Saturday, April 30, 2005

Tony Blair is an even bigger slimebucket than King Goerge

Yet somehow Iraq still doesn't seem to be a re-election issue for King Goerge's bitch in England.

Blair hit by new leak of secret war plan

A SECRET document from the heart of government reveals today that Tony Blair privately committed Britain to war with Iraq and then set out to lure Saddam Hussein into providing the legal justification.


The only good rethuglicon is an incarcerated rethuglicon. Here's one more to be somebody's bitch in Cellblock D.

WASHINGTON (AFP) - A former top US education official pleaded guilty to charges after fraudulently claiming government pay while working or traveling on at least partly private assignments, the Justice Department said.

Former Deputy Undersecretary for Safe and Drug Free Schools with the Department of Education Eric Andell approved official travel for himself on 14 occasions from November 2002 to September 2003, to New York, Dallas, Texas, Detroit, Michigan, and Columbus, Ohio, the Department said.


King Goerge can afford two wars, but not Civil Rights Commission

Why do we have to go to England for, you know, journalism?

Citing mounting debt and projected budget shortfalls, the U.S. Civil Rights Commission announced Friday it will close two of its six regional offices, lay off four staff members and request free rent on its office space for one month.


Let's start doing what they do and just make things up and insist they're true

Brit Hume and FAUXNEWS strike again.


Our man in Iraq is simply a crook. Now he's in charge of their oil.

It's both a political cartoon and the truth.


The Vietnam War ended 30 years ago today

Why is there no "V-V Day" like "V-E Day" and "V-J Day" from WWII? Because we lost that war, one we never should have been in.

Kinda like Gulf War II now.

Remember our archives, lower right of page.

Military recruiting center attacked

Let's be clear: This is unacceptable. Such behavior kept us from ending the Vietnam War sooner, and will do the same for Gulf War II. Plus, it's just unacceptable.

But to apply the "logic" of the judge- and queer-hating fascists, it's not surprising when crooked recruiters draw fire.


Vietnam's lost lessons

War that ended 30 years ago still missing in most school curricula. We can only imagine what, if anything, school curricula will say about King Goerge's war of lies for oil.


Abu Ghraib JAG also covered up Vietnam atrocities

No, it's never most soldiers, which is why the few should be punished.

"It's as if the atmosphere is adjusting itself to the documents and their grim explorations: a baby is beheaded with the blade of a hunting knife because a soldier covets the child's symbolic Buddhist necklace; a farmer is shot in the face as he pleads for his life; and multiple grenades are lobbed at villagers who lay trapped and helpless at the bottom of bunkers where they were hiding."

The current Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, was also the Secretary of Defense under Gerald Ford when the original queries were buried.


Why does the Pentagon hate the National Guard?

Pro-caliber jocks get out of Army early; Guardsmen just keep on going and going...

A new policy is poised to go in place that could change the face of West Point athletics, allowing Army athletes in any sport who sign a pro contract to serve two years active duty and six in the reserves upon graduation. The proposal is expected to be approved by Army officials within weeks.

Former Army baseball/football player Josh Holden, an outfield prospect in the Cincinnati Reds organization, would be the first West Point graduate granted his release. He should finish his active duty on May 31. Reds assistant director of player personnel Grant Griesser expects Holden to report that day to Cincinnati's spring training facility in Sarasota, Fla. Holden used leave time to attend a portion of spring training.

And then there's...

Iowa Guard officer: Training in Texas inept

Commander of training brigade strongly disagrees.


The christian Army of our christian King Goerge recruits kids by showing them how to lie and pass drug tests

(High school student) McSwane contacted his local army recruiting office in Golden with a scenario he created. He told a recruiter that he was a dropout and didn't have a high school diploma.

"No problem," the recruiter explained. He suggested that McSwane create a fake diploma from a non-existent school.

McSwane recorded the recruiter saying that on the phone.

"It can be like Faith Hill Baptist School or something -- whatever you choose," the recruiter said.

As instructed, McSwane went on the computer to a Web site and for $200 arranged to have a phony diploma created that certified him as a graduate of Faith Hill Baptist High School, the very name the recruiter suggested. It came complete with a fake grade transcript.


Cancervative "Family Values" protects chickens more than women

Altman was on the committee that forwarded to a vote a bill protecting chickens from cockfighting, while tabling one that would have strengthened the punishment for second violations of domestic violence laws. That's SECOND violations.


Again, I lust heavily after Maureen Dowd

Mr. Bush wanted Iraq to have a democracy like ours. It's on its way, nearing an ethics-free zone where a corrupt official can hold sway and a theocracy can curb women's rights.


Friday, April 29, 2005

Convicted thief wins top rethuglicon award

Who else would qualify?

A man convicted of stealing more than $600,000 in a business loan scam received an award from the National Republican Congressional Committee honoring his business leadership and party support.

Ira Stern, 56, of Milford was among hundreds of people nationally to receive the 2004 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal award, Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Alex Burgos said Wednesday.


Not even the Moonie TIMES can spin this into, "He had/wanted WMDs."

And everyone seems to have forgotten King Goerge's other Big Lie for War, that Saddam was in on 9/11. What happened with that?


Tell librarians to stop helping terists and spies!

And kids with school projects, and stuff. And libruls who, you know, read books for pleasure. King Goerge must stop this madness of reading books!

Congress Pressed to Renew Library-Search Powers
Congress must keep U.S. libraries from becoming terrorist "havens" by renewing legislation that allows authorities to seize library and bookstore records, Bush administration officials testified on Thursday.

"Libraries should not be carved out as safe havens for terrorists and spies. We know for a fact that terrorists and spies use public libraries," said Ken Wainstein, U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia.

Wainstein appeared before the House of Representatives subcommittee on crime, terrorism and homeland security to support the Bush administration's drive to renew provisions of the USA Patriot Act which have been sharply criticized by civil-liberties advocates.


King Goerge, like, totally tells the Falwellian fascists to shut the hell up, already

Keep this and give it to every fascist yadda yadda you meet.

From his...uh..."press conference" the other night.

"I am mindful that people in political office should not say to somebody, you're not equally American if you don't happen to agree with my view of religion. As I said, I think faith is a personal issue, and I get great strength from my faith. But I don't condemn somebody in the political process because they may not agree with me on religion.

"The great thing about America, David, is that you should be allowed to worship any way you want, and if you choose not to worship, you're equally as patriotic as somebody who does worship. And if you choose to worship, you're equally American if you're a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim. That's the wonderful thing about our country, and that's the way it should be."

Interrogations "faked" at Gitmo to impress visitors?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Authorities at Guantanamo Bay staged interrogations of detainees for visiting politicians and generals to give the impression that valuable intelligence was regularly being gathered, according to a former Army translator at the camp.

