Saturday, April 02, 2005

These were never a fashion statement..

...despite the marketing. I doubt you kept any of your original peace buttons. I only have one left from about 1969. So these good folks have new models available for us old flower children and the flower grandchildren who must carry on fighting the good fight.

Why does King Goerge hate old women?

Old Women Out in the Cold

An army of economists and pundits have debunked the president's claims that Social Security is in "crisis." What they don't publicize, however, is that the president's plan for private accounts would deepen the crisis faced by vast numbers of elderly women.


A Montana Democrat even the militia wackos could love

This country has just about completed its trip through the looking glass.

HELENA - Montana lawmakers overwhelmingly passed what its sponsor called the nation's most strongly worded criticism of the federal Patriot Act on Friday, uniting politicians of all stripes.

The resolution, which already galloped through the Senate and passed the House 88-12 Friday, must survive a final vote before it officially passes.

Senate Joint Resolution 19, sponsored by Sen. Jim Elliott, D-Trout Creek, says that while the 2005 Legislature supports the federal government's fight against terrorism, the so-called Patriot Act of 2001 granted authorities sweeping powers that violate citizens' rights enshrined in both the U.S. and Montanan constitutions.

The resolution, which does not carry the weight of a law but expresses the Legislature's opinion, encourages Montana law enforcement agencies not to participate in investigations authorized under the Patriot Act that violate Montanans' constitutional rights. It requests all libraries in the state to post a sign warning citizens that under the Patriot Act, federal agents may force librarians to turn over a record of books a person has checked out and never inform that citizen of the request.


What would Jesus wear when praying in his closet?

I guess this is just the thing for sermons on mounts and picnics by the lake in case the food runs short. It says to everyone, "Hey, look at me! I'm a humble christian. Where's your hat, you baby-eatin' librul? What's the matter, you hate God, or something? If Jesus came back today, you'd probably want to kill him again, wouldn't you? You queer, or what? Why do you hate America?"

Jesus Christ Savior God Christian Baseball Cap Hat Hats

Auction ends early Sunday, my time. Shame on ebay for allowing this.

I say, call them what they are: Anti-American, anti-christian fascists

Only in the parallel universe of Cancervatron, where the Cancervatroids believe 2+2=5, can King Goerge and his mindless minions be called either "American" or "christian."

Changing from Republican to radical

Even the most fact-averse, red-white-and-blue groupie of George Bush has to be wondering; what the heck's going on here?

A few weeks back, I had Pat Buchanan on my radio show. Pat, who has some strange toys of his own in the political attic, declared that the president was a radical. Not a conservative, not a Republican, a radical.

Canuckistan Pat must have choked on his Cheerios when the president summoned Congress back from holidays to pass a new law expressly to help "save" poor Terri Schiavo, a rescue 20 courts had already ruled the brain-dead woman did not even want. The party of Abe Lincoln was looking like a theological junta encroaching on the constitutional authority of the judiciary with a Cromwellian light in their eyes.

In one mighty legislative belly-flop, Bush wiped out two and a half centuries of conservative tradition by dismissing the ruling of the Florida supreme court as if it had never existed. States' rights, the foundation and philosophical heart of the Republican Party, was trumped by George's personal beliefs in tandem with Karl Rove's hitherto unerring sense of political opportunism.

But the difference between this exercise and the fabricated casus belli that took America to a dirty war in Iraq, is that for the first time, Bush's abuse of power has been decried by the American people. Eighty-five percent of them disapprove of this exercise in Congressional meddling and the president's Napoleonic style. Bush's approval rating has dropped 7 points in a week to its lowest point since he took office.

Much more. Read it.

Again, the only good rethug is an incarcerated rethug

One year, please. He deserves twenty years on tour in a pillory, on the back of a flat-bed truck, spending a day at a time in major cities, regardless of weather, so people can see what happens when elected officials betray the public trust. But that's just my opinion; I could be over-reacting.

Former Conn. Governor Reports to Prison

LORETTO, Pa. - Former Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland arrived at a federal prison Friday morning to serve a yearlong sentence for corruption, coming through a back entrance to avoid reporters.

Rowland was sentenced to one year and one day at the camp but will be eligible for release after 10 months. He must also serve four months of house arrest.


Big Dick whacks The Hammer

Scroll down a bit for the good fun. DeLay is circling the toilet bowl, staring down the drain.

On another issue, Cheney said he backed efforts to help save Terri Schiavo's life, but strongly disagreed with House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), who wants retribution against judges who blocked restoration of her feeding tube.

"I don't think that's appropriate . . . There's a reason why judges get lifetime appointments," he said.


Your tax dollars at work: Gubmnt website presents religious wrong hogwash on how to talk to kids about sex

Remember a couple of months ago when King Goerge INCREASED funding for Texas "abstinence" program that was shown to INCREASE teen sexual activity? There you go.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- An array of advocacy groups are calling on the U.S. government to take down one of its new Web sites, saying it presents biased and inaccurate advice to parents on how to talk to their children about sex.

The site -- -- stresses the promotion of abstinence.

Emphasizing abstinence is fine, said the groups, but the government, under the conservative Bush administration, also should stress the need for contraception if sexual relations do occur.

"There's this misconception that giving young people negative information about contraception will encourage them not to have sexual intercourse, when all it will do is encourage them not to have contraception, so the strategy backfires," Monica Rodriguez, an official at the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, said Thursday.


Rove calls Falwell in hospital

Catholic Pope dies, Rove checks on American Taliban fascist pope wannabe

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA -- Rev. Jerry Falwell, hospitalized in serious condition, is on the mend from his latest health crisis, able to sit in an armchair, take a call from the White House and visit with his grandchildren, officials said Thursday.


DeLay ups the ante: Calls for "broad review" of courts before dismantling them altogether

I use the poker analogy since he's bluffing...up to a point. Someone had better call his bluff and make him shut up and sit down, else the judicial system will fall under the thumb of the religious wrong fascists and the Constitution will become toilet paper, for sure.


Black is "the new brown"

This is not how Marshall Dillon would do it.

Brownshirts now wear black "uniforms."

