Saturday, April 16, 2005

Boy, the stock market really sucks, doesn't it?

And this is where King Goerge wants to put our Social Security money.

For the record: Worst period in two years. How much money would that cost each of us if the fascists had their way about Social Security?

Dems wilt under the slightest pressure

Wimp out on Social Security lie scam because some dumbass focus group says they shouldn't be obstinate? Please.

Write these Democrat sissies and tell them two things:

1. Tell that focus group that being obstinate is patriotic when a criminal king wants to turn our money over to his criminal friends on Wall Street.

2. Tell that focus group to shut up and sit down.

Like I've been saying for three years, THERE ARE NO TERISTS who hate us for our freedoms and want to kill us all

If there were, they'd have done something since 9/11. How hard would it be to blow up a school in every state capitol at the same time on the same day? Why aren't they doing that, or something like it?

HELSINKI – Terrorist groups cannot and don't want to make weapons of mass destruction, former UN chief weapons inspector Hans Blix said yesterday.

At a Helsinki conference called "WMD terrorism: How scared should we be?", Mr Blix said he was just as concerned about global warming as with terrorists getting weapons of mass destruction.
"Support and co-ordination from states would be needed for terrorists to produce WMDs," he said.

Mr Blix acknowledged, however, the risk of terrorists getting weapons of mass destruction was "not zero" and called for more preventive measures.


The next rethuglicon who says libruls cut the Pentagon's budget because they hate the military is gonna get a slappin'

Yeah, I know the Moonie TIMES is fishwrap. But I saw the headline someplace else, so cut me some slack.

Chinese arms for Iraq?

The U.S. Army is considering buying a large number of AK-47 assault rifles and other small arms from, of all places, China. The guns would be used to equip the new Iraqi army, we are told.
The planned arms purchase is meeting some resistance within the Pentagon from officials who say Beijing should not be rewarded with an arms contract. China opposed the liberation of Iraq, and tried to arm Saddam Hussein's regime.
(But) One Pentagon official said buying Chinese rifles for the Iraqis is "just stupid" for a number of reasons. One is that Iraq remains awash in weapons, including thousands of new AK-47s, many of which are brand-new and packed in boxes.


She fought back; you'd better get ready to do it, too

Former Northern Waters library head rewarded for taking on the FBI
$25,000 prize slated for libaray foundation

The former head of Ashland's Northern Waters Library System has been named as winner of a prestigious First Amendment award.
Joan Airoldi, a librarian and library director in Whatcom County in rural Washington State, challenged an FBI effort to search patron records as an unconstitutional fishing expedition by federal officials.


Dr. Dean grows a spine and stands up to Dr. First and Co.

This is why the fascists oppose stem cell research and cloning: They're afraid more of us will also grow spines and fight back.


Science has never hated religion, but fascist abominations hate science because it threatens their control over people who prefer to be free

DEATHS from cervical cancer could jump fourfold to a million a year by 2050, mainly in developing countries. This could be prevented by soon-to-be-approved vaccines against the virus that causes most cases of cervical cancer - but there are signs that opposition to the vaccines might lead to many preventable deaths.

The trouble is that the human papilloma virus (HPV) is sexually transmitted. So to prevent infection, girls will have to be vaccinated before they become sexually active, which could be a problem in many countries.

In the US, for instance, religious groups are gearing up to oppose vaccination, despite a survey showing 80 per cent of parents favour vaccinating their daughters. "Abstinence is the best way to prevent HPV," says Bridget Maher of the Family Research Council, a leading Christian lobby group that has made much of the fact that, because it can spread by skin contact, condoms are not as effective against HPV as they are against other viruses such as HIV.

"Giving the HPV vaccine to young women could be potentially harmful, because they may see it as a licence to engage in premarital sex," Maher claims, though it is arguable how many young women have even heard of the virus.


Is Gonzales deaf, or just another liar in King Goerge's fascist junta?

"And I've yet to hear a strong argument as to why the Patriot Act should not be reauthorized.'' (Alberto Gonzales U.S. Attorney General, San Francisco Chronicle)

There is a bi-partisan, grassroots rebellion afoot in American, a movement to resist the USA PATRIOT Act. The Bush Administration, United Stated Congress and mainstream media had better stand-up and take notice as pressure builds to reform provisions of the Act that violate American civil liberties.

As the USA PATRIOT Act is scheduled up for renewal in the U.S. Congress, 5 states* and 378 cities, counties and municipalities have passed resolutions calling on their representatives to take a hard look at eliminating the worst elements of the Act and bringing it into line with U.S. Constitutional guarantees of civil liberties.

Fourteen other red and blue states from Wyoming to Massachusetts have similar resolutions in various stages of development, creating what the Bill of Rights Defense Committee calls "Civil Liberties Safe Zones."


Constitution 1, Big Brother 0

Controversial Terror Database Closing Down; we ain't out of the woods yet, though

A three-year-old crime and terrorism database that came under fire for sharing and collecting personal information was closing down Friday because a federal grant ran out.

Elements of the Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange — Matrix — may live on if individual states decide to fund it on their own, said Bob Cummings, executive vice president for the Institute for Intergovernmental Research in Tallahassee, which helped coordinate the Matrix network.


It didn't work 40 years ago, and it won't work now.

But I do wish these flowergrandchildren would study history and avoid making the same mistakes we made back then. They don't have nearly as much time to waste as we did. LBJ wasn't trying to turn America into a feudal theocracy the way King Goerge is. LBJ was just an @$$#+(*. King Goerge is a fascist.

Campus cops pull the plug on student anti-war rally.


Who Would Jesus Torture?

Terror suspects sent to torturing regimes. And what has it accomplished?

LONDON -- Britain and other Western nations are meeting the terror threat by sending suspects to regimes that employ torture, a report published Friday says.

The damning 91-page report compiled by Human Rights Watch says dozens of terror suspects have been deported to torturing regimes on the basis of "flimsy" assurances the suspects will not be abused. Most claim to have been tortured.

The report criticizes the British government for adopting a policy of "extradition at all costs" to avoid the difficulties of monitoring suspects who cannot be tried because of insufficient evidence.


South Korea doesn't want King Goerge to rule the world.

Or South Korea, for that matter*.

Koreans expose US plan of action

SOUTH Korea's National Security Council has disclosed it recently vetoed a US plan to mobilise a joint military operation in the event of North Korea's internal collapse.

In a move certain to further damage relations between South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun's administration and the US, the NSC yesterday revealed it had halted operational planning requested by Washington for a range of North Korean contingencies, from mass defections to regime change or a serious revolt.
"*After reviewing it, the NSC determined that some points in the plan could serve as factors limiting South Korea's exercise of its sovereignty," South Korea's peak security co-ordination agency said.


Americablog has some good stuff on the upcoming fascist theocracy we must prevent at all costs

People are beginning to accept what the GOP and the religious wrong have in store for America. Not that it does any good, but I've been trying to get people to listen for over 30 years. Better late than never, but never is getting close. Are you getting ready in all respects to stop them?

Click headline and read three posts in this order:

1. What exactly is the Theocrat's real Agenda?

2. Scalia's Sodomy Questioner Responds

3. Scalia and Sodomy, Part II

Friday, April 15, 2005

King Goerge, like, totally caves on Social Security scam of lies

What's the sound of a gigantic, royal flip-flop? Ker-SPLATT!

White House signals (caves) flexibility (flip-flip) on Social Security

The White House signaled for the first time today that it may be (getting its ass kicked) willing to compromise on how private retirement accounts are created as part of a Social Security overhaul, as President Bush continued to push for major changes in the nation's biggest retirement program.


