Friday, July 01, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Lawrence O'Donnell says Rove leaked Valerie Plame's name, endangering her life

If true, this easily could mean prison or the "deadly drip" for that fat, slobbering, nazi cocksucker. The crime was treason, and whoever did it is a traitor. Period.

Chrixtain group: War=good, Jessica Simpson=bad

This is why I love those people so much. They always keep their priorities straight. Jessica's (yes, it is slutty) video is much more important than corporate piracy and King Goerge's war.
See for yourself.

I'm sure the (male) GIs in Iraq would call her unpatriotic. But it really would be a waste to make her wear a uniform, wouldn't it?


When will King Goerge arrest the "Rev." Moon on WMD charges?

And since our king is going after terist-related money, too, he's going to have to lock up most of his boys in D. C..

WMD network linked to Washington Times company
The Korea Times is reporting that President Bush's Jun. 29 executive order -- naming eight companies as members of WMD proliferation networks -- has struck at a key business partner of the Reverend Moon, who owns the conservative Washington Times.


Those who care about civil liberties are King Goerge's enemies

President Bush ordered...changes intended to break down old walls between foreign and domestic intelligence activities by creating a new national security division within the Federal Bureau of Investigation that will fall under the overall direction of John D. Negroponte, the new director of national intelligence.

The directive by Mr. Bush is aimed at consolidating the power of Mr. Negroponte, whose authority over the F.B.I. had been left ambiguous. It also sets in motion a major restructuring intended to dissolve the barriers that have often kept the Central Intelligence Agency and the F.B.I. at arm's length, and elevates intelligence operations to new prominence within an F.B.I. that has remained firmly oriented toward traditional law enforcement, even since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.


They're already watching us, and it's illegal as hell

The California National Guard Has Spies?

MATHER, Calif.—A California congresswoman and a state senator are planning plan separate hearings into whether a California National Guard unit was established as a spy agency.

Guard spokesmen denied that was the unit’s intent but declined to make the unit’s commander available for an interview to fully explain its function.


Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 keeps us from becoming a banana republic


"Our way of life has forever changed,'' wrote Sen. John Warner R-Va., in an October 2001 letter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. "Should this law [Posse Comitatus Act] now be changed to enable our active-duty military to more fully join other domestic assets in this war against terrorism?''

No dictator can take over without the military behind him.
Do your homework about Posse Comitatus.


This is what we're up against

They're chrixtains, too. White ones.


Tennessee looks hard at Dr. First for video diagnosis of Terri Shiavo

What do ethics and rules have to do with anything when a chrixtain like Dr. First is doing his king's work?

The Tennessee Department of Health has responded to complaints into Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's (R-TN) 'diagnosis' of Florida's Terri Schiavo by videotape, RAW STORY has learned.
Their letter, written by Tennessee Department of Health Director of Investigations for Health Related Boards Denise Moran, said that the complaint had been received and "was in the process of being reviewed."


"This is your war, too. Think about it. End it."

Gold Star Mother invites us to come and see 1744 empty pairs of boots...including her son's.

"I urge Philadelphia-area residents, on this July Fourth weekend, to visit "Eyes Wide Open" and see the empty boots and empty shoes that are being created each day in our names. Honor our fallen heroes with your presence. Then, honor them even further by demanding the truth, speaking to others with respect, taking full responsibility for our country's actions, and acting on your citizenship."

Support the troops by sending them theo-fascist propaganda

(t)he film’s director, Roger Aronoff, is an acclaimed “investigative journalist” whose previous films include TWA Flight 800: The Search for the Truth, which explains how the 1996 flight was actually shot from the air by Muslim terrorists, a fact hidden by President Clinton to ensure his re-election.


42% "would favor impeachment"...if only someone with cojones would start the process

That number would grow quickly once the evidence--and there's plenty of it--was presented formally.


Here's some evidence they--whoever they may be--can use to impeach King Goerge

U.S. changed Iraq policy to begin airstrikes months before war
Did Bush lie to Congress about use of force?

The U.S. quietly shifted policy towards Iraq to allow for surgical, pre-emptive airstrikes months before any attempt to seek UN or Congressional approval for the use of force, RAW STORY can reveal.

The discovery, made by investigative blogger Ron Brynaert, raises questions of whether Britain and the United States violated a UN resolution to provide for the security of Iraqi citizenry in the wake of the 1991 Gulf War.


Here's some more

Secret air campaign against Iraq?

Downing Street memo, other documents may show war really started earlier than March 2003.

Most American media have focused on the allegations from the Downing Street memo that the Bush administration was going to "fix" the intelligence in order to justify the war against Iraq. Now the reporter who broke the original story says they have missed a more substantial allegation to arise from the same set of leaked documents.

Michael Smith, defense writer for the Sunday Times of London wrote this past Sunday that "The American general who commanded allied air forces during the Iraq war appears to have admitted in a briefing to American and British officers that coalition aircraft waged a secret air war against Iraq from the middle of 2002, nine months before the invasion began." (This bombing capaign is referred to in the Downing Street memo.)


If he can be kidnapped, you can be kidnapped

And no one will ever hear from you again.


King Goerge creates secret police force; Constitution's days are numbered

WASHINGTON - A White House plan to create a massive new domestic intelligence division within the FBI raised concerns on Wednesday among civil liberties advocates who feared it could lead to a return to the bureau's dark days of spying on Americans.

The nation's new intelligence czar, John Negroponte, will have a say over the budget of the new FBI national security section and will help select an official to oversee it.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said at a news conference Wednesday that agents working in the new division would continue to report to FBI Director Robert Mueller and to respect "the privacy rights and civil liberties of all Americans."

Are you getting ready? If not, very soon you'll wish you had.


Who are these "advance team" brownshirts...

