Saturday, February 19, 2005

A draft is inevitable, so get ready now

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Coultergeist screeches again

She couldn't get a date at a Marine base on a Saturday night...but she's never been full of anger and hate for libruls.

These are the best tidbits from Ann Coulter's speech at CPAC...

“Liberals like to scream and howl about McCarthyism, I say let’s give them some. They’ve have intellectual terror on campus for’s time for a new McCarthyism.”

“Since they’re always acting like they’re oppressed…I say let’s do it, let’s oppress them.” -Talking about Liberals

“In addition to racist and Nazi, how about adding traitor to the list of things that professors can’t be? And yes, I realize I just proposed firing the entire Harvard faculty.”

“They don’t have any ideas, we have all the ideas. We are sweeping the youth of America and they are going the way of the Whigs” -Talking about Conservative over Liberals.

Brain dead rethug congresscrank Cox forgot King Goerge stopped looking for WMDs in Iraq months ago

He's not full of hate and anger towards sentient Democrat patriots. Oh, no.

Cancervatroid news from the parallel universe of Cancervatron where 2+2=5, dinosaurs were in the Garden of Eden, and "We found WMDs." (King Goerge to PolishTV, early 2003)

The Other Reality
by Digby

It's a good thing I went to the Conservative Political Action Conference this year. Otherwise I never would have known that, despite the findings of the authoritative David Kay report and every reputable media outlet on earth, the United States actually discovered weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, vindicating all of George W. Bush's pre-war predictions. The revelation came not from some crank at Free Republic or hustler from Talon News, but from a congressman surrounded by men from the highest echelons of American government. No wonder the attendees all seemed to believe him.

The crowd at CPAC's Thursday night banquet, held at D.C.'s Ronald Reagan Building, was full of right-wing stars. Among those seated at the long presidential table at the head of the room were Henry Hyde, chairman of the House International Relations Committee, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback, Minnesota Sen. Norm Coleman, Dore Gold, foreign policy advisor to former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and NRA president Kayne Robinson. Vice President Dick Cheney, a regular CPAC speaker, gave the keynote address. California Rep. Chris Cox had the honor of introducing him, and he took the opportunity to mock the Democrats whose hatred of America led them to get Iraq so horribly wrong.

"America's Operation Iraqi Freedom is still producing shock and awe, this time among the blame-America-first crowd," he crowed. Then he said, "We continue to discover biological and chemical weapons and facilities to make them inside Iraq." Apparently, most of the hundreds of people in attendance already knew about these remarkable, hitherto-unreported discoveries, because no one gasped at this startling revelation.

This is not surprising, really. These people have grown quite accustomed to the "you can believe me or you can believe your lying eyes" political leadership and actually seem to prefer it. It makes everything so nice and simple.

That article reminds me of this this op-ed by Tony Blankley in which he fantasized that Larry David, the biggest liberal in Hollywood was actually a conservative if only he realized it:

But if he is anything like his character, he is, at heart, a conservative: He refuses to put up with nonsense; he's remorselessly politically incorrect, and he is fundamentally sensible. If he'll just listen, I'll expose his mind to the sensible conservative explanations for the great issues of the day. He'll be my first convert deep in the belly of the liberal Hollywood beast.
hopes well forgot, too

My father used to think that Archie Bunker was funny. He laughed and laughed at his jokes. He had no clue that the rest of us in the family were laughing because he was Archie Bunker. Just that way, Blankley has no idea that Larry David's character is a disgusting person. Indeed, he's verging on the insane. Yes, he is funny. But he's funny because Larry David knows very well that his character is, like Blankley, a total jerk.

I guess this just proves once again that the conservative movement is "completely divorced from reality."

Friday, February 18, 2005

Cancervatives are full of anger and hate

Conservatives Bristle at Possible Tax Hike

(AP) Two words could cast a pall over any gathering of conservatives celebrating President Bush (news - web sites)'s second term and GOP gains in the House and Senate: tax increase.

President Bush this week acknowledged the possibility of making high-income workers pay more Social Security (news - web sites) taxes as part of his plan for private Social Security accounts, and that notion has conservatives alarmed.

