Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sunday gun blogging: The AK-47/AKM

The AK is a communist weapon. It was designed, made, used and given away by the millions by communists. Communists all over the world used the AK.

It is also a terist weapon. Terists all over the world either were given or bought AKs by the trainload for decades.

In recent years, the AK has become a favorite of compassionate cancervative chrixtain patriots in militias, the KKK and various other hate groups. Inexplicably, these people see neither the irony nor the hypocrisy of using this weapon to defend their diseased version of freedom.

Their idea of freedom means freedom from being bothered by libruls, queers, ragheads, wetbacks, yids, mackerel-snappers and damnyankees. In short, everybody who's not one of them.

While looking at a handgun at a gun show some years ago, I misguidedly struck up a conversation with one of these people who was admiring the same pistol. I commented that I like to shoot bottles and cans for target practice. He said, "Me, too...AfriCANS, MexiCANS, Puerto RiCANS..." And he thinks he's a real American who believes in the shoot everyone he doesn't like. I doubt he shoots many people, but that he would say this to a total stranger...well, we know who his friends are. And they probably all own AKs.

People buy AKs for two reasons: 1. They're symbols of rebellion, of anarchy, of oppression, of terror. 2. They're cheap.

Go to a separatist right-wing milita gathering, or a chrixtain klan party, and you'll see most if not all superpatriots in attendance wearing surplus USGI woodland camouflage uniforms. They will be listening to very bad country music. They will be flying swastika flags. Some will be veterans, most will be chickenhawks. They will talk about avoiding paying taxes while enjoying the benefits of the best place to live. They will piss and moan about judges. They will pray a lot.

These are the people who want to destroy "the gubmnt" and make 'Murika safe for white people again.

These are the people who buy AKs.

King Goerge launches Tragical History Tour

Still wants us to believe Gulf War II has something to do with WMDs and 9-11.


"Patriotic" pro-war camp "counters" Camp Casey

Except that it's in town (Crawford), next to a store, and nobody lives there or even spends the night. I hope everybody involved either has somebody in Iraq, or soon will. Otherwise, they should shut up.

Cops sic dogs on female protestors

If Gulf War II is protecting us from terists, who's protecting us from police state thugs?

But having this administration in office is.

"A government contract is not a license to steal."

Halliburton employee busted for corruption. 'Bout time.

Big Brother recruits pest control workers to spy on customers

Florida. When is that putrid state going to break off and float down to the Bermuda Triangle where it belongs?

Another Democrat who was robbed by Diebold

Former Marine Paul Hackett.

Ohio is a cesspool run by a crime family.

The Worst Person In The World

And the winner is...Der Ruschkopf!

But then, he wins every day, doesn't he?

"Reverend" Fred Phelps is back, and he knows why Casey Sheehan died

You remember Fred, the "pastor" of Westboro Baptist "Church." (He could only "pastor" a Baptist "church." No one else would have him.)

Westboro Baptist "Church:" Where God hates His children

Visit the Impeachment Store

New inventory in stock.

Theo-physicists refute gravity

It's not in the Bible.

Promote "intelligent falling" theory.

Salt Lake City mayor gives AIDS and comfort food to enemas

Organizes huge anti-bush, bush-bashing rally to bash bush when he spews Monday before veterans group.

Boys learn to be Bullies for Christ

At church-sponsored, compassionate cancervative chrixtain summer camp. Jesus didn't build summer camps, but if he had, they would have been just like this one.

Cindy left to visit her sick mother...

...but she's coming back to be a burr under King Goerge's saddle.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Turns out, resluglicons are above the law

Especially that great chrixtain witness, Tom DeLay.

He's the guy who heroically stood in the chow line with his future cellmates when he went to a prison with convicted felon, Chuck Colson.

Now THAT'S intelligent design

And the head scientist's name is...wait for it...Church.

If God didn't intend for evolution to take its course, why did He start with primitive species that, well, evolved while others went extinct? He could have just started the world with all species as they are now, right?

