Saturday, May 14, 2005

King Goerge wants us to drink shit

Bush Plan Would Allow More Sewage in Nation's Fresh Water

A Bush Administration proposal to routinely allow partially
treated sewage into America's waterways could face a roadblock
in Congress next week, when the House of Representatives is
expected to vote next week on the Environmental Protection
Agency (EPA) budget. Included is the opportunity to support the
Save Our Water From Sewage Act.

The bipartisan amendment to stop increased sewage dumping would
block EPA from finalizing a proposal that allows an increase in
the use of "blending", a process where partially treated waste
is dumped into lakes, rivers and streams.

Currently under the Clean Water Act, partially treated sewage
may be released only in a dire emergency, such as a hurricane.
Otherwise the process known as blending is illegal, and waste
treatment must be carried out in three phases -- first screening
for solids in the waste, second phase removing most of the
viruses, parasites and other pollutants, and the third phase
treating sewage for bacteria.

If the EPA proposal is finalized, anytime it rains or during
snow melts, sewage treatment facilities would be allowed to
forgo the second phase of water treatment, which neutralizes
viruses and pathogens in the wastewater and aids in the
effectiveness of the third phase of treatment.

More, and it's gross

Der Ruschkopf is a big, fat, sissy

Attacks high schoolers from safety of radio studio, but won't debate them. Yellowstained coward, fascist asshole.

"What's the difference between Der Ruschkopf and the Hindenburg?"

"One's a flaming nazi gasbag, the other's a dirigible."


Who needs educated people when you have amradio talkingheadshow hosts?

We especially don't need those Nobel Prize-winning nerds. They can't dress themselves, says Der Ruschkopf, who apparently had them all followed for a long period of time to know this about them. All we need is loudmouths with opinions.


Pat Robertson confirms that there are no terists

"However, it is my feeling that no crazed terrorists hiding out in mountain caves on the border of Afghanistan can threaten America."


Dating for compassionate "christians"

1. Don't date; just get married.
2. Children are parents' property.
3. Deflowered girls must be stoned to death in their front yards.
4. Live by the Old Testament regardless of what Jesus taught.


Southern Baptist heaven

Political cartoons remind us there's still a little freedom.


All of King Goerge's lies about Iraq in one place

"Iraq On The Record" is a comprehensive examination of these statements.

(For more information on how these 237 statements were selected, see the full methodology.)


King Goerge fights terists by helping them recruit

KABUL, Afghanistan, May 13 - Thousands of Muslims, from Gaza to Pakistan to Indonesia, emerged from prayer services on Friday to join Afghans in rapidly spreading protests over the reported desecration of a Koran by American interrogators at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.


132 mayors reject King Goerge, America and God

Side with libruljunkscience on global warming instead of compassionate right-wing "christian" propagandists.


Cancervative welfare=good, librul welfare=bad, very bad

Hardcore cancervatives demand welfare they have coming for being, well, cancervatives.

Cries of 'flat wrong' greet Pentagon's base closings list


Only libruls ever cut military spending so they can make America weak

Military base welfare in jeopardy. "Cut spending, but not in my district." What's the military spelling of "entitlement mentality?"


Wear a uniform, kill with impunity...

...but go AWOL and they'll cut your balls off.

Why didn't that apply to Prince Goerge when he left the TX ANG without permission 30 years ago?


How they treat soldiers who serve honorably for over 20 years

And they wonder why they can't make their recruitment goals anymore.


When the hell are Americans going to wake up?

When the hell are Americans going to wake up? As a society we seem to be morphing into some kind of inverse image of our enemies.

Fundamentalist moslems whip their followers into frenzied anti-Americanism while fundamentalist christians respond in kind here.
It's really odd how the vengeance of bush is so selective. He doesn't "think that much" about Osama anymore, but Kofi Annan and Mohamed ElBaradei [head of the International Atomic Energy Agency] keep him awake past bedtime. Curious, those who opposed the war are high on his hit list. No matter that they were absolutely right in the stance that they took - the fact is that they opposed bush - an unforgivable sin. Osama on the other hand was wise enough to keep his head down and let bush fight his enemy for him and simultaneously drive recruitment into Al Qaeda way up.


That's why they call it "karma"

Or, "What ye sow, so shall ye reap." Or, "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

VR-WC says muslims shouldn't be mad at America. Really.

After decades of getting people fired up over things that never happened...Gulf of Tonkin, Whitewater, Falwell's videotapes "proving" Clinton murdered Vince Foster, paid "Dean bloggers," etc...the vast, right-wing conspiracy can't take what it dishes out, especially when it's true.

Moonie TIMES helps Pentagon deny flushing Koran down toilet; spins new lie to cover it up. Once again, "blame biasedlibrulmedia for reporting it instead of punishing those who did it." (They'll never figure out that if they'd quit doing bad things, the librulmedia wouldn't be able to rat them out. But then, I'm talking about logic and sociopaths in the same sentence, so...)
Senior Defense Department officials yesterday said there is no evidence corroborating a news report that interrogators flushed a Koran down a toilet to intimidate Muslim prisoners held at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that in an unconfirmed incident, a Guantanamo prisoner flushed pages from a Koran down a toilet in an attempt to clog it.

Newsweek magazine reported May 9 that U.S. interrogators at the prison had desecrated the Muslim holy book. The report was blamed for prompting a series of violent demonstrations this week in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the homelands of many of the more than 500 men held at Guantanamo.

Gen. Myers told reporters in Washington that Army Gen. Bantz J. Craddock, the head of U.S. Southern Command, has ?been in Guantanamo for the last couple of days digging into this issue to see if there was a time when the Koran was not respected.?

?They have looked through the logs, the interrogation logs, and they cannot confirm yet that there was ever the case of the toilet incident,? Gen. Myers said.

Why didn't the Vatican stand up to Hitler?

Same reason they're not standing up to King Goerge: The power-hungry always make friends with the power-hungry.

...(i)n 1930's and 1940's Europe, the Roman Catholic Church was the only institution that possessed the moral stature and strength to denounce and forbid the murder of the Jews. It did not do so. And in all the years since, rather than acknowledging this failure to provide moral leadership in the critical hour, the Vatican has repeatedly claimed that while individual Catholics behaved sinfully or misunderstood what the church taught, the sin of letting the Holocaust happen at its doorstep need not haunt the church as an institution.


If only I'd bought Halliburton stock three years ago instead of foolishly wanting peace on earth

It was cheap three years ago, but their man in the White House took care of that.

[Infomercial director: " 'The Republican Guide to Wartime Tax Cuts' ... Take One ... Action!"]

ANNOUNCER: In the old days, war profiteering was a grueling round-the-clock job. You actually had to make something, like planes or guns, and then overcharge the government obscenely. Now, thanks to the Republicans, countless Americans are becoming "war profiteers" in their spare time - and you can, too. Riches once thought to be the exclusive preserve of a few unsavory arms merchants have been made available to thousands of successful Americans, many of whom pull in the cash literally as they sleep!

What's their secret? With "The Republican Guide to Wartime Tax Cuts," you can find out what's in the playbook of Republican professionals. You'll get the war you want without laying out a dime, even as you benefit from huge tax cuts to boot (note: certain income thresholds apply).

And here's the kicker: you can slip the bill for all of this - both the war and your tax cut - to unsuspecting children!


Friday, May 13, 2005

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Blogger has been inconsistent recently. But you usually can tell when a headline is also a link by the different color. "More" means I've given you what I hope is enough to tease you into reading "More" at the link which you access by clicking on the headline. Get it?

Zero tolerance for theocracy

Good editorial, but I disagree with the premise. Yes, the theo-fascists are very dangerous for America, but they aren't the ones I fear. I fear decent people who won't stand up to them. They are the real problem, people who could do something, but won't.


Now here's a christian politician Jesus would recognize

Long, but a must-read. It's great ammo for the upcoming fight.


You think I'm crazy when I say they'll bring back slavery? Read what DeLay said.

Later, DeLay would tell The Washington Post's Juliet Eilperin that the low-wage, anti-union conditions of the Marianas constituted "a perfect petri dish of capitalism. It's like my Galapagos Island."

And this is from a "christian" whose ancestors used the Bible to justify slavery. So I ask again, are you getting ready? Let me know if you aren't sure how to do it, or if you aren't sure what I mean.


A Bambi unfit for "christian" consumption

"Bambiraptor" is the small Montanan dinosaur that strongly suggests many dinosaurs evolved into birds longer ago than 6000 years. Or proves that Chinese paleontologists also hate God.


The next election will be even worse

Keep up, do what you can.


What is it with the Air Force Academy?