The last Republican who broke a "no new taxes" pledge was booted out after one term, they reminded. His name: George H.W. Bush.

"People are quite angry about Bush opening a Pandora's box of tax increases," said Stephen Moore, an anti-tax activist with the Free Enterprise Fund. "It's almost like `read my lips' all over again."

"My antennae go up as soon as I hear the `t' word," he said.

Der Ruschkopf will remind troops that libruls are their real enemies

Meanwhile, I'm full of anger and hate.

Conservative radio talk show host and chickenhawk draft dodger Rush Limbaugh is expected to visit Afghanistan with the top U.S. aid official to spotlight America's aid work there, officials said on Thursday.

Political commentator Mary Matalin, a former White House aide to Vice President Dick Cheney, will also be on the trip. She said she was not being paid to go and would pay her own way to Dubai but she believed the U.S. government would cover the cost of her visit to Afghanistan from there.

The Bush administration has come under sharp criticism for the Education Department's payment of $240,000 to conservative commentator Armstrong Williams to tout President George W. Bush's education plan.

Spokesmen for drug addict Limbaugh were not immediately available to explain why the chickenhawk cheerleader will go at taxpayer expense, but Al Franken and Michael Moore won't.

Negroponte is horrible for America

But more importantly, I'm full of anger and hate.

Fourth Time's A Charm
After being turned down by Robert Gates, Sam Nunn and William Barr, George W. Bush settled for no better than his fourth choice for the new position of national intelligence director – John Negroponte. All the papers report Negroponte – currently the U.S. ambassador to Iraq – should be confirmed to the new post easily. It's unclear why. Negroponte has a troubling record of unethical conduct and incompetence. (Read the American Progress statement). Here's a brief look at his record:

NEGROPONTE – COMPLICIT IN EGREGIOUS HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES: As ambassador to Honduras in the early 1980s, Negroponte was told repeatedly about Battalion 316, a Honduran army intelligence unit that kidnapped, tortured and killed hundreds of Honduran citizens. But because Battalion 316 was seen as useful to fighting Communism in the region, Negroponte not only tolerated it but covered up its abuses. In a series of reports to Congress – used to determine whether Honduras should continue to receive military aid – Negroponte fabricated conditions in the country. (For details, read this Baltimore Sun expose.) Confronted with his fabrications by the Sun, Negroponte denied he knew about the abuses, a claim contradicted by members of his staff and over 300 press reports.

NEGROPONTE – DEFINITIVELY WRONG ABOUT IRAQ: Negroponte has precious little intelligence experience. And the experience he does have has been characterized by abject failure. As an ambassador to the U.N., he pushed inaccurate intelligence about Iraq's supposed weapons of mass destruction as a justification for war. In December 2002, he called an Iraqi declaration that they didn't have any weapons of mass destruction "an insult to our intelligence." In January 2003 he said, "we are convinced that Iraq maintains and continues to pursue its WMD programs." At the same press conference, asked whether the administration knew Iraq was using aluminum tubes to enrich uranium for a nuclear weapons program, Negroponte replied, "the answer is definitively yes." But hey, everyone was doing it, so no big deal, right?

NEGROPONTE – CUTTING AND RUNNING: John Negroponte was looking for an excuse to leave Iraq. A senior administration official quoted in the New York Times said Negroponte "made clear to everyone every time he came back that 'I've got to get out of there.'" According to the official, Negroponte said, "I want to get out of Baghdad as soon as possible. They want me to come back for something, but I want to do the private sector." Just 10 months ago, in accepting his ambassadorship to Iraq, Negroponte said our success in Iraq required "resolve, constancy and unity of purpose." Now, at this critical juncture, Iraq is without an ambassador – and the administration has yet to nominate a successor.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

King Goerge the Teddible gives flip-floppers a bad name

The Lyin' King Is The Definition of the Crackhead Mentality

Bush Shifts Pension Stance

In an important shift from his hard-line stance against tax increases, President Bush has said he is open to raising taxes on wealthier Americans to cover the costs of transforming Social Security.