National Guard units train to stop religious wrong's civil war

It may have just gotten a tad harder to turn America into a theocratic feudal Europe.

(But don't you agree that "ne'er-do-wells" is a generous term for the fascist abominations who are trying to turn our country into a feudal theocracy?)

Special Guard Units Prepare for Domestic Terrorism

RICHLAND, WA The National Guard is preparing for domestic terrorism, not just attacks from foreigners. Special teams from the Northwest are training this week at a facility in the Tri-cities.

The scenario: a standoff between authorities and a religious cult. Officials suspect the group has stockpiles of dangerous chemicals or radioactive material.

Emergency trainer Matt Fox is teaching National Guard Teams from Washington, Idaho and Alaska what to do.

Matt Fox: "Anytime you're dealing with ne'er-do-wells you make entry into established compounds there have been booby traps found, from something as simple as fish hooks to something as extravagant as explosives."

The teams are training for three days at a special Department of Energy facility called HAMMER. The units are specially equipped with portable labs.

Although they're part of the National Guard they do not travel oversees and are deployed domestically to respond to terrorism threats.

Barricades go up in front of Dr. First's blitzkrieg of abomination

Senator Reid's Statement

I am disappointed that in an attempt to hide what the debate is really about, Senator Frist would exploit religion like this. Religion to me is a very personal thing. I have been a religious man all my adult life. My wife and I have lived our lives and raised our children according to the morals and values taught by the faith to which we prescribe. No one has the right to judge mine or anyone else’s personal commitment to faith and religion.

God isn’t partisan.

As His children, he does ask us to do our very best and treat each other with kindness. Republicans have crossed a line today. America is better than this and Republicans need to remember that. This is a democracy, not a theocracy. We are people of faith, and in many ways are doing God’s work. But we represent all Americans, regardless of religion. Our founding fathers had the superior vision to separate Church and State in our democracy. It is a fundamental principle that has allowed our great, diverse nation to grow and flourish peacefully. Blurring the line between Church and State erodes our Constitution, and our democracy. It is a blatant abuse of power. Participating in something designed to incite divisiveness and encourage contention is unacceptable. I would hope that Sen. Frist will rise above something so beyond the pale.

Are you enjoying The Hypocrisy Show as much as I am?

It's as if they're trying to see who can act like the biggest jerk.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A state senator sponsoring a constitutional amendment aimed at "solemnizing the relationship of one man and one woman" is accused in a divorce case of cheating on his wife.

State Sen. Jeff Miller, a Republican from Cleveland, is accused of "inappropriate marital conduct" in a divorce complaint filed Feb. 25 in Bradley County.

The senator's March 2 answer to the complaint "vehemently denies" any inappropriate marital conduct.

"He is very hypocritical, fighting for the sanctity of marriage and not keeping his own," the senator's wife of 15 years, Bridgitte Suzanne Miller, said in a report in the Chattanooga Times Free Press.


How "christian" is King Goerge?

Ummm...not at all?

How Christian is George W. Bush? I must answer adamantly, “Not very!” At the outset, one risks the danger of being judgmental. Here are a few reasons why I’ll take that risk.
On March 8 in Washington, D.C., several faith groups met to critique the 2006 Federal Budget Plan and denounced it as “unjust.” Leaders of five mainline Protestant denominations (Episcopal Church USA, Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, Presbyterian Church USA, United Church of Christ, and United Methodist Church) strongly denounced Bush’s 2006 Federal Budget Plan. The group said, “The 2006 federal budget that President Bush has sent to Capitol Hill is unjust,” charging that the budget would move 300,000 people off food stamps, cut day care programs for 300,000 children, and reduce funding for Medicaid by roughly $45 billion over the next decade. These church leaders iterated, “For even as it reduces aid to those in poverty, this budget showers presents to the rich. ... Jesus makes clear that perpetrating economic injustice is among the gravest of sins. If passed in its current form, it would take Jesus’ teaching on economic justice and stand it on its head.”


And so the purge begins, and I ask again: Will you be ready when they come for you?

Do they realize we just got a convert?

Judge in Schiavo case asked to leave church

Judge George Greer, a Florida county judge in the spotlight three times for ordering Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube removed, was advised by his Southern Baptist pastor to leave the congregation—despite the judge’s reputation as a conservative Republican and conservative Christian.


Open letter to Dr. First

Senator Bill Frist is scheduled to participate soon in a telecast
portraying Democrats as being against "people of faith" because they oppose President Bush's judicial nominees. It's a shame this campaign of lies and hatespeech is sponsored by alleged "christians" who can't realize that opposing judicial nominees is only opposing judicial nominees. The people behind this political telecast give real christians a bad name.

But since Senator Frist has allied himself with radical, conservative extremists, I have a challenge for him based upon their belief system.

1. When and why did you accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior?
2. When and where were you baptized by immersion?
3. When will we get to hear your christian witness?
4. Of which Nashville area church were you most recently a member before moving to Washington, and what was your attendance record there?
5. Of which Washington area church are you now a member, and what has been your attendance record since moving to the Senate?
6. We assume you give the required 10% of your total income as a tithe to your church, plus more as voluntary offering. How much above the tithe do you give? (The amount is your business, of course, but a percentage will be an acceptable answer and a great witness to the rest of us.)

We, your constituents and payers of your salary, anxiously await hearing the answers to these questions. For when we do, we'll know you truly are one of the "people of faith" whom you claim to defend from Democrats.

But if we don't hear from you, we'll know you're a hypocrite and a phony.

If King Goerge's Social Security scam were being sold on the open market, it would be illegal

The Bush privatization scam costs far more than the President is willing to admit, it requires huge benefit cuts, it is not voluntary and the private accounts are not yours to keep. If the President is not willing to tell the truth about his plan - we certainly will. There is a reason that the public has figuratively and literally slammed the door on the President's privatization scheme and that it is tanking in the polls - they see through the false claims and they know that privatization will weaken Social Security, not strengthen it.


Several call girls, at least one lot lizard make friends with terist group

Apparently, the newly translated Cancervative Christian Bible has Jesus telling those gathered to hear the Sermon on the Mount, "Blessed are the warmongers, for they shall conquer the Earth." So now our foreign policy is to foment war everywhere so Halliburton can sweep up the rubble.


Reposts: Today's posts that should have stayed up longer...

The next post shouldn't have replaced all these earlier posts, but it did. Hmmm...

Rethuglicons are $1000/night call girls.

DINOs are merely $20/hr truck stop lot lizards.

Where is the DNC anymore to stop crap like this Banker Friends of King Goerge Protection from Bankruptcy Act?

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from compassionate cancervative death threats

And I thought judges and terists were all we had to worry about.

"Talking to a source at Café Press, I was told that they received numerous death, bomb and even Anthrax threats if they didn't pull off the anti-Delay T-shirt, and Kill Bush products."


And when we resist getting screwed, they say WE are waging class warfare

Here are the names of the screwers who voted for the Rich Banker Friends of the GOP Protection Act. Make a note of your "representatives" for the mid-terms.


Once in a hurry about stopping Iraqi nuke attacks, Condo now takes her time about stopping Iranian nuke attacks.

Is it me or does this sound a lot like a flip-flop caused by a nation's having gotten a bellyfull of her lies?


Sacrifices must be made if we're to keep paying Halliburton zillions for doing a pretty terrible job in Iraq

The people fighting the war on terrorism are being asked to tighten their belts to help pay for it.