...and how do we stop them from pissing on the Bill of Rights?

Whoever they are, the White House blames them for everything, including that "Mission Accomplished" banner. Why doesn't King Goerge fire them?

The list (of 42 people denied admittance to an appearance by King Goerge) reportedly was found in boxes of tickets for distribution. It included two high school students, a librarian, a Democratic campaign manager and several university professors — the majority of whom had connections to a local group called Democracy for America (search).

After a local media uproar, the 42 people on the list were allowed to attend. The White House later said that the list was a mistake and may have been generated by its advance team — a mix of White House staffers and state and local volunteers. But Coates said she believes the list is a way for the White House to screen out people who disagree with the president's policies before they reach the meeting hall.


Thursday, June 30, 2005

They will come for you. They ARE coming for you.

'Hit list' targets Democrats

State workers identified by family ties, contributions to candidates

FRANKFORT, Ky. - The man whose delivery of documents to the attorney general's office started the investigation of personnel practices in Gov. Ernie Fletcher's administration was targeted for a transfer, according to a "hit list" unsealed by a court Monday.
Doug Doerting, who was in the Transportation Cabinet's Office of Personnel Management, was the target of some complaints from constituents, "antagonistic, biased; perceived as unfair," and he was a Democrat, the list explained.



Fascists try to kill newspaper for printing truth about King Goerge

It's their own fault for being librulbiased, I guess.

(the) right-wing Hugh Hewitt has launched a campaign encourage people to cancel their subscriptions to the Strib, in hopes of pressuring the paper to end its defense of real American values.

And Hewitt’s allies at the blog Powerline are trying to keep up the pressure by directly attacking the top editor.


Supreme Court more important to theo-fascists than saving souls

"There is no bigger issue on the Christian (sic) agenda."

Only conservative churches count as churches.

Old Testament is now part of the Gospel of Christ. Selling your daughters into slavery is now christian (sic) theology.

Christian (sic) conservatives said they were taking their fight for government displays of the Ten Commandments to the polls, using the Supreme Court's bookend rulings on Monday for and against such exhibitions as a call to arms in the battle over judicial nominees.

Several lawyers and organizers for the Christian (sic) right said the most resonant part of the rulings was Justice Antonin Scalia's accusation, in his dissent defending one display of the Commandments, that the majority used the case to "ratchet up the court's hostility to religion."

"People in (conservative) churches across America had better get busy and demand the right kind of appointments to this court," he said. He added, "There is no bigger issue on the Christian (sic) agenda."

Why America was specifically forbidden from ever becoming a "chrixtain nation"

Imagine a community where brownshirted, theo-fascist goon squads roamed the streets enforcing their church's ideas of what people ought to do in public.

What would happen when a Baptist softball team played a Methodist team? If they had their way, chrixtain gangs would claim and protect their turf against all intruders.

Fiberty comes to Iraq, courtesy of King Goerge the Teddible

"The same thing is happening now," he said. "During Saddam, we had the secret police. Now it's coming again. If you say something bad, they shoot you in the night."

Although you need a strong police force, he said, "they have to be for the government, not for the political parties."

Just a few months ago, militiamen loyal to Sadr beat students at a picnic in Andalus Park, allegedly because men and women were singing and dancing together. Police stood and watched.


Wall between church and state just got a new gate

Governor Mitt Romney said yesterday he has created a special office to help faith-based groups in Massachusetts land more federal money, and he appointed his wife, Ann, to lead it.

No rethuglicon has any regard for the Constitution whatsoever. They all should move to Argentina with the other nazi and confederate holdouts where that silly document won't bother them anymore.


Chris Matthews visits a Southern Baptist "church"

Baptists (and all theo-fascists) are cancervatives first, and chrixtains if and when they get around to it.

Dr. Jerry Sutton, "pastor" or Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, wouldn't say if he'd support Gulf War II as enthusiastically as he does if Clinton was still president.

MATTHEWS: "...I can tell that it`s overwhelmingly for the war here, and yet the national polls are about 50-50. This isn`t 50-50 country."

SUTTON: "No, this is a very conservative city and actually a very conservative congregation. A lot of these folks are church people."


Liberals aren't entitled to see Billy Graham in person

Even if he invites them.

Wall Street Journal contributing editor Peggy Noonan attacked former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) for their June 25 appearance at evangelist Billy Graham's revival in New York City, asking, "Why did they feel it right to inject a partisan political component into a spiritual event?"

When will decent people start fighting back against this fascist hatespeech? We need to call them "conservatives" with the same distaste they have when they call us "libruls." We need to accuse them of "conservative bias" at every turn. We need to call them the criminals they are. We need to turn "conservative" into a four-letter word.

Another of King Goerge's friends flies near White House to keep us afraid of terists

The last guy was an RNC operative. Who will this pilot turn out to be, Rove's neighbor?


All republicans are criminals and should be locked up for life

And their kids should be watched 24/7.

TSA Lost Control of Over $300 Million Spent by Contractor to Hire Airport Screeners After 9/11

The money was spent in the name of improving security at the nation's airports:

· $526.95 for one phone call from the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Chicago to Iowa City.

· $1,180 for 20 gallons of Starbucks Coffee -- $3.69 a cup -- at the Santa Clara Marriott in California.

· $1,540 to rent 14 extension cords at $5 each per day for three weeks at the Wyndham Peaks Resort and Golden Door Spa in Telluride, Colo.

· $8,100 for elevator operators at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan.

· $5.4 million claimed for nine months' salary for the chief executive of an "event logistics" firm that received a contract before it was incorporated and went out of business after the contract ended.

