge: "Invading Iraq, who didn't attack us, is just like fighting Japan, who did attack us"

While Louisianans look for clean drinking water, King Goerge heads to California to tell more lies, this time at a Naval base. Will he meet with wounded GW II veterans or families of those who died for his lies? (Three guesses...)

Meanwhile, his approval is at 36%.

Resluglicon thieves (yes, I know that's redundant) have to cough up the dough...a lot of dough

KPMG to Pay $456 Million for Criminal Violations in Relation to Largest-Ever Tax Shelter Fraud Case

One crime family down, hundreds more to go.

Aren't people like these hurting America a lot more than terists are?

GOP fascists closer than ever to dream of destroying middle class

Ah, for the good, old days before World War II when there was no middle class to speak of...

Damn that GI Bill for sending millions of veterans (my dad after WWII, me after Vietnam...) to college.

Now, hold on, boys. South Carolina might not be ready for a theofascist invasion yet

Activist Supreme Court says a...gasp!...Democrat can use...shudder!...trial lawyers to sue newspaper.

Meanwhile, in a part of Texas less peaceful than Camp Casey...

Man shoots four in church, escapes, shoots self.

Chile occupies christian coalition commune

Expect Falwell and Robertson to send aid.

FBI labels peaceniks, affirmative action group "terists"

Hey, guys, about Pat Robertson...

Meanwhile, King Goerge's approval dips to 36%. Time for another tax cut. Maybe an invasion of, say, Iran. They don't have WMDs or ties to 9-11, either, so why not?

Another of King Goerge's boys implicated in crime

Well, he IS a resluglicon, so what do we expect? They're all criminals, fascists, or both.

Dr. First screws his home state's Air National Guard

And the new $24 million hangar hasn't even opened yet!

"Bill Frist may have helped keep a South Dakota Air Force base open, but he couldn't stop the Pentagon from grounding Nashville's 118th Airlift Wing."

Want to bet most of these ANG folks voted for Dr. First and King Goerge? They deserve what they get. Sadly, the undeserving get it, too.

Hannity, Liddy, North finally wind up where they've always belonged

In a comic book!

"Liberality for All" features bionic, fascist superheroes saving America from the evils of a Constitutional way of life.

Arizona newspaper purges Coultergeist's column

"Many readers find her shrill, bombastic and mean-spirited. And those are the words used by readers who identified themselves as conservatives."

Dead GIs=good, brown people=bad, very bad

Pat Buchanan says "impeach" about King Goerge

But not over Iraq...over illegal immigration.

Poor theofascists. They run everything...

...yet somehow they're still being victimized and persecuted by...who is it? Judges? Martians? Velociraptors?

Trying to recruit young resluglicon chickenhawks for the war they love is "not helping anyone"

"Some" of the people at this meeting would have loved to enlist, but were unable to. (What about those who were able to, but didn't?)

King Goerge loses another war: Afghanistan opium UP 22%

Despite zillions spent to curtial production.

Crop yield in one province UP 1,370%!

Didn't Spawn Hannity, that noted compassionate chrixtain witness, say King Goerge already won that war?

Read down into article. The writer spent six graphs making it sound like crop yield was down before finally telling the truth.

Venezuela seeks to extradict Pat Robertson for terist remarks

Chavez doesn't have to put up with that theofascist's $#!+ the way we do.

Theofascist Women of America declare war on Starbucks...

...for "librul" coffee cups.

"Lest They Be Forgotten" documentary remembers Normandy invasion

Surviving veterans tell their stories of D-Day.

Remember when Americans went to war to stop fascists from conquering the world? Now we're at war because American fascists want to conquer the world. Yes, resluglicons are fascists, and always have been. If you don't believe me, do your own Google about how Gen. Smedley Butler stopped them from overthrowing FDR 70 years ago and establishing a fascist regime here. Those traitors, the direct ancestors of today's neocons (see PNAC), thought Mussolini was a great guy.

Big pharmas sic FDA button men on retired pastor

His cancer cure can't be patented, they can't make billions with it, so they want it to go away.

44% of Ohioans want their criminal governor to stay in office

They deserve what they get. Too bad the undeserving will get it, too.