Former Army Sgt. Erik Saar told CBS television show 60 Minutes that he believes "only a few dozen" of the 600 detainees at the camp were terrorists and that little information was obtained from them.

"Interrogations were set up so the VIPs could come and witness an interrogation ... a mock interrogation, basically," Saar told the program, to air on Sunday.

"They would find a detainee that they knew to have been cooperative. They would ask the interrogator to go back over the same information," he said, calling it "a fictitious world" created for the visitors.

Saar worked at Guantanamo from December 2002 to June 2003.


1578 KIA in Iraq, and still no WMDs or 9/11 proof

And only HALF of Americans polled think King Goerge lied to us to get his holy war for oil? For the other half, there are only two possibilities:

1. They don't realize that he lied.

2. They don't mind that he lied.

Don't tell me King Goerge doesn't run a fascist police state

Teachers Sue Over Arrest at Bush Rally

IOWA CITY, Iowa - Two teachers arrested at a 2004 campaign rally for President Bush and strip-searched at a county jail have filed a lawsuit alleging law officers conspired to violate their constitutional rights.

Alice McCabe and Christine Nelson, both in their 50s, were among five protesters arrested at the Sept. 3 rally. The pair were handcuffed, taken to the county jail, strip-searched and charged with criminal trespass. The charges were dropped months later.

"I believe the federal government behaved very badly in this situation," said David O'Brien, the women's attorney.

The lawsuit claims the strip search violated constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure. Typically suspects are searched only if authorities have cause to believe they possess a weapon or illegal drugs, O'Brien said.

"We don't think they had a reasonable belief that these two, 50-year-old school teachers had a weapon or contraband in their possession that day," O'Brien said, whose clients requested a jury trial and unspecified damages.

A spokesman for the U.S. attorney's office in Cedar Rapids said the office had not yet seen the complaint and could not comment.

McCabe and Nelson - described in the lawsuit as political novices motivated by their opposition to Bush administration policies in Iraq - attended the rally at a city park, where McCabe held a sheet of paper urging, "No More War," and Nelson wore a John Kerry button.

A Secret Service agent allegedly told McCabe, who was on a sidewalk near the rally, that she was on private property and would have to move. When they moved to a parking area, the agent approached again and repeated the order.

After asking why, McCabe was arrested by a state trooper. Nelson was arrested later by another trooper, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims the women's rights to free speech, free assembly, equal protection and due process were violated, and that federal agents conspired with local and state law enforcement to deprive them of those rights.

Named in the lawsuit were the Secret Service and three of its agents, the Iowa State Patrol and two patrolmen, and Linn County.

Secret Service "routinely" needs to know every reporter's race

What they should have said was, "When a black 'John Smith' registers, we want to make sure a black 'John Smith' shows up. If a white 'John Smith' shows up, we might pay extra attention." I can't think of another reason to care about a reporter's racial preference. I wonder when they'll have to declare their sexual and political preferences.

The Secret Service has requested racial information on journalists and guests scheduled to attend a reception tomorrow night with President Bush.

White House reporters said they were offended that after furnishing the customary information -- name, date of birth and Social Security number -- they were also asked for the race of each person expected to attend the small reception scheduled before the White House Correspondents' Association's annual dinner.

(Sidebar: Jim/Jeff Gannon/Guckert didn't get invited and is whining about it.)


If the moral yadda yaddas truly cared about "decency," they'd tell Der Ruschkopf and FAUXNEWS to stop lying

And, well, selling hatred of all thing librul based on those aforementioned lies.

The on-again, off-again battle to clean the airwaves of indecency is back on -- and it's moving to cable.


See? I'm not the only one who calls it "ethnic cleansing"

Gates: "Though I'm PERSONALLY against it, fascism fits our pro-monopoly (business) model."


FBI raids home of moral, christian yadda yadda fundraiser

FBI raids Noe's condo, seizes 'some property'

Investigators seek evidence of campaign-fund activity

The federal probe into whether local Republican fund-raiser Tom Noe was illegally funneling money to the Bush campaign had been ongoing for months. It reached a turning point Wednesday night.


When did this Navy vet start hating America?

"I am so disgusted with the actions of our government that I would rather eat my own excrement than shake most of their hands, and that includes the President."


WaPo exemplifies why the fascists hate the librulmedia

Journalism, i. e., reporting and analyzing, are librul, parroting and trumpeting lies and bullshit are "fair 'n balanced."

Bush Social Security Plan Would Cut Future Benefits

President Bush called on Congress last night to curtail future Social Security benefits for all but low-income retirees in an urgent new effort to address the popular program's shaky finances.

With virtually every Democrat, as well as many Republicans, opposed to his plan for private investment accounts, Bush sought to shift the focus of the Social Security debate to a new proposal that would reduce benefits more as workers' incomes rise.

(Reading this is much less painful than sitting through an hour of that drunk chimp's lies, bullshit and question avoidance, isn't it? Plus, now you know what he really said and what he really meant by all his lies and bullshit.)


Then let 'em sell M&Ms and cheese like teachers do

Dumsfeld says the Army is running out of money. That could be because they waste zillions every year on stupid stuff.

I'm going to start cataloging every stupid or worthless weapon system they waste my money on. For now, I'll remind everyone of how much they spent developing the new Stryker Armored Fighting Vehicle (armored car with wheels, not a tank). Except for being about 15% bigger, it's exactly the same vehicle as the 20-year-old (and highly reliable) LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) the Marines have been using happily for 20 years.

Then there's the newest replacement for the "aging" M-16 rifle, the XM-8. The XM-8 began life as part of a ridiculous, big, heavy, complicated, fragile and very expensive weapon I call the "Johnny Seven OMA (One-Man Army)" that I used to see advertised on Saturday mornings when I was a kid.

It looks like a really big Buck Rogers rifle, but it's actually a computerized launcher for 20mm rifle grenades that can be programmed to explode at any range instead of relying solely upon impact. Now here's the fun part. The predecessor to the XM-8 rifle was a removeable carbine built into the underside of the grenade launcher. The idea was that every grunt would have this big, heavy weapon, giving him rifle grenades and a carbine. It worked very well when it was clean and dry, and never got dropped.

Then they gave some of the prototypes to grunts for field testing. Verdict? Too heavy, too bulky, too delicate. All of which any soldier could have told them when the thing was on the drawing boards. Then some armchair generals realized it was also too expensive, and the weapon was cancelled.