Thanks, Dick, and sorry about those dead GIs.

Halliburton's mission light years from being accomplished even after getting paid grillions for work partially done or not done at all.

Halliburton Unit's Work in Iraq Is Called 'Poor'
erious cost overruns and "poor performance" have plagued the Halliburton Company's continuing $1.2 billion contract to repair Iraq's vital southern oil fields, a new State Department report says.

The news about Kellogg, Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Texas-based Halliburton, adds an additional layer of troubles to the company's multibillion dollar operations in Iraq.


Click and cost Ken Lay about a dime every time

The links also appear in searches involving the bylines of some reporters, like Mary Flood of The Houston Chronicle and Kurt Eichenwald of The New York Times. A quick check of the Google "AdWords" site suggests that Mr. Lay pays about $25 a day for linking ads to the searches. Every time someone uses Google to search for sites about "Ken Lay" or "Enron," among other terms, and then clicks on the link to the site, that click costs Mr. Lay a little less than a dime. His case hasn't yet gone to trial, but he's trying to score


King Goerge has proved time and again that he thinks we're all stupid...

...but I never realized he thought we were THIS stupid.

"I have a fix for Social Security, and it'll be good for everyone, but I'm not going to tell you what it is. Just trust me."


Kentucky will remember King Goerge as a total disaster

Ill-equipped for war

George W. Bush will go down in the history books, for having led the country into war on false premises, jeopardized individual liberties, made America an international bully in the eyes of long-time allies, wrecked the federal budget, deserted conservative principles of governance, savaged the regulatory system, set back environmental progress and polarized the country even further.


The story that doesn't matter nearly as much as Michael Jackson's trial, Brittney Spears' fetus or "black-robed" judges

1547 American soldiers have died in Iraq for King Goerge's lies. And that's the number they tell us. Who knows what the real number is?

It's what Jesus would do, isn't it?

Letter from Baptist deacon--what is it with those people?--and rethuglicon city councilman to the Center for American Progress:

"Hey ass hole [sic]. Tom Delay happens to be my congresman [sic] and I am happy with the job he does for me and my district. Why don’t you get the F@&* out of our district and leave us alone. Better yet, come speak to me personally and I will show you what I think of you."

Kevin Cole
Pealrand [sic], TX

Condi broke the law by giving partisan political speeches while National Security Advisor. Did/does anyone care?

It appears, though, that some $#!+ might be fixing to hit the fan over this and other criminal coverups. Keep your fingers crossed, but don't hold your breath.


The man who gave us King Goerge (the first time) and who killed privacy unwelcome at NYU law school.

Scalia won't answer questions about private sex that he expects the rest of us to answer. What an senile, old fascist hypocrite.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The United Vegetative States of America

by Anwaar Hussain

Where is the free American media and their kind hearted patrons when their G.I. Joes are pumping up Iraq with depleted uranium, napalm bombs, cluster munitions and poisonous gases even as these lines are being written? Is death less camera-friendly in Iraq or is it less worthy of the Americans' attention? Are Iraqis children of a lesser god? Go talk of Schiavo's right to live or die.

After having lived for 15 years in a persistent vegetative state, Terri Schindler Schiavo crossed over from here to the hereafter on the last day of March.

With her blood scent up in the air, the feral American media went berserk in the last two weeks of Schiavo's life. Using this so called freest press in the world, the American public was lead on a leash by the right-wing activists with a not so subtle help from the neofundos ruling the roost in their great country. The pro-life campaigners remained at the point of this bizarre national entertainment.

Americans never fail to astound the world with their penchant for sensationalism. Just when it appears that they’ve scaled new peaks, they manage to notch themselves up yet higher into the dizzying summits of luridness. While the carnival of mayhem is progressing ahead in full tide in Iraq, the Americans love and sympathy for the plight of Terri Schiavo is the very embodiment of duplicity. Hypocrisy in its truest form, it speaks volumes of their OJ Simpson syndrome.

Every facet of Schiavo’s affliction was dissected with microscopic focus by the voracious lens of the American media. The American public gobbled it all up like starved men on a king's feast.

Consider the following:


When did ol' Hack first start hating America? Was it when he stopped mindlessly supporting King Goerge?

I went to the Knob Creek, KY, semi-annual "machine gun shoot" and massive gun show last weekend. (I bought one of Ciener's .22 conversion kits for my Browning Hi Power. Very cool.) At the main entrance, there was a huge sign reading, "We support our president and our troops." Had I known who put it up, I'd have asked him to make up his mind...King Goerge or the troops. You can't have it both ways. Anyway, on to what ol' Hack has to say.
Soldiers Shouldn’t Be Guinea Pigs

By David H. Hackworth

The presidential commission looking into the cluelessness of U.S. intelligence regarding weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq recently issued its report to banner headlines that should cause every member of the American military to take a long second look at the need for – not to mention the safety of – the big-bucks “emergency” anthrax vaccination program still being pushed by the Department of Defense (DoD).

Because the acknowledgment of this disastrous intelligence failure rips the guts right out of DOD’s rationale for a controversial vaccination effort that was changed late last year – by a court order now being appealed by the Pentagon – from mandatory to voluntary.

Meanwhile, since 9/11 and the start of the Global War on Terror, the only American deaths that have occurred from any anthrax attack have been five civilians in the USA during the fall of 2001 from exposure to a strain of anthrax widely believed to have been domestically produced. But while zero service personnel have been KIA from Saddam Hussein’s alleged stockpile of anthrax and other Iraqi WMD that have mysteriously gone walkabout – or anthrax from any other source – six Americans have died after receiving DOD’s anthrax vaccine!

The product manufacturer’s insert that – at least in theory – accompanies every dose distributed for shooting up the troops lists the causes of these six unnecessary deaths as “adverse events without regard to causality” and include: “sudden cardiac arrest (2), myocardial infarction ... (1), aplastic anemia (1), suicide (1), and central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma (1).” Other “frequently reported serious adverse events include ... leukemia, systemic lupus ... multiple sclerosis ... inflammatory arthritis ... immune deficiency ... renal failure, spontaneous abortion and liver abscess.” (The anthrax document is posted in all its gory glory at

Gary Matsumoto, whose superb tell-all book, “Vaccine A,” whose subtitle is, “The Covert Government Experiment That’s Killing Our Soldiers and Why GIs Are Only the First Victims,” is a must-read for those facing the potentially fatal shots – as well as for future care-providers for any vet survivors who unfortunately end up suffering from the long-term effects and debilitating diseases associated with the vaccine – calls the DOD’s program “a betrayal of the thousands of young men and women who signed up for military service, willing to risk their lives in battle only to be secretly used in medical research as guinea pigs.”


Another mission accomplished for King Goerge, Big Dick and Halliburton

Recall that it was Halliburton that got paid zillions for FAILING TO DELIVER much at all of what our kids needed to eat, drink and shoot, much less to build bunkers. Who will pay for this kid's needless death?

Minneapolis (AP) U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton is questioning the circumstances surrounding the death of Cpl. Travis Bruce, a Rochester soldier who was killed by a rocket-propelled grenade in Baghdad.

The 22-year-old was killed March 23 as he stood on a rooftop guarding an Iraqi police station, relatives and the U.S. Army said.

In a letter sent Tuesday to President Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Dayton said that the day before Bruce died, he told his girlfriend he did not have enough sandbags to fortify his position adequately.


Rethuglicon fascists in Senate don't give a damn about wounded veterans of their beloved king's beloved war of lies for oil.

