Saturday, February 26, 2005

Buy your plastic and duct tape from Homeland Security Depot!

Anybody besides me think his helping them sell all that stuff a couple of years ago led directly to this job? Anybody besides me remember that several people asphyxiated themselves, but nobody held Ridgerunner accountable?

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) -- Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge will join the board of Home Depot Inc., replacing Roger Penske, the company said Thursday.

The Chickenhawk Database

You'll be surprised at who's on it. And at who's NOT. (Hint: Most rethugs are on it. Pay particular attention to the frothing warmongers on FAUXNEWS and amtalkingheadradio.)

Rethuglicons just support the hell out of the troops...again

Low pay and lousy food while fighting stupid wars. Now this.

2.4 Million Veterans Will Pay New Fee

Republican majorities on the House and Senate veterans' affairs committees have voted to impose an enrollment fee of at least $230 a year on 2.4 million veterans - one of every three now eligible for Veterans Affairs Administration health care.


Before one could even qualify to run for public office--any public office--one would have to have at least one male and one female child of military service age. Upon that candidate's election and for his/her entire term in office, those children would be in uniform, in combat infantry, and "in country" smack in the middle of whatever stupid war our "leaders" got us into.

If any of these brave chickenhawk rethuglicons were veterans AND had children in Iraq and Afghanistan, maybe things would be different. But they're not (look it up) and they don't (look it up), which is why they're called chickenhawks (look it up).

Why we love Coultergeist

"Press passes can't be that hard to come by if the White House allows that old Arab Helen Thomas to sit within yards of the president."

When was the last time the screeching banshee Coultergeist was that close to a Thomas has been for over forty years?

(And when was the last time the screeching banshee had...a date...with a man?)

But I thought being queer was a choice...


Bill would ban abortions of 'gay' fetuses
Maine legislator got idea listening to Rush Limbaugh

© 2005 (Who else?)

A Republican lawmaker in Maine has introduced a bill to prohibit abortions based on the sexual orientation of the unborn baby.

State Rep. Brian Duprey wants the Legislature to forbid a woman from ending a pregnancy because the fetus is homosexual.

He said the bill looks into the future in case scientists find what he described as a "homosexual gene."

"I have heard from women who told me that if they found out that they were carrying a child with the gay gene, then they would abort. I think this is wrong," said Duprey, who got the idea while listening to the Rush Limbaugh Show.

Why do the fascists hate science so much?

The rethuglicons are trying to choke needle exchange by subjugating science, logic and compassion to a political agenda.

So they denigrate science and logic because they allow us to see through the fascist hogwash, thereby diluting their mindcontrol over us. Well, screw 'em.

King Goerge allows importation of bad beef, but not safe medicine from Canada

All politics is about funnelling tax dollars to your friends. The issue is, who are your friends, and how many of them are there?

In this case, the king's friends are in the...wait for it...pharmaceutical drug-making binnis and would be hurt by cheap meds from Canada. Imagine that, the king sides with rich friends over sick taxpayers. What a raging asshole he is.

The cost of King Goerge's lies: 5 KIA, 9 WIA in 24 hours

Total cost for the lies as of today: 1493 dead, 10,968 wounded, maimed, crippled, disfigured, psychologically fucked up...and that's not counting suicides, divorces, and homeless returnees.

But, hey, we got Saddam, and sacrifices must be made if our tax dollars are to enrich Halliburton and all the defense contractors who in turn donate big, heaping piles of OUR MONEY back to republicans who keep the defense contractors rich in the first place.

Just don't tell me these kids died protecting us. They didn't. They died to make King Goerge powerful and his friends Period. End of story. Sad, but true. They died believing they were serving America when in fact they died for those who would turn America into feudal Europe.

Irony and tragedy are just not big enough words for the crimes the GOP fascists have perpetrated on us.

The Fifth Estate

Historically, "the press" have been the fourth estate behind the Constitutionally established first three estates: the President, the Judiciary and Congress. Congress was designed to provide checks and balances on the office of the president. The founding fathers intended that "the press" keep tabs on the offices of government and provide, on behalf of the people, checks and balances on the checkers and balancers. Thus the fourth estate was meant to go where "the people" could not go, and ask questions "the people" could not ask.

The republican fascists having consolidated most of "the press" into the vast, right-wing conspiracy liars propaganda network over the past 30 years, it now falls to us in what is euphemistically called "the blogosphere" to serve the people as the Fifth Estate. We have to provide checks and balances on those who are supposed to check and balance the checkers and balancers, but no longer do so because "the press" and those whom they are supposed to check and balance all work for the same republican fascists now.

Every living cancervative brownshirt will tell you at length that "the media" are untrustworthy because they're all "librul"--read "queer, drug-crazed, communist child-molestors working for the aliens." But they're lying and they know it. And so do we.

The worthlesscorporatemedia are that because they no longer do journalism. What passes for journalism nowadays gradually has been dumbed down, diluted and metamorphosed into pablum. If you don't believe me, watch any teevee "news" show, network or local. And print media are only marginally better, which almost doesn't matter anymore since most people are too damned lazy to read news, and instead rely on Der Ruschkopf and FAUXNEWS to tell them what to think about headlines found in print media websites.

But therein lies the rub. By the grace of God, there still are a few old-fashioned "newsmen" (and, of course,'s a word from the old days when it was almost exclusively men who stayed up all night, pounding the pavement to track down corrupt officials, and the like) working for print media. And there still are a goodly number of old-fashioned actual news organizations out there, doing their homework, writing carefully and publishing...well, "news." But they're hard to find if you don't know how to look for them.

Ergo, we of the Fifth Estate take on the responsibility of finding and disseminating news from myriad sources so that with a few clicks of your mouse, you can access real news and, more importantly, real news websites to use on your own.

So I challenge you to have your car radio repaired so it no longer receives amtalkingheadradio, and listen instead to books on tape/cd or music. Music truly does soothe the savage breast. (Yes, "breast," as in "heart," is the right word, not "beast.") And books provide...what's that word again...information, yeah, that's it, instead of mere opinions.

I likewise challenge you to stop watching teevee news (sic) on any channel, and cancel your subscriptions to local newspapers which are a waste of your money.

Turn your trust instead to the Fifth Estate who will find real news and link to it for you. Yes, we'll probably include some opinions about the news story. But we don't pretend to do otherwise, as Der Rushkopf, FAUXNEWS and all those fascist liars do in every spoutlet of the VR-WC. Our opinions, and in my case perhaps the occasional inflammatory comment, notwithstanding, go and read the stories we link for you, and inform yourself with reliable facts and data.

Only real information can penetrate the walls of hogwash erected hourly by the VR-WC. Only facts can unspin the propaganda. And only data can reveal the lies.

Arm yourselves, and run to the sound of the modems!

How long can King Goerge get away with so many lies?

Does a rigged 51-49 "win" equal a mandate for neverending war?

As the criminal, sinful war in Iraq enters its third year, the president goes to Europe to heal the wounds between the United States and its former allies, on his own terms of course. The White House propaganda mill will hail it as another victory for the president and ignore the fact that most Europeans still consider the war dangerous folly and the president a dangerous fool.

One hears new rationalizations for the war on this side of the Atlantic. After the hearings on Secretary of State Rice, a Republican senator, with all the self-righteous anger that characterizes many such, proclaimed, "The Democrats just have to understand that the president really believed there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq." This justification is not unlike the one heard frequently at the White House, "The president believed the intelligence agencies of the world."

Would it not be much better to have a president who deliberately lied to the people because he thought a war was essential than to have one who was so dumb as to be taken in by intelligence agencies, especially those who told him what he wanted to hear?

Friday, February 25, 2005

Fourteen words never to use again

Don't argue with fascists by using fascist doublespeak. Use Standard English instead. It'll confuse them and piss them off.

Lincoln warned us about future generations of rethuglicons

Too long to post. Click the headline to read. It's worth your time.

How to stop this ridiculous, illegal war

In two years, replace all the braindead, bloodthirsty warmongers in the House of Representatives who swallowed King Goerge's lies about Iraqi WMDs and Saddam's role in 9-11.

Yes, it'll still be going on in two years, and it'll still be a tar baby.

How to fight the fascist spinformation on AARP

Say things like this, and then hold King Goerge accountable for what his minions do. Either he condemns such crap, or he endorses it.

"(t)his group is doing what these conservative groups always do—they’re throwing out a set of smears so they can change the subject of this debate. They don’t want to discuss Bush’s horrible ideas for Social Security—so they create these ludicrous attacks on the AARP, just as they did when they invented a series of bogus claims about Kerry’s war record last summer. But this is what these well-funded, conservative groups always do—and they make a joke of our democracy as they do it. No, the AARP doesn’t hate the troops, and you’d have to be silly to think that they did. Voters have to reject these slime-ball techniques—and they have to punish President Bush for pushing this kind of nonsense."

US troops to remain in Europe...why?

Non-revisionist history 101:


Why are we protecting Europe from a Soviet army that no longer exists?

I'm sorry, I forgot how important defense corporate welfare is to...the GOP.

Freeway blogger to mark 1500th KIA in Iraq

Only eight more to go as of this afternoon.

Preview: "KIA=1500, WMD=0"

At least most of them didn't die in MAJOR combat action, and, hey, we got Saddam.

He was against taxes before he was for them

Fastest flip-flop in rethuglicon history!

INDIANAPOLIS - Gov. Mitch Daniels proudly displays a samurai sword in his office, a remnant of the days when President Bush nicknamed him "The Blade" for his prowess in cutting taxes and federal spending.

But now the former White House budget director — and Indiana's first Republican governor since 1988 — has proposed a one-year tax increase to slice away at the state's $645 million deficit.

Critics say the move contradicts not only Daniels' reputation as a fiscal conservative, but GOP tradition itself.