So, not to be outdone, the Army contracted with Germany's fine gunmakers, Heckler & Koch, to finish developing the removeable carbine component. Zillions of my dollars later, we have the XM-8 rifle. Now, from all reports, it's an excellent rifle...rugged, accurate, reasonably lightweight. And it looks like a SuperSoaker, but that's okay. Problem is, it's still in 5.56X45mm (.223 caliber), the same round used in the venerable M-16. This is the round that killed and mutilated little people all over Vietnam, but now won't do that anymore because the Pentagon monkeyed with the rifle and its ammo so much after Vietnam was over. But that's another Rant&Rave.

Soldiers now say the 5.56mm round won't kill anybody. (The issue is, they're using Cold War leftover Armor Piercing ammo meant to defeat Soviet titanium body armor, which no one wears nowadays. Instead of tumbling on impact as the original bullet did from the original rifle barrel and causing horrific damage, the new AP bullet from the new barrel just pokes .22 caliber holes in "soft" targets.) They want bigger bullets and don't want the XM-8 despite my money having been spent to develop it.

Cue the NEXT new replacement for the M-16. It's the M468, essentially still an M-16, but now in 6.8mm (@.28 caliber) instead of 5.56mm (.22 caliber). From all reports, it's a fine rifle. But how many times did the Pentagon re-invent the wheel to get to it, and how much of my money did they waste along the way?

Remember how Dumsfeld and Co. didn't plan for this war, and early on they realized the soldiers didn't have nearly enough rifle and machine gun ammo to fight a real war? Yup, so the Pentagon then had to contract with Israel, England and Germany for 5.56mm rifle ammo and 7.62X51mm (.30 caliber) machine gun ammo.

But you know what you can do? You can go to such websites as and buy perfectly good surplus USGI 5.56 and 7.62 ammo TODAY. (I won't even go into the story I saw where GIs in Afghanistan blew up a huge pile--about half a million rounds-- of rifle and machine gun ammo just to train other GIs with explosives.) So I have to ask, if we were so short two years ago, why has there been a steady supply of surplus GI ammo on the civilian market?

I could go on and one, but I'll stop here. Ronald Dumsfeld can pay for the next stupid weapons system himself, and those Pentagon generals who want contracts for their friends in the defense industry can just go to work somewhere else when they retire.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

I didn't watch King Goerge's lies and bullshit last night

But those who did watch rejected his lies and bullshit 2 to 1.

There was no point in watching since we all knew in advance it would be lies and bullshit. So you'll have to tell me about his newest scams and snake oil. Have at it.

At least one (Aussie) general has the cojones to tell the truth about the...ahem...war on terism

Brigadier shocks and awes: there is no war on terrorism

War on terror 'a tactic' ... Brigadier Kelly.

The so-called global war on terrorism does not exist, a high-ranking army officer has declared in a speech that challenges the conventional political wisdom.


Again, this is unconstitutional. Always has been, always will be.

Texas School Board Adds Right-Wing Extremist Bible Class

And I quote: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." That means, among other things, that no law shall promote the establishment of A SINGLE religious point of view over all others. Nothing could be plainer.

The fascists hate "librul" judges for upholding the Constitution.

Just because a lot of people want it, that doesn't make it constitutional. (Remember separate-but-equal schools? These people want public schools to become all right-wing extremist private schools, and everybody else can go away. They believe the majority is supposed to marginalize the minority. They're redneck fascists whether we say so, or not; we may as well say so.)


The Man Who Should Have Been President

Al Gore gives fantastic history lesson; affirms everything I've said for over 30 years. The religious wrong want the very feudal theocracy that the Pilgrims came here 400 years ago to escape. They hate America, their ancestors hated America, and they're bound and determined to kill America and replace it with a feudal European theocracy.

Gore excerpts:

"Long before our founders met in Philadelphia, their forebears first came to these shores to escape oppression at the hands of despots in the old world who mixed religion with politics and claimed dominion over both their
pocketbooks and their souls.

This aggressive new strain of right-wing religious zealotry is actually a throwback to the intolerance that led to the creation of America in the first place.

James Madison warned us in Federalist #10 that sometimes, "A religious sect may degenerate into a political faction."

Unfortunately the virulent faction now committed to changing the basic nature of democracy now wields enough political power within the Republican party to have a major influence over who secures the Republican nomination for president in the 2008 election. It appears painfully obvious that some of those who have their eyes on that nomination are falling all over themselves to curry favor with this faction.

Much, much more. Read it all and pass it on.

Please visit Archives

See lower right of this page. Much has happened this week.

How long before Alabama starts burning books and rounding people up?

Cancervatroid fascist doublespeak: "Censorship isn't censorship." (Kinda like "Increased Pollution" means "Clear Skies Initiative," and "Saddam has WMDs" means "Saddam had No WMDs.")

You getting ready yet? If not, do you understand that they are?

(CBS) A college production tells the story of Matthew Sheppard, a student beaten to death because he was gay.

And soon, it could be banned in Alabama.

Republican Alabama lawmaker Gerald Allen says homosexuality is an unacceptable lifestyle. As CBS News Correspondent Mark Strassmann reports, under his bill, public school libraries could no longer buy new copies of plays or books by gay authors, or about gay characters.

"I don't look at it as censorship," says State Representative Gerald Allen. "I look at it as protecting the hearts and souls and minds of our children."

Books by any gay author would have to go: Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote and Gore Vidal. Alice Walker's novel "The Color Purple" has lesbian characters.

Allen originally wanted to ban even some Shakespeare. After criticism, he narrowed his bill to exempt the classics, although he still can't define what a classic is. Also exempted now Alabama's public and college libraries.


Doing something because it's good business is morally better than because it's the decent thing to do

Why do fascists consider discrimination "christian?"

Microsoft Criticized for Gay Rights Stance
Asked why Hewlett-Packard supported (the anti-discrimination bill), John Hassell, the computer maker's director of federal and state governmental affairs said: ''One word: competitiveness.''

''It's not just a nice-to-do thing. It's a requirement to be successful in the private sector,'' Hassell said.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

King Goerge scheduled to tell new lies about Social Security scam tonight

First press conference in over a year will interfere with "CSI," so adjust your vcrs and Tivos.

Democracy 1, fascism 0

House Votes to Reverse GOP Ethics Rules


Anti-God or pro-Constitution?

Hint #1: It's a very cancervative, little "christian" college.
Hint #2: "First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion..."


That's why they're called, "rights"

In the parallel universe of Cancervatron, only the "right" people on the "right" side of issues have civil rights. I mean, whoever heard of "civil lefts?"


If Spanish fags get married, death camps will spring up out of the ground

Cardinal compares gay marriage to Nazism. Doesn't mention that his ilk are the ones who'll be running the camps.