Rape is okay. Unconstitutional evangelism is okay. Have AF leaders suffered oxygen depravation (depraved, not deprived) from too much time at high altitude?

DENVER, May 12 -- An Air Force chaplain who complained that evangelical Christians were trying to "subvert the system" by winning converts among cadets at the Air Force Academy was removed from administrative duties last week, just as the Pentagon began an in-depth study of alleged religious intolerance among cadets and commanders at the school.

"They fired me," said Capt. MeLinda Morton, a Lutheran minister who was removed as executive officer of the chaplain unit on May 4. "They said I should be angry about these outside groups who reported on the strident evangelicalism at the academy. The problem is, I agreed with those reports."


Is King Goerge's junta making money from Afghan heroin now?

No Osama, but four times as much heroin as before. Hmmm...No oil yet, so why not? And even if the oil was flowing as "planned," why not? Money is money to a capitalist.

Heroin routed through Iraq

DRUG smugglers are taking advantage of internal chaos in Iraq to route Afghani produced heroin through the Iraq and into Europe, according to the agency that implements UN drug conventions.

"Heroin and drugs produced with the opiates cultivated in Afghanistan take a transit route through Iraq and are entering Jordan en route to final destinations in Eastern and Western Europe," International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) president Hamid Ghodse said.

"This situation is due to the internal situation in Iraq, weakening of border controls and security infrastructures."
"Drug trafficking groups are said to enter Iraq's holy cities disguised as pilgrims to go about their business," he added.
Jordanian authorities have reported a growth in the seizure of drugs and drug production paraphernalia along their border with Iraq over the last 12 months.


So much for national security in the public interest

Rather than trying to shut up and shut down people like Edmonds, the FBI ought to be listening to them and focusing its energies on protecting the American people, instead of its own rear end.


Four Bloody Lies of War, from Havana 1898 to Baghdad 2003


The Bush Administration's lies about its rationales for attacking Iraq fit a pattern of deceit that has dragged America into at least three other unjust and catastrophic wars.

But conscious, manipulative lies were also at the root of American attacks on Cuba in 1898, US intervention into World War I in 1917 and in Vietnam. These lies are as proven and irrefutable as the unconscionable deception that dragged the US into Iraq in 2003.
At least in terms of public consensus, these two stories still lack definitive smoking guns. But the Maine, the Lusitania and the Tonkin Gulf are known, irrefutable quantities.

To which we now must add George W. Bush's lies of Iraq. The war was primarily sold as a way to destroy Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction. The world was also told Saddam was involved in the 9/11 attacks on the US, and was trying to get nuclear bombs.
These were all lies. The British memos proving the Bush and Blair Administrations knew Saddam did not have WMDs, was not involved in 9/11 and had no way to make atomic weapons are now public monuments. Like the Maine, Lusitania and Tonkin, the proofs are tangible and irrefutable.


Ammo to fight the lie that won't die

Every week, some journalist somewhere writes that "Dean bloggers were paid to promote his candidacy", and breathlessly reports the "disclosures" that outed said agreement.

Of course, this stemmed from a Wall Street Journal hit piece written by Bill Bulkeley, James Bandler and edited by Alix Freedman. As a result, I refuse to speak to WSJ reporters (as one learned today). But still the story, discredited within 48 hours, still lives on.

The latest is a survey by Columbia Journalism School's Steve Ross, which is ironically enough, about "journalism ethics".
Go ahead and conduct the survey. Destroy its results. This Ross guy deserves nothing but scorn. Why? When you get to question 15:


Thursday, May 12, 2005

We get 100 visitors for the first time. Thanks for stopping by.

Site visits reach 116, page views 188, both new records.

Thanks for pushing us across the threshhold. And more importantly, thanks for reading real news.

Now, spread the word: Get ready for a fight. It's surely coming. To wit:

Jim Wallis in an exchange with Jerry Falwell on Hannity & colmes on Feb 11

Wallis: The good news is the monologue of the religious right is over, and a dialogue has finally begun.

Falwell: I think . . .

Wallis: Jerry--you know--Jerry--I didn't interrupt you, Jerry. Millions and millions of Christians, including evangelicals like me, want the nation to know that you don't speak for us. That your Jesus is pro-rich, pro-war, and only pro-American, and your monologue is over.

Jesus cares about the poor. So do Democrats.

Who takes care of the rich? Their corporate whores. (Cue canned "class warfare" retorts.)


"Christian" broadcasting: Lying in the name of Jesus

Right-wing extremists capitalize on sad millions who want others to do their thinking for them. "Give us your money and Jesus your brain so we can turn America into a feudal theocracy."


“Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act” in the hopper

H.R. 235 would "restore free speech" that never existed, and was expressly forbidden by First Amendment of Constitution. Do we really want a Chan Chandler in every pulpit?

Next they'll want to "restore" the right to own slaves since the Bible says it's okay.


Part 1 of 5: The Lure of "Christian" Nationalism

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof... "

-- First Amendment to the United States Constitution

"The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion."

-- Treaty of Tripoli, signed on June 10, 1797, by President John Adams.(1)

When Lt. Gen. William G. "Jerry" Boykin boasted that his God was bigger than Islam's, many people demanded his scalp. But, as angry as his critics were, they dismissed what he said as little more than military machismo, political insensitivity, and bone-headed public relations. How could we possibly win Muslim hearts and minds when this highly decorated Crusader so callously belittled Allah?

Few critics asked the tougher question: What did Gen. Boykin's remarks mean for the U.S. Constitution, which he had sworn to support and defend, and which - in the very first words of the First Amendment - forbids any "establishment of religion?"

More. Read all five installments.

"Christians" hijack definition of "intolerance"

And the definition of "christian," for that matter. It used to mean "follower of Christ." Now it means "fascist abomination."

They always get upset when people won't tolerate their intolerance.


Pilot who caused D. C. "threat" alert freed; campaigned for...wait for it...King Goerge

Was he released because he campaigned for KG, or was he HIRED for the flight for that reason?


“We got down on the floor of the Senate and prayed over Hillary Clinton’s desk.”

And God instantly wondered why those nutjobs were wasting His time.

On the Trinity Broadcasting Network, armed with tax-exempt status since of course it doesn’t endorse political candidates, evangelical host Hal Lindsey warned voters just before the 2004 election that liberals wanted to “bring about our literal annihilation...” while if John Kerry won, bin Laden would “go back to business as usual” since a Democratic administration would “let them plan attacks on us.”


Explore the Seven Great Lies of Organized Religion

A free course every American should take.

No need to tell King Goerge about the little plane.

Big Dick was in charge, as usual. And besides, they knew it wasn't a real threat.

Q: Might there be something wrong with protocols that render the president unnecessary when the alarm is going off at his house?


King Goerge will never allow the importation of this "memory pill"

If people take it, they'll remember the lies he told to invade Iraq. And all the other lies, too.


Tax-and-spend vs Tax-and-waste

Or Gouge-and-waste.


Oil crisis over! King Goerge wants price cut in half!

King of kings! And Goerge of Goerge! Hallelujah! Bomb Fallujah!

Now if only he'd tell us how he plans to make it happen. I'm guessing it's part of his secret plan to save Social Security.

WASHINGTON, May 11 (Reuters) - The White House wants to see oil prices fall by about half to around $25 a barrel although reaching that goal may take time, President George W. Bush's top economic adviser said on Wednesday.

"We would like to see the price get back to around $25 a barrel, somewhere around there," Allan Hubbard, director of the White House National Economic Council, said in an interview with Reuters as crude oil prices hovered around $50, down from the record-high above $58.

Hubbard acknowledged: "It's going to take a while for the world energy supply to expand so prices can drop."


Young rethuglicons are cowards and sissies.

They voted for King Goerge and demanded this holy war, but won't go anywhere near it. They're cowards and sissies. I don't care about the recruiters. They're just assholes. It's the fire-breathing young rethugs who are the cowards and sissies. If you know any who aren't in uniform, call them all cowards and sissies until they enlist.

Army to order 1-day break from recruiting

Move comes amid reports of inappropriate sign-up methods

WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Army plans to stop recruiting activities for one day this month to review procedures that its 7,500 recruiters use, an Army official said.
Maj. Gen. Michael Rochelle, head of the Army Recruiting Command, is expected to make the announcement, which could come as early as Thursday.

The move follows a CBS News report of least two allegations of recruiting abuse.

In one case, the network reported a recruiter suggesting how a potential volunteer might cheat to pass a drug test, and in another, a sergeant threatened a prospect with arrest if he didn't report to a recruiting station.


Wait, Spawn Insannity said King Goerge already "won" this war

Afghan police opened fire on protesters on Wednesday killing four and wounding dozens after violent demonstrations over a report that U.S. interrogators had desecrated the Koran.