Volunteer, unauthorized, armed, militia "minutemen" vigilantes patrol Arizona-Mexico border. They wear black shirts, pants and hats by day. Do they wear white sheets by night? Who's next on their list? Libruls? Queers? Feminazis? Tree-huggers? Gulf War II protestors? Anti-Bush, Bush-bashing Bush-bashers?

'Minutemen' to patrol Ariz.-Mexico border
TOMBSTONE, Ariz. (AP) — About 450 volunteers gathered Friday for a monthlong effort to patrol the Mexican border for illegal immigrants and smugglers, an organizer of the project said.

Volunteers work in Arizona Friday as others sign up for the Minuteman Project.

The idea, according to organizers of the Minuteman Project, is for the volunteers to fan out across 23 miles of the San Pedro Valley to watch the border and report any illegal activity to federal agents — an exercise some law enforcement authorities and others fear could lead to vigilante violence.

Many volunteers were recruited over the Internet and some plan to be armed. Patrols are to begin Monday.


A history lesson from the Boomer Generation

I'm eight years older than this writer, and I remember being taught as a kid that rules were rules, right was right, fair was fair, and honest was honest. Ozzie (Nelson), Ward (Cleaver) and Andy (Taylor) taught their kids the same things on weekly sitcoms.

Now, we're supposed to be "competitive" which means that only winning matters, and that if you win, it's because God wanted you to, making HOW you won the christian way. So now lying, cheating and stealing are how God wants christian business men and women to get rich, and rigging elections is how God wants His annointees to get into office.

I sound like my father. On most things, I could do worse.


Insider tells us how to destroy neocancervatism!

Some of us have been spreading the word for quite a while about how the "Rev." (sic) Moon has kept rethuglicons on their knees. Now a former Moonie TIMES staffer says, "Nothing would destroy the conservative movement faster than to be linked inextricably to the Rev. Moon. I believe that Moon has plans for these conservatives, plans that would not please them..."

Remember (archives) that Moon said the other day he wanted to replace democracy with "godism." Whatever "godism" is, all we can determine about it is that Moon believes he should be in charge of it.


Trace amounts of America still found in Congress; Rove will make them sorry

Bush event exclusions ripped

Heave-ho of foes riles lawmakers on both sides of aisle

Members of Congress from both parties on Thursday raised sharp questions about the exclusion of political opponents from two taxpayer-funded appearances by President Bush.

Three people were ejected from the president's Social Security town hall meeting in Denver March 21 after they arrived in a car with a "No more blood for oil" bumper sticker.


Mississippi, of all places, apparently has at least 200 flower grandchildren

Ole Miss students stand up to fascist abominations who oppose appearance by mother of a boy who was murdered for being gay. What's wrong with those Baptists, anyway?

OXFORD, Miss. | March 23, 2005 -- About 200 counter-protesters gathered in front of the University of Mississippi's Fulton Chapel last night to speak out against the Rev. Fred Phelps, proprietor of "," "" and similar websites.
His Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) (see A City Held Hostage) has been listed by the Center as a hate group for years.

Phelps, who failed to appear after informing campus media Sunday that he and a dozen of his parishioners would protest guest speaker Judy Shepard, is notorious for his frequent demonstrations at public events. Members of his Topeka, Kan., church carry brightly colored signs with phrases like "God Hates Fags" or "Thank God for Sept. 11."


Friday, April 01, 2005

Hostage, sockpuppet or willing participant in turning America into Neuropa?

Bush is Hostage to Religious Right, Says Top Republican

One of the most respected figures in the Republican political establishment turned on his own party yesterday, accusing the leadership of falling hostage to the religious right.

In an opinion piece in yesterday's New York Times, John Danforth, a former senator and US ambassador to the United Nations, writes: "Republicans have transformed our party into the political arm of conservative Christians."

Mr Danforth's credentials in the party, as a three-term senator from Missouri's heartland and as the minister chosen by Ronald Reagan to officiate at his state funeral in June 2004, are well established.

His broadside against the party's rightward shift in recent years appeared to crystallise growing unease over the increasingly political nature of religion in public life in the US - prompted by the public feud over the fate of Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged woman who spent her 13th day without food or water in a hospice following the removal of her feeding tube. That affair has split the US right, and in recent days Republicans have tried to distance themselves from the controversy because of negative public reaction.


In case anyone still doesn't accept the existence of the vast, right-wing conspiracy... this and accept it as our nation's reality. They started working on it right after Watergate, really got going in the '80s, and perfected everything in 2000. Sadly for them, enough people were wise to them that they had to resort to rigging the 2004 election.

Update: Ted Kennedy calls on DeLay to renounce anarchy, lawlessness

Aren't there laws about conspiracy and inciting violence? Isn't DeLay still subject to the rule of law, at least until Neuropa (see archives) is a "fait accompli?"

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy took strong exception to DeLay's statement about of the judges.

"I'm not sure what Mr. DeLay meant when he said 'the time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior,'" the Massachusetts Democrat said in a written statement. "But at a time when emotions are running high, Mr. DeLay needs to make clear that he is not advocating violence against anyone."


The trash of April Fool's Day

In Washington, they call Friday "Take Out The Trash Day" because very little of what gets talked about gets written about and/or read over the weekend.

Well, there's a lot of trash today, none of it is an April Fool's joke, all of it is from and about the NatSoc fascists who are in the process of turning our country into feudal Europe or, as I call it, Neuropa. (See archives). So it is our job to find and share important news on Friday more than any other day of the week.

Fight for your country. Spread the word. And GET READY.

Unrelated historical sidebar simply because I'm a history buff:

Sixty years ago today, American soldiers and marines landed on Okinawa (do a Google), the first time they fought on Japanese soil. The war in Europe was all but over since Germany would surrender in a couple of weeks. Okinawa would be the last great battle of WWII.

My late father watched the invasion from the bridge of the USS Mayfield Victory which carried, as he used to say, "15,000 tons of gunpowder," the powder bags used in the big guns on battleships and cruisers. He was there for the invastion, when FDR died, and when the kamikazes fell like fiery snowflakes onto the American fleet, one coming within a mile of my dad's ship.

It was D-Day (all invasions were D-Days), April Fool's Day and Easter Sunday all at the same time. No wonder numerologists give the number 3 such powers.

In the name of my father and the rest of what Tom Brokaw called The Greatest Generation, do not let King Goerge use April Fool's Day to cover up his war crimes in Iraq with hogwash about the CIA.