I'll bring the tar, you bring the feathers.

Note that this is from the Army Times, now apparently joining forces with the biasedlibrulmedia in hating America.

By two 54-46 votes, the Senate blocked efforts Tuesday to add money for veterans’ health care to the 2005 supplemental appropriations bill.

Sens. Patty Murray, D-Wash., and Daniel Akaka, D-Hawaii, both members of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee, sought to add $1.9 billion to the $80.6 billion wartime emergency supplemental appropriations bill to cover costs of treating returning combat veterans for war-related injuries and to cover shortfalls in funding for VA programs.

The Bush administration sought no VA money as part of its supplemental funding request, and none was included in the version of the bill passed by the House in March.

Murray, however, said funding for veterans is critical because wounded service members will be seeking treatment from already underfunded facilities.


It ain't "exploring." It's drilling. And spilling. And it's only gonna get worse in Alaska's new Culture of Life.

Crude oil spewed out of a ruptured Prudhoe Bay pipeline early Tuesday and "misted" up to 200 acres of tundra, a state pollution official said.

Wind carried the oil over an area nearly a mile long and 300 feet wide, acknowledged Andrew Van Chau, a spokesman for BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc. BP runs Prudhoe Bay, the nation's largest oil field.

BP crews plugged the leaky, six-inch pipeline and also halted oil production from wells on Prudhoe drill site 14. The drill site is near the center of the 213,500-acre oil field and produces an estimated 10,000 barrels of oil per day, which is a little more than 2 percent of Prudhoe Bay production.


Write fascist abomination Dobson and tell him to stop it. Just stop it.

If these thugs are ministers, I'm Paris Hilton, and I make homemade porn videos to save souls the way they lie, bully people and spew hatespeech to save souls.

DOBSON: I heard a minister the other day talking about the great injustice and evil of the men in white robes, the Ku Klux Klan, that roamed the country in the South, and they did great wrong to civil rights and to morality. And now we have black-robed men, and that's what you're talking about.

(Dobson's email form is on site.)

And they bitch and whine and piss and moan whenever we tell them to tighten their purse strings.

If they're true cancervatives, why aren't they fiscally responsible? Maybe they're just thieves like every other known rethuglicon.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Defense Department is unable to track how it spent tens of millions of dollars in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the U.S. war on terrorism, Congress's top investigator said on Wednesday.

The department "doesn't have a system to be able to determine with any degree of reliability and specificity how we spent" tens of millions in war-related emergency funds set aside by Congress, Comptroller General David Walker told a Senate Armed Services subcommittee.


It is what Jesus taught, or they wouldn't be doing it.

Falwell, Robertson, Dobson reported to be apoplectic; said to be organizing anti-gay discrimination rallies for true christians who understand Jesus would want them to bully as many people as possible so as to save their souls.


Well, what do you know? There really is a "religious left."

Those on the left who are waiting for progressive religious leaders to add their voices to the national political debate need wait no longer. A powerful assembly of religious leaders from a variety of traditions gathered at Riverside Church in New York on April 4. Their message was loud and clear: the militarism of Bush, the widening divide between rich and poor, the failure to provide families with health care, education, safe neighborhoods, even food, demands a revolution.

It was three-hour rally, but you can watch a brief video recap of the Riverside event here., helped co-sponsor Riverside, and, with Ben Cohen (of Ben and Jerry’s and True the subsequent national campaign.

You can read more about the event by clicking on the Break the Silence graphic. If you think this emergence of progressive religious leaders is as important as we do, hit the contributions button and help sponsor the campaign.

At a time of growing religios fanaticism and its embrace by the right, Americans need to see there is a community of conscience that speaks up for their values while preserving the essential constitutional separation of church and state.

Rev. Dr. James A. Forbes, Jr., senior pastor at Riverside, is quickly emerging as a powerful new voice in American religion and politics. He led the event at Riverside. Also speaking were Sister Joan Chittister, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr., Rabbi Arthur Waskow, Imam Feisal Rauf, Rev. Dr. William Sinkford, and others.

Among the most compelling speakers were Celeste Zappala and Cindy Sheehan, mothers of American soldiers slain in Iraq.

Take a look for yourself. You have to go all the way back to Civil Rights and Vietnam era to hear voices such as these speaking out against militarism and for freedom and economic justice at home.

The April 4 event marked the 38th anniversary of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “Beyond Vietnam” speech at Riverside. I think he would have been proud of the gathering at Riverside on April 4, 2005.

Not one thing done right in Afghanistan war...or the last four years, for that matter

'Bribes' let Bin Laden (remember him?) evade US

Osama Bin Laden (remember him, the only guy who actually attacked us?) gave US forces the slip by bribing the Afghan militias tasked with tracking him down, according to Germany's spy chief, August Hanning.

Mr Hanning told German newspaper Handelsblatt that using Afghans was the key mistake in the hunt for Bin Laden.

He said Bin Laden paid "a lot of money" to buy a safe passage from the Tora Bora caves, which he had retreated to during the US assault in 2001.

The US has said it used Afghan fighters to reduce casualties among its troops.


Fascist scumbag DeLay, sorry for getting his ass kicked nationwide over Schiavo ordeal, pretends to regret "overheated rhetoric."

People, this thug is the face of the rethuglicon party today and for the foreseeable future. They are all fascist scumbags. Their ancestors all hated America, now it's their turn to try to destroy this ridiculous experiment called "democracy" in favor of a theocratic, feudal Europe. Fascists, liars, bullies, criminals and warmongers, all of them.


Let those who demanded this war pay for it.

The consequences for war tax resistance are unpredictable, as are most direct actions for peace. Especially now that King Goerge's IRS is making sure you and I pay all the taxes while his friends pay none.

Anti-War Activists Promote ‘Tax Resistance’ As Direct Protest

Plenty of Americans will miss this year's deadline for federal income tax filing, but for one segment of society, refusing to file or withholding partial funds is a very personal and direct form of protesting burgeoning US military expenditures.

Apr 12 - By April 15, the Internal Revenue Service estimates that 132 million individual income tax returns will be filed and that two trillion dollars will be collected for the US Treasury. But in protest of the federal government’s military expenditures, an estimated ten thousand people will not file their taxes or will deliberately withhold money from the IRS this year.

Glen Milner, an electrician and father of three in Seattle, Washington, files his taxes every year. His approach, however, is unusual. On the top of his 1040 form he writes in large print: "Some taxes withheld in protest of funds appropriated for illegal military purposes."

A key component of serious war tax resistance is redirecting withheld federal tax dollars to humanitarian needs.
"What I’m doing," says Milner, "is telling the IRS right up front that somewhere in the form I’m withholding funds." He doesn’t tell the agency where the missing funds are, but Milner has filed his taxes in this manner since 1985. A conscientious objector during the Vietnam War and an active proponent of US nuclear disarmament, Milner says he is putting his money "where his mouth is." He cannot resist militarization and war and pay for it at the same time, he says.

The government spends over half of its annual budget on past, present and future military expenses, before even considering tens of billions in supplementary funding allocated by Congress for ongoing wars such as those in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Antimilitarist tax resisters are fond of noting Principle IV of the Nuremberg Principles, drawn up to punish some individuals who committed crimes against humanity during the Second World War. "The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior," the Principle reads, "does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him." The moral choice for Milner is clear: withhold taxes from the government, in spite of the unpredictable risks.