Those details are contained in a federal audit that calls into question $303 million of the $741 million spent to assess and hire airport passenger screeners for the newly created Transportation Security Administration after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The audit, along with interviews with people involved in the passenger-screener contract, paints a rare and detailed portrait of how officials at the fledgling agency lost control of the spending in the pell-mell rush to hire 60,000 screeners to meet a one-year congressional deadline.


All republicans are monsters and should be put away for life

Culture of life? Where?

They want to test bug poison on unborn babies.


Will Condo take us to war again because an Iranian guy jilted her in college?

It would make as much sense as the war in Iraq.

TEHRAN (AFP) - Perplexed by the vitriol of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's attacks on Iran, one lawmaker believes he has uncovered the secret of her enmity -- that she was spurned by an Iranian boyfriend at college.

"The reason that the US secretary of state attacks Iran is because she had her heart broken by a young man from Qazvin while they were students," a confident Shokrollah Attarzadeh was quoted by the ISNA agency as saying.

Somewhat mysteriously, he added: "This is the result of an investigation by a woman MP, who cannot be named."


Florida veterans no longer believe King Goerge's lies about Iraq

HOLLYWOOD · The televisions at VFW Post 2500 in Hollywood were tuned to President Bush on Tuesday, but his words weren't getting rapt attention.

About 30 people were around the bar drinking, chatting, smoking as the president talked. "Does it have to be so loud?" asked Barbara Flint as she sat next to Jerry Giblock, a visiting Vietnam veteran.

"He's running scared," said Giblock, 63, a former Post 2500 member who lives in Anchorage, Ala. "His poll numbers are so low, he's got to say something, but the support is gone. It's gone. I don't think there's anybody in here who's behind him."

We tried to tell you old farts about this guy and his war, but you wouldn't listen to us French-looking libruls, even those of us who are also veterans. Maybe now you will.

WHY WE FIGHT: Frank Capra wouldn't know how to make propaganda films to sell King Goerge's lies

REASONS WE INVADED IRAQ (as of today; stay tuned for new reasons any day)

President Bush has repeatedly offered differing reasons for why we went to war in Iraq. Last night, we heard the latest and most egregious explanation — that we had to go to war in Iraq as a direct result of 9/11. Here is a list of a few of Bush’s reasons for going into Iraq:

Reason #1) Went to War As a Direct Result of 9/11
Bush: “The war reached our shores on September the 11th, 2001… Iraq is the latest battlefield in this war.” [Bush, 6/28/05]
Bush: “We went to war because we were attacked.” [Bush, 6/18/05]

Reason #2) WMD
Bush: “This is not about inspectors; this is about a disarmed Iraq. He has weapons of mass destruction — the world’s deadliest weapons — which pose a direct threat to the United States, our citizens and our friends and allies. He has been told to disarm for 11 long years. He’s not disarming.” [Bush, 1/21/03]

Reason #3) Links to Al Qaeda
Bush: “This is a man who, in my judgment, would like to use al-Qaeda as a forward army.” [Bush, 10/14/02]

Reason #4) Reform the Greater Middle East
Bush: “A free Iraq can be a source of hope for all of the Middle East. Instead of threatening its neighbors and harboring terrorists, Iraq can be an example of progress and prosperity in a region that needs both. [Bush, 2/20/03]

And yet strangely, Scott McClellan said Wednesday morning that King Goerge "didn't last night and never has said Saddam was involved in 9/11." I guess he means other than all the times he did, including Tuesday night.


King Goerge kept truth about CAFTA from public for over a year

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Labor Department kept secret for more than a year government studies that supported Democratic opponents of the Bush administration's new Central American trade deal, internal documents show.

The studies, paid for by the department (i.e. our money, not King Goerge's), concluded that several countries the administration wants to be granted free-trade status have poor working conditions and fail to protect workers' rights. The agency dismissed the conclusions as inaccurate and biased, according to documents reviewed by The Associated Press.

Under normal conditions, this would be a crime...actually, several crimes: abuse of power, betrayal of public trust, lying to the American people, just to name a few.


Al-qaeda wanted King Goerge to win last fall

His every breath gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

Two French journalists who were held hostage in Iraq told a British documentary program that their captors believed George W. Bush's re-election as US president would help radicalize Iraqis.


King Goerge's legacy of violence and insanity at his old baseball team

Pitcher attacks tv cameraman. Another cameraman captures the attack.

If Prince Goerge still owned the Rangers, he'd have them launching pre-emptive attacks on opponents before games.


Rethuglicons may not be able to rig any more elections

"The bottom line is we can't trust the machines, and we can't trust the results being told to the American people," U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) said in a phone interview for the progressive news community, adding "we are planning some as-yet-undefined events in [our] district" around the issue.

The problem, the Congresswoman said, is that the machines "haven't been provided with appropriate software and safeguards. If they had the appropriate software and safeguards, then the machines wouldn't be a problem. So either [provide] that, or go back to paper ballots," she advised.


How many marriages have queers actually destroyed?

I have no idea, but King Goerge's war has destroyed thousands.

Between 2001 and 2004, divorces among active-duty Army officers and enlisted personnel nearly doubled, from 5,658 to 10,477, even though total troop strength remained stable. In 2002, the divorce rate among married officers was 1.9 percent — 1,060 divorces out of 54,542 marriages; by 2004, the rate had tripled to 6 percent, with 3,325 divorces out of 55,550 marriages.

Why don't the marriage-protecting theo-fascists get all riled up about this?

Is God punishing Army couples for living in America?


If King Goerge never said it, where did he get such an idea?

Saddam's gassing of Kurds proves he was in on 9/11. His plan to attack us with nukes he didn't have was enough reason to invade.

Do what?

King Goerge's pep rally cost networks millions

FOX didn't agree to air King Goerge's liefest until late Tuesday afternoon.