This is not the issue. The issue is, King Goerge started a war with lies.

Pentagon Blamed for Lack of Postwar Planning in Iraq

A study of U.S. military operations in Iraq, prepared for Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, sharply criticizes Pentagon attempts to plan for the aftermath of the U.S.-led invasion two years ago, saying stabilization and reconstruction issues "were addressed only very generally" and "no planning was undertaken to ensure the security of the Iraqi people."


Bogus "Voting Rights" group set to cover up last fall's election theft

Yes, with the help of Diebold (see archives), ES&S (see archives) and nearly every politician in Ohio, the rethuglicons absolutely stole the 2004 for King Goerge. History proves that the exit polls are almost exactly in line with the real vote tallies, so ignore what the vast, right-wing conspiracy say to the opposite of history.

In an apparent attempt to shore up the discredited American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR) (see BRAD BLOG's Special Coverage on ACVR for more info) -- the phony "Voting Rights" group set up by Bush/Cheney/RNC operatives to provide a smoke-screen from what really went wrong in the 2004 general election -- GOPUSA, the phony "news" service created by Republican operative and shadowy money-meister, Bobby Eberle, most famous for creating the phony Talon News group, headlined by professional hooker cum phony journalist James Guckert (better known for his phony White House Correspondent name Jeff Gannon) is re-running the story published yesterday by their sister-phony-"news" group, Cybercast News Service (CNS) on the phony ACVR operation.

Got all that?


Your voting rights are under real attack RIGHT NOW

It is no accident that James A. Baker III is the co-chair of the new blue ribbon commission on voting issues. Baker helped ensure that the votes in Florida 2000 were not counted. How did Baker get on the commission? We don't know yet. The commission was created in secret.
Then there's the Gannon/Talon-like ACVR. The American Center for against Voting Rights. The "non-partisan" ACVR sprang into existance 3 business days before a 3/21/05 House Administrative Committee on voting issues of Ohio 2004. ACVR submitted a 31-page report to the Committee. The report, authored by Mark F. Hearne (General Counsel to Bush/Cheney '04), entirely blames ALL potential vote fraud on Democrats. Presently, the ACVR report is being circulated far and wide to every nook and crany of Freeper Land.

The Baker-tainted blue ribbon commission and the Gannon-like ACVR are both part of a coordinated attack on the right to vote. This is known because of a very peculiar detail reported by the BradBlog:


A commission left unresolved the question of who was to blame for "faulty intelligence" on Iraq's WMDs...

...but not who was and is responsible for Gulf War II. That would be King Goerge all by his lonesome.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain of lies and hogwash about the CIA. Do remember that King Goerge said publicly right after taking office the first time, "F*@% Saddam. We're taking him out." That had nothing to do with WMDs or 9/11--WHICH WOULDN'T HAPPEN FOR ANOTHER SIX MONTHS.

Gulf War II was and is for Iraq's oil, PNAC's 12-year-old plan for global domination (do your own Google for PNAC and you'll see this is accurate) and because Saddam allegedly sent people to kill Poppy Bush41. Everything else is lies and hogwash. So ignore it completely. The CIA didn't and couldn't order the invasion. Only King Goerge could do that. Only King Goerge did do that. Only King Goerge is responsible for this shameful war. He wants to take credit for everything, including our living longer? (See archives) Okay, then he gets the blame for everything, too, especially things he's actually responsible for.


Schiavo's Case May Reshape American Law...or replace it with Brownshirt Vigilantism

Terri Schiavo's legacy may be that she brought the issue of
death and dying to the battle over "the culture of life." The longer lasting legacy will be those of the GOP and the religious wrong who made it crystal clear, once and for all, that they want their way about everything, and the rule of law--and all who suport it--be damned.


Thursday, March 31, 2005

Remember the good, old days? And I don't mean how life was in Mayberry.

Thrity-five years ago, we ran that polecat LBJ out of town, and then contributed to Nixon's (ptooey!) downfall because of Vietnam. Where have all the flower grandchildren gone? Or are there any around?

A look back at the anti-Vietnam War movement in US

During the Vietnam War (1959 -1975), Americans shed blood at home as well as on the battlefields in Vietnam during massive anti-war campaigns.
The anti-Vietnam War movement was the most vocal and sustained in US history.

It began in the early 1960s in response to increased US participation in Vietnam , and then subsequently expanded in mid-1960s to peak in 1970.

The following are some of the most moving and memorable events from the Pentagon in Washington DC to Kent State University in Ohio, which saw American bloodshed and death nowhere near the battlefield, all in protest of the war.

More, and it's all accurate.

Has the cancer in "cancervative" started to turn on itself?

We can--and must--hope and pray that it's so.

Will the GOP need life support?
A prominent conservative blogger says Republican leaders have abandoned the traditional principles of small government and federalism -- and warns they may soon come to regret it.


Choose Life Before Death

Let our society truly choose life, with all its competing moral claims and obligations to minister to the weakest among us.

By Forrest Church

Forrest Church, Senior Minister of All Souls Church (Unitarian) in New York City, delivered the following sermon on Easter Sunday 2005.

The great Christian ethicist Rheinhold Niebuhr instructed his ministerial students at Union Theological Seminary to preach with the Bible in one hand and the newspaper in the other. Half a century later, his quest to insure biblical relevance seems almost quaint.

With the Bible making daily headlines--with senators and congressmen routinely citing God and the scriptures when shaping public policy--these days anyone seeking spiritual guidance can go straight to the newspaper, beginning on page one, on through the Nation section, and continuing through the op/ed pages. Given the near-satanic twist fundamentalist religion is giving to public policy discussions, I'm quite sure that Professor Niebuhr would have lavished more than a little of his delicious irony on today's religious politics.


Rigged election? Here? Naaah....

Some of us starting warning you a year in advance, but they got away with it, anyway. Wake up, America, and smell the fascism.

Group of University Professors Urges Investigation of 2004 Election

Officially, President Bush won November's election by 2.5%, yet exit polls showed Kerry winning by 3% [1] . According to a report to be released today by a group of university statisticians, the odds of a discrepancy this large between the national exit poll and election results happening by accident are close to 1 in a million.