"This is the fastest any governor claiming to be a Reagan Republican has folded under the pressure of big-spending interests," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, a conservative group that in 2002 hailed Daniels as its "strongest ally in the administration."

Gay prostitute=good, ambiguously gay sponge=bad

Where's the moral outrage from the Falwellians over a gay prostitute/fake reporter who somehow got past all the White House security and could have hurt the president?

At best, they're defending him; at worst, they're ignoring the issue of breached White House security.

King Goerge tells man his son has a stupid name

Yeah, you might have become something besides an illiterate, drunk, AWOL, failed at every binniss you tried, pretended to be born again to go into politics, lying, unelected, court-appointed, lying, Diebold-rigged, lying, corrupt, warmongering, lying, fascist piece of $#!+.

"Can you imagine if my name had been Mungo Bush?" the president joked Friday when a British reporter asked him to autograph a book for his son, Mungo. Bush seemed amused by the name.

Call Them On It

God put King Goerge in the White House. Twice. That's what he says, that's what his supporters believe.

Call him on it.

Let's have a national call to hear his testimony. Publicly. In primetime. I want to know his record of church attendance for the past four years. I want to hear him quote passage after passage of Holy Scripture. I want to hear him sit down with Jimmy Carter and give the details of how he came to accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior. Then I want to hear Laura's testimony, and those of their daughters.

Since God annointed King Goerge, it follows that this entire administration also must be devout christians. Every one of them. How could it be otherwise? Would God's hand-picked president surround himself with unbelievers? Of course not.

Call them on it.

I want to hear testimonies from Dick and Lynne Cheney. Then I want to hear from Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove, Ridge, Ashcroft, Goss, Gonzales, Chertoff, the whole gang. Then I want to hear from Congress. They all have websites. I want to see video up there. I want to see them cry. I want them to make us cry. That's what always happens at a tent revival.

Since all these in government are God's chosen people, it follows that so are all his supporters.

Call them on it.

I want to hear testimonies from Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly and Brit Hume. I particularly want to hear from Rupert Murdoch, owner of FAUXNEWS, and Sun Yung Moon, owner of the Washington TIMES. I want to know when and how they became christians. I want to know where they go to church, and how often. Surely they're all there twice every Sunday and again on Wednesday night, yes? That's how it's done.

And finally, it follows that everyone who voted for King Goerge is a devout christian. So whenever someone gets in your face, smile and humbly ask to hear his/her testimony. Ask for guidance on how you may come to accept Jesus and have all your sins washed away, as your attacker did. Ask how to be born again. Ask to go to church with them.

Call them on it. And don't leave until you've heard the testimonies of conversion.

Finally, contact everyone in the vast, right-wing conspiracy and demand to hear from their testimonies, too. I want to hear from every right-wing columnist, amradiotalkinghead, and blogger in the land. After all, God gave them the gifts of salvation, enlightenment, power and influence.

Let them use those gifts as all good stewards do.

What happens when you disagree with a compassionate christian rethuglicon

Oh, the indecency!

PBS had to edit a show with language like this.

Note that it was the Democrat who wanted to do something nice for families of GIs killed in Iraq, and the rethuglicon who cursed and made a threat. This guy needs the Lord in his life. Maybe Coultergeist or Spawn Hannity can give him their testimonies.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

And we'd all better sign up

Danny Schechter, "Weapons of Mass Deception" Filmmaker, Declares War on the War Propaganda Machine

Learn how the "biasedlibrulmediamyass" colluded with King Goerge and the vast, right-wing conspiracy liars' hateprop network to sell Gulf War II with nothing but lies. No opinions, just the facts. For those who can handle the facts.

How the rest of the planet viewed King Goerge's Excellent Adventure in Europe

Isn't it amazing what happens when people aren't brainwashed by FAUXNEWS, Der Ruschkopf and the rest of the vast, right-wing conspiracy liars' hateprop network?

Jesus to anchor Ministry of Truth's new "Pentagon Channel"

From now on, no Americans will die in a war. Only those who hate us for our fiberty, greedom and lemocracy will die.

Broadcast studios built in Bushtopia, capitol city of the parallel universe, Cancervatron, home of the Cancervatroids who believe 2=2+5 and the Earth is 6000 years old.

The Bush administration has shown a willingness to do just about anything to manipulate public opinion. It paid pundits to say nice things about it. It spent lavishly to create bogus -- and, according to the comptroller general, illegal -- video news reports on the president’s Medicare, education, and drug policies. And it has given us Gannon/Guckert-gate.

Now the Bushies are taking things to the next level. Not content to buy their press coverage retail, they are producing and distributing their own news network. And, no, I’m not talking about Fox. It’s the Pentagon Channel, a 24/7 niche network brought to you by the Department of Defense.

Will Der Ruschkopf call this merely "sorority girl hijinks?"

Ritual & Sexual Torture in Gitmo and Abu Ghraib
Bad Blood

One of the Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan, and Guantánamo tortures recently revealed is US women smearing menstrual blood on Islamic prisoners and fondling or rubbing them sexually to defile them. The tactic includes taunting prisoners that they will then have no water to purify themselves to pray. Some prisoners were also shown pictures of their wives with their heads superimposed on naked women's bodies posed beside Osama Bin Laden. "I see my wife everywhere, everywhere' Mamdouh Habib, an Australian ex-detainee reported.

This differs from the physical tortures-electric shock to head and genitals, bloody beating, sodomizing, suffocating, and drowning. The women's participation was not just to torture, degrade and abuse, but specifically to pollute and defile spiritually.

The women who smeared menstrual blood and rubbed their breasts on men who sometimes spat at them as whores are not the young women revealed last year posing with men on leashes and mocking prisoners' genitals. The women who brandished menstrual blood were part of an interrogation cadre doing what they were told would break the spirit of jihadists. Rumsfeld and Bush professed shock at sexual tortures last year; they have not spoken about this variation. Do they find it disgusting? Or do they applaud these women as their valiant and covert warriors, doing a tough and disagreeable job that needs to be done? President Bush often deplored the degrading treatment of women in Afghanistan and Iraq, citing the liberation of women as part of our mission in 'bringing freedom' to these cultures. The liberated women we present in Iraq and Afghanistan and Guantánamo are not attractive to cultures that value modesty.

Women's menstrual blood pollutes in many cultures. An orthodox Jewish man must not touch any woman outside his family and is defiled if any menstruating woman touches him. As in Islamic practice, this is part of a complex code dealing with sexual control and practice. It is religious just as every aspect of life-what you eat and touch and think-is religious, part of right-acting before God, one's identity.

To most Americans being smeared with menstrual blood might seem a less horrible torture than electric shock to the genitals or being smeared with feces and hooded and beaten and suffocated or almost drowned. It seems less terrifying to me than Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz's recommendation of lawfully inserted surgical needles to extort information. The schemes of the torturers reveal not only their imaginations of the other but their own fantasies. So the use of women's blood as polluting is instructive. The agents of American power reached to women's genitals for a weapon to emasculate Islamist males.

The tactic reveals the religious heart of war-the object is to kill the culture not simply the carrier. As the Greeks slaughtered a pig on the altar of the temple in Jerusalem, and the French revolutionaries installed a whore on the altar of Notre Dame, so the Americans smear menstrual blood on captives and show them their wives naked with Osama Bin Laden.

Unlike warrior blood which sanctifies and sanctions violence, and unlike Christ's blood which heals, women's blood is offal. It is a shame or a curse or a sign of sin- polluting. It is bad blood which can disarm the pious Islamic male warrior not broken by physical force, a spiritual weapon to make him unclean and unable to pray to his God for strength to fight.

We might ignore the perversity, depravity and spiritual malice of smearing menstrual blood on Islamic prisoners. But it reveals another sexual side of our faith in blood. Our bloodthirstiness for war, for killing and dying for freedom and democracy is held up as noble bloodletting. It is very much the same for Osama Bin Ladin who also believes in nobly shedding blood-killing the infidel and dying for his God. But the female blood is not ennobled, sanctified or worshiped. It is hidden, not holy; it pollutes. It is bad blood as opposed to good.

In Abu Ghraib, Afghanistan and Guantánamo even bad blood gets put to our good blood purpose- it can bloody our enemy by defiling him. Sexual spiritual torture provides new insight that the war on terror is terrible.

Diane Christian is SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor at University at Buffalo and author of the new book Blood Sacrifice. She can be reached at:

Marine not charged for killing unarmed Iraqi--on videotape

Apparently, it's okay to shoot someone if you're very afraid.

Boy, Coultergeist scares the living crap outta me. Does that mean...

This isn't rich, but Halliburton is.

Army rewards Halliburton with bonus for overcharging for food, gas in Iraq...when they delivered them at all.

Remember the stories about how GIs ate Halliburton's dirty food in Halliburton's dirty mess tents? And how GIs couldn't run their vehicles much due to gas shortages? And how GIs picked up slightly used Iraqi AKMs because not enough Colt M16s and M4s were delivered?

Imagine the bonus if they'd done their job well.

King Goerge's Ministry of Truth's press room

It's true, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

This is rich...he's still using his fake name

GannonGuckert has started a glob...using "Jeff Gannon," the fake name he used while "working" as a fake reporter for a fake "news" spoutlet. His actual name is Jim Guckert. You remember, the name no one can pronounce? That's why he used an "alias" to sneak past all the background checks and got into the White House every day for over two years. (Think I could do that WITHOUT using a fake name?)

Anyway, this born-again gay prostitute is yet another example of how the fascists believe Jesus would okay lying non-stop.

Conscientious Objectors are patriots, too

There are many ways to serve your country...police, firemen, nurses, paramedics, NES and BellSouth linemen do it every day, far more than a supply clerk does at Fort Outer East Nowhere, Kansas.