Gay rights groups in Spain reacted with anger on Wednesday after a Roman Catholic cardinal compared obedience to the legalization of same-sex marriage to the process that led to the creation of Nazi death camps, Agence France-Presse reports. "If you give obedience to the law priority over obedience to your conscience, that leads to Auschwitz," Cardinal Ricard Maria Carles, former archbishop of Barcelona, told a Spanish television station.

Spanish deputies last week approved a bill allowing gays and lesbians to marry and adopt children. The bill is expected to become law and would make Spain the third European country after the Netherlands and Belgium to do so. "The people who made Auschwitz were not criminals, but people who had been forced to, or thought they had a duty to, obey the laws of the Nazi government rather than their own conscience."


Secret Service wastes resources going after low-brow comedy skit

Is that all they have to do nowadays? Is this still America?


National Guardsmen denied Ground Zero retirement credit

Securing NYC and other sites on and after 9/11 didn't count because it was "state" mobilization, not "federal." Thankfully, a Democrat cared enough to start fixing the problem.


Beau Geste* goes to Iraq

(*At least they're using cardboard cutouts instead of dead buddies.)

Casualty-hit US marines use dummies to fool rebels

US marines who suffered the highest casualty rate of any unit in Iraq have revealed that they were so short of soldiers (sic) that they used cardboard dummies to fool insurgents into believing that they faced more men.

Company E of the First Marine Division dressed the cutouts in camouflage shirts and placed them in observation posts to trick Iraqi rebels into thinking that they were manned.


Fission Accomplished: World more dangerous than in past 60 years

King Goerge's personal War on Terr so successful, world terist attacks TRIPLED last year. No reason whatsoever to think KG's unprovoked invasion of Iraq contributed in any way to increased (Islamist) terist activity around the world. None. Nadda. Zip. The terists hate us for our freedoms, which explains why they're raising hell everywhere but here.

God's man in the White House. Strong leader. Stay the course. Let's roll. Bring 'em on. Smorty-smort, blort de blort.

But notice that with all the terist attacks around the globe, not one has taken place here since 9/11. So what does that tell you? And don't hand me that hooey about how "King Goerge scared them off," and "they're fighting in Iraq, so they can't get here." If you were a terist, would you rather blow up a truck carrying six GIs in Iraq, or a school bus carrying 50 kids in Cleveland?


"Stop being intolerant of our intolerance of you!"

Cancervative values: "Be like us, or die!"

Nation's largest mental health provider quietly appoints anti-gay therapist.

1. Be republican, or die.
2. Be "christian," or die.
3. Be straight, or die.
4. Be ____________, or die.
5. Be ____________, or die.

Feel free to add to the list.

I had no idea I was such a terrible person

I thought I just wanted the Constitution to apply equally to everyone. Apparently, God doesn't want that.

I'm glad they ARE christians and are NOT waging a culture war, aren't you?

Who Is 'Queering' America And Why?
By Linda Kimball

"The heart of the sons of men is full of evil, and madness is in their heart..." ~Eccl. 9:3

In the "American Dictionary Of The English Language, 1878," Noah Webster defined buggery as "a crime against nature; the unnatural and detestable crime of carnal intercourse of man or woman with a beast or of human beings unnaturally with each other; sodomy." And up until approximately 40 years ago all Americans believed that sodomy was unnatural and destestable and our society was such that it required people who engaged in it to keep that behavior out of 'sight,' and most importantly, away from our children. So how is it that in a relatively short time span Americans have not only come to accept sodomy as something 'natural, normal, and healthy' but are allowing their children to be instructed on how to become, in effect, 'buggerers'? The subversion and perversion of American social mores didn't occur either naturally or honestly. It was slyly contrived at by morally insane intellectuals and their acolytes.

Moral insanity is not to be confused with intellectual insanity, which is caused by chemical imbalances and such. Morally insane people retain their intellectual powers but set their will toward evil. They refuse to yield to the demands of their consciences and they discard their obligations of moral responsibiity towards everyone but themselves and the selfish ends they are in pursuit of. They follow dreams of their own fancy. They act as if truth were lies and lies were truth. Reality is redefined and redescribed to suit their pleasures and ungodly desires.

America's morally insane prevaricaters are the souless progeny of Lenin, who said, "(we) repudiate all morality that proceeds from supernatural ideas (religion).....everything is moral that is necessary for the annihilation of the old, exploiting social order..." (end quote) In other words, Natural Law, moral standards, truth, wisdom handed down through the ages, commonsense.....all are swept aside or perverted in favor of the evil whims, fancies, and lies conceived of in the corrupted minds of Lenin's maddened sons and daughters in order that they can annihilate America's traditional social order.

We know these blackhearted schemers in general terms like Leftists or Liberals. But more specifically, they are, for instance, neo-Marxist professors, activist judges, Hollywood actors/actresses, and the Dem. Progressive Caucus of the US House of Representatives. Read what the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) say with regards to the Progressive Caucus: (quote) "The DSA is the largest socialist organization in the US and a principle affilliate of the Socialist Internationalist. DSA's members are building progressive movements for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in American communities and politics. DSA is working in conjunction with the Congressional Progressive Caucus, a network of more than 50 progressive members in the US House of Rep." (end quote) Among the Dem. Progressive Caucus members are Bernie Sanders, Pelosi, DeFazio, Waxman, and Lewis. Go here to see a complete list:

The strategic goals being implemented within America by America's communist subversives were articulated in 1963 by the Hon. A.S. Herlong, Jr. of the Fla House of Representatives and are in the Congressional Record, Vol 109, 88th Congress, 1st Session.
documents/45_goals_of_communism.html Among other things, they conspired to get control of our schools; to debase our culture by degrading all artistic expression {ie.dung art, vomit art, crosses upside-down in urine, shapeless sculpture, etc);to take control of media (entertainment and news sources); eliminate obscenity laws on the contrivance that they infringe on free speech; capture one or both political parties; break down cultural standards of morality by promoting porn and obscenity; present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as 'normal, natural, and healthy" (note that homosexuality is bracketed with degeneracy); infiltrate churches and replace revealed religion with 'social religion'; discredit the Bible; eliminate prayer and all religious expression in schools on the ground that it violates 'separation of church and state" (which does not exist in our Constitution); discredit traditional family; encourage promiscuity and easy divorce."

The preceeding list is a damning indictment against America's blackhearted sons of destruction. It clearly evidences their cruel hypocrisy, gross deceptions, lies, and their outright evil. It also demonstrates how very successful they've been in underrmining and perverting our culture. In fact, they've been so sccessful that our culture has been turned into a sewer. We are not only a promiscuous, porn-saturated, fornicating, diseased culture of divorce, but one that celebrates 'buggery' and teaches it to its children.