In other words, by random chance alone, it could not have happened. But it did.


How can anyone not love a king who stands for motherhood, the flag, and a hot lunch for orphans?*

(*Dolly Gallagher Levi in "Hello, Dolly")

Bushspeak: Cracking the Code
Introduction by Tom Engelhardt

For the last few years we have been ruled by lexicographers. Never has an administration spent so much time creating, defining, or redefining terms, perhaps because no one (since George Orwell) has grasped the power and possibility that lay hidden in plain sight in the naming and renaming of words. In a sense, our post-9/11 moment began with two definitions: The Bush administration named our global enemy "terrorism" and called the acts that followed a "war," which was soon given the moniker "the global war on terror" (later reduced to the acronym GWOT, also known as World War IV), which was then given an instant future -- being defined as a "generational struggle" that was still to come. All this, along with "war" itself, was simply announced rather than officially "declared."

Given that we were (by administration definition) at war, it should have been self-evident that those we captured in our "war" on terrorism would then be "prisoners of war," but no such luck for them, since their rights would in that case have been clearly defined in international treaties signed by the United States. So the Bush administration opened its Devil's Dictionary and came up with a new, tortured term for our new prisoners, "unlawful combatants," which really stood for: We can do anything we want to you in a place of our choosing. For that place, they then chose Guantánamo, an American base in Cuba (which they promptly defined as within "Cuban sovereignty" for the purposes of putting our detention camps beyond the purview of American courts or Congress, but within Bush administration sovereignty -- the sole kind that counted with them -- for the purposes of the Cubans).

In this way, we moved from a self-declared generational war against a method of making war to a world of torture beyond the reach of, or even sight of, the law in a place that (until the Supreme Court recently ruled otherwise) more or less didn't exist. All this was then supported by a world of pretzeled language constantly being reshaped in the White House Counsel's office, the Justice Department, and the Pentagon so that reality would have no choice but to comply with the names given it.


Well, sacrifices must be made for fiberty, greedom and lemocracy

Malnutrition of Iraq children under the age of five has nearly doubled since King Goerge "got" Saddam and gave them fiberty, and stuff.

UN rights expert charges US using food access as military tactic

GENEVA (AFP) - A UN human rights expert sharply condemned the invasion of Iraq and the global anti-terror drive, accusing the US-led coalition of using food deprivation as a military tactic and of sapping efforts to fight hunger in the world.

"The situation of the right to food in Iraq is of serious concern," the UN special rapporteur on the right to food, Jean Ziegler, said in a report to the UN human rights commission.

The report also highlighted "widespread concerns about the continued lack of access to clean drinking water" and allegations by British campaigners that water sources were deliberately cut off by coalition forces.

"Those are the allegations, but what is proven is that at Fallujah, denial, the blockade imposed on food and the destruction of water reservoirs was used as weapon of war," Ziegler told journalists.

He insisted that the practice was a "clear violation" of the Geneva Conventions and delivered a firm condemnation of any attempt to deny food or water supplies.


None of these people matters as much as Terri Schiavo

The cost of King Goerge's war for oil went up today: the body count is now 1533 Killed In Action. But we're supposed to be mad at judges.

DeLay calls for vigilante jihad against legal system

From Think Progress:

SUGAR LAND, Texas, March 31 /U.S. Newswire/ -- House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) today released the following statement mourning the passing of Terri Schiavo:

"Mrs. Schiavo's death is a moral poverty and a legal tragedy. This loss happened because our legal system did not protect the people who need protection most, and that will change. The time will come for the men responsible for this to answer for their behavior, but not today. Today we grieve, we pray, and we hope to God this fate never befalls another. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Schindlers and with Terri Schiavo's friends in this time of deep sorrow."


King Goerge says millions are saddened by Terri Schiavo's death...

...but says not a single, solitary word about the 1528 GIs who've died in his &%$#%$ war for Iraq's oil. What an asshole this redneck chimp is.

Criminals run everything now in the Culture of Life

Well, if the president (sic) can get away with lying about deserting in time of war, lying to start a war, and lying full-time about Social Security, why the hell not?

Moral, decent, wholesome, christian family values gambling is better than communist taxes because the people have the freedom to choose to gamble, but don't have the freedom to (overtly) flout tax laws.
Gambling revenues have become a critical stream of income
for states, in some cases surpassing the corporate income


Oh, the doublespeak criminals use when caught: "Bad accounting" and "improper" really mean "lied" and "stole."

Insurer Admits Bad Accounting in Several Deals

The American International Group acknowledged that its
accounting for a number of transactions, including a deal
with Warren Buffett's company, was improper.

How would you feel if it happened to you or a loved one? (It will soon, believe me)

Well, yeah, AFTER being arrested, imprisoned, beaten, tortured and sodomized...

"The tribunals have provided a venue for detainees to personally challenge their status as enemy combatants."

38 freed as not 'enemy combatants'

WASHINGTON The Pentagon has announced that military tribunals have determined that 38 of 558 detainees at Guantánamo Bay were not "enemy combatants" and ordered them released without compensation from the navy base in Cuba.
The military said on Tuesday that the rest of the detainees had had their chance to make the case for their innocence and that it believed it had complied with a landmark 2004 Supreme Court order to give Guantánamo detainees a fair chance to challenge the basis for their indefinite incarceration without trial.
"I am pleased to report that we have completed a major milestone," said Navy Secretary Gordon England, who has overseen the process.
Reviews for all detainees at Guantánamo have been completed, England said. "The tribunals have provided a venue for detainees to personally challenge their status as enemy combatants."


Well, yeah, but it's BIGGER than the jarheads' LAV

The Army could have bought more of the proven LAVs (Light Armored Vehicles) which have worked wonderfully for nearly 20 years...for the Marine Corps. But, NOooooooo. We had to spend $9.4753 grillion on the new Stryker that's a whopping 15% bigger, 30% more expensive and about 100% less reliable so soldiers could have something different from what marines used. And so some Pentagon generals could get jobs with the Stryker people when they retired. Meanwhile, this experiment in foolishness and corruption has cost not only a zillion dollars, but LIVES.