A key component of serious war tax resistance is redirecting withheld federal tax dollars to humanitarian needs. The Conscience and Military Tax Campaign Escrow Account in Seattle is one of the largest such repositories in the country. A kind of charitable trust, interest from the account is granted on a yearly basis to nonprofit organizations dedicated to peace and justice. The beneficiaries have included Casa Maria Catholic Worker House in Milwaukee to help provide temporary housing to the homeless; the Columbia River Fellowship for Peace in Hood River, Oregon for counter-recruitment efforts; and the Palestine Solidarity Committee in Seattle, which runs informational programs about the Israel-Palestine conflict.


The man who "fixed" the 2000 election for King Goerge now on Blue Ribbon Election Commission. Can Jimmy Carter save democracy with Baker there?

Ken Lay might as well teach at the Harvard Business School...when he gets out of prison, of course. If he goes to prison. And James Baker certainly should be his cellmate.


King Goerge finally sends troops after Afghan poppy fields. But they're mercenaries, and they're leaving the big drug lords alone.

King Goerge keeps us safe from invisible terists, but not from an opium trade that's grown four-fold since he "won" that war in Afghanistan while letting Osama--remember him?--get away Scott-free. What a waste of DNA that illiterate, drunk redneck Lyin' King truly is. My knotheaded cat would have known to do something about the opium trade THREE AND A HALF YEARS AGO when we first went there.

"The farmers are angry with the Americans and the Kabul government," said Ahmed Weil. "It is only the fields of the poor that are being destroyed, not the fields of the rich." Afghans complain that wealthy warlords keep their stockpiles of opium while poor farmers are stopped from growing the crop or have their fields cut down.


Three ex-wives, at least one recent girlfriend (CNN's Daryn Kagan*), and Der Ruschkopf still hasn't......

Click and listen. All his words, recorded live, unedited. Now we know at least one of the reasons he's so miserable all the time: He's STILL jealous of Bill Clinton.

He reminds me of Robin Williams' line in "Good Morning, Vietnam," when he told the grumpy sergeant, "You are in more serious need of a XXXXXXX than any white man I ever met." I suspect that was also Nixon's problem. And Falwell, Robertson, Newt the Grinch, Zell Miller, Cheney, Dumsfeld. Most rethuglicons, in fact. But I seem to remember Dutch Reagan was never grumpy. Nancy...anything you want to tell us about?

(*Attractive and personable, at least on the air. But what's her secret problem if he's the best she can do?)

Is this part of the Culture of Life? Is this what Jesus would do? Is this still America?

Man's Claims May Be a Look at Dark Side of War on Terror

ULM, Germany — Khaled el-Masri says his strange and violent trip into the void began with a bus ride on New Year's Eve 2003.

When he returned to this city five months later, his friends didn't believe the odyssey he recounted. Masri said he was kidnapped in Macedonia, beaten by masked men, blindfolded, injected with drugs and flown to Afghanistan, where he was imprisoned and interrogated by U.S. intelligence agents. He said he was finally dumped in the mountains of Albania.

"One person told me not to tell this story because it's so unreal, no one would listen," said Masri, a German citizen who was born in Lebanon.

A Munich prosecutor has launched an investigation and is intent on questioning U.S. officials about the unemployed car salesman's claim that he was wrongly targeted as an Islamic militant. Masri's story, if true, would offer a rare firsthand look at one man's disappearance into a hidden dimension of the Bush administration's war on terrorism.

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, U.S. authorities have used overseas detention centers and jails to hold or interrogate suspected terrorists, such as at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Many of the estimated 9,000 prisoners in U.S. military custody were captured in Iraq, but others, like Masri, were allegedly picked up in another country and delivered to U.S. authorities in Afghanistan or elsewhere for months of confinement.


Another mission accomplished for King Goerge!

Victory in the decades-long GOP war on public education. No child has been left behind the destruction of public education under King Goerge's fascist junta. For the first time in our history, a president (sic) has deliberately worsened the effectiveness of public education, all the while calling it just the opposite of what it is. (Remember "Clear Skies?" "Patriot Acts?" The first "Mission Accomplished?" If King Goerge said my car was a Ford, I'd know it had always been a Chevy.)

They don't want most people to be well educated, and have done everything in their power to destroy public education for the past 50 years. They don't like independent thinkers. They love dummies--aka rethuglicons and/or cancervatives--are much easier to manipulate into swallowing lies and bull&#!+ from the vast, right-wing conspiracy fascist liars network...inlcluding the White House and hysterical televangelists.

Study Finds Shortcoming in New Law on Education

The academic growth that students experience in a given school year has apparently slowed since the passage of No Child Left Behind, the education law that was intended to achieve just the opposite, a new study has found.
In both reading and math, the study determined, test scores have gone up somewhat, as each class of students outdoes its predecessors. But within grades, students have made less academic progress during the school year than they did before No Child Left Behind went into effect in 2002, the researchers said.

That finding casts doubt on whether schools can meet the law's mandate that all students be academically proficient by 2014. In fact, to realize the goal of universal proficiency, the study said, students will have to make as much as three times the progress they are currently making.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My answer? A fascist gubmnt that would send Secret Service agents to an art exhibit

Secret Service visits ‘Secret History of Sin’

Stamp art exhibit asks, ‘What is evil?’ while feds ask for info

For the first time in Columbia’s history, a campus gallery exhibit has incited a Secret Service investigation.

Columbia officials were stunned when two Secret Service agents showed up for the opening of the new Glass Curtain Gallery exhibit “Axis of Evil: The Secret History of Sin.”

More. Is that all the SS has to do...SS!?!?!?! Wait a minute...

Click and then you tell me if this sounds spooky.

Only (rethuglicon-owned) Diebold and ES&S* know what really happened in last fall's election.

Actually, we know, too, but we'll never prove it in front of any of those evil judges, thanks to e-voting machines. (*Google for Bev Harris and/or Black Box Voting.)


King Goerge has turned our country into a police state.

Don't tell me it can't happen here. It's already happening here.

Protestors followed police instructions, got arrested anyway.

In the bulk of the 400 cases that were dismissed based on videotapes, most involved arrests at three places - 16th Street near Union Square, 17th Street near Union Square and on Fulton Street - where police officers and civilians taped the gatherings, said Martin R. Stolar, the president of the New York City chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. Those tapes showed that the demonstrators had followed the instructions of senior officers to walk down those streets, only to have another official order their arrests.


Fascist abominations promote bullying the name of the Prince of Peace, of course

I might have known the Baptists would be behind this fascism.

Homosexuality (not illicit sex, just the orientation) is the only sin. Wars for oil, corporate piracy, pollution and screwing people at car dealerships are not sins. Never have been. Only being queer is a sin. Bullying fags is What Jesus Would Do. At least we finally know the answer to THAT question.

NEW YORK - Irked by the success of the nationwide Day of Silence, which seeks to combat anti-gay bias in schools, conservative activists are launching a counter-event this week called the Day of Truth aimed at mobilizing students who believe homosexuality is sinful.

Participating students are being offered T-shirts with the slogan “The Truth Cannot be Silenced” and cards to pass out to classmates Thursday — the day following the Day of Silence — declaring their unwillingness to condone “detrimental personal and social behavior.”

The driving force behind the Day of Truth is the Alliance Defense Fund, a Christian legal group that has opposed same-sex marriage and challenged restrictions on religious expression in public schools. The event is endorsed by several influential conservative organizations, including the Christian ministry Focus on the Family and the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission.

More. And it doesn't sound like what Jesus taught. Meanwhile, people are dying and money is being wasted in Iraq.

Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK): "I don't want to impeach judges. I want to impale them!"