I'm an Army veteran of one tour during Vietnam. I was a second-assitant company clerk at Ft. Campbell. I delivered paperwork and sometimes food to trainees in the field. Then I taught high school for 26 years. And if you want to tell me that's not serving my country a lot more, come over and say it to my face.

A former first lieutenant in the Army Reserve is helping spearhead a Web site to inform those who discover after enlisting in the military that they have deep philosophical and religious objections to war how to apply for conscientious objector status.

"I now feel free to live my life in accordance with my beliefs," said Chris Harrison, 31, of Mount Kisco, who received an honorable discharge from the Army as a CO in December. "I didn't do it to dodge a bullet. I reached a point where knowing what a negative influence the military has on our society, I couldn't do it anymore."

Harrison joined Perry O'Brien, a 22-year-old veteran from Peaks Island, Maine, who served a tour as an airborne Army medic in Afghanistan.

The pair set up the Web site, which offers information and online counseling. O'Brien gained an honorable discharge as a CO in November. (More)

Biden kneels for King Goerge

Who got to Joe Biden? Was it Karl Rove again? Does he have something on everybody in D. C.?

After calling for an investigation of GannonGuckertGate on tv, he now refuses to sign a letter demanding that very investigation. John Kerry did sign it. Joe, we will remember this when you run for president.

Whenever the fascists whine about bloggers...

...say this to them. "We are the journalistic equivalent to militias."

Ask any good ol' boy you meet and he'll likely tell you militias are necessary to keep the gubmnt off our necks. He'll say we need guns to keep the UN from taking over and flying invisible black helicopters over our houses while Big Brother eavesdrops on our phone calls and internets. And he won't even realize that every one of his votes for King Goerge has brought all those fears to life. (Patriot Act I, Patriot Act II, etc...)

The fact is, right after (and because of) Nixon's resignation after (and because of) what we call "Watergate," a few rich republicans held a prayer breakfast to start making sure that the "eastern liberal press," as they were known back then, never got to "hound a good man out of office" ever again. Thus was spawned the vast, right-wing conspiracy to consolidate control of media into the hands of neo-fascists.
These folks made great strides during the dark Reagan years because of the atmosphere of "de-regulation" (which coincidentally brought us the S&L scams that cost every taxpayer about $1300 for the bailout, while the crooks, including King Goerge's brother, Neal, got to keep the money they stole. But that's another Rant and Rave). More and more newspapers, tv and radio stations came under the thumbs of fewer and fewer big shot fascists.
Consolidation continued throughout the '90s and continues today. When tv talKingheads say something like, "In the interest of full disclosure, CNN is owned by CNNTIMEWARNERAOLTEXACOGENERALMOTORS
KELLOGGLOCKHEEDMARTINPEPSICO," they're letting you know all the media outlets work for a very few republican owners who determine what is and is not reported, and how. This consolidation was done for one simple reason: Journalists were always the ones who ratted THEM out for their shenanigans. So journalists were gradually replaced with talkingheads. It's that simple. It really is. And anyone who's been awake for the last thirty years has seen it happen.
Therefore it is up to us bloggers to stand at the bridge and keep the king's men--this time it's King Goerge's men--at bay, just as the Minute Men did 250 years ago. Some of us are in the position to break stories, such as GannonGuckertGate. Others of us are in the position to spread the word to those who don't have the time to peruse the internets for old-fashioned "news" stories.
Either way, we are the new militia, anticipated and protected by the first amendment in the Bill of Rights. (Notice the First Amendment came BEFORE the Second Amendment, telling us clearly what our founding fathers' priorities were.)
As it turns out, we've never needed guns to protect us from the gubmnt. But, boy, do we need our computers to protect us not only from this fascist gubmnt of King Goerge's, but also from the fascist propaganda network that calls itself the "mainstream media" (or "MSM" in blogspeak).
I sometimes call them the worthlesscorporatemedia, but that's unfair. They're not worthless. They have considerable value to the fascists who are determined to turn America into feudal Europe where a few own everything, and the rest of us are to be happy we're serfs, and not slaves...although slavery has never been very far off the table.
We of the new militas must use Paul Revere's "one if by land, two if by sea" cry anew. We must warn people of fascism from three directions now: television "news," print "news," and everything heard on amtalkingheadradio. Only an informed and educated populus can keep America from becoming feudal Europe. And remember that opinions are NOT information, data or facts.
So keep yourselves informed daily, and be ready to run to the sound of the modems.

Pope: Only queers are bad people

I guess Jews are okay now, huh? Especially since they can fight back nowadays. And the GOP has their own blacks now, so they're cool, too. I'm told there are even some successful republican women, so feminazis aren't as scary as they used to be.

I find it interesting that none of the Compassionate Moral Decency Police Brownshirt Fascist Asshole Bullies ever talk about other sins besides chosing to be queer. Here are some things that used to be bad, but aren't anymore.

1. ADULTERY. Apparently not a choice, but a much worse threat to marriage than fag/dyke nuptials. Rudi Giuliani and Newt Gingrich have never been chastised for their philandering. But then, they are republicans, so...

2. PROSTITUTION. Also not a choice, and not quite adultery, but close enough for jazz. How many swanky hotels provide or at least allow hookers for high rollers? How many binniss deals are closed at strip clubs? How many sky boxes at sports arenas feature "dates" for the club owners and their friends for that night? How many military bases have strip clubs across the street from their main gates?

3. PROMISCUITY. While this is a lifestyle, but isn't a choice, many sports superstars are well known for their appetites for skankyhoes harvested during nights of clubbing. They and myriad other rich boys have hung out for decades at the Playboy mansion where playmates past, present and future are available for a night's entertainment. And then there's Vegas...

4. CORPORATE PIRATES. Crime clearly is not a choice, but do queers really hurt more families worse than rich CEO assholes who steal millions from their employees and investors? Oh, and Neal Bush...the S&L scams of the '80s...why aren't those guys having to pay back the zillions they stole? How many families lost their life savings to moral, compassionate republicans in the last 20 years?

5. CAR DEALERS. They don't choose to be crooks. Ever been overcharged for work at a dealership? Ever been charged for work that didn't need doing? Know anybody with such stories? I bet you do. Then there are the transmission and body shops...

6. CROOKED CONTRACTORS. No one chooses to be crooked, but have you ever heard stories about how they bid one price for a job to be done by a certain date, then keep raising the price and extending the completion date? They do this with building and remodeling houses, streets, highways...where's the outrage from the moral decency police about their tax dollars?

Three facts are at issue here: A. Republicans never fuss at other republicans. 2. Republicans never fuss at capitalists. III. Capitalists are what makes this country great, so stealing is just part of doing binniss, and it's your fault if you get screwed. I know these things are true because Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, James Dobson and the Pope never say different.

So think back on your life and the lives of everyone you've ever known, and make a list of all the people who've been hurt by crooks. Then make a list of those hurt by fudge-packers and carpet-munchers.

Which list is longer?

Another christian defends gay prostitution

This time it's that world-famous compassionate evangelist, Anthrax Coultergeist whose gentle messages of prayer, love, purity and forgiveness uplift us all.

Is she a fag-hag? Has she ever been on a date with a heterosexual man? I mean, she once called Tucker Carlson a "girly-man," and then was spotted with him in a D. C. restaurant recently. (Wait, isn't he married?)

True fiberty, greedom and lemocracy under King Goerge the Teddible

High School Student Warned a Sniper Would Take Him Out At Chimp Rally Last Fall

John Sachs is a high school senior in Johnston, Iowa, a northern suburb of Des Moines. Sachs got a ticket at school to go see Bush speak in nearby Clive one day in early October. It was billed as a question and answer session with the President.

So he and two friends, Alex Grasso and Tim Stewart, went to the event.

"I was wearing this pin that said 'Bush-Cheney '04: Leave No Billionaire Behind,' and we were walking in the line going up to the metal detector, and one of the Bush staffers saw my pin and literally pulled me out of the line," Sachs says. "He said, 'Come with me. Let me see that pin.'

"So I pulled my shirt toward him so he could read it.

"He read it and said, 'Give me the pin.'

"So I took it off and gave it to him."

Sachs says the Bush staffer told him he could go back in line. But then the staffer pulled him aside again.
"Are you a Bush supporter?"

"Well, not really."

"So why are you here?"

"I'm here to see my President, and ask questions of my President."

Then the staffer gave Sachs a chilling warning, he says. According to Sachs, here's what the Bush staffer said: "Know if you protest that it won't be me taking you out. It will be a sniper."

The Bush Crime Family: Three generations of betraying America

Like grandfather (nazis), like father (the October Surprise), like unelected drunk chimp (now meeting with those who hate us for our freedoms).

Why didn't they oppose this fascist scam in the first place?

Most of us knew it was a fascist, Big Brother scam, why didn't they...BEFORE this fascist drunk chimp was re-selected?

A bipartisan panel of lawmakers called No Rich White Child Left Behind a convoluted and unconstitutional initiative that has
usurped local control of public schools.

What if the president of Sri Lanka said...

"It's vital that the Americans hear the world speak with one voice that they shouldn't have nuclear and biological weapons. Bush is dangerous and he must go."

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

"That's diff'runt!"

WaPo's Howard Kurtz:

That was then--

(On the recent King Goerge tapes)

"I'm not a fan of secretly recording conversations with a friend and then releasing them to the world."

This is now--

(Kurtz speaking of Linda Tripp's secret telephone recordings of Monica Lewinsky, in Michael Isikoff's Book "Uncovering Clinton.")

"I would have listened to those tapes in a heartbeat," Howard Kurtz, The Washington Post's media critic, told (me) months later.

Jesus commands an Army recruiting station!

I certainly hope so.

