Saturday, August 06, 2005

If King Goerge told a lie in the forest...

...would anyone in the worthlesscorporatemedia call him on it?

Half of America considers King Goerge a liar.

Cheap gas won't hurt your car

The computers will adjust the fuel injection and ignition, and your car won't know the difference while you save a few pennies per gallon.

Activist judge gives AIDS and comfort food to anemones

Tells DeptHomeSec to...gasp!...abide by the librul Constitution.

A glimmer of hope for America

Better late than never, but where've they been?

80 rich libruls pledge $1 million each for progressive think tanks to save the country.

60 years ago today: The first shot of the Cold War

"The atomic bombs saved a million lives:" Author of that article admitted he pulled that number out of thin air.

The myths of Hiroshima.

The world's first atomic bombs were used not to defeat Japan, an already defeated enemy, but to warn Stalin not to mess with us too much.

Hiroshima tells "nuclear club" to stop jeopardizing the world

Why let a little thing like a war on terr interfere with making money?

Halliburton helped Iran move closer to nuke capability. Good job, Dick.

Now that those damnyankee libruls are off their backs...

...good, decent, chrixtain klansmen can get back to doing the white God's work.

Thank God for the Young Rethuglicon chickenhawks

They also serve who drink and puke.

I have and always will do so

New book, "None Dare Call It Stolen," documents last fall's destruction of our electoral process.

In case you missed it...

Here's the transcript of King Goerge's latest lies and bullshit radio address. Only for those with strong stomachs.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Unprecedented corruption, even for rethuglicons

Record amounts of our money given to GOP friends who will, in turn, donate big, heaping piles of our money to...wait for it...the GOP.

Have you seen this Democrat?

Liberal group issues milk cartons with pictures of "missing" Democrats.

Just Us Sunday II still not about saving souls

Not even remotely related to anything Jesus ever said.

Even more than the first one, this is about raising money for theo-fascists who would turn our country into a feudal theocracy.

CA school kids rescued from King Goerge's federal stooges

No Child Left Behind lawsuit kicked back to CA state court level.

Rethuglicon activists kept from protecting bogus education hogwash. Kids benefit.

I'm not the only one who recognizes the Scouts are Bushjugend

Unelected leader. Police state. Unprovoked war. Teens in brown shirts. Nationalist feeding frenzy. Fredricksburg, 2005 or Nuremberg, 1936?

Why it would be good if the Earth opened up and swallowed the entire state of Ohio

They should rename the state "Diebold."

It is the epicenter of rigged elections. That Ohio handed its electoral votes to King Goerge last fall is a given. Now it's looking more and more like they did the same thing for Schmidt this week.

America wakes up

People finally realize just how dangerous King Goerge is. But will they vote wisely in the mid-terms?

New poll shows record disapproval for a president.

Bush’s numbers on domestic issues fell to a 37% approve, 60% disapprove, again their lowest level in a while. And as Bush readies himself to tackle once again privatization of Social Security when he returns from Crawford, he is staring at his worst numbers on the subject, 33% approve, 63% disapprove, and this is after he took the issue off the radar screen for the last two months.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

An evangelical for all seasons

Jim Wallis thinks being christian is about more things than hating queers. Read his five suggestions for Democrats.

No, they're "grim reminders" that our president is a liar, a warmonger, and a piece of shit

Our Piece-of-Shit-In-Thief wants us to think recent Marine deaths remind us we're at war. In a sense, we are...with a bunch of republican motherfuckers who are destroying our country.


Right-wing pinup girl joins Army.

She's every rethuglicon's fantasy, pretty and dumb: Dropped out of TWO high schools before getting a GED. Just the kind of soldier we need to replace Lyndie Englund and Jessica Lynch.

What happens when you go to war with the Commandeerer-in-Thief you have...

...instead of an actual Commander-in-Chief.

Marines fight in parallel universe created by King Goerge

Marine officers express total confidence in vehicle they never ride in.

Thin-skinned AAV (Assault Amphibious Vehicle) is sitting duck in Iraq.

See pix of perfectly good amphibious assault vehicle which is simply the wrong choice for land warfare, especially on streets of Iraq.

And these people run our elections...

Crooked and unreliable.