U.S. forces stationed in the conservative Muslim city of Jalalabad, 130 km (80 miles) east of the capital, were called back to base when the trouble began leaving Afghan authorities to handle it, at their request, a U.S. spokeswoman said.

Government offices were set on fire, shops looted, and U.N. buildings and diplomatic missions attacked as thousands of people took to the streets, witnesses and officials said.

Police fired several times to disperse crowds. Four people had been killed and 52 wounded, provincial health chief Fazel Mohammad Ibrahimi said after compiling information from three city hospitals.

"Police had to open fire on the protesters, they were destroying the city," provincial police chief Hazrat Ali told Reuters. He declined to comment on casualties.

About 1,000 school students demonstrated in nearby Laghman province. In Khost city, also in the east, protesters burned a picture of U.S. President George. W. Bush and a U.S. flag.
There was also a report of a protest in the central province of Wardak. Kabul was quiet.

Newsweek magazine said in a recent edition that investigators probing abuses at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay had discovered that interrogators "had placed Korans on toilets, and in at least one case flushed a holy book down the toilet."


One rethug sues another for "falsely accusing" him of being married six times.

The actual number was a mere five times. Here come the (shudder) trial lawyers.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Oh, give me a break. Now the fascist abomination NC "preacher" (sic) says the tapes were "doctored"

Pray for one reporter who'll make him prove it or take it back.

And his supporters naturally blame the media for blowing his hogwash out of proportion. Screw this fascist sissy and all Baptists.

Southern Fascist Coven makes him quit to save tax-exempt status. He'll find work somewhere else in the Coven.

Chan Chandler, the western N.C. "preacher" (sic) who expelled members of his church who objected to the incessant right wing politicizing in his sermons - and who has since lied repeatedly about kicking them out, now says his detractors may have manipulated tape recordings of his sermons.

“The church has the tapes,” he said, adding that, if such a tape does reveal he made an overt political endorsement, then such a tape “would have been doctored” or the endorsement was “completely unintentional.”

If the tapes have not been tampered with and Chandler is on the record shilling for the GOP from the pulpit, the church’s non-profit status could be in jeopardy.

There was more paranoia and craziness at the business meeting last night where he surprised his supporters by resigning.

According to the Biblical Recorder, at about 7 p.m.”more than 40 long-term members who opposed Chandler’s introduction of politics to the pulpit entered through the front door and settled in clusters, mostly near the back of the sanctuary.” One long-time member told a reporter, “We just don’t want what we have worked for together for so long to be torn apart.”

Accompanied by an official from the Southern Fascist Coven, Chandler met with his supporters in the fellowship hall where he announced his intention to resign.”Several supporters told Chandler they would leave with him … and offered their homes as alternate meeting places.”

Chandler and his group adjourned to the sanctuary, where he took to the podium and wasted no time laying blame on his detractors. He told the assembly that his “words and actions have been misunderstood and misinterpreted,” leaving him with “no choice” but to resign.

He wrapped up by quoting 1 Corinthians 6:1-8, which warns ministers against causing dissension within the church. As Chandler and his friends left the church, his supporters accused the media of blowing the conflict out of proportion.

Chandler’s lawyer says he plans to complete his master’s degree at Southeastern Fascist Psuedological Seminary and “follow other opportunities.” (Who cares what the lawyer does?)


UPDATE: White House Press Corps not told of "threat," were left to die in attack.

NEW YORK A public address system installed after the Sept. 11 attacks to warn White House reporters about an emergency was not used earlier today when the building was evacuated after a small plane flew into unrestricted air space over Washington, D.C., reporters told E&P.

What more proof do we need that the little airplane "threat" was staged to take up news time?

They didn't even tell King Goerge about the little plane's "threat" until it was over and Ridge had been bumped off the lead story...not that anyone gave THAT much air time or column space.

Press Learns, Later in Day: President Not Told of D.C. Threat Until It Was Over

NEW YORK Late Wednesday, word emerged in wire service accounts that President George W. Bush was not told about the brief security scare and evacuations in Washington, D.C. caused by an approaching Cessna until after the incident was over. The plane, with two men on board, turned away, after violating the no-fly zone and coming within three miles of the White House.

Bush was bicycling in nearby Maryland at the time but with his usual security detail and communications system. The incident touched off speculation about who would have ordered the shooting down of the plane and how closely Bush was monitoring the situation.


Family values of sexual deviants who are doing The Lord's Work

As long as they're not gay, Jesus looks the other way. After all, they ARE rethuglicons and therefore on God's side.

Dr. Hager's family values: sodomizing his wife against her will

Dr. W. David Hager, a prominent obstetrician-gynecologist and Bush Administration appointee to the Advisory Committee for Reproductive Health Drugs in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) seems to believe that treating his wife like a prisoner at Abu Ghraib is scripture-based.

Up on the dais, several men seated behind Hager nodded solemnly in agreement. But out in the audience, Linda Carruth Davis--co-author with Hager of Stress and the Woman's Body, and, more saliently, his former wife of thirty-two years--was enraged. "It was the most disgusting thing I've ever heard," she recalled months later, through clenched teeth.

According to Davis, Hager's public moralizing on sexual matters clashed with his deplorable treatment of her during their marriage. Davis alleges that between 1995 and their divorce in 2002, Hager repeatedly sodomized her without her consent. Several sources on and off the record confirmed that she had told them it was the sexual and emotional abuse within their marriage that eventually forced her out. "I probably wouldn't have objected so much, or felt it was so abusive if he had just wanted normal [vaginal] sex all the time," she explained to me. "But it was the painful, invasive, totally nonconsensual nature of the [anal] sex that was so horrible."

For the next seven years Hager sodomized Davis without her consent while she slept roughly once a month until their divorce in 2002, she claims. "My sense is that he saw [my narcolepsy] as an opportunity," Davis surmises. Sometimes she fought Hager off and he would quit for a while, only to circle back later that same night; at other times, "the most expedient thing was to try and somehow get it [over with]. In order to keep any peace, I had to maintain the illusion of being available to him." At still other moments, she says, she attempted to avoid Hager's predatory advances in various ways--for example, by sleeping in other rooms in the house, or by struggling to stay awake until Hager was in a deep sleep himself. But, she says, nothing worked. One of Davis's lifelong confidantes remembers when Davis first told her about the abuse. "[Linda] was very angry and shaken," she recalled.

Much more about this lying, perverted fascist hypocrite


How big a sexual sicko is Bolton?

Corroborated allegations that Mr. Bolton’s first wife, Christina Bolton, was forced to engage in group sex have not been refuted by the State Department despite inquires posed by Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt concerning the allegations. Mr. Flynt has obtained information from numerous sources that Mr. Bolton participated in paid visits to Plato’s Retreat, the popular swingers club that operated in New York City in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


Oh, really? Now he tells us.

He thinks we didn't already know this.

Former DeptHomeSec sockpuppet Ridge says terist alerts were "exaggerated," but he couldn't stop "them" from doing it. Uh, he could have told a reporter about this BEFORE the #$%$#@ election!

We already knew the alerts were "exaggerated" because (a) It was an election year, (2) there are no terists, and (III) they're republicans and therefore liars. But it's nice to have Ridge on the record admitting all this.


If he disagreed, he should have said so publicly to stave off fear...and exploitation

But he didn't. His hands are just a dirty as anyone else's. But he's making big bucks on the board of Home Depot now, so he doesn't care and neither do they.

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration periodically put the USA on high alert for terrorist attacks even though then-Homeland Security chief Tom Ridge argued there was only flimsy evidence to justify raising the threat level, Ridge now says.
Ridge, who resigned Feb. 1, said Tuesday that he often disagreed with administration officials who wanted to elevate the threat level to orange, or "high" risk of terrorist attack, but was overruled.


"Christians" protest Holocaust remembrance in Boston

Must be because the holocaust never happened, and the libruls fooled Eisenhower and Patton in person when they visited several concentration camps in 1945. Ike must have been in on the conspiracy when he said, "Someday people will deny this ever happened," and ordered massive photographic documentation of what was found.


Fake attack upstages coverage of Ridge's admission of fake threats on his watch.

Biasedlibrulmedia only interview rethuglicon pols about contrived D. C. terist threat

They don't have any real terist threats because there aren't any real terists, so they keep staging silly crap like this to keep us afraid of the dark. Baloney.

Typical rethuglicon hypocrisy: Spokane mayor breaks law, gets caught, becomes victim. Just like NC fascist "preacher" did.

Is it harassment, intimidation or discrimination to tell the truth about what you really did, you asshole?