King Goerge plans 9-11 "reminders"

Okay, tell us again why we had to "regime change" Saddam because of his WMDs and his help with 9-11.

C'mon, let's hear the original lies once again, for old time's sake, not the hundreds since then.

Salesman first,, whatever

"A year ago, the Rev. Scott Schlotfelt was weighing job offers from three churches smitten by what he had to offer.

"But they weren't talking about his preaching or counseling skills. What they were seeking, like a number of churches across the United States, was some savvy marketing."

Dr. First repents, kneels before theofascists again

Still wants to be our next king.

Does he remember it's not up to Falwell, it's up to Diebold?

Having earned their hatred for supporting stem cell research (i.e., science), he now worms his way back into their good graces by supporting the teaching of "intelligent design" (i.e., bullshit) in schools.

How do we recall this theofascist sockpuppet and revoke his medical license?

Must-see TeeVee for all resluglicons

1959 interview with Hitler's sister, thought lost, is found. To be shown in November, just in time for all compassionate cancervatives to give thanks they have someone in the White House to carry the torch of fascism and world conquest.

Oh, what America might have been were it not for that librul, Gen. Smedley Butler.

Won two Medals of Honor.

Stopped a resluglicon/fascist coup d'etat in its tracks in 1934

Colin Powell could have been our Smedley Butler. But, boy, he blew that chance, didn't he?

Queer-bashing=good, Jew-bashing=bad

So says Nazi Pope Nazinger.

If King Goerge won't talk to Cindy...

...maybe Queen Laura will, provided she's recovered from killing her friend in that car wreck about the time her future husband was going AWOL from the cushest gig in the entire US military.

Perhaps you can help persuade Lady Laura.

9-11 was Saddam's first attack in war to conquer the whole world

But King Goerge stopped him just like we stopped Hitler 60 years ago. So says the ambiguously gay theofascist Ken Mehlman, so it has to be true.

And all the Daddies Warbucks will keep getting richer and richer...

Gulf War II: A disastrous decision

...while risking absolutely nothing in their state of perpetual war.

King Goerge's gnarly summer break

How many GIs get a month off to play while their buddies get blown up?

Meet the fascists' next target

Soon they'll be slandering this mother who lost a son last April.

How many of the VR-WC pussbuckets who attack grieving parents at Camp Casey have children in Iraq? I'd really like for them to identify themselves.

Fathers also don't like for their children to die for lies

Army veteran joins Camp Casey. His son died in April. King Goerge's, Cheney's spawn nowhere to be seen.

Four amendments and a funeral

Read about a month inside the house of horrors that is Congress.

Pat Robertson dances in the street

Activist judge murdered in Baghdad. There's one less @&%$&@ to be the biggest threat to America today.

Australia helped King Goerge lie to start Gulf War II

Why don't more mothers care that their children died for a criminal's lies?

Important letter expressing Foreign Secretary's "grave concerns" about finding WMDs in Iraq was "buried."

We're fightin' 'em in Eyerack so we don't have to fight ' Jordan?

Another thing Orwell was right about: Perpetual War

Draft-dodger Veep admits he and AWOL King Goerge aren't brave.

Baghdad is just like Valley Forge. Just like it.

The vice president cited the darkest days of the American Revolution, when the war was going badly and ragtag rebels were ready to go home until George Washington rallied them. "They stayed in the fight, and America won the war," he said. "From that day to this, our country has always counted on the bravest among us to answer the call of duty."

Big Dick says he'll...we', your children will hunt 'em down one at a time, if necessary. How many invasions and occupations will that take?

If he can be bothered to interrupt his playtime at NeverNeverLand Rancho, King Goerge say this makes Gulf War II okay. He just won't say how since his original lies were about Saddam's WMDs and role in 9-11.

Yes, they did steal the last two elections...

...and they'll keep doing it until we rise up and stop them.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Three days of asking for peace in D. C. for my birthday present

Huge rally set for 24-26 September. I couldn't think of a nicer present than to see 100,000 patriots climbing up King Goerge's butt.