"Jesus himself only got mad once. It was because merchants were using the church to sell their wares, he flipped their tables, seized a whip, and attacked them. This day the answer to “what would Jesus do?” is grab one of the m-16s laying around and start kneecapping."

Father-son "Man's Night Out" at church was really a recruiting drive for King Goerge's Gulf War III in Iran.

Is this even legal?

I told you this fat, drug-addled fascist asshole would do this

LIMBAUGH: "And, by the way, folks, if you're wondering, I didn't go politically correct on them. I told them exactly who's saying what about them in an opposition fashion. I told them what I think is the sort of phony-baloney, plastic-banana, good-time rock 'n' roller of some members of the American left saying they support the troops but they don't support their mission --"

And by the way, you fat, drug-addled fascist asshole, did you tell those troops you love so much and whose mission you love so much that you are a SLIME-SUCKING, DRAFT-DODGING CHICKENHAWK who slimed his way out of wearing a uniform for a single day by faking a hair pimple on your fat, drug-addled fascist ass 30 years ago before becoming the fire-breathing war-lover we all know and love today? YOU FAT, DRUG-ADDLED, SLIME-SUCKING, DRAFT-DODGING, CHICKENHAWK, FASCIST ASSHOLE!

Fascist WingNutDaily mistakenly attacks GannonGuckert instead of librulbloggers!

And then mistakenly present themselves as a news organization with this headline:

"No substitute for real journalism"

At least the rest of the piece is on target. It probably caused Rove to pop a cork.

They used to call slavery "our peculiar institution"

Now gay prostitution is a "sexual peculiarity."


"Likewise, many of the same leftist blogs that castigate the religious right for intolerance didn't hesitate to reveal the sexual peculiarities of White House correspondent/sympathizer James Guckert, aka Jeff Gannon."

King Goerge likes to hide the truth.

He doesn't want you to know how hard he's screwing education in his new budget.

We saw it with commentator Armstrong Williams—who spoke out in favor of the No Child Left Behind law and later admitted to being on the Department of Education's payroll. Now we see it again with Bush’s 2006 budget. While justifying its immediate cuts to social programs with deficit-reduction rhetoric, the Bush administration has attempted to bury its plans for additional cuts over the next five years. Luckily, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) brought these projected cuts to light.

CBPP sorted through Office of Management and Budget tables to find the cuts Bush wants to hide. They looked at the difference between the impact of Bush’s cuts and the amount of funding that could be provided if education spending simply kept up with inflation. The documents they analyzed didn’t accompany the actual budget as they have in the past—probably because the Bush administration is still smarting from last year’s uproar around similar projections in the 2005 budget. And the Center’s analyses show cuts to education across the board.

Elementary, secondary and vocational education will lose out on $6.7 billion in funding in 2010, and $20.5 billion in total between 2006 and 2010. Higher education will lose $6 billion over the next five years—and $1.9 billion in 2010. Social service programs that help disadvantaged students enter school ready to learn lose $8.8 billion in this same five-year time period, and $2.5 billion in 2010 alone. Although Bush’s budget offers an increase in food and nutrition services in 2006, these programs lose out on $1.3 billion in funding in the four years after that. Overall discretionary spending will be cut by $214 billion over the next five years, including health care services, veterans’ benefits and housing assistance. Not to be outdone by their leader—and his tax cuts to millionaires while cutting aid-to-children policies—conservatives in Congress are also placing the interests of the powerful ahead of students.

At the same time that the Bush administration plays hide-and-seek with hundreds of billions in cuts, the Republican congressional leadership is trying to sidetrack a reorganization of student lending that could provide $12 billion in grant aid to students over the next decade. Reps. Miller, D-Calif., and Petri, R-Wis., and Sen. Kennedy, D-Mass., have proposed legislation giving colleges incentives to switch over to the much cheaper Direct Loan program from the Federal Family Education Loan program—where the government guarantees returns to lenders.

The bipartisan bill would allow colleges to pass the savings from switching on to their students in the form of grants, but the Republican leadership—led by House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Rep. Buck McKeon, R-Calif., chair of the subcommittee that deals with higher education—is calling for more investigation into the ‘hidden costs’ of the Direct Loan program. This is a smoke screen. There have been multiple studies showing that the Direct Loan program is cheaper than its counterpart—most recently, analysis in President Bush’s budget confirmed this fact, showing that the Direct Loan program was more than 10 times cheaper. What Boehner and McKeon really want is more time. They're hoping that the truth will be buried by some hot news item so they can continue to receive donations from the loan industry. Nearly half of recent campaign contributions from lenders to the House Education Committee went to Boehner and McKeon.

These games of delay and hiding facts are being played by a party that claims to be the voice of real American values. But actions speak louder than words. Hiding billions of dollars in education cuts—while giving tax breaks to millionaires—makes Republicans nothing but the mouthpieces of the wealthy.

Faith-based "scientists" gather to tell us why we shouldn't pay attention to science

Who needs CalTech and MIT when we have Liberty U?

A retired weatherman will give the presentation I'd most like to hear:

"The Ice Age: Only the Bible Explains It"

Their singing clown will be their token acknowledgment of the existence of dinosaurs...but only AMERICAN dinosaurs the he claims he found in Alaska.

Why did Jesus have girly-man long hair like all the fags he says we should hate?

Christian kids want to know...

First, what you must understand is that after Jesus accepted himself as Lord and Savior, and became the first Christian - what do you think was the first thing he did? I'll give you a hint - It is a tradition that we here at Landover Baptist carry on to this very day! It is the first thing the Holy Ghost whispers into your ear, the minute you get saved. That's right, Billy-Joe.

Jesus got a haircut!

When Gonzo met Prince Goerge, 1974

"But when he passed out in my bathtub, I had to have him taken away."

"He knew who I was, at that time, because I had a reputation as a writer. I knew he was part of the Bush dynasty. But he was nothing, he offered nothing, and he promised nothing. He had no humor. He was insignificant in every way and consequently I didn't pay much attention to him.
But when he passed out in my bathtub, then I noticed him. I'd been in another room, talking to the bright people. I had to have him taken away."

--Hunter S. Thompson, on meeting Dubya at a Super Bowl party in Houston in 1974,

Why King Goerge and his fascist crime partners want to destroy Social Security

Well, besides their satanic obsession with stealing other peoples' money.

By Dave Lindorff

Social Security, the New Deal program that has provided a basic level of economic support for the nation’s elderly, disabled and orphaned for 70 years, is in grave danger—not from Baby Boomers’ rising demands, but from a campaign of lies and fear-mongering, led by the president.

The truth? There is no Social Security crisis. None whatsoever.

Yet, in his State of the Union address, President Bush put the campaign to destroy Social Security—and its promise of security for the aged and disabled—front and center, claiming that the system founded in 1935 is headed for bankruptcy in 2042.

Like the mythical weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, this was a flat-out lie. First of all, even if the date were correct, all that would happen in 2042 would be that the trust fund used to pay out benefits to workers would be exhausted. Even then, current workers’ taxes would continue to cover 73 percent of promised benefits to retirees.

More importantly, that 2042 projection by the increasingly politicized Social Security Administration was a conservative projection made a few years ago based upon unreasonably low estimates of future economic growth. It has already been pushed back by several years of good economic performance. In fact, the Congressional Budget Office and most independent economists say that the trust fund should enable the system to cover all benefits through at least 2052 and perhaps through 2080 and beyond. And here’s something the president has not told people: If the cap on income subject to Social Security taxation—currently set at $90,000 in wages—was eliminated so that all income was subject to the tax, there would be no shortfall in the trust fund—not in 2042, not in 2075, never.

But the most crucial fact that the president and right-wing critics of Social Security have failed to mention is that, by 2045, nearly all of the Baby Boom generation will have already shuffled off this mortal coil, taking their outsized claims for benefits with them.

Retirement policies
Given that there is no crisis, why are the president, right-wing politicians and pundits, corporate leaders, business organizations—and the media—all calling for “reforms” to “save” the system? They understand that the Baby Boom generation, as it approaches retirement, poses a crisis—not for Social Security, but for their political agenda. They know that if they can effectively kill off the program before it becomes a core Boomer issue, it will be much harder to reestablish it.

Consider this: Just as there will be nearly twice as many elderly retirees collecting benefits when the wave of Americans born between 1945 and 1960 hits its retirement age peak (the first Boomers start retiring in 2011), there will also be twice as many elderly voters. While today’s seniors came of age listening to Perry Como in the politically quiescent ’50s, tomorrow’s retirees will be people who listened to Bob Dylan and cut their political teeth on the civil rights and antiwar movements of the ’60s and ’70s.

In a few years, we can expect to see an unprecedentedly large senior lobby that knows how to organize, and how to take it to the streets and fight hard when its own interests are at stake. Once they near retirement, this powerful voting bloc will see Social Security and Medicare as their number one political issue. If Social Security is already the “third rail” of electoral politics, not to be touched, in a few years, it will become the Molotov cocktail, exploding the political status quo.

Corporate America knows this. The people in the boardrooms and the conservative think tanks aren’t worried about 2042. They don’t think that long-term. If they did, they wouldn’t be so cavalier about the destruction of the environment and about global warming. They’re worried about 2010 and the senior revolution that is around the corner.

Today, people over 65, as powerful an electoral bloc as they are, represent only 17 percent of the voting age population. By 2025, when the bulk of Baby Boomers will be in the 65–80 age bracket, retirees will represent 25 percent of the voting-age population, an increase of 45 percent in their relative voting power. If those aged 55 to 64 are added into the equation—a reasonable assumption, since people who reach 55 are starting to think about their retirement and tend to vote more in line with the interests of actual retirees—the elderly and near-elderly will represent 40 percent of the electorate.