Mayor James West, the subject of an FBI probe into accusations he offered municipal jobs to men he met in gay online chat rooms, is complaining he is the victim of a "brutal outing."
In an e-mail sent to nearly 140 people affiliated with a race relations task force, West wrote that the group is responsible for making Spokane a community where "harassment, intimidation, discrimination" are unacceptable.

"Does that include people who have an internal struggle with who they are sexually and are searching for a way to come out ... ?" wrote West, who is co-chairman of the task force. "Do others who desire to be out but are having similar struggles now live in greater fear because of a brutal outing?"


One reason they want fascist judges: Screw the middle class and unions. Hard.

United Air Wins Right to Default on Its Employee Pension Plans
The ruling by a judge set off the largest pension default in the three decades that the government has guaranteed pensions.


Don't let King Goerge's Ministry of Truth get away with trying to rewrite history

Remember the "America Firsters" who wanted FDR to stay out of WWII? All republicans. Everyone of them. They didn't care that fascists were murdering thousands of racially inferior people on several continents every week. They did care, however, that they'd INVESTED MONEY in the fascists and didn't want FDR to cost them their investments. Remember also that American fascist industrialist/republicans tried to overthrow FDR in his first year in the White House.
During his visit to the Baltics over the weekend, President Bush infuriated Russian leader Vladimir V. Putin by declaring the obvious: that the Soviet domination of Eastern Europe was "one of the greatest wrongs of history." But it was what he said next — comparing the Yalta accord among Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin in 1945 to the Hitler-Stalin pact — that should cause outrage here at home.

The claim that Roosevelt betrayed Eastern Europe at Yalta, and that he set the stage for 40 years of Soviet domination, is an old right-wing canard. By repeating it, and by publicly charging that the Yalta agreement was in the "unjust tradition" of Hitler's deal with Stalin, Bush was simply engaging in cheap historical revisionism. His glib comments belong to the Ann Coulter school of history.

The slander against Roosevelt that Bush has taken up dates back to the early 1950s, after Harry Truman and Dean Acheson had supposedly "lost" China to communism. That's when the American right first decried what it viewed as a consistent pattern of "appeasement" in the Democratic Party. The right contended that Roosevelt "sold out" Eastern Europe at the Yalta conference by promising the Soviets an unchallenged sphere of influence in the region.

One element of the right-wing mythology developed in those years was that Alger Hiss, who served during the war as an assistant to Secretary of State Edward Stettinius Jr. — and who was charged in the years that followed with being a Soviet spy and was convicted of perjury — was instrumental in getting Roosevelt to collude with Stalin against Churchill. It was none other than Joseph McCarthy who declared in February 1950 that "if time permitted, it might be well to go into detail about the fact that Hiss was Roosevelt's chief advisor at Yalta when Roosevelt was admittedly in ill health and tired physically and mentally." In later decades, conservatives such as Ronald Reagan would denounce any negotiations with the Soviet Union as portending a new "Yalta."

But what actually happened at Yalta? Let's review the facts. The conference itself took place in the seaside Crimean city in February 1945, during the final months of the war. A delegation of more than 600 British and U.S. officials, including FDR and Churchill, met with Stalin. They discussed postwar borders and issued a "Declaration on Liberated Europe" calling for free elections in Poland and elsewhere.

The truth is that Yalta did not hand Eastern Europe to the Soviets. That territory was already in their possession. Stalin had made clear his plan to take over as much territory as possible back in the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of 1939, which carved Poland in half and gave the Soviets the Baltic states. The discovery in 1943 of the massacre of Polish officers by the Soviet army in the Katyn forest was further evidence of Stalin's malign intention to exterminate the leadership of Poland. Then, in 1944, during the Warsaw uprising by the Polish Home Army, Stalin halted the advance of his army on the banks of the Vistula River and allowed Nazi SS units to return to slaughter the Poles. By the time of Yalta, the Red Army occupied all of Poland and much of Eastern Europe.

Theoretically, Churchill and Roosevelt could have refused to cut any deal with Stalin at Yalta. But that could have started the Cold War on the spot. It would have seriously jeopardized the common battle against Germany (at a moment when Roosevelt was concerned with winning Soviet assent to help fight the Japanese, which he received).

Supreme Allied Commander Dwight Eisenhower was happy to let the Soviets bear the brunt of the fighting as they marched toward Berlin, and he was unwilling to expend American troops on storming the German capital. The only one who was eager to do that was Gen. George Patton, who hoped to take on the Russians as well. Given the domestic pressure to "bring the boys back home," Roosevelt would have been taking a politically suicidal course had he broken with our allies, the Soviets.

Roosevelt was hardly perfect at Yalta. He was naive about Stalin's intentions and believed he could cajole the dictator into following more moderate policies. But FDR's approach was not particularly different from that of Churchill (who had declared that he would "sup with the devil" to win the war, which is what he and Roosevelt, in effect, did).

As for the charges about Hiss' influence, they've been overblown by the right for political purposes; in fact, Hiss was a minor player at Yalta.

What's more, it was the isolationist right that never wanted to fight the war in the first place, which it conveniently forgot once it began attacking Democrats as being soft on communism. Nothing of course could be further from the truth. Roosevelt went on to recognize Stalin's perfidy shortly before he died, and it fell to Truman to fight the Cold War.

Roosevelt's record is no cause for shame, but Bush's comments are.

Real income falling at fastest rate since Poppy Bush was in charge

And people keep voting for this crime family. Don't ask me to explain why.

Ministry of Truth be damned. History shows clearly that the economy ALWAYS does better under Democrat influence. Always.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Downing Street memo proves King Goerge knew Saddam wasn't a threat to us or anyone

Does anyone care?

Oh, please, Karl, can't you do better than this?

UPDATE: It was "found," not "thrown," and it was inert, i.e., a dummy for training. Never had explosive in it. Everybody runs the yellow journalism first ("Al qaeda #3 caught!"), but they don't spend much energy on the follow-up ("Oops, wrong guy, never mind.")

"Possible grenade" thrown at King Goerge in Georgia.

Good thing it was only a "possible" grenade since real ones, you know, blow up, and stuff.

Poor King Goerge. So hated at home he has to have Rove stage pitiful stunts like this overseas to get pity instead of being a president and earning respect. Sen. Reid was right, KG is a loser. I can imagine what the vast, right-wing conspiracy fascists are doing with this "story," so I don't have to tune in. We all could write their scripts for them, couldn't we?


Why aren't the fire-breathing young fascists who voted for King Goerge and demanded his holy war in uniform?

Why aren't they helping to fight all those who hate us for our freedoms, and stuff?

Are they chickenhawks, or just lily-livered cowards?


They stole the election last fall. Keep this alive.

We no longer live in America, but we might again someday.

Memorize this: Exit polls historically are almost always right, rarely wrong, never THAT wrong. Never.

At 5:00 p.m. Eastern time on Election Day, I checked the sportsbook odds in Las Vegas and via the offshore bookmakers to see the odds as of that moment on the Presidential election. John Kerry was a two-to-one favorite. You can look it up.

People who have lived in the sports world as I have, bettors in particular, have a feel for what I am about to say about this: these people are extremely scientific in their assessments. These people understand which information to trust and which indicators to consult in determining where to place a dividing line to influence bets, and they are not in the business of being completely wrong. Oddsmakers consulted exit polling and knew what it meant and acknowledged in their oddsmaking at that moment that John Kerry was winning the election.

And he most certainly was, at least if the votes had been fairly and legally counted. What happened instead was the biggest crime in the history of the nation, and the collective media silence which has followed is the greatest fourth-estate failure ever on our soil.

Much more

Hahahahaha! Good riddance, you fascist abomination slimebucket!

I reiterate, "Screw all Baptists."

The North Carolina "preacher" accused (Accused? He's on tape saying it.) of running out nine congregants who refused to support King Goerge resigned Tuesday.

Do NOT buy a used car from this bozo at his next job.


You might be a Christo-fascist if...

This current wave of fundamentalists follows in a long, sad tradition of the perversion of Christianity for socially destructive purposes. To the Spanish Inquisition, the European Crusades, the African slave trade, the hanging and burning of women at the stake in Europe and the U.S. for various forms of heresy, pre-Renaissance attacks on European helio-centric scientists, and Southern Baptist participation in Jim Crow segregation in the American South, we may some day wind up adding the turn-of-the-21st-century American Christo-fascist movement.


Unused since Stolen Election #2, color-coded terist warning system faces revamp

New DHS sockpuppet Chertoff wants to waste zillions on "better" ways to warn us against attacks from non-existent terists. When will he develop plan to warn us about meteors and cloned velociraptors?