It's baaack.

The beloved peace symbol has a new mission.

Draft-dodger Veep wipes his ass with Purple Heart

He had other priorities while these brave men got shot, blown up and otherwise mutilated. Where were the Purple Heart Band-Aids today, you criminal piece of shit?

If you love this war, go, send your children...

...or shut the fuck up.

Another compassionate chrixtain hatriot threatens Camp Casey

Diseased little slug arrested for making threats, pretending to be Secret Service agent.

Mission accomplished, alright

For the oil companies.

Most hated president (sic) ever

Where, oh where, did that li'l mandate go?

A mere 43% approve of King Goerge's existence. Lowest numbers ever.

Thanks again, Diebold.

Treasonous resluglicons give Kool Aid and comforters to anemones

Begin to wonder aloud why we're in Iraq.

Haven't they been able to keep all of King Goerge's lies straight? Well, come to think of it, neither have I. The latest was something about how we're there because we have to finish the mission. Sounds like a Moebius loop to me.

Draft-dodging drug addict calls my ancestors "Injuns"

Okay, then I'll call his ancestors people who shouldn't have mated. Then their spawn wouldn't be here to pollute this country every day.

1600 pro-Cindy vigils held Wednesday night

Number of groups grows, number of participants still 'way down. C'mon, people, how long do you want this stupid war to go on?

FAUXNEWS accomplishes nothing whatsoever

No effect on how people vote, or on whether they vote at all.

Slimebucket Ohio governor sorry he got caught and convicted

Pussbucket gets fined a mere $4000 instead of going to Gitmo for ten years. Tells others to obey laws. Fuck him and all living resluglicons.

Citizens stand up to Diebold, the GOP's favorite election-rigger

Citizens request mayoral election recount after Diebold stole yet another election for a republican criminal (yes, I know that's redundant), one who actually got busted for a change.

Cindy asks for worldwide moment of silence Friday noon

King Goerge the Chrixtain still hasn't agreed to meet and pray with her.

Now that the twin daughters of a dry drunk are out of college...

King Goerge the Alcoholic and his Justice Dept. launch $20 million initiative to enforce underage drinking laws.

King Goerge finally hears that meth is bad

Methamphetamine is the scourge of this country in recent years. But King Goerge is on it, so he'll win that drug war just like his other two wars...oh, shit.

She's not, but so what if Cindy was a "puppet of the anti-war left?"

King Goerge still can't answer her question: "Why did my son die?"

Her mother has had a stroke, so Cindy will leave Camp Casey to be with her. Others will remain in Crawfor.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More on how the resluglicons stole the last two elections

And they'll keep doing it as long as there are no paper trails for voting results.

"In 2004 Bush far exceeded the 85% of registered Florida Republican votes that he got in 2000, receiving more than 100% of the registered Republican votes in 47 out of 67 Florida counties, 200% of registered Republicans in 15 counties, and over 300% of registered Republicans in 4 counties."

"(N)ational exit polls showed Kerry winning in 2004. However, It was only in precincts where there were no paper trails on the voting machines that the exit polls ended up being different from the final count. According to Dr. Steve Freeman, a statistician at the University of Pennsylvania, the odds are 250 million to one that the exit polls were wrong by chance. In fact, where the exit polls disagreed with the computerized outcomes the results always favored Bush - another statistical impossibility."

A layman's lesson on the Constitution

Feel free to use this as ammunition when enduring hogwash about how America is a "christian nation."

About that mandate...

See the absence of anything resembling a mandate, state by state.

Clinton went after Osama; five years later, King Goerge ignored threat

One attack included 75 cruise missiles launched against targets on two continents. Compare that to King Goerge's vacation in August, 2001.

Another Gold Star in the firmament

Karen Meredith doesn't know why her son died, either.

1858 KIAs wanted to get on with their lives, too

King Goerge lied, they died.