In recent tests, 20% of the GOP's Diebold e-vote-rigging machines simply crashed.

Wall between church and state merely dust now

Anyone old enough to remember when rethuglicons demonized JFK for being a Catholic first, and an American second?

Our tax dollars pay for Nebraska Catholic school's parking garage.

Americans want King Goerge to solve all our problems

Passengers just sit and watch while nutcase woman tries to open airliner exit door.

Haven't we learned anything? Not one person on that flight grabbed a laptop and knocked the bejeesus out of that woman who might have crashed the plane. Thank God there really aren't any terists, or our nation would be in seriously deep yogurt.

DeptHomeSec foils Chinese puppet terist plot

Money well spent.

That'll teach 'em to get proper visas next time.

"We don't even pretend anymore"

Small-gubmnt, budget-cutting rethuglicons give our money in record amounts to their friends, most of whom are already rich.

Cancervative Catholics still don't know what fiction is

Or what movies are.

Catholics demand director Ron Howard put a disclaimer on his movie, "The Da Vinci Code," based on the novel, that the movie is fiction. Rumors say the finished product will be little like the runaway bestseller.

Ah, freedom.

No wonder King Goerge believes anything Palmeiro says

Baseball player gave $4000 to King Goerge's campaign. Cool.

Der Ruschkopf gives AIDs and comfort food to anemones

All morals are political

OxycontinBoy dares criticize his king in time of war. (Scroll down). Says month-long vacation is bad not because it's bad, but because it "makes (him) a target."

Sacrifices must be GIs

...if we're to build that chrixtain missile shield to protect us from heathen nuke missiles. So when a few pilots die due to budget restrictions on maintenance, that's just the price of doing (defense corporate welfare) binniss.

Sitzkrieg over, back to war

Between the fall of Poland in September, 1939 and the invasion of France in June, 1940, Hitler engaged the French and British in sitzkrieg, (literally "sitting down war") or, as the Brits called it, "phony war," during which all the fighting was done with words. Kinda like what rethuglicon chickenhawks do now.

"Global Struggle Against Violent Extremists" concluded, war on terr resumed.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Just a reminder

King Goerge is still AWOL.

Actually, he's a deserter since he went AWOL during a war. The penalty for desertion in time of war can be the firing squad. It's happened before.

Can King Goerge pardon himself?

"Amazing Grace" author remained slaver after conversion to chrixtainity

As with today's chrixtains, he didn't let his "faith" get in the way of making money.

NASA never "proved" the Earth stopped

Notice the name of the hero of this urban legend...Harold Hill. That's the name of the boys' band salesman in THE MUSIC MAN.

Supreme Court ruled in 1987 that creation science curriculum was unconstitutional

Yet here it is again, poking its ugly and totally bogus head into over 300 school districts across the country.

Read this long article about the myriad falsehoods woven into the "intelligent design" anti-education conspiracy of the theo-fascists.

Diebold to the rescue...again

Last precinct holds out until they know exactly what Schmidt needs to win.

As long as Diebold is allowed to do this, we may as well stop wasting time and money on even holding elections anymore.

Gitmo kangaroo courts-martial based on "half-assed" efforts

Given we have a half-assed president, no one is surprised.

In one (email), Major Robert Preston described the cases being prepared against the detainees as "marginal" and "a fraud on the American people". He added: "Surely they don't expect that this fairly half-assed effort is all that we have been able to put together after all this time?"

Of about 500 detainees at the US naval base in Cuba, a dozen have been declared eligible to appear before the commissions. One is David Hicks, 29, an Australian accused of fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

In a second e-mail, another prosecutor, Capt John Carr, is quoted as saying: "I find a half-hearted and disorganised effort by a skeleton group of relatively inexperienced attorneys to prosecute fairly low-level accused in a process that appears to be rigged."

Capt Carr said the panel sitting in judgment on the cases would be "hand-picked" in order to ensure convictions.

Both lawyers have been transferred to other duties.

If Schmidt wins in Ohio, people will gripe about her tactics

But rethuglicon tactics are not what matter. What matters is that stupidass people swallow those tactics.

Bob Barr gives Kool Aid and comfort food to Emily

Says Pentagon shouldn't be spying on US citizens. Why does this rethuglicon hate America?