Oilmongers use Katrina as excuse to gouge entire country

Okay, so there'll be a shortage for a while. They have reserves. They wouldn't lose any money if they'd left prices alone. But they will make a lot more now, won't they? And that money will be used to elect even more resluglicons.

Camp Casey saw wide variety of religious services yesterday

Christian peaceniks, a rabbi peacenik, an imam peacenik, at least one WWII veteran peacenik...not a theofascist peacenik anywhere to be seen. They were all over with the warmongers who want GIs to keep dying in Iraq.

Lots of pictures here.

Nawlins loses $71 million in federal funding...

King Goerge doesn't quite have his daddy's "vision thing," does he?

...for US Army Corps of Engineers, the very people the whole state needs now more than ever.

Study to determine ways to protect the region from Category 5 hurricane was...wait for it...shelved.

Louisiana National Guard troops watch disaster from...Iraq

Well, King Goerge did warn us the other day that more sacrifices must be made if we're to keep paying Halliburton.

Local military families stand up to Fred Phelps

Theofascist broadcasters still silent.

We can only take silence from Falwell, Robertson, Dobson, Perkins et al as their endorsement of Phelps' abominations.

Insurgents remember the lessons of Vietnam, US generals don't

As soon as US forces leave an area, "insurgents" re-occupy it.

"Kick their ass and take their gas"

Violent hatespeech on the rise from compassionate chrixtain hatriots.

They won't fight in Iraq (although they do have friends there!), but they want to fight us and steal our property. What wonderful, law-abiding chrixtains they are.

Bring it on.

Iraq isn't the only country facing a Constitutional crisis

Did South Carolina ever rejoin the union?

Theofascists plan to occupy South Carolina, secede again. Say they want to force a Constitutional crisis.

I say, good riddance. But they shouldn't expect protection from our armed forces.

Chrixtain King Goerge's Iraq not so good for Iraqi christians

They say life was better under Saddam.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Our own Constitutional crisis looms: Theofascists plan to invade South Carolina, secede again

Did South Carolina ever rejoin the union?

They say they want to force a Constitutional crisis.

I say, good riddance. But they shouldn't expect protection from our armed forces.

Martin Sheen speaks to Camp Casey

QuickTime or MP3.

No longer under contract at NBC, he can get arrested again.

In the world of imaginary presidents, he's still my choice.

Army wastes our money on new helicopter

Shouldn't this money go to Veterans Administration hospitals?

Army continues its war on news media.

Sniper kills Reuters employee, wounds another.

More news people have been killed in Iraq than in Vietnam.

Will warmongers send their kids to Iraq?

The (resluglicon chickenhawk) governor of Massachusetts won't.

"Kick their ass and take their gas!"

Expect more violence soon from compassionate hatriots.

They won't fight in Iraq (but they have friends there!), but they want to fight us. Bring it on.

As Katrina ravages Louisiana, remember that King Goerge put FEMA under DHS to fight terists instead of natural disasters

King Goerge is a natural disaster.

Funding cut, efficiency reduced=strong leader.

Fred Phelps was in town yesterday

Leader of the God Hates Fags Baptist Church (aren't they all that?) took his group of hooligans to funeral services for two Tennessee boys killed Iraq. I guess this is Cindy's fault, too.

Notice the chrixtain broadcasters jump all over decent people who call for our country to do what's right, but they never get onto one of their own--Robertson, Phelps--for acting like escapees from a hospital for the criminally insane.


Cousin Fred recently vowed to "hunt down" the king of Sweden for allowing queers to live in that country. Will he make the same vow about our king? After all, King Goerge hasn't rounded up the queers...yet.

Cindy doesn't claim to speak for nazis, either

Cindy didn't start the war they oppose, King Goerge did. She isn't responsible for anything the resluglicons do. People all over the world hate King Goerge because of HIM, not HER.

"U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!"

Yeah, that makes King Goerge's lies okay.

Those who want GIs to keep dying in Iraq shout the only word they can spell.

And for the record, Cindy never claimed to speak for warmongering, chickenhawk bullies.

So far, only warmongers arrested at Camp Casey

Including the "Bitch in the Ditch" sign guy.