The right talks ominously of a generational conflict between older retirees collecting pensions and younger workers paying the taxes to cover them. This is a ruse—a reflection of a panicky effort to destroy Social Security before the Baby Boomers realize where their real political interests lie. Not everyone has children, but everyone has parents. How many people complain about the size of their parents’ Social Security checks? How many people want to have to be personally responsible for their elderly parents’ financial well-being? Even among young workers, a secure and generous retirement system has considerable support, because people don’t just vote their own interests; they vote their parents’ and grandparents’ interests too.

The right doesn’t have much time on this issue. Somewhere in their mid-50s, people start to think seriously about retirement. Today’s oldest Baby Boomers are just hitting that milestone now, and when they start to contemplate their retirement, the picture will not be pleasant. Property values—where many have placed their faith and their savings—are stagnating, not rising. Post-Enron, those 401(k) pensions that so excited the middle class a few years ago have been treading water. Meanwhile, companies are whittling away pension programs as fast as they can, eliminating “defined benefit” plans that pay benefits based upon set formulas and replacing them with plans that pay based upon what employees contributed, and on how well the investment portfolio performed. According to the American Benefits Council, between 1985 and 2002, the number of companies in the U.S. offering defined benefit plans fell from 114,396 to just 32,321.

Time is ticking
Given the sorry state of the private safety net, it won’t be long before a movement springs up among the new elderly and near elderly not just to “rescue” Social Security, but to radically transform it into a true retirement program. Tomorrow’s senior lobby won’t feel constrained by current law, which makes workers foot half the bill. (We’re talking about their own kids, after all!) We can expect to see a push for more of the tax burden to be shifted onto employers. We can also expect to see future Congresses pressured into passing legislation that will remove the income cap on the Social Security tax, as well as make private pensions fully portable, so that employers can’t pocket years of contributions every time they let go workers before they are “vested.” A movement to expand Medicare from a niggardly program that only barely covers the medical care of the elderly to a full-fledged national healthcare program that covers everyone may also be in the cards.

That is a scary vision for corporations and the right, and it’s why Bush is pushing to wreck the system now. The president’s proposed “solution”—private accounts for younger workers—would not fix Social Security, because, again, there is no “problem” to fix. But by removing some contributions from the reserve fund, they would create problems. The huge costs of financing the transition to private accounts and the new fees those accounts incur, combined with the risks associated with private investments, will jeopardize benefits for current retirees and for younger workers. Separate retirement plans will also pit the young against the old, making it politically easier for a future Congress to continue slashing the remnants of Social Security.

It’s time to see the president’s attack for what it is: an attempt to destroy the most enduring legacy of the New Deal.

Germans still reject fascism

Thousands protest King Goerge's visit.

Schwarzenator is just another lying, corrupt, tax-and-spend rethuglicon

His budget screws everybody in CA who isn't filthy rich...

Meanwhile, Arnold promised a total, independent audit of the state budget, eliminating the billions in waste his predecessors had racked up. The audit never happened. Instead, we got a bi-partisan ballot initiative to borrow our way into even more debt.

He promised to kick special interests out of Sacramento, then took about a quarter million each from PG&E, Chevron, Wal-Mart, Target, the L.A. Arena Company, Anheuser Busch, Toyota, Hewlett Packard, and my personal favorite Newscorp / News America Incorporated / Fox. Who says the government is in bed with the media and big corporations?

And remember what I said about California’s little problem with property tax? As part of a well-meaning ballot initiative, this state does not re-assess most property values with any regularity. This policy was meant to keep homeowners from being overtaxed for property they bought years before, but very few homeowners have actually benefited from the practice. Instead, very profitable entertainment industry corporations in Southern California are paying property tax rates that are about 5% of what they should be. Elements within his own campaign suggested a referendum to overturn the policy, and progressive candidates Peter Camejo and Arianna Huffington embraced the idea. The future Governor put a gag order on any further discussion.

His explanation for allowing these companies a free ride? He fears Disneyland will relocate. Arnold’s top campaign contributors, coming in at just over $6.2 million, are Real Estate and Development companies.

Luckily, Arnold still managed to screw over Nurses, patients, students, the elderly, and pretty much every other defenseless person who government’s primary purpose is to protect. He’s also managed to be about a unpredictable a leader as he could be without wearing a funny hat and going by the name of “Crazy Ahnold”. What Arnold is for or against on any given day could be to the Left of Nader or just this side of Bush, depending on the size of the moon, relative humidity, and angle of the lighting.

In Arnold’s defense, God only knows if he even knows what’s going on most of the time. With “economic girlie men,” being “right there where all the evil is,” he has a lot to worry about.

His old man may have been a wimp, but King Goerge is a cowardly sissy who needs his mama to wipe his nose and change his diapers

How a lying, drunk, unelected, warmongering chimp loses friends and alienates former allies. But, hey, he got Saddam...

With a Hush and a Whisper, Bush Drops Town Hall Meeting with Germans

During his trip to Germany on Wednesday, the main highlight of George W. Bush's trip was meant to be a "town hall"-style meeting with average Germans. But with the German government unwilling to permit a scripted event with questions approved in advance, the White House has quietly put the event on ice. Was Bush afraid the event might focus on prickly questions about Iraq and Iran rather than the rosy future he's been touting in Europe this week?

US President George W. Bush arrived in Frankfurt on Wednesday morning. He won't be meeting with the people here, but he will be meeting with a handpicked bunch of Germany's future business and political leaders.

The much-touted American-style "town hall" meeting the White House has been planning with "normal Germans" of everyday walks of life will be missing during his visit to the Rhine River hamlet of Mainz this afternoon. A few weeks ago, the Bush administration had declared that the chat -- which could have brought together tradesmen, butchers, bank employees, students and all other types to discuss trans-Atlantic relations -- would be the cornerstone of President George W. Bush's brief trip to Germany.

State Department diplomats said the meeting would help the president get in touch with the people who he most needs to convince of his policies. Bush's invasion of Iraq and his diplomatic handling of the nuclear dispute with Iran has drawn widespread concern and criticism among the German public. And during a press conference two weeks ago, Bush said Washington is still terribly misunderstood in Europe. All the more reason, it would seem, for him to be pleased about talking to people here.

But on Wednesday, that town hall meeting will be nowhere on the agenda -- it's been cancelled. Neither the White House nor the German Foreign Ministry has offered any official explanation, but Foreign Ministry sources say the town hall meeting has been nixed for scheduling reasons -- a typical development for a visit like this with many ideas but very little time. That, at least, is the diplomats' line. Behind the scenes, there appears to be another explanation: the White House got cold feet. Bush's strategists felt an uncontrolled encounter with the German public would be too unpredictable.

To avoid that messy scenario, the White House requested that rules similar to those applied during Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's visit two weeks ago also be used in Mainz. Before meeting with students at Paris's Institute of Political Sciences, which preens the country's elite youth for future roles in government, Rice's staff insisted on screening and approving any questions to be asked by students. One question rejected was that of Benjamin Barnier, the 24-year-old son of France's foreign minister, who wanted to ask: "George Bush is not particularly well perceived in the world, particularly in the Middle East. Can you do something to change that?" Instead, the only question of Barnier's that got approval was the question of whether Iraq's Shiite Muslim majority might create a theocratic government based on the Iranian model?

The Germans, though, insisted that a free forum should be exactly that. Wolfgang Ischinger, Germany's Ambassador to the United States, explained to the New York Times last week: "We told them, don't get upset with us if they ask angry questions."

In the end, the town hall meeting was never officially dropped from the agenda of the trip -- instead it was dealt with in polished diplomatic style -- both sides just stopped talking about it.

As an ersatz for the town hall meeting on Wednesday, Bush will now meet with a well-heeled group of so-called "young leaders." Close to 20 participants will participate in the exclusive round to be held in the opulent Mozart Hall of a former royal palace in Mainz, giving them the opportunity for a close encounter with the president. The chat is being held under the slogan: "A new chapter for trans-Atlantic relations." The aim of the meeting is to give these "young leaders" a totally different impression of George W. Bush. In order to guarantee an open exchange, the round has been closed to journalists -- ensuring that any embarrassments will be confined to a small group.

The guest list for the Wednesday afternoon gathering has been handpicked by several US organizations with offices in Germany. In recent days, the Aspen Institute and the German Marshall Fund have sent lists of possible guests to the German Foreign Ministry. The requirement was that all of the nominees had to be in their twenties or thirties and they must already have been in a leadership position at a young age. In other words: there won't be any butchers or handymen on the elite guest list, but rather young co-workers from blue chip companies like automaker DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank or the consultancy McKinsey. The fact that two American organizations are the ones managing the guest list suggests that the chat won't be overly critical of Bush.

One participant in the Bush round is 31-year-old Katrin Heuel of Berlin, an employee of the conservative Aspen Institute. Just a few days ago, she received an invitation from the Protocol Office of the German Foreign Ministry. She's a bit nervous about the encounter -- after all, Bush isn't someone she's likely to encounter in her daily life in Berlin. She says she hasn't heard anything about questions being scrutinized in advance or of any kind of script for the event. "I will ask very open questions about Iran, North Korea and Russia," she said, adding that she's excited to see how the president will react to the young people's questions.

Foreign Ministry sources said Berlin wasn't planning any briefing on the course of the chat prior to the event. And it's unknown whether the American staff will make any suggestions to the young leaders. Then again, the day's issue -- a new chapter for trans-Atlantic relations, seems to ensure that things won't get out of hand -- after all, this event is supposed to focus on the future and not dwell on prickly questions about the past.

For brain dead cancervatives, war=good, cursing=bad

PBS (Public Broadcasting Sissies) cave to vast, right-wing conspiracy Ozzie and Harriet parallel universe delusion, edit soldiers' cursing from documentary.,1,6035880.story?coll=chi-business-hed&ctrack=3&cset=true

Invading a country that didn't and couldn't attack us is God's will. Killing people who are defending their land from invaders is God's will. The American people must support the troops, but must not know how they talk. Or what they do. Or how many have died for that worthless @$&%#@&$ King Goerge the Conkerer.