1806 dead GIs, no amradiotalkingheads killed or wounded in Gulf War II

"The military put a bronze plaque on my son's gravesite that says, 'Operation Iraqi Freedom,' but I didn't have any choice in the matter," said Kim Barbret, Mark's dad. "I know this: Mark didn't go to Iraq to free Iraqis -- he went because his country called him to war."

Note that Operation Iraqi Freedom isn't the name of a war, like World War II. It's the name of an operation in a war, like Operation Overlord was the name given to the invasion of Europe on D-Day, 1944. So just call it what it is: Gulf War II.

Dr. First disinvited from Just Us Sunday

He's now 'way too librul for those good, chrixtain people.

Draft dodger=good, staff puke=bad, very bad

Der Ruschkopf clears things up about what is and is not service in time of war.

Opinions=good, knowledge=bad, very bad

Since King Goerge wants schools to teach reasons for arguments instead of information, other changes in curricula seem obvious. The following is a partial list of what subjects should include.

1. Geography--the Earth is flat.

2. History--the holocaust never happened.

3. Biology--DNA determines which ethnic group is superior.

4. History--the "North" started the War Between the States (aka "The Late Unpleasantness.")

5. Social Studies--King Goerge was duly elected twice.

6. History--we won the Vietnam War.

7. Political Science--telling others to fight in wars is more patriotic than going yourself.

Feel free to add to this list. When it gets long enough, we can forward it to the Department of Education.

King Goerge says "intelligent design" proves gays are just as good as regular people

Our DNA determines our sexuality. That's well established by now. If gays "choose" their "lifestyle," then straights also must choose theirs.

Name one straight person who sat down and chose to be that way.

Now read what these preachers have to say on the subject. I think King Goerge just took all the air out of every anti-gay initiative in the country. Look, if God's "intelligent design" decides that some people are gay, how can theo-fascists continue to use the Bible to demand gays be exterminated?

SIDEBAR: If we use the Bible to prove this and that, which translation? Certainly not the King James version since it's long since been proven the least accurate. So when theo-fascists get all wound up, ask them which other translation should be the official American version used in schools.

Then watch them use the First Amendment's establishment clause as toilet paper.

King Goerge endorses librulism

Says views other than theo-fascists' belong in America.

Actually, he said theo-science should be taught in schools. But he accidentally said he thinks teaching "different schools of thought" is important, as if there were some librul monopoly on what science is.

Now, I've always maintained that God is a scientist and not a wizard. There's zero evidence that magic exists, and mountains of evidence that science--math, chemistry, physics--exists. Therefore, God created evolution. But that's a personal combination of faith and science. The problem with King Goerge's position on "intelligent design" is that it's a theo-fascist position, not a scientific one. And anything from the theo-fascists is 99% political and at most 1% "religious."

The people who push this "intelligent design" mantra are the same ones who push the nonsensical belief that the Earth is 6000 years old, and that the dinosaurs were in the Garden of Eden and on Noah's Ark. They're also the ones who care more about stopping activist judges, libruls and gays than ministry and saving souls.

The theo-fascists simply don't like being bothered by reality or the people who live there. They've spent decades inventing a parallel "christian" universe based on the King James Bible--mostly the Old Testament-- but just the parts they like. They twist, pervert and sometimes simply ignore what Jesus taught in their ignorant fervor of anger, intolerance and vengence. They're on record saying they intend to rid America of libruls and everyone else they don't like.

Finally, getting back specifically to what King Goerge said, note what he didn't say. He "declined" to give his personal views on this intelligent design hogwash. He wants it taught in schools, but won't tell us what he thinks of it.

Could he be any more hypocritical?

Monday, August 01, 2005

CIA knew King Goerge lied about Saddam's WMDs

What good could possibly come from this lawsuit with an activist judge and trial lawyers involved?

Coingate wife helped rig last year's Ohio elections

She worked for...wait for it...Diebold.

Scouts fail miserably at teaching morals

King Goerge was a Scout. Fat lot of good it did him.

So were Dumsfeld, Card and most of his crime family. So much for all that hogwash about morals, duty, honor and stuff.

"Well, it's 1-2-3, what're we fightin' for?"

Halliburton reports 284% increase in war profits.