Bush has been promoting a plan to let workers under age 55 divert a portion of their Social Security payroll taxes into private investment accounts. But he has not settled on how to replace that diverted money — an estimated $1 trillion or more over a decade that would be needed to pay benefits to current retirees.


In December, Bush was widely praised by some of his allies when he said: "We will not raise payroll taxes to solve this problem."

Asked at the time whether that meant Bush opposed raising the $90,000 wage cap, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said: "If you're talking about raising payroll taxes, that is a payroll tax increase; the president would not be for that."

He repeatedly called Bush's stance "very clear."

FAUXNEWS, Falwell, Robertson, Dobson in trouble for being full-time liars?

What about Scott McClellan for sending the cameras onto GannonGuckert, the gay "escort?"

House Poised to OK Indecency Fine Increase

WASHINGTON (AP) - House members are looking to hit broadcasters where it hurts - in the pocketbook - to crack down on racy programming.

Will GannonGuckert's replacement lob softballs to Dean the same way JimJeff did for the Lyin' King Goerge?

How will the next acceptably-unqualified fake reporter "cover" the new DNC chair?,0,6186251,print.story?coll=sns-ap-nationworld-headlines

Howard Dean, the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, requested a media blackout of a debate with top Pentagon adviser Richard Perle, then quickly changed his mind Wednesday after news agencies complained.

Now I understand everything

And it's all okay now, JimJeff.

"Jeff Gannon" had decided to give an exclusive TV interview to a sober practitioner of by-the-book real news, Wolf Blitzer. Given this journalistic opportunity, the anchor asked questions almost as soft as those "Jeff" himself had asked in the White House. Mr. Blitzer didn't question Mr. Guckert's outrageous assertion that he adopted a fake name because "Jeff Gannon is easier to pronounce and easier to remember." (Is "Jeff" easier to pronounce than his real first name, Jim?).

Even without Diebold, some people actually did vote for King Goerge

And they voted for lying, being propped up in business by one's daddy's rich friends, pretending to get born again to go into politics, lying some more, rigging an election, lying, being asleep at the wheel on vacation most of the time, more lying, corruption, abomination, invading countries because of lies, rigging another election, a lot more lying, ignorance, wiping one's butt with the Constitution, fascism and turning America into feudal Europe.

But we're the ones who look French, have low morals and hate America.

True Majority doesn't claim man-dates that never existed

TrueMajority sifts through all the stuff going on in Congress. When your voice counts to create a just and sustainable world, you get an email alert. Then just by clicking one button a fax is sent to your congressperson in your name. It takes about 2 minutes a month and it's free.

The TrueMajority campaign was started by Ben Cohen, cofounder of Ben and Jerry's. To register, click here.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

How did King Goerge intimidate Aussie scientists to get his holy war?

And how much Iraqi oil did the Lyin' King promise Australia?

'Iraq weapons claims were sexed up'

Another weapons scientist has come forward to accuse the Government of "sexing up" intelligence on Iraq.

Rod Barton, an Australian microbiologist who was on the team searching for evidence of illegal weapons, said they were pressured to invent or exaggerate their findings.

The New Compassionate McCarthyism

Aren't we glad they're all compassionate christians? Imagine what fascist bullies they'd be otherwise.

All scientists are aetheists; why don't they study the Bible instead of junkscience?

Everyone knows the Earth is only 6000 years old. The Grand Canyon proves it.

NEW YORK Researchers now believe some human bones that were uncovered nearly 40 years ago in Ethiopia are nearly 200-thousand years old -- perhaps dating back to near the time modern humans first emerged.

Until now, the oldest known fossils of Homo sapiens were Ethiopian skulls from about 160-thousand years ago.

An author of a study of the bones says it's believed Homo sapiens arose about 200-thousand years ago.

The fossils were found near a river in Ethiopia. At one location, there was part of a skull plus skeletal bones. Another site produced a second set, with more of a skull but no skeletal bones.

In the journal Nature, the researchers say they've revised the estimate of how old the bones are, after visiting the discovery site and testing rock samples with more modern techniques.