Ours has become a 'culture of death" wherein we mindlessly celebrate killing our unborn as a 'liberating right' while simultaneously celebrating the destruction of the traditional family via divorce. But we also celebrate with 'pride' the extinguishing of life through the depositing of it in the human bodies' 'repository for waste matter".

Further evidence of their heinous 'culture of death' victories over America's traditional culture can be seen in the mind-boggling statistics regarding the plague of STDs sweeping our nation. The ASHA ( reported these statistics for 1998: approx. 65,000,000 cases of STDS, with relatively few curable at a cost of 8 billion a year to treat; 15,000,000 new cases every year; two thirds of all STDs are in the 25 or younger category; 1 in 4 occur in teens" (end quote) The CDC reported that it costs approximately $100,000 to treat just one AIDs patient, with an additional $20,000 yearly for drugs. Disease is not the only consequence of the bizarre social engineering that America's communists are subjecting our culture to. A growing contagion of sex crimes is another. Go here:
Porn-Crime-Link-RWP.cfm to read about the links between porn and sex crime.

Looking at these deadly statistics, can we believe anything other than that the Left are insane monsters? They've knowingly unleashed the destructive forces of sexual license upon America knowing in advance what the deadly outcome would be. These are the maddened offspring of past and present genocidal murderers, butchers who are responsible for exterminating 100,000,000 plus people and counting: Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler (was a socialist), Pol Pot, Kim Jung II, and Castro.

And to promote and enforce their agenda of moral degeneracy, death, and destruction, America's communists formed up an army of organizations to do their bidding. Among just a fraction of these are the ACLU, GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation); Lambda Legal, AFT (Am. Federation of Teachers), NEA (Nat'l Educators Assoc.); NOW; NARAL; Gay Straight Alliance Network; and GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, & Straight Educators Network). All of these, plus many more are boldly listed on the Communist Party USA website: The Human Rights Campaign, yet another 'gay' activist group, is found on various progressive websites, and it actively works against the appointment of strict Constitutionalist judges.

Americans,these evil people are teaching your children to become fornicating sodomites (buggerers). They don't care that your children are becoming diseased in the process. Keep in mind what Lenin, one of their "fathers" said to them: ".....everything becomes moral in pursuit of the annihilation of their (our) culture." Everything becomes 'moral', even turning children into diseased degenerates.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Justice Sunday Preachers

Senate majority leader Bill Frist appeared through a telecast as a speaker at "Justice Sunday," at the invitation of the event's main sponsor, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins. "Justice Sunday" was promoted as a rally to portray Democrats as being "against people of faith." Many of the speakers compared the plight of conservative Christians to the civil rights movement. But in sharing the stage with Perkins, who introduced him to the rally, Frist was associating himself with someone who has longstanding ties to racist organizations.

Four years ago, Perkins addressed the Louisiana chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC), America's premier white supremacist organization, the successor to the White Citizens Councils, which battled integration in the South. In 1996 Perkins paid former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke $82,000 for his mailing list. At the time, Perkins was the campaign manager for a right-wing Republican candidate for the US Senate in Louisiana. The Federal Election Commission fined the campaign Perkins ran $3,000 for attempting to hide the money paid to Duke.


Right-wing jihad

Self-righteous minority chips away at Americans' liberty

If the DeLay wing gets its way, the entire nation will live according to the rigid rules of a handful of self-righteous folks who distrust modernity. They would dictate the way we worship, live, work, have sex and even die.


Found! The overzealous GOP staffer responsible for all King Goerge's woes

This Modern World is always great.

Yanqui go home!

Fearing invasion by King Goerge, Chavez kicks US military out of Venezuela, probably because King Goerge supported an attempted coup to overthrow the democratically-elected Chavez.

Chavez -- in a speech Sunday during which he also confirmed that Venezuela was canceling a 35-year-old military exchange program with the United States -- also said that several other Americans were also caught taking pictures of an oil refinery. He did not say whether the woman had been released or provide other details about the incident.

Chavez suggested the two separate incidents could be a sign that President Bush's administration might be planning an invasion to take control of Venezuela's immense oil reserves, a charge he has leveled before and which the Washington has denied.


Monday, April 25, 2005

Dr. First caves in holy war, appeases those who hate people of faith

What a sissy. And all this time he wanted us to think he was a man of morals and principles. Turns out, he's just another lying fascist.


Bill Gates pays Ralph Reed $20K per month for "protection" from "christian" mafia thugs has learned that Microsoft is currently paying a $20,000 a month retainer to former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed's consulting firm Century Strategies. Which now begs the question of whether Reed was in any way involved with Microsoft's recent decision to abandon its decades long support for gay civil rights in order to curry favor with anti-gay bigots of the radical right.


1569 KIA in King Goerge's war for Iraqi oil

About those WMDs and connections to 9/11...

Saddam had no WMDs since right after Gulf War I

Yet millions of Americans will tell you he had them two years ago and meant to use them on us. Where do people get such wrong ideas? Let's see, the White House? FAUXNEWS? Amtalkingheadradio?


Syria didn't hide Saddam's WMDs...because he didn't have any

U.S. investigators hunting for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq have found no evidence that such material was moved to Syria for safekeeping before the war, according to a final report of the investigation released yesterday.


Mandate? What mandate?

Enrollment in Army ROTC Down in Past 2 School Years

Where are all the brave, young patriots King Goerge needs to fight his war for Iraqi oil?


The little civil war that may pre-empt big civil war

GOP finger-pointing begins; in-fighting may signal fascists' inability to start Civil War II anytime soon. Rest assured, they'll keep working on it.

Some congressional Republicans who have been trying to craft a Social Security reform package say their efforts have been undercut by an unlikely source: conservatives whose top priority is to restructure the program.

As President Bush has struggled to gain traction on Social Security reform, Republicans have repeatedly criticized Democrats for refusing to negotiate on changing the entitlement system.

But some say that Bush should look to his right for scapegoats if Congress does not pass a Social Security bill this year. They blame conservatives for drawing several lines in the sand and refusing to consider compromises.

Conservatives have been outspoken on what should — and should not — be in a Social Security reform measure. Outside groups that are a driving force in the GOP have attacked Republicans for suggesting that raising taxes could be part of reform legislation.


First commits political suicide and doesn't even know it...yet

But he will when he tries to run for king in 2008.