(t)he Army's Dec. 21 report, drawn from confidential interviews with operators of the vehicle in Iraq in the last quarter of 2004, lists a catalogue of complaints about the vehicle, including design flaws, inoperable gear and maintenance problems that are "getting worse not better." Although many soldiers in the field say they like the vehicle, the Army document, titled "Initial Impressions Report -- Operations in Mosul, Iraq," makes clear that the vehicle's military performance has fallen short.


Law and order are damn near things of the past

"Minutemen?" Minutemen fought the redcoats. How about, "night riders" and "klukkers?"

Who needs black-robed demon judges, evil trial lawyers, police and all that expensive stuff that wastes our tax money and kills our freedoms when you can get decent, moral, christian, white vigilantes to work for free? And don't even start with how this is just like Neighborhood Watch. It ain't. Neighborhood Watch specifically forbids firearms, among many other reasons it ain't the same.


Hundreds of volunteers, some of them armed, are expected to take up positions along the Mexican border Friday and begin patrolling for illegal immigrants — an exercise some fear could attract racist crackpots and lead to vigilante violence.

Organizers of the Minuteman Project said the civilian volunteers, many of whom were recruited over the Internet, will meet first for a rally in this one-time silver mining town, then fan out across 23 miles of the San Pedro Valley to watch the border for a month and report sightings of illegal activity to Border Patrol agents.


If God is on their side, why are they such liars and criminals?

Rethuglicon state legislator charged with staging anthrax hoax. He's also embroiled in an ethics scandal, kinda like DeLay, another lying criminal of theirs.


What a waste of time and energy

Lying, screeching banshee says Kerry told big, fat lies. Derrhhrr...

People, don't you think Coultergeist wanted to be protested and heckled? To her and her minions, it proves she's right. Stop protesting. This isn't 1968 anymore. Learn from what THEY do and start doing it. And from what they don't do. They don't protest (except for the pathetic people at events like the Schiavo circus.) They didn't PROTEST Danny Glover, the Dixie Chicks and Janeane Garofalo, they ACTED to ruin their careers. Think about it.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Cancervative-on-cancervative crime on the rise

Conservative judge blasts Bush, Congress for role in Schiavo case

WASHINGTON - The latest rejection of the Terri Schiavo case by a federal court was accompanied by a stinging rebuke of Congress and President Bush from a seemingly unlikely source: Judge Stanley F. Birch Jr., one of the most conservative jurists on the federal bench.

Birch authored opinions upholding Alabama's right to ban the sale of sex toys and Florida's ability to prohibit adoptions by gay couples. Both rulings drew the ire of liberal activists and the elation of traditional and social conservatives.

Yet, in Wednesday's 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision to deny a rehearing to Schiavo's parents, Birch went out of his way to castigate Bush and congressional Republicans for acting "in a manner demonstrably at odds with our Founding Fathers' blueprint for governance of a free people - our Constitution."

Birch said he couldn't countenance Congress' attempt to "rob" federal courts of the discretion they're given in the Constitution. Noting that it had become popular among "some members of society, including some members of Congress," to denounce "activist judges," or those who substitute their personal opinions for constitutional imperatives, Birch said lawmakers embarked on their own form of unconstitutional activism.


Here's another, "That's diff'runt" for you

Rick "I'm gay/I'm not gay" Santorum's wife hired some (shudder) trial lawyers and filed an unAmerican frivolous lawsuit before a black-robed demon judge...AND WON!


Breaking news: Jebya may be sending the FL NG to "rescue" Terri Schiavo

This is reportedly coming from a member of the Florida National Guard who says he is being called up TONIGHT.

See discussion.

Onward, christian vigilantes!


Keep in mind that the militia leader is not just a "christian," but an alleged minister of a "strong, right-to-life church (sic)."

Norm Olson: Parents' lawyer thwarted plan to send militias to aid Terri Schiavo


Norm Olson, senior adviser to the Michigan militia and pastor of a strong right-to-life church in Wolverine, said Tuesday he had put together an unarmed coalition of state militias that were prepared to storm the Florida hospice where Terri Schiavo has been left to die, and take her to a safe house.

Olson said he needed only the OK from Schiavo's father, Robert Schindler, either directly or through his attorney David Gibbs, to put the plan, called "Operation Resurrection," into action on Sunday.

"We would have overwhelmed the local law enforcement," Olson said, adding the militias would not have been armed.
"We were just going to push people out of the way. It was the mood and the heartbeat of America," he said.

"In reality there are four branches of government in America, and we the people are the fourth. That's what our march was going to do: Show the American people that we were still in control."

"We the people are the final judges, not the black-robed demons. I do not believe that 70 percent of the American people thought it was wrong for government to get involved. They turned around when they believed Terri Schiavo's was a lost cause and wanted to be on the winning side."


Who will pull the plug on the Pope, Delay or Schindler?

You know they'd fight to get to do it as they've both done it before. (See archives)

Vatican: Pope getting nutrition from tube

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope John Paul II is getting nutrition from a tube in his nose, the Vatican said Wednesday, shortly after the frail pontiff appeared at his window in St. Peter's Square and managed only a rasp when he tried to speak.


Following their...I won't use "logic"...King Goerge must be removed from office because of what he MIGHT do

Scott McClellan, Bush's press secretary (and slobbering, toady court jester), said it was a volunteer who asked (the three people who legally obtained tickets to a taxpayer-funded public event of lies about Social Security) to leave "out of concern (based on nothing whatsoever) they might try to disrupt the event." (The bumper sticker proved, like King Goerge's lies about Iraq's WMDs proved, that you are now guilty until proven innocent, which you'll never get the chance to be.)

(Slobbering toady) McClellan said the White House welcomes a variety of voices (male cancervative, female cancervative, black cancervative, hispanic cancervative) into (staged, scripted, lie-filled) events but discourages people (who pay taxes and abide by the law) from coming to heckle the (unelected, AWOL, corrupt) president or disrupt (fake) town hall forums. "If someone is coming to try to disrupt it, then obviously that person would be asked to leave," he said (implying "everyone we didn't invite").

"There is plenty of opportunity outside of the event (behind police barricades blocks away, out of range of the teevee cameras) to express their (patriotic) views (in opposition to a war criminal who lies every single time he opens his diseased mouth)."