Junkscientists still hate the Bible

Dobson sending team to find out if any Martians are gay.

Mars can't even exist since it's not in Falwell's Bible. But if it does, it's only 6000 years old.

A pair of NASA scientists told a group of space officials at a private meeting here Sunday that they have found strong evidence that life may exist today on Mars, hidden away in caves and sustained by pockets of water.

Do you really want Wall Street thieves and gamblers to handle your SS nest egg?

Greed Behind 'Reform' Pitch to Let Wall Street at Nest Eggs
by Pierre Tristam

Sears in its early years was famous for clever advertising. There was the "Astonishing Offer" of 1889 promising a sofa and two chairs of "fine lustrous metal frames beautifully finished and decorated, and upholstered in the finest manner and with beautiful plush," all for 95 cents. Customers bought in and received the furniture exactly as specified, except that it was sized for a doll house. Advertising for a $1 sewing machine also drew many takers. What they got in the mail was a needle and thread.
These days laws protect against deceptive advertising -- except when the government is the advertiser and the sewing machine is Social Security "reform." It would take an encyclopedia to give justice to the proposed swindles in all their mutating disorders. Last week this space explored a couple of those. But no matter how much he depends on the electorate's critical illiteracy, the president's proposal cannot live on dishonest math alone. Anyone can add, and in the end the numbers don't add up no matter what creative accounting you use. Yet the political climate is such that, whatever the numbers say, Bush's astonishing offer is being taken seriously.

King Goerge widens his war on veterans so Halliburton can keep getting paid

New, Higher Veterans Fees Being Considered

The chairman of a key Senate committee said Tuesday he would consider administration proposals to charge some veterans new or higher fees for their health care and medicine, even though Congress has previously rejected the idea.

Larry Craig, chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, said the proposals to charge some veterans annual health care fees of $250 and increase their prescription drug co-payment from $7 to $15 must be considered in lean budget times.

"I have been told that, in the past, such proposals have been declared 'DOA' (dead on arrival)," Craig, R-Idaho, said during the committee's hearing. "I intend to consider these proposals afresh."

But where in the world is Osama bin Hidin?

You remember him, don't you? The guy who actually attacked us?

War price tag surpasses $300 billion
Bush asks for $82 billion more

WASHINGTON — President Bush asked Congress on Monday to provide $81.9 billion more for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and for other U.S. efforts overseas, pushing the total price tag for the conflicts and anti-terror fight past $300 billion.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Eason Jordan is toast, but was he wrong?

As we know, Jordan resigned from CNN (Clueless Noise Network-cl) after claiming that the U.S. military has been actively targeting journalists in Iraq. Now maybe he said it too zealously, or tastelessly, or maliciously, or whatever, and truly deserves to go. But as far as I can tell, all the outrage over the CNN exec's remarks has obscured the fact that a number of journalists in Iraq really have been killed by U.S. fire, often under suspicious or unresolved circumstances, and this deserves an investigation. Perhaps Jordan went too far when he said "journalists have been arrested and tortured by US forces," but just because he resigned doesn't make everything he's ever said untrue.

If only James Dobson had been around when I was a kid to make Bugs Bunny stop kissing Elmer Fudd

Had American Family Association or some facsimile been around when I was growing up, I would have known better than to simply laugh each time that cross-dressing rabbit Bugs Bunny kissed Elmer Fudd.

Clearly, Yosemite Sam had anger management issues. My generation could have benefited greatly from an expose/documentary highlighting the pattern that led to Sam's violence.

What about Pepe Le Peu? What were the people at Warner Brothers thinking; a skunk that sexually harasses cats? He is French, no less.

And to think that I am a self-identified Francophile!

With the possible exception of the war in Iraq and privatizing Social Security, what values do we gain from the peevish, neurotic, self-absorbed, greedy, megalomaniac Daffy Duck?

Perhaps the worst offender of values and morality was the overbearing rooster Foghorn Leghorn. His primary goal was to find a way to live with the widow hen so that he would not have to sleep outside. So much for working hard and playing by the rules.