Disagreeing Without Demonizing

NCC General Secretary Challenges Planners of 'Justice Sunday' for Attacking Fellow Christians

A partisan political campaign to change the Senate filibuster rules has taken a detour through church-state territory, and NCC General Secretary Bob Edgar has challenged the tactics as "dangerous and divisive" to the nation's religious and public life. In a statement issued Tuesday, Edgar says:

"We are surprised and grieved by a campaign launched this week by Family Research Council and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who said that those who disagree with them on President Bush’s judicial nominees are 'against people of faith.'
"This campaign, which they are calling 'Justice Sunday,' should properly be called 'Just-Us' Sunday. Their attempt to impose on the entire country a narrow, exclusivist, private view of truth is a dangerous, divisive tactic. It serves to further polarize our nation, and it disenfranchises and demonizes good people of faith who hold political beliefs that differ from theirs.

"To brand any group of American citizens as 'anti-Christian' simply because they differ on political issues runs counter to the values of both faith and democracy. It is especially disheartening when that accusation is aimed at fellow Christians. The National Council of Churches encompasses more than 45 million believers across a broad spectrum of theology and politics who work together on issues important to our society. If they disagree with Senator Frist's political positions, are these 45 million Christians now considered 'anti-Christian'?

"In the spirit of 1 Timothy 6:3-5, we urge Senator Frist and the Family Research Council to reconsider their plan. We will be praying for the Lord to minister to them and change their hearts so that they will not continue to take our nation down this destructive path."


Fascism is on the march

Brownshirted bullies pretending to be christians harass the wife of Democrat senator. If you think you'll be safe, go stand in traffic.

Conservative Christian groups across the country staged a nationally broadcast rally Sunday night called "Justice Sunday."

The event's organizers say it is a call-to-action to put pressure on senate Democrats who've blocked conservative judicial nominees from getting a vote on from the full senate.

Colorado Sen. Ken Salazar, a democrat, has been fighting in the media with the conservative Colorado Springs-based group Focus on the Family for about a week now.

Salazar is in the political cross hairs of Christian conservatives who accuse him of supporting the so called "filibuster against faith."

Salazar's critics gathered at a Dairy Queen restaurant in Westminster owned by the senator's wife.

One supporter, Phillip Hendrix from Castle Rock said, "stop filibustering judicial nominations. Let some of these judges take their office."

The local tactic is part of a broader national strategy to put heat on senate Democrats who've been using the filibuster to block conservative judicial nominees from the federal bench.


First, DeLay, GOP, right-wing extremist fascist abomination completely out of touch with America and reality

As the Senate moves toward a major confrontation over judicial appointments, a strong majority of Americans oppose changing the rules to make it easier for Republican leaders to win confirmation of President Bush's court nominees, according to the latest Washington Post-ABC News Poll.

GOP leaders are threatening a rules change to prohibit the use of filibusters to block judicial nominees and have stepped up their criticism of the Democrats for using the tactic on some of Bush's nominees to the federal appellate courts. They say they are prepared to invoke what has become known as the "nuclear option" to assure that Bush's nominees receive an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor.

But by a 2-1 margin, the public rejected easing Senate rules in a way that would make it harder for Democratic senators to prevent final action on Bush's nominees. Even many Republicans were reluctant to abandon current Senate confirmation procedures: Nearly half opposed any rules changes, joining eight in 10 Democrats and seven in 10 political independents, the poll found.


They hand out torches and pitchforks, and then run away from their extremist language

See how many fascists want to either use the "nuclear option," or "blow the (Senate) up."


Why is this even necessary? Because they're fascist bullies, that's why.

Loosening Religious Grip at Air Force Academy

The school launches a sensitivity course in response to complaints about evangelical Christians infringing on other faiths.
Mikey Weinstein, an academy graduate and lawyer in Albuquerque, has a son who is a sophomore at the school. The cadet has been called a "filthy Jew," among other things, Weinstein said.

"This is not a Jew-(right-wing extremist) Christian thing, it's an evangelical versus everyone else thing," he said. "I am calling for congressional oversight and for the academy to stop trivializing the problem by calling it nonsystemic. If they can't fix it and Congress won't fix it, the next thing to do is go to the federal court and file a lawsuit alleging a violation of the Constitution and civil rights."


The Republican Party Loyalty Oath, Courtesy of Kim Jong Il of North Korea

Here is what BuzzFlash believes Republicans at the highest levels must swear to:

All Republican Party members have to:

1. Dedicate ourselves to struggle to arouse the whole society in pursuing the theocracy implemented by the great President chosen by God, George W. Bush.

2. To offer our highest loyalty to the anointed President, George W. Bush.

3. To make absolute the authority of the wartime leader, George W. Bush.

4. To believe in the Biblical one-party state thought of the great President, George W. Bush, and to maintain the uniformity of the messages of the President.

Each Republican Party member must also observe the following principles:

5. A Party member only recognizes the authority of President George W. Bush and the Republican Congress -- and Judicial appointees handpicked to carry out the orders of the great President.

6. A Party member accepts unconditionally the teachings of the President and regards them as a yardstick for making all decisions.

7. When making reports, discussing a topic, giving a lecture, or quoting from documents, one has to refer to the President's message of the day and Biblical worldview and never speak or write about something inconsistent with the President's views.

Sounds pretty accurate to us, doesn't it to you?


Could you be a Democrat?

Although Democrats have been taking a beating at election time, polls keep indicating broad public support for Democratic ideas and ideals, and dissatisfaction with the direction and aims of Bush and his party. There seem to be a lot of people out there who, for one reason or another, don't know they're Democrats. If you have any of these people among your friends and acquaintances, you might want to pass along this statement of Democratic beliefs and values to help them realize who they really are:


Civil war at White House spokeschannel FAUXNEWS

It's fun ot watch the fascists eat their young, isn't it?


Ministry of Truth sweeps information under vast carpet

WASHINGTON -- Federal agencies under the Bush administration are sweeping vast amounts of public information behind a curtain of secrecy in the name of fighting terrorism, using 50 to 60 loosely defined security designations that can be imposed by officials as low-ranking as government clerks.


Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Immorality Play of Injustice Sunday

Welcome to Injustice Sunday.

Today, if all goes as planned, Kentucky will play host to a well-scripted immorality play in which political and religious extremists pummel truth beyond recognition and twist Christianity into an ugly caricature of itself in their crusade to give Dubya the opportunity to perform an extreme makeover on the federal courts, packing their benches with enough "faith first, law last" judges to tilt our legal system dangerously toward the model of the Spanish Inquisition.

To achieve their goal, they will pull a couple of pages from the Neo-con Republicans Political Playbook.

So, expect someone, perhaps Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (he of the long-distance medical diagnosis who once again is reaching out from afar to kiss up to the religious extremists) to repeat the hogwash he and others have been spreading lately: that Senate Democrats' threat to filibuster some of Dubya's more controversial appellate nominations is unprecedented.