How many compassionate cancervatives follow Jesus' teachings about THIS?

"If you want to be perfect, go and sell everything you have and give the money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me." But when the young man* heard this, he went away sadly, for he was very rich.

(*Bitter, he became a republican, started drinking, failed at every business, and went into politics to reinvent the gospel in ways that suited him and appealed to the worst in people. His name was George W. Bush.)

Meet Uncle Bucky Warbucks, King Goerge's...wait for it...actual uncle,0,2285985.story?coll=la-home-headlines

Uncle Bucky only made a cool half-million off his favorite nephew's favorite holy far...that we know about.

King Goerge: Elmer Gantry Redux

In 2000, the vast, right-wing conspiracy liars hateprop network branded Al Gore as the cynical political operative who would do anything to win, while painting Boy Goerge as a regular guy who mis-spoke from the heart and loved Jesus. But Doug Wead's tapes reveal Boy Goerge's careful rehearsals of how he would appeal to evangelicals in order to become King Goerge the Compassionate World Conqueror for PNAC.

GannonGuckertGate is much worse than you think

And you need to educate yourself on all the things wrong with his having been allowed into the White House for over two years.

GOP says male prostitution is fine by them

We know this because they're lining up to defend GannonGuckert's night job as his "personal life." What's next on their list of "personal life" jobs? Part-time drug dealer? Part-time child pornographer? Weekends-only terist?

You think you'll be safe when Halliburton starts building concentration camps?

GOP reps targeted on Bush plan

New York Republicans such as Reps. Peter King (Seaford) and Vito Fossella (Staten Island) find themselves in the crosshairs of local activists bent on forcing them into signing a pledge opposing the Bush administration's plan to partially privatize Social Security.

It can happen here

It did happen here...remember how the Titans' stadium came to be?,0,2819441.story?coll=ny-top-headlines

How eminent is a city's domain?

Why bother when they already have FAUXNEWS?

Deparment of Homeland Security advertised for journalists who can "keep quiet." "Must not work for a real news agency."

Calling GannonGuckert, Spawn Hannity, Anthrax Coultergeist, Spit Hume, Shrill O'Really, Daryn Kagan (Der Ruschkopf's girlfriend from CNN, everybody at WingNutDaily, WeaklyStandard, the Moonie TIMES...

King Goerge lied and soldiers died....including yesterday

Our military pledges their allegiance to protect our country; their chain of command starts in their squad and ends at the White House. When Bush sends our military to fight a war, he must make a conscious and (to many) heart-wrenching decision knowing that his decision will cause many people to die. The long list of lies and half-truths told by Bush and his administration in pursuit of this war are despicable and shows Americans and the world, without a doubt, how little regard Bush has for the lives of our soldiers and the civilians they were sent to kill.

As Bush's lies were revealed, more and more of the BuzzFlash Readers sent us emails saying "Bush Lied and Our Soldiers Died" (and variants thereof).

Along with the postcard, we've put up a web page with links to articles and statistics:

Yes, rethuglicons are brownshirts

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Conservative columnist...or used to be

American liberals called the Brownshirts "conservative," because the Brownshirts were obviously not liberal. They were ignorant, violent, delusional, and they worshipped a man of no known distinction. Brownshirts' delusions were protected by an emotional force field. Adulation of power and force prevented Brownshirts from recognizing implications for their country of their reckless doctrines.

Like Brownshirts, the new conservatives take personally any criticism of their leader and his policies. To be a critic is to be an enemy. I went overnight from being an object of conservative adulation to one of derision when I wrote that the US invasion of Iraq was a "strategic blunder."

Who would want to with Baywatch reruns on?

Inauguration parade attendees were told the same thing to avoid turning to stone or going blind, or something

Mainz residents told not to take a peek at president

For residents of Mainz, George W. Bush's seven-hour visit to Germany on Wednesday and his short meeting with Gerhard Schröder, chancellor, will mean one of two things: a headache or a holiday.

Between the US president's 9.45am landing at Frankfurt airport and his afternoon departure, the sleepy Rhineland town and birthplace of Gutenberg will turn into a steel fortress.

In a contemporary echo of the Lady Godiva legend, anyone living on the route of the presidential motorcade is being discouraged from taking a peek at the 60- to 80-strong column of vehicles conveying the US president. In police leaflets, residents have been asked to keep their windows shut and stay clear of balconies “to avoid misunderstandings”.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Newspeak is doubleplusgood for King Goerge

Of course, he does speak Spanish much better than English, so why are we surprised?


Speaking of charm, Bush was a master at spinning a question about lingering European doubts about him into the conclusion he is being warmly received on his continental tour.

"Thank you. I appreciate it. First time I've been called charming in a while," Bush said to laughter.

Problem is, the reporter had said just the opposite.

"The wider European audience — it won't be a surprise for you — is still skeptical about the policies of your administration, often being considered as being dictating or unilateral," the reporter said, continuing to ask Bush how those policies might change after his "major charm offensive."

Chirac to King Goerge: "Merde!"

Cheese-eating surrender monkey chooses not to bend over for King Goerge. So much for their share of Iraqi oil.,,2-2005083136,00.html

IRAQ war wobbler Jacques Chirac scuttled George Bush’s fence-mending trip to Europe yesterday — by cranking up a row over the future of Nato.

He embraced a German-led plot to ditch the alliance as the backbone of transatlantic relations, in favour of the European Union.

He also snubbed President Bush by speaking French at a dinner, despite having fluent English.

Cronies ... Chirac and Schroeder hug

Diplomats insisted Mr Bush had pulled off a coup by getting all 26 Nato members to contribute to a £2.5million programme to train and equip Iraq security staff. But the clash on Nato overshadowed everything.

France and Germany, led by Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, want defence enshrined in the EU constitution.

Mr Bush said Nato was the “cornerstone” of US-Europe relations. Tony Blair agreed it was of “fundamental importance”.

Hack Attack #5795: Iraq is a tar baby

I want to be there when you chickenhawks tell him he's full of anger and hate, looks French and hates America. He fought in three wars. Like I said, I want to be there.

Pentagon is lying its way out of an unwinnable war - again

Col. David Hackworth

As with Vietnam, the Iraqi tar pit was oh-so-easy to sink into, but appears to be just as tough to exit.

This should be no big surprise! Most slugfests - from bar brawls to military misadventures like Vietnam and Iraq - take some clever moves to step away from once the swinging starts.

This is why most combat vets pick their fights carefully. They look at their scars, remember the madness and are always mindful of the fallout.

That’s not the case in Washington, where the White House and the Pentagon are run by civilians who have never sweated it out on a battlefield. Never before in our country’s history has an administration charged with defending our nation been so lacking in hands-on combat experience and therefore so ignorant about the art and science of war.

Now the increasingly flummoxed Bush team is stealing the page on Vietnamization from Nixon’s Exit Primer, coupled with the same deceitful tactics he used to get us out of the almost decade-long Vietnam quagmire: telling lies.

The Nixon gang kicked off its con in 1969 via a killer of a PR snow job to pacify an American public whose support for the war was exhausted. The guts of this spin show were: We have clobbered the enemy; the South Vietnamese Army (ARVN) is main-event material and ready to take over the fighting; and we can bring our troops home. This propaganda was supported by ARVN combat-readiness reports systematically doctored by our brass to show that the units we were advising were good-to-go.

I was on the ground as an adviser to ARVN when the campaign launched, and I was completely floored. Even the elite outfits - Rangers, Special Forces, paratroopers - were not fully capable of defending their country when put to the test. And these gung-ho troops were ARVN’s finest. Average ARVN grunts down in the ordinary infantry divisions were so ineffective that they couldn’t have fought their way out of a day-care center without massive U.S. air support.

Meanwhile, U.S. units started redeploying. Two years after the last grunt climbed on the last silver “freedom bird” and headed home, ARVN folded like a wet noodle.

All that blood, sacrifice and billions of American taxpayer dollars went for naught because politicians hadn’t worked out the endgame before Round One. And then their solution-without-honor was to lie their way out of a no-win war.

Thirty-five years later, President Bush told the nation that Iraq had nine fully trained combat infantry battalions. Just as he was proclaiming the prowess of the Iraqi army, a major in the Iraqi Training Command told me that the soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, when committed to their first battle, threw down their weapons and ran. “Not sure where the president is getting his info, but we have only one battalion that’s good-to-go,” he said.

Inquiring minds want to know: Is our president still being fed bad skinny comparable to the intel incorrectly linking Saddam to Sept. 11 or claiming that Iraq was chockablock full of weapons of mass destruction?

More recently, Pentagon hype claimed 140,000 trained and equipped Iraqi troops were set to go toe to toe against an estimated 15,000 insurgents. But when congressional pressure from both Republicans and Democrats lit fires around the feet of both Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Richard Myers, they were quick to admit that only 40,000 Iraqi soldiers were ready to meet the tiger. The rest, according to Myers, “were useful in less-taxing jobs . . . in relatively stable southern Iraq.”

The hard truth is that it takes a good 10 years to build an army from the ground up. And the major emphasis must be placed not on numbers such as how many battalions have been fielded or how ready the recruits are, but rather on good, old-fashioned officer training. Until this happens and the corrupt Iraqi officer leadership - from gold bar to four stars - gets a good scrub, our troops are stuck in the tar.

Bush needs to set up a truth squad directly outside his Oval Office door quicksmart. Then, whenever the Pentagon plays fast and loose with the truth, the liars can be immediately rounded up and punished.

Because lying won’t get our troops out of Iraq without our national security taking a long-term hit that our country simply cannot afford.