Beyond outing SpongeBob, I now see the real value of these Christian organizations was to release me from the shackles of my upbringing.

While I ignorantly believed that the Warner Brothers' cartoons were merely providing entertainment, their real goal was to promote cross-dressing, homosexuality, violence, sexual harassment, greed, laziness and racism, in 7-minute segments.

I TOLD you they were from Cancervatroids from Cancervatron

See "The Republican Zone" episode, "Serving Elderly Humans..."

Yeah, this guy is exactly like GannonGuckert...

...well, except that he's not a gay escort, never used an alias to get into the White House and never questioned King Goerge

Russell Mokhiber, who sells a $795 a year newsletter that bashes corporations, attends the briefings to make obscure anti-Bush political points. Recently, for example, he asked spokesman Scott McClellan whether President Bush violated one of the Ten Commandments by invading Iraq. Mokhiber, who told AIM that he has never taken a journalism class in his life and was denied a permanent White House press pass, posts his ludicrous questions and answers on a far-left web site under the title "Scottie & Me."

Other Mokhiber topics have included industrial hemp, Israel's 1967 attack on the USS Liberty, possible war crimes charges against Bush, and Halliburton.

Dems provide their own K-Y Jelly now

Senate Confirms New Homeland Security Chief 98-0

Federal judge Michael Chertoff, who testified against torture and preached the need to protect civil liberties, won unanimous Senate confirmation on Tuesday to head the U.S. Homeland Security Department.

On a 98-0 vote, the Senate approved President Bush (news - web sites)'s nomination of the former U.S. assistant attorney general to succeed Tom Ridge as secretary of the department created after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Torture-loving King Goerge tells tortured Gulf War I pilots to take a hike; money belongs to torturers, not victims,0,5633055,print.story?coll=la-home-headlines

White House Turns Tables on Former American POWs

Gulf War pilots tortured by Iraqis fight the Bush administration in trying to collect compensation.

The latest chapter in the legal history of torture is being written by American pilots who were beaten and abused by Iraqis during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. And it has taken a strange twist.

The Bush administration is fighting the former prisoners of war in court, trying to prevent them from collecting nearly $1 billion from Iraq that a federal judge awarded them as compensation for their torture at the hands of Saddam Hussein's regime.

King Goerge's man-date (not with Guckert) lies rotting in the sun

Monday :: Feb 14, 2005

Gallup Says Bush Approval Rating Has Fallen From 57% to 49%; now 48% disapprove of the AWOL, unelected* Lyin' King's corruption, warmongering and fascism. (*Will Diebold go into the polling business now to help King Goerge get his war with Iran?)

Hope for America still exists, but know they're working to kill it and turn our country into feudal Europe.

King Goerge and the warmongering, fascist, chickenhawk neocons just support the hell out of the troops

VA patients paint picture of neglect

John Hahn lay marooned in his bed last year at the Dallas veterans' hospital, desperately seeking a nurse. An Air Force vet whose terminal bone cancer had made him a paraplegic, Mr. Hahn required turning every two hours.

That day, March 21, he started at 5:30 a.m. pushing his call button, which rang at the nearby nurse's station. No one came. He pushed it throughout the morning and into the afternoon, and still nothing.

"Called/Requested help for the past 8 hrs," he wrote in his journal.

Finally, in anger and frustration, Mr. Hahn used his bedside phone to summon the police.

An officer arrived within minutes, and nurses said they had in fact checked on Mr. Hahn several times. When the officer left, a hospital aide gave the patient the relief he sought.

"Took 5 min," Mr. Hahn, 61, wrote in his journal. "Within an 8 hr period of time they couldn't find 5 mins. to turn me."

Although his solution was unusual, Mr. Hahn's story of neglect at the Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center is not.

King Goerge's legacy: Incompetence and criminality

An interceptor rocket failed to launch from its base on an
island, leaving the target rocket to splash into the
Pacific Ocean.

Pentagon Is Investigating Another 8 Air Force Contracts
The Pentagon is investigating the contracts as part of a
broader investigation into influence-peddling involving a
former Air Force official and the Boeing Company.