Elizabeth Edwards writes about her dead son in support of Cindy

Elizabeth's father and grandfather were career Navy pilots. Prince Goerge went AWOL from the TX ANG. Hmph.

Freedom AND Faith rally showed America what real christians look like

The rally somehow got good coverage in the worthlesscorporatemedia.

No, Children Left Behind

47 of 50 states stage "some kind of rebellion" against King Goerge's attempt to destroy public education.

Mandate this!

King Goerge's 282* electoral votes have become a mere 79 in less than a year. Strong leader, my ass.

(*Most of which were rigged by Diebold or ES&S e-voting machines. The exact number will never be known due to the lack of a paper record.)

Approval below 50% in 41 states.

Please, DNC, jump on this opportunity to rescue America from the clutches of these fascists and their criminal friends.

1521 candlelight vigils set for tonight

There's still time for you to host one.

King Goerge the Sociopathic could tell his minions to stop sliming Cindy, but he won't

Read this and decide for yourself.

In this war, mother knows best

KIAs didn't die in vain if America learns the lesson: Never vote for another resluglicon. They're all liars, criminals, warmongers and fascists.

"I guess our children went and were sacrificed for us to take a look at what we let happen. We let this war happen. If nothing else, this is a huge lesson. Watch who you vote for. Watch what they're telling you. Don't be so afraid."

Deaf, drug-addicted draft dodger proves Cindy is a liar

Says, and therefore proves, Cindy "made up" story of her son's death. Well, that settles that.

Jesus-hating, non-theoscientists still want us to believe the Earth is older than 6000 years

They want to keep learning new things. Imagine that.

525 million-year-old fossil has scientists baffled.

If only they'd look it up in the King Goerge Bible...

Dems grow spines, go after Ashcroft

Former AG smells fishy in PlameGate.

Just one of many (most? all?) in King Goerge's junta who belong in Gitmo.

Cindy leaves the ditch

Veteran provides sanctuary for those at Camp Casey.

"I just think people should have a right to protest without being harassed," Mattlage told The Associated Press. "And I'm against the war. I don't think it's a war we need to be in."

I guess he hates America now, too, and wants GIs to die, and stuff. But he doesn't look very French. I wonder if his cousin will shoot that shotgun anymore. Look for the VR-WC to dig into his life and find out he's gay, or something.

Ministry of Information doesn't want Americans to know Judge Roberts is a fascist putz

Files disappear from library after "review."

Watch JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG. Burt Lancaster plays Judge Roberts, the one who enforced laws making it illegal to be Jewish in Germany. If this fascist asshole gets on the Extreme Court, soon it'll be illegal to be librul--or anything else not straight, white, male and Baptist--in America.

Why didn't the sheriff stop his Sunday School classmate from vandalizing Camp Casey?

Sheriff, pickup truck-driving asshole go to the same...wait for it...Baptist church where they learn compassionate cancervatism, and stuff. What wonderful witnesses they are for freedom and Jesus.

We're fightin' 'em in Eyerack so we don't have to fight 'em in...prison?

Convicts, Filipinos lose WMDs, punished for 9-11...I guess.

Al qaeda wannabees planned jihad in CA slammer.

Gulf War II also stops terists in...the Philippines.

Spook: Lawyers kept us from telling FBI about 9-11 hijackers a year in advance

Looks like Clinton didn't fellate the 9-11 terists, after all

(CBS/AP) An Army intelligence officer says his unit was blocked in 2000 and 2001 from giving the FBI information about a U.S.-based terrorist cell that included Mohamed Atta, the future leader of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer said the small intelligence unit, called "Able Danger," had identified Atta and three of the other future Sept. 11 hijackers as al Qaeda members by mid-2000.

"We recognized there are linkages and patterns of linkages to the al Qaeda leadership," Shaffer said on CBS News' Early Show. "That's what our primary concern was at the time."

He said military lawyers stopped the unit from sharing the information with the FBI.


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pink Pistols understand why it's important to get ready

Do you?

Their enemies are the enemies of decent people everywhere. See Sunday's post for advice.