Why King Goerge's PNAC empire won't last

Imperial Entropy
Collapse of the American Empire

It is quite ironic: only a decade or so after the idea of the United States as an imperial power came to be accepted by both right and left, and people were actually able to talk openly about an American empire, it is showing multiple signs of its inability to continue. And indeed it is now possible to contemplate, and openly speculate about, its collapse.

The neocons in power in Washington these days, those who were delighted to talk about America as the sole empire in the world following the Soviet disintegration, will of course refuse to believe in any such collapse, just as they ignore the realities of the imperial war in Iraq. But I think it behooves us to examine seriously the ways in which the U.S. system is so drastically imperiling itself that it will cause not only the collapse of its worldwide empire but drastically alter the nation itself on the domestic front.

All empires collapse eventually: Akkad, Sumeria, Babylonia, Ninevah, Assyria, Persia, Macedonia, Greece, Carthage, Rome, Mali, Songhai, Mongonl, Tokugawaw, Gupta, Khmer, Hapbsburg, Inca, Aztec, Spanish, Dutch, Ottoman, Austrian, French, British, Soviet, you name them, they all fell, and most within a few hundred years. The reasons are not really complex. An empire is a kind of state system that inevitably makes the same mistakes simply by the nature of its imperial structure and inevitably fails because of its size, complexity, territorial reach, stratification, heterogeneity, domination, hierarchy, and inequalities.

In my reading of the history of empires, I have come up with four reasons that almost always explain their collapse. (Jared Diamond's new book Collapse also has a list of reasons for societal collapse, slightly overlapping, but he is talking about systems other than empires.) Let me set them out, largely in reference to the present American empire.

First, environmental degradation. Empires always end by destroying the lands and waters they depend upon for survival, largely because they build and farm and grow without limits, and ours is no exception, even if we have yet to experience the worst of our assault on nature. Science is in agreement that all important ecological indicators are in decline and have been for decades: erosion of topsoils and beaches, overfishing, deforestation, freshwater and aquifer depletion, pollution of water, soil, air, and food, soil salinization, overpopulation , overconsumption, depletion of oil and minerals, introduction of new diseases and invigoration of old ones, extreme weather, melting icecaps and rising sealevels, species extinctions, and excessive human overuse of the earth's photosynthetic capacity. As the Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson has said, after lengthy examination of human impact on the earth, our "ecological footprint is already too large for the planet to sustain, and it is getting larger." A Defense Department study last year predicted "abrupt climate change," likely to occur within a decade, will lead to "catastrophic" shortages of water and energy, endemic "disruption and conflict," warfare that "would define human life," and a "significant drop" in the planet's ability to sustain its present population. End of empire for sure, maybe end of civilization.

Second, economic meltdown. Empires always depend on excessive resource exploitation, usually derived from colonies farther and farther away from the center, and eventually fall when the resources are exhausted or become too expensive for all but the elite. This is exactly the path we are on-peak oil extraction, for example, is widely predicted to come in the next year or two-and our economy is built entirely on a fragile system in which the world produces and we, by and large, consume (U.S. manufacturing is just 13 per cent of our GDP). At the moment we sustain a nearly $630 billion trade deficit with the rest of the world-it has leapt by an incredible $500 billion since 1993, and $180 billion since Bush took office in 2001-and in order to pay for that we have to have an inflow of cash from the rest of the world of about $1 billion every day to pay for it, which was down by half late last year. That kind of excess is simply unsustainable, especially when you think that it is the other world empire, China, that is crucial for supporting it, at the tune of some $83 billion on loan to the U.S. treasury.

Add to that an economy resting on a nearly $500 billion Federal budget deficit, making up part of a total national debt of $7.4 trillion as of last fall, and the continual drain on the economy by the military of at least $530 billion a year (not counting military intelligence, whose figure we never know). Nobody thinks that is sustainable either, which is why the dollar has lost value everywhere-down by 30 per cent against the euro since 2000-and the world begins to lose faith in investment here. I foresee that in just a few years the dollar will be so battered that the oil states will no longer want to operate in that currency and will turn to the euro instead, and China will let the yuan float against the dollar, effectively making this nation bankrupt and powerless, unable to control economic life within its borders much less abroad.

Third, military overstretch. Empires, because they are by definition colonizers, are always forced to extend their military reach farther and farther, and enlarge it against unwilling colonies more and more, until coffers are exhausted, communication lines are overextended, troops are unreliable, and the periphery resists and ultimately revolts. The American empire, which began its worldwide reach well before Bush II, now has some 446,000 active troops at more than 725 acknowledged (and any number secret) bases in at least 38 countries around the world, plus a formal "military presence" in no less than 153 countries, on every continent but Antarctica-and nearly a dozen fully armed courier fleets on all the oceans. Talk about overstretch: the U.S. is less than 5 per cent of the world's population. And now that Bush has declared a "war on terror," instead of the more doable war on Al Quada we should have waged, our armies and agents will be on a battlefield universal and permanent that cannot possibly be controlled or contained.

So far that military network has not collapsed, but as Iraq indicates it is mightily tested and quite incapable of establishing client states to do our bidding and protect resources we need. And as anti-American sentiment continues to spread and darken-in all the Muslim countries, in much of Europe, in much of Asia-and as more countries refuse the "structural adjustments" that our IMF-led globalization requires, it is quite likely that the periphery of our empire will begin resisting our dominance, militarily if necessary. And far from having a capacity to fight two wars simultaneously, as the Pentagon once hoped, we are proving that we can't even fight one.

Finally, domestic dissent and upheaval. Traditional empires end up collapsing from within as well as often being attacked from without, and so far the level of dissent within the U.S. has not reached the point of rebellion or secession-thanks both to the increasing repression of dissent and escalation of fear in the name of "homeland security" and to the success of our modern version of bread and circuses, a unique combination of entertainment, sports, television, internet sex and games, consumption, drugs, liquor, and religion that effectively deadens the general public into stupor. But the tactics of the Bush II administration show that it is so fearful of an expression of popular dissent that it is willing to defy and ignore environmental, civil-rights, and progressive groups, to bribe commentators to put out its propaganda, to expand surveillance and data-base invasions of privacy, to use party superiority and backroom tactics to ride roughshod over Congressional opposition, to use lies and deceptions as a normal part of government operations, to break international laws and treaties for short-term ends, and to use religion to cloak its every policy.

It's hard to believe that the great mass of the American public would ever bestir itself to challenge the empire at home until things get much, much worse. It is a public, after all, of which, as a Gallup poll in 2004 found, 61 per cent believe that "religion can answer all or most of today's problems," and according to a Time/CNN poll in 2002 59 per cent believe in the imminent apocalypse foretold in the Book of Revelation and take every threat and disaster as evidence of God's will. And yet, it's also hard to believe that a nation so thoroughly corrupt as this-in all its fundamental institutions, its boughten parties, academies, corporations, brokerages, accountants, governments-and resting on a social and economic base of intolerably unequal incomes and property, getting increasingly unequal, will be able to sustain itself for long. The upsurge in talk about secession after the last election, some of which was deadly serious and led on to organizations throughout most of the blue states, indicates that at least a minority is willing to think about drastic steps to "alter or abolish" a regime it finds itself fundamentally at odds with.

Those four processes by which empires always eventually fall seem to me to be inescapably operative, in varying degrees, in this latest empire. And I think a combination of several or all of them will bring about its collapse within the next 15 years or so.

Jared Diamond's recent book detailing the ways societies collapse suggests that American society, or industrial civilization as a whole, once it is aware of the dangers of its current course, can learn from the failures of the past and avoid their fates. But it will never happen, and for a reason Diamond himself understands.

As he says, in his analysis of the doomed Norse society on Greenland that collapsed in the early 15th century: "The values to which people cling most stubbornly under inappropriate conditions are those values that were previously the source of their greatest triumphs over adversity." If this is so, and his examples would seem to prove it, then we can isolate the values of American society that have been responsible for its greatest triumphs and know that we will cling to them no matter what. They are, in one rough mixture, capitalism, individualism, nationalism, technophilia, and humanism (as the dominance of humans over nature). There is no chance whatever, no matter how grave and obvious the threat, that as a society that we will abandon those.

Hence no chance to escape the collapse of empire.

Kimg Goerge compliments Saudis on anti-Israel conference

by kos

What's with the chimp's's unshakeable loyalty to the Saudi royal family? It's gotta be more than just all that oil money, right? They probably lend him some of their tall, blonde American hookers who visit Saudi Arabia for a few weeks and come home with $2-3 million in cash.

President Bush earlier this month dispatched top White House official Frances Fragos Townsend to head an official U.S. delegation attending an "anti-terrorism" conference in Saudi Arabia -- a conference that aired vile anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist canards. Saudi Cleric Aed Al-Qarni noted at the conference that "The first to kill and use terrorism in the world were the Jews," according to a translation by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI); the cleric went on to describe September 11th as "an American terror attack."
According to White House press secretary Scott McClellan, President Bush spoke with Saudi Crown Prince Abdallah on February 14th and "complimented the Crown Prince on last week's successful counter-terrorism conference in Saudi Arabia."

In addition to the American delegation led by Townsend, who serves as President Bush's Homeland Security Advisor with the rank of Assistant to the President, the conference included participation from nations including Iran, Syria and Sudan -- all state sponsors of terrorism, according to the Department of State. Senator Frank Lautenberg (NJ) first warned President Bush to avoid the conference in a February 4th letter to Bush [...]

Throughout and surrounding the conference, various Saudi clerics noted that "Jews and the Christians are Allah's enemies," and that Jihad -- including attacks by insurgents in Iraq -- is appropriate. In a poem read before Saudi Defense Minister Prince Sultan, it was noted that Osama bin Laden "was sent by the Jews."