You know what would make more sense and even be worth the money? A system to warn us when rethuglicons waste or steal our money. We used to have such a system. It was called, "Journalism." We don't have much of that anymore, thanks to the worthlesscorporatemedia.


This will protect us from whose missiles, again?

Criminals helping criminals...with our money.

King Goerge wants to spend zillions on another stupidass part of the stupidass missile shield, this time a rail system between Alaska and Canada, who knows better. More defense corporate welfare based on pure, concentrated lies and hogwash.

Show me an enemy. Then show me their nukes. Then ask me to help pay for a missile shield THAT WORKS.


Compare your local Corporate Whore's "ethics" to DeLay's

Also, America's opinion of Congress has hit an 8-year low.

Now, I hate to toot my own horn, but ask my friends. I've said for 12-13 years that, in the long run, the best thing that could possibly happen to America would be for the rethuglicons to have total control of the White House and both houses of Congress. Though we'd suffer in the short run, they'd finally reveal once and for all just who they really are and what they really want to do to us. I've understood for over 30 years that they wanted to turn America into a feudal theocracy. Now others are seeing it, too. Welcome to the fight, brothers and sisters in arms.


Historians will need two books to chronicle King Goerge's time in stolen office

One for all the lies, and another for the truth.

We're told, in effect, that trampling on civil liberties and eroding freedom are a sure way to protect us from terrorists who envy our freedom. That colossal lie will be one of the lasting stains on this era, and I fear the day coming when the Busheviks or their political heirs, gripped in fascist fever, will silence those who expose the fraud.


King Goerge costs US billions in tourism dollars

Time for another tax cut.

The US is losing billions of dollars as international tourists are deterred from visiting the US because of a tarnished image overseas and more bureaucratic visa policies, travel industry leaders have warned.

“It's an economic imperative to address these problems,” said Roger Dow, chief executive of the Travel Industry Association of America, tourism's main trade body, which concluded its annual convention this weekend in New York.


Homeland Security trailer not very secure

And these clowns are supposed to be keeping us safe? From who, SpongeBob? Good thing there aren't any real terists*.

Replica Guns Stolen From Homeland Security Trailer

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- A thief stole riot gear and several replica guns from a trailer owned by the Department of Homeland Security, police said.

The theft occurred from a trailer parked in a hotel parking lot late Wednesday or early Thursday. No arrests were immediately made, police said.

Replica Beretta 9 mm handguns, gas masks, training batons, riot helmets and suits, various types of radio equipment and plastic restraint devices were taken, Bloomington police Capt. Joe Qualters said.

"There is a concern that these stolen items -- especially the replica handguns -- could be modified and used in the commission of other crimes or that someone might misrepresent themselves as a law enforcement officer," Qualters said.

(*Sidebar: Tonight's NCIS strove to revive fear of terist attacks with bioweapons AND hatred of "Hanoi Jane" just in time for the release of her first movie in 15 years. And they whine about "the librulmedia?"


Monday, May 09, 2005

"Christians" join anti-western Islamist BAV to kill evolution

Moonies get in on the fun, too.

Hey, all they want is for science to be looked at more objectively...and by "objectively" they mean "only from a brainwashed point of view. Ours."


"Christians" don't need to read something to know all about it, especially that it's bad

All they need to hear is, "They're all atheists."

The World Is Not Crazy, Just The People In It--Evolution trial round up


Oh, what do they know? They're only scientists.

If they were christians, they'd automatically know real biology without needing all that silly, anti-God research, and they'd just tell those queers to choose to respond like real men.

WASHINGTON - Gay men's brains respond differently from those of heterosexual males when exposed to a sexual stimulus, researchers have found. The homosexual men's brains responded more like those of women when the men sniffed a chemical from the male hormone testosterone.

"It is one more piece of evidence ... that is showing that sexual orientation is not all learned," said Sandra Witelson, an expert on brain anatomy and sexual orientation at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada.


Would you want to go to this church?

George Bullard, associate executive director-treasurer for Fascist* State Convention of North Carolina, told the Asheville Citizen-Times that a fascist pastor has every right to disallow memberships if a GOP headquarters/church's bylaws allow for the fascist pastor to establish criteria for membership, even if it means violating laws entitling said fascist coven to be exempt from property taxes because laws don't apply to fascists anymore.

"Membership is a local church issue," he said, hoping not to be recognized as a fascist himself. "It is not something the state convention would enter into."

He added that the nine members were not legally terminated because Monday's meeting was supposed to be a deacons meeting, not a business meeting. They have a lawyer looking into the situation, he said.

(*Our editorial policy requires calling them what they actually are.)


This is why the vast, right-wing conspiracy has sought to minimize the impact of real journalism

And they started their work the day after Nixon (ptooey!) ran from office, knowing if he hadn't he'd have gone to prison. Yeah, Ford still has to answer for that.

Just read it. Read it all.

Mission still being accomplished again some more

U.S. deaths in Iraq surpass 1,600. For what? Fiberty? Greedom? Lemocracy?

I'm betting King Goerge's next round of lies will include proof Saddam planted that stallion Laura said "Mr. Excitement" tried to milk on their make-believe "ranch."


What if there really were terists who hated us for our freedoms and wanted us to die?

King Goerge knew there were no terists and just wanted to give our money to his friends in exchange for a pile of crap that nobody thought would work, but that we wouldn't actually need, so it didn't matter. Remember when Tom Ridge told us to buy plastic and duct tape from Home Depot to protect ourselves from anthrax? And remember that he went to work for Home Depot just a few weeks ago? This is what rethuglicons do. They're liars and scam artists. What I mean to say is, they're criminals, and they all should be tarred and feathered. With materials from Lowe's.

US 'wasted billions on faulty terr equipment' aimed at non-existent terists.

America has spent billions of (pounds) on faulty anti-terism screening equipment, which they now have to replace by wasting even more of our money on stupid crap that we don't need since there are no terists. Who says King Goerge doesn't create jobs, even if they are bogus jobs that fight invisible terists?
The troublesome devices include explosives detectors triggered by Yorkshire puddings and nuclear weapons monitors which are set off by bananas. Hey, terists could put anthrax in a Yorkshire pudding, whatever that is. We need these gizmos.

Since the September 2001 attacks, £2.4 billion has been spent on equipment to monitor airports, ports, mail sorting offices and border posts. But most* of the money has been wasted, the New York Times reported yesterday, since there are no terists. (*If by "most" you mean "all.")

The authorities are now spending billions more to buy new equipment or modify earlier purchases. Among the problems were radiation detectors unable to differentiate between nuclear weapons, cat litter or bananas. Apparently, Osama bin Laden is growing some serious bananas if they set off every gee-whiz gadget we have. Are bananas in Yorkshire pudding?

Some chemical weapons monitors went off 36 hours after an attack (What attack? When? Where?), while mail screening systems picked up anthrax traces but nothing else. "Everyone was standing in line with their silver bullets to make us more secure after September 11," said Col Randall Larsen, a former government adviser. "We bought a lot of stuff off the shelf that wasn't effective since all the terists died on 9/11 and there weren't any more to attack us. But that's okay since we'll get a lot of that money back in campaign contributions. Well, the GOP will."

In one case, airport authorities bought 1,300 screening machines, each costing more than £500,000, to detect explosives by assessing the density of objects. These machines haven't yet been, but should be used to assess the density of the heads on people who bought them.

But many objects, from shampoo bottles to Yorkshire puddings, have similar densities to explosives, triggering the alarm in up to a third of all luggage. So if you see someone trying to light the fuse on a Yorkshire, terist...damn it!..pudding or suitcase, tell a cop.

A spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration said even poorly functioning devices provided some deterrence to terrorists, but didn't give any examples or proof since he was just making all that up.

Christopher Cox, the Republican chairman of the House of Representatives homeland security money scamming committee, said that after the terrorist attacks, the government showed its commitment by spending more money as rapidly as possible in order to enrich their friends in the anti-terist industry, knowing that a big percentage of that money would return as campaign contributions to the GOP.

He said: "That brought us what we might expect, which is some expensive mistakes. But, hey, it wasn't our money, so we didn't mind so much, especially since it all went to our friends."

Remember that Israeli spy scandal that was in the worthlesscorporatemedia for ONE DAY?

May 16 issue - It could easily turn into the new version of "Leak-gate"—a confrontation between journalistic ethics and prosecutorial zeal. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Virginia last week charged Larry Franklin, one of the Pentagon's top Iran experts, with unauthorized disclosure of classified information relating to threats against U.S. forces in Iraq.