For two days, on April 7 and 8, conservative activists and top GOP staffers summoned the raw rage of the Christian right following the Terri Schiavo affair, and likened judges to communists, terrorists and murderers. The remedies they suggested for what they termed "judicial tyranny" ranged from the mass impeachment of judges to their physical elimination.

Much more. And it's all true. Meanwhile, our soldiers are being killed and wounded, and our tax dollars wasted, in Iraq.

The "progress" made after "mission accomplished:" Iraq KIA toll 1546, and rising

And that's just the number they'll admit to. Some reports say the number is nearly four times that large.

Blown up in King Goerge's war for oil? Don't expect him to give a damn.

Groups Provide Disabled Iraq Vets Housing

PENSACOLA, Fla. - Army Sgt. Jamvis Armour lost his right arm and sight in one eye, broke a leg and suffered burns over 40 percent of his body while in Iraq. And it got worse: Unable to serve, he no longer had military-provided housing for himself and his family.

In contrast with the scorn sometimes heaped on veterans returning from the Vietnam War, Armour and other former soldiers forced to retire on medical disability are finding local and national groups willing to provide housing.

Armour, 25, returned home in November. He spent more than year recovering from wounds suffered in a May 2003 grenade attack on his truck in Iraq.

The military had provided housing for his family while he was a soldier. But now he was on his own and partially disabled. Adding to the problems was a housing crunch created by Hurricane Ivan.

"We knew nothing was guaranteed," said Armour's wife, Kiersten. "We knew after the hurricane how hard it was to find a place."

Local veterans groups and community leaders stepped in, putting the Armours up at a hotel at one of Pensacola's Navy bases, and launching a campaign to obtain a house for the desperate family.

Armour, his wife and their children — Alexis, 5, Gabrielle, 4, and Elijah, 2 — moved into a nearly new 2,500-square foot house three days before Christmas. It was theirs free and clear — thanks to an assist from the Housing and Urban Development Department.


King Goerge's thug nominee for the UN is simply a big jerk

His approach to "fixing" the UN is exactly the same as that of the people who want to "fix" judges. Fortunately, a couple of Democrats have borrowed spines from somewhere and are standing up to him.


Another rethug wiseguy is now a made man

Former Reagan button man Negroponte made his bones by illegally helping the Contras 20 years ago. (Remember when they convicted "christian" Ollie North of lying to Congress about Iran-Contra?) Is there anyone in King Goerge's fascist junta who's NOT a criminal?


Latest news from the parallel universe of Cancervatron: Pentagon calls building a tar baby in Iraq "progress"

These are the same people who teach at the War College the concept that losing ground in a battle is a "negative gain." Reminds me of how Hitler claimed he'd captured 90% of Stalingrad...right before 300,000 of his soldiers surrendered. Remember also that until the A-bombs fell on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese people still thought they were winning their part of WWII.

US plans retreat from Iraq as Pentagon claims progress
The United States is planning to withdraw up to a third of its forces from Iraq - possibly as early as next year.

Reports suggest military commanders believe they are making sufficient progress against insurgents and in training Iraqi security forces that the Pentagon has starting drawing up plans to reduce US forces from the current 142,000 to as few as 105,000.


The locusts are back in town. Hold onto your wallets.

We're not supposed to want to know how sausage is made and laws are passed. Now, all I care about for sausage is that it has plenty of sage and red pepper. But when they pass these laws these ways, it's time to haul out the tar and feathers. Or at least let these bozos hear from us.


Monday, April 11, 2005

Most hated president in history!

And this is just here. The rest of the planet hates him even more than we do.

Bush's Poll Position Is Worst on Record

Second Terms are Tough, and No President Has Banked Less Political Capital for the Fights Ahead

With apologies to George Tenet, the first 100 days of President Bush's second term have been no slam-dunk.

How rough has it been? Bush has the lowest approval rating of any president at this point in his second term, according to Gallup polls going back to World War II.

Bush's erosion of support among independents in particular has helped bring his overall approval rating down to 45 percent. Forty-nine percent disapprove of his performance.

Compare Bush's Gallup numbers taken in late March to poll numbers taken at the same point in the presidencies of the six previous men who served two terms:

Clinton: 59 percent approval versus 35 percent disapproval

Reagan: 56 percent versus 37 percent disapproval

Nixon: 57 percent versus 34 percent

Johnson: 69 percent versus 21 percent

Eisenhower: 65 percent versus 20 percent

Truman: 57 percent versus 24 percent

True enough, Bush's numbers weren't all that high to begin with. In the last Gallup poll before the election, he was at 48 percent approval to 47 percent disapproval -- yet he still won* and helped his party** in the process.

(*If by "won" we mean "stole another election.")

(**If by "helped" we mean "plunged it down the toilet" two weeks ago over poor Terri Schiavo before he ran like the sissy he is, leaving Bugman DeLay to take the rap. Which is fine, actually better...for us.)


Democrats, biasedlibrulmedia and judges force rethuglicons to turn on DeLay

It's the only possible explanation for the feeding frenzy going on right now in D. C. as a bunch of rethuglicon sharks circle a wounded rethuglicon shark. But we hope they take their time. Bugman DeLay is great for our side.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is drawing heat from some fellow Republicans who say his continuing ethics problems are harming the GOP.

"Tom's conduct is hurting the Republican Party, is hurting this Republican majority and it is hurting any Republican who is up for re-election," Rep. Christopher Shays, R-Conn., told The Associated Press on Sunday.

DeLay, R-Texas, has been dogged in recent months by reports of possible ethics violations. There have been questions about his overseas travel, campaign payments to family members and his connections to lobbyists who are under investigation.


Yes, King Goerge and his fascist rethuglicon &%$@##$ buddies just support the living hell out of the troops

Bush budget cuts out beds for veterans in care homes

Veterans' nursing homes run by states and the federal Veterans Affairs Department — including a nursing home under construction on the grounds of Hilo Medical Center — are under fire in this year's budget battles.

President Bush's proposed 2006 budget would:

• Drastically cut financial support for up to 80 percent of the veterans in the nation's 129 state-run homes.

• Let the VA reduce the number of nursing-home beds from the 13,391 required by law.

• Put a hold on $104 million in grants slated to rehabilitate and build new state veterans homes.


No wonder King Goerge is brain dead. He listens to country "music" on his iPod.

What poor intern has to load that crap for him?

His favorite? Fellow drunk redneck, George Jones.


Iraqis learn how to act like rethuglicons and scam our tax money

Millions Said Going to Waste in Iraq Utilities

A coalition memo says water, sewage and power facilities rebuilt with U.S. funds are falling into disrepair. Iraqis say they need more money.

BAGHDAD — Iraqi officials have crippled scores of water, sewage and electrical plants refurbished with U.S. funds by failing to maintain and operate them properly, wasting millions of American taxpayer dollars in the process, according to interviews and documents.

Hardest hit has been the effort to rebuild the country's water and sewage systems, a multibillion-dollar task considered among the most crucial components of the effort to improve daily life for Iraqis. Of more than 40 such plants run by the Iraqis, not one is being operated properly, according to Bechtel Group Inc., the contractor at work on the project. The power grid faces similar problems. U.S. officials said the Iraqis' inability to properly operate overhauled electrical plants contributed to widespread power shortages this winter. None of the 19 electrical facilities that has undergone U.S.-funded repair work is being run correctly, a senior American advisor said.

An internal memo by coalition officials in Iraq obtained by The Times says that throughout the country, renovated plants "deteriorate quickly to an alarming state of disrepair and inoperability."