When rethuglicon criminals do as they please without the gubmnt's interference

A.I.G. Receives 2 Subpoenas: One Federal, One From State
The subpoenas seek information on nontraditional insurance
and transactions that some companies have used to improve
the appearance of their financial statements.

Merck's Actions on Vioxx Face New Scrutiny
The spotlight is likely to be on Pfizer on Wednesday when
federal drug regulators begin hearings on cox-2 drugs, the
medicines that include Celebrex and Bextra.

Monday, February 14, 2005

They're lying and they can't shut up

The lies never stop. They lie not only to you and me, but also to their friends and colleagues, Republicans as well as Democrats.

I speak (as you might guess) of those masters of deceit in the Bush administration. A few months ago they told our senators and representatives that their bogus Medicare prescription drug bill would cost $400 billion over the next 10 years. Now that the bill has become law, they've revised their estimate: Now it's $724 billion.

That drug law should be repealed immediately. It's not an effort to help seniors at all. In fact, it's nothing more than a scam designed to enrich pharmaceutical companies. Sen. John McCain, the one Republican who acts like a Republican, calls it "outrageous." He's right.

By the way, almost immediately after the drug benefit bill became law, the price of prescription drugs went up. These people have no shame.

In vaguely related news, the Queen of Chutzpah, our lovely secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, has just completed a whirlwind tour of the known world in which she tried to convince everyone she met to fear and loathe the nation of Iran...The reason (which has nothing to do with oil, wink-wink) is that Iran has a nuclear energy program that could evolve into weapons production, making Iran as much as a threat to the United States as other nations with nuclear weapons, say, like Pakistan or Israel.

I dearly hope I am wrong in my predictions, but it seems that history, and the pathological predilections of the Bush administration, make an attack on Iran inevitable.

But we were talking about Condoleezza Rice.

The thing I admire most about her, I think, is her brazenness....Rice is as brazen and as cagey as her boss. She put her brazenness to work again over the past fortnight by urging our former allies in Europe and elsewhere to put the past behind us. It's time to move on, she said.

You gotta love it! For four years the Bushies been sticking it to the rest of the world, and now that they want some help they're asking the people they dissed to "get over it."

The image this brings to my mind is a cartoon image of a bank robber pleading his case before a judge. The robber is saying something like, "We can't wallow in the past, Your Honor. It's time for us to put the past behind us. I recommend you dismiss the charges, so we can all start over with a clean slate."

Why is it that only the guilty want the past forgotten?

Rice displayed her caginess when a reporter asked about the possibility of a pre-emptive U.S. strike against Iran. Her response: "The question is simply not on the agenda at this point in time."

"Point in time"? In other words, we're not going to attack Iran at this moment, but circumstances change ... and perhaps at a future "point in time," like maybe 10 minutes from now, we'll have a new agenda and be forced to go to war again.

The lies never stop.

I ask again: Why does Scott McClellan still have a job?

February 14: McClellan Tells E&P He Didn't Know Guckert Used Fake Name for Nearly Two Years

So which one is his "legal name" used for his background check, Scott?

February 10: McClellan admitted today that he knew that "Jeff Gannon" was not the reporter's real name. Yet at numerous televised press briefings he addressed him as "Jeff."

Send a white feather to a rethuglicon chickenhawk warmonger who believes others and their children should die in wars of entertainment/global conquest

Start with Jonah Goldberg, then move on to Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly, Coultergeist and everyone you know who voted for King Goerge, but won't wear a uniform for a single day.

What 1500 GIs died for: Iraqi oil

Regardless of what King Goerge and the vast, right-wing conspiracy liars say, 1500 American GIs died (so far) so the AWOL chimp's friends could steal our tax dollars and Iraq's oil

The hoary adage that "there are none so blind as those who will not see" should be carved in stone at the National Press Club in Washington. Surely there can be no better motto for the cozy clubhouse of America's media mavens, who seem preternaturally incapable of recognizing the truth -- even when it stands before them, monstrous and unavoidable, like a giant Cyclops smeared with blood.