Only 19 million people bothered watching King Goerge's liefest Tuesday night. Few tuned back in for their favorite shows after the liefest. Fear of being called traitors caused networks to air pep rally they didn't want to show, and lose a ton of money.

Is there any part of America King Goerge doesn't piss on?


"Ga. Justice is state's first black woman"

Does no one have to pass English in order to work on a newspaper?

ATLANTA -- A black female state Supreme Court justice who overcame Republican efforts to block her re-election took the oath of the chief justice's office, with her longtime friend U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas saying he never thought he would witness such an event.

Leah Sears is the first black woman to head the highest appeals court in any state, according to the National Center for State Courts based in Williamsburg, Va. She will take office Friday, becoming the first woman to serve as chief justice in Georgia.


"Hasta la vista, baby."

The Schwarzenator's political career is over. How in the world did it ever get started?


Wednesday, June 29, 2005

While King Goerge prepped for his pep rally, his minions in Congress cut veterans' health care by $1 billion...

(Click headline)

...and give themselves $3100/year raise

This just in from the Hill. On the same day President Bush will use the soldiers at Fort Bragg as a backdrop for his address on Iraq, conservatives in the House have voted to underfund veterans’ health care by at least $1 billion.

The backstory: Last week, the Washington Post revealed that the budget for veterans’ health care was suffering a billion dollar shortfall this year, a fact unearthed “only during lengthy questioning” of a Veterans Affairs undersecretary.

The Bush administration had claimed on multiple occassions that the current budget was enough to provide full care. Back in February, Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson testified that he was “satisfied that we can get the job done with this budget.” Later, when Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) tried to add funds into the VA budget, Nicholson wrote her a letter assuring that the VA did not “need emergency supplemental funds in FY2005 to continue to provide timely, quality service that is always our goal.”

Yet today, even after the administration’s misleading claims had been exposed, and despite brand new data showing that demand for veterans health programs had grown twice as fast as the VA predicted earlier this year, House conservatives still voted to block any additional funding for veterans’ care.


750 troops yawn at King Goerge's pep rally, look around vainly hoping to see Bush twins in uniform

There's what he said, and then there's the truth. (Click headline.)

King Goerge had college experience for last night's speech

King Goerge unveils new flag with only nine stripes.


Before the speech, the White House told CNN to expect the half-hour speech to run longer due to interruptions from "friendly" audience. But there was no applause from troops for first 25 minutes of speech. ABC, NBC and FAUXNEWS reported a White House advance team told soldiers when to interrupt with spontaneous applause, which they did only once. Many soldiers sat with hands in laps even during "fake" interruption. FAUXNEWS then said soldiers were ordered "to be polite" or "not to applaud." Other reports, including emails from active duty soldiers, say King Goerge was near tears at end of speech due to lack of applause from soldiers.

King Goerge tells American families "it's worth it" for their children to go to war in his children's places so we can punish Saddam for 9/, confiscate his, that's not the Iraqi people...or was it to give them their first election after resisting it for months? I can't remember which lie is the reason this week.

Text of King Goerge's pep rally speech Tuesday night

"Since September 11, I've used the phrase, 'Since September 11,' at least once a day. I want people to remember September 11 and how I showed leadership on September 11 by reading about a goat on September 11 instead of earning my salary as Commander-in-Chief on September 11.

"Since September 11, I've linked September 11 to Saddam Hussein, even though he had nothing to do with September 11. Since September 11, I've linked WMDs to September 11, even though WMDs had nothing to do with September 11. Since September 11, I've said the Iraqi people would remember September 11 and welcome US troops with carpets of flowers in remembrance of September 11. But since September 11, none of that matters since September 11 was the day we declared war on libruls, the real evildoers of September 11.

"Since September 11, I've used the phrase, 'Since September 11,' to unite-and-not-divide my people in their war on libruls. Whenever I use the phrase, 'Since September 11,' or any true chrixtain uses the phrase, 'Since September 11,' it reminds people of September 11 and lets us demonize libruls over September 11 even though they supported me 100% in going after Osama bin Hidin to punish him for September 11, which I didn't do after September 11 because I wanted to invade Iraq over September 11.

"Since September 11, the most important thing to remember is the phrase, 'Since September 11...' I will continue to use the phrase, 'Since September 11,' as often as possible. I encourage all true chrixtains to use the phrase, 'Since September 11,' as often as possible. That way, libruls who never use the phrase, 'Since September 11,' will continue to be shown as America's true enemies because of September 11.

"Thank you, and God Bless September 11."

North Carolina may not have been the best place for King Goerge's pep rally

A poll shows increasing doubt in military-friendly North Carolina over whether the war is worthwhile.

Forty-two percent of active voters agree the war has been worth it, but 49 percent say it has not, the poll showed. In January 2004, the survey showed that 58 percent of Tar Heel voters said the war was worthwhile.


Remember when a president had to have an exit strategy for a war?

In 1999, King Goerge criticized President Clinton for not setting a timetable for exiting Kosovo, and yet he refuses to apply the same standard to his war.

King Goerge, 4/9/99:

“Victory means exit strategy, and it’s important for the president to explain to us what the exit strategy is.”

And on the specific need for a timetable, here’s what he said then and what he says now:

King Goerge, 6/5/99

“I think it’s also important for the president to lay out a timetable as to how long they will be involved and when they will be withdrawn.”


King Goerge, 6/24/05:

“It doesn’t make any sense to have a timetable. You know, if you give a timetable, you’re — you’re conceding too much to the enemy.”


The facts about Iraq

Separate fact from fiction, aka lies.

Bumper sticker is permit to hunt liberals

"May hunt day or night with or without dogs." (Click headline)

They mean to eliminate us.