King George the Deserter set to piss on legacy of Medal of Honor, memory of first recipient in Gulf War II

The man who deserted during one war and started another one with lies shouldn't be allowed to speak the name of a brave man like the late Sgt. Paul Smith, much less touch a Medal of Honor. Instead, that drunk, AWOL, unelected, fascist, warmongering chimp should be forced to wear a 50-lb Medal of Dishonor around his neck for the next 40 years.


It's about &%#@&% time

New poll says most Americans finally care more about King Goerge's war than "American Idol," for Pete's sake. Sometimes I think this country deserves what it's gonna get.


Help tell America the truth about DeLay

Donate what you can. Spread the word.


Yes, King Goerge can be both a fascist and a socialist at the same time. That's the definition of National Socialist

Regardless of their speeches and prayers and all that other hogwash, the bottom line is this: They think they're the only ones entitled to live here, and the rest of us can leave or wind up in concentration camps as soon as Halliburton gets them built. That is exactly what they want. If you believe anything else, you've got your head both in the sand and up your ass. Wake the hell up and smell the fascism. And get ready.

Bush's privatization is really state ownership of capital assets. That's socialism, comrade.


"It's not fascism when we do it!"

"They got the wrong guys at the wrong place (Gitmo)," said Michael Ratner, of the Center for Constitutional Rights. "These people were imprisoned, interrogated and tortured for no reason. So now the government wants to get rid of them, because they just can't justify what they've done."


Oh, Colin, shut up and go away. You're no better than the rest of the liars

Trying to blame the CIA alongside the rest of his fascist asshole liar buddies in this NatSoc administration of criminals, Colin says that despite Saddam's lack of WMDs, invading and toppling him was the right thing to do. We're still waiting for the explanation of WHY it was the right thing to do if Saddam had no WMDs or connections to 9/11, either, which he didn't.


The Pentagon's idea of Culture of Life includes overlooking rape

The first (embarrassing report) suggested that (sexual) abuse includes the military's elite. Several female Air Force Academy cadets went public with allegations that they had been assaulted by other cadets and that the academy brass had punished them for daring to report the incidents.

The second suggested that abuse was also common on the front lines. Female soldiers serving in Iraq sought help from an advocacy group and Congress after their internal complaints were ignored.

An embarrassed Pentagon promised reforms. Instead, more problems were uncovered. A Pentagon task force looking into the Iraq complaints reported a year ago that data about sexual assaults and military follow-up were inconsistent and incomplete, compromising accountability. Congress then ordered the report due May 1.

Ten days ago came more evidence, when a 2004 Pentagon survey of the three military academies was released. One in 7 female cadets said they'd been victims of sexual abuse - ranging from unwanted advances to rape - during the previous five years. Only a third of the incidents were reported.

The Pentagon seems to take comfort in noting that the academies' experience mirrors the rest of society.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

We're part of an "uholy, left-wing alliance" now

At least according to the vast, right-wing conspiracy talking points of the day. And it's all because we're being mean to Nurse DeLay like we were to Newt the Grinch several years ago, the &@%$@&%. Apparently "the left" has joined with "the press" to crucify DeLay for, oh, let's see...a basketful of ethical violations, raging hypocrisy and ramming Big Brother down our necks? Yeah, I guess we are being mean to him, the &#%&$#@%&$#. And I for one intend to keep it up. Oh, and Rush? You can honk Bobo's nose, too.

Aussies to invade US! King Goerge must disarm and go to jail!

Well, not quite. But it is a nice idea, isn't it?

To Australians, U.S. World Policy a Threat

SYDNEY, Australia - Most Australians consider U.S. foreign policy to be as threatening as Islamic fundamentalism, according to a survey released Monday.

More than two-thirds of respondents, 68 percent, said Australia takes "too much notice" of the United States when setting its foreign policy agenda, and 57 percent judged U.S. foreign policy to be as much of a threat as Islamic fundamentalism.


Some flower grandchildren are finally awake. Bless their hearts.

One kid held up a sign reading, "Honk 4 Peace." A passerby shouted, "I love Bush." Does that mean he shouts for war instead of honking for peace? If so, why isn't he there fighting it?


A &#@%$#@ fascist police state exists here now!

King Goerge and his #%$#@&%# brownshirts used our tax dollars to pay for a Social Security privatization rally, then kicked out tax-payers who legally obtained free tickets. Best part: A GOP staffer masqueraged as Secret Service agent to kick these three people out, and the Secret Service isn't going to do anything to him.

Real totalitarianism set to stamp out imagined totalitarianism.

Yet another classic example of, "Accuse first!"

See, once they accuse you of something, you can never accuse them of it even when you have incontrovertible proof of their guilt. Soon they'll be accusing US of wanting to build concentration camps for if we could get Halliburton the contracts for it. Man...

Freedom is on the wane

Well, as regards this story, in Iraq. But, yes, here, too.

In Boy Scouts, pedophiles=good, queers=bad, very bad

Long-time "leader" busted with kiddie porn. At least he's not one of those fags that God hates.

(Note: Clinically and behaviorally, pedophilia and homosexuality are two very different things.)

Moon is in the seventh house...again

Says we should replace democracy with "Godism," whatever that is.

And people actually pay good money to read his fishwrap, the Washington TIMES. Sheesh.


Condo is a hippie peacenik now with flowers in her hair and rocks around her neck

We know she plays piano very well, but what about a guitar? How does she look in tie-dyed t-shirts, bellbottoms and sandals?

After demanding war two years ago, SecState leads effort to co-opt antiwar movement's calls to get the hell out of Iraq. No one could possibly call this a flip-flop.

Sidebar: Bob "The Prince of Darkness" Novak, who probably exposed CIA operative Valery Plame to potential assassination last year, spends just 'way too much time telling us he's a real reporter.


Condo says chaos, anarchy=fiberty...good enough for the Middle East

Kinda sounds like what her buds are fomenting here, too, don't it?


Who will pull the plug on Jerry Falwell, DeLay or Schindler?

The "Rev." (sic) Falwell is on a ventilator. His timing is a week late, huh?

Is this a test of someone's faith? If he makes it, does it prove heaven was full? If he dies, which one of his minions didn't pray hard enough or fast long enough or beat up enough libruls? How will Pat Robertson prove this is the fault of those evil, evil judges?