"There is no reason to believe that these initial experiences will not be repeated for the other water and sanitation projects currently underway throughout Iraq," the memo said. "This is the antithesis of our base strategy and a waste not only of taxpayer funds, but it deprives the most needy of safe drinking water and of streets free from raw sewerage."

Iraqis are paying the price. Schoolchildren have to step over rancid brown puddles on their way to classrooms. Families swim in, fish and get their drinking water from the polluted Tigris and Euphrates rivers, leading to high rates of child mortality and water-borne illnesses. People jury-rig pumps in their homes to increase water flow — poisoning the water further by sucking sewage through cracks in the lines.


American soldiers rarely behaved this badly before King Goerge invented his Culture of Life

US accused of seizing Iraqi women to force fugitive relatives to give up

American forces were yesterday accused of violating international law by taking two Iraqi women hostage in a bungled effort to persuade fugitive male relatives to surrender.
US soldiers seized a mother and daughter from their home in Baghdad two weeks ago and allegedly left a note on the gate: "Be a man Muhammad Mukhlif and give yourself up and then we will release your sisters. Otherwise they will spend a long time in detention."


This is what the rethuglicons call supporting the troops in their culture of life?

I'd hate to see what they consider screwing people in a culture of fascism.

WASHINGTON - National Guardsmen Charles Goodreau, Benito Colon and Michael McLaughlin are fighting not Iraqi insurgents but their employers.
They join the growing ranks of part-time warriors who lost jobs or say they were discriminated against when they returned from military service.

During the past three years, more than 4,400 service members have filed complaints with the Labor Department charging employers have fired, demoted or discriminated against them - possible violations of the 11-year-old Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act.

Such complaints have risen 62 percent since the Sept 11 attacks, as the Pentagon mobilized 483,000 part-time troops - some more than once - to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan or guard the homeland. It has been the largest call-up since World War II.


King Goerge brings fiberty to Iraq. Oh, boy.

US and Iraq lock up record number of suspects

BAGHDAD (AFP) - US and Iraqi forces are holding a record 17,000 men and women -- most without being formally charged -- and those in Iraqi-controlled jails live often in deplorable conditions.

About two-thirds are locked up as "security detainees" without any formal charges in US-run facilities, Lieutenant Colonel Guy Rudisill, the US military spokesman for Iraqi detention operations, told AFP.

The rest are incarcerated in Iraqi-run jails in conditions that fall well below any international standard and are in dire need of reform, said Bakhtiar Amin, Iraq's outgoing human rights minister.

"None of the Iraqi detention centres meet international standards for cleanliness, food and the treatment of prisoners. Neither are the buildings up to standard. We have asked for international help."


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Why doesn't King Goerge make us safe from all those terists who hate us for our freedoms and attack us all the time?

Most D. C. Area Terrorism Funding Not Spent

Washington Last in U.S.; $120 Million Still Unused

The Washington area has not spent the majority of $145 million in anti-terrorism grants awarded by the federal government over the past three years, including funds earmarked for such critical items as hospital beds and protective gear for rescue workers.

Long after the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington, homeland security spending across the country remains bogged down by administrative problems, back orders for equipment and long timelines to implement new technology, such as communications systems.

Although the Washington area is designated as high-risk, it has not spent $120 million of the federal aid it received between 2002 and 2004, according to the Department of Homeland Security. Local authorities said that spending fell behind in 2003 and that more time was needed to coordinate plans with Maryland, Virginia and 16 suburban jurisdictions.


Save Tom DeLay!

No! We want DeLay right where he is so he can keep destroying the GOP. He's the best fundraiser and p/r gimmick we've had since Newt the Grinch. (But at least we can enjoy watching them eat their young.)

Shays: DeLay Should Quit As House Leader

WASHINGTON - Private GOP tensions over Tom DeLay's ethics controversy spilled into public Sunday, as a Senate leader called on DeLay to explain his actions and one House Republican demanded the majority leader's resignation.

"Tom's conduct is hurting the Republican Party, is hurting this Republican majority and it is hurting any Republican who is up for re-election," Rep. Chris Shays, R-Conn., told The Associated Press in an interview, calling for DeLay to step down as majority leader.


Vote fraud accuser passes polygraph test

Test corroborates software designer's claims of attempted voter fraud in 2000 selection, King Goerge's first stolen election. Since this guy refused, who'd they get to do it for them?

The lie-detector test, administered to Clint Curtis by Tim Robinson, the retired chief polygraph operator for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, found that the Florida whistleblowing software designer who has charged in a sworn affidavit that he was asked by U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney (R-FL) to create an electronic vote-rigging software prototype in 2000, was indeed found to be truthful in all of his responses!

Curtis' allegations in early December of 2004 when Curtis filed a sworn affidavit which was then followed up several weeks later with sworn testimony under oath to members of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. (Video of that testimony is here.)

Much more.

GOP aims nukes at democracy itself

Legislative Bomb

Seventy-four percent of Americans surveyed by CBS News said Congress intervened in the Terri Schiavo right-to-die case to advance a political agenda, not because they cared what happened to the Florida woman whose last days took center ring in a grotesque national media circus. The people called it accurately, as right-wingers on Capitol Hill confirmed with incendiary reactions to Schiavo's death. "The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior,'' snarled House majority leader Tom DeLay; GOP Senator John Cornyn wondered aloud on the Senate floor whether there was a connection between the "perception" that judges are making political decisions and the fact that "some people...engage in violence." Both DeLay and Cornyn took some appropriate hits for playing to the worst instincts of a country where in recent months judges and their families have been the targets of violence. But few in Washington were confused about the meaning of DeLay's warning: While he might muse about impeaching federal jurists, his real passion is for removing barriers to the Bush Administration's campaign to pack the courts with right-wing judicial activists.

DeLay has made no secret of his desire to "go nuclear" in the fight over judicial nominations, and Senate majority leader Bill Frist, another Schiavo interventionist, shares his enthusiasm for blowing up the rules that allow a minority of senators to use a filibuster--best understood as the unlimited extension of debate--to block controversial judicial nominations. During Bush's first term, when the Senate flipped back and forth between Republican and Democratic control, Democrats managed to derail ten of the Administration's 229 nominees for federal judgeships--in Judiciary Committee votes when the Democrats controlled the committee and later, when Republicans took charge, with filibusters. Among those blocked were Bush's most extreme picks for federal appeals court benches in the West and South, such as California Supreme Court Justice Janice Brown, who argues that the First Amendment permits corporations to make false or misleading representations without legal ramifications, and Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen, whose moves to undermine protections for women seeking abortions were so radical that another justice, right-winger Alberto Gonzales (now US Attorney General), decried them as an "unconscionable act of judicial activism."


Why does this rethuglicon Congresswoman want to destroy military morale?

Ros-Lehtinen supports repealing 'don't ask, don't tell'

At odds with her party's leadership, Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Miami is urging the Pentagon to allow gay men and lesbians to serve in the military -- a direct challenge to ``don't ask, don't tell.''

''We've tried the policy. I don't think it works. And we've spent a lot of money enforcing it,'' said Ros-Lehtinen, a member of the Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations, who Tuesday co-sponsored a bill allowing gays to serve.

''We investigate people. Bring them up on charges. Basically wreck their lives,'' she told The Herald. ``People who've signed up to serve our country. We should be thanking them.''


How did a rethuglicon Congressman manage to sound like me?

When did he start to hate America? Why does he love Saddam so much?

April 6, 2005

Who’s Better Off?