Court documents omitted the names of the recipients of Franklin's alleged leaks, but prosecutors claimed that Franklin revealed "top secret" info to two unauthorized people at a lunch in June 2003. Sources identified them as two senior officials of the pro-Israel lobbying group AIPAC, who were dismissed by the organization last month. Court documents allege that Franklin, who worked in the office of Defense Under Secretary Douglas Feith, also may have leaked secrets to a "foreign official"—believed to be an Israeli—and to "members of the media."

As a result, NEWSWEEK has learned, journalists and bloggers may face questioning by FBI agents in the case. Though reporters are not "targets" of the investigation, they could get subpoenas if they refuse to cooperate.


Fight over judges has its roots in FDR's New Deal, LBJ's Civil Rights Act

Now I'm not saying the judge-haters are racists, although they are, but how many of these fascists belong to all-white country clubs?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 60 years dead, is a central figure in the escalating ideological war over the future of the federal judiciary.

FDR is having a good spring on HBO, which is televising a warm-hearted movie about his battle with polio. But he's having a bad spring in the U.S. Senate, where Republicans, partnering with the White House, seek to populate the bench with judges who could ultimately reverse his liberal legacy.

The FDR factor is a big reason why the outnumbered Democrats continue to block President Bush's most controversial nominees with the filibuster - and why the majority Republicans, as early as this week, will try to erase the filibuster by changing the Senate rules.

In a sense, the marquee political campaign of 2005 is really about 1937 - the year the U.S. Supreme Court first decreed that FDR's big-government New Deal was in sync with the Constitution, that federal oversight over labor laws and the economy was legal and proper. Conservatives weren't happy then, and they're not happy now.

The difference is, now they have the power.

Many are increasingly vocal about restoring the Constitution as it was strictly interpreted before 1937. As conservative federal Judge Douglas Ginsburg declared 10 years ago, coining a phrase that is now grist for the current debate, his ideological brethren seek the return of "the Constitution in Exile."

The phrase is now richocheting through the political community, thanks primarily to the efforts of legal scholars and liberal activists who believe that "Constitution in Exile" neatly encapsulates a conservative desire to roll back the FDR-triggered federal oversight of the workplace, marketplace, environment, race and sex discrimination, and the general welfare.

University of Chicago law professor Cass Sunstein contended the other day that the phrase reflects "a partisan movement masquerading as law." And George Washington University law professor Jeffrey Rosen said, "These ideas are serious, they have consequences, and the consequences are radical."

Conservatives insist that the propagation of the phrase is just a liberal trick to make them look bad. Steven Bainbridge, a business law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, barely concealed his pique in an e-mail the other day: "The Constitution in Exile buzz is being generated by liberal academics who basically want to paint [us] as Neanderthals who want to turn back the clock...

"It's the legal equivalent of the theocracy scare being drummed up in the liberal media. Both are designed to delegitimate having any debate over the proper size and role of the federal government. It's dishonest and cheap."

But it's demonstrably true that some Bush nominees are firm believers in the Constitution in Exile credo, even if they don't invoke the term. Consider, for example, Janice Rogers Brown, a nominee for the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington and a current target of the Senate Democrats' filibuster efforts.

Brown, a California Supreme Court justice, delivered a speech in 2000 that equated the Communist takeover in Russia with the U.S. Supreme Court rulings that validated the New Deal. After linking "the revolutions of 1917 and 1937," she said that "the latter date marks the triumph of our own socialist revolution" and that it gave "the judicial priesthood a free hand to remake the Constitution."

Four months later, in another speech, she voiced thinly veiled criticism of the Social Security program: "My grandparents' generation thought being on the government dole was disgraceful, a blight on the family's honor. Today's senior citizens blithely cannibalize their grandchildren, because they have a right to get as much 'free' stuff as the political system will permit them to extract."

An excerpt of those remarks has turned up in a new TV ad sponsored by the liberal-leaning People for the American Way. Elliot Mincberg, the group's legal director, said the other day: "Three words like 'Constitution in Exile' can't totally describe anyone's judicial philosophy. But many Americans would be understandably concerned about judges who would roll back the federal protections that began under FDR."

Gary Marx disputed that assertion. A former Bush campaign aide who is pushing for Bush's court nominees as director of the Judicial Confirmation Network, Marx said: "How much does the public know about the New Deal anymore? Come on. The New Deal generation is dying off, and a lot of people don't even know the term anymore. I bet if you ask people whether they'd prefer state oversight over federal oversight, you'd get an affirmative answer."
There was a time when prospective federal judges were screened primarily for their intellectual smarts. What's noteworthy about the current debate is that neither side bothers to even pay lip service to that notion anymore.

Today's partisans believe it's more honest to openly stress ideology. After all, presidents have always sought like-minded judges, dating back to John Adams' 1800 attempt to pack the bench with Federalist allies on the eve of his retirement. FDR's 1937 threat to enlarge the Supreme Court and appoint more New Deal allies may have inspired the sitting justices to uphold his expansive federal policies during that pivotal year.
But it was the Reagan administration that institutionalized the talent search for judges with philosophical qualms about the New Deal era. Within their newly established Office of Legal Policy, Reaganites sought people who believed in the pre-1937 view of the Constitution as tightly interpreted.

One key constitutional provision gives Congress the power "to regulate commerce... among the several states." Pre-1937, the judges viewed "commerce" literally, as a reference to transportation and trade. Post-1937, "commerce" was defined more flexibly - as the movement of people, for example. It's doubtful that the landmark Civil Rights Act would have been found constitutional under the stricter mode of thinking.
Conservatives say the flexible reading of the commerce clause has given us seven decades of unconstitutional federal oversight, along with manufactured "rights," including a right to privacy not specified anywhere in the document.

Michael Greve, a scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, detests the "exile" phrase because it implies that "if you're not for the New Deal, you're a reactionary." He views his desire to "mow down" much of the New Deal as a bow to the literal Constitution; that explains his support for federal appeals court nominee William Myers, who has assailed "the fallacious belief that the centralized government can promote environmentalism."
But Myers is entrapped by the Democratic filibuster. The impending Republican bid to change the Senate rules is really a twofer: break the Democrats, clearing the way for Brown, Myers and eight others in limbo - and thereby ensure clear sailing for Bush's probable Supreme Court nominees.

The New Deal won't be speedily reversed; conservative Boston University law professor Randy Barnett expects no "constitutional big bang." Rather, FDR's detractors are playing for the future. Breaking the filibuster is priority one. To paraphrase the Chinese proverb, this journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

"REAL ID Act of 2005" will benefit indentity thieves

Does King George's junta do anything that DOESN'T help thieves?

Read, then contact your corporte, D. C., little good it'll do us.


King Goerge's criminals do business with Chinese criminals

Indicted Chinese firm to equip Iraqi army...with cheapest and least reliable AKs anywhere. What happened to the hundreds of thousands of captured Iraqi AKs and ammo? Why is King Goerge doing business with criminals AND communists?


WASHINGTON - The U.S. Army has approved the purchase of a more than $29 million worth of weapons for the new Iraqi army from a Chinese company that is under federal indictment in San Francisco in connection with the smuggling of 2,000 AK-47 automatic rifles through the Port of Oakland in 1996.

The haul remains the largest seizing of smuggled automatic weapons in U.S. history. The alleged mastermind and several defendants lived, worked and owned businesses in Silicon Valley when the investigation began in the mid-1990s.

Army Lt. Col. Joe Yoswa, a Pentagon official, said the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command approved the contract for Poly Technologies after checking the company's background. The state-owned company, based in Beijing, wasn't among those banned from doing business in the United States, he said.

Poly Technologies is to deliver 2,369 light and heavy machine guns, 14,653 AK-47 rifles and 72 million rounds of ammunition worth $29.3 million by Saturday, according to a Pentagon statement.

It isn't clear whether the deal, which comes as the Bush administration is pressing the European Union to maintain an embargo on high-tech arms sales to China, was discussed or approved by higher-ranking officials at the State and Defense departments. Hungary, Poland and Romania, all members of the U.S.-led military coalition in Iraq, could supply the same weapons. China opposed the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

Poly Technologies won the competitively bid contract in February from the International Trading Establishment, a Jordan-based consortium. The U.S. Army selected the consortium to supply Iraq's fledgling security forces with as much as $174.4 million worth of radios, night-vision equipment, weapons and ammunition. The consortium includes coalition partners of corporations from the Czech Republic, Spain and Jordan.

Dynasty Holding of Atlanta, the name under which Poly Technologies did business in the United States, was charged in the 1996 smuggling case, along with 14 co-defendants.

The 30-count indictment stemmed from a sting operation mounted by undercover U.S. Treasury and U.S. Customs agents. The agents paid $700,000 for 2,000 fully automatic AK-47s that were shipped into Oakland aboard a Chinese-owned vessel from China in March 1996.