I wonder if he has a Living Will...

The gremlins are back

All I can do is wait for someone to smoke 'em out again. Meanwhile, why not visit the archives...if they're available.

They will lock you up and say, "What're you gonna do about it?"

With no evidence of guilt and yes evidence of innocence, "terror suspect" is still in Gitmo. If this doesn't prove the existence of America's first political prisoners, nothing will.


The fascism just keeps spreading

Two "protest-type people" legally obtain free tix to see King Goerge, but get escorted out before His Majesty's Holy Arrival because of a bumper sticker. What a bunch of NatSoc assholes these rethuglicons are.


Monday, March 28, 2005

Once again, they leave my mouth agape

In their world, if you call yourself a '62 Corvette, you automatically are and always have been one.


agape (Greek)

(Christianity.) Love as revealed in Jesus, seen as spiritual and selfless and a model for humanity.
Love that is spiritual, not sexual, in its nature.
(Christianity.) In the early Christian Church, the love feast accompanied by Eucharistic celebration.

from Agape Press

agape (NatSoc word meaning, "The only people entitled to live in America.")

Does this below sound in any way related to the above?

...An author and terrorism expert hopes his new book will be a wake-up call to all Americans. Investigative journalist Paul Sperry claims Washington, DC, has allowed radical Muslims to penetrate the U.S. military, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Department of Homeland Security. Sperry is a media fellow at the Hoover Institution. His book is called Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington. The author believes political correctness has allowed Muslims to gain access to all of the major U.S. security agencies. "They've penetrated our institutions, but we have not penetrated theirs -- and that is a scary proposition," he says. "This book is a wake-up call to Americans across the country. We've been played for suckers about this Islamic threat. We've been lulled into a false sense of security." Sperry says his book will make readers "hustle-proof," providing them with "cold, hard, politically incorrect facts and truths you have not heard since 9-11, and you deserve to hear without the PC spin out of Washington." Another area of concern Sperry points out is America's prison system, which he says has become the top recruiting ground for al Qaeda. And now, the author warns, terrorist recruiters have worked their way into U.S. public schools as well. [Chad Groening]


Think about how many groups of people are on their enemies list. Then think about how long before you're on it, assuming you're not already on it.

Iraq corruption is a wildfire

King Goerge won't lift a finger to get back (from his friends) the $50 million (his friends) scammed from our tax dollars. Keep in mind that the more unearned money they keep, the more of it they can "donate" to GOP whores.

More, barely calculable waste and stupidity at the Pentagon

They throw my money away like this and still whine about Carter's and Clinton's cutbacks.

If you only watched the worthlesscorporate media, you'd think the war was over

That's why we need all of the internets to know the body count in Iraq. Here's a good website I just found.

The Pentagon believed King Goerge's lies about "carpets of flowers," and GIs are still paying the price

This is a sad tale of systematic incompetence by people with power, but no accountability.

By this Friday, there finally may be enough armored Humvees in Iraq. That's only two years late.


Registered sex offender sent his son to be arrested in photo op stunt about Terri Schiavo

Do NOT give me any Easter parallels to this sick man and his shameful behavior.

Claims the boy asked him to take him to Florida where the dad is on the sex offender registry.


They're back and they're a big part of the Culture of Life

Militias, the KKK and other white supremacist groups went into hiding after the OKC bombing ten years ago. Now they're coming up out of the sewers and infecting even Native American tribes.


Terri's father-in-law murdered his mother (his language, not mine)


Terri Schiavo's father-in-law (you know, Bob Schindler, the one who's been praying and whining about saving his baby's life?) murdered his 79-year-old mother (using their language, not mine).

Scroll 'way down towards end of article.


But, given the vehemence with which he has been fighting to prolong Terri's life, it is a little surprising to learn that Robert decided to turn off the life-support system for his mother. She was 79 at the time, and had been ill with pneumonia for a week, when her kidneys gave out. "I can remember like yesterday the doctors said she had a good life. I asked, 'If you put her on a ventilator does she have a chance of surviving, of coming out of this thing?'" Robert says. "I was very angry with God because I didn't want to make those decisions."


Those family bonds snapped in 1993 - the same year that a court awarded Terri $1m in a medical malpractice suit, and granted her husband authority over the money to use for her care. Each party now accuses the other of trying to get their hands on the funds. The cash question became even more urgent four years later, when Michael arrived at his momentous decision to end his wife's life. If Terri died, he would inherit the funds remaining in the malpractice suit; so long as she lived, the Schindlers had a hope of challenging his guardianship over Terri, and his control of the money.


Lies, hypocrisy and abomination in the Culture of Life

Terri Schiavo Was Just An Innocent Bystander To A Political, Elmer Gantry Circus Of GOP Political Opportunists And Religious Hucksters


Vigilantism popular in Culture of Life

Young Rethuglicons of Texas (what IS it with Texas, anyway?) stage "Most Dangerous Game" reenactment or, as they called it at the University of North Texas, "Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day.” Fortunately there were patriots around to stop it.


Rape is okay in the Culture of Life

Air Force Academy rapists get off Scott-free.


Death threats fit into the Culture of Life

Janeane Garofalo is but one patriot who has received death threats for excercising her right to free speech.

Ms. Garofalo begs to differ. Some of her critics' letters grew so specifically threatening, she said, that she "wound up losing 25 pounds in eight weeks from sheer fear."


Sunday, March 27, 2005

You could be next

What's the name of that oath doctors take...the Hypocrite Oath? I guess soon I can refuse to avoid hitting rethuglicons with my car on moral grounds.

Michigan Preparing To Let Doctors Refuse To Treat Gays

(Lansing, Michigan) Doctors or other health care providers could not be disciplined or sued if they refuse to treat gay patients under legislation passed Wednesday by the Michigan House.
The bill allows health care workers to refuse service to anyone on moral, ethical or religious grounds.

The Republican dominated House passed the measure as dozens of Catholics looked on from the gallery. The Michigan Catholic Conference, which pushed for the bills, hosted a legislative day for Catholics on Wednesday at the state Capitol.

The bills now go the Senate, which also is controlled by Republicans.