I ask again, are you getting ready? If you need advice or instruction, say so in COMMENTS.


Texas megachurch to spend $90 million on new home

That's $90 million. For a building. What else could they do with that money?


Propane gas mogul linked to stolen Iraqi artifacts

Former self-confessed smuggler and police informant Michel Van Rijn told that multi-millionaire James Ferrell, the CEO of America's second largest propane gas company Ferrellgas, is running a London-based business that deals in smuggled relics.

Go. calls King Goerge out

"As George Bush prepares to speak to the nation about Iraq, urged him to apologize to the nation for lying about Iraq, to start pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq by Thanksgiving - and to resign from office by New Year's Day or face the largest grassroots impeachment campaign in the nation's history."


"Daddy, what should I do if terists attack us?"

Watch this and find out. (And remember "Duck and Cover" from the '50s. That was hogwash, too.)


King Goerge lies about aid to Africa

WASHINGTON - U.S. President George W. Bush has been significantly exaggerating the amount of money his administration has provided in aid to sub-Saharan Africa, according to a new study released here Monday.

Instead of a tripling of U.S. aid to Africa between 2000 and 2005, as Bush has frequently insisted, Washington has increased aid by only 56 percent in real terms, according to the report by the Brookings Institution.


Larry David's solution: Divide the country again

Our scientists will use stem cell research to cure cancer. Then they'll be sneaking across our borders for the cure. But our minutemen will stop them. (More)

This actually makes sense.


Santorum: Educated people are America's worst problem

"They all bugger little boys. All of them. Well, not me, but all the rest."


Eminent Domain ruling bites Souter in the ass

Could a hotel be built on the land owned by Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter? A new ruling by the Supreme Court which was supported by Justice Souter himself itself might allow it. A private developer is seeking to use this very law to build a hotel on Souter's land.

Justice Souter's vote in the "Kelo vs. City of New London" decision allows city governments to take land from one private owner and give it to another if the government will generate greater tax revenue or other economic benefits when the land is developed by the new owner.

On Monday June 27, Logan Darrow Clements, faxed a request to Chip Meany the code enforcement officer of the Towne of Weare, New Hampshire seeking to start the application process to build a hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road. This is the present location of Mr. Souter's home.

Clements, CEO of Freestar Media, LLC, points out that the City of Weare will certainly gain greater tax revenue and economic benefits with a hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road than allowing Mr. Souter to own the land.

The proposed development, called "The Lost Liberty Hotel" will feature the "Just Desserts Café" and include a museum, open to the public, featuring a permanent exhibit on the loss of freedom in America. Instead of a Gideon's Bible each guest will receive a free copy of Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged."


Patriot Act used on NJ homeless

New Jersey town being sued for kicking homeless people out of a train station claims the Patriot Act allows it to do that.

Can I use the Patriot Act to make people stop talking on cellphones while they drive?


Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Constitution 1, theo-fascism 0

Evil judges (the same ones who installed King Goerge in the first place) say we do have a constitutional separation between church and state, something anyone would know simply by reading the First Amendment. No wonder the theo-fascists want to do away with judges, even their own kind.

I don't care about the other things they said. I only care that they upheld the Establishment clause which, well, establishes the separation for all time. Even Scalia's time.

Read what James Madison wrote

Scroll down a bit.


Three of four networks may not carry King Goerge's pep rally tonight

Anybody want to bet they get strong-armed into doing it?

I wonder if the librul traitors in uniform will be as rude to him as "real" soldiers were to Clinton for eight straight years.

He better hope these folks don't show up...not that they'd be allowed in, of course.

Veterans, families tell Rove to suck it


Why the Constitution specifically forbids us from being a chrixtain nation

ISLAMIC hard-liners have barged in on Indonesia's transvestite beauty pageant, panicking its skimpily dressed contestants but failing to stop the show.

Dressed in white tunics and prayer caps, around 10 members of the Islamic Defender's Front pushed their way into the nightclub yesterday where 30 contestants were competing for the title of Miss Transvestite.

After 20 minutes of tense negotiations, the show continued, though organisers agreed to finish early in deference to the group, which has a history of vandalising entertainment centres it considers un-Islamic.

WARNING: Lecture on history and legal principles follows (short lecture)

Our Constitutional legal system is based on English and, to a lesser extent, French common law, not church law. Common law addresses harm, or one's transgressions against another person. Church law addresses sin, or transgressions against God.

For instance, theft of private property is illegal because it causes harm, not because it's a sin. If theft were illegal because it's a sin, an atheist could claim exemption from prosecution since sin doesn't apply to him. But that doesn't work under the Constitutional legal system we have. A church that promotes polygamy, for instance, is still subject to the law of the land which, in this case, forbids polygamy.

In theory, we have laws to prevent, and law enforcement agencies to punish, harm. Sin isn't under the purview of either because when our legal system was being designed, there were vast differences between Catholic and Protestant ideas of what ought to be illegal because it was a sin. As is the case today, there were even difficulties agreeing upon what constituted a sin. It was decided, in principle, that the Constitution and, therefore, the law would focus on harm, and leave sin to God.

The fact of history is that many people left Europe to escape religious persecution. The Constitution was designed to prevent official religion and, consequently, official religious persecution that had run people out of Europe.

America has never been totally free of religious persecution, and isn't today. For decades, cancervatives demanded small government so they themselves could handle such things as religious persecution and other crimes without governmental intrusion on such "rights." Now, however, with the government in their pockets, theo-fascists reverse this position on small government and want all possible religious persecution, even to the point of telling libruls they must move to Canada. To this I say: Everyone who isn't able to share America with us should move to Argentina with the rest of the nazi and confederate holdouts.

Freedom-loving chrixtains would love a society where they have legal standing to tell us all what to read, watch, listen to, wear and even drive. This is exactly what the First Amendment forbids.