They never run out of things to lie about

Or lies to tell, or people to demonize in their blasphemy and hypocrisy.

"Dems hate people of faith!"

...(of) the hundreds of President Bush’s judicial nominations who have been confirmed, a number of those who preside over the nation’s most influential courts - the circuit courts - as well as district courts are unapologetically faithful. The list includes:

Judge Jay Bybee of the 9th Circuit Court: “a returned missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and a legal scholar who has been on the fast track since he was a Hinckley scholar at Brigham Young University.” [Source]

Judge D. Brooks Smith of the 3rd Circuit Court: In 2000, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Alttona-Johnstown (PA) awarded Judge D. Brooks Smith the Prince Gallitzen. Established in 1990, the award is given to those who “exemplify in their discipleship the evangelizing characteristics of the Reverend Priest and Prince Demetrius Augustine Gallitzin. These men and women through their lives and ministry in the Church have been a light to those around them.” [Source]

Much more, all worth reading

Theologian is "furious" with Dr. First

Consult the Sightings archive and you will find few columns that display a preoccupation with the Christian right. Many do discuss the evangelical cohort -- fundamentalist, evangelical, Pentecostal, Southern Baptist, conservative Protestant -- because more than one fourth of Americans are adherents thereto. However, our mission, to help frame issues rather than to spew ideology, has us keeping doors open, lines fluid, witnesses on all sides heard, poles depolarized, etc. Predictability is an enemy of good journalism, and we don't want to be about the business of knee jerking. Something has to be really egregious, outrageous, and dangerous to the republic before we venture forth. This week something is.

I was moved to write this column because I received an email this week asking why progressives, liberals, and moderates in religion don't fire back when something offensive gets lobbed from the right, and had to confess, "I don't know." Yes, there is Jim Wallis, an evangelical himself, best-selling as a counter-attacker. Yes, there is the Interfaith Alliance, steadfast and steady. The budget of all such individuals and groups, however, is exceeded by two minutes of fundraising yield on, say, one Pat Robertson TV program. Why not counterattack? While the politically far right minority in the camp mis-dubbed "evangelical" is mobilizable because their churches and movements make a virtual creed out of certain political commitments, "mainline" Catholics, Protestants, and Jews include people from a spectrum of political commitments, and don't want to march lockstep.

Much more

"Judges need to be intimidated" – Tom DeLay, 1998

The right’s demagoguery on “liberal-judicial activism” paid off in no small way; by 1995 its political machine of little Tom DeLays was ruling the people’s House. Three years later the machine had cranked up the liberal-activism hysteria to the point that it finally met with opposition.


Meet Ralph Reed: "christian," fascist, political wannabee, Rev. Moon's bitch

Word that Ralph Reed plans to seek the lieutenant governorship of Georgia signals what friends say is the former Christian Coalition executive director’s ultimate ambition — 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Associates say Mr. Reed, 43, whose picture first appeared on the cover of Time magazine nearly 10 years ago, hopes to use the lieutenant governor’s job to position himself to run for Georgia governor. Friends also say the Atlanta-based consultant’s long-held ambition is ultimately to win for himself the Republican presidential nomination that, as a campaign adviser, he has helped others to seek.

The association of Mr. Reed’s Atlanta consulting firm, Century Strategies, with two Republicans at the center of a federal gambling investigation involving Indian tribes and casinos has been mentioned in the state’s generally Democrat-leaning newspapers, but neither the press nor the state Democratic Party has gone after Mr. Reed. (More…)

The Washington Times is covering for Tom DeLay and deflecting linkage (through lobbyist Jack Abramoff) of DeLay’s ethical lapses to Reed; killing two birds with one stone. If anyone needs reminding, the Washington Times is owned by Sun Myung Moon, one of Ralph Reed’s supporters and benefactors.


DeLay is a crook, whore, abomination and asshole

Reagan said, "I don't remember" to get out of trouble. The new criminal mantra is, "I didn't know that happened."

DeLay Airfare Was Charged To Lobbyist's Credit Card

The airfare to London and Scotland in 2000 for then-House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) was charged to an American Express card issued to Jack Abramoff, a Washington lobbyist at the center of a federal criminal and tax probe, according to two sources who know Abramoff's credit card account number and to a copy of a travel invoice displaying that number.

DeLay's expenses during the same trip for food, phone calls and other items at a golf course hotel in Scotland were billed to a different credit card also used on the trip by a second registered Washington lobbyist, Edwin A. Buckham, according to receipts documenting that portion of the trip.

House ethics rules bar lawmakers from accepting travel and related expenses from registered lobbyists. DeLay, who is now House majority leader, has said that his expenses on this trip were paid by a nonprofit organization and that the financial arrangements for it were proper. He has also said he had no way of knowing that any lobbyist might have financially supported the trip, either directly or through reimbursements to the nonprofit organization.


GOP civil war foreshadows our national Civil War II

Chamber of Commerce has bigger cojones than Microsoft has.

The country's leading business lobbying associations, close GOP allies in recent legislative efforts and political campaigns, have told senior Republicans that they would not back the Frist initiative to force votes on President Bush's judicial nominees.

Business leaders say they fear the move would lead to a shutdown of Senate action on long-awaited priorities — as Democrats have threatened if Frist moves ahead with a rule change that they say would drastically alter the traditions of a body designed to respect the rights of the minority party.

"If we do that, then all else is going to stop," Thomas J. Donohue, head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, said during a meeting with reporters Friday.


Frist Draws Criticism From Some Church Leaders

Well, it's about time.

As the Senate battle over judicial confirmations became increasingly entwined with religious themes, officials of several major Protestant denominations on Thursday accused the Senate Republican leader, Bill Frist, of violating the principles of his own Presbyterian church and urged him to drop out of a Sunday telecast that depicts Democrats as "against people of faith."

Among those scheduled to speak in the conference call is the Rev. Clifton Kirkpatrick, a top official of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A., in which Dr. Frist is an active member.

"One of the hallmarks of our denomination is that we are an ecumenical church," Mr. Kirkpatrick said in an interview on Thursday. He also said, "Elected officials should not be portraying public policies as being for or against people of faith."


Call their move toward a feudal theocracy what it is, and you'll get bombarded by hate emails and threats

WASHINGTON - The phones rang a couple times each minute. E-mails came fast and furious. And by the close of business Friday, Sen. Ken Salazar's staff had heard from thousands of folks either angered or heartened by his verbal attack on the state's biggest evangelical Christian group.

Salazar won back some old friends and made some new political enemies this week, after he accused Colorado Springs-based Focus on the Family of using "un- Christian" political tactics to clear the way for controversial judicial nominees.