Another reason to love the ACLU

New US Army documents point to broader abuse of Iraqi detainees

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US Army's abuse of detainees in Iraq went beyond Abu Ghraib prison and included brutal beatings of suspects as well as forcing them to do physical exercises until exhaustion, according to military documents made public.

The more than 1,200 pages of documents were released late Friday in response to a court order that instructed the Department of Defense to comply with a Freedom of Information request filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and other human rights groups.

They include evidence that forced physical exertions may have caused the death of at least one detainee held by the US Army in the northern Iraqi town of Mosul, as well as reports of brutal beatings and sworn statements that soldiers were told to "beat the f... out of" prisoners.

"These documents provide further evidence that the torture of detainees was much more widespread than the government has acknowledged," said ACLU attorney Jameel Jaffer. "At a minimum, the documents indicate a colossal failure of leadership."


Don't regard yourself as a guardian of freedom unless you respect and preserve the rights of people you disagree with.


They're three short. It's 1528 now.

Ariane Alexander of Fremont contains her emotions when dealing with the veterans she counsels as a psychologist. But as she walked among the 1,525 pairs of black military boots stretched across San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza on Friday as part of a traveling memorial to the Iraq war dead, not even the patriotic music marching through her headphones could blunt her tears.

She dabbed her eyes as she thought of her three sons in the military -- one in Afghanistan, one in Iraq "and the baby at Camp Pendleton" -- and fought back visions of their names here, printed on a laminated tag hooked to an empty pair of boots, each a tribute to a U.S. serviceman or woman killed in the war.


Before they became National Socialists

There literally is no limit to their lies and hypocrisy.

Past Arguments Don't Square With Current Iran Policy

Lacking direct evidence, Bush administration officials argue that Iran's nuclear program must be a cover for bomb-making. Vice President Cheney recently said, "They're already sitting on an awful lot of oil and gas. Nobody can figure why they need nuclear as well to generate energy."

Yet Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and outgoing Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz held key national security posts when the Ford administration made the opposite argument 30 years ago.


They want to talk about indecency? Okay, fine, let's talk about indecency.

Jerry Falwell lies, spreads hatespeech and incites violence.

Pat Robertson lies, spreads hatespeech and incites violence.

Rush Limbaugh lies, spreads hatespeech and incites violence.

Joe Scarborough...sheesh...

It's long past time we started bombarding the FCC with complaints about these and all the other NatSocs out there, just like the Parents Television Council does over such things as "Saving Private Ryan."

Read. Act.

They made him do it

Now "the Bush administration" is claiming King Goerge "didn't want" to interrupt his vacation in order to return to D. C. and sign "Terri's Law."

Okay, so he didn't want to. But he did. He signed it. He's in it up to his red neck.


Well, don't that just blow yer hat in the creek?

(I wasn't going to post anything else today, but this must be spread around everywhere.)

Terri Schiavo's father-in-law (you know, Schindler, the one who's been praying and whining about saving his baby's life?) ordered the murder of his 79-year-old mother (using their language, not mine).

Scroll 'way down towards end of article.


But, given the vehemence with which he has been fighting to prolong Terri's life, it is a little surprising to learn that Robert decided to turn off the life-support system for his mother. She was 79 at the time, and had been ill with pneumonia for a week, when her kidneys gave out. "I can remember like yesterday the doctors said she had a good life. I asked, 'If you put her on a ventilator does she have a chance of surviving, of coming out of this thing?'" Robert says. "I was very angry with God because I didn't want to make those decisions."


Those family bonds snapped in 1993 - the same year that a court awarded Terri $1m in a medical malpractice suit, and granted her husband authority over the money to use for her care. Each party now accuses the other of trying to get their hands on the funds. The cash question became even more urgent four years later, when Michael arrived at his momentous decision to end his wife's life. If Terri died, he would inherit the funds remaining in the malpractice suit; so long as she lived, the Schindlers had a hope of challenging his guardianship over Terri, and his control of the money.



On the central religious holiday of our faith, let us celebrate National Socialist imperialism, the Culture of Life, the coming OneChurch, lying, stealing, disdain for law and the Constitution, and the compassionate cancervative christian nation that the religious wrong abominations intend to have here.

(See archives for lots more stories warning us about what they have in mind for our country and everyone who is "not them.")

Dr. First and Nurse DeLay simply lied to the Schindlers

And everybody else. But not for partisan political purposes, of course. It was to save poor Terri's life.

Frist Acknowledged Schiavo Bill Gave Courts Discretion

Congress clearly intended that the federal court would have the discretion to grant or deny the stay that Terri Schiavo’s parents requested. This is true even in the case the legislation’s biggest proponents, like Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN). Check out this exchange between Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) and Frist:

Mr. LEVIN: The absence of any state[d] provision in the new bill simply means that Congress relies on current law. Under current law, a judge may decide whether or not a stay is appropriate.

Does the majority leader share my understanding of the bill?

Mr. FRIST. I share the understanding of the Senator from Michigan, as does the junior Senator from Florida who is the chief sponsor of this bill. Nothing in the current bill or its legislative history mandates a stay.


1528 sacrificial lambs won't be rising from their graves today

Why don't the religious wrong care about the Culture of Death in a war sold with lies? Why do they rejoice in sending soldiers to die for their king's lies? Why do they support an unelected king, his corrupt administration and an entire culture of abomination, criminality and National Socialism?

If these people go to heaven, I'm staying here. It'll finally be peaceful.

Christian condoms=good, librul condoms=bad

"Minister" sells "Jesus condoms," claiming they'll prevent illicit sex; doesn't mention licit sex.


Would Jesus recruit with Krispy Kremes?

Krispy Kremes and milk for communion?

From "rice christians" to "doughnut christians:" the blood of Christ becomes the cholesterol of Christ.

Megachurches are little communities, like frontier settlements, helping members avoid having to deal with the real world. And they don't even need sheriffs since local cops drive by during the week and direct traffic on Sundays.


They're not even trying to be sublte anymore

Again, they should lose their tax-exempt status for showing total disdain for the law.

Christian conservative leaders from scores of Ohio's
fastest growing churches are mounting a campaign to win
control of local government posts and Republican


Financial institutions haven't heard of the Culture of Life yet

Creditors ignore laws, happily foreclose on GIs' houses while they're at war. Aren't we glad the compassionate cancervative christians are defining the business culture in our country?