Imagine how life would be if today's theo-fascists had their goon squads roaming the streets enforcing church law. The first question to ask is, "Whose church's laws?" Would people be beaten for playing musical instruments in worship services? For wearing blue jeans to church? For listening to a woman preach? You get the idea.

This country was not founded on Judeo-Christian principles. It was specifically designed NOT to be a "chrixtain nation." Do not listen to those who tell you otherwise. They are the ones who would turn our country into a feudal theocracy--the exact opposite of what the founders put on paper.


King Goerge says he should be regime-changed for torturing people

I would add, "for sending 1742 GIs that we know of off to die for his lies."

In a statement to mark United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Mr Bush said: "Freedom from torture is an inalienable human right, and we are committed to building a world where human rights are respected and protected by the rule of law."

He's kidding, right? When did rethuglicons give a dead rat's ass about the rule of law?


Defense corporate welfare run amok

Exactly whose missiles are these things supposed to shoot down?

Lawmaker Calls For Reviving Space-Based Laser Work

A member of the House Armed Services Committee called June 23 for reviving the development of space-based lasers for missile defense. Now we know whose corporate whore he is.


King Goerge, theo-fascists put the rest of us at risk overseas

"Americans themselves are still more popular abroad than their country or their president. But the gap has narrowed, partly because the positive image of Americans has declined considerably since 2002. Other people think Americans are hard-working and inventive, yes. But in most countries, more than half think of them as greedy and violent and, in the Middle East, as immoral."


Mel's back, and he don't speak for me or anyone I know

Ever wonder why the Falwellians don't rebuke these ambassadors of Christ? We should call and write them to find out.

Protesters Disrupt Soldier's Funeral; Radical Church Group Says U.S. Being Punished

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. -- A Marblehead soldier who was killed in Afghanistan was scheduled to be laid to rest Monday, but a church group from Kansas is expected to try to disrupt the services and police are on alert for any problems.

NewsCenter 5's Gail Huff reported that Staff Sgt. Christoper Piper, 43, served in both Afghanistan and Iraq and was awarded a bronze star for his combat service. The Green Beret died when his convoy was bombed June 3 in Afghanistan and a right-wing Protestant Christian church group from Topeka, Kansas is planning to demonstrate at Piper's funeral services at the Old North Church. They claim U.S. soldiers like Piper are dying because the country is being punished for its tolerance of what they see as immoral behavior, such as homosexuality.

The group, from the Westboro Baptist Church, protested several weeks ago in Dracut and Lexington, Mass., carrying signs depicting homosexual sex, with slogans such as "Pope In Hell" and "God Hates Fags," and "God Hates The U.S." Police called in extra officers to handle the demonstrations.

I wonder why they don't protest corporate pirates. Doesn't God hate thieves anymore?


Dumsfeld was for negotiating with the insurgents...

...before he was against it. Or at least he confirmed it before he denied it. Is this guy schizo or just senile?


Why rethuglicon chickenhawks don't serve their country

Imagine having to depend on Coultergeist or Hannity to watch your back in shit storm.

“I really desperately wanted to believe that the sacrifices we made (in Iraq) were for a good reason,” Anderson said. “I was trying to find anything I could that would support what we were told originally, and that was not very easy to do.”


Did they just threaten Major League Baseball?

In our free market system, libruls may not own sports teams. That would make things "political."

Three months into their inaugural season, the Washington Nationals are in first place. Attendance is strong, hopes are high, and the team is reportedly turning a tidy profit.

But to some Capitol Hill Republicans there is a dark cloud on the Nats' horizon: the potential that their newly adopted home team could be purchased by billionaire financier George Soros.
Earlier this month, Soros joined an ownership bid being led by entrepreneur Jonathan Ledecky. Their group is one of more than a half-dozen angling to take over the Nats, who are currently owned by Major League Baseball.

In addition to being a well-known currency speculator and philanthropist, Soros is also known in political circles for having pumped more than $20 million in the last cycle into groups seeking to unseat President Bush and elect Democrats.

While the Soros-Ledecky group is not seen as the frontrunner to win the bidding for the Nationals, who should be awarded to their new owner at the end of the 2005 season, the very prospect that Soros could have a stake in the team is enough to irritate Congressional Republicans.

"I think Major League Baseball understands the stakes," said Government Reform Chairman Tom Davis (R), the Northern Virginia lawmaker who recently convened high-profile steroid hearings. "I don't think they want to get involved in a political fight."


Agent OOR(ethuglicon): A license to steal

It seems rethuglicons have joined in the war (profiteering and corruption). Is there a single one who's not a criminal?

Pentagon auditors have questioned more than $1 billion in costs by contracting giant Halliburton Co. for its work in Iraq, a number several times higher than previously disclosed, according to a report by congressional Democrats.

The report, based on Defense Contract Audit Agency documents and a briefing by DCAA officials, details $813 million in questioned costs on a Halliburton contract to provide logistical support to U.S. troops and $219 million on a no-bid contract to restore Iraqi's oil network.

The Defense Contract Audit Agency found an additional $442 million in Halliburton charges that were "unsupported," meaning the company had not provided enough documentation to justify the cost, the report said.

Among the costs that Pentagon auditors questioned were $152,000 in "movie library costs," a $1.5 million tailoring bill that auditors deemed higher than reasonable, more than $560,000 worth of heavy equipment that was considered unnecessary, and two multimillion-dollar transportation bills that appeared to overlap.

Speaking by video, Rory Mayberry, a former food production manager at Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown & Root Inc., told Democratic lawmakers how Halliburton charged the government for as many as 10,000 meals a day it never served. He also said the company paid unusually high prices for its food, fed food as much as a year beyond its expiration date to the troops and ordered employees not to talk to U.S. government auditors.