For just as they botched the most important story of our time -- the Bush Administration's transparently deceptive campaign to launch a war of aggression against Iraq -- the clubby mavens are now missing the crowning achievement of this vast crime: the mother of all backroom deals, a cynical pact sealed by murder, unfolding before our eyes.

The Administration's true objective in Iraq is brutally simple: U.S. domination of Middle East oil. This is no secret. Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz began writing about this "strategic necessity" in 1992, as Alternet reminds us; and in September 2000, a group led by Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld openly called for a U.S. military takeover of Iraq -- even if the regime of Saddam Hussein was no longer in power. At every point in their savaging of Iraq, the Bushists have pressed relentlessly toward this oily goal.

The objective was revealed -- yet again -- in a recent Washington appearance by Iraqi Finance Minister Adil Abdel-Mahdi. Standing alongside a top State Department official, Abdel-Mahdi announced that Iraq's government wants to open the nation's oil fields to foreign investment -- not only the pumped product flowing through the pipes, but the very oil in the ground, the common patrimony of the Iraqi people. The minister said plainly that this sweet deal -- placing the world's second-largest oil reserves in a few private hands -- would be "very promising to the American investors and to American enterprise, certainly to oil companies," InterPress reports. These are the spoils for which George W. Bush has killed more than 100,000 human beings.

The American media completely ignored Abdel-Mahdi's declaration, but this is not surprising. After all, it occurred in the most obscure venue imaginable: an appearance before oil barons and journalists at the, er, National Press Club. Where better to hide open confessions of war crimes than in the very midst of the Washington hack pack? Yet here was a story of immense importance. For Abdel-Mahdi is not only a functionary in the discredited collaborationist government now in its last days. He is also one of the leading figures in the United Iraqi Alliance (UIA), the Shiite faction that has been swept to somewhat more legitimate power by the national election that was forced on George W. Bush by Islamic fundamentalist Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. In fact, Abdel-Mahdi is frequently mentioned as a leading choice for prime minister in the new government; whatever happens, he will certainly play a primary role.

So we have a top official -- perhaps the top official -- in the incoming government offering American oilmen ownership rights in Iraqi oil. We have top American officials -- such as Cheney and Rumsfeld this week -- taking a benign view of the UIA's demand that the new Iraqi state be based solely on Islamic law, with crippling restrictions on women's rights, free expression, free association, plus, if Sistani has his way, Talibanic bans on music, dancing and even playing chess, Newsweek reports.

What we have, in other words, is the making of a monstrous, Cyclopean deal: not just "Blood for Oil," as the anti-war critics have said all along, but also "God for Oil." The Shiite clerics -- who eschew direct control but whose precepts can be translated into state power by secular representatives like Abdel-Mahdi -- seem willing to trade a goodly portion of Iraq's oil wealth in exchange for establishing a de facto "Islamic Republic" in the conquered land, with tacit American approval.

Sistani's word could move millions into the street to hamstring U.S. forces; but despite his notional disapproval of the occupation, he has stayed his hand, waiting for power to fall like a ripe fruit into the Shiite basket. Like Bush, he is apparently willing to countenance mass slaughter by the U.S.-led "Coalition" to achieve his objectives; but then, like Bush, Sistani is not an Iraqi either: He's an Iranian. Now these two foreigners are rolling dice to settle the nation's fate.

But there's yet another glaring truth that's escaped the media mavens, and most of the war's opponents as well. Even if the grand objective of oil control slips away somehow -- through a falling-out with Sistani, say, or civil war -- Bush has already won the game. The war has transferred billions of dollars from the public treasuries of the United States and Iraq into the coffers of an elite clique of oilmen, arms dealers, investment firms, construction giants and political operatives associated with the Bush family. And this goes beyond the official, guaranteed-profit contracts to favored firms; Bush's own inspector general reported this month that $8.8 billion in unaccounted "reconstruction" funds have simply vanished -- much of it in bribes for Bush officials and corporate kickbacks, the BBC reported.