On May 22, 1996, Customs and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents arrested six Silicon Valley residents, including Hammond H. Ku of Saratoga. Arrest warrants also were issued for Bao Ping ``Robert'' Ma of Los Altos and six Chinese nationals, including several high-ranking officials of another state-run munitions firm, Norinco.

Ku, a resident alien from Taiwan, and three other defendants already have pleaded guilty. Ku has been awaiting sentencing since pleading guilty in 1997 to illegal importation and money-laundering charges.

During a 1996 interview with the Mercury News shortly after his arrest, Ku denied the charges and said he wanted to restart his life. He and his wife owned several restaurants and properties on the Peninsula and in San Jose.

``I have a very deep feeling about this society,'' he said. ``I would love to stay here where foreign criminals can get rich dealing with republican criminals. . . . I wouldn't do anything to harm it.''

It was in Ku's warehouse in Soquel that federal agents first found evidence of a gun ring, court papers said. An informant tipped off a Customs agent in June 1994 that several thousand firearms, imported from Chinese government-controlled companies, were stashed at the warehouse.

Ma was a former Chinese army general who was the firm's U.S. representative, according to the indictment. He is one of five Chinese nationals who are fugitives.

Ma and three co-defendants also were charged with smuggling 20,000 AK-47 bipods into the United States from China in December 1994.
Two other Chinese nationals who were charged, a former Poly Technologies export manager and a former export official of Norinco, have been convicted in China, said Lori Haley of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

``As long as they are fugitives, the investigation is still open,'' Haley said.

Ma's attorney, Joseph Russinello, said his client was innocent.
He said the Chinese government had ``basically cleared'' Ma in the investigation that led to the convictions of the former Poly Technologies and Norinco export officials.

Disgraced over Iran-Contra, many Reagan criminals are now King Goerge's criminals

The George W. Bush presidency has been one long rehab session for the Iran-contra scoundrels of the Reagan-Bush administration. Many infamous veterans of the foreign policy connivance of the Reagan days have found a home in Bush II.

Elliott Abrams--who pleaded guilty to misleading Congress regarding the Reagan administration's secret support of the contra rebels fighting the Sandinista government of Nicaragua--was hired as a staff member of George W. Bush's National Security Council and placed in charge of democracy promotion.

Retired Admiral John Poindexter--who was Reagan's national security adviser, who supervised Oliver North during the Iran-contra days, and who was convicted of several Iran-contra crimes before the convictions were overturned on a legal technicality--was retained by the Pentagon to search for terrorists using computerized Big Brother technology.

John Negroponte--who as ambassador to Honduras in the early 1980s was the on-the-ground overseer of pro-contra operations there--was recruited by Bush to be UN ambassador, then ambassador to Iraq, and, most recently, the first director of national intelligence.

Otto Reich--who mounted an arguably illegal pro-contra propaganda effort when he was a Reagan official--was appointed by Bush to be in charge of Latin American policy at the State Department.

Now comes the news that another Iran-contra alum--a fellow who failed a polygraph test during the Iran-contra investigation--is playing a critical role in Bush's war in terrorism.

Much more, but it'll make you want to get out the torches and pitchforks.

Marine Corps issues useless vests to gyrenes in Iraq, then tries to kill story

It only took eight months for the truth to get out. Will senior officers pay, or just a couple of supply sergeants?


Labor Camps That Operate Outside the Courts

Locked inside more than 300 special prisons are an estimated 300,000 inmates who have been stripped of any legal rights.

Oh, I thought this was about King Goerge's camps at Gitmo, Abu Ghraib and who knows how many others.


What if Terri Schiavo had been a poor, little black girl?

Where were all the rabid "christians" when this little girl needed their compassion, the National Guard, and stuff?

Before Schiavo, DCF sought to let abused girl die

Fifteen years after brain damage put Terri Schiavo in a persistent vegetative state, the Florida Department of Children and Families went to excruciating lengths to block the removal of a feeding tube that was sustaining her. Fifteen days after a toddler was beaten nearly to death despite DCF cataloging numerous alarming signs of abuse, the agency began seeking a Do-Not-Resuscitate order for her.

"I thought she would potentially live in a vegetative state," DCF's chief medical director told The Post two months after examining 2-year-old Moesha Sylencieux on Jan. 26, 2001.

More, and the concentrated, toxic hypocrisy will make you sick.

Our tax dollars at work--for the ignorant, right-wing extremist bigots

"If you find out your teenage son or daughter is sexually active, you should “above all, tell your adolescent she/he is loved and supported.”

But if you think your teen may be gay or transgendered, you should “consider seeing a family therapist who shares your values to clarify and work through these issues.”

That’s the advice from, a Web site launched by the federal Department of Health & Human Services to give parents information on how to talk with teens about sexual behavior.
Based on the statements about sexual orientation and the site’s repeated warnings about failure rates of condoms, a coalition of 145 advocacy organizations sent a letter to HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt on March 31, demanding that the site be taken down and subject to a formal review. “relies on fear to motivate and contains many errors and biases,” the letter said.


Sunday, May 08, 2005

Fascist abomination pastor says his folks misunderstood him when he told them to become rethuglicons or leave the church

This snot-nosed, sissy is just like all bullies. When you stand up to him, he wilts like a Kleenex in a spring rain instead of sticking to his alleged "faith." He should run home so his mama can wipe his nose, change his diapers and make him some pudding to suck on while watching "Barney" videos.

And does he expect anyone to believe he received "threatening" phone calls? How would he know? He stopped answering the phone on advice of his "trial lawyer." And he had a truckload of "trial lawyers" there today in hopes of saving his "church's" tax-exempt status. Which shouldn't happen since that building hasn't been an actual church since last fall when he turned it into a King Goerge campaign HQ. I say, screw him, his congregation and all Baptists.

Chandler said before Sunday's service that he wouldn't preach about the controversy, but he called it "a great misunderstanding." (Yeah, he didn't understand that he'd get his sissy ass in a sling on so many levels.)

Several members who said they had been kicked out went to services Sunday, as did lawyers for the pastor and the ousted members. (Why did the ex-pat members go? Who would want to go to a "church" that's become a fascist coven?)

Chandler said he and his wife have received calls from around the nation, some of them threatening since his politics in the pulpit made national news. (Hogwash. He's lying about the threats, and we know it. Like all republicans, when he got caught, he became the victim. Screw him.)

His actions also drew criticism from other Baptist clergymen in this town about 125 miles northwest of Charlotte. (Yeah, but only because his hogwash makes them look bad. Which, since they're Baptists, they are. Screw them, too.)


Ever wonder why the "christians" never object to things like this?

Former Gitmo translator spills the beans about what he saw there. Doesn't mention judges, so it's not all that bad.

In an exclusive interview, Saar told The Observer that prisoners were physically assaulted by 'snatch squads' and subjected to sexual interrogation techniques and that the Geneva Conventions were deliberately ignored by the US military.

He also said that soldiers staged fake interrogations to impress visiting administration and military officials. Saar believes that the great majority of prisoners at Guantánamo have no terrorist links and little worthwhile intelligence information has emerged from the base despite its prominent role in America's war on terror.

Saar paints a picture of a base where interrogations of often innocent prisoners have spiralled out of control, doing massive damage to America's image in the Muslim world.

Saar said events at Guantánamo were a disaster for US foreign policy. 'We are trying to promote democracy worldwide. I don't see how you can do that and run a place like Guantánamo Bay. This is now a rallying cry to the Muslim world,' he said.


King Goerge is too damned stupid to understand history, so he writes his own

Except this time, he's Hitler. You know, the one who started the war by invading another country who didn't and couldn't bother him? The one who means to impose his fascism on the whole world?

Is it just me, or does it insult anyone else when he talks to us as if we're as stupid as he is?

Beating Nazis was like War on Terror, says Bush

PRESIDENT Bush led VE-Day commemorations yesterday with a speech at a US military cemetery in the Netherlands in which he likened the fight against Nazism to the US-led War on Terror.

More bullshit "history," if you have the stomach for it.

Baptist bully hides from press, won't answer phone or questions on advice of his...gasp...trial lawyer!

He's turned his services into an amtalkinghead show: One-way sewage from total safety.

WAYNESVILLE, N.C. - A pastor who led a charge to kick out nine church members who refused to support President Bush was the talk of the town Saturday in this mountain hamlet, with ousted congregants considering hiring a lawyer.

Pastor Chan Chandler greeted people at the door of tiny East Waynesville Baptist Church on Saturday evening as the church choir practiced and even welcomed them to attend services Sunday morning — if there's room inside. But he was not prepared to talk about his mixing of religion and politics.

"On the advice of counsel, I've been advised not to have any comment at this time," Chandler told The Associated Press. "We will have a statement later."