Much more

Will the new nazi pope deny communion to King Goerge's warmongers... he ordered done to Kerry and his supporters last year?

Or, like American right-wing extremists, does he only care about abortions and queers, to the exclusion of behaviors that actually matter? (Expect to hear the canned answer, "That's diff'runt.")


If they're really born-again, why are they still assholes?

Deb Comer, an American living in the United Kingdom, writes to ask: "What is happening to our country? Why do so many people appear to be part of God-based hate groups?"

To answer her question, it’s necessary to understand the fundamental goal of the fundamentalist Christians: To deny basic human rights to segments of society they deem unworthy in their god’s eyes. They believe that Americans should reject the Constitutional concept of equality in favor of their religious caste system. They seek to legally stigmatize all non-fundamentalist Christians.

Historically, Christianity has been used to justify such atrocities as the genocide of Native Americans and the institution of slavery; current favorite targets include women, gays, atheists, and pro-choice supporters.

In recent years, however, it seems that religion - as a political tool used to solidify voting blocs and foment divisiveness - has become both common and acceptable.

The right-wing religion of hatred gained a strong foothold during the election of 1980. From Gambling with History by Laurence Barrett: "[Ronald Reagan] was…the uncomfortable ally of the politically militant religious right typified by the Reverend Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority. During the 1980 campaign Reagan welcomed that faction’s blessing, appeared at some of its functions and committed himself to its agenda." Falwell’s socio-religious message has always been about exclusion and punishment - even to the point of stating that those he holds in disfavor were responsible for God "allowing" the mass murders of September 11, 2001.

Endorsing right-wing religious extremism in this fashion was rewarding for Mr. Reagan in two elections, and this lesson was not lost on George H. W. Bush in his 1988 presidential campaign. "Bush praised a hero of the fundamentalist Religious Right, television evangelist Jerry Falwell…After Falwell endorsed [Bush’s] presidential aspirations, Bush complimented him for his ‘moral vision.’" (The Acting President, Schieffer and Gates)

During the Clinton years religion-inspired hate groups certainly did not diminish, but the key issue is that they were afforded no legitimacy by Mr. Clinton’s administration. This of course changed with the arrival of George W. Bush in 2001. His Republican Party is intent on using religion as the fulcrum by which they’ll push America to the extreme far-right - perhaps irretrievably so.

Let’s look at just two examples of what has become acceptable in the new climate of religious intolerance.

From the Los Angeles Times (10/16/03): "The Pentagon has assigned the task of tracking down and eliminating Osama bin Laden…to [Lt. General William Boykin] who sees the war on terrorism as a clash between Judeo-Christian values and Satan." Boykin, referring to a Muslim opponent, commented that "I knew my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol." Here we have a high-ranking American military officer - sworn to uphold the Constitutional concept of religious freedom - blatantly expressing his intolerance of non-Christians.

Excerpted from a New York Times editorial (4/16/05): "Right-wing Christian groups and the Republican politicians they bankroll have done much since the last election to impose their particular religious views on all Americans. But nothing comes close to the shameful declaration of religious war by Bill Frist, the Senate majority leader…Frist is to appear on a telecast sponsored by the Family Research Council, which styles itself as a religious organization…The message is that the Democrats who oppose a tiny handful of President Bush’s judicial nominations are conducting an assault ‘against people of faith.’ By that, Senator Frist and his allies do not mean people of all faiths, only those of their faith."

Historically - legally - religion in this country has been a matter of personal choice, but that is changing. Extremist Christians and their powerful political allies would force us to choose between the Constitution and the Bible, between the Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments.

We return, then, to Ms. Comer’s original question: "Why do so many people appear to be part of God-based hate groups?" In many respects, the answer is simple. Religious intolerance is nothing new, even in this country. In recent years, however, that intolerance has found a voice among presidents and congressional leaders; it has been legitimized at the very heart of our democracy.

For those who trumpet Ronald Reagan’s presidential accomplishments, this might be his most lasting legacy - he taught his fellow Republicans that riding on the shoulders of a hateful and divisive god can be a winning presidential strategy.

If you believe it can't happen here, go stand in traffic

It's already happened here. Ever heard of the christian KKK?

Right-wing extremist militias are waiting for the "Go" order. They will come for you. Will you be ready? I will. I already am.

"If they find us, they will kill us"
ZEINAB ABUKAR was terrified. We found her cowering with a group of women among the thorn bushes and scrub of the bone-dry Abu Ghadim wadi. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights, her black eyes flashed quickly from side to side as she calculated whether or not to make a run for it.

“If they find us, they will kill us,” she said of the pro-government Janjawid Arab militia who still roam at will across this barren landscape near Sudan’s border with Chad.

More, and it can happen here, and will if the religious wrong get their way.

Pentagon leans fascist, launches new Weapon of Mass Distraction in war of terror on its own people

War on its own people...wasn't that reason #84,762 King Goerge gave for toppling Saddam? (I mean, after all the lies about WMDs and 9/11.)

Everybody who believes they'll enforce this when a hooker at a strip joint honks Bobo's nose for a straight GI, go stand in traffic.

Changes sought in anti-sodomy law

The Pentagon is asking Congress to change the military's anti-sodomy law so it can be enforced under a "good order and discipline" standard, although the armed services would continue their ban on open homosexuals in the ranks.

"The 'don't ask, don't tell' policy is the policy," declared Pentagon spokesman Larry Di Rita, referring to the ban's nickname. "It's not going to change. There's nobody here contemplating changing it."

What the Pentagon is proposing is an attempt to fall in line with the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down a state law banning consensual sodomy.

The Pentagon sent a proposal to Congress on April 7 asking it to strike the consensual sodomy ban from Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). But it also plans to amend a regulation called the Manual for Courts-Martial that guides military lawyers. The amendment adds the words "consensual sodomy" to conduct that can be prosecuted under the UCMJ's Article 134 as "prejudicial to good order and discipline."

What this means is that the Pentagon will continue to consider sodomy a crime. It will prosecute sodomy cases when the conduct is done during adultery, homosexual acts or other instances considered detrimental to good order and discipline.

"The fact is that that particular act will continue to be a crime under the Uniform Code of Military Justice," Mr. Di Rita told reporters at the Pentagon. "It's just got to do with how it's identified in the code. It's more of a legal harmonization with case law."

More, but only if you have the stomach to read this Moonie fishwrap.

What if religion was based on Jesus instead of men?

What if Catholicism were based on Jesus instead of Peter? What if protestantism was based on Jesus instead of Paul?

22 Questions for Cardinal Ratzinger and the Silver Lining in the Election of this first Grand Inquisitor as Pope

More, and we should demand answers to these questions.