This blood money will further entrench the Bushist clique in unassailable power and privilege for decades to come, regardless of the bloody chaos they cause, or even the occasional loss of political office. The American power structure has been permanently altered by the war -- just as American society has been immeasurably corrupted by Bush's proud embrace of aggression, torture, lawlessness and militarism as national values.

Bush lied. He stole. He murdered. In broad daylight. And he got away with it. That's the story. But you'll never hear it at the Press Club.

Gannon/GuckerGate explodes in Scott McClellan's face

Read about how the fake "reporter" with a fake name and fake credentials from a fake "news" agency apparently ran gay escort websites and still got into the White House press room every day for over two years.

What was his part in exposing Valerie Plame to possible death? Dare we call it treason?

Visit Gannon/Guckert's x-rated gay escort websites

What does this guy (?) have on Scott McClellan, anyway?

GOP fascism history lesson: The plot to overthrow FDR in 1933

King Goerge and his PNAC neocon crime family pickup where these traitors left off with destroying the New Deal that paved the way for the middle class.

While many Americans felt it was the way out of the Depression, a powerful group of financiers and industrialists saw the New Deal as a threat. THE PLOT TO OVERTHROW FDR reveals this group's plan to either overthrow the newly-elected president or force their agenda on him. They intended to use a paramilitary organization of disgruntled WWI veterans inspired by Marine General Smedley D. Butler to coerce the government. But Butler, discovering the details of the conspiracy, blew the whistle, triggering a Congressional investigation. Leading scholars, historians and government officials reveal the details of one of the most bizarre schemes in American history.

Remember when King Goerge said all troops would be home from Iraq by Christmas 2004?

Who could possibly keep track of all his lies?

Rove was never worried about 2004 exit polls.

Thanks to the CIA.

Pentagon ignored Harm and Mac on Gitmo torture of people who hadn't been convicted of anything

Military lawyers at the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prison tried to stop inhumane interrogations, but were ignored by senior Pentagon officials, The New York Daily News has learned.
Judge advocates - uniformed legal advisers known as JAGs who were assigned to a secret war crimes task force - repeatedly objected to aggressive interrogations by a separate intelligence unit at Camp Delta, where Taliban and al-Qaida suspects have been jailed since January 2002.

But Pentagon officials "didn't think this was a big deal, so they just ignored the JAGs," a senior military source said.

King Goerge Was Offered Bin Laden and Blew It

The Royal Chimp could have had Osama on his first day in office FOUR YEARS AGO!

Don't blame me; I voted for Kerry.

Justice (sic) Dept: "Cheating the CPA in not the same thing as cheating the US government"

Massive billing fraud in post-war Iraq.

Aren't we all glad the moral, compassionate, decent, family values, christian criminals of King Goerge & Co. are in charge of everything? Imagine how much of our money would have been wasted/stolen otherwise?

Sunday, February 13, 2005

They bitch about biasedlibrulmedia, but can't organize a two-reporter news team

Whistleblower to reveal U.S.-funded Iraqi media network grossly mismanaged; Reporters were ‘trained by Al-Jazeera.’

Nobody knows how many GIs have died for King Goerge's lies, but everybody knows SpongeBob is bad

Survey Says: Only 4 in 10 know how many troops killed in Iraq

Diebold fails to rig Iraq election for King Goerge; New Iraq leans toward Iran

(Remember Condoleeza Rice talking about people voting in Fallujah? That was propaganda pure and simple. Almost nobody voted there.)

Allawi's defeat (he will not be prime minister in the new government) is a huge defeat for the Bush administration, though it will not be reported that way in the worthlesscorporate media.

Ironically, Talabani is extremely close to Tehran and has been a client of the Iranians for many years. His alliance with the UIA will ensure warm relations between the new Iraq and Iran. The US, in pushing for Talabani for Iraqi domestic reasons, is creating a Baghdad-Tehran axis in regional politics.

King Goerge punishes blue states in new budget

WASHINGTON -- Massachusetts and other traditionally Democratic states would see their share of federal grant money shrink under President Bush's 2006 budget, compared to Republican states in the South and West, according to a Globe analysis of funding projections compiled by the White House budget office.