Anybody surprised, raise your hand.

Blair to invade England!

London bomber says he has no al qaeda links.

Following King Goerge's method of lying for war, Blair has no choice but to invade himself now.

Big Dick's next target: Iran

Veep told STRATCOM to draw up plans to nuke Iran if there was another "9-11 style attack," and IRAN DIDN'T EVEN HAVE TO BE INVOLVED!

They said Saddam was a menace to world peace and had to be stopped. What if the world said that about King Goerge?

In it's nonsectarian, why do teachers have to be "trained" by a theo-fascist council?

Texas school to offer Bible class. North Carolina extremist group will "train" teachers to make sure it's nonsectarian.

Sure. We all believe that.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

King Goerge's $100,000 rap song fights terists

So do air-conditioned garbage trucks ($300,000).

We're all glad God put moral, chrixtain, fiscally-cancervative rethuglicons in charge. Imagine the waste if (shudder) those baby-eating libruls had any say-so. Why, they'd probably have wasted that money on teachers or cops or some other unAmerican piffle.

Activist judge gives Band-Aids and comforters to enemas

Judge orders the FBI to release information about domestic spying and retains monetary claims

A federal judge in Portland ruled Thursday that Brandon Mayfield's high-profile challenge to the USA Patriot Act can go forward.

In a 48-page rejection of the Justice Department's motion for dismissal, U.S. District Judge Ann Aiken also ordered the FBI to open up files showing how agents secretly spied on Mayfield and his family.

Federal law enforcement officials had released some details of the so-called sneak and peak searches of the family's home in the spring of 2004.

King Goerge cuts Marines' pay...

...and doesn't even tell them in advance.

Some to lose up to $250 a month. No wonder they yell and scream whenever their king stops by for a photo-op. He's a strong, chrixtain leader who supports the living hell outta the troops after he sends them to die for his lies.

Jean Schmidt is a cheap whore

Better dead than red (state)

Ohio matters to the whole country because it's a cesspool of rethuglicon corruption and hypocrisy, and therefore is also a warning of things to come.

They're all corporate whores, but Schmidt's price was a mere $1000. (Scroll down)

Bob Scheiffer gives AIDS and cumquats to anemones

Sides with McCain on opposing torture. (Video)

King Goerge, on the other hand, likes torture. What a chrixtain witness he is.

King Goerge's other lost wars

In Afghanistan, heroin traffic is four times what it was before the invasion.

DeptHomeSec does nothing whatsoever about methamphetamine, America's biggest drug problem.

Why does King Goerge love drugs so much? Is is because of his history with cocaine? Or is there another reason?

Alaska gets $223 million sausage

"Bridge to Nowhere" actually will reach island with population of...50 people. Thank God fiscally responsible rethuglicons are running things.

Ladies and gentlemen: President Jimmy Carter

Annapolis graduate, honorably discharged (never AWOL) US Navy veteran, businessman (never used daddy's or daddy's friends' money), actually elected President (1976 B. D.--Before Diebold), scholar, author (actually writes his own books; reads books, too), recovering Baptist (like me), respected statesman and honorable man. Boy, those were the days, huh?

First ex-President ever to give aid and comfort to the enemy; says Gulf War II unnecessary, torture disgraceful. Probably secretly wishes he were French.

Thanks for trying, Jimmy. We still miss you.

5000 GIs emulate King Goerge by going AWOL

Will they all become governors and presidents, too?

Osama bin Laden captured!

Oh, sorry, that wasn't him. It's hard work, but King Goerge is still looking for the man wanted dead or alive...isn't he?

Meanwhile, Brit cops are arresting the crap out of those behind the London bombings.

Chrixtain yadda yadda cop busted for soliciting 8-year-old girl

Rethugs, especially those from Texas, always give us such strong moral leadership. Thank God he wasn't a queer or a librul, or he'd have wanted to eat a baby.

When it's this obvious...

...we all say, "Why didn't I think of it?"

I wish I lived in Ohio so I could vote for this guy

Ex-marine officer and Gulf War II veteran Hackett, candidate for Congress in this week's election, called King Goerge a son of a bitch. That's the mildest thing he could have said about that diseased, sociopathic, fascist warmonger.