"For trucks that were hit by convoy fire and bombings, we were told to go into the trucks and remove the food items and use them after removing the bullets and any shrapnel," he said.

Meanwhile, Bunnatine H. Greenhouse, the top civilian contracting official at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, testified that KBR was given an unusual amount of sway over the terms of its no-bid contract to rebuild Iraq's oil infrastructure. She also said the secretary of defense's office intervened on the company's behalf.

"I can unequivocally state that the abuse related to contracts awarded to KBR represents the most blatant and improper abuse I have witnessed during the course of my professional career," said Greenhouse, a veteran of more than two decades in the government who said she has faced sanctions from her employer for speaking out.

How long before she's in the witness protection program?


Another rethuglicon quits the crime family

By James Chaney

"As of today, after 25 years, I am no longer a Republican.
I take this step with deep regret, and with a deep sense of betrayal."


Monday, June 27, 2005

Billy Graham and the Last Crusade: "America's Pastor" endorses Hillary for president

He said it. He really did. I bet Falwell, Robertson and Dobson are fit to be tied.



Constitution 1, theo-fascism 0

Evil judges (the same ones who installed King Goerge in the first place) say we do have a constitutional separation between church and state, something anyone would know simply by reading the First Amendment. No wonder the theo-fascists want to do away with judges, even their own kind.

Queen Goerge appeases those who kill our troops!

"No nation can negotiate with terrorists. For there is no way to make peace with those whose only goal is death. George W. Bush Remarks to Reporters April 4, 2002"

Now he's negotiating with the "insurgents" instead of nuking them. This is what rethuglicons call a strong leader? What a sissy. He's a wimp, just like his old man. More like a wuss, and I don't mean "weak sister." Dumsfeld says not to make a big deal out of it. In his dreams.

Oh, NOW their government is sovereign.

"We see the government of Iraq is sovereign. They're the ones that are reaching out to the people who are not supporting the government," Rumsfeld said from Washington.


USAF general admits to Queen Goerge's illegal, unauthorized war

Lots of grounds for impeachment here.


King Goerge to sell his war to VA hospital...

Oh, sorry, that'd be a pretty bad idea. So he's going to Ft. Bragg. I wonder if the librul traitors in uniform there will be as rude to him as "real" soldiers and marines were to Clinton for eight straight years?

He should have given his pro-war speech to the Young Rethuglicon Chickenhawk Convention (ChickCon) this weekend. Afterwards, he could have had a revival-style "invitation" so all the brave, young patriots could have "come down" and enlisted in droves while the choir sang, "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Praise the Lord, and Pass the Ammunition." (A real song from WWII.)

He'd better hope none of these folks show up. Not that they'd be allowed in, of course.


The (growing) list of King Goerge's impeachable offenses

All we need is a few Dems with enough collective spinal fluid to start the ball rolling. I'm not holding my breath since so many of them are corporate whores nowadays.


Now, this guy's a war correspondent

And Sgt. Hester and Spec. Pullen are soldiers. And every rethuglicon who says these gals aren't good enough should send their kids, or shut up.


Top Eleven signs you might be a lame duck king

Well, except for No. 7.


Big Brother tracks families of soldiers killed in Iraq

"Der (Gropen)fuehrer is causing a furor." (Thanks again, Mel.)

SACRAMENTO - Three decades after aggressive military spying on Americans created a national furor, California's National Guard has quietly set up a special intelligence unit that has been given ``broad authority'' to monitor, analyze and distribute information on potential terrorist threats, the Mercury News has learned.

Known as the Information Synchronization, Knowledge Management and Intelligence Fusion program, the project is part of an expanding nationwide effort to better integrate military intelligence into global anti-terrorism initiatives.

Although Guard officials said the new unit would not collect information on American citizens, top National Guard officials have already been involved in tracking at least one recent Mother's Day anti-war rally organized by families of slain American soldiers, according to e-mails obtained by the Mercury News.


Compassionate cancervative chrixtains protest Revolutionary War victory by colonials

(Before you click on the headline, ask yourself: Who's against immigration? Hint: The people who think their ancestors weren't immigrants, but were.)

Ah, if only our first King George had defeated those traitors, we'd all still be loyal (white) subjects to the crown as God intended.


Rethugs tell theo-fascists to shut up about Supreme Court nominations

Judges are America's biggest enemies...except for those Pat Robertson likes.


Tar Baby: Lots of blame to go around

"We share moral responsibility for the deaths of Americans and Iraqis in Iraq by publishing the lies of William Safire and Judith Miller." (Roger Ailes)


Why the world hates us

It isn't because of King Goerge's corrupt, fascist, warmongering junta. It's because the biasedlibrulmedia report on King Goerge's corrupt, fascist, warmongering junta.


For God and country...

...if by "God" you mean King Goerge, and if by "country" you mean a feudal theocracy.

Patrick Henry College's homeschooled young brownshirts prepare for careers in gubmnt. These wackos are truly scary.


If you were a teevee producer...

...whom would you interview for a special about religion in America?


The National Campaign to Impeach King Goerge

"Suffice it to say that most of the "experts" there opposed impeachment not on the basis of enforcing the Constitution and the Rule of Law, whether international or domestic, but on the political grounds that it might hurt the Democratic Party effort to get their presidential candidate elected in the year 2004. As a political independent, I did not argue that point. Rather, I argued the merits of impeaching Bush Jr., Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Ashcroft under the United States Constitution, U.S. federal laws, U.S. treaties and other international agreements to which the United States is a party, etc. Article VI of the U.S. Constitution provides that treaties "shall be the supreme Law of the Land." This so-called Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution also applies to international executive agreements concluded under the auspices of the U.S. President such as the 1945 Nuremberg Charter."