They've been fomenting Civil War II for decades

They're about to get one. Will you be ready? See Sunday's post for advice.

Crawford farmer offers Camp Casey new home

Distant cousin of shotgun-wielding asshole offers land closer to King Goerge's playground.

Where everyone will be safe from fascist assholes with shotguns and pickups. (Could those rednecks be any more stereotypical?)

More from Camp Casey

"Anger, not grief"

Parents of dead marine tell it to King Goerge.

King Goerge doesn't tell it to his twin chickenhawklings.

They're not AWOL, but their old man still is.

Fantasy moment: "Mr. President, if your daughters won't enlist, why should anyone else?"

Trivia: Teddy Roosevelt lost a son in WWI. Prince Goerge deserted the cushest gig in the entire military, the so-called "Champagne Regiment" of the pointless TX ANG, made up of pampered rich boys who flew obsolete jets that wouldn't have gone any closer to Vietnam than New Mexico. He couldn't stay that course, but wants to now to regain his shriveled manhood. What a worthless pile of sheep dip.

NCC urges King Goerge to pray with Cinday Friday

Unless, that is, he's busy gettin' on with his life on a bike ride or at a fundraiser.

1223 candlelight vigils set for Wednesday

It's not too late to host one. Sign up here.

Why didn't the sheriff stop that pickup truck?

Local boys all over the place, and asshole bubba still manages to run over 500 little white crosses.

As if King Goerge hadn't caused enough problems for the world

Russia, China regroup for Cold War II. Thanks, Goerge.

Resluglicon fascist asshole mad at another resluglicon fascist asshole

Trent Lott's new book gouges Dr. First hard.

The Ed Schultz Show heads to Camp Casey

Cindy and friends will be on nationwide radio Weds and Thurs.

"A Parade of Lies and Corruption"

What did you expect from a resluglicon administration?

"My son would not want to be remembered as a war casualty."

How would he want to be remembered? Still alive? Sheesh.

One mom disagrees with Cindy.

King Goerge gives over $1 billion to his friends for smallpox vaccine we'll never need

But it sure sounds like a good idea, doesn't it?

No longer on the White House payroll, Armstrong Williams now hates America

Stops supporting the troops. Begins to look a little French, too.

You laugh when I warn that they really do want to get rid of us?

Read what Der Ruschkopf said. They're not even subtle anymore. I wish that fat-assed drug addict would come to get rid of me. But he won't. He'll hide in his studio where it's safe, the fat-assed sissy.

Resluglicons replace crooked, racist resluglicon judge with...wait for it...resluglicon judge

Lives there a resluglicon who isn't a criminal?

"My two children had never been to San Angelo, Texas when they were abducted by Karen M. Coates without permission or the knowledge of any court on August 28, 2002," Schneider said. "Webber and his Illinois Republican Party friends have closed ranks, and this is nothing more than two children being for sale, purchased and delivered by the Macon County Decatur, Illinois Court for about $250,000.00."

D. C. mothers urge King Goerge to meet with Cindy

Hold vigil in front of White House. (Yes, they know he's still hiding in TX.) Number of vigils nationwide growing.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Idiot believes and/or repeats fake history

No law school teaches this. No history department teaches this. Only theofascists teach this.

I don't know if this guy believes that "our laws are based on the Ten Commandments," or if he is just helping sell phony history for financial and/or political gain. Either way, he should be embarassed for revealing just how ignorant he is. No history or legal text in print backs up this claim. Only theofascist liars hold this fantasy to be true.

Stand up to these theofascists, or they will kill America in the next few years.

Why Cindy is popular...

...and King Goerge is the most hated man on Earth.


Pickup truck plows through white crosses at Camp Casey.

And, yes, Cindy's husband has filed for divorce, according to court documents. You know the entire vr-wc is enjoying this tidbit.

King Goerge's neighbors go to court over Camp Casey

Camp Casey is not on private property.

Whiners call in...gasp!...trial lawyers and...shudder...activist judges!