Members of the congregation said Chandler told them during last year's presidential campaign that anyone who planned to vote for Democratic nominee John Kerry needed to leave the church.

Longtime member Selma Morris, who was treasurer at the church, said Chandler's sermons remained political after Bush won re-election. This past week, his comments turned to politics again at a church gathering that ended with nine members voted out.
Morris said Saturday that some of the ousted members planned to meet with an attorney on Monday to discuss their options. "We're hoping he (the attorney) will make him leave so that the church members can come back," she said.

"This is very disturbing," said Pastor Robert Prince III, who leads the congregation at the nearby First Baptist Church (and who should leave the Baptist ministry for disagreeing with Chandler, we presume). "I've been a pastor for more than 25 years, and I have never seen church members voted out for something like this."

Those who are still members did not know if the church would be open for services Sunday, or if Chandler would be in the pulpit to preach.

The 100-member East Waynesville Baptist Church sits on a bluff a short distance from downtown Waynesville, a mountain town about 125 miles northwest of Charlotte. A white steeple and stain glass windows adorn the simple brick structure, built in 1965, with a view of the mountains from the front steps.

Across the street sits the church's parsonage, a small brick ranch home with children's toys scattered in the front lawn. A small wooden sign out front reads simply "The Chandlers." No one answered the phone there on Saturday.

In the days since the nine members were ousted, many more members have reportedly left the church in protest.

"He went on and on about how he's going to bring politics up, and if we didn't agree with him, we should leave," Isaac Sutton told The News and Observer of Raleigh. "I think I deserve the right to vote for who I want to."

Sutton, a deacon who worshipped at East Waynesville Baptist Church for the past 12 years, said he and his wife were among the nine voted out.

"I've been going to this church for 25 years and I've never had a problem," Sutton's wife, Lorene, told The Associated Press on Friday. "He's young and he thinks he knows everything."
Other former members of the church declined to speak with a reporter Saturday, citing the advice of their attorney. But the furor over politics at the church was the talk of Waynesville, a community of about 9,200 residents.

"It's just an outrage for something like this to happen in America," said Heidi Jenkins, 52, as she held a garage sale at her home down the street from the church.

Prince said he noticed during the presidential campaign that more pastors made endorsements — although not from the pulpit — than in past years.

"It used to be that pastors would speak about the issues and not specific candidates," he said. "I think that line is being crossed."

A little background on "pastor" Scarborough who's spending zillions making a name for himself instead of on saving souls

Kevin Cole: The Tip of the Iceberg

You may remember that Kevin Cole - the Pearland, TX councilman who sent us a threatening, profanity-laced email in response to our work on - was also a deacon at First Baptist Church of Pearland.

Today, Pearland and First Baptist are on the front page of the Washington Post. Shailagh Murray profiles Rick Scarborough, a minister at First Baptist. Murray reports:

Scarborough is a potent force with close ties to House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) and influential Senate conservatives…Scarborough for years was little known outside of Texas despite long-standing ties to DeLay, who calls the preacher “one of my closest friends,” and his 2002 anointment by Jerry Falwell as one of the new leaders of the religious right in America.

Recently, Scarborough has gained recognition from his work to abolish the judicial filibuster. He organized the conference “Confronting The Judicial War On Faith Conference” in early April which featured an address by Tom DeLay. Scarborough also maintains a website,

Stopping judges brings sinners to Jesus? I guess this new movement means Billy Graham's last 50 years haven't been real ministry, huh?


Scarborough is thorn in Dr. First's side

It is a key test of the Christian right's political clout since last year's election, when Bush won a second term and Republicans strengthened their hold on Congress -- thanks in part to a record turnout of so-called "values voters." Anytime Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) or other GOP leaders appear to be backing away from a showdown with the Democrats over the filibuster, Scarborough and his backers are there to give them a shove. This helps to explain the protracted nature of the dispute and the challenge to GOP leaders to work out a compromise.


Freedom, King Goerge-style: Feds arrest two 16-year-old girls as potential suicide bombers

Hold them six weeks, quietly release them.

Don't you know they appreciate their role in making America safe from terists and for fiberty?


Any idiot who still believes Gulf War II is about Iraqi fiberty, read this. Then shut up.

King Goerge's ORIGINAL three reasons for invading Iraq were these: Saddam had WMDs, Saddam was behind 9/11, and the Iraqi people would welcome us with carpets of flowers. Everything else was post-invasion propaganda lies hauled out when the war went south in just a few days, and NO EVIDENCE of WMDs or 9/11 was found.

Feith accidentally says what he means. Oops.

I asked Feith if he would have recommended the invasion of Iraq if he knew then what he knows now.

“The main rationale was not based on intelligence,” Feith said. “It was known to anyone who read newspapers and knew history. Saddam had used nerve gas, he had invaded his neighbors more than once, he had attacked other neighbors, he was hostile to us, he supported numerous terrorist groups. It’s true that he didn’t have a link that we know of to 9/11 (DESPITE KING GOERGE'S HUNDREDS OF STATEMENTS TO THE CONTRARY). . . . But he did give safe haven to terrorists.”

Feith went on, “Given the ease, as everybody knows, with which one can reconstitute stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons if you have the capabilities which he had, I don’t think the rationale for the war hinged on the existence of stockpiles.” (EVEN THOUGH KING GOERGE AND EVERYONE ELSE SAID THOSE STOCKPILES EXISTED AND THEY KNEW EXACTLY WHERE THEY WERE) The postmortem reports of C.I.A. weapons inspectors confirm the view that Saddam remained interested in one day reconstituting his weapons-of-mass-destruction programs, Feith said, and went on, “There’s a certain revisionism in people looking back and identifying the main intelligence error”—the assumption of stockpiles—“and then saying that our entire policy was built on that error.” The case against Iraq, he argues today, was only partly about W.M.D.s. (CORRECT. THE OTHER TWO OFT-REPEATED REASONS WERE 9/11 AND CARPETS OF FLOWERS. THOSE ARE THE REASONS KING GOERGE GAVE FOR INVASION. EVERYTHING ELSE CAME WHEN THINGS SOUR.)

One day, I asked Feith to describe the importance to him of Lincoln. He admires Lincoln, he said, for many reasons, but in particular for the stalwart way that Lincoln confronted evil. When I suggested that Feith might also admire Lincoln because Lincoln shifted the rationale for his war in the middle of the fighting, Feith replied, with enthusiasm, “I never thought of that. That’s right.”

His answer surprised me. I had expected him to say something like “The Bush Administration has not changed the rationale for the war.”

The next morning, Feith telephoned. He had evidently been thinking about his answer, because he had searched out a better one. He found it in an article by Nicholas Lemann, published in this magazineshortly before the beginning of the war, in which Feith was quoted as saying: “When you can think that if we do things right, and if we help the Iraqis, and if the Iraqis show an ability to create a humane representative government for themselves—will that have beneficial spillover effects on the politics of the whole region? The answer, I think, is yes.”
He read this to me and added, “I must say, I’m damn proud of that sentence. That was right on the nose.”

Feith, though, had left out part of what he told Lemann. “Would anybody be thinking about using military power in Iraq in order to do a political experiment in Iraq in the hope that it would have positive political spillover effects throughout the region?” he asked Lemann. “The answer is no.” He continued: “What we would be using military power for, if we have to, would be the goals the President has talked about, particularly the elimination of the chemical and biological weapons (WHICH DIDN'T EXIST), and preventing Iraq from getting nuclear weapons.”

Much more

Bush's twisted--and just, plain wrong--version of history even worse than Reagan's...and that's saying something

(Continued from previous post, "King Goerge is the biggest idiot in history...a subject about which he knows absolutely nothing"

It's bad enough to have an ignorant president (sic). It's much worse when he talks to us as if we're as ignorant as he is.

Many critics, particularly Republicans, maintain that Roosevelt effectively sold out Eastern Europe at Yalta, while defenders say the conference simply recognized THE REALITY ON THE GROUND GIVEN THAT THE RED ARMY ALREADY CONTROLLED THE TERRITORY. Others point out that the Yalta agreement included Soviet commitments to free elections in countries like Poland, obligations it broke. That was the view of past presidents, including Ronald Reagan.

"Let me state emphatically, we reject any interpretation of the Yalta agreement that suggests American consent for the division of Europe into spheres of influence," Reagan said in August 1984. "On the contrary, we see that agreement as a pledge by the three great powers to restore full independence, and to allow free and democratic elections in all countries liberated from the Nazis after World War II."

Bush, re-writing two histories for the price of one lie, said "the legacy of Yalta was finally buried, once and for all," only when the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 and the Baltic states won their independence.