Whenever the administration is challenged regarding the success of the Iraq war, or regarding the false information used to justify the war, the retort is: “Aren’t the people of Iraq better off?” The insinuation is that anyone who expresses any reservations about supporting the war is an apologist for Saddam Hussein and every ruthless act he ever committed. The short answer to the question of whether the Iraqis are better off is that it’s too early to declare, “Mission Accomplished.” But more importantly, we should be asking if the mission was ever justified or legitimate. Is it legitimate to justify an action that some claim yielded good results, if the means used to achieve them are illegitimate? Do the ends justify the means?

The information Congress was given prior to the war was false. There were no weapons of mass destruction; the Iraqis did not participate in the 9/11 attacks; Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were enemies and did not conspire against the United States; our security was not threatened; we were not welcomed by cheering Iraqi crowds as we were told; and Iraqi oil has not paid any of the bills. Congress failed to declare war, but instead passed a wishy-washy resolution citing UN resolutions as justification for our invasion. After the fact we’re now told the real reason for the Iraq invasion was to spread democracy, and that the Iraqis are better off. Anyone who questions the war risks being accused of supporting Saddam Hussein, disapproving of democracy, or “supporting terrorists.” It’s implied that lack of enthusiasm for the war means one is not patriotic and doesn’t support the troops. In other words, one must march lock-step with the consensus or be ostracized.

Much more. Read it.

Scientists beg King Goerge to stop wasting money on missile defense that won't work

A bunch of really smart people, including several Nobel Prize winners, say King Goerge's missile shield won't protect us from an attack. Do they really expect anyone in this fascist junta to care if it works? They only care about giving our tax money to their friends in the defense industry so they, in turn, can donate big piles of it back to rethuglicon fascists.


King Goerge doesn't want us to know the truth about his war, or anything else, the fascist &%$@%&!

US 'smuggles wounded troops home' under cover of darkness

The Pentagon has been accused of smuggling wounded soldiers into the US under cover of darkness to avoid bad publicity about the number of troops being injured and maimed in Iraq. The media have also been prevented from photographing wounded soldiers when they arrive at hospital.

Records show that flights from military bases in Germany arrive in the US only at night. Officials say this is purely the result of flight-scheduling pressures and is not a deliberate tactic to minimise detrimental publicity. They also say that by leaving Europe later in the day soldiers are given a better chance to sleep well the night before.

But many campaigners believe otherwise. Just as the Bush administration has banned the media from taking photographs of the coffins of American troops killed in Iraq as they arrive in the US, opponents say it is now trying to cover up the number of wounded.

"The American public has very limited information about the real impact of this war," said Ellen Taylor, a spokeswoman for Code Pink, a peace group that has been protesting outside the Walter Reed military hospital in Washington, where the bulk of the wounded are taken. "I think that a lot of information about this war is being kept from the public. That is what we are protesting about."


Iraqi carpets of flowers now all wilted

Iraqis continue protests, demand King Goerge get out of their country.


The war that didn't have to happen

Saddam offered to surrender before the invasion two years ago, but King Goerge and Big Dick turned him down. They wanted a war, they wanted our tax money for their friends, and they wanted Iraq's oil. Send this to everyone you know.


Everyone who believes this is about terism, raise your hand (and get your head out of your butt)

King Goerge wants access to our banking records now. Really?


"Americans brought the terrorists here. They weren't here before."

How the Iraqis view King Goerge's accomplished mission.


King Goerge just committed an impeachable offense...IN PUBLIC

His royal travesty violated the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, clear as a bell. It can be spun, but it can't be disputed.

Bush spoke after touring the Bureau of Public Debt in Parkersburg, W.Va., about the $1.7 trillion in Treasury bonds that make up the trust fund...

"There is no trust fund -- just IOUs that I saw firsthand. Imagine, the retirement security for future generations is sitting in a filing cabinet."

(Click to read why this is an impeachable offense. It's crystal clear, in spite of the hogwash King Goerge and his minions are selling about the event.)


Uh, Mr. President, about those carpets of flowers the Iraqis would throw before our "liberating" troops...

Two years ago, a couple of hundred celebrated the toppling of Saddam's statue. Today, tens of thousands protested King Goerge's occupation of their country in the same Baghadad town square.

The gathering was the largest anti-US protest for months
Tens of thousands of protesters have marched through Baghdad denouncing the US occupation of Iraq, two years after the fall of Saddam Hussein.
Demonstrators loyal to Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr rallied in the square where the ousted Iraqi leader's statue was toppled in 2003.

The protest was the largest since the 30 January elections.

Earlier, insurgents killed 15 Iraqi soldiers travelling in a convoy south of the capital, police said.

'No to the occupiers'

Mr Sadr's supporters streamed from the Sadr City district to Firdos Square, where the statue was brought down on 9 April 2003, symbolically marking the end of Saddam Hussein's regime.

Protesters chanted anti-Western slogans such as "No, no to the occupiers", and "No America! No Saddam! Yes to Islam!"


Anyone else thinks this sounds like "The Jewish Question" of 70 years ago?

Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is a fairly accomplished jurist, but he might want to get himself a good lawyer -- and perhaps a few more bodyguards.

Conservative leaders meeting in Washington yesterday for a discussion of "Remedies to Judicial Tyranny" decided that Kennedy, a Ronald Reagan appointee, should be impeached, or worse.

Although Justice Anthony M. Kennedy was named to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan, he drew the ire of conservatives at a forum on the judiciary. (Lisa Poole -- AP)

Phyllis Schlafly, doyenne of American conservatism, said Kennedy's opinion forbidding capital punishment for juveniles "is a good ground of impeachment." To cheers and applause from those gathered at a downtown Marriott for a conference on "Confronting the Judicial War on Faith," Schlafly said that Kennedy had not met the "good behavior" requirement for office and that "Congress ought to talk about impeachment."

Next, Michael P. Farris, chairman of the Home School Legal Defense Association, said Kennedy "should be the poster boy for impeachment" for citing international norms in his opinions. "If our congressmen and senators do not have the courage to impeach and remove from office Justice Kennedy, they ought to be impeached as well."

Not to be outdone, lawyer-author Edwin Vieira told the gathering that Kennedy should be impeached because his philosophy, evidenced in his opinion striking down an anti-sodomy statute, "upholds Marxist, Leninist, satanic principles drawn from foreign law."

Ominously, Vieira continued by saying his "bottom line" for dealing with the Supreme Court comes from Joseph Stalin. "He had a slogan, and it worked very well for him, whenever he ran into difficulty: 'no man, no problem*,' " Vieira said.

The full Stalin quote, for those who don't recognize it, is "Death solves all problems: no man, no problem." Presumably, Vieira had in mind something less extreme than Stalin did and was not actually advocating violence. But then, these are scary times for the judiciary. An anti-judge furor may help confirm President Bush's judicial nominees, but it also has the potential to turn ugly.

A judge in Atlanta and the husband and mother of a judge in Chicago were murdered in recent weeks. After federal courts spurned a request from Congress to revisit the Terri Schiavo case, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) said that "the time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior." Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) mused about how a perception that judges are making political decisions could lead people to "engage in violence."

"The people who have been speaking out on this, like Tom DeLay and Senator Cornyn, need to be backed up," Schlafly said to applause yesterday. One worker at the event wore a sticker declaring "Hooray for DeLay."

(Typically, he misquotes someone for his own nefarious reasons. The full quote is, "Death solves all problems: no man, no problem." But we shouldn't let facts of history get in the way of a good, irrational rant.