What do cancervative chrixtain women see in Cindy Sheehan?


New coalition of patriots climbs all the way up King Goerge's butt

A coalition of over 120 member organizations dedicated to demanding accountability and honesty in government is preparing to launch a series of scathing ads aimed at what it describes as the Bush administration's "lies, corruption, fear, incompetence, indifference, and arrogance," Raw Story has learned.

Dog-Tags of shame:

The first ad to run is controversial two-page color layout, which says: "DON'T LOOK FOR THESE NAMES AMONG THE DEAD AND WOUNDED" and displays dog-tags with the names of the adult children of President George Bush, Vice President Richard Cheney, and other pro-war administration officials. (View the ad).

Vast, right-wing conspiracy pours sewage on Cindy

"Unconfirmed report" says Cindy's husband has filed for divorce.

Another "unconfirmed report" says Michelle Malkin is having an affair with Anthrax "The Screeching Banshee" Coultergeist. Film at eleven. Or not.

Theofascists invent history at Just Us Sunday II

No wonder God had to send not one, but two rainstorms to wash the city clean after this gathering of theofascist sewer rats.

Tom DeLay, the biggest civil criminal still free in America, inexplicably gets to preach in Southern Baptist Church.

Church's "pastor" being groomed for political office; probably Nashville mayor or TN governor, certainly eventually senator (to replace the useless Lamar!).

Scouts learn to lie from King Goerge, resluglicons in general

"Inflated" membership numbers to get more funding. Aren't we glad this chrixtain organization sets such a good example for our youth?

Nazi pope would require everyone to wear crucifix

And those who refuse will be easy for fascist brownshirts to find.

Camp Casey II opens in CA

"This is not a war," said Robert Trausch, a Vietnam veteran who will be camping out as long as he has to at Children's Playground downtown. "It's an invasion and an occupation. The men and women dying are dying because of false reasons," he said, "not democracy; they're dying because rich people want oil."

Christian leaders visit Cindy at Camp Casey

Meanwhile, chrixtain rabble rousers were in Nashville stirring up lynch mobs for judges and queers, not necessarily in that order.

"September 11th Families" support Cindy

Read their press release.

At least 614 prayer vigils set for this Wednesday

Go here (click headline) to sign up to hold your own prayer vigil for the troops, for Cindy and for America's future.

Will King Goerge pray with Cinday Friday?

Two prayer vigils for troops this week, one Wednesday, one Friday.

King Goerge reportedly has no plans for Friday. Will he come?

Click headline to see QuickTime video.

Theofascists don't care about tobacco, alcohol, dangerous drugs from big pharmas, pollution or global warming

Or anything else that, you know, actually harms people. They only care about judges and queers.

King Goerge: "I cannot NOT tell a lie"

Alleged $50 billion savings on military base closings probably really only half that. But does anyone believe anything he or anyone who works for him says anymore?

Cindy gets reenforcements

Hundreds arrive at Camp Casey.

Cindy lives in a ditch

While King Goerge vacations and raises money for GOP crime wave.

God sent more rain today

Last night's storm wasn't enough to cleanse the city of all the theofascist slime left after "Just Us Sunday II."

Gulf War II vet: "We were used."

Points out that soldiers were sent to Iraq for reasons other than WMDs and 9-11.

Is Cindy the new hope for the anti-war movement?

If she is, it's no thanks to the Democrats in Washington, the sissies.

Brave, compassionate chrixtain patriot threatens me with his AKM

My Metro cop friends know who he is. So do I.


Wanker backs off threats once his identity is known. What a big man he was when he thought he could hide. Now...not so much.

Freedom-loving chrixtain patriot threatens Cindy with shotgun

"We're going to start doing our war and it's going to be underneath the law," said the God-fearing, law-abiding, peace-loving, compassionate cancervative farmer who clearly respects everyone else's rights.

Secret Service tell him it's okay to frighten Camp Casey as long as his bullets stay on his own land.

Imagine if he fired when King Goerge's procession was driving by...