Townsend is Bush's Homeland Security Advisor with the rank of Assistant to the President

Families lose kids in King Goerge's war of lies for oil, learn to hate America

The vast, right-wing conspiracy fascist liars don't want you to think about the cost of this ludicrous war. They want you to stay riled up about AARP, Chris Rock and Shrek.

For Some, a Loss in Iraq Turns Into Antiwar Activism; Gold Star Families Band Together to 'Make People Care'

Washington Post

VACAVILLE, Calif. -- Five minutes after President Bush began his State of the Union address, Cindy Sheehan clicked off her television set.

She would read the transcript, watch the salute to the parents of a Marine killed in Fallujah, chew over such words as "ultimate sacrifice" and "fight against tyranny" -- the next morning.

But that night, live, in her living room, so close to her son's photos and medals on the foyer wall -- no. It was too much to hear the cheering for the man who had sent her son to Iraq on the premise that Saddam Hussein stockpiled weapons of mass destruction. Casey Sheehan, a former Eagle Scout and altar boy who had joined the Army hoping to serve as a chaplain's assistant, was killed at age 24 in a war he wasn't sure why he was fighting. And more soldiers like him were dying every day. Where was the outrage?

Cindy Sheehan found it where she always does: in other families who have lost a loved one in a war they neither believe in nor want to believe will continue, without end, with the nation's acquiescence.

They call themselves Gold Star Families for Peace. Organized less than two months ago, it is part support group and part activist organization, with members united by grief and the belief that their loved ones died in a war that did not have to happen. They represent a small percentage of the families that have lost someone in Iraq -- 50 families out of more than 1,450.

The fallen soldiers' obituaries indicate that many of their families continue to support the war. But the Gold Star Families say they support the soldiers because their mission is to speak out to help bring them home and minimize the human cost of the war.

They include Bill Mitchell of Atascadero, Calif., who lost his son, Mike, 25, in the same April 4 ambush that killed Casey Sheehan, and who also was unable to watch Bush's speech. And Celeste Zappala of Philadelphia, whose eldest son, Sherwood Baker, 30, a National Guardsman, was killed while on the search for weapons of mass destruction. She watched Bush's speech with the sound turned down, "trying to discern some truth amidst the choreography of clapping and fawning." Other Gold Star Families shared the same knot in their stomachs, the same sense of stunned disbelief.

They worry that as the war verges on entering its third year, the public seems to be losing interest in it. When Sheehan tells people she lost a son in the war, she said, she is sometimes asked, "Which war?"

"It's like the American public can listen to the war news for five minutes, and then they can hear about Michael Jackson," she said. "We're trying really hard to bring it to the forefront, to make people care about what's going on there."

The families stumbled upon one another through the Internet and through Military Families Speak Out, an antiwar group for families with loved ones serving in Iraq. With no outreach and little publicity, Gold Star Families for Peace -- the name is a variation on American Gold Star Mothers, a group for mothers of slain soldiers that dates from the 1920s -- gets inquiries from two or three families nearly every day, Sheehan said.

They are regular people: teachers, civil servants, stay-at-home moms and hardware-salesman dads. Most are not used to political protests or speechmaking. Their loved ones -- sons, mostly -- had joined the military because they wanted to, usually out of a sense of duty.

Patrick McCaffrey, who managed an auto shop in Palo Alto, Calif., joined the National Guard after Sept. 11, 2001.

"He wanted to protect the homeland from terrorism," said Nadia McCaffrey of Tracy, Calif., Her only child, 34 years old and with a wife and two children, never dreamed he would be sent abroad to fight. "He would never have signed up if he thought that was a possibility," McCaffrey said. "His family was too important to him."

Gold Star Families do speaking engagements or grant interviews on a moment's notice, though they know the risks. Already, some people have written them off as grieving mothers -- most Gold Star members are mothers -- whose judgment has been clouded by emotion. They also know that many military families do not share their views. The couple whom Bush honored during his State of the Union address, Janet and Bill Norwood of Pflugerville, Tex., had written to Bush to express continuing support for the war after their son, a Marine sergeant, was killed last year.

The Gold Star Families say they feel the same empathy for families such as the Norwoods as they do for one another. But they say they, too, have written letters and made calls to Bush and to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, "yet there has been no response at all," Zappala said. On Inauguration Day, half a dozen Gold Star Families, letters in hand, tried to gain an audience with Bush and Rumsfeld. They were turned away at the White House by guards.

They plan more group events but are not sure what. Many of them will meet in person for the first time when they converge with peace organizations in Fayetteville, N.C., March 19 to mark the second anniversary of the start of the war.

Then, they say, they will go full steam ahead in speaking out against the war, together, in ones and twos, and with other peace groups. The most prominent member is Lila Lipscomb of Flint, Mich., who was featured in Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11." The film shows her encouraging her son, Michael Pederson, to join the Army for its career opportunities, only to end up grieving for him two weeks after the war in Iraq began.

"I consider being in that movie such a blessing," she said, "because it has given me the opportunity to have an audience."

Bill Mitchell said Gold Star Families in general have had no problem capturing a crowd's attention. "When we get together," he said, "it's pretty powerful."

For the families, discussions always begin with their loved ones' lives.

Mitchell talks about his son, Mike, a high school track star who found time for a run the day he died. He had volunteered for the Army with friends "out of a sense of brotherhood," said his father, a retired corporate manager. After 11 months in Iraq, Mike Mitchell was killed two weeks before he was scheduled to leave. Engaged to marry a German woman who had moved her graduate studies to Southern California in preparation for their life together, he was eager to return home. But he volunteered for one last mission.

It was the same mission that Casey Sheehan, in Iraq for two weeks, was on when they were ambushed. A devout Catholic, he had also entered the Army in solidarity with friends. He did not have a steady girlfriend, and had told his mother that he wanted to stay a virgin until he married. After his tour was over, he planned to become an elementary school teacher.

"The sons and daughters dying in that war are the most decent people," said Sheehan, who raised four children while her husband worked as a hardware salesman.

Vicki Castro's only son, Jonathan, could have gone to college but enlisted in the Army as a combat engineer, almost against his parent's wishes, she said. "We told him, 'Just apply to college and we'll pay for wherever you want to go,' " said Castro, a high school math teacher in Corona, Calif. "But he wanted to learn things most people don't, and experience things you don't when you go from high school to college."

He had designed and built scooters with motorcycle parts -- "chopperscooters," he called them. Upon returning from Iraq, he planned to use the Army's small-business loan program to open a shop on the beach and rent them out. He was more than ready to return, but the Army extended his stay one year. He died at age 21 in the Dec. 21 suicide bombing that killed 22 soldiers in a mess tent in Mosul.

Diane Santoriello, who teaches troubled elementary school students in Pittsburgh, knew her son would be sent abroad. First Lt. Neil Anthony Santoriello Jr. had joined the Army after high school.

"He wanted this as a career from the time he was in fifth grade, though he knew I wasn't crazy about it," she said. Neil had been an Eagle Scout, along with friends who joined the Army with him. "Nine scouts that were with my son are currently in uniform," Santoriello said. "His two best friends are over in Mosul right now."

Like other Gold Star families, she recalls that her son began to express disillusionment over Iraq. "Some of his men had to go to civilian Web sites to get boots," she said. "He did not have enough parts for his tanks." Neil, who had married his college sweetheart at 22, was killed on Aug. 13, one month shy of his 25th birthday.

"He was very interested in government and politics," his mother said. "We all knew that he was going to change our country in some way. Maybe I consider what I'm doing now a way of carrying on his work."

Again, try to imagine...

"China declared today that US President George Bush is a threat to world peace with his nuclear and biological weapons. He must disarm in ten days and resign from office or there will be war."

US signals hard line on China military threat,dwp_uuid=d4f2ab60-c98e-11d7-81c6-0820abe49a01.html

We've always loved their guns and tennis players

Now we love their political humor as much.

Belgians unveil new "Bush Urinal" to express how they really feel about King Goerge the Teddible and his fascist friends at PNAC.

Remember the good ole days when The Church used to say this kind of thing about the Jews?

At least they're consistent over the centuries.

Pope says gay marriage worse than stealing whole countries.

Remember how they stood idly by in the 1930s while all of Europe rounded up every Jew in sight? Friends of fascist dictators then, friends of fascist dictators now.

King Goerge finally bribes EU with big enough chunk of Iraqi oil

But still can't produce any WMDs or evidence Saddam had anything to do with 9/11, which were the ORIGINAL lies he used to drum up love for his holy war for oil. The lying, warmongering, fascist bastard.

First scientific evidence global warming is really real and people cause almost all of it

Scripps researchers have shown that very little besides human contributions...

...oh, if you're stupid enough to believe the Earth is only 6000 years old, what's the point?

Go away and pray to your King Goerge shrine, or something, and update your resume for the glorious day when Halliburton starts interviewing for guards at the concentration camps they'll build for libruls and queers.

Why did King Goerge stop telling America about "The Real AARP Agenda?"

Is he afraid of GannonGuckert?

USANext pulled this ad today. They won't say why yet. If you haven't seen it, you won't believe it. Who knew the AARP's hidden conspiracy was to destroy the Army and promote gay marriage?

Corporate pirates=good, Shrek=bad

Who hurts families more, cartoons or thieves?

When these so-called "christians" start caring as much about corporate thieves (Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, too many to keep track of) who steal millions from their employees and investors as they claim they care about SpongeBob and Shrek, I'll take them seriously. Until then, every time they open their diseased mouths, we'll know once again all they care about is bullying people and making money stopping invented enemies.

And they say they're against people who want a free ride. Falwell, Robertson, Dobson, Hannity, Coultergeist, Der Ruschkopf...get real jobs and shut the hell up.

Further ways to argue like a cancervative

1. Shout.
2. Insult.
3. Bloviate.
4. Grandstand.
5. Change the subject.