Sunday, June 26, 2005

If you want to call me a traitor, come and say it to my face

Any rethuglicon theo-fascist who doesn't want to share this country with us libruls can shut the hell up and move to Argentina with all the other nazi and confederate holdouts.


Queen Goerge appeases those who kill our troops!

What a sissy. He's a wimp, just like his old man. Now he's negotiating with the "insurgents" instead of nuking them. This is what rethuglicons call a strong leader? More like a wuss, and I don't mean "weak sister." Dumsfeld says not to make a big deal out of it. In his dreams.


USAF general admits to Queen Goerge's illegal, unauthorized war

Lots of grounds for impeachment here.


"All republicans are porn-addicted alcoholics."

If they can make stuff up about us, why don't we start making stuff up about them?

"Well, since all republicans are sociopaths..."

"If republicans weren't all criminally insane..."

Well, those are actually true. Okay, the point is to make stuff up that shows them to be evil and wrong.

"Most republicans have been in prison, are in prison, are on their way to prison, or are under either indictment or investigation. The rest just haven't been caught yet."

Okay, still true. One more time...

"I've never seen a republican put ketchup on a hamburger. They all use mayonaisse. And they like potato salad made with mustard. What kinds of demons possess such people?"

"The problem with republicans is they can't read. That's why they listen to amtalkingheadradio all the time."


"And the question in my mind is how many additional American casualties is Saddam worth?"

"And the answer is not very damned many."

[Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, remarks to the Discovery Institute, 8/14/1992]

Good new blog, and not just because he ran my note.


What makes College Rethuglicon Chickenhawks angry these days?

1. Liberals
2. Hippies
3. Gays
4. Democrats


Oh, and they still believe in welfare Cadillacs, commies and "the typical liberal who dosn't shower." Have they ever been anywhere besides private schools and country clubs? It's cancervative rednecks who don't shower.

Now, kids, about that war you love but won't serve in...


The National Guard will find Karl Rove a job in Baghdad to replace her dead son

"Yesterday I tried to call Karl Rove at the White House. You will not be surprised to learn that they were insulting and snippy to me and I could not get through to his office. The comment line was as close as I got and they were clueless as to why the switchboard would not transfer me to the public servant known as Mr. Rove.

"If I had reached him I would have asked him as he blathered about how anxious and proud the conservatives were who jumped at the chance to have a war -- where are they now on the streets of Baghdad? My son was a very liberal Democrat, when he signed up for the National Guard no one asked, when he was deployed no one asked his opinion or his politics, and after he lost his life protecting the people looking for those weapons of mass destruction no conservative hawk came forth to take his place. Nor have they lined up at recruiters offices to answer the needs of our exhausted Army.

"I hope Mr. Rove will show his true colors and sign up for a guard unit, no one is too old now, Pennsylvania guards men in their 50s are serving. If he is too busy slandering half the people in this Country perhaps he could send a child he loves dearly to take my Sherwood's place?

"I hope others will ask these questions of Mr. Rove and his friends, maybe their calls will get through."

Celeste Zappala, Philadelphia
Mother of Sgt. Sherwood Baker, KIA 4/26/04

NY City Council may demand King Goerge fire Rove

The City Council is weighing in on the controversial comments made by President George W. Bush's top adviser about the 9/11 attacks.
Democratic Speaker Gifford Miller says the Council will introduce a resolution next week that calls on the president to fire White House Senior Adviser Karl Rove.

The resolution reads: "Rove's rhetoric and cynical strategy of dividing Americans against each other for partisan gain has no place in our nation's public discourse."


When Dumsfeld goes to Iraq, he rides in a Rhino

Soldiers and marines still get Hummers. And not the good kind.

Which is part of why the death toll is now 1735. How many of them joined up to get Osama? How many of them believed they were going after WMDs? How many of them enlisted to make Halliburton rich? How many of them trusted their Commander-in-Chief not to waste them in a war that didn't have to happen?


Naval Academy urged to drop mandatory prayer

The Anti-Defamation League has asked the U.S. Naval Academy to stop holding prayers before midshipmen eat lunch, saying the practice is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.

The request was made in a June 17 letter from Abraham H. Foxman, the league's national director, to the academy's superintendent, Vice Adm. Rodney P. Rempt.

In the letter, Foxman says the constitutional separation of church and state is violated "when 4,000 midshipmen of many different faiths are brought together for compulsory prayer."

As precedent, the letter cites a recent ruling by a federal appeals court that organized mealtime prayers at the Virginia Military Institute were unconstitutional.


Isn't that what the First Amendment says? Isn't that what religious freedom is? Aren't we supposed to be allowed to choose to pray, or not? And if so, how, when and where? Would the theo-fascists sit idly by if they were required to make Buddhist prayers? Would the Baptists object if forced to recite Catholic prayers?

Group prayers and public prayers aren't even prayers. They're sermons from the speaker to all within earshot. Think back on the last group or public prayer you heard and you'll know I'm right.
The long movement to require school prayer isn't about prayer, either. It's about pointing out who's different so they can be bullied.

Jesus didn't build a following of bullies to make people pray. He also didn't make a circus of prayer. He said to do it privately and to avoid making a big show as the hypocrites did. What could be easier to understand and do?


They want to talk christian values? Let's talk christian values.

Why do we have to go to England for good journalism?

A group of progressive Christians in the US have launched a new political movement to counter what they describe as the power of the religious (sic) right.

The Christian Alliance for Progress aims to "reclaim Christianity" and influence the political agenda.

"We can no longer stand by and watch people speak hatred, division, war and greed in the name of our faith," said Patrick Mrotek, the Alliance's founder.