"I shot at a bird a while ago, and missed it."

When asked if the gunshots had another message, he replied, "You figure it out."


Meanwhile, in Massachussetts...

"Marine of the Year" fires shotgun near noisy crowd

Held on $100,000 bond for attempted murder.

Ah, Texas.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

God sends storm to cleanse Nashville of theofascist detritus

Rain washes air, streets after "Just Us Sunday II" abominations slime city.

Theofascists want hand-picked Extreme Court to solidify their plans for a chrixtain-only feudal theocracy.

Outsourcing Gulf War II: What goes around comes around

Karma, or just irony for a rethuglicon war?

Ecuadoran mercs work for half of what KBR pays their mercs.

Cindy calls King Goerge out for real

"Come for me and we'll put this war on trial."

Says she won't pay 2004 taxes. Calls King Goerge a couple of the things he is, to wit, a "mania" and a "lying bastard." I can think of dozens more.

Theofascists to contaminate Nashville for "Just Us Sunday II"

They mean to destroy America as we know it and create a feudal theocracy, and founding fathers and their silly democracy be damned.

Watch SCHINDLER'S LIST. Watch UPRISING. Those movies will tell you exactly what the theofascists have in mind for everyone who's not one of them.

Sunday Gun Blogging.

For months I've been asking the question, "Are you getting ready?" I ask because if you're not getting ready, you'd better start. Here are some tips. You'll spend some money, but when the time comes, you'll be glad you did.

M-1 carbine.

Not what others suggest, and I don't care. It served our country well in three wars. The M-1 carbine is light and mild enough for anyone over the age of 12, and still powerful enough to defend yourself and your family. Magazines hold either 15 or 30 rounds. Get some of both. Get surplus ammo in large quantities.

Browning Hi-Power.

The finest handgun in the world. Proven in battle since WWII. Used by military and police in dozens of nations to this day. Suitable for most hands over the age of 12. Comes with a 13-rd magazine, but magazines are available that hold 15, 17 and 21 rounds of 9mm. Any 115-grain ammunition is suitable.

Pump shotgun. Anyone can handle a .410, and it's good for most small game. A 20 gauge is better. No one needs a 12 gauge.

Ruger 10/22. You'll want this or some other quality .22 rifle for small game. Also good for pre-teens in general use. There are 25- and 30-round magazines for the semi-automatic 10/22.

First Aid kit. You want more than just what you have at home or in the car. Hint: Feminine napkins make the best bandages.

Emergency rations. Forget MREs. Whoever called them, "Three lies for the price of one" was correct. Get summer sausage, jerky, pre-cooked bacon, cheese, dried fruit, peanut butter and crackers, peanut M&Ms, crackers, instant coffee, tea bags. Don't forget toilet paper, toiletries. Good supply of plastic sandwich bags, two or three sizes, for waterproof storage.

Camper's filter straw. Several available. They can filter the nastiest water and make it fit for consumption. Don't bother storing water long-term; it doesn't keep without chemical treatment.

Tenting. Plastic drop cloths, ponchos, heavy string, "space blankets," knives, hatchet, machete.

See Shotgun News,,, and for "camping" supplies and gear. But be careful. Whatever you get, somebody's gonna have to hump it when the gas runs out. So plan to travel light.

Sixty years ago today

V-J Day

World War II was over. My dad came home from Okinawa where he'd watched the kamikazes fall around his ammunition ship, the USS Mayfield Victory. The USAAF no longer needed the P-47 Thunderbolt fighters my mother was building, so the plant stopped production. Five years later they had me.


Clint Black's going to Iraq

And he's taking all the fire-breathing country music chickenhawks with him. Now them Eyerackies is really gonna be sorry they attacked us on 9-11.

King Goerge is AWOL again

He's never around when the chips are down.

Someone tell King Goerge this war is over, too

If he wants to stay the damn course, he can go and take Dumsfeld, Condo, the twins and all the chickenhawks in the land